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Guide on Creation a TV Lift with a DIY Mechanism for Outdoors


A TV outside, right in the backyard where you like making BBC and spending time with your friends is something every homeowner dreams about. What about doing it? You might want to save significant funds by making a DIY installation or buy ready-to-use system. The first option is definitely cheaper. The second saves you a lot of time and prevents possible errors.

Consider Preparing a Special Enclosure

Even if you buy the best TV especially for outdoors, you will still want to prolongate its service life. It is recommended to install the device in a special enclosure. Any cabinet can be used for that. Paint it to make it look nice. Seal it with calking. Weather strips will help to protect it from weather conditions such as moisture. Don’t forget about a lock to protect your item from theft.

Find a Proper Place

The installation place matters. There are several factors to consider when looking for an optimal place to install your new device:

  • Does the place get too much sunshine during the most time? It might affect your TV watching experience in a negative way;
  • Isn’t your TV going to be installed too close to the BBC? Too much heat is unfavourable for the device;
  • Can your device be watched from different angles? It improves the experience.

It is better to install it under protection. A pergola might be an option. Otherwise, make some kind of protection to cover the cabinet from rain and snow.

Make a TV Lift

Once you have found the place to install your device. For that, you need a reliable actuator system. Before purchasing the first option you like, you need to check several features:

  • The actuator system, all its elements, shall be for outdoor use. Otherwise, they will deteriorate, and all your construction might collapse one day.
  • For windy areas, a drop-down mount is not the best option because strong winds might damage it. an articulating mount is the best option to install in such a case. It might cost more but it will add to the safety of your device.
  • Consider the weight of your TV and the cabinet. The TV lift needs to lift and lower all the elements safely. There is a special formula to calculate the weight value for such cases. If you aren’t sure how to do it, ask a specialist to help you with this task.

Consider a firm surface for the installation. It is better if you can install your device on a concrete wall. Otherwise, prepare reliable support.

Install Your Outdoor TV

Now, when everything is ready for the installation, you might start with the mounting procedures. Install the TV on special supports inside of the cabinet. If needed, fix it to the cabinet wall. Attach the TV lift to the cabinet and the installation surface (a wall or any other support).

The installation height might vary depending on where you are going to use your TV set. If you are installing it in an area designated to rest with your close ones, the installation height might be lower. While if your TV is installed in your garden BBC zone, the height of installation might be higher. Also, a bigger screen is fine for being installed higher. While a TV set with a smaller screen shall be installed lower.

Wire the TV

Now, one more crucial installation part follows: the wiring works. You have two options:

  • A wireless installation;
  • A wired installation.

The wireless installation is easier. You can check whether your cable company offers a wireless option for your case.

The wired installation is no doubt more reliable. However, you might need a specialist to perform the installation works.

In the case of the wired installation, make sure the cables are suitable for the outdoors. There are cables that are even UV-protected. If this is not the case, you might consider protecting the cables with a special conduit rated for outdoors or a pipe. Lay the cables in a way they don’t tangle and interfere with the movement.

It is better if the power source is located as close to the TV set as possible. If you still have to connect your TV set far from the installation place, it is better to have a power source in a shielded place, preferably a house.

Content Options

You might prefer cable, satellite, or mixed source TV. If you need to install a cable box, make sure it is properly protected. The best option is to make a special enclosure for the cable box directly in the TV cabinet. If space allows, hide it behind the TV set. If it is impossible, place it so that it doesn’t catch attention.

If you want to switch between cable and satellite content, make sure you can do it seamlessly. It will be not comfortable if you discover later that you need to disassemble the installation just because you cannot switch from one content type to another.

Shall You Install Your TV on Your Own or Buy a Ready Lift System for Outdoors?

The decision depends on you. If you want to make everything customized, including the cabinet and the lift, it is better to do everything on your own. For that, you will need to spend some time and make some effort. Though in the end, you will get the result you have counted on. Besides, a DIY installation is a wonderful way to save a significant sum of money.

However, if you don’t have at least basic installation skills, you aren’t recommended to do all the works on your own. Try to hire a specialist at least for the wiring works or to get help from somebody who understands the technology.

A ready TV lift is an optimal option for those who have enough funds to afford it. This option saves time and prevents some errors. However, consider that some works, such as wiring, shall be still made either by you or by a specialist.

Best Portable Solar Panels for RV in 2020

Living in an urban area brings different advantages and disadvantages to our lives. Indeed, bigger cities bring more opportunities to make career progress and earn more money. However, noise and crowds are something you will need to accept as well. Accepting that for a couple of years won’t be a problem. After that period, some people simply get used to those living conditions. On the other hand, some people get desperate to find peace and nature. Because of that, the only opportunity to recharge their batteries is traveling.

Vacationing in an RV becomes more popular among people. However, traveling for the first time in that way might be confusing. You will need to think about different things to ensure the best possible traveling experience. Fortunately, living in a world of advanced technology allows you to make some ways to make things easier.

First of all, you need to find an answer to all the questions you have. Our recommendation is to click here and get some guidelines. Despite that, we believe that your biggest concern is electricity. Fortunately, some smart people decided on designing portable solar panels perfect for RV.

You will manage to find a huge number of them by basic Google research. At first glance, they will all look equally good. Unfortunately, some of them might not meet the expectations and requirements that you have. Because of that, let’s find out together more about the best portable solar panels for RV.

Renogy Solar Panel


Operating the appliances in your RV won’t be your concern anymore. Renogy solar panel will surely solve your biggest concern. First of all, we need to say that kit includes 2100 Watt solar panels. Despite that, it is suitable for low-light environments. You will manage to produce 400 watts of power output thanks to this incredible item.

The stand of the solar panel is flexible. It is made of aluminum, which will ensure durability. Despite that, we need to highlight that corrosion-resistance is one of the key benefits of this product. The users can easily adjust the legs and turn the panel towards the sun.

In the end, it would be unfair not to mention the 4-stage charger controlling system. The system allows users to effectively and quickly recharge the batteries. Yet, safety needs to be the main priority. Because of that, there are certain safety precautions that you need to take. Believe it or not, solar cables can get overcharged. You must be careful while using them. Indeed, the charger controller will manage to reduce the risks of fire. However, you should also pay attention to that part.

Go Power GP-PSK-120


When we talk about powerful and efficient power sources, Go Power is one of those that deserves your attention. More precisely, its performance and functionality will meet most of the needs you have.

The first thing we will talk about is energy production. It can produce 12 Watts of power at 6.7 AMP per hour. Thanks to its wide solar panel, it is capable to produce a high voltage or energy.

Another thing that we need to highlight is design. It is compact and lightweight, and you will easily transport it from one place to another. That is especially important if you plan to travel with your RV for a couple of days.

You won’t have to be a genius to realize how to set up the solar panel. You will get clear instructions to accomplish the task alone for a couple of minutes.

Durable construction is another reason why GO Power GP-PSK-120 is popular among people. Believe it or not, you will get a 25-year warranty that will surely bring you peace of mind.

We need to remain objective until the very end. Because of that, you should know that battery might be the biggest disadvantage of all. Indeed, it will last long enough, but you will need to spend a bit more time to charge it.

ECO-Worthy Solar Panel


The ability to generate 120 Watt of energy is the first thing you will like about this model. You probably won’t regret spending a bit more money because it will pay off in the end. You won’t need to wait for a longer period to capture the energy and get the optimal power source. It can run different types of RV applications.

The construction comes with an aluminum frame that will ensure durability. Despite that, the frame like that is also corrosion-resistant. That is crucial for people that plan to visit rough outdoor environments. Thanks to the suitcase-style design, you won’t need to invest a lot of effort to carry it from one place to another.

Setting up the system is unnecessary this time. You will only need to open the kid and unfold it. After that, you only need to put it under the sane and enjoy the unlimited power source.

When we talk about the disadvantages, there are two of them. First of all, you should know that product does not come with a protective carrying case. Despite that, you will need to invest a bit more effort to tilt the solar panel.

Zamp Solar Panel


You will probably get surprised when you see how powerful this charging kit is. They feature portability and compactness, which are two characteristics that people want the most. You can use the charging kit as a universal charger for different types of solar panels. Logically, it would be smart to talk with the manufacturer as well. Certain exceptions always exist.

The kit itself comes with a bag that will protect it from any external factors. Despite that, you won’t need to invest a lot of strength to carry it around.

When we talk about capability, the kit gives users a 45-watt power output and generates 2.5 amps. These characteristics are great for different types of appliances that people usually have in their RV. Despite that, the panels come with an anti-reflective system. In other words, you will manage to get maximum light to use from the panels.

Just like the previous three models, this one also has certain disadvantages. First of all, the system is not made waterproof. We believe that it is not something that you will like a lot. Despite that, the panels don’t come with the theft control system. Because of that, some people consider that their panels are unsafe. Still, it is an affordable model that most beginners can afford.

Can You Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

The most important thing in any relationship is to be built on trust. Each couple initially trusts each other endlessly and does not think of checking in any way what their partner is doing when she is not with them. The happiest are those whose relationship and marriage remain the same and they never have to doubt their wife. But to be honest, such examples are very rare. As the years go by, the infatuation leaves us and we suddenly start looking at other people again. And when we start to suspect that a woman is cheating on us, that is one of the worst things. Even if it is not true, we will be tormented by this feeling and it is very possible that will destroy the marriage. Yet, with the advancement of technology, it is easier for you today than ever to find out if your doubts are justified. While this is a violation of privacy, it is better to find out the truth. Keep reading this article to find out if and how it is possible to track a woman’s phone without her finding out.

Signs that she may be cheating

Before we explain to you how you can track a phone without that person knowing, let’s first talk about what signs you noticed, so you became suspicious. Think again that this is not all just you being paranoid and that spying will only ruin your marriage, for no real reason. So read these obvious signs, so if you find yourself in any of them, then keep reading on to find out how you will resolve your doubts.

– If she constantly hides the phone, keep it turned so that the screen is not visible and her ringtone is always turned off. These can all be signs that she doesn’t want you to see her talking to someone.

– If she is much less interested in sex with you, it is possible that you are no longer attractive to her and has someone else.

– She spends less and less time at home, and when she is at home, she is mostly in another room, and she does not spend time with you.

All of these signs may not 100 percent mean that your wife is involved in infidelity, but they are more than enough reasons to doubt.

Can you track hers phone withour her knowing?

The answer is yes. You can spy on the phone without her knowing. There are many applications, like android.thetruthspy, that have have been created so that you can have insight into someone’s phone secretly. Once you install it, you will have practically a complete insight into all the activities associated with that phone. Messages, calls, social networks, and even a GPS location, you can turn on the camera and even see where she is and hear the conversation. However, let this be for information only. Do not expect that the information obtained in this way will be able to be presented in court. In this way, determine whether she is cheating on you or not, and if you find that she is cheating on you, then hire a private detective, so that you can present the evidence to the court.

How to install an app to be invisible?

All these applications are made so that they are easy to hide after installation. All you have to do is get in possession of her phone for a few minutes. There is no need for jailbreaking or any other complicated procedure. Just install and then some apps will offer you the hide option and some others will automatically delete the icon immediately after installation. You have already taken the first step, because she will not notice that there is a new app in her phone. Check if you need to create a profile or if you need some additional settings, such as authorization so that the application can access the gallery, camera and microphone. When you are done with that, all you have to do is wait and spy. The apps are made to take up very little memory and do not consume a lot of battery, so there will be nothing suspicious about it.

Best spy apps

  1. TheTruthSpy

You need to take a few steps to hide this app in the right way. You need to find play protect in the Play Store, then settings and turn this option off. Also turn off notifications just in case. Then download the app and install it. Enable all offered settings, so you can take full advantage of this app. All you have to do is register an account and that is it. You will have complete back door access to the phone.

  1. Spyic

With this great app you can follow every step of your wife, no matter if she has iOS or Android. You can be sure that you will not be detected, as the icon will be deleted automatically. For iOS, you don’t even have to install the app, but you can access it via the cloud, which is an even simpler option.

  1. PanSpy

This app offer different types of subscription, so you can choose exactly the one you need. Once you select that, you will get a download link and then all you have to do is install it. You will have access to everything, including browsing history, location and everything else. You will even be able to control the device, thus preventing her from accidentally detecting the presence of the app.

  1. Glympse

This app is a bit more complicated to install than the previous ones, but when you succeed, then you will have an extremely good insight into everything. Specially made so that you can read all the communication on her social networks, as well as with a very precise GPS locator. The premium version is significantly better than the basic one, so we recommend it if you opt for this app.


If you are lucky and find that your wife is not cheating after all, then it is time to take other steps and work on the quality of your relationship.

How to Transfer 1 GB File?

Living in the world of advanced technology brings many advantages. You can now easily communicate with other people, start a business online, etc. However, it also has certain concerns that people have to deal with daily. Because of that, they invest additional time to find solutions to those problems. 

Participating in the online world also means that you need to work with a huge number of flies. If those files are small, then the concerns don’t exist. You will manage to transfer your files from one desktop device to another easily. However, things become a bit more complex when the file you want to transfer is bigger. 

In most cases, businesses need to deal with that type of problem. Despite that, young adults usually need to transfer important files associated with their schools or universities. Yet, we don’t want to say that service like that is unnecessary for “at-home” users. Each individual on this planet will need to send some larger files. 

Fortunately, you came to the right place to find out how to transfer a 1GB file. Believe it or not, things are not as complex as you might think. Different tools will make your life easier. 


One of the advantages of the online world is that you can find whatever you are looking for. Because of that, you can also find online programs that will help you transfer files larger than 1 GB. 

When we talk about Filewhopper, you don’t have to be a genius to realize how to use it. All you need to do is to visit and follow instructions that will help you accomplish your task. The good news is that the first transfer up to 5GB is for free. You can also create a password and encrypt the entire transfer in that way. In other words, the level of security you will get is at the highest level. We believe that feature is important to every individual that deals with the problem like that. 

Different Cloud Storage Services

The next option you have is to use different cloud storage services. As you know, advanced technology is rapidly improving. Because of that, the number of cloud storage services you can use is huge. We would like to highlight some of them that might meet your requirements and expectations. 

Google Drive

Many of you have probably heard about Google Drive so far. However, it seems that people are not aware of its benefits. First of all, you should know that Google Drive allows users to store up to 15GB of files. IN most cases, people use it to share different files like pictures and videos. The good news is that you will manage to end the process with a couple of clicks. 

The only thing that you will need to have is a Gmail account. You will manage to find the service when you log in to your email. There you can attach the files by clicking on the email composition window. 

Of course, you can expand your storage by subscribing to the paid version. If you are constantly transferring large files, subscribing might be a good decision.


People that are not familiar with modern technology will tell you that Dropbox and Google Drive are the same thing. Indeed, both tools offer some similar services. 

By using this cloud storage service, you will get 2GB of free storage space. Despite that, you will get a wide range of sharing options. When you look closer, the basic features are the same as Google Drive. 

Anyway, 2GB of storage won’t be enough in some cases. Because of that, you might need to expand your storage. Fortunately, you can do that in several different ways. However, we will let you find out alone what are the best ways to do that. The only thing that we can say to you is that premium accounts also exist. 

Despite more space, you will also get some advanced features. For instance, you can create expiring links and set passwords for each transfer you make. These tools are quite useful for people that want to additionally secure their files. 


Honestly, OneDrive was not so popular among people when it was released by Microsoft. However, over time, it got some significant improvements that changed the opinions of people. It is a great solution for people that plan to store and transfer files and folders online. 

Similar to the previous two options, this one also has a free and paid version. The free version will allow you to store 5GB of files. However, by subscribing to advanced versions, you will manage to expand your storage. Despite that, there is one information that will probably be good for you. You can enjoy 1TB for free if you are a subscriber of Office 365. OneDrive storage is the part of the plan that you subscribed to. 

Bonus Tip: You Need to Compress Files

Before we end this part, there is one thing that we need to tell you. It doesn’t truly matter which of the cloud storage services you will use. The first thing you will need to do is compressing the files before sending them. First of all, you will shrink all the files that you want to send. Despite that, the entire process will end faster as well. 

Almost every desktop device has built-in file compression utilities. Because of that, you will need to ZIP the file that you want to transfer. Doing that won’t  take you more than a couple of clicks and a few seconds. 

Use Traditional Methods

We have to highlight one old-fashion way to transfer your files from one desktop device to another. Many people still use their USB to transfer files from one place to another. However, the process like that is way slower compared to the alternatives we provided you with. That especially counts if the devices are not in the same place. 

“Time is money” is a quote that you can often hear from the entrepreneurs. Because of that, if you are transferring files for business purposes, the method like this will take a lot of your time. 

Common Seven Mistakes to Avoid when Buying and Using Toner Cartridges

It looks pretty simple to buy a new toner cartridge when the old one is used up – you head online, place an order, and it is delivered! However, it is never this simple because of the different toner cartridge models in the market, and the dealers are equally many. Furthermore, the toner cartridges used on different cartridges are not universal, meaning that you should only go for what is designed to work in your printer. Because of these complexities, it is not uncommon to see people making common mistakes that end up costing them money and time.

In this post, we will look at the common mistakes that you should avoid when buying and using toner cartridges.

1. Buying from a Bad Dealer

Today, buying things online is considered highly convenient, but it can easily result in waste of money if you work with the wrong dealer. If you pick the wrong seller, there is a danger of getting inferior products who will ultimately deliver poor quality products. In some cases, you might order a toner cartridge, but the dealer fails to send it to you. So, how do you identify a good toner cartridge seller?

  • Check for positive feedback from past clients.
  • Go for the seller with a wide range of toner cartridges.
  • The seller should have good customer support for his/her clients.
  • Evaluate the seller’s commitment to customer value.

2. Ignoring Your Cartridge Number

Printer cartridges are identified by their numbers, which are, in most of the cases, printed on their labels. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is placing an order for a toner cartridge without factoring the number. If the dealer delivers the wrong toner cartridge, you are likely to get stuck with a device that will not work, resulting in loss of money. The loss is likely to be even higher because you will be forced to buy another toner cartridge. To avoid this mistake, here is how to get the toner cartridge number.

  • Remove the toner cartridge from the printer and check the number which is printed on the side or the lower part of the cartridge.
  • Visit the printer manufacturer to find out the correct number of the toner cartridge before placing the order.

3. Failing to Verify the Page-Yield of the Cartridge

When buying toner cartridges, most people are interested in two things, high-quality and high-yield. These details are particularly critical if you do office or commercial printing. Therefore, failing to verify the page-yield implies that you are at risk of getting less than what you anticipated. Think of a situation where you anticipated a page yield of 5000 pages but only gets 2000. You will not have gotten the anticipated value for money. You can get the page yield from the following:

  • Toner cartridge descriptions online.
  • Label on the respective toner cartridge.
  • Asking the manufacturer.

4.  Buying the Wrong Refill Kits


When the toner in your cartridge is finally over, you have the option to dispose it or refill and continue using it. Most people prefer to refill the used cartridges because it allows them to continue using it instead of immediately ordering a new one. However, it will be a big mistake to buy the wrong refill kits.

The wrong kits are likely to have poor quality toners and wrong instructions that can result in poor quality prints or damage to your printer. So, ensure to go for the right refill kits by looking at the feedback that other users gave after using similar models. Also, make sure to buy from trusted sellers.

5. Storing the Toner Cartridge Incorrectly

In most of the cases, people buy several toner cartridges so that they can have a spare option to avoid getting stuck in the middle of a project. While it is okay to have several toner cartridges, some make a huge mistake of storing them incorrectly.

The best way to store the toner cartridges ensuring they remain in their sealed packaging to avoid contamination with dust. Furthermore, the cartridge should be kept in a horizontal position so that toner does not settle on one end. advises that you should always store toner cartridges in dark areas, such as drawers or cupboards.

6. Buying the Cheapest Toner Cartridge when Looking for High-Quality Prints

Are you looking forward to making high-quality prints using your printer? The biggest mistake you can make is buying a cheap toner cartridge. With inexpensive toner cartridges, such as refilled or remanufactured models, the chances of getting low-quality prints are very high. Such cheap cartridges are recommended for printing drafts or when quality is not a priority.

To get high-quality prints, you have two options, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and compatible toner cartridges. OEM toner cartridges are designed using the latest technologies and come with a guarantee of high-quality prints. The compatible toner cartridges are also designed using advanced technologies but differ from the OEM toner cartridges in that they are made by third-party companies.

7. Throwing the Toner Cartridge in the Trash Bin

Today, the world is faced with an immense problem of pollution. Pollutants from industrial and domestic sources have been damaging ecosystems, resulting in rapid loss of species and respiratory problems in people. With these challenges intensifying year after year, it will be a huge mistake to intensify the problem by tossing toner cartridges into the trash bins because it contains hazardous chemicals.

There are two main methods of disposing of toner cartridges effectively without causing pollution:

  • Refill the toner cartridges and reuse them: When you refill the cartridge, it gives you the opportunity to continue using it instead of immediately ordering a new one. Most toner cartridges can be refilled about three-four times before requiring a replacement. When you finally need to dispose of the toner, make sure to mail it to an approved recycling firm.
  • Return to the manufacturer: Most manufacturers run comprehensive programs to take back used cartridges for recycling or proper disposal. Some dealers might even pay you a token for every cartridge that you return.


Making the mistakes we have outlined above is likely to result in poor quality prints, loss of money, and harm to the environment. Therefore, you should ensure to understand your printer, the need for quality, and the expected page yield when selecting a toner cartridge. It is also crucial to only work with the best dealer to get correct information, support when in need, and quality toner cartridges.

What Internet Speed do You Need for Video Streaming

Living in an age where the Internet is everything, facing troubles with speed is a norm for many. However, the problem arises when people are not familiar with their Internet speed needs. And so they end up subscribing to a package that offers less of it than what they need. Therefore, you must do thorough research, have an estimate of speed that would suffice, and then choose a plan. If you buy through, then the reps will guide you through as well.

But you should do some of the homework as well. Here are the speeds that one needs for various online streaming activities.

Speed and Number of Devices

Before you jump to having a look at how much speed do streaming services need, you also need to have a look at the number of devices that you have. So, here is a summary for you:

  • 1-2 devices – If your household has 1-2 devices that connect to the Internet. And both the devices use it for web surfing, emailing, moderate video watching, and social networking, then you would need to subscribe to a speed up to 25 Mbps.
  • 3-5 devices – In case you know that 3-5 devices will connect to the Internet. And all the devices or majority of them will use the Internet for gaming or 4K streaming, then you should opt for anything from 50-100 Mbps.
  • More than 5 devices – In case, the number of devices exceeds 5 and all of them use the Internet for every task mentioned above. And apart from that, you also use the devices to share heavy files or stream videos, then speed ranging from 150-200 Mbps will suffice.

This is one way of looking at what Internet speed you would need to opt for. And this also makes sense. However, there is another way to go about it as well and it will be discussed in the following section.  But note that you can only resort to this way of calculating your speed needs if you are a single person who is going to use the Internet.

Speed and Streaming Services

If only one device will use the Internet, and you know that you will spend most of your time watching shows or movies. Then, you might want to consider the following:


Perhaps the most popular streaming service is Netflix. However, if you are a fan of this platform, then you will also know that it comes in various qualities. So, if you wish to watch a movie or show in standard definition, then 0.5 Mbps will suffice. However, Netflix suggests having access to at least 1.5 Mbps. Moving on, you would need a speed of 3 Mbps if you wish to mirror an SD quality video on TV. HD picture quality requires 4 Mbps. Whereas a 1080p picture would need 5 Mbps. However, `if you wish to enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies in 4K quality, then you would need 15 Mbps.

Remember that if you do not have the required speed, Netflix will automatically adjust the video quality to the one available. So, slow Internet means that you won’t be able to watch in HD.


Streaming videos is just as essential as binge-watching shows. And if you use VUDU for that purpose, then the minimum speed that you would need is 1 Mbps for SD quality. However, for an HD resolution, you would need to have access to 4.5 Mbps. And if you wish to have access to 4K streaming, then nothing less than 11 Mbps will suffice.


A minimum of 3 Mbps will do if you choose and watch something from the HULU library. However, live streaming needs 8 Mbps. And 4K videos run the best on 16 Mbps.

Amazon Video

SD quality on Amazon Video needs 3 Mbps. However, if you wish to stream the content in HD, you will need access to 5 Mbps. And if you wish to watch in 4K, then 25 Mbps would be a perfect speed.

YouTube TV

Like many other streaming services, you would need a minimum of 3 Mbps if you wish to stream videos in SD on YouTube TV. However, HD videos will only run if you have access to 7 Mbps speed.

What Speeds are Available?

Now you need to know that the speed that you wish to have access to might not always be the speed that your connection type offers. So, another important factor comes into play here. Your Internet connection type. While cable and broadband Internet remain the most popular choices among people, many households get access to about 100 Mbps speed with a DSL connection as well.

The speeds that each connection type is offering will largely depend on the service provider that you choose. Therefore, there are no right and wrong speeds in this case. But what you can do is carry out an online speed test and check what is your current internet speed. Do not forget to see if the service provider is promising to provide the same.

How Much Would High-Speed Connection Cost?

Before you opt for a fast speed Internet connection, you should know that it is not inexpensive. High speed comes at a high price tag too. However, what you can avoid is paying more for speeds that you do not even need. Therefore, you must be well aware of your Internet usage and speed needs. Only then you can save the extra bucks that you would otherwise pay to get access to speed that you don’t even need.

If you look at the stats, then an average household in the States spends around $61 on Internet services. However, your cost will differ depending on the ISP and the package that you subscribe to. This was just to give you an estimate so that you prepare yourself mentally.

But the good part is that some ISPs even provide low-cost packages to people who qualify for them. You might as well want to explore that option too.

TCL 10 Pro Review: Tech Giant Launches first Turkey Smartphones

The world of smartphones is always on the change, and you are subject to come across some of the best ones in town. It is really important to learn more about the phones and then head for the main one here. There are various important phones available, and TCL is all set with its new items over here. For that, you are cordially invited to catch up with the best team from the TCL section. The TCL 10 Pro is one phone, which is the first of its kind. It is one of the major Turkey Smartphones that you are likely to come over here for sure.

Eye-catching hardware:

Let just say that TCL 10 Pro is known for its eye-catching hardware. It comprises a slick design and comes handy with a well-integrated quad-lens camera. However, this phone is known to have its snag as well, which you need to be associated with. It is one oddly calibrated AMOLED displayed phone, where the camera provides inconsistent results.

It is not that of a bad phone, to be honest, but there are some features that you can get in some other models within the same price range. But, if you are looking for the best Turkey smartphone to get hands-on, then TCL 10 Pro is always the prime choice for you to consider. The benefits are more than enough to make you happy and satisfied with the purchase you made.

One best flagship phone:

It is not that difficult to state that this TCL 10 Pro feels and looks amazing. Even though it has some rough edges, but you can easily wave those away if you start focusing on what this phone has to offer.

  • The curvy AMOLED display comes with a quad lens camera. It is also known for its dapper design, which is more than enough to create that perfect first impression.
  • Some of the little touches like Google Assistant button, flush camera module, 3.5mm headphone jack are some of the impressive features for you to watch out whenever you are dealing with the best flagship phone like this one.

Some flaws to watch for:

Just like its positive side, it has some flaws to it, much like any other smartphone available in the market. The AMOLED display of this phone will exhibit one sickly green colored tinge, and it is not that bright as you want your smartphones to be. Just under that screen, you will find that sluggish and unreliable in-display fingerprint sensor. For some people, it is no doubt a bit of frustration, to say the least.

For some people, the svelte design of the phone might not be the right choice for you to consider. It is known for its pronounced ridge on the bottom rear edge, which others might find not that easy to work with. Apart from these simple points, it is really hard to find any fault with this smartphone. When compared to some of the other models, this one is known for its amazing software, great performance, and amazing battery life. On the other hand, this phone has fewer faults when compared to other branded items, which are even higher in rate than this one.

The customized UI at your service:

This phone is supposed to have the custom UI from TCL, which is the most promising example of Android tinkering. Moreover, you will come across various stock OS from Google from this one phone. But, there are high chances that you might get a smattering of bloats ware, while some of the bespoke features like edge interface and more seem to be born from the early era of the curved displays.

  • You are likely to enjoy the best performance of this phone. It has amazing processing power, which is hard to find at such an affordable rate.
  • The battery performance of TCL Pro 10 is a masterpiece. You can easily use this phone on a daily basis without any charging issue. There is no room for wireless charging, but that is common with most of the smartphones these days.

A balanced feel in hand:

The best part is that you are going to enjoy a balanced feel in the hand when you have this phone to consider. It has all the necessary dimensions, which will match some of the major other top-class brands like Realme X2 Pro and OnePLus 8.

  • This phone weighs at around 177g and will have a pleasing heft to it. The best part is that this phone is not too heavy, just like you have asked for it.
  • This company has worked pretty hard to give this phone the basic feel and look of the flagship. It has the entire metal and glass sandwich body, which you can find in some of the best and big brands out there.
  • You will find some differences in the build of the phone for sure, but that is nothing to be worrying about. Just like other top brands, TCL has worked hard to create a masterpiece of smartphones like this one.
  • Even the design of the camera module of this phone is one major improvement. However, the opinion is subject to vary on the current attractiveness of horizontal strip design, which remains completely flushed with the phone standing out.
  • Then you have the implementation of a waterfall styled curve, which is perfect and most interesting among major customers. It will feel like the screen is melting right off the right and left edges, which is one cool feature to look at.
  • Some might like the practice of such a display, and others do not. But, it is arguably one of the most amazing looking smartphones from this company, which can outsmart most of the other phones in no time.

With this phone’s launch in the Turkey market, this company can always believe in growing its production business to yet another level. If you are looking for some best help with the phone selection, log online, and get some help now!

The Double-Edged Sword That is Video Surveillance

Video cameras are everywhere. Pay a visit to your local big-box department store and you can bet that video cameras will be watching your every move. Your car was probably spotted by multiple cameras on your way to the store. When you stop to get gas on the way home, there may be a camera at the gas station. You might even have cameras in your own home.

Wireless technology has made video surveillance so easy that just about everyone is doing it to some degree. Is that good or bad? Actually, it is both. Video surveillance is a double-edged sword that cuts both ways. Each of us must decide for ourselves how much of it we want in our lives.

Video Surveillance at Home

Wireless video cameras have really taken off as a home security feature. Consumers have come to understand that a few well-placed cameras can provide good views of the front door, the family room, the garage, and so on. Families have been known to use their video cameras to keep track of the babysitter or watch contractors as they work in the home.

Video doorbells are another hot product. According to, video doorbell is one of the hottest consumer products for protecting against porch piracy. Some homeowners combine video doorbells with smart locks to provide access to their homes without having to give family or friends physical keys.

All of this is good for the most part. Home surveillance allows us to keep track of our homes even when we are away. Whether at work or on vacation in a faraway land, all it takes to bring up video camera views is an internet connection and a smartphone app.

Video Can Catch Criminals

Another very good aspect to video surveillance is its effectiveness and catching criminals. For example, the San Antonio Police Department arrested a man in mid-May and charged him with burglarizing a storage facility one month prior. They successfully identified him using footage captured by on-site security cameras.

In addition to identifying him, the cameras also showed him pulling off the actual crime. He could be seen in the footage breaking locks and carrying duffel bags full of items away.

The San Antonio police joins nearly every other police agency around the country in using video as an investigative tool. Moreover, footage doesn’t have to come from the actual scene of the crime to be helpful. Police agencies sometimes use surveillance video from multiple locations to piece together events occurring prior to, and after, the crime being investigated.

Again, these are all good things. Video surveillance used appropriately can help authorities catch criminals and win convictions. As such, they can be a deterrent to crime as well. If you want to protect your home and your loved ones, click here to check out some great custom video surveillance systems

Intrusions into Our Privacy

With two positives acknowledged, let us look at the other edge of the sword. Prolific video surveillance immediately brings to mind concerns over intrusions into our privacy. This post began with an explanation of how such intrusion occurs. No matter where one goes these days there are video surveillance cameras keeping an eye on things.

It is bad enough that red light cameras are paying attention to how we drive while store security cameras are spying on us as we shop. But it gets worse. For example, we must acknowledge that it is now possible to combine surveillance video with facial recognition software to identify people without their knowledge. What are the implications of such technology?

We will not get into issues involving government and law enforcement here. You work through them in your own mind. But imagine something as seemingly benign as social media sharing. We already know that platforms like Facebook rely on facial recognition to tag photos. Do we really want Facebook tagging our videos too?

Are any of us comfortable with retail stores following us around and recording everything we do in order to better understand our shopping habits? If they can identify us with video and facial recognition, they can build better profiles about our habits. This is not to say that such surveillance is happening, but it is certainly possible with the technology we have.

Intrusions into the Home

Things get worse when you are talking about intrusions into our homes. There have been plenty of stories of video surveillance cameras being hacked by creeps who torment homeowners and their families. Who knows how many of these creeps are just fooling around and how many pose a serious threat to personal safety?

In another story out of San Antonio, a cybersecurity expert showed KSAT News how easy it is to use the internet to access home security cameras. He explained that untold numbers of residential and commercial cameras are vulnerable because they are on unsecured networks. That doesn’t sound good, does it?

We Need a More Measured Approach

Video surveillance is a double-edged sword that cuts both ways. This post is not intended to convince you one way or the other on the veracity and need for video surveillance. Rather, it is simply to point out the fact that society needs to take a more measured approach to surveillance.

Every technology has its positives and negatives. No technology should be fully embraced by society without significant forethought and research. By the same token, no technology should be dismissed or rejected without making an attempt to fully understand it.

The challenge for us right now is that so many people seem to be too welcoming of video surveillance. There are too many people who have no idea they are being surveilled as they go through their daily lives. This sort of ignorance only allows bad things to happen. We all need to pay more attention. We all need to make a better effort to think things through.

In the meantime, expect the proliferation of video surveillance to continue. Every time we turn around there seems to be a new camera keeping track of our comings and goings. It is the world in which we live.