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5 Creative Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Even we are living in the digital era, we can see that there are a lot of people who consider themselves nature lovers. Just take a look around you and you will see just how many people are interested in it. Of course, we would like to say that nature is the most beautiful thing in the world, and there’s nothing that can replace it. No matter what’s technology we have, it cannot become an alternative to it. There are countless stores all over the US where you can obtain some equipment that can be used for hiking, skiing, and all other activities.

Of course, holidays are a perfect time for you to give some of these items to your friend who is actually interested in spending a lot of time in nature. Since there are a plethora of them to choose from, you may have to spend quite some time before you are able to find the perfect one. In case you are on a tight budget, be sure to take a look at Therefore, we would like to provide you with some really good, creative ideas for a gift for your friend who has these preferences. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Quality Nature-Inspired Book

When looking for a perfect gift for a nature lover friend, many people tend to look for all sorts of equipment and features crucial for these activities. However, we would like to say that maybe you should look beyond that. For example, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying a quality nature-inspired book. Of course, that would mean that your friend is also a bookworm.

Thankfully, we can see that there are a lot of books you can choose from. One of the most popular is “Dersu Uzala”, a book about a Siberian hunter, written by Russian explorer, Vladimir Arsenyev. It is quite interesting and you will be able to learn a lot of things about Siberia, an area which is still not affected by human presence. We are not talking about a large book. It can be finished in one afternoon.

2. Beautiful, Self-serving Blanket

It doesn’t matter if your friend is the type who likes to sleep under the stars or in a tent, the crucial thing to have is a blanket. Sure, it needs to be warm and cozy. That way, they will be able to be protected from every element out there, like weather conditions. Nobody likes to feel cold while staying outdoors, right? Of course, it can be said that you can use whatever blanket you have near you.

However, it needs to be said that using a specialized one will surely provide you with a chance of a better experience. There are a lot of companies that sell comfortable e-blankets. Believe us, some of them are good. Sadly, that cannot be said for all of them. But you will be able to conduct research online that will provide you with the best possible results. Or you can just ask your friend, right?

3. Warm Socks

Now that we’ve talked about blankets, every outdoor enthusiast needs to have a pair of quality, warm socks that will help to preserve the heat. It doesn’t matter what’s the temperature out there, these will be able to keep your feet dry and warm. Of course, the most popular type of these warm socks is those made from Merino wool. Some are coming to them with a magic answer.

You cannot have a great experience when your feet are cold, right? When talking about socks, it needs to be said that you will be able countless great solutions. We are not exaggerating, pretty much every pair you come across can serve you with pretty much the same results. However, we can see that some materials are better than others. We’ve mentioned Merino wool. Be sure to check it out.

4. Survival Kit

Now, we would like to talk about a gift that can potentially save a person’s life. We are talking about an emergency survival kit. Of course, the swiss knife is the most popular tool for outdoors enthusiasts, but sometimes it simply isn’t enough. Therefore, it can be said that an emergency survival kit can provide you with a higher chance of surviving a particular situation. Remember, sometimes life is in danger.

What does a quality survival kit need to have? It needs to have a fire starter, blanket, swiss card multitool, compass, scraper, lamp, multifunctional bracelet, etc. Surely, it can be pretty hard to come across a kit where you can find all of these elements. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Thankfully, there are a lot of different companies who are specialized in creating these kits. Be sure to look for them online.

5. Waterproof Binoculars

In case your friend is interested in visiting locations where there’s a lot of water around, for example, Louisiana, you will need to bring some waterproof equipment. One of the most interesting we’ve been able to come across during our research was waterproof binoculars. With them, you will be able to have a better look at different kinds of wildlife. It comes in handy when you’re looking for a trip to this kind of area.

When talking about the companies you should look at, the most popular one is certainly Leica. Their products are really good, and the company has a long tradition of manufacturing these. In case you are interested in taking a look at more options, you can just insert a question in Google and take a look at the results. Furthermore, you should visit some forums when you can see users’ opinions about each of these.

In Conclusion

In this article of ours, we’ve mentioned that looking beyond usual equipment may be the way to go. Here, we’ve provided you with some of the creative ideas for a gift for your friends who consider themselves nature lovers. Sure, you will be able to find something that can serve as a pretty good idea. We are sure your friend would love it.

This Hottest Nail Fashions of 2021

Nail art has never been bigger or more popular than now – from the catwalk to the high street, and with even the UK’s young royals getting in on the polish action, maybe we all need to up our nail game.

There’s something about the impending arrival of a new fashion season that just feels energizing. It’s a great reason, if we need one, to look ahead, update our look and get out there to show it off! The most popular manicures vary from state to state and city to city, but nail art enthusiasts across the country can all agree on one thing – bold and bolder are the new pastels.

Runway glamor is about more than hair and makeup — it’s a trifecta that includes nails.

Exaggerated eyeliner, the shadow in neon flashes and floral headpieces may have attempted to grab our attention during the S/S 2019 shows, but much of the drama was happening below the neck. So many gorgeous nail creations pulling our attention away from the new look fabrics and clothing designs, these shows in New York, London, Paris, and Milan were all about the nails. This is where most inspiration stems from, and thanks, too, to Instagram – we have no shortage of ideas.

Bringing these ideas onto the high street, there are two main trends that appear to be polar opposites – uber-minimalist designs, usually applied over a bare nail, and extreme appliqués and embellishments that stand out even from a distance. However, both trends stem from the same root – boldness. The boldness to go bare, and the boldness to go … well, bold!

Img source:

Coffin Nails

A square nail is usually a more serious one, but once it obtains length it actually becomes one of the most dramatic shapes, especially when flat ended and embellished with appliqué. Mimicking a coffin, or ballerina shoes, this shape is great if your stiletto nail breaks, or you just want a slightly less fragile yet still extreme nail shape. On the runways, we saw a lot of long press-on nails finished with a coffin mani.

Eye-catching and classy in the extreme, long coffin nails look awesomely dramatic, but whether you have short ones, or just don’t want long fake ones, they still look great worn in a shorter style if you need an on-trend, but understated, look. With a larger space to create your art, you can really go to town if you wish. French tip ombre styles look amazing, matte black coupled with a delicate 3D accent embellishment are increasingly popular, and the catwalk favorite – holographic and polished chrome, look supremely stylish.

Img source:

Lee Nails

Advertised as the nail accessory in the 80’s by We Heart Nails, Lee press-on nails are making a massive comeback in 2019. Mimicking the look of real nails, with today’s improved durability and adhesives, they can generally be kept on for up to three weeks, and are massively versatile in terms of style and length.

As we saw on the catwalks, the trend is to wear press-on nails ultra-long and in their raw form without applying color. This follows the path of clear PVC trends – from the inoffensive transparent handbag to the less inoffensive equally transparent clothing ranges that, thankfully, haven’t filtered down to the high street – yet!

The always unique Vivienne Westwood used super long press-on nails, keeping the tips clear, and applying a metallic shine to the nail beds, whereas Fashion East’s show had painted talons in opaque and matte shades.

Img source:

Ombre Nails

Now, this is a style that we can really get behind. Gradient color schemes are trending right now in a big way, and there are infinite variations on the theme.

You can get creative with the number of colors and the directionality of your gradient – lighter at the cuticle with a darker shade towards the tip, or vice versa. The fun part is adding your secondary, or even tertiary, shade.  

While you’re still perfecting the art, choose colors that are similar to each other as these can disguise any mistakes, for example, light blue to teal, or light grey to a darker shade.

How do you achieve the ombre look?

  • Cut a makeup sponge into strips
  • Apply your base coat
  • Apply a thin coat of the lightest chosen color
  • Paint on horizontal stripes of colors onto the surface of the sponge
  • Tap or roll the sponge onto your nail – this takes some practice and blur where the colors meet. You’ll need to add more polish to the sponge after a couple of nails
  • Repeat this until you’ve achieved the desired effect
  • Add several top coats and cure

You can, for a different effect, use brushes rather than the sponge, and this gives a better finish for gel polishes.

Img source:

Diamond Nails

Whilst having the real thing on our nails might be affordable for celebs, most of us have to plump for faux diamonds – they are much more practical after all!

Big and bold are the watchwords for 2021’s diamond nails, and although the idea of nail design with diamonds may seem complicated or expensive, it really isn’t.

Diamond nails have been increasing rapidly in popularity due to the classy shine and sparkle that they add to basic designs.

You can opt to go all out and coat entire nails in diamonds or go for a simpler accent look – customization options are endless. Don’t feel limited to a single color, shape or size of diamond either because variety can contribute create different looks. Area’s show, for example, embellished the tips of a long-nailed French manicure with immaculately straight rows of tiny diamonds – stunning!

Even the most complicated design can be done by yourself, at home, and here’s how:

  • Apply several coats of gel polish in your chosen color, and dry them under a curing lamp as normal.
  • Apply a top coat, and before curing, gently add the gems using tweezers or a specialist applicator.
  • Cure
  • Using a thin brush apply another layer of the top coat between the rhinestones, without covering them completely, but pushing up to their edges.
  • Remove any residue over the gems before curing.
Img source:

SNS Nails

SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems and it’s a powder based effect. It really is awesome – take it from us, and the millions of fans who’ve fallen for this ultra-long lasting, supremely glossy finish. Seriously, the stuff doesn’t chip off – ever, and only needs removing when the regrowth becomes too obvious.

After a clear base coat is applied, dip your nails into the fine powder pigment, which will stick to the still-wet base. The process is repeated to build thickness and color intensity. Finish it off with a gentle buff, then apply a top coat – and that’s it! No lamps, no curing, no overpowering polish aroma. Your nails can even be decorated, or embellished with gems – exactly the same as you would with regular polish.

SNS Nails are rapidly changing the face of the manicure and is hailed as a healthy manicure. The powder formula contains calcium, magnesium and other nail nourishing minerals, so can actually help your nails to remain strong and in great condition.

Statement Galore! 5 New Jewelry Trends For 2021

Jewelry adds instant pizzazz to any outfit. The right piece can turn a basic little black dress into a show-stopping ensemble, and even add flair to a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans; especially with the pieces that were spotted on this year’s fashion runways.

If you like being bold, then you’re going to love the jewelry trends of 2019! If you want to be en vogue, then you are definitely going to want to ditch the subtle studs and simple necklaces, because this year, jewelry is all about glitz and glam! Here’s a look at some of the hottest pieces for 2021.

Statements Galore!

This year, everything is a statement piece in jewelry. Forget about wearing just a standout necklace or earrings and accenting it with more understated pieces. The year 2021, is all about getting noticed with several big, bold, and beautiful statement pieces. In fact, the bigger, the better! You will feel as if you were walking down the runway. People will certainly notice as you slowly can become the new fashionista between your group of friends and family.

Rock a pair of oversized hoop earrings embellished with gemstones with a chunky chain-link necklace and matching bracelet. Flank a cushion diamond ring with that elegant cut. Diamonds are in style and both women and men are turning to them, to make them not only look radiant but to make sure they make a statement. There are so many ways that big beautiful Diamonds can be someone’s best friend and making it your favorite piece in 2021 will certainly have heads turning. The more big and bold jewelry you wear, the more fashion-forward you will be.

Natural Elements


There were a lot of nature-inspired pieces spotted on the spring, 2021 runways. Feathers, seashells, leaves, and flowers; the top designers were definitely giving a nod to Mother Nature. It’s great to get close to nature and let it adorn your outfits. If you love boho-inspired fashion, then you are going to simply adore this 2021 jewelry trend.

The Choker is Back in a Big Way

Yes, these beloved fashion accessories from the 1990s are back, and they’re better than ever!

This year, chokers are all the rage, and in keeping with the whole “everything is a statement” theme, the bigger and bolder your chokers are, the more stylish you will be. Rock an oversized diamond and pearl choker to a black tie event, or sport a thick seed bead necklace with vibrant colors and intricate patterns to dress up your casual attire. Whatever your taste may be, chokers are a must this year.

Coins and Medallions are Hot


Jewelry that features coins and medallions has been in style for a while now, but this year, they have really taken center stage. Big gold, silver, bronze, brass (or all four) medallions and coins affixed to oversized chain-link necklaces and bracelets are all the rage. Again, in 2021, it’s all about going big, and pieces that feature large metal coins and medallions will certainly stand out and get you noticed.

Dress Up those Feet

Don’t just concentrate on the upper part of your body, because in 2019, dressing up the lower extremities is hot, hot, hot! Toe rings and ankle bracelets are back in a huge way this year! Choose pieces that feature natural elements, large open chains, or bold colors because – you guessed it – the more boisterous these accessories are, the more stylish you will be.

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, 2021 is definitely all about showing off and making a huge statement when it comes to jewelry. Wear any of these trends and you can be sure that you’ll be stepping out with your best fashion foot forward.

What You Should Know About Buying Gold Jewelry

Gold is a metal that is very durable and precious. Its value increases through the years. Many people choose gold items when they invest in jewelry since gold resists tarnishing, so you can keep the jewelry for a long time and bring back its luster quickly.

If you are thinking of investments, you will be making a wise decision if you invest in gold jewelry. Gold is luxurious and classy, and a symbol of financial stability. The precious metal translates into money. Gold backs a country’s national economy, so you can understand why gold continues to enjoy very high demand.

So, if you want to invest in gold jewelry you should understand as much as you can about gold.

Essential things you should know about gold jewelry

It is easier to buy gold jewelry today since you can find many jewelers online. But you have to make sure that you are buying real gold jewelry, which means you should only purchase from reputable jewelers, such as Here are some of the things you should know and keep in mind.

Learn the gold’s purity levels

The purest, unadulterated gold is 24 karats. A karat is a unit of gold. One gold karat is equivalent to 1/24 part (4.1667%). Thus, if you are buying gold jewelry, understand that karat means the amount of gold used in the creation of a piece of jewelry. But while 24k means that you will have 100% gold, understand that 24-karat gold is very soft, making it susceptible to damage. The durability and strength of the gold jewelry depend on the other metals added to pure gold.

To easily understand the purity levels:

  • 24 karat gold = 100% gold
  • 22 karat gold = 92% gold and 8% alloyed metals
  • 18 karat gold = 75% gold and 25% alloyed metals
  • 14 karat gold = 58% gold and 42% alloyed metals

If you are interested in gold jewelry that you plan to use daily, go for items that have lower karats, such as jewelry pieces in 10k, 12k, and 14k. They are stronger and more durable and can resist wear and tear from daily activities. They are also more affordable. If you want to buy bracelets and rings that are frequently exposed to friction against hard surfaces, choose those that are in 10k or 12k. Earrings and necklaces for everyday wear can be in 14k or 18k gold since they are safer from bumps and knocks.

Gold jewelry in 18k to 24k is suitable for special events, parties, and occasions.

Another thing to consider is the other metal mixed with the gold. The most common is nickel but some people are allergic to it. If you have an allergy to nickel, buy gold jewelry items that are mixed with other metals or those that have a higher percentage of gold.

Assess the quality of the gold

Choose the jewelry pieces with the right gold percentage. A reputable jeweler can provide you with exquisite gold jewelry pieces in 24-karat solid gold. However, you can find other items that are gold-plated or gold-filled.

A gold-filled jewelry piece means that the item is made of gold and other metals, to make them tougher. Gold-filled jewelry pieces are valuable like jewelry items in pure gold. They do not tarnish, change color, chip, or fade over time. They may require occasional cleaning and in some countries, gold-filled jewelry pieces are covered by trading regulations.

On the other hand, gold-plated jewelry items are made of base metals other than gold. The pieces are dipped later into molten gold to coat the metal surface, making the pieces budget-friendly. However, you have to understand that the gold plating is usually quite thin and can easily wear off. The sale of gold-plated jewelry is not regulated, so you can easily find them on the market.

If you are allergic to nickel, buy vermeil, which is a gold plating technique for a jewelry piece that uses sterling silver as its base metal.

Learn the colors and alloys

The colors of the gold jewelry pieces can indicate the pureness of the gold used to make the items. Pure gold or 24-karat gold is yellow.

As mentioned earlier, gold is mixed with different metals to create stronger alloys, reducing the softness of the gold, and making the jewelry pieces more affordable. The metals used to create the different alloys give the gold different colors.

  • Yellow gold. You already know that pure gold is yellow, which is the metal’s natural color. You’ll find that gold-filled jewelry and gold-plated jewelry also appear yellow, even If the intensity of the color is slightly reduced.
  • White gold. White gold jewelry pieces look more like bright silver. The alloy is made of gold and white metals, such as manganese, nickel, or palladium. These metals are stronger than yellow gold.
  • Rose gold. Many people are enamored with the gold alloy’s pinkish color. Rose gold, which shows a dainty pink blush, is a combination of 14k gold and copper. If you found a rose gold jewelry item labeled Crown Gold, this means that the alloy is made with 25% copper and 75% gold. With its wonderful hue, rose gold became an in-demand gold alloy for engagement rings.
  • Green gold. Consider yourself lucky if you can buy jewelry items in green gold, which is quite rare. Green gold is achieved when silver is mixed with 14k or 18k gold. In some instances, the gold is mixed with zinc or cadmium plus silver. The appearance is bright greenish-yellow and is very complimentary for green stones such as peridot and emerald. Green gold is quite expensive. It is made in laboratories, which makes it quite rare.

You now know the different colors of gold. Make sure that you buy only from a reputable vendor, whether you are purchasing from an onsite store or an online shop. Doing so will ensure that you are buying high-caliber jewelry pieces that are made from superior quality metals and other materials. One thing you should do is to compare prices before making the final decision. Likewise, it would be beneficial to know which color of gold will complement your skin tone and even your hair color.

Coolest Goatee Styles For Men


We would be flawing if we say beard is just facial hair. Beards are a feeling, an emotion, a sense of manhood. Men love beards and women love men with beard, so it is a win win situation. So, this article is to talk about the trendiest beard style, Greatest of All Times- the Goatee. You see what I did there right?
Have you always admired goatee styles but feel skeptical about wearing one? Well, things are changing slowly, with most people coming up or enhancing some styles to make them look outstanding. Today, you look sexy with something unique and not done by everyone else.

Don’t be bothered by the shape of your face, as there are countless options of goatee styles you can consider. Here are common ones. Take a look.

1. Van Dyke style

The style is named after Anthony Van Dyck, a 17th-century artist. It includes having clean-shaven cheeks, a French mustache, and a small goatee connected with a soul patch. If you are a fan of vintage aesthetic art, and want your personality to give similar vibe, this style of beard is just perfect for you.

2. Goatee Beard

The beard is kept longer around the chin. Then, on the other parts of the jaw, the hair is kept short by trimming. If you have a droolworthy jawline, this beard style might add some dazzling effects to your appearance. The style is often embraced by sportsmen and men in music industry.

3. Full Goatee

As the name suggests, a full goatee surrounds the mouth. The soul patch, mustache, and the goatee connect to become one.

4. The Anchor

The sassy style includes having hair in the form of a strip running from the lower lip to the chin. It then connects with that on the jawline.

5. Chin Goatee

It is styled around the chin only. A tuff of hair is allowed to grow around the point of your chin, but not in large quantities.

6. Landing Strip

In this style, a thin line of hair is kept, extending from the lip to the chin. This is definitely a great style for a minimalist. It will give you a simple look while still emphasizing on style.

7. Untrimmed Goatee

Want to look more relaxed and feel more comfortable? Rock with this style if you have long sideburns and a mustache. The goatee is kept untrimmed to create the vibe. Say yes to the rustic touch it gives you to the personality.

8. Stubble style

Suitable for guys who love looking stubble rather than keeping a beard. However, the style is not conspicuous, and you might need to look closely to notice it.

9. Understated Goatee with Soul Patch

It is a perfect style for modern men and can rock with any outfit you prefer. It is also presentable on various occasions. Such beard styles make you look like ready for everything and anything.

10. Straight Edge style

It includes giving the beard sharp edges to make your style look more defined and unique. It may require more care than the regular styles, but it will also, make you stand out from others, without a doubt. Whether you are at a corporate event, or at a mini casual get together, this style is multi-purpose.

11. Short Anchor

Symmetry is vital when creating this goatee. Both sides of your goatee should be trimmed evenly to bring out the style as it should. A short anchor is designed.

12. Rounded Goatee

The edges of your goatee are rounded to achieve a soft and subdued look.

13. Natural Goatee

Like the name of the style, the natural goatee is left looking natural with no sharp edges created around. However, it is kept short and gives you a modern and classy look.

14. Low Chin style

The goatee is kept small and low on the chin.

15. Grey Goatee

Because goatee has no age limit, grey style looks awesome on men with grey hair.

16. Goatee with Moustache and Soul Patch

Ideal if you like keeping your facial hair subtle. The goatee is kept small with a soul patch and mustache for a chic look. It has been a favourite look for men since ages now.

17. Goatee with Beard Subtle

If you want to rock a unique and stylish look regardless of your age, this style will never disappoint you.


18. Extended style

This goatee is not like regular traditional styles. Instead of focusing on your chin area, the goatee extends to the parts of your jawline.

19. Curly Goatee

It is also called hipster goatee. It is suitable for men with curly hair. According to MensHaircuts,  rock in this style if your hair is curled and you have never tried wearing it before for fear of the nature of your hair.

20. Connected Goatee

The sexy goatee has the mustache connecting to the sides of the beard in a connecting and continuous style. The look complements a professional demeanor.

21. Connected Goatee with Soul Patch

Perfect with men with broad chins or wide mouths. The soul patch makes the goatee look excellent on your face in an attractive way.

22. Chinstrap Goatee

Not a fan of hair on your face? Well, there are more people like you as well. For all such men. try this style that makes you feel like you have the perfect amount of hair on your face stylishly.


We hope that after going through this article, you must have definitely looked for your personal favourite style.  Apart from regular grooming, you must also invest some time in caring for your beards. Apply oils and cream which are good for you, use products that help you keep the beard hair shinning and healed. Once you invest your time in that, you understand the needs better. So, get set beard!

Fashion Trends That Will be BIG in 2021

The 2021 Spring/Summer shows will be marked by one thing – women empowerment. It would seem that fashion designers have ditched the old “you do you” meme instead for something that will unite the entire industry and that is the search for female expression.


It would seem that the most famous fashion designers will focus on creating collections that will “empower women” and while some disagree that the main focus should be placed on one gender, many will stick to the original idea.

So what fashion trends will be BIG in 2021?


1.Hippy Modernism

The look for 2021 will be one that revolves around long, languid, and sensual, clothing pieces. It would seem that designers will be focusing on warm desert and sunset pieces that will give our summer vibes. Beach walks with friends will be the focal point of this summer and clothing pieces that complement the sandy beaches will be hot for this year.

2.Marigold Yellow

Last year’s September Fashion Week in New York showed us that a lot of designers forecast marigold yellow pieces for 2019. It would seem that marigold yellow has been on the minds of designers at the New York Fashion Week for quite some time now and the new color, described as Gen-Z yellow, will take center stage for 2021. This color will brighten your wardrobe as well as empower you as soon as the sun comes out of hiding. IFCHIC has some of the best summer marigold yellow pieces on display for you to buy and prepare in a few months time.



Animal prints have always been IN, all throughout history. We were a bit surprised as last year’s leopard prints and zebra skins were replaced by a new contender – snakeskin. Snakeskin, like its sister Alligator skin, has gained steam over these past few months. Slowly but surely, snakeskin will become a much-followed trend for 2021. And while we do understand your concern for the treatment of animals in making animal prints, you can always buy faux snakeskin and other animal-like print options and still rock the trends. With jackets, boots, designer bags, miniskirts, and other clothing pieces, snakeskin will be a trend all throughout 2021.

4.Tie – Dye


Another trend that showed its face at the New York Fashion Week was tie-dye.  The retro classic print was given a breath of fresh air after a few designers decided to bring it back from the dead. And as we all know, everything can come back into fashion. The undeniably and edgy tie-dye is predicted to be HUGE for 2021, with pictures and forecasts being plastered across every fashion website. What’s so great about tie–dye is that it can be used for your spring, summer, autumn, and winter wardrobe collection. With some stunning sweaters on display at the New York Fashion Week in September last year, tie-dye will be used by every fashion designer in their collections for 2021.

5. Statement Sleeves


Popular since early 2018, statement sleeves are predicted to last long after 2021.  With bigger and bolder predictions for 2021, statement sleeves will be the cocktail party go-to dress. And as seen at the New York Fashion Week, statement sleeves are here to make a big statement!

Top 4 Most Popular Sneakers in 2021

The beauty of sneakers is that everyone has them. Each closet holds a special spot for sneakers. You can, not only count on them being comfortable but also fashionable. Sneakers in gyms, sneakers on parties, sneakers on runways, sneakers in restaurants. There are no more rules at this point. They have become the most diverse type of footwear, and it’s getting challenging to keep up with all of the trends. Here are some of the main trends that are getting thousands of followers around the world.


These will probably always be in. Vans, Adidas, Nike, it’s all there. Many influencers, bloggers, celebrities are loving this trend. And why wouldn’t they? It takes you a couple of seconds to put them on, they are simple and can look amazing with both jeans and skirts. They are also very versatile, and it doesn’t matter who you are and how old you are- you can always wear slip-on sneakers. If you wish to take a look at what kinds of slip-on are looking good and popular this year, check out sneakers by Ky. Many kinds of sneakers are on there, and they’re looking good.

Chunky soles

Sneakers with big soles of all shapes have been really popular during 2018. It seems the trend has continued into 2019 bringing us new models from different brands. It looks like no one can resist the 90’s vibes. Big names have jumped on the bandwagon too. Gucci with their Flashtrek sneaker, Calvin Klein with their Multi Marvin, and Balenciaga with the Triple S trainers prove that the chunky sole trend is making rounds this year. Fila kind of won the race with its Disruptor 2 sneaker. A big, trendy sneaker is taking us back a couple of decades. Check out these Gucci sneakers at

White is great again

White is everywhere again. From Louis Vuitton to Adidas, white is taking over the sneaker world. Since the world of sneakers is often a crazy and colorful one, it seems that white and cream are now a good escape from all the madness. Kendall Jenner, Jessica Alba, and Gigi Hadid have all been walking their cute, white sneakers around the town. The simple design of the Adidas Stan Smiths has become super popular again. Also, we can’t mention white Adidas Superstar sneakers that are never going out of trend. These will simply always be iconic. If there are two things you can always count on is that the sun will rise in the morning and that you’ll look good in these sneakers.

But so is color and texture

Color is everywhere and it’s not only for the bold anymore. They are in and it looks like they’re not going anywhere. Adidas 70s shoes, just look at them. Numerous different textures, color variations, and it all looks good and coordinated. The same goes for Ultraboost sneakers. Many collaborations and limited editions are following this trend. Just take a look at the Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Trail.

Which Men’s Watches To Buy On Summer Sale

The best men’s watches on sale right now at Filippo Loreti

Filippo Loretti has become synonymous with affordable luxury within the watch industry, producing made-to-order pieces of astonishingly high quality and selling them directly to the consumer.

This is great news for shoppers who have become increasingly disillusioned with uber-expensive ‘status’ watches, but still want top-range style and intricate craftsmanship. And let’s face it, after the year we’ve all had, a little luxury would go a long way this holiday season!

With their summer sale already in full swing, you’ll find an array of different models, styles, colors, and straps to choose from. Filippo Loretti is far from your stuffy, more ‘traditional’ watch brand in this respect – they come up with new and interesting releases on an almost monthly basis, collaborating with fans and collectors to produce fresh, on-trend designs on the regular.

So, you’re sure to find something you like in Filippo Loreti’s collections. If anything, there’s too much choice. Luckily, their business model of cutting out the ‘middleman’ – dealers and high-end shops that charge a ridiculous premium – means that you might even be able to splash out on multiple styles to suit any occasion or outfit!

In this article, we’ll try to make your choice easier by highlighting the best deals going, so you can make the most of these luxury men’s watches on sale to score yourself a real bargain and a great investment!

Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link 2020 Edition Men’s Watch

The Okeanos is one of Filippo Loreti’s best sellers watches and for good reason – it is a premium timepiece for all occasions. From the ocean to the office, Okeanos is designed for the active man who is not willing to sacrifice style. Featuring a rugged 316L stainless steel case, luminous watch hands & hour marks, and a case back adorned with an engraved artwork of the Roman God Oceanus, this tough yet elegant piece looks great anywhere you go.

While the Okeanos is available in a range of different colors and strap styles, we love the Rose Gold Green Link for its classy contrast of colors, and the price is right too – reduced from €374 to just €197.

Venice Automatic Aero Steel Mesh Men’s Watch

The Venice Automatic is Filippo Loreti’s original masterpiece and was the watch that really made them a serious player in the industry. It is often compared to pieces in the price range of €1000 and above, boasting a build quality of an incredibly high caliber. This award-winning watch has a distinctly masculine feel, with subtle details like a day-and-night indicator and alpha-shaped hands, suggesting a cultured, elegant man who is confident but doesn’t need to show off about it. Venice has become well-known among collectors and will make a great investment for decades to come.

We like the Aero Steel Mesh for its timeless steel and ice blue color scheme. Priced at €499 reduced from €655, you’ve got a top-quality timepiece considered equal to those in the €1000+ range, at less than half the price.

Ascari Grand Prix GP 1952 Men’s Watch

The Ascari is inspired by a bygone era of motorsport – the days when fearless and charismatic drivers threw themselves around the circuit with scant regard to their personal safety. This sporty and stylish watch is named after the legendary Italian Driver Alberto Ascari, Ferrari’s Italian champion at the GP World Championship in 1952. Featuring a precise quartz movement befitting of a champion racer, the Ascari has the look and details of a mechanical chronograph, with a tachymeter scale inscribed around its rim. The GP features a rubber strap for an even sportier feel and has Alberto Ascari’s legendary Ferrari engraved on the case back.

We chose the Grand Prix GP 1952 for its sporty and retro feel, with the black and gold color scheme adding an air of sophistication to a dynamic piece. With an original price of €374 EUR, the Ascari Grand Prix GP 1952 is an absolute steal at just €197.

Odyssey Steel Link 2020 Edition Men’s Watch

The Odyssey is really a classic dress watch for guys who are looking for a timeless, vintage style. Like all of Filippo Loreti’s watches, the Italian inspiration shines through, with an elegant, minimalist aesthetic offering cool sophistication without the ‘look at me’ character of many dress watches. The case back features an engraving of two regal seahorses, while its luminous hands and markings and precise chronograph functionality hint at a sportier, more active practicality as well.

We love the silver styling of the Steel Link 2020 Edition, it takes a vintage classic and adds yet another layer of elegance to a beautiful dress watch. With prices slashed from €374 to just €187, you won’t get a better deal on such a high-quality piece anywhere, and with only 800 left in stock, you’d better get in quickly with this one!

Rome Silver Automatic Men’s Watch

We finish with a discreet, yet tasteful piece, the Rome Automatic. Inspired by the Piazza del Campidoglio in the Eternal City, the dial features Roman Numerals and a single date of the month detail. Don’t be fooled by the minimalist appearance, however, this watch boasts a state-of-the-art automatic movement, with the Miyota 8215 among the very best in the industry.

Rome is truly a piece for every situation and suits a cultured man with simple and elegant tastes –  a man who knows his history.

We chose the Silver Automatic because of its high-quality build and design, which is currently available for just €270, reduced from €582. A bargain in the truest sense of the word – you’ll never find a quality watch like this at a lower price.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, these are just a few of the truly mind-blowing deals that are available right now. And this small list doesn’t even scratch the surface – there are many more models, styles, and colors to choose from, and many more bargains to be had!

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