How to Customize your iPhone Home Screen to stand out

Living in this modern generation means that we all own a phone and we use it every day for every purpose. Having our phone attached to our hands whether using the social media applications or using it for something else we have to personalize it to our taste in order to enjoy using it even more. While many different brands sell phones, iPhones are one of the most popular and most used ones.

Apple was famous for its simple design and not being able to change it and customize it however you want. Since the last updates, things are getting better and now you can change how your home screen looks and adjust it to your personal taste.

We made this article to show you what should you do to make your home screen personalized for you and how you should do that.


When planning on customizing your phone, the first and the easiest thing is to change the wallpaper. There are plenty of wallpapers you can choose from that are already in your phone since they come stock with the phone. If you are not satisfied with them and you want to personalize your phone, even more, you can find others on the internet, a simple search with a correct description of what you need will find you many photos as seen on The third option is to apply a photo that you have taken.

When you have decided what you want to set up as your wallpaper, go to settings and find the wallpaper menu. Then, you will choose the photo that suits you best and you will have three options, to apply it as your home screen, set it as your lock screen photo or both.

This can be interesting if you have seen ideas from the internet, to apply one photo on the lock screen that is similar and connected with the one on the home. Another benefit is that you can set something neutral on the lock and have something more private on the home display, like for example a photo of you and your significant other.


What are widgets? Well, widgets are actually apps that you can use without opening them fully, they work in the background and provide information that you might need. When deciding what to have on your main screen, you should pick only the widgets that you constantly use to make it more efficient, not just good-looking.

If you are asking yourself how to add one, all you need to do is to hold with your finger in an empty space, and then you will have an “add” option. When you go to that option all you need to do is to find the widget that you want, from here you can change how the widget will look simply by swiping on the sides.

After selecting the right widget, you can further customize it by changing its dimensions. With that, you can make your screen look different than the stock one. Instead of using your phone with apps on it one next to the other, you can use this option to select different dimensions to make a difference. Plus, it is better to make your weather widget bigger in order to see the forecast for the next few days as well.

When it comes to widgets, you can use third-party software to make specially customized widgets to fit your requirements. These applications can change everything on the looks of the widget, like the proportions, different text style, making it more or less colorful, etc. This is a great way of showing your creativity and personalizing your screen making it unique.


The whole point of the many different apps is that you can choose whatever you need and delete the apps that you don’t. Other than the stock applications that we use, apps you should download are a better music player, sports or health apps, to-do list application, and even apps that remind you to drink water regularly. You should download and use apps that make your life better, and remove everything that is slowing your progress and losing your time.

You can furthermore customize your apps by changing the icon that they display. This can be done through the shortcut application from the phone, you select the app and then you can change the icon photo. This way you can customize your phone like no other, making it unique and having it done perfectly to enjoy using it even more.


When it comes to apps, having them all on your screen is really chaotic and you might need time to navigate through the menu in order to find what you need. A solution for that problem might be creating folders and grouping applications with similar usage to reduce the swiping and having a more organized phone.

For example, you can group up all your social media apps in one folder, and all your Google applications in another. Games in a different folder and creativity applications in another. This way you will have simpler use of your phone, you can navigate faster and you can save time when looking for the right app.

Other options

When organizing your phone, you may have a whole home screen with applications that are too personal for you and you want to keep them for yourself only. These include galleries, messages, and maybe social media apps. To keep someone else’s hands out of them you can put them out of sight. If you want to keep some apps secret from the others, you can simply put them away from the screen. You will need to go to the remove option and place them in the library. This way, you will still have them, and you can use them while at the same time being out of the eyes of the others.


Whatever you choose to do to customize your screen is up to you. You can use everything from this article or you can use just one single thing. The whole point of this article is to teach you how can you change your screen to make it function better and look good as well. We hope that this will help you and you will have a pleasant experience using it.

4 Common Bostitch Pancake Air Compressor Problems & How To Fix Them

Air compressors are more critical and handy than we think in general. They are widely used to fill up various materials using the potential energy stored inside the compressed air. Air compressors have multiple uses, and it should be known how to use them properly. You can get your air compressor at the nearest hardware store or on Amazon with a few brands that sell this product.

If you want to know more about air compressors and how they work, click here to learn more. This article will start off with what an air compressor is and how it works, followed by the various problems that one can face in its functionality. It is essential to know about its working principle and what exactly it is to understand the nature of the issues it poses.

Knowing all of this only makes it easier to solve and hence will be left with a fully functioning and non faulty air compressor. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

What Is A Bostitch Pancake Compressor?

It is defined as a machine that transforms resources such as electricity into other forms of energy. They make use of resources of fossil fuels in general such as diesel, petroleum , etc, into stored forms of energy that are held inside a pressurized air chamber that is made denser by various methods. The compressor sends increasingly pressurized air into the storage chamber as you keep using it.

When the air compressor reaches its higher capacity limit, the air compressor turns off the activity of compressing air and uses the stored compressed air only when called for use. The converted form of energy in the tank can be used in several ways giving it a huge scope of application.

This potential stored energy is used and released as a more motile form of energy which leads to a decrease in the pressure of the air compression tank. When the air compressor reaches its lower capacity level, the tank is once again in operation and begins to fill the tank up with pressurized air on continued use.

Uses Of Air Compressors

They have a lot more applications than we think they do. They primarily help fill pressurized air cylinders, help in the supply of semi pressurized clear air to a deep sea diver for a long period of time. It also is used to supply clear air for institutional buildings in need of clean air as well as HVAC systems to go for.

It also allows in supplying moderately pressurized air for powering various hydraulic tools making use off air pressure such as jackhammers and produces large amounts of medium pressure air for high-scale factory processes such as oxidation of fossil fuels leading to the birth of various other products, coking, or cement plant baghouse purge systems.

The Forms Of Air Compressors

Usually, the typical air compressor reciprocates piston-type rotary vane or rotary screws. Centrifugal compressors are very typical in big scale operations. There are two main types of air compressor pumps – oil pumps and oil-less pumps.

Gas/diesel power compressors are widely used in remote areas with problematic access to electricity while noisy and require ventilation for exhaust gases.

These machines that are powered by fossil fuels usually are typically used in areas of production factories and other areas of high productivity. Typical factory/industry compressors are a hundred to two hundred and forty volt. The various shapes that they come in are  pancakes, twin stacks, horizontal and vertical. According to ease of use and urgency, they can vary in terms of portability.

Common Bostitch Pancake Air Compressor Problems And How To Solve Them
  • High increase in temperatures

If the machine that you own is behaving in an unusual way, it is highly likely that there is an issue with the machine in terms of heat  more often than not. With overheating being the main issue, the various issues you are likely to face are that the compressor does not turn on.

If the compressor does not turn on as it usually does, there is an issue with the product, with the probable cause of overheating. If the product starts to take a long time to start between each use, then the reason might be that the parts inside seem to take more time to cool down between each cycle.

The first thing you do is completely switch off the processes of the air compressor, and it is best left for an expert to diagnose the problem.

  • Electric Trips

The flow of electricity in the circuits is regulated by the circuit breaker, which apprehends the flow of electricity as a defense or protective measure for the quality and performance of the machine. If the electricity or power seems to trip at arbitrary points of time, this tells us that there is a problem lurking in the air compressor chamber.

The best thing you could do at this point is to reduce the activity on the air compressor. The circuit breaker trips mainly because of electrical or power overload. Give it a while to cool off, and it should be back to normal.

  • Oil-related issues

One of the most common issues that people face with the compressor is the fact that it has to do with the oil or the fuel being used. Most problems related to performance have a lot to do with the badly lubricated or oiled components on the inside of the machine.

This can highly lead to fire hazards and other problems that are needed to be checked. Another common problem faced is also due to insufficient combustion oil which could lead to foul smells and odours.

Make sure to disassemble the entire thing so you can properly clean it out and hence remove any bad oil that is present inside.
  • Increasingly reduced performance

When the components or the general performance of the machine is a lot lower and reducing by the moment, there is usually a more serious issue to be considered here. One has to examine and evaluate the product or machine properly. The most probable cause could be due to the fuel, the pathways of air, the condenser or its parts.

Machine Learning Cases in Business


Artificial intelligence today is not just a joke about the enslavement of humanity. Thousands of businesses are moving to AI at an incredible speed, bringing production turnover to a new level and making our lives much more comfortable. But how can AI scientists teach the algorithm not just to produce a ready-made emulsion but to adapt to changing circumstances? The principles of machine learning have come to the rescue. Check this explanation of ML basics by an expert team, and we’ll move to the practical cases which has helped many companies.

Case 1: CompanionPro

As you know, obedient dogs are very likely to find their owners. Shelters are well aware of this, but few find the funds to pay for a large number of trainers. Michael Wang, director of the company, Companion, looking at the problem from the owner of the two cats, realized that this frightening omission requires an immediate solution. CompanionPro is an adaptive algorithm based on Tensor Flow, which can recognize the behavior of animals and reward them in the case of the successful command. Before the commercial release, the algorithm went through a humourous database of shelters, where it learned to determine what condition the dog is now, in “standing” or ” seated” as well as to select the voice timbre that will be the most appropriate. The cherry on the cake was the reward system, which empirically determined the amount of “goodies” for your favorite pet.

Case 2: Vitek “EYESYSTEM 1.0

I think everyone has ever had the urge to drink a cold yogurt in the morning. Workers in their production are no exception. How good that Vitek has developed an automated visual control system that has helped in such a difficult situation.  The yogurt goes through two major stages, such as: checking the presence of the lid and the permissible level of the product in the bottle. Previously, the first stage was extremely uneconomical in time, but it was not immune from human error. Now the algorithm detected the loss with the highest accuracy, informing the entire plant about it. After analyzing a thousand lids, he knew each one by sight. But how would he know that I had not been top-up? Yogurt is yogurt, little or much of it. EYESYSTEM 1.0 could argue with you because looking at this damn bottle for the hundredth time, even you would be able to determine the compact differences in volume, right?

Case 3: 3D fitting and analysis of Wildberries

Imagine you come in after an exhausting day at work, and there are three dirty shirts in the wardrobe, one of which has a large brown stain from an invigorating coffee drink. The chief wants to see you at the parade tomorrow as if to spite you. What will you do? Run to the store? What a pity, you have an urgent task at work. Can you order a charming costume online? But how do you know your size when you last went to the store six months ago? If you at least slightly recognized yourself in this situation, then the 3D fitting from Wildberries will appeal to you. You need to point the camera at the desired part of the body, and a clever algorithm will adjust to you. What kind of magic is this? Not magic, but the thousands of bodies that the AI had painstakingly processed to produce such an impressive result. Many of you may say: “Well, 3D fitting is certainly good, but I’m not so lazy that I haven’t walked to the store yet. I’d rather buy cheaper clothes”. Great! And for this task, an all-powerful AI would do just fine. Just take a picture of your favorite thing, and you will see hundreds of analogs that will not be inferior to the original.

Case 4: Holos Servorobot

How many articles have been written, how many scientists have talked about the importance of careful treatment of the world around us, but people continue to harm themselves. If a person can’t reason with himself, then let a robot do it! The company Holos seriously took up this issue and presented a machine that is able not only to anticipate trouble but also to deliver dangerous cargo. Servorobot is equipped with a variety of sensors that can analyze the environment with high accuracy, determining the danger. Especially important in oil fields, where an unfortunate gas leak can not only leave you without cheap gasoline but also flatten the nearest neighborhood. In addition, this big guy is educated by the bitter experience of gigabytes of data, so if there is a war, your cargo will be safe and sound.

Case 5: SAT Logistics Optimization

Have you ever wondered how your new phone moves from the store to you? Of course, you know, there is a conditional point A, where you start the path, and point B, where it ends. A simple math problem, but why do you wait so long, sometimes even overpaying for delivery? The answer will be found if you look at this process through the eyes of the logistics department. Your parcel can generally make eight circles around the city until the courier still knocks on your door. A logical question would be: “Can this be avoided?» Can. This is done by logisticians, who, however, do not always perform their work in good faith. So it turns out that there is corruption and deception everywhere? Corruption is not quite, but the deception is successfully fought by SAT, which has implemented logistics optimization using geolocation. The Google Maps API, which conveniently allowed them to mark the place where the goods will be delivered on the map even without knowing the address helped this. Their architecture was able to analyze the routes of the company and choose the optimal chain of delivery of goods. Moreover, the cunning logisticians could no longer leave the best for their friends, because now big brother was watching them.

Case 6: Ecovacs Robotics Deebot

Perhaps I won’t surprise anyone if I say that vacuum cleaners have learned to clean your house themselves, but it’s also not surprising to hear that their intelligence wants the best. What annoyed you the most? Oh, yes, I know what you’re thinking. This “beautiful” moment, when this silly boy once again gets entangled in a neatly lying wire, gives the impression that he is your restless pet, and not the crown of technological progress. The head of the AI department of Ecovacs Robotics has faced this problem more than once since he decided to teach the robot to recognize the result of your sloppiness. Using a huge image data set, the robot learned to analyze small objects and masterfully drive around them. Now such insidious things as discarded socks, a black wire, or a red lego cube are left behind, saving you another nerve cell.


To sum up, I would like to say that this is not all that machine learning is capable of business. Many areas need the development of this technology more than ever. It can turn a loss-making enterprise into a gold mine, and in principle change the concept of business. The main thing is not to be a conservative and think again: “Maybe a call center of fifty people is not the best idea for a pizzeria?”

Do Refurbished Macbooks Offer Better Value Than New Ones?

When we think about second-hand devices, we usually associate them with broken or unusable machines that have been passed on for profit.  However, this is not always the case as even reputable retailers like Phonebot sell Refurbished Macbooks. In this article, we will look at the facts behind refurbished MacBooks and whether they are worth the buy in 2021.

What Refurbished Means

Refurbished products are devices that have been returned or re-sent to the company due to factory defects and then fixed and quality-assured to be fully functional again. Defects can range from storages, ports, display, or even touchscreens experienced by owners. Recycled goods from owners who discontinue the use of a certain unit also belong to this category. These are then resold if they meet the requirements of being usable by future owners. Refurbished devices are offered in various grades and usually those grades are Like New, Open box, Grade A and B.

The Grades of the device represents the condition the device is in currently, lets discuss the grades and what they mean.

Grade A

The Grade A device might have minor scuffs or scratches which you can easily overlook.

Grade B

A Grade B device have more scratches or scuffs than a Grade A device.

Like New

This one is self-explanatory, a like new device is in prestine condition and looks like a brand new phone.

Open Box

An Open box is device is barely used and usually comes with the original box and accessories.

The right grade for you depends on your budget and the device you plan on going for.

Are they legitimate?

Yes, and no. Refurbished MacBooks coming from reputable retailers are sure to be legitimate as they are fully tested and examined to work like new units. Remember that the source is one of the most important factors to look at when purchasing a refurbished unit as this could make or break the condition of the device.

Certified MacBooks

Certified Macs are those products that have been checked and quality-assured by Apple. These Macs are on-par with brand new ones as they have been fully tested and replaced with genuine and legitimate Apple parts, as well as completely cleaned inside and out. Certified Macs are also installed with either the original Operating System or the latest one that is available. However, you must take note that the supply for these types of units is very limited. It’s better to buy from a reputable retailer, you can save more and they’d have a steadier supply of refurbished Macbooks.

The Takeaway

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a refurbished MacBook that you need to consider.


  • Lots of savings. Refurbished MacBooks are discounted as they are secondhand units that have been given new life. This could mean markdown costs that can spare you a couple of hundred bucks. Refurbished devices offer more value than a brand new phone.
  • Same Performance as Brand New. Thanks to the quality control of the devices, they are guaranteed to work with the same efficiency as brand new units. After all, the parts have been replaced with components that are legitimate and fool-proof. This ensures that they perform just like they did when they were first taken out of the box.
  • Direct Store Purchase. Purchasing from the official store brings added benefits in terms of peace of mind and confidence. You will do every part of the process on the online store and even receive benefits such as free shipping.


  • Limited Stocks. Available stocks of refurbished units highly depend on the number of Macs being returned to the company. This means that they are not always available for purchase and waiting for the units to replenish may take some time. As discussed above, if you buy from an Industry expert, you won’t be facing this problem. Reputable retailers make sure all in-demand products are in stock and in various Grades.


Prices of refurbished MacBooks are discounted at around 15 to 18% in Apple’s official store. This might seem a bit low, but when equated to a MacBooks high price, it could mean savings up to $300. It is possible to get a lower price point when inquiring at third-party vendors. The price of a refurbished Macbook starts from $1000 AUD, it depends on the model and grade you’re buying.

A good tip before purchasing refurbished MacBooks coming from the non reputable retailer is to do a background check and look at the reviews that are on the page. This could separate the thin line between getting high-quality devices and disappointing ones.

After Purchase Warranties

The warranty for a Refurbished MacBook is the same as brand new units. You get a one-year coverage with free delivery as well as returns. This can also be extended depending on your liking through AppleCare. This warranty period might be different when purchasing from third-party vendors as they have different processes and methods in repairs. Reputable retailers offer a warranty along with a change of mind policy, if anything does go wrong you can contact them either through call/online or visiting the store.


Buying a second-hand unit especially when it comes to MacBooks should not be viewed as bad light. Instead, it must be seen as a practical method to greatly save money while still acquiring high-quality goods. If you want a good-as-new MacBook at a lower price point, then Refurbished MacBooks fit you well. After all, they are quality-assured especially for units sold by the Apple company itself.

If you are careful with your decisions, you can even extend your savings further by purchasing a refurbished device from a third-party reputable vendors. However, you need to know your seller well as this could either mean huge savings or huge loss in the long run. Like any other stores, there are great third-party refurbished MacBook vendors and there are also awful ones. Make sure you check out the reviews and customer feedback to make sure you’re buying from a reputable vendor.

8 Tech Gadgets That Are Ideal For A Birthday Present

With the rapid development of technology, there are many products that we can use for entertainment or improved user experience. There are many devices we can use for improved gaming, watching high-quality content, and much more. A lot of people are interested in the tech industry, and constant updating of their equipment. Besides entertainment, we can find a lot of products for better productivity, workflow, and more.

On the other hand, the tech industry is huge these days, but many producers are offering cheap products that might have poor quality. In that matter, you should always read some reviews before buying any product. Also, online stores represent the most popular option for buying these devices. You can read more here about some of the most popular gadgets today.

Moreover, we can notice that tech products are especially popular among the younger population. They can use a variety of devices as additional equipment for the improved gaming experience, high-quality music, shooting videos, and a lot of other things. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a birthday gift, you won’t make a mistake by choosing some gadget. Here are some of the best that can be perfect as birthday gifts.

1. Smart Notebook

This product is perfect for students. You can connect it to your smartphone with Bluetooth and everything that you write down in the notes can be transferred to your phone. It will get much easier to follow lessons. Considering that most students are using laptops for education these days, it is quite convenient since they won’t need to retype the lessons. The price of this product is around $160.

2. Headphones

You cannot make a mistake by choosing to buy headphones as a birthday present. The great thing is that you can find products from a wide price range. Also, you can consider the preferences of the person to whom you are buying this gift. Therefore, if that person prefers outdoor activities, you should look for some earbuds or Bluetooth headphones.

You can find them for under $10, or some premium models that costs over $200. On the other hand, there are products for music producers, gamers, or streamers, that have integrated mic, and can provide an excellent sound, such as Sony, Wilkins, AKG, Jabra, and more.

3. Car Accessories


Another great option is for people who spend a lot of time while driving. You can choose from a wide selection of products. When it comes to tech gadgets, we suggest you look for stereo systems, phone holders, Bluetooth speakers, navigation, and more. You can find a lot of them for a cheap price, which means that you could combine several products and still don’t spend too much money.

For example, most people today choose to play music over their smartphones. In that matter, the best solution is to buy a good phone holder and a separate unit that can connect it with the speakers in the vehicle. Besides that, you can choose portable sanitizer, cup holder, dashcam, and many other products.

4. Smart Watch

This device is becoming more popular in recent years, and producers are constantly improving the features and design. The main advantage of this watch is that you can connect it with a smartphone and get basic notifications like calls and messages, track your movement location, and many other features. Some of the best models available today are Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, Huawei, and more.

5. Retro Phones

Most of us got used to advanced features that we can use on modern smartphones. However, there are still a lot of people who love older models that were simple and convenient. They are especially popular among older generations. In that matter, it can be a perfect present that will bring nostalgic feelings if you buy this product. Interestingly, some companies are still producing simple phones.

Maybe the best option would be to buy a modern version of the legendary Nokia 3310, but there are many other models as well. Besides that, you can look for used phones, and buy an original version from the beginning of the 2000s.

6. Phone Accessories

We have already mentioned the earbuds. However, many other products can help people or entertain them while they are using their phones. For instance, you can get them some devices that will improve technical abilities like power banks, wireless chargers, mount tracks, camera extensions, and more. Also, we have to mention that people love playing mobile games these days.

Therefore, maybe the perfect option can be to get them a special joystick that can be connected with a smartphone, or a small projector for an improved gaming experience. Still, you should find out more about the preferences of the person and check if they already have some of these products.

7. Oculus VR

Virtual reality and AI are also under development, and we can see a serious improvement in recent years. There are some modern video games that you can play while wearing a VR headset. With that option, the player can have an amazing experience. You can also use this device to watch movies and TV shows, online maps, and other content. One of the best products currently available on the market is Oculus Quest, with a price of around $350.

8. Translator


This is the perfect gift for those who love to travel abroad more often. With this device, starting a conversation with foreigners can be simple since it can automatically translate any sentence. One of the best products in Pocket Talk converter, which has over 70 languages. You can find this product for under $300.

The Bottom Line

The great thing about the tech market is that producers are constantly introducing new and improved models. Also, there are many devices for both older and younger generations. There is less chance to make a mistake since everyone is using technology today. Still, you might want to check more about their preferences and which devices they are already using.

The Best Washing Machines For 2021

Long gone are the days of hand washing your smelly clothes and dirty underwear. Washing machines are convenient and cost-effective solutions for your dirty problems. Pair them with a dryer, and you will save yourself an endless time. But with all the washing machines and dryers available on the market, how would you know which ones will be the best for you?

That’s why we are here to give you a full review of the best washing machines and dryers to buy in 2021. These reviews will contain both washer and dryer as a separate unit (pair), or as a combo.

1. Kenmore 28133 & 78133

The first washing machine on our list is from Kenmore. The 28133 will wash your clothes, and the 78133 will dry them after washing. This pair of washer and dryer from Kenmore will deliver excellent results after both washing and drying your clothes.


The Kenmore 28133 & 78133 are a gas powered washer and dryer that gives you another option in terms of fuel type. These gas powered washer and dryer deliver excellent results in both departments. The washer is top-loader that will offer you 5.3 cubic feet of space, while the dryer is front-loader and it offers you a whopping 8.8 cubic feet of space to operate. The Kenmore 28133 & 78133 are one of the best washer and dryer pairs on the market.

2. Kenmore 41072 & 81382

Another washer and dryer from Kenmore, both appliances are available in several colors.

The washer has an amazingly large 5.3 cubic feet of space that will be enough to put a whole king size comforter inside. The dryer offers you 7.4 cubic feet of space, which is slightly less than the previously mentioned Kenmore 78133. But if the 7.4 or 8.8 cubic space is not enough for you, you can always upgrade to the Kenmore Smart 81982, which will provide you 9.0 cubic feet of space! Both the Kenmore 41072 and 81382 are electric types, and the washer has features like Accela Wash, Stream Treat, and Wrinkle Guard option for washing.

3. LG Ventless Steam Washer & Dryer

The LG Ventless steam washer & dryer is the best combo available on the market. This all-in-one washer/dryer is best suited for apartments because of the length of the entire unit, which measures just 27 inches wide. The LG Ventless has 4.3 cubic feet of space inside, which is amazing for an all-in-one washer/dryer best suited for apartments. The LG Ventless has a Turbo Wash feature, support for 14 washing cycles, fully customizable programs and to top it all, it won’t make a sound while washing or drying

4. BOSCH 800 Series

The wonderful Bosh 800 Series offers you standalone washer and dryer that can be stacked on top of one another. The Bosch 800 series are the best stackable washer and dryer in terms of customer reviews and our very own experience.

The washer and dryer have the same 240-volt plug. The washer offers 2.2 cubic feet of space, which might sound less compared to other washers, but due to the Speed Perfect technology will wash your clothes in 15 minutes! The dryer offers you 4 cubic feet of space, which is slightly more than the washer, but what’s amazing is that both washer and dryer measure 23.5 by 25 by 33.25 inches, saving you a lot of space.

5. Black + Decker Portable Washer

The Black + Decker is the best portable washer money can buy! This bad boy measures 31.5 inches in height and 17.7 inches in width, which is the perfect solution for an RV washing machine. It has an LED display control panel and set up is easy. The washer offers you 0.9 cubic feet of space which is amazing for the size. You can choose between normal, heavy, rapid, soak, and gentle washing, and other features include a timer, water control, unbalancing detector and safety functions.

How China’s accelerated 5G rollout has propelled ZTE to its best result

5G rollout happens throughout the entire world, and even though there was a small backlash from the communities and a few conspiracy theories along the way, it’s not a secret that this particular technology will open up many opportunities for us as a human race.

Technology has to keep advancing, it’s what keeps the world turning. In this article we’ll talk about China’s accelerated 5G rollout and how it helped ZTE reach new heights. Let’s take a look at what you should know.

The results of China’s accelerated 5G rollout

“Simply making it faster” is not what this is all about. The adoption of 5G technology is something that will boost the need for certain battery and electronic metals. However, China managed to deal with this and now they are greatly accelerating the 5G infrastructure construction. All this resulted in a huge success for China’s titan ZTE, a corporation responsible for telecommunications and information technology.

ZTE’s success spike is measured in numbers. This is a company that’s listed for open stock trading on the HK Stock Exchange, and upon the release of the news, their stock raised more than eight percent in price during the Monday trading. But, other successes were achieved as well. You can read more about ZTE 5G at

ZTE achieved some impressive numbers in terms of contracts they landed for China’s massive 5G program. According to the statistics, both ZTE and well-known titan Huawei managed to score more than eighty percent of all 5G-related contracts in China. The other twenty or so percent were shared between smaller players such as Datang Mobile and Ericsson.

Another thing worth mentioning is that all analyses show ZTE made a heroic move of going “all-in” into 5G, and now their “bet” has paid off greatly. Did you know that China is responsible for slightly more than forty percent of all telecom global telecom equipment on the markets? Huawei sits on the first place with about thirty percent and ZTE with more than eleven percent. China is definitely outpacing the market in this field.

Perks of 5G technology and why China “thinks one step ahead”

At this point it’s pretty clear that China is winning the race when it comes to 5G. The world-famous companies such as Huawei and ZTE are dominating the field and putting out huge numbers. A lot of people believe that China winning this race will be a good thing for the entire world. Is this really true? Let’s see.

Other countries at the moment are facing a lot of delays and obstacles for 5G infrastructure installation. The global covid-19 pandemic made it a lot more difficult as well. But, China seems to be heavily invested in this idea. Why?

According to experts, China pushed this program with huge force for a reason. Despite the backlash from the community, 5G is going to be one of the most useful and widely used tools in the next couple of years. The connection with vehicles and all the other opportunities 5G allows for are priceless.

As far as history shows, China has always been a country that was able to view the bigger picture. China’s decisions are here for the long-term. They are here to stay. And, all this is backed up by the fact that China currently has the most 5G users compared to any other country. Once again, despite the backlash, other countries will soon follow this track, but it doesn’t matter as China is very close to winning this race for good. For example, Beijing has already full 5G coverage, and that’s their second city to achieve this.

Huawei continues to spread around the world

When you take a look at the numbers shown above in this article, China (with the help of ZTE and Huawei) is still the main global supplier in this field.

Winning this race is significant for China as it will spark even more will in innovators to become better and follow the lead. China has been developing quickly, it’s not a secret, and they can soon become the number one country in the technology field if such successes keep adding up one after another.

Some experts think of this as a global success. A success for the entire race. If China inspires innovators, it means we’re all moving forward.

5G Adaptation and further usage

A lot of governments across the world are considering 5G. Some are slower in their decisions, and some have already been one step ahead this entire time, China being on the first spot. But, now we see a huge surge of interest despite some of the negative news we hear. Tech experts suggest 5G implementation will boost power of AI’s in factories, massively increasing production and development in certain fields.

Adapting before the others do is a crucial thing to do in today’s fast-paced digital world. In 2020, somewhere around October, China had almost 700.000 5G base stations. This was also the period when some countries weren’t even considering installing 5G.


5G technology will boost our race’s successes by a lot. However, implementation and adoption weren’t going as smoothly as we would like. The covid-19 pandemic managed to cause a lot of interruptions, but even then, China’s program has been on the rise. ZTE and Huawei landed more than eighty percent of all contracts regarding the 5G program, with ZTE’s stock rising more than eight percent last Monday. Learn all about it in the article above. Thank you for reading.

Where can I Fly my Drone?

Drones have gradually become an extremely useful tool in modern life. As technology progresses, the need to use drones for entertainment, for work, and for many other purposes has grown rapidly and people have always had a desire to own a drone for themselves. has all types of drones to suit all your needs. Try to visit and find out.

But one thing anyone should consider before buying: where can I fly my drone?

What is a drone?

You can simply understand, a drone is an unmanned aircraft. Or the more professional people will have other explanations for drones such as unmanned aerial vehicles, or unmanned aircraft systems.

Structurally, a drone is a flying robot. The user will control this robot remotely, even it can fly automatically without the control.

What you need to do is install the flight plans in the drone’s embedded system software. Your drone will then fly using a combination of the flight plan, sensors, and GPS.

Where can I fly my drone?

Depending on different countries and different continents that they have different laws for where to fly drones and how to fly drones legally.

In the USA

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows the flight of drones to be legal in the US. However, you need to be familiar with some of the rules below to know which areas of US airspace you are allowed to fly drones.

  1. In case of using drones for hobbies or recreation purposes (not doing side work, not material transportation):
  • Drones are only allowed to fly in visual line of sight
  • Drones are allowed to fly only in Class G airspace. You will need permission to fly in other Class B, C, D, or E airspace.
  • Drones are not allowed to fly close to other aircraft nor close to emergency response efforts.
  1. Where to use drones for commercial – Fly for work
  • Drones are only allowed to fly in visual line of sight
  • Drones are allowed to fly only in Class G airspace at or below 400 feet.
  • Drones cannot be flown from a moving vehicle if you are not in a highly-populated area.
  • In the event that you wish to remove the Class G airspace requirement with your drones, you will need to obtain a license to use drones on special airspace from the FAA.

In Europe

The European Union is a great place to use drones. However, because it is made up of many different countries, the area where drones are allowed will vary from country to country. Where can I fly my drone in the EU?

  1. There are countries that drones are allowed if they comply with applicable regulations (including countries: Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine)
  2. There are some other countries that drones are accepted but need to do some paperwork/registration or apply for a license. It includes countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

Other than these countries, drones are not welcome elsewhere. But remember, each of the aforementioned countries has its own rules for flying drones and this is just a list divided for flying drones for recreational purposes.

In Asia

Similar to Europe, in Asia, there are also 2 groups of countries where you are allowed to fly drones there.

Country Group 1 are Asian countries that will allow you to fly drones if you stick to the rules. This group includes Cambodia, Georgia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, East Timor, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Besides, if you want to drive drones in the following countries, you must register and apply for a license to use: Afghanistan, Armenia, Bangladesh, China (Mainland), India (residents only), Laos, Maldives, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam.

Of course, each country has its own set of flight altitude limits as well as the weight of drones. And each country has its own no-fly zone. Look for information about the country you want to fly drones there for specific information.

In Australia

Australia is a pretty free place where you can drive your drones in any area of ​​the open-air without notifying anyone. As long as you make sure you comply with the rules set out by CASA.

In Australia, there are the following notes about where can I fly my drone when you are flying for recreational purposes:

  • Drones must fly in visual line of sight
  • Drones are allowed to fly up to 120 meters and must fly at least 30 meters from people.
  • Drones are allowed to be operated anywhere, except for an area 5.5 km away from the airport (this is an area of ​​controlled airspace), privately owned areas, active event venues, prisons, government housing, national parks, and marine parks.
  • Please notify local councils if you wish to fly in a crowded, public area such as a park to ensure compliance with the law and not cause any disturbances.

In Africa

The Civil Aviation Authority of South Africa (SACAA) allows the flying of drones anywhere in South Africa. Even though this flight is legal, it does come with specific rules about where you can fly your drones. Here are some of the most important rules to remember:

  • Drones may not fly within 50 meters of a person or private property unless authorized by the property owner.
  • Drones cannot fly within 10km of an airport without special approval from SACAA.
  • The use of drones or similar devices in national parks is strictly forbidden, as SANPark writes on their website.


Flying drones is a fairly complicated issue in every region as it relates to community safety, privacy as well as other sensitive issues. That is why it is very important to carefully consider the regulations of your residence on where you can fly your drone. You can avoid a lot of legal trouble doing this. Hope you find the article useful !

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