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Best App to Learn a Foreign Language

There was a point in time when exposure to a foreign language was limited to travel and the books at your local library. Those days are ancient history. Mobile apps now permeate the language learning landscape. Here we’ll discuss some of the advantages of language learning apps, and list some of the top choices for would-be language learners.

Benefits of mobile apps in language learning


Foreign language acquisition is no longer limited to the classroom. One of the chief benefits of using apps to learn a language is that they allow you to use the language in ways that simply weren’t possible before. You can easily read news and print media, or watch videos from anywhere in the world. You can use games and other activities to review grammar and vocabulary. You can quickly translate text and even in some cases audio. It’s even possible to speak with native speakers of your target language, even if they’re on the other side of the globe.


Apps allow you to set aside more time for language learning than would otherwise be possible. Whether you’re waiting in line, riding the bus, or perhaps on a lunch break, apps put language study in the palm of your hand. You can practice and develop your learning skills anytime and anywhere.

Top apps

Google Translate

Of all the apps on this list Google Translate is perhaps the most essential. The translations on the app aren’t always accurate. Google Translate especially struggles with correctly translating longer portions of text or speech. Still, an app that can instantly translate basic words and sentences is a powerful learning tool.

Oftentimes it’s only a word or two that makes a sentence hard to understand when studying a foreign language. Google Translate is a quick, easy, and natural remedy to this problem. The app also comes in handy when a foreign word is on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t remember it.

The accuracy of the translation will differ depending on which language you’re learning. Google Translate does better when the language is more closely related to English, and it struggles when language is far removed from the English language.


Italki is the most popular entry in a long line of online tutoring apps for foreign languages. Italki functions as a global online marketplace, where language students can shop around and book lessons with a language teacher or tutor. Italki teachers are classified as anyone who holds some sort of certification to teach a foreign language. A tutor is simply a native speaker who teaches a language, but doesn’t hold any certification or formal education related to teaching. There are over 130 languages taught on Italki. Users can use the app to book one on one video lessons which range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Teachers and tutors follow their own programs and curriculum, so learners may want to browse the site for the teacher that’s best for them. Lesson prices are charged per hour, and the rates depend largely on where a teacher is from. Teachers from countries with a higher cost of living tend to charge more than those who live somewhere with a lower cost of living.


With Babbel users learn a foreign language through lessons centered around quiz-like exercises. In a typical Babbel lesson, you are taught new material and then you take a quiz to review and practice what you’ve learned.

The level of material ranges from absolute beginners (those who have little to knowledge of their target language, up to intermediate (those who can hold basic conversations in a foreign language). Courses for less popular languages sometimes have less lessons that course for more popular languages (like Spanish and French for example).

The Babbel app does a great job teaching core grammar and vocabulary. After working through the app, users won’t be fluent, but they will have a strong foundation in their target language. There are 14 languages available on Babbel. Asian and most middle eastern languages fail to make an appearance on the app.


Duolingo is without question the most popular app on this list. There are over 30 foreign languages on the app, including many minority languages, and even a couple fictitious ones like Klingon and High Valyrian. The Duolingo method teaches language in the form of a game. The app starts off by giving users a placement test. Based on their score the user can skip ahead over some of the preliminary lessons.

Each lesson focuses on either vocabulary or grammar. The apps show example phrases and users are then required to complete a range of activities using the vocabulary and grammar from those examples. Each time a user answers an exercise incorrectly he or she loses a life. The activities and exercises range from fill in the blank, listening comprehension, pronunciation, word matching, and more.

The effectiveness of Duolingo varies based on which language you are learning. An independent study found that a fully completed Spanish or French course on Duolingo is comparable to four semesters of a college level university course. However the app struggles with languages which aren’t closely related to English. Their Japanese course is a prime example, which you can read about here.



Memrise takes the idea of a language learning game and applies it to flashcards. Memrise starts out by showing users flashcards for basic phrases and vocabulary. Gradually the app incorporates more difficult vocabulary, and the user’s proficiency in the language goes up. While Memrise offers lessons tailored to specific lessons, users also have the option of creating their flashcard decks using images and audio. You can also browse flashcard decks other users have created and then published.

One of the most powerful features of Memrise is that it’s a spaced repetition platform. This means the app uses an algorithm to show more difficult cards more often than cards you easily remember. This allows users to study their flashcards in the most efficient way possible. The main drawback of Memrise is that it doesn’t teach much grammar. Users who regularly use the app will walk away knowing a lot of words and phrases, but they may not understand how to form sentences on their own, due to the lack of grammar taught in the app.

Bulk SMS: 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using It Now

One thing that separates pro marketers from amateurs is that the pros carefully select the marketing channels they’re going to use and ensure that they’re fully integrated into a coherent marketing mix that is designed to hit various KPI’s.

It doesn’t matter how many marketers I talk to when I ask them about SMS I hear nothing but crickets.

Yes, even though bulk SMS delivers 98% open rates, that doesn’t seem to even “click” for them, according to

I get it. SMS (short message service) is not the sexiest marketing tool out there, far from it.

Look at Facebook, you can use images, videos, carousels, etc. you can get super granular on who you want to target and once you get enough conversions you don’t even need to target anymore your pixel just goes out there brings in fresh new customers – it’s amazing.

The downside of course are the ad policies, they’re incredibly strict and are designed to satisfy the political correctness crowd – I’ll save that rant for another article.

In this article, I want to share with you exactly why I think Bulk SMS MUST be a part of your existing marketing mix moving forward.

1. SMS Is Not Saturated

One thing that we marketers are always on the lookout for are channels that are underexploited.

This simply means finding a place to advertise that has super low competition with a large audience reach.

SMS is one of those channels.

The great thing about SMS is that when send a text message to a mobile phone your only competition is grandma asking Shirly if she’s coming over for a family dinner on Sunday evening.

In terms of direct competitive threats, you will find virtually none.

And when they read your text there are no distractions, with ads, landing pages, and even emails there are links and flashing images all over the place tempting the recipient to go down a rabbit hole – with an SMS message it’s just characters and maybe a link.

2. Bulk SMS Isn’t SPAM

One of the main reasons why business owners haven’t taken to SMS messaging is because they think their customers will complain about being spammed but if you follow the rules of SMS this will never happen.

The rule with bulk SMS is to always get permission so people know that they are going to receive SMS messages from you.

Never just slam all of you customer mobile numbers into your online SMS contacts book and start sending text messages.

3. SMS Is Cheap

People love email because it’s “free” it’s not.  Email subscriptions can be incredibly expensive especially when you get into the thousands of subscribers.

The problem with email subscriptions is that you pay based on the number of subscribers you have whether they’re active or not.

For example, most of your emails will likely end up in the spam folder if you’re using it to send promotions which means most of the subscribers will not see it which means they will not unsubscribe which means your list will continue to grow which means your monthly subscriptions costs will continue to grow.

With SMS you only pay when you send an SMS AND that SMS is received by the recipient, if it is not delivered then that money goes back into your online SMS account.

4. SMS Is Cheap

Yes, I’m repeating point no. 3.

Have you noticed that your paid advertising always seems to go up in price? The reason for this is that more and more businesses are using paid advertising channels each and every year which naturally drives up the pricing because there is only so many impressions they can sell.

This is bad news for small businesses with tight marketing budgets.

SMS on the other hand has actually reduced in price over the years because there are more bulk SMS providers entering into the market all of the time making this a fantastically cheap way to reach customers for only a few pennies per SMS.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk Is Using SMS

Recently Gary Vee was videoed talking to a small group about SMS as a way to reach customers and followers. Not only does he recommend SMS but he has invested his own money into two bulk SMS companies.

Gary mentioned that he is getting a big fat 98% open rate along with 90% engagement rate.

Show me another social media platform that is delivering anything close to those numbers.

You can’t.

Because it doesn’t exist.

As far as I’m aware there are no paid or free marketing channels offering anything close to these kinds of numbers.

If you are astute then you’d be asking yourself, why are these numbers so important?

This brings me to my next point.

6. SMS Has Huge Open Rates

Why is it that marketers obsess over the perfect subject line, the perfect clickbait YouTube title and image, the perfect paid ad headline, etc.

Why do they spend sometimes up to 80% of their attention into this part of the campaign?

Because they need to get those open rates.

They need people to watch the video, see the promotion, etc.

If they don’t get the click then they don’t get the money.

While a lot of marketers will say that the offer is the most important part of a marketing campaign, I disagree, I think the open rate is most important because if the campaign doesn’t get opened there’s no money…zip.

Give me high open rates and a mediocre offer and I’ll make money all day long, give me high open rates and an excellent offer and I’ll retire rich.

Bulk SMS gives you a massive 98% open rate without A/B split testing, without digging around for the perfect headline, without any work at all you will get higher open rates than the most advanced Brainiac marketers on the planet just because you’re using SMS.

This allows complete marketing noobs to outperform their bigger competitors who have teams of marketing specialists.

All you need to do is put together an offer and click send and you can be sure that you’re going to have close 100% of your subscriber list open and read your message.

7 Things To Know Before Developing Your First Mobile App – 2020 Guide

The world of technology is a world of diversity. Technology has evolved so much that wherever we turn it offers us opportunities, today and through time backward. From the first computers, the Internet, mobile phones, and their development into smartphones, to all that smart technology for the home and the workplace. The smart lifestyle provided by smart technology is a novelty of the century. It makes life easier for us, makes us relieved, and gives us the opportunity to dedicate more time to ourselves. How? With the help of smart technology.

The most common representative of smart technology is the smartphone. The smartphone has become an integral part of everyday life. It is some kind of personal assistant who thinks of us all the time. It is thinking about the time spent sleeping, the amount of water we drank, the steps we took during the day, but also it is caring for our entertainment. Smartphones are real friends. They solve everyday problems with the help of applications that have a specific purpose. The purpose of the smartphone application is determined by the developer himself, but before that, a detailed study of the needs and opportunities in the market is needed. The difficulties that people live with should be considered to alleviate them. But on the other hand should also consider the reliefs that people already have and whether they can be made even easier. To make things easier, there are the application developers.

Developers are creatives who see opportunities in every problem. According to them, opportunities are all around us and should be used. Are you a creative developer or are you still in the process of learning to develop? Then this is the right article for you. The desire to work as an application developer is important, but it is also important to see the real possibilities of the environment, of companies as of the place you come from. According to KitelyTech, there is potential all around us, and it is up to us to locate it, to see it in our way. From that, you are supposed to create a new smartphone application. But be careful! For more success in designing apps, in the continuation of this article, we bring you the 7 most important things that you should pay attention to before creating a brand-new application:

1. Work alone or in a small group

Small work groups are always a great option when it comes to creating content, but it is not bad to work alone. Everything has a reason! Working in a small group brings storms of ideas, offers the opportunity to complete the set tasks faster, and brings success, but can often lead to disagreements and tension in the whole process. Therefore, if you prefer to work on your own, start from the very beginning, and if you need advice and opinions, contact a colleague or expert in the field and help yourself.

2. Take a closer look at the problems and opportunities

We suggest you set aside a whole day to see the possibility of a problem. Our suggestion is to spend a whole day around the streets and buildings in your place, to buy the daily press for that day, to browse all the news, to browse the social networks, the online forums. We are sure that you will find at least one problem from which a solution can emerge, and the solution is for you the opportunity to design a smart application. That application will solve the problem. Development is still a circle, isn’t it?

3. Think and create your plan to follow

Indeed, unplanned steps often bring success, but it is still better to follow some pre-planned steps. Take a few sheets of paper or open a Word document and write down your thoughts, ideas, and steps that you think are correct. Then prioritize and arrange them as you think they will help you function best in making the application. Finally, review the plan and approve it, yes for yourself! Our suggestion is to often open that plan, to check the course of activities, and to change points that are no longer attractive to you and you do not like. All plans have changed, this one will also suffer, but in the end, it will bring success! Believe me!

4. Learn more about app store terms

There are a number of platforms and operating systems for smartphones that offer the opportunity to be the developer of applications in their store. So far, the most popular is the Apple App Store, the Android Play Store (Google), and the Huawei App Store called App Gallery. Read carefully the conditions they have set, look at all the obstacles in their conditions, and think. If you see that all three stores suit you, then we suggest you make an application that will be compatible with all of them, with similar or the same capabilities, and publish it in each of them. This step will prove to your customers that everyone is equally important to you.

5. Browse application content

It is very important to keep in mind what might go as application content. If it is related to news, think of a concept on which the news will be written and published. If it is for music, think about which songs you will attach and whether it will be possible to return one song more than once. But if it is for babies, think about animations and drawings will there be lullabies. Your imagination and most importantly, so turn on the storm of ideas and devise a concept of content, and if you already know someone who has content, invite him for a chat and draw up the first cooperation agreement.

6. Think about the design and colors you will use

This is a very important moment for an application to be attractive. According to marketing, each color expresses a feeling, describes a condition, or tells us something important. That’s something you have to pay attention to. You also need to think about the design, whether it is simple or offers many options. If you have difficulty making a decision, feel free to consult a marketer or graphic designer, and gather new fresh ideas.

7. Predict the test period and the way the application will be tested

At the end when you have the final product, you need to test it and avoid any kind of mistakes. The longer you test the application the better it will be. Frequent updating of the application can often annoy users, so our advice is in this direction. And of course, do not forget to identify a group of people who will test it and report your error. Get involved in testing yourself and be self-critical, let success be an integral part of your application.

The beginnings are always difficult, especially those when you create a final product like a smartphone application, but fortunately, you do not have us. Try to follow these steps and you are ready to release your first successful application. Good luck!

What to Consider When Buying Gaming Speakers

Most people choose to use a nice pair of earphones during gaming to try and sort the issue of low-quality sound from the PC speaker. This will only work when you’re playing alone; trouble begins when you invite friends over and have to play with them. What do you do!

In such a case, a nice set of gaming speakers becomes inevitable. This way, you’ll be able to involve everyone inside the room and make your gaming sessions more exciting.

So, how do you find the right gaming sound system for your PC? In this post, we look at the factors to consider when purchasing gaming speakers.

Consider the Size of Your Space

The size of your gaming room goes a long way to determine the setup of speakers you can buy. For a relatively confined apartment, you might have to settle for a 2.1 stereo, as opposed to a 5.1 system or anything higher. This is because a 2.1 audio setup will require much less space and leave some breathing room for you.

Furthermore, the power of audio produced won’t overwhelm the small size of the room. rather it will be better than the built-in speakers on your PC. Your room size may also influence the type of speakers you purchase.

For instance, if the room you plan to install speakers is not fully dedicated to gaming, you can go for single-piece hardware such as a soundbar. This should save you acres of space and reduce the clutter inside your room.

Check the Specs on Your PC

You want to check the specifications on your computer to know whether it can handle the speaker system you fancy. For instance, not all PCs can handle a 5.1 speaker setup. The configuration on your computer may not be able to support the setup, and you’ll notice this when there are no ports to insert some of the cables from the speakers.

You might also want to check if the computer’s sound card is compatible with the stereo system. Older PCs weren’t designed to handle anything higher than 2.1 channels. Also, not all offer digital compatibility. In such a case, you may have to find a separate converter for the speakers to function with your computer.

But that’s not the end of the story. Even if your sound card is compatible with the speakers, it may fail to drive the system without an amplifier. Therefore, you’d be wise to go for pre-amplified ones with a total harmonic distortion of 2% at maximum.

With all these extras becoming necessary, you still have to consider the space in your gaming zone and check whether they will fit inside. If not, you want to pay great attention to the compatibility of the PC and the speakers you desire before deciding to buy!

Consider the Role of Sound Cards in PC Gaming

Sometimes you may invest in a set of high-end gaming speakers yet the sound quality is still weak. Normally, most people will blame the speakers, not realizing that the actual problem lies with the internal sound card.

Essentially, the sound card serves as a digital-to-analog converter (DAC). It processes digital audio data and turns it into an analog signal. So, even if you pair your computer with quality gaming speakers, the sound will be off if the sound card is bad. The solution, therefore, will be to upgrade your sound card.

You can install your new sound card either externally or internally-via PCI Express. External sound cards usually connect through a Firewire or USB port. You should also note that different sound card models differ in the kind of connections they offer, as well as the audio formats supported.

To get the best surround sound, most speaker systems built for gaming connect through USB sound cards fitted with surround sound formats.

Sound Quality

A simple two-channel gaming stereo system will produce better sound than your computer’s built-in speakers. However, the power may not just be enough for you. Sometimes you want something that will engulf the room with the boom and get you immersed in the game.

To get better production of both low and high-frequency sounds, you might have to invest in a subwoofer. If you have enough space in your room to accommodate the extra unit, then there’s nothing to slow you down. When shopping for a sub, check the power rating.

The unit’s wattage will help you determine how loud it can get and the bass you can expect from it. If you want something that will reverberate against the walls of the room, then go for a sub with a higher wattage. But if you’re okay with the casual thumps and bangs, then a 40-watt speaker should do!

Remember that you can also adjust the volume of the speaker, as well as the frequency. This will be more convenient if the speaker comes with a remote, so you might want to consider this during shopping.

Finally, check if the treble, bass, and other frequencies can be adjusted so that you can easily tune the music to suit your taste.

What About Your Budget?

When it comes to buying anything, money always plays a big role in your final decision. You never want to spend beyond what you had planned for. The same case applies to purchasing gaming speakers; you need to know how deep your pockets are before going to the speaker store.

7.1 and 5.1 stereo systems are usually the more expensive options you can get. They make a great acquisition if you have a flexible budget. On the other hand, those with a constrained budget may have to settle for a 2.1 channel, which is more affordable.

Alternatively, you can go for a soundbar if you just want a single-piece speaker in your home. Some latest brands of soundbars as you’ll discover on Pinnacle Speaker.

More on:

Some of these are fitted in 7.1, 5,1, and even 2.1 channels, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Extra Features

Some additional features on your speaker system will help to boost the overall user-experience of the unit. You might want to put them into consideration during shopping for more practical use of the system. For instance, a remote control makes it more convenient for you and saves you the trouble of getting up to go and adjust the volume and other settings every other time.

Furthermore, check if the speaker comes with bass, treble, and fade adjustment controls. While almost all subwoofer systems will offer bass adjustment, not all will let you adjust the treble or fade. This is something that may improve the user experience for you!

Portability and Installation

Finally, you want to get a unit that won’t trouble you during installation. You shouldn’t have to contract a technician just to set up the speaker as it will mean that you incur unnecessary extra costs. An easy to install system allows you to take it apart quickly in case you want to move houses and reinstall it in your new home with little trouble.

A portable unit will also come in handy when you want to move the speakers from one room to another. This enables you to use the speakers for other uses, such as listening to music and watching movies, other than playing games on your pc.


Before you decide to buy gaming speakers, you want to make sure that they will be the best suit for you. The above article provides you with crucial pointers that will see you take home the appropriate speakers for your space!

Wired vs Wireless Gaming Headset: Which Is Right for You?


Finding out the best form factor for the most optimal gaming experience and a competitive edge.


If you’re an avid gamer, then you should understand how important audio quality is in the overall gaming experience. You must get a good pair of headphones, especially if you play highly competitive online multiplayer games. But with so many options available, where do you even start?

Although there are a wide variety of headphones that cover different price ranges in the market, you may find it difficult to choose between getting wired or wireless gaming headsets. Each has its unique features and determining the right one for you may not be that easy at first glance.

That’s why we’ve made this article to help you decide on which form factor best suits your needs so that you can have the best gaming experience. More specifically, we’ve listed some of the factors you should take into consideration when buying a new pair of gaming headphones.

What Are Wired Gaming Headsets?

Wired gaming headsets use a cable or wire to connect the headphones to your PC or any other audio device through USB or a 3.5mm jack port.

In most cases, it’s important to note that wired gaming headsets do provide better sound, but this is only really applicable if you’re listening to raw music files or high-quality audio. For use in playing games, most gamers won’t be able to tell the difference in audio quality at all.

One of the more important things to know about wired headsets is that they can restrict your overall movement during gaming. This shouldn’t be a problem in most cases since you’ll often be sitting still while gaming in front of the PC.

What Are Wireless Gaming Headsets?

On the other hand, wireless gaming headsets do not have wires or any cables attached to them, instead, these use a Bluetooth connection. Also, wireless headphones sometimes come with a wireless USB audio dongle that you plug into a USB port to connect with the device.

The main takeaway about wireless headphones is that you’re free to move around without having to worry about wires limiting your range of movement.

This is great if you often find yourself getting up from your seat to grab something in the other room, but you don’t want to stop the audio or go through the hassle of taking off your headset. Wireless headsets are almost always recommended when playing VR games, as these often require you to move around. Having cables dangling would simply get in your way.

You can click here to find out the best wireless gaming headset in the market.

What to Look Out for in Gaming Headsets

Wired and wireless gaming headsets each have their pros and cons. Below are some of the things you should take into consideration when picking between the two.

Sound quality

Sound quality is probably at the top of the list of important features to look out for in headphones. Although it can be said that wired headsets provide better audio compared to wireless ones, the difference is usually due to the overall quality of the headphone speaker drivers themselves.

A more high-quality wireless headset will always sound better than a mediocre wired headset and vice versa. However, when generally comparing wired and wireless headsets, the sound quality is indistinguishable to most people.

As long as you’re gaming or listening to simple MP3 music files, you’ll most likely not be able to tell the difference between the two headsets.

Compatibility with other audio devices

If you’re planning to use your gaming headset for your PC, then it doesn’t matter what you choose since both wired and wireless are compatible.

A wired headset with a headphone jack can connect to any device that has the appropriate 3.5mm audio port. If it uses a USB interface instead, then it isn’t possible to use it with your mobile phone.

On the other hand, wireless headsets can easily pair up with smartphones and other Bluetooth compatible devices. But if it uses a wireless USB audio dongle, then it won’t be possible to pair it up with your phone.

Be sure to understand where you’ll be using your gaming headset so you know what type of interface to look out for.

Overall convenience

In regards to overall convenience, many people believe that wireless gaming headsets are the way to go.

With wireless headphones, you won’t have any restricted movement, meaning you can easily stand up and walk around as you please without worrying about tugging on any cord or getting caught up in wires. These are especially useful if you’re the type of gamer who tends to jump off their chair after winning an intense game.

The downside of having a wireless headset is that you’ll have to charge it up, and how often you charge it depends on how often you use it.

With wired headphones though, you don’t need to charge them up. You can simply plug them in anytime and get straight to the gaming experience. However, as mentioned earlier, your movement is restricted to the overall length of the cord.


Although headphones come in a wide range of prices, you’ll often see that wireless headphones are more expensive than wired ones, and this is due to the added technology needed for the device to function.

When picking out headphones, it usually boils down to the personal preference of the user and their overall budget. If you prefer convenience over price, then you might opt to go for wireless headphones, but if you find that you’re on a tight budget, then it’s possible to seek wired headphones with similar features.

Whether the price is a major factor for you or not, there are several options out there that can suit your needs while meeting your budget.


To recap here’s what you need to consider:

  • In normal circumstances, wired and wireless headsets both sound the same
  • Check what devices you’ll be using your headphones on and pick the headset with the most appropriate interface
  • Determine what is more convenient for you (non-restricted movement or plug-and-play)
  • The capacity of your budget

With all these in mind, you should now be able to determine whether you should go for a wired or wireless gaming headset. A proper headset can make your gaming session better by improving your audio senses in-game and adding that extra bit of immersive experience.

How to Compare Satellite Phones Before Buying?

In the era of smart mobile phones, that serve us as an external brain memory, many people wonder if the satellite phones are still in use?

Well, if you’re planning to go “to the edge of the earth,” where conventional GSM networks don’t work, you need a good satellite phone. It will also prove useful as an emergency means of communication if the coverage of mobile operators in your region is poor. We have prepared some guidelines for you to follow and compare the types of satellite phones, most suitable for your needs before you make a final decision to buy. An overview of the best satellite devices from the latest ranks of well-known companies can be found on this website that offers a selection of the most functional and reliable devices.

The two most important criteria based on which you should start the comparison of the satellite phones are the networks they use. But first, let’s explain how a satellite phone works. A satellite phone, as the name suggests, uses satellites to transmit signals instead of base stations on earth. That is why they work best outdoors. A network of satellites in Earth orbit is used for this purpose. Satellite networks are divided into geosynchronous and low-orbit.

Low-orbit satellite networks (LEO systems) use a multitude of satellites that move in relatively low Earth orbit – usually at an altitude of 650 to 1100 km. The biggest drawback of such networks is that the range of a satellite is not large, so you can easily lose the signal. However, this drawback is compensated by the number of satellites in one network and their speed. If you lose or cannot catch the signal, it is enough to wait a while in the same place and you will catch it again, as soon as another satellite of the same company arrives at the appropriate position in the sky. They orbit quickly around the Earth – it takes them about 1 – 1.5 hours to orbit the whole planet. Thanks to that, low-orbit networks can still cover the territory of almost the entire planet (depending on which network you use). Some of them provide you with a signal even in very remote parts of the world, such as the North and South Poles (some do not).

Because low-orbit satellite networks require less power to operate, the satellite phones you use to connect to them are smaller. They are only slightly larger than ordinary mobile phones.

The signal is transmitted from your satellite phone to the nearest satellite and then transmitted further to the person you are calling via the satellite network of the same company. If you call someone on a non-satellite device, the call is transmitted to the local telephone network via a station on Earth that is in charge of picking up the signal from the satellite. So, yes, you can communicate with users of a regular mobile or landline phone from a satellite phone.

Geosynchronous satellite networks (geostationary satellites) function a little differently. The number of satellites in these networks is much smaller, but they are located at high altitudes – about 35,000 km from the Earth’s surface. Only one such satellite covers a very large territory and follows the Earth’s rotation so that it is constantly at the same point in the sky. The building, launching, and placing these satellites in orbit is a very expensive process.

So, once you catch a signal from this satellite, it cannot be lost like the signal of low-orbit satellite networks. But their main drawback is that the signal is often delayed due to the greater distance that the signal needs to travel to the satellite. If you do not have a signal, you will have to move until you catch it. Also, the satellite phones used to hang on to these networks are significantly larger than conventional phones. By their size, they are closer to a laptop. Another drawback about them is that these networks have poor or no coverage around the equator (from 70 degrees north of the equator to 70 degrees south of the equator) due to the lower angle that the satellites coincide with the Earth’s surface, and large masses in relief, like mountains, can interfere with and block the signal.

The third most important criteria based on which you compare the satellite phones is internet access. Surely, you will want to have access to your e-mail.

Aside from being able to contact other devices on landline and regular mobile networks, with the help of satellite phones, it is also possible to send and receive messages and access Internet content. In terms of messaging, the possibilities are similar to those of ordinary mobile phones. However, with the Internet, things are drastically different. The internet via satellite phone is slow. It’s so slow that you’ll wish you had to dial-up. If you can even remember dial-up. The average data exchange rate (flow) in LEO systems is on average about 10kbps. Such a slow internet is only good for checking email. Geosynchronous networks have slightly faster internet, from 50 to as much as 512kbps.

And the last, but the most important thing to many is to compare them based on their price.

Each of the satellite companies produces its satellite phones and only with them, it is possible to get in touch with the satellites of the given satellite network. The price of a satellite phone ranges between 600 and 1200 $ (500 and 1000 euros). However, that is not all. If you want to use a satellite phone, you have to pay for the appropriate package of services, which can be very expensive (from 200 to 6000 $).

However, there are emergency packages or subscriptions in which you do not get minutes, and cost about 400 $ per year. This is a subscription without any services and amenities, and each call costs you around 6 $ per minute.

Hopefully, this article gave you an idea of what to consider when choosing the satellite phone. Besides all that has been mentioned, it’s important to know that satellite phones are not legal everywhere. Countries, like India, China, Russia, Sudan, and many others, have declared satellite phones as illegal.

11 Hidden Features every Samsung Phone user Should Know – 2020 Guide

For a long time now, smartphones have not been a luxury but a necessity and a part of our everyday life. Some are used for entertainment, others for work. Young mothers enjoy taking pictures of their children in all possible situations, and young people like to visit social networks. While all of this can be done via any smartphone, there are still specifications by which one phone stands out from the rest and true fans of mobile technology attach great importance to it.

What is it that sets one manufacturer apart from others?

What’s so great about Samsung? We love the fact that it is popular and widespread around the world and that it is very easy to unlock and decode. That is why those who ordered it or received it as a gift from another country have no reason to worry. You can read more about it by clicking on

We have already mentioned that various specifications set some phones apart from others. With each new generation of phones, many improvements are being worked on – graphics, system applications, speed, as well as the look of the phone itself. Many don’t even know about all the features their phone has, and we’re here to introduce them to you, at least when it comes to Samsung.

Screenshot with a palm swipe

On most Android, you will take a screenshot by pressing the volume down button and the power button at the same time. With Samsung, it’s a little different – you need to press the power and home button. But there is an easier way, and that is to run your palm over the screen, from left to right. If you fail, you must set it to default in the settings.

Separate application sounds

Imagine a situation where your phone is connected to a speaker via Bluetooth and you are listening to your favorite song out loud. Yes, it’s nice. But what if at that very moment your phone rings and interrupts the song, and the bell plays through the speakers? Samsung has a solution for this because it is possible to separate the sound, that is, to play a certain sound through a certain output, and the rest through a device. For this setting, there is an option in the “separate application sounds”, which is located in the settings for sounds and vibrations.

Hide apps

This is an option offered by newer models, such as the S8 and S8 Plus, so you don’t have to rely on unreliable app cabinets.

Create your GIFs

Samsung phones are known for their incredibly good animation tool. All you have to do is while watching the video you want to cut, go to Smart Select Edge and select the “Animation” tool.

Use the Blue Light Filter

It has been scientifically proven that the blue light emitted by the screens of telephones and laptops can damage eyesight and also disrupt the sleep cycle. For this reason, it is possible to include a filter that removes blue light and thus prevents unnecessary eye strain. You can set this option to turn on and off automatically at the time you want.


Is there anything worse than when you have to answer the phone or answer a message just when it’s minus outside and your gloves aren’t taken off? Fortunately, and you don’t have to download them, all you have to do is set your phone to High / Increase Touch sensitivity and the problem is solved.

Find my mobile

Is there a greater fear today of losing your phone and learning that someone might be able to access your data? Just as the iPhone has the “Find my phone” feature, so Samsung has the “Find my mobile” feature, but of course, you must first activate it by logging in to your Samsung account and only then making the settings.

Besides, as a precaution against the misuse of your data in the event of theft, it is important to protect your phone with a code, pattern lock, and even a fingerprint.

Face/voice/signature unlock

This is ideal for those who have an annoying younger brother who can’t wait to peek into your privacy. All you need to do is have the phone scan your facial lines and each time you unlock it you need to turn the display towards you for recognition. However, hope that your brother is not wise enough to think of showing your picture, because in that case, the phone would unlock. Combined with the voice and signature, it will go a little harder.

Turn on a screen saver while charging


For those who like to play with their phone and always look nice and active, even when it’s charging, there’s the option to turn on your favorite screen saver. Of course, the screen saver can always be active when the phone is standby.

Two apps on screen at the same time

Thanks to this option, it is possible to open two applications at the same time or even switch content from one to another. What you need to do is make sure in the settings that your Multi Window option is turned on. Adding a photo to an email is much easier because you can open the gallery in another window and then simply drag the image into the email.

Turn yourself into emoji

Emoji are very popular today and that is why you will very often see them as profile pictures on some social networks, such as Snapchat. Until now, this option was available only to iPhone fans, but it just got a very strong competition – Samsung Galaxy S10. This way you can get personalized stickers, and the avatar will repeat your voice, and follow your movements. With the help of AR emoji’s editing tab, you will also be able to play around and change your hairstyle or clothes. An interesting way to shorten your time while standing in line at the bank, right?

Why Streaming is So Much Better Than Cable TV

Streaming platforms are popping up at a rapid pace, every now and then a new name is heard in the entertainment world. So is it time to cut the cord and say goodbye to cable? ScreenBinge investigates whether it is better to opt for a streaming service or stick to the old and sweet cable?

To begin with streaming platforms offer great flexibility that cable TV does not. However, with cable TV services you need to have a year or two year contract. If you were to cancel before that period you would have to face hefty penalties. With streaming services it’s simple if you don’t like the streaming service, simple, cancel your subscription and if you’re in trial period, you’ll even get your money back.

Cable packages can cost more than $50 and upwards on a one year contract depending on the company and package you choose, while streaming services can cost anything from $5 to around $60. So there’s this huge price point of view as well. The subscription cost of all Hulu, Sling TV, Direct TV Now, fubotv, Netflix, and Amazon Video are less than cable TV.

However, one problem with streaming services is that you may have to subscribe to multiple services if all the channels that you want are not available on your streaming service. But like wise you don’t have to pay for channels you don’t want which can save you a lot of money too! On the other hand cable TV offers around 500 channels which means you can have a lot of diverse variety especially when it comes to watching live sports.

For example you might have to upgrade you streaming service package to get live sports which may cost an additional few dollars every month.

All in all, in this age, where everything is connected to the internet, cable TV is not likely to survive for a very long time. You can easily start streaming on any device no matter where you are, whether you’re on your way to work or simply sitting and watching your favorite show in your garden. This cannot be done with cable TV, there’s no portability, and once the cable TV company guys fix the cable to your TV you can only watch in one place.

As per survey monkey, half of the respondents who report watching cable TV are 60 years or older while on the other side 27% of the respondents aged (18-29) said they prefer streaming. So it is pretty evident that streaming services are gradually taking over and the choice between cable and streaming largely depends upon the age group. While the older respondents are comfortable and satisfied with their simple cable TV the younger lot seems to be shifting towards streaming services.

The survey also reveals that a third of cable only users are planning to cut the cord in the coming 12 months, and another 27% said that they were moderately likely to cancel their cable subscriptions. While 4% of respondents said that they were extremely likely to cancel and switch to streaming.

The shift is very much linked to age as we can figure out from the above mentioned stats, streaming services also have their own pull, with millions being spent by streaming services on shows 24% respondents said that they use streaming services to watch content not available on cable TV.

Streaming services offer 4k UHD videos which are perfect for the latest TV devices available in the market today, while cable TV only offer 1080i, provided that you have good internet speed why not utilize your TV’s full potential.

More than half of respondents who bundle cable with streaming services, prefer streaming more. Again it’s an age factor as these respondents fall into the category of (18-29) year olds.

The greatest reason to shifting to streaming is cost saving, convenience and flexibility. Almost one third of the respondents cancelled their cable subscription in the past 12 months with the primary reason being cost savings. There are many streaming services that also offer limited free content, which means all you have to do is sign up and watch, so that may work for a lot of folks.

For many it is the simple, “watch it anywhere” to choose streaming services which Cable can never provide. For example you’re waiting at the doctor’s clinic, simply take your cellphone out turn on your streaming service and continue watching your favorite show. You don’t need to be on the couch of your living room all day, it isn’t healthy either, check out these health tips for a better body. Smart phones have also become one of the most used devices to stream content as most of the phones today have a screen large enough to enjoy watching videos.

Wrapping Up!

If you want a higher number of TV channels then Cable is your go to choice, keep in mind the cost and convenience issues though. However if you binge on a select few channels and like to keep it portable then streaming is the best option, with a growing streaming market coupled with high quality shows a huge shift in consumer demand is expected in the coming years. Let us know what are your views? Do you stream or use cable? And what is the basis of your choice? We would love to hear from you.