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The Top 5 Bathroom Design Ideas for 2020

2020 is the year of modern bathroom features, with plenty of new designs available for a warm, inviting, functional space. No matter what your style or budget, there are some design ideas that you need to know about. Here are five trends that are hot this year in bathroom design provided by

Floating Everything

Floating vanities and toilets are on-trend for 2020, with tons of styles and designs available. Removing these fixtures from the floor can create the illusion of higher ceilings and a bigger space. There are plenty of cabinets, sinks, and toilets that can be mounted on the wall to make room for space below, or simply to make a statement. You could learn more about them on a site like this.

Smart Showers

Smart technology is coming to the bathroom, and people love it for the shower. They can remotely control water temperature and other settings and even set the shower for the perfect temperature before they even get to the bathroom. Select devices include voice recognition and other features. 

Open-Concept Showers

In addition to technology, people are also adding space to their showers. Where a simple single-person shower stall used to do the trick, people are now tiling in spaces big enough for a small group. Some designs use half-walls or glass block to create the illusion of a more open space. Glass enclosures are also popular. 

Discreet Toilets

The toilet is one of the primary fixtures in a bathroom, but it’s not one that everyone needs to be reminded of. Modern bathroom designs focus on hiding the toilet or finding a way to tuck it away so that the rest of the room can be the star. 

Heated Floors

For 2020, it’s all about creature comforts. Radiant heat floors are becoming a standard in upscale bathrooms and even some middle class and upper-middle-class homes. These floors are great for bathrooms in cold winter months, and can even help reduce the work of your furnace. 

When it comes to bathroom design, there are a lot of great new ideas out there today. These five design ideas, however, are the ones on trend for 2020. If you want to stick with what’s stylish, these are must-have items.

Top 4 Most Popular Sneakers in 2020

The beauty of sneakers is that everyone has them. Each closet holds a special spot for sneakers. You can, not only count on them being comfortable but also fashionable. Sneakers in gyms, sneakers on parties, sneakers on runways, sneakers in restaurants. There are no more rules at this point. They have become the most diverse type of footwear, and it’s getting challenging to keep up with all of the trends. Here are some of the main trends that are getting thousands of followers around the world.


These will probably always be in. Vans, Adidas, Nike, it’s all there. Many influencers, bloggers, celebrities are loving this trend. And why wouldn’t they? It takes you a couple of seconds to put them on, they are simple and can look amazing with both jeans and skirts. They are also very versatile, and it doesn’t matter who you are and how old you are- you can always wear slip-on sneakers. If you wish to take a look at what kinds of slip-on are looking good and popular this year, check out sneakers by Ky. Many kinds of sneakers are on there, and they’re looking good.

Chunky soles

Sneakers with big soles of all shapes have been really popular during 2018. It seems the trend has continued into 2019 bringing us new models from different brands. It looks like no one can resist the 90’s vibes. Big names have jumped on the bandwagon too. Gucci with their Flashtrek sneaker, Calvin Klein with their Multi Marvin, and Balenciaga with the Triple S trainers prove that the chunky sole trend is making rounds this year. Fila kind of won the race with its Disruptor 2 sneaker. A big, trendy sneaker is taking us back a couple of decades. Check out these Gucci sneakers at

White is great again

White is everywhere again. From Louis Vuitton to Adidas, white is taking over the sneaker world. Since the world of sneakers is often a crazy and colorful one, it seems that white and cream are now a good escape from all the madness. Kendall Jenner, Jessica Alba, and Gigi Hadid have all been walking their cute, white sneakers around the town. The simple design of the Adidas Stan Smiths has become super popular again. Also, we can’t mention white Adidas Superstar sneakers that are never going out of trend. These will simply always be iconic. If there are two things you can always count on is that the sun will rise in the morning and that you’ll look good in these sneakers.

But so is color and texture

Color is everywhere and it’s not only for the bold anymore. They are in and it looks like they’re not going anywhere. Adidas 70s shoes, just look at them. Numerous different textures, color variations, and it all looks good and coordinated. The same goes for Ultraboost sneakers. Many collaborations and limited editions are following this trend. Just take a look at the Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Trail.

Fashion Trends That Will be BIG in 2020

The 2020 Spring/Summer shows will be marked by one thing – women empowerment. It would seem that fashion designers have ditched the old “you do you” meme instead for something that will unite the entire industry and that is the search for female expression.


It would seem that the most famous fashion designers will focus on creating collections that will “empower women” and while some disagree that the main focus should be placed on one gender, many will stick to the original idea.

So what fashion trends will be BIG in 2020?


1.Hippy Modernism

The look for 2020 will be one that revolves around long, languid, and sensual, clothing pieces. It would seem that designers will be focusing on warm desert and sunset pieces that will give our summer vibes. Beach walks with friends will be the focal point of this summer and clothing pieces that complement the sandy beaches will be hot for this year.

2.Marigold Yellow

Last year’s September Fashion Week in New York showed us that a lot of designers forecast marigold yellow pieces for 2019. It would seem that marigold yellow has been on the minds of designers at the New York Fashion Week for quite some time now and the new color, described as Gen-Z yellow, will take center stage for 2020. This color will brighten your wardrobe as well as empower you as soon as the sun comes out of hiding. IFCHIC has some of the best summer marigold yellow pieces on display for you to buy and prepare in a few months time.



Animal prints have always been IN, all throughout history. We were a bit surprised as last year’s leopard prints and zebra skins were replaced by a new contender – snakeskin. Snakeskin, like its sister Alligator skin, has gained steam over these past few months. Slowly but surely, snakeskin will become a much-followed trend for 2020. And while we do understand your concern for the treatment of animals in making animal prints, you can always buy faux snakeskin and other animal-like print options and still rock the trends. With jackets, boots, designer bags, miniskirts, and other clothing pieces, snakeskin will be a trend all throughout 2020.

4.Tie – Dye


Another trend that showed its face at the New York Fashion Week was tie-dye.  The retro classic print was given a breath of fresh air after a few designers decided to bring it back from the dead. And as we all know, everything can come back into fashion. The undeniably and edgy tie-dye is predicted to be HUGE for 2020, with pictures and forecasts being plastered across every fashion website. What’s so great about tie–dye is that it can be used for your spring, summer, autumn, and winter wardrobe collection. With some stunning sweaters on display at the New York Fashion Week in September last year, tie-dye will be used by every fashion designer in their collections for 2020.

5. Statement Sleeves


Popular since early 2018, statement sleeves are predicted to last long after 2020.  With bigger and bolder predictions for 2020, statement sleeves will be the cocktail party go-to dress. And as seen at the New York Fashion Week, statement sleeves are here to make a big statement!

7 Most Beautiful Latin Instagram Models In 2020


The fact that Latin American women are among the most beautiful in the world is hard to argue with. Just look at the women on, they all look amazing! In a day and age where online fame is where it’s at, it is safe to say that these women are thriving. Below is a list of 7 of the most beautiful and impressive of these women and what sets them apart from other Instafamous beauties on the platform.

Latin’s top 7 IG babes

Thassia Naves – Brazil


Thasia effortlessly oozes sophistication and class, and it is no wonder that her Instagram followers are in the millions. She is a fashion blogger and an entrepreneur who started out small but has built an entire empire through smart use of social media. And it is all documented on the influencer’s very busy and very entertaining Instagram page.

Yovanna Ventura – USA


Yovanna is a professional model from Miami, Florida in the USA. She has been in the business both on print campaigns and runway shows for quite a while, so her popularity is not so hard to explain. The curvy belle was also catapulted into the limelight following rumors that she and US celebrity Justin Bieber were romantically involved.

Dolly Castro – Nicaragua


Don’t let the cute doll-like wonder of her name full you. This is one of the most powerful women not only in Latin America on the Instagram platform. She is a professional fitness expert with a lot of her online posts revolving around this lifestyle. She also happens to be a beauty with brains having started and successfully run her fitness gear business using Instagram as her main platform.

Paula Fernandes – Mexico


Paula is an incredibly talented songstress whose music is to thank for her Instagram fame. Her warm and welcoming personality also complement her gift landing her some of the most loyal fans in the country. When she isn’t singing, Paula works as a brand ambassador and social media influencer for several major regional and international businesses.

Gracie Carvalho – Brazil


In a day and age where Instagram models have an almost cookie-cutter aesthetic, Gracie stands out. This Victoria secret model has incredibly enchanting dark features with her beautiful dark skin, deep brown eyes, and curly brunette locks. It is no wonder that both men and women flock to her Instagram just to get another glimpse of this unique beauty.

In addition to modeling, she is also a trained kickboxer. So you better like and follow her or she will find you and kick your butt. Ok maybe she won’t, but it is still pretty impressive that she is trained.

Beatriz Fernandes – Spain


Beatriz is an up and coming Instafamous Latina chica and her very colorful and lively online presence is to thank for this. Unlike other models who have been in the business for a while, she still hasn’t settled on a specific niche with her posts featuring everything from fitness to fashion related uploads.

Lisa Morales – Cuba


Lisa Morales is a well-established offline celebrity with her thriving career as a TV presenter and model. However, this status offline has definitely had an impact on her online fame making her one of Cuba’s most influential Instagram personalities. In addition to being devastatingly beautiful and intelligent, Lisa is very actively involved in philanthropy.

This Hottest Nail Fashions of 2020

Nail art has never been bigger or more popular than now – from the catwalk to the high street, and with even the UK’s young royals getting in on the polish action, maybe we all need to up our nail game.

There’s something about the impending arrival of a new fashion season that just feels energizing. It’s a great reason, if we need one, to look ahead, update our look and get out there to show it off! The most popular manicures vary from state to state and city to city, but nail art enthusiasts across the country can all agree on one thing – bold and bolder are the new pastels.

Runway glamor is about more than hair and makeup — it’s a trifecta that includes nails.

Exaggerated eyeliner, the shadow in neon flashes and floral headpieces may have attempted to grab our attention during the S/S 2019 shows, but much of the drama was happening below the neck. So many gorgeous nail creations pulling our attention away from the new look fabrics and clothing designs, these shows in New York, London, Paris, and Milan were all about the nails. This is where most inspiration stems from, and thanks, too, to Instagram – we have no shortage of ideas.

Bringing these ideas onto the high street, there are two main trends that appear to be polar opposites – uber-minimalist designs, usually applied over a bare nail, and extreme appliqués and embellishments that stand out even from a distance. However, both trends stem from the same root – boldness. The boldness to go bare, and the boldness to go … well, bold!

Img source:

Coffin Nails

A square nail is usually a more serious one, but once it obtains length it actually becomes one of the most dramatic shapes, especially when flat ended and embellished with appliqué. Mimicking a coffin, or ballerina shoes, this shape is great if your stiletto nail breaks, or you just want a slightly less fragile yet still extreme nail shape. On the runways, we saw a lot of long press-on nails finished with a coffin mani.

Eye-catching and classy in the extreme, long coffin nails look awesomely dramatic, but whether you have short ones, or just don’t want long fake ones, they still look great worn in a shorter style if you need an on-trend, but understated, look. With a larger space to create your art, you can really go to town if you wish. French tip ombre styles look amazing, matte black coupled with a delicate 3D accent embellishment are increasingly popular, and the catwalk favorite – holographic and polished chrome, look supremely stylish.

Img source:

Lee Nails

Advertised as the nail accessory in the 80’s by We Heart Nails, Lee press-on nails are making a massive comeback in 2019. Mimicking the look of real nails, with today’s improved durability and adhesives, they can generally be kept on for up to three weeks, and are massively versatile in terms of style and length.

As we saw on the catwalks, the trend is to wear press-on nails ultra-long and in their raw form without applying color. This follows the path of clear PVC trends – from the inoffensive transparent handbag to the less inoffensive equally transparent clothing ranges that, thankfully, haven’t filtered down to the high street – yet!

The always unique Vivienne Westwood used super long press-on nails, keeping the tips clear, and applying a metallic shine to the nail beds, whereas Fashion East’s show had painted talons in opaque and matte shades.

Img source:

Ombre Nails

Now, this is a style that we can really get behind. Gradient color schemes are trending right now in a big way, and there are infinite variations on the theme.

You can get creative with the number of colors and the directionality of your gradient – lighter at the cuticle with a darker shade towards the tip, or vice versa. The fun part is adding your secondary, or even tertiary, shade.  

While you’re still perfecting the art, choose colors that are similar to each other as these can disguise any mistakes, for example, light blue to teal, or light grey to a darker shade.

How do you achieve the ombre look?

  • Cut a makeup sponge into strips
  • Apply your base coat
  • Apply a thin coat of the lightest chosen color
  • Paint on horizontal stripes of colors onto the surface of the sponge
  • Tap or roll the sponge onto your nail – this takes some practice and blur where the colors meet. You’ll need to add more polish to the sponge after a couple of nails
  • Repeat this until you’ve achieved the desired effect
  • Add several top coats and cure

You can, for a different effect, use brushes rather than the sponge, and this gives a better finish for gel polishes.

Img source:

Diamond Nails

Whilst having the real thing on our nails might be affordable for celebs, most of us have to plump for faux diamonds – they are much more practical after all!

Big and bold are the watchwords for 2020’s diamond nails, and although the idea of nail design with diamonds may seem complicated or expensive, it really isn’t.

Diamond nails have been increasing rapidly in popularity due to the classy shine and sparkle that they add to basic designs.

You can opt to go all out and coat entire nails in diamonds or go for a simpler accent look – customization options are endless. Don’t feel limited to a single color, shape or size of diamond either because variety can contribute create different looks. Area’s show, for example, embellished the tips of a long-nailed French manicure with immaculately straight rows of tiny diamonds – stunning!

Even the most complicated design can be done by yourself, at home, and here’s how:

  • Apply several coats of gel polish in your chosen color, and dry them under a curing lamp as normal.
  • Apply a top coat, and before curing, gently add the gems using tweezers or a specialist applicator.
  • Cure
  • Using a thin brush apply another layer of the top coat between the rhinestones, without covering them completely, but pushing up to their edges.
  • Remove any residue over the gems before curing.
Img source:

SNS Nails

SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems and it’s a powder based effect. It really is awesome – take it from us, and the millions of fans who’ve fallen for this ultra-long lasting, supremely glossy finish. Seriously, the stuff doesn’t chip off – ever, and only needs removing when the regrowth becomes too obvious.

After a clear base coat is applied, dip your nails into the fine powder pigment, which will stick to the still-wet base. The process is repeated to build thickness and color intensity. Finish it off with a gentle buff, then apply a top coat – and that’s it! No lamps, no curing, no overpowering polish aroma. Your nails can even be decorated, or embellished with gems – exactly the same as you would with regular polish.

SNS Nails are rapidly changing the face of the manicure and is hailed as a healthy manicure. The powder formula contains calcium, magnesium and other nail nourishing minerals, so can actually help your nails to remain strong and in great condition.

Top Ten Breathtaking Photos of Anveshi Jain


Anveshi Jain is an Indian model and actress. On her Instagram account, she calls herself the most googled actress, singer, engineer, and a dating coach. These are her top ten jaw-dropping pictures:

1. Amazing Curves

Anveshi is well-known for her hourglass shaped figure. This nude dress lays perfectly on her stunning body.

Image source: Instagram

2. A Slightly See-Through Top

Tied up shirt and well-fitting jeans. You could just imagine what she would look like in the rain with this outfit.

Image source: Instagram

3. Red for Love

Jain sure looks stunning in all red. Showing a little, but not too much.

Image source: Instagram

4. Casual Summer Dress

Anveshi seems like she is enjoying every part of her life. Her smile proves that.

Image source: Instagram

5. Bedroom Fantasy

Her exotic appearance and seductive look cannot leave you feeling neutral.

Image source: Instagram

6. Ready to Go Out

Anveshi poses after getting ready to go out. Her gold jewelry looks amazingly combined with a baby blue dress.

Image source: Instagram

7. Black and White

The colorless photo takes us back in time, wondering would she become a beauty icon back in the ’50s?

Image source: Instagram

8. Flawless Hair

Her hair looks remarkably healthy and beautiful.

Image source: Instagram

9. Blue Dream

Anveshi posted her outstanding looks, captioning: “You are my favorite distraction.”

Image source: Instagram

10. Legs Out

Adventurous outfit fits perfectly on Anveshi, especially because she adores traveling.

Image source: Instagram

Rihanna Stuns in Her New Savage X Fenty Corset


Savage x Fenty is dropping new styles every month. The new style for March is outstanding! Rihanna is taking her part in business seriously!

Image source: Instagram

Rihanna poses in Savage x Fenty new lingerie, and you cannot take your eyes off her. The combination of baby pink and white will make you fall in love with the 32-year-old Barbadian queen.

Image source:

Although it seems like Rihanna is not making music anymore, she recently confirmed that she is working on her new album that we are waiting for forever. She is a nine-time Grammy Award-winner, and that’s enough for us to believe that she is preparing something big. She even joked about having the album done and refusing to release it.

Riri was recently seen with ASAP Rocky, and it is assumed that they are dating. Fans are confused. Dating or just hanging out? She hasn’t confirmed it yet, but the source told E! News that she is, in fact, single and that she wants to stay that way. 

Image source:

8 Birthday Present Ideas for Wife

Whether it is her birthday, your anniversary or any other occasion you probably want to give yourself to your wife that will seem thoughtful and unique. You have probably shared dozens of birthdays together, and thinking of something new every single time can be difficult. Getting her a bouquet is a bit basic, especially since it is for her birthday and a pack of chocolates is not thoughtful enough sometimes. Although, this heavily depends on the type of relationship between you two and what your wife likes or dislikes.

So, if you want to give her something very special, you will need to do some research to find the ideal gift. You will have to consider every gift you have given her in the past, what her wishes were these last couple of months and a bunch of other factors that may influence what you ultimately buy.

However, sometimes, no matter how much you give it thought, you simply cannot come up with something that is thoughtful and unique. Fortunately, if you keep reading you will find a list of birthday presents for wives which might give you inspiration.

A book

It might be a bit basic and cheap, but thinking of the next perfect read for your wife is actually quite a thoughtful idea. Find something that’s popular and something that will definitely attract the attention of your wife.

Getting the right book will give her the idea that you have spent a lot of time thinking of her and that is exactly what you have done. A simple birthday present, but definitely effective.


You can never go wrong with jewelry as a present for a birthday. No matter how much you decide to spend on a necklace, she will definitely love it and constantly wear it. If you do not want to go over the top by spending thousands of dollars on a diamond necklace, we recommend you either go for something simple and silver, or a golden chain with smaller jewels for some contrast.

Remember, if you feel like something is out of your budget, it is much better that you first consult with your partner before you make the purchase. There’s no point in buying something that she might not like, right?

If you want the necklace to be a bit more personalized, we recommend you talk with the jeweler to engrave hers or your name.


Wallets are always a necessity, no matter if you are a man, woman or even just a child. In a wallet, you can keep your cash safe, your credit cards, ID card, driver’s license and anything else valuable that you might carry with yourself.

However, you probably already know how difficult it is to find the right one that can store all of your items while still looking fashionable. Well, finding the right one for women is even more difficult. So, why not get her a nice leather wallet that will last her for years and years? The better quality leather you get, the more it will last. If you want high-quality leather wallets, check out Von Baer.

Make sure you first analyze how much wallet space she needs before you buy one. Find out whether she needs a thin or a bulky one.

Matching pajamas

There is definitely nothing cuter than a couple that shares the same pair of PJs. Find something that both of you will feel comfortable in and make sure that you get her the right size. This is a great idea as a birthday present because you are showing her that you want to share even the most menial tasks together with her. You want to share all kinds of experiences.


Getting a watch as a birthday present is a classic. You can never go wrong with this idea. Who doesn’t like a new watch for their next night out? Make sure that you pick the right design to fit her clothing style. You might pick a beautiful watch, but if you don’t get the right colors she might never get the chance to wear it.

A trip to the spa

If you are the type of couple that is constantly working throughout the week then you probably can’t find a lot of free time to spend together. You hope to do something together on the weekends, but then you feel tired and the need to rest. Week after week this can make couples feel a bit distant from each other.

Fortunately, there are definitely ways to deal with this. So, for her next birthday, you should consider getting her a coupon for a spa day. However, instead of getting her just one coupon, get one for yourself too. Surprise her with the idea that you can both go on a weekend to enjoy some stress-free time alone. Sharing together baths, showers and massages will definitely make you feel like a newly-wed couple.

Once you get back, you’ll both feel refreshed and relaxed ready to take on anything your work throws at you.

Coffee maker

There is definitely nothing worse than getting up in the mornings, especially after the weekends. If your wife is a light sleeper then she probably drinks a bunch of coffee at work. But, why should she spend hundreds of dollars every week at work to get a cup of coffee when she can get one at home?

Get her an advanced coffee maker that can make her a coffee in less than a minute. Not only will this be cheaper, but it will also be faster and much tastier for her. A good cup of coffee will definitely make her feel better throughout the workdays.

Bath Bomb


If your partner cannot find any free time for herself after work then why not create an atmosphere at home to relax? Get the bath running with hot water just before she gets home and greet her with a bath bomb. Lead her to the bathroom, drop the bath bomb and then let her have some alone and relaxing time for her birthday.