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Your Complete Wedding Dress Shopping Timeline

Follow this complete wedding dress timeline to ensure that when you walk down the aisle, there isn’t a hair out of place and you can focus on enjoying the big day. Finding a dress that suits the event and your personality is a challenge, and it is even harder when you are stressed for time.… Keep Reading


An Afternoon with Rudy Bundini

It’s hard to be steeped in the world of male modeling and not know the name of Rudy Bundini. Born May 28, 1987, Rudy is a top male model in the world with over 622,000 Instagram followers that flock to photos of his sculpted physique on a daily basis. Holding the title for being the… Keep Reading


Why All Women Should Have a Spa Robe

Just imagine yourself standing in the middle of your kitchen, with all the dishes piled up in the sink, any many more at the dining table, the spatter of spaghetti sauce in the floor, and the smell of burnt food in the oven, then you hear the crying and shrieking of your kids in the… Keep Reading


Rock A Beard That Complements Your Style

Beard. It has quite a wild history behind it. At first, beards were seen as a trait of masculinity and most of the man went ahead to grow one – it was thought that the bigger your beard is the stronger you are. And who wouldn’t like to be strong right? Still, as time passed… Keep Reading


Fashion Trends That Will be BIG in 2019

The 2019 Spring/Summer shows will be marked by one thing – women empowerment. It would seem that fashion designers have ditched the old “you do you” meme instead for something that will unite the entire industry and that is the search for female expression. It would seem that the most famous fashion designers will focus… Keep Reading


The Best Dressed Celebrities From 2019 Oscars Red Carpet

The 2019 Oscars showed us some of the chicest and most risky fashions ever. Some of the celebrities pulled out fantastical looks which definitely added drama to cinema’s biggest night. So, we decided to list the best-dressed celebrities from the 2019 Oscars red carpet. The list might seem long, but each of these stars definitely… Keep Reading


7 Signature Style Prom Dress Ideas That You Must Try

Is shopping for that perfect dress for your prom night taking the whack out of you? Do you find the number of styles, colors and cuts overwhelming you? Don’t worry. We can ease the tension for you, and we do it right here by placing before you seven signature style prom styles from which you… Keep Reading


Tips for dressing up your Children for a wedding

Whether it is a wedding, a family reunion or a fancy holiday gathering, chances are that your toddler will be required to dress up for these special occasions. But, when those special events come, you will probably want to make sure that what your child wears is both comfortable for them and practical for you.… Keep Reading


Know These Points Before Choosing A Flower Girl Dress

When looking for wedding attire, you may be spending much time searching for a stunning wedding dress for yourself. Nevertheless, there is something else that also deserves much attention; this includes the dress for the flower girl or girls. The smallest attendant should also look stunning. Read on to find out some points to consider… Keep Reading


How to Choose the Best Belt

Dress to impress that is what they say. Such a short but meaningful saying is genuinely a guideline to the look we want to have and the picture of ourselves we wish to present the world. The first impression matters and that is why you need to work on it – and the first thing… Keep Reading

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