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What to Look for When Hiring a Wedding Photographer?


It is not a cliché, but a fact, to say that your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. This is definitely not the time to take up a friend’s offer to be your official photographer. The earlier in the planning process that you decide on a professional wedding photographer, the easier it will be to sit back and relax knowing you will be getting the portfolio of your dreams. Afterwards, you may want to create photo books of your most cherished event with your better half. Creating photo books has now been made easy with the help of online tools like

Even in a big city, there is only a small handful of professional photographers whose availability fill up very quickly. When you have made your choice, remember to pencil in the dates for the engagement photos and any additional portrait sessions that may be needed as well. This is especially important if you are choosing to have your big day during the peak wedding season.

What Style of Wedding Photographs are You Looking For?

Choosing a theme for your wedding should span to what type of photographs will best complement it. It is not a good idea to have a strictly formal occasion planned out and then hire a wedding photographer who only does laid-back and casual. Making sure that the professional you choose for your wedding day can capture the joyous and loving event in the style that you want is an important step to preparing for your perfect day.


Another thing to check when you are in the process of selecting a wedding photographer is to ensure that they are able to shoot in low light or natural light, whichever your venue will have. There have been some horror stories of couples whose big day started out on the beach in the afternoon sunlight and moved to a low light night time pavilion, only to have the reception pics be too dark.

Photographers love natural light, but sometimes shooting with blazing lights on can ruin the atmosphere. Make sure that the professional that you choose can adapt to any lighting condition your venue may throw at them.

Meet or Skype with Your Photographer Before Making a Booking

Nothing is more valuable to a couple searching for a photographer for their wedding day than to have a chat with their potential choices before making a booking. Don’t worry about this being an inconvenience—the studio will want to have a meeting with you both too. This is your chance to get a vibe for the person who will be taking your pics and discuss any ideas either party has for the most memorable images.

All three of you must have a confident and positive connection. You can discuss what your expectations are as well as any contingency plans in case of unforeseen disaster (electricity power cuts or illness has been known to happen at the most perfectly planned wedding). Knowing this information in advance about each other will ensure that you are the perfect match for stunning photos and wonderful mementos.


Does Clothing Reflect Your Personality? 7 Things You Should Know

You are what you wear, and your dress code determines how others perceive you. On top of that, our sense of fashion, to a great extent, determines how we think or feel about ourselves. Here are seven things people pick up from you just by looking at your wardrobe.

Psychologists have devised a term to describe how our clothes affect our whole, enclothed cognition. Enclothed cognition is defined as the influence clothes have on a wearer’s cognitive or psychological processes. In simple terms, our clothes make us feel a certain way, and we dress certain ways based on how we are feeling.

With that said, here are 7 dress codes that tell people if you are approachable, a snob, confident, or insecure.

1. T-shirts

People who wear t-shirts are perceived as very easy-going, approachable, and very practical about life. It could be a plain old’ t-shirt or a classy looking polo, people will be drawn to you because you exude an aura of fun. It means you do not pressure yourself too much about what you wear and also don’t judge others about how they dress.

T-shirts not only portray you as casual but also tell the world that there is more to you than the clothes you wear. You want people to interact more with your brilliant personality and not focus so much about your fashion. This is why CEO’s like Zuckerberg are always spotting a T-shirt to work.


2. Jeans

Just like T-shirts, jeans also portray you as an easy-going and free-spirited person. Wearing a pair of jeans also means you are looking for freedom and practicality in whatever task you have. Jeans is versatile too, which is why you can wear it to your office and later on your way to a weekend of camping.

On the other hand, how much effort you put into your clothes can help people point out your personality better. Someone who dresses in oversized jeans and sneakers does not put much thought into what they wear. Although some people may judge you as careless, others will conclude that your perception of clothes is that they don’t define you.

If your jeans are always fitting and even spot styles like stonewash, ripped, or distressed, then you are about fashion. You want to appear as stylish and appealing to both genders.


3. Boots

Boots portray a sense of power. For ladies, a pair of boots complements your femininity and a strong sense of fashion. For men, boots are all about macho, masculine, or the alpha male. If boots are accompanied with a leather jacket, then you are definitely a bad body.


4. Hoodies

Wearing hoodies can mean one of two things. One is that you are very shy or timid and want to remain mysterious to other people. On the other hand, hoodies, if styled with patterns, textures, or different fabrics (like dashiki), can be a tool to show how elevated your fashion sense is. Wearing bright or multi-colored hoodies also show your sense of energy and adventure.

5. Solid Colors

Solid colors are preferred by people who are direct and precise. These are people who like it simple and steer clear of anything complicated- from striped or patterned clothes to overwhelming their lives with responsibilities. Individuals who like solid colors also don’t appreciate it when you don’t see the world as black and white as them. They may also dismiss you if you cannot be direct.


6. Branded Clothes

Branded clothes are all about showing your social class or trying to fit into a certain class. Fashion houses are praised in the streets, magazines, music videos, and even television. Because labels are expensive, people who go for them want to show that they are successful and wealthy in life.

Some people would wear branded clothes to feel important about themselves. They may also go for branded clothes to fit into a certain social class, often one above them. This is why we may wait until branded clothes are on sale, so we get them in bulk.


7. Suits

Men and women who dress in suits are perceived as sophisticated, complex, and very formal. Suits exude a sense of power in the boardroom and a symbol of success outside the office. You may only own 3 classic Paul Fredrick suits all your life. However, the respect that comes with it earns you the title ‘Sir’ and a lot of adoration from other humans, especially the female kind.


Our clothes are an extension of our personality. They tell people who we are, where we come from, and what we care about in life. If there is one advice a fashionista would give you, it is that you dress according to how you always want to feel about yourself.

30 Roman Mythology Names for Babies


Roman mythology is rich with lots of stories that originated from history, religion and perhaps other mythologies predominantly Greek. And as you already know, Roman mythology has a large number of figures, both male and female famous for various things. Baby names inspired by Roman mythology are on the rise and it is not a surprising thing since there are some wonderful names that can be used. Here are 15 male and 15 female names you can consider for your baby.



15. Romulus

According to the legend, Romulus was one of the founders of Rome.

14. Amulius

In Roman mythology, Amulius overthrew his brother Numitor, but Romulus and Remus later deposed him.

13. Pollux

Pollux was the twin brother of Castor and the son of Zeus. Translated to English, it means “sweet”.

12. Janus

He was the Roman God of beginnings and gateways. This God had two faces and in Latin, Janus means “archway”.

11. Vulcan

Vulcan was the God of fire. It is a powerful name.

10. Tatius

In Roman mythology, Tatius was a king of the Sabines.

9. Cupid

Cupid was the Roman God of love. He often appears in drawings and television today as a boy with wings with a bow and arrow. In mythology, he was the son of Venus.

8. Evander

Translated to English, Evander means “good man”. He was the founder of the city of Pallantium.

7. Italus

Italus is not as famous as Remus and Romulus, but he was their father. He gave his name to the region which is today known as Italy.

6. Mars

Mars was the God of war, but it is also the name of the fourth planet in the solar system. It can also be a name of your baby boy.

5. Jupiter

Another Roman god was Jupiter but he was the supreme god in their mythology.

4. Pluto

Pluto was the God of the underworld and an alternate name for Hades. It is a latinized version of the name Ploutos which means “wealth”.

3. Quirinus

He was one of the smaller Roman Gods while his name comes from the Sabine word quiris meaning “a spear”.

2. Saturn

He was the father of Jupiter and Juno, according to the mythology. He was also the God of agriculture

1. Remus

We have Romulus, but the second founder of Rome was just as important.

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15. Aurora

The Roman Goddess of the morning was called Aurora. It is a beautiful name for a baby girl.

14. Victoria

Victoria is a name of the Roman Goddess of victory, but that name kept re-appearing through history. It is popular today.

13. Vesta

The Roman Goddess of the hearth has her temple in Roma and the name is slightly unusual but gorgeous nonetheless.

12. Silvia

Silvia was the mother of Remus and Romulus and it is the female version of the name Silvius.

11. Lucretia

This is the feminine version of Roman name Lucretius. Also, one Spanish saint was named like this.

10. Maia

Maia was the wife to Vulcan and the Goddess of spring.

9. Lavinia

A wonderful name for a girl, Lavinia was the daughter of King Latinus and the wife of Aeneas.

8. Flora

This name is derived from the Latin word “flos” meaning “flower”. As the name suggests, she was the Goddess of flowers and the wife of Zephyr, the west wind.

7. Diana

Diana was the Goddess of the forest, moon, and childbirth, according to Roman mythology.

6. Felicitas

Goddess Felicitas was the personification of good fortune in Rome. There are some variations to the name today such as Felicia.

5. Juno

Juno was one of the most important Goddesses and she was the Queen of the heavens. She was also the wife of Jupiter.

4. Rhea

Rhea was the wife of Cronus and the mother of Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus.

3. Nona

Nona was the Goddess of pregnancy in ancient Rome and her name means “nine”.

2. Minerva

Minerva translated as “intellect” was the Goddess of wisdom and war.

1. Pax

Slightly unusual, but Pax can be a beautiful name – it means “peace” in Latin.

Why Is Cremation Jewelry Becoming So Popular

Facing a loss of a family member, your friend or even your pet is one of the hardest things in everyone’s life, and it takes time to heal the wounds. Taking this into consideration, we all search for ways to keep our memory of them and thus always feel their presence around. Now, if the wish of your loved one was to be buried then visiting the grave place few times a month is something that will mean to you, but on the other hand, if your loved one was cremated then you have the option to keep the ashes and always have their presence around you.

Although a traditional way of keeping the ashes is in a cremation vase, nowadays a thing called cremation jewelry has become quite popular. People are interested in the idea of being able to carry someone’s remains close to the heart, in the form of beautiful and high-quality jewelry. Taking this in consideration there are a lot of online manufactures offering you a different type of cremation jewelry – and most you can even customize up to your needs (engravings, etc.).

Let’s take a look at what the cremation jewelry is all about, and what are your options!

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The Benefits Of Wearing Cremation Jewelry

  1. First of all, you could ask for basically any kind of jewelry (a ring, a pooch, a necklace) and if you already have a family jewelry piece, it can be redesigned into a cremation one and thus carry even more significance. Taking into consideration that this jewelry piece might be given from one generation to another the ability to add sentimental value to it is a huge benefit.
  2. Along with that, the design of cremation jewelry just beats everything else – the handcrafting experts have outdone themselves, and now the cremation jewelry pieces are some of the most beautiful out there! You are the one to decide how and what would you like.
  3. Most of the cremation jewelry is made to last, with materials such as quality glass, marble, gold, and silver are among the common ones. Some people even ask for gemstones to be added, and that can be done without an issue.
  4. The Presence. The fact that the remains of your loved one will be right next to your heart really means a lot to people, and as it is in the form of beautiful jewelry you won’t have a problem carrying it even to the formal and celebration events!
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Where To Buy Cremation Jewelry

Though there may be jewelry shops offering cremation jewelry in your area our suggestion is to visit some of the online ones and make your offer. Among all – seems one of the best, and that for a few reasons. First of all, the expert making all your jewelry has 20 years of experience in the industry of glass jewelry using the high-quality borosilicate glass to make it. He creates beautiful glass pendants and marble necklace spirals that will catch an eye of any beholder. You can choose out of the already offered products that feature custom designs with forest, ruby, cobalt teardrops or beautiful paw prints in case your pet has passed away. And the marble spirals are beautiful as well – to store or carry as a cremation necklace. In case you are not satisfied with the given product this company will offer you a full refund or exchange the product, leaving both sides happy. Check it out to fall in love with one of the pieces!


At the end it is your choice – some like the idea of cremation jewelry and some think it doesn’t have a point. Still, in case you decide to go for some of the beautiful jewelry pieces the above-mentioned shop is there to make you feel comfy and fulfill all your needs!

6 Essential Fashion items for Every Girl

Girls in today’s world are extremely conscious about fashion. In fact, they prefer to follow the latest trends in fashion whenever possible. When you are following the latest fashion trends, it is also important to go ahead and spend your money in purchasing fashion accessories and items. They will help you to stick to the latest trends in fashion without any issues.

Here is a list of 6 such essential fashion items, which every woman should own. They can help you to remain stylish and fashionable at all times.

  1. Cut out boots

Among the different types of boots available for the girls to wear, cut out boots have received a lot of attention. That’s mainly because the girls tend to go ahead with grungy and dark looks with the help of these boots. They are in a position to provide a masculine feel to the women as well. They will not feel overpowering with these shoes.

That’s because the shoes come along with all sorts of feminine details, including the cutouts. You will not just be able to wear the cut out boots with your jeans. It is also possible for you to wear them along with dresses and skirts. The popularity of these cutout boots is increasing along with time, and it is the high time for you to think about getting your hands on them.

  1. Garter thighs

You must have seen garter thighs in many different fashion websites and magazines. That’s because the garter thighs have become a popular fashion statement among ladies in today’s world. Therefore, you can think about adding it into the list of essential fashion items that every girl should have. The garter thighs can be considered as an upgraded version of the plain and regular thighs.

If you already own regular thighs, you need to keep in mind that the garter thighs are in a position to provide a greater experience to you. You will also be provided with the opportunity to make your pair your garter thighs with many other clothes. They include shorts, and skirts as well. The best thing about garter thighs is that they can help you to grab the attention of many. Hence, the amount you spend on it is totally worth when compared to the experience that you get in the long run.

  1. Worn out flannels

Flannels can be found in all the wardrobes. Based on the preferences, you will be able to pair them with all the casual pieces that you will wear in day to day life. This will give life to a laid-back look. Most of the women prefer to wear the flannels with their tank tops. Instead of the regular flannels, they prefer to go ahead with worn out flannels due to the improved experience that they can offer.

The worn out flannels would make sure that you are not getting dressed up. However, they are in a position to provide you with the presentable look associated with these. These flannels are extremely soft to touch as well. Hence, it would be one of the most comfortable fashion items that you will be able to get to your closet.

  1. Fuzzy sweaters

Many girls don’t like to go ahead with fuzzy sweaters until they get to know about the benefits that are linked with them. . This is the most prominent reason available for you to go ahead and invest your money in purchasing fuzzy sweaters to your wardrobe. It is true that these sweaters have a somewhat ancient look. However, they can provide the perfect level of warmth and spiciness to the wardrobe. Along with time, it is becoming a popular trend among girls, and you can also think about purchasing them without having a doubt in mind.

  1. Knee socks

The knee socks can be considered as a perfect accessory available for you to get to the wardrobe. In fact, it is something that you need to have inside the closet at all times. They will not just add warmth to your legs, especially during the colder seasons of the year.

In addition, they are in a position to contribute a lot towards your overall appearance. They are in a position to add an interesting touch, especially when they peep out from the boots. This can deliver a whole new dimension to your outfits as well. To get the best possible outlook with knee socks, you are encouraged to wear them with skirts and shorts. Then you will love the overall appearance that you can get.

  1. Classical watches

Classical watches have been there for quite some time. Ladies prefer to wear these classical watches for all their day to day work. They never go out of fashion along with time. Therefore, it is recommended for you to go ahead and spend your money in purchasing classical watches as well. It can provide you with a unique appearance, which you would love. On the other hand, the functionality of these classical watches is never compromised as well.

If you are looking forward to purchasing classical watches, or Cartier Watches, you are encouraged to take your time and go through available options to purchase. Then you will be able to select the best watch available out there for you in the market. It can provide excellent assistance for you to complement your day to day outfit as well. Therefore, you will admire the decision that you take to spend time and purchase the best classical watch that can match with your specific requirements.

Things you have to know about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most common method nowadays. Laser hair removal treatment usually takes 3-5 times, some friends with very thick hair may need more treatment to achieve long-term hair removal effect.

Hair will go through a growth period, degenerative period, and the resting period. In general, a hair follicle in the growth phase has a better response to laser treatment. It is due to the rapid division of hair follicle cell and melanin in the growth phase. Therefore, the laser energy can be absorbed well. The melanin in the hair follicle of the degenerative period and resting period is less. As a result, people should wait for its transformation when the growing period and then take hair removal treatment again.

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Hair follicles and sweat glands are two separate structures. Hair grows out of the follicle, and sweat glands are next to the follicle, which is not the same thing. Laser hair removal is only applied to hair follicles with melanocyte granules, but not to sweat glands without melanocyte granules. The laser does not harm sweat glands, so it does not affect human metabolism and sweating.

Generally speaking, the hair clearance rate can reach 90% after repeated laser or strong light treatment. Of course, its efficacy is affected by many factors. When the hair is growing again for a period of time, it grows to be a small, microfluidic fluff which is more natural but does not affect the aesthetics.

The human skin is a relatively light-permeable structure. Clinical trials have found that, in the face of powerful lasers, the skin is a transparent piece of cellophane. The laser can thus penetrate the skin very smoothly and reach deep into the hair follicles. Because hair follicle has a lot of melanin, so it can absorb a lot of laser energy preferentially and convert eventually heat energy, making hair follicle temperature rises and achieving the purpose that destroys hair follicle function.

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The effect of depilation is closely related to the position, color, thickness and skin type of hair. It is generally that that whiteness of the skin is, the blacker and strong the hair is, but the better the depilation effect will be. Keep the hair removal area dry and clean after laser hair removal. Avoid bright light irradiation stimulation, do a good job in sunscreen. Do not use hot water scald wash depilate place, otherwise, the skin is easy to be stimulated and appear local redness and infection.

There is a special condition needed to be mentioned. Dark-skinned people should choose laser hair treatment carefully, and because of the amount of melanin in the skin, they absorb a portion of the laser power, which may cause a localized pigmentation or discoloration of the skin. If a person who has a darker skin is selected for laser depilation, it is preferable to select an instrument with longer pulse width. In addition, photosensitive skin is not suitable for laser hair removal, because light sensitivity, laser hair removal is easy to develop photosensitive dermatitis, which affects the cosmetic effect.

Affordable Luxury Mattress You Can’t Miss


If you are looking forward to enjoying a comfortable sleep at night, it is important for you to spend your money on a high-quality and luxury mattress. There is a multitude of luxury mattresses that you can browse through, or you can look at a list of the best luxury mattress at We have handpicked a number of luxury beds including Casper, Sealy or even Saatva. The quality of sleep you get at night has the ability to create a tremendous impact on your productivity levels on the following day. Therefore, spending your money to purchase the best mattress would never be a waste. Here at you can check the reviews of the best mattress for 2019.

Why should you stick to a luxury mattress?

When you go out to purchase a mattress, you would wonder which one you should buy. That’s because plenty of options are available for you to choose from one of which is at Usually, we are looking to save as much money as possible when buying a mattress, but there are plenty of benefits to opting for the expensive one.

Memory foam can be considered as a thick and supportive material, which has the ability to accommodate according to the shape of your body. It is one of the best materials used in the production of luxury mattresses in today’s world. If you take a look at 5 best luxury mattresses, you will notice that most of them are made of memory foam. However, it is not the only material available for the construction of luxury mattresses, and you will be able to discover many other options in the market.

No matter what material has been used for the construction, a luxury mattress has the ability to cater to all the positions of your body. Therefore, you will be provided with soft comfort on the back, shoulders, and hips. This can effectively reduce the pressure that is exerted on your joints as well. Eventually, it would lead you towards a comfortable sleep at night.

How to look for the best luxury mattress

In order to experience all the benefits that are delivered by luxury mattresses, you should have a clear understanding of how to purchase the best mattress. Here is a list of a few effective tips, which would assist you to go for the best mattress.

  1. Have an idea about the bed frame

It is possible for you to purchase luxury mattresses in all standard sizes. Therefore, you will find it as an easy task to pair the mattress along with your bed frame. Whether you have a massive California King sized bed or a space saving the single bed, a luxury mattress is available in the market for you to purchase. You just need to have a clear understanding about the specific size of the mattress that you have at your home.

  1. Do research on the foam types

Before spending your money on the best mattress, you should do research on the available foam types. Some people believe that memory foam is made out of just one foam. But in reality, many different memory foam types are available for you to purchase. Out of these foam types, the traditional foam is extremely popular. It has the ability to create a soft cradle and increase the circulation of blood within the body. On the other hand, gel memory foam can help your body to stay away from discomfort. If you can purchase a luxury mattress that comes along with cool air technology, you will be able to keep your body cool throughout the night.

  1. Figure out the thickness

The thickness of the luxury mattress you purchase has the ability to create a unique experience to you. You will be able to purchase mattresses, which offer a thickness between 6 inches to 14 inches from the market. The thicker mattresses are in a position to deliver a softer experience. Therefore, people who are concerned about the softness should go ahead and purchase a luxury mattress with an increased thickness. On the other hand, purchasing a topper can also help you to increase the overall thickness of the mattress.

  1. Compare the foam density

If you take a look at the density of luxury mattresses, you would realize that there are three main options available for you to consider. They are low density, medium density, and high density. Out of these three options, high density is the most durable variant. If you are sleeping with someone else in your bed, you can go for this option. But it would take some time for your body to get adjusted. To avoid this hassle, you can purchase a mattress with a low density. Moderate results can be experienced from a medium density mattress.

  1. Go for a Hypoallergenic mattress

All the luxury mattresses available in the market for you to purchase are antimicrobial. However, it would be a good idea to purchase a Hypoallergenic so that you will be able to experience the best possible results. Then you will be able to stay away from the frustration associated with allergens including dust mites. The gel luxury mattresses are naturally resistant to dust mites. However, going for a higher density mattress can also provide you with the ability to minimize the existence of allergens. If you are a person who suffers from allergies, this is an option that you must consider.

  1. Select the appropriate mattress for side sleepers

Last but not least, you need to go for the best mattress that is available for side sleepers. It is possible for you to purchase the best luxury mattress, which suits the side sleepers better than others. In such mattresses, the foam would conform to the body. If you are a side sleeper, you are strongly encouraged to go for a mattress, which offers a thickness in between 8 inches and 14 inches. That’s because the thicker foam would provide enhanced assistance to your body. It would deliver optimal cushioning for the points that you have in your body as well.

By following these steps, you will be able to purchase the best mattress. Any person can follow these steps without keeping any doubts in mind.

The Rise Of The Luxury Barber Shop

Luxury salons have been around for decades upon decades. A place where women can congregate and enjoy the company of one another, catch up on the hottest gossip, talk fashion, and get their hair and nails done at the same time. Men rarely fancied such an experience, and the barber shop was always a place where guys could get in and out of the barber chair without waiting long, and without the unnecessary interactions between the customer and the barber.

Well, like Bob Dylan once said, “times are a change’n.” Yes, there is so much truth to that statement even today. The modern man seems to enjoy life’s little luxuries above and beyond that of his father and grandfather. There was a time when a “man-icure” would have been scoffed at and laughed at among your peers, and a warm facial towel after a shave was something only soft men took part in. Well, times have changed.

Your modern man is as sophisticated as ever, enjoying some of the luxuries that were once reserved for the ladies of the world. The rise of the luxury barbershop has been in the works for over a decade, but the recent trend of luxury barber shops that have been emerging is something to make a note of. Barbershops all over the country are opening in major cities to provide luxury accommodations for the modern man.

Imagine for a second, spending a few hours on a Saturday being treated like a king. Walking into a local barbershop that’s more like the bar from Cheers, you know, where everybody knows your name and kicking back for a minute before you get your mop cropped, or your beard trimmed with a drink in your hand. This is a reality for many men around the country that are fortunate enough to live near a luxury barbershop. A prime example of one of these sophisticated establishments is this Barbershop in Denver. This style of men’s luxury barbershop is setting the bar high for other barbers in the country looking to open and operate a barbershop of their own.

The haircuts and beard trims aren’t the only things these modern men are flocking too. Custom fit clothing, stylish shoes, and red carpet wardrobes complete the look and feel these luxury barbershops create. Say goodbye to the “hair stylists” and the 12 dollar clippings you have been accustomed too, and say hello to the modern mans luxury barber.