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15 Chrome Cars – Shine So Bright


People’s ways to show their status or prestige is unlimited, and they constantly find new ways to show others how much they own and how rich they are. This was also reflected on all types of vehicles. During the last decade, there is a growing trend of famous and rich people to customize their cars so that they become a chrome versions. Sometimes, they know what they want and these cars look cool, but sometimes those cars look ridiculous, to put it simply. Keep Reading

7 Coffee Table Books That Are Also Great Conversation Starters


Nothing is more unpleasant than sitting in your living room with your partner’s guests who you have never met, and you’re not quite sure why they’re in your home. After exhausting conversational topics of the weather and plans for Christmas, the awkward silence starts to kick in and the desperate reach for anything to talk about begins. After finding myself in this position fairly often, I’ve found ways to unleash endless conversation without much effort. My solution? Get yourself a coffee table that makes a statement and any of these seven coffee table books to get the chat flowing. Check out the range of Coffee tables available from Domayne Australia.

  1. ‘The Sound of Mountains’ by Guerel Sahin

This book provides you with ‘once in a lifetime’ images of the open wilderness of the Alps taken in extreme conditions so that we can enjoy the immense beauty we may have never seen otherwise.

  1. ‘Peanut Butter Dogs’ by Greg Murray

A picture book sure to amuse people of all ages, Murray compiles images and small bios of over 140 dogs that have all been fed a bit of peanut butter. Needless to say, an amalgamation of expressions and happiness can be seen in these pup’s eyes and will quickly put you in a very cheerful mood. The Duke Coffee table is a lower set table with a rustic-chic charm that is perfect for little ones to be able to read their books from too!

  1. ‘Woodstock’ by Ernesto Assante

Possibly the most revolutionary music festival, the book ‘Woodstock’ gives you an inside view of the 1969 extravaganza with exclusive interviews and photos.

  1. ‘Wine Trails : Australia & New Zealand’ by The Lonely Planet

Not only does this book feature stunning locations and tours for recommended wineries, but all of the locations are either in Australia or New Zealand! Having it as a coffee table book means it’s always a conversation starter when my partner and I come to think of holiday destinations. Keep it local with the Laren Coffee Table which is made from Australian timber and also features storage space making it a perfect multifunctional statement piece for your living room.

  1. ‘From Crook to Cook’ by Snoop Dogg

Yes, you read that correctly. Laced with incredible stories and images, this cookbook gives you all you need for a night of entertaining your guests and ensuring they are all well fed. With recipes ranging from Fried Bologna Sandwiches with Chips to Filet Mignon, there is a meal for everyone.

  1. ‘Frida Kahlo’ by Circe Henestrosa and Claire Wilcox

This book takes you deep into the life and paintings of a revolutionary artist. Introducing letters and diary entries, you are shown Kahlo’s deepest beliefs and reflections on her life and art. Match this with the Sentra Round Coffee Table with its elegance and sophistication making it a great addition to any lounge room. Featuring a round structure and strong monochrome lines this table will match a variety of home styles.

  1. ‘Ricochet’ by Denis O’Regan

Compiled by David Bowie’s official photographer, ‘Ricochet’ delves into the intimate stories and images of David Bowie in the height of his career. With pictures ranging from his most vulnerable points to his most extravagant performances, this book was approved by Bowie himself and will provide you with a fascinating read.

Not only do coffee table books make great conversation starters but they draw your guest’s eye to the table itself. Wow, your friends and family with impeccable style through your choice of the perfect coffee table for your home.

What Clothing Items Do People Buy The Most

You go for a walk on the main street, and there are tons of retail clothing stores both left and right. What can you do, you decide to walk in at least a few. And there lie tons of different brands and products, with these and that promotional offers.

Yes, it is true that the clothing industry is getting bigger every day, and that now more than ever you can buy the clothes you always wanted even with a lower-budget. This is the result of huge competition that has been going on between the clothing brands as well as the retail stores. The only downside is that although with mass production the prices are lowered, the quality can fall off a bit too. But if you pick wisely, and don’t rush, at first sight, you shouldn’t have this type of problems. Anyways, we all need clothes, and people seem to decide about you before even meeting just by what you wear. Both men and women seem to be obsessed about fashion, but what are the clothing items they buy the most?

Clothing Items That Sell The Best

  1. First, and foremost, and completely expected are A piece of pants usually made from denim, or sometimes dungaree is something both women and men own in their wardrobes. It is just like a good perfume, you can always wear it and never go wrong with it. Suitable for all the seasons, and available to get at reasonable prices, jeans are the top one pick when it comes to clothing!
  1. The second most sold piece of clothing is a thing that goes just under those jeans, and that is One of the most crucial items for everyday use, we all need good pairs of the same. It seems like cotton or linen work the best, and that’s what most people go for. Along with that, a nice piece of women lingerie is something we all like. And it sells really well according to the retail store’s results.
  1. T-Shirts are the number 3 on our list, and for a good reason. A good cotton or linen shirt goes long away no matter what type of whether it is. If it is sunny, good you can show the true potential of it wearing it alone, and if it’s cold, wear it below your sweater and feel comfortable. T-Shirts are probably one of the most versatile clothing items out there, with tons of options – from the designed, and shiny ones, to the regular o-neck single colored pieces. Online retail shops often offer discounts like EricDress coupon code, that allows you to buy few items for the price of one!
  1. We all need to walk, and we can’t go to our work or school barefoot. That is why people love sneakers. With tons of models for both women and men, these are comfortable and nice looking for any occasion. Whether you are regularly working down the park or wearing them to work if nicely combined, they are good for any occasion.
  1. Last, but not least, we think that dress shirts and dresses are an item that people often go for. All of us like to dress elegant and sharp from time to time, and some even have to do it on a daily basis. These clothing items save us, giving us both the comfortability and sharpness that we aim for. There are multiple stores that create custom fit dress shirts and dresses at good prices so be sure to check that out!


Everyone has their own style, and favorite clothing item, but we can agree that the above mentioned are crucial ones and something that we all have chilling in our wardrobes!

How To Build A Perfect Man Cave


It is the dream of every man to have a man cave. This is a place you can escape to and get unplugged from the pressures of life (job, wife, and kids). It’s a hidden place where you can invite a few of your close friends to have a beer while doing what you love most. We have compiled for you some tips that can help you come up with that hideaway that uniquely suits you.

  1. Choose your location

The first step to coming up with a man cave is choosing the right location. This can be within the main house or a space outside the house. It can be an unused bedroom, basement, garage, attic or unused living space. Whatever the location you choose, remember to consider weather effects so that you can be able to use it regardless of the weather season. With some creativity and some DIY skills, you can convert any space whether indoors or outdoors into the haven that you want!

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  1. The purpose of your man cave

What do you need to do with your man cave? The answer to this question will determine how the place will be laid out and decorated. It will also determine the kind of equipment that needs to be installed. Maybe you are someone who loves the indoor sport like the foosball, ping pong, darts, or poker. Then you will have to install the various game tables for the game.

You could also be a techy guy who loves video games and PC console games. Then you will have to install the video game and PC Console accessories with the relevant game library. You will also need the right furniture that has been specifically designed for these. This is necessary for your comfort because you will spend many hours here.

  1. Décor and Entertainment

The type of décor and entertainment will be determined by your budget. If you are running on a tight budget, then consider painting the room and purchasing second-hand furniture. You can also incorporate some DIY home décor skills without overspending.

Decorating your man cave will also depend on its purpose. You can choose to go with brighter theme colors like white and cream or deeper classic theme colors such as navy and green. Have some decorative paintings on the wall and hang lovely portraits. The room should also be spacious enough to accommodate you and your guests.

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Invest in a flat screen TV of at least 60 inches or more depending on your budget. You can also consider using a projector to project your screen on the wall. Install a good sound system like the jukebox, a turntable and powerful speakers that will take the room to a different level.

Choose the right furniture to make the room classic and vibrant. Invest in very nice sofas with a few pillows for comfort and style. The sofas should be accompanied by matching ottomans with a coffee table for maximum comfort. You can have a beautiful floor carpet that matches with the furniture.

Remember you will not be just sitting down. You will need some activities to keep you and your guests active. You can have a darts board on the wall, a pool table, a foosball table, a karaoke machine, a video game system and any other tool that will make you and your guest laugh and have a memorable great time.

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  1. Have a classic bar

A bar is a must for a perfect man cave. Invest in a Kegerator and a fully stocked bar that has a good selection of beer, Vodka, and Whiskey. This is so important because you don’t want to leave your hideaway just to look for refreshments. You can also include snacks and your favorite junk foods. Set aside some shelves where you can store your plates, wine glasses, other cutleries, and napkins.

Bottom line

Since this is going to be your sanctuary, make it the way you want it and not what your friends have. This is a place that should leave you happy and relaxed. So be creative and enjoy!

How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron – Five Easy Steps!

Have you ever wondered how you can curl your hair by use of a flat Iron at home? Now instead of going to a salon, just follow these steps, and if it fails to look pleasant on your first trial, you have to keep practicing for cute curls.

These steps will help you know how to curl your hair with a flat iron hence achieve beautiful curls without spending a coin at the salon.

First Step:

The first step is to gather all the material and equipment needed for this activity, these are things like, flat iron, a mirror, hairspray, best hair straightening brush, hair clips a blow dryer and a heat protecting hair serum.

Then you have to plug in the flat iron and give some time to get to the temperature of your desire. If you are just from the shower, then it is necessary that you plug in a blow dryer, then blow your hair until it becomes totally dry then brushes it to untangle.

Second Step:

On this part, section your hair into two parts; you can put to use your clip to secure the two sections of your hair. It is necessary that you section your hair for easier curling and to avoid instances of leaving some hair uncurled. It is also important to complete one section of the hair before going to the other section.

Third Step:

The thirdly, as you are holding the other piece of hair that you sectioned, use the other hand to hold your open flat iron, place it on your other sectioned hair near your scalp but make sure it does not touch your skin the clamp it down as you wrap your hair around that flat iron once.

You should pull your hair under your flat iron but not on top of it. With your hair still very enclosed in your flat iron, rotate your flat iron to 360° pointing towards your direction and only stop when the remaining hair is hanging straight pointing down.

Step Four:

After you have completely rotated the flat iron; begin to slowly pull your hair through your fat iron until you see that all the hair has passed through those two plates.

It is advisable that you pull it in a slow manner so that the curls can come out more defined, but you should not also pull too slowly because your hair might burn.

Step Five:

Step five, which is the final step, you can now wrap your curls all around your finger, this will help define your curls, then spray your curled hair after pulling your finger from the curls, spraying is done so that your curls can last longer, ensure that the hairspray is far away from your face.

Final Verdict:

If you follow these steps carefully, you will definitely know how to curl your hair with a flat iron and by using the best flat irons in the market, it generates the best curl results that will even shock your hair stylist.

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