General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.

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The History and Development of IPTV

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV for short is a video broadcasting technology that delivers video content by using the Internet. Instead of using traditional mediums like cable or satellite to deliver the content, IPTV uses connected IP networks, that allow other services such as VoIP, computer data exchange, or Internet access to be available from… Keep Reading


Make Your Life Easier with Budget Cameras for Beginners

There has never been a broad selection of cameras like there as today is available. Luckily, there are various entry-level cameras which are budget-friendly, altogether if you’re seeking for photography for the very first time or just need to update the camera which you formerly have, you can search quality cameras which won’t break the… Keep Reading


Oleg Vasilyev – the 20 Year Journey of a Data Scientist

Oleg Vasilyev, a Russian Data Scientist who lives in San Francisco, founded Vasilyev Algorithms, where he provided advice, developed and provided solutions for a number of clients, before moving on to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Educated in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at Lomonosov Moscow State University (established in 1755) and in Mathematical… Keep Reading


CMM Machines: the Secret Engine to the Factory’s Evolution

Evolve or perish — these are the options in business, and for years North American factories were uncomfortably close to perishing. After decades of dominance, the North American manufacturing sector faced its first mega challenge when globalization subjected it to competition from factories in countries that benefited from cheaper labour and fewer regulations.  Factories around… Keep Reading


The Importance of Fitness Trackers for Kids

All parents want their children to grow up healthy. And today, this can easily be done by using technology. The tech that is in question here is fitness trackers. In recent years, they have been there for adults who want to stay in shape, and today, there are various options for children as well. If… Keep Reading


The Next Paradigm Shift: How AI is Helping Bring the Human Touch Back to the World of Travel

Mahesh Chaddah, co-founder of discusses how his team and the industry in general, is innovating to bring back AI-powered human touch and personalize every interaction with today’s highly demanding traveler. The emerging trend in experiential travel has created a demand for obsessively detailed personalization, acutely relevant recommendations, and insider access. To support this trend,… Keep Reading

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