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Judi Sheppard Missett: Jazzercise Franchise and More


Judi Sheppard Missett is best known for establishing the Jazzercise dance fitness franchise. She did so in 1969 with the headquarters in Carlsbad, California, but it didn’t take long for the franchise to spread around the United States. Jazzercise is the combination of dance, strength and resistance training while listening to popular music. It is a full-body workout many women not only in American are acquainted with considering the fact that the company has over 8,300 franchises worldwide.

While you might be familiar with Jazzercise, how much do you know about its founder – Judi Sheppard Missett?

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Brief Summary

The first location where Sheppard Missett established the popular franchise was Chicago, Illinois, when she was a student at Northwestern University. At the time, she was teaching at a dance studio, but she had issues how to keep the attendees go through their workout routines and many would drop out.

To solve this issue, Sheppard Missett started holding classes “just for fun” and her workouts commenced with a jazz warmup. And therefore the name.

The family moves to Carlsbad, California, but Judi doesn’t have any intentions on giving up her plans. She started teaching classes in local rec centers and it didn’t take long for Jazzercise to take of in San Diego. Seeing that her methods are widely accepted, Sheppard Missett started training instructors herself.

Interestingly enough, most of the instructors in the beginning were a part of the military and the would travel the world and spread jazzercise, which was accepted by lots of people.

Sheppard Missett had a plan of reaching as many people as possible so she started filming her exercise routines and programs on VHS tapes. Should could now help people get fit from distance and it didn’t take long before Jazzercise became a hit. She started selling franchise right for the studios across the country because there were many interested offering high prices.

Not Taking Her Seriously

“I was the little exercise girl,” she said. “It wasn’t that I was smart or that I had built a business. It was just, ‘You’re someone who can get up there and dance, and hoop and holler, and you look so cute in your outfit.Well, today they are out of business and I did $93 million (in sales) last year.”
This is what Sheppard Missett said in 2009 when she was already known nation-wide. The point is that exercise fads come and go, but Missett was able to start a business that will stay here for a long time.

Good Intentions

Missett’s net worth is not known, but at the beginning of everything, she didn’t worry about the money. It wasn’t her priority. She started helping people and finding ways to make exercises entertaining and she continued doing that throughout her career, even when her business was booming.

Just to see what kind of person Sheppard Missett is, here’s what she said: “If somebody comes in and says ‘I really need this but I just can’t afford it,’ we’ll figure something out. And if it’s free, it’s free. In these times it’s about people helping one another, and if you can’t do that, then you are Bernie Madoff.”

“I never had a business plan,” she added. “I never had a blueprint. And I never got a loan for anything to this day.”

That may not be a good advice for all of you who are trying to enhance your business, but if something’s going well and the results are visible, it’s sometimes all you have to do. Judi Sheppard Missett may not be as popular as some other names from the fitness world, but she truly contributed to it with her innovative approach.

5 WWE couples together on and off the ring


Dating as a WWE star isn’t always easy. Their work takes them on the road for days, sometimes weeks, and finding a partner who is ready to tolerate that is hard. It comes as no surprise that many of the athletes choose to be with someone from the same world, who understand their life and who is often on the road with them.

Some of the couples on our list get to know each other as partners in the ring first before they became ones in real life as well. The reason is simple. As partners they trained together, ending up spending a lot of time in each other’s company. It is easy to see why they developed feelings for one another in such circumstances. WWE’s habit of creating storylines that included fake marriages and relationship only helped the matter, creating situations where athletes spend even more time together.

There are those who went about it the other way and became a couple in real life and then decided to appear in the ring together. Whatever the reason and however they became entangled, these couples have decided to be together in both private and professional life. So far, it is working for them, at least for the couples on our list.

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The Miz and Maryse

The Miz and Maryse met in 2006. The Miz was hosting WWE Diva Search and Maryse was one of the contestants. About a year later, they started dating and the marriage followed in 2014. The ceremony was held in the Bahamas. They have a daughter, Monroe Sky and they live in Austin, Texas.

The couple was very successful in the ring as well, with The Miz winning both the International Champion and WWE Champion titles and Maryse being Diva Champion. Together, they host a TV show called Miz and Mrs. Maryse is also The Miz’s manager.

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Dean Ambrose and Renee Young

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young kept their relationship secret from their fans. The couple started dating in 2013, but revealed the fact in 2015, during an interview on an episode of SmackDown, when Renee was interviewing The Miz.

They did the same thing with their marriage. They had the ceremony in 2017 but never made the announcement. People only realized when they saw the wedding rings on their hands a few months later. This is in line with Dean’s attitude towards social media and privacy. “I don’t feel the need to open myself up to the opinion of everybody in the world with a phone or computer. I just don’t get being connected to everybody on such a superficial level like that. It’s not really for me,” he said in 2014.

Dean is one of the most prominent WWE stars, appearing in Monday Night Raw, while Renee is the first woman commentator for the Raw.

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Jimmy Uso and Naomi

Unlike other couples on our list, Jimmy Uso and Naomi first got married and only then teamed up for the WWE fights. They fought together in Total Divas and WWE Mixed Match Challenges, season 1 and two.

They are married since 2014 and they live together with Jimmy’s two kids from a previous relationship. The children are happy to call Naomi stepmom.

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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s relationship also started as a fake one, for the purpose of the storyline. They became close and started dating shortly afterward and got married in 2014. In 2017 they had a daughter, Birdie.

Their last match wasn’t as successful, as they lost to The Miz and Maryse in WWE’s Hell in a Cell in 2018.

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Known as The Authority, squaring off against Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle at the Wrestlemania 34, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are also together in real life. They were wed in 2003 in a private ceremony with friends and family and have three daughters.

Their WWE marriage began in 1999, for the purpose of the show. Soon after, they started dating for real and their partnership was strong on both fronts. At one point, they both held titles at the same time, Triple H as the WWE Champion and Stephanie McMahon as the Women’s Champion.

Pro Wrestling will never again feature stars like Dwayne Johnson, Steve Austin and John Cena

Today’s WWE is vastly different from the wrestling in the Attitude Era or the era of Ruthless Aggression. Controversial and extreme storylines are gone, and so is the blood. WWE is now a worldwide entertainment, and it needs to be PG. What this means is that the current era has to tend to a wider variety of audience. The thing that changed the most unfortunately are the stars, as nobody reached the levels of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock or John Cena.

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, also known by his WWE stage name Bubba Ray Dudley, appeared on the Jim Ross Podcast where he discussed wrestling. He criticized the quality of Raw, saying how the storylines became worse. In addition, he revealed the cause behind the lack of stars and why there will never again be someone like that.

Seth Rollins has done it all and can do it all. But how come Seth Rollins is not at Cena level? How come he’s not at Rock level? How come he’s not at Austin level? It’s because I don’t think they will ever allow anyone to get to that level again. If you take the three biggest stars over the last 20-some-odd years, would you say that Cena, Austin, and The Rock are the three biggest ones? Okay, so those three guys in their own way do what they wanted to do without Vince’s approval. Listen, Steve was able to walk out and still come back and have a job. [Ross] helped out a lot, but not a lot of people walk out and come back in the next day.”

“Rocky was able to walk away and become the biggest star in Hollywood. And John, my God! He just won the Muhammad Ali Award. He [has] granted more wishes than anybody on the planet. I mean, he walks on water when it comes to the WWE. And he was able to tell Vince, ‘I’m not [going to Saudi Arabia].’ I don’t think they’re ever going to let anybody get to that level again where they have control or say.”

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WWE invested in Roman Reigns, and wanted him to take over the stardom. He took part in the main-event of WrestleMania four times in a row, but was sadly diagnosed with leukemia. He is now on an indefinite break from WWE in order to get better, which left WWE without its biggest star. Hopefully, the void will get filled, as many popular wrestlers remain with Seth Rollins, Elias, Finn Balor and Braun Strowman.

The question still remains. Can any of these guys become as widely recognizable and famous as the legends of old, who went on to become even bigger stars in other entertainment business? Only time will tell.

Learning How to Duck Dive and Turtle Roll: Surfing 101

Are you having trouble mastering the techniques of duck dive and turtle roll while surfing? Did you know that without learning how to duck dive and turtle roll you won’t be able to properly ride the waves? Without 100% learning these 2 moves you will never be able to surf; you would get washed back to shore every time.

That is why we are going to give you the tools and knowledge necessary to understand how to duck dive and turtle roll so you can surf anywhere in the world.

How to Turtle Roll

• Take all the time you need

Like any exercise or activity, warming up before you start surfing is always recommended. When you arrive at the beach, warm up and watch the waves. Find the channels that may exist for you to paddle out.

When entering the water, always walk with your board tucked safely under your arm. Avoid lying on the board to paddle in shallow waters because you are risking breaking the fins of the board. Additionally, you don’t want to interfere with any other surfers who are already doing their things.

• Spot the waves and get ready to turtle roll

As you paddle out, you should constantly be looking out for waves. As soon as you spot one, wait for the wave to come 2 meters (6 feet) away and get ready to turtle roll. If the approaching wave is white water, then you will have to turtle wave, and if the wave is just rolling through, then you can continue to paddle.

To perform a successful turtle wave, grab the rails of your board in front of your chest with both hands tightly. After that, roll over with the board with the backside of the board facing the surface.

While underwater, extend your arms to give the wave room to travel between the board and your body.

Once the wave passed, pull the board close to your chest, roll back and get ready to do that again.

How to Duck Dive:

• Walk your board out

Duck diving is done with a shortboard and requires strength to completely submerge yourself with the board. Walk out with the board to your chest before getting into deep water.

To perform a proper duck dive, you must face the board and paddle towards the wave. As soon as the wave gets 2 meters ahead, grab the rails of your board and push the board under water. Extend your arms with your elbows in a locked position and your board fully submerged.

• Submerge your board and yourself

Next up is to execute the duck dive by placing your foot at the tail end of your board and submerge the tail of your board. Raise the tailbone to the sky and shape your body in a triangle position to completely submerge the board.

Submerge yourself by taking a deep breath and pull yourself toward the submerged board to allow the coming waves to roll over you. If your duck dive is timed perfectly, you will not feel the force of the wave as it passes you over and if you are not submerged completely, you will be pushed around by the wave while underwater

• Resurface and try again

After completing the duck dive surfing technique, resurface and try again until you completely master it. Center yourself on your board, wipe the water out of your eyes and paddle on.

The Rock Has Been Linked with a Big WWE Comeback

Guess what? It is very possible to see Dwayne Johnson in a big WWE comeback! The Rock has been linked with this comeback and we could definitely see him in one of the most epic WWEWrestleMania clashes with Brock Lesnar.

In fact, the WWE planned to have The Rock at the Men’s Royal Rumble Match. This match will take place on January 27at the Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. Even though we were all looking forward to a battle with Roman Reigns which was to happen at the Universal Championship at WrestleMania on April 7 at the MetLife Stadium in New York, this isn’t happening. The main reason is that Roman Reigns took an extended leave of absence as he was diagnosed for leukaemia and needs treatment.

However, this doesn’t mean that we won’t see Dwayne Johnson at WWE. Instead, it is very likely that The People’s Champion will return and battle former rival Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Mania. This return will definitely depend on one condition and that is the deal The Rock and WWE will make.

Recently, WrestleVotes tweeted that the plan was that The Rock should face Roman Reigns at Mania. However, as this won’t happen, it is possible that Dwayne faces Lesnar and that it only depends on the kind of agreement they make.

We have only seen these two face only once. The battle between Lesnar and Johnson happened in 2002 at the SummerSlam. Lesnar earned his first world title after winning the championship after pinning The Rock following an F-5. Lesnar was then 25 and became the youngest WWE Champion of all time. In 2004, Lesnar left the WWE and moved to the UFC where he became Heavyweight Champion. Then, in 2012, he again returned to the WWE and has beaten some of the best wrestlers, such as CM Punk, John Cena, and Triple H.

On the other hand, Johnson left WWE and started with his acting career, which became very successful. In fact, he has acted in many blockbusters, such as the Fast & Furious franchise and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Moreover, he has worked side by side with many movie stars, including Kevin Hart, Bruce Willis, and John Travolta. However, he revealed that he would like to return to the ring in the future as he misses the connection with the audience.

Roman Reigns was supposed to fight WWE Legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at WrestleMania

Roman Reigns was set to square off against his WWE legend cousin The Rock at WrestleMania 35, before he was unfortunately and shockingly diagnosed with leukemia.

The WWE Universe was stunned in October when he revealed his first battle against the disease 11 years ago, and that the cancer unfortunately returned.

The popular “Big Dog” then relinquished the Universal Championship before leaving wrestling indefinitely to receive treatment and get healthy.

Dwayne Johnson allegedly planned to win the Royal Rumble next year, and then fight Reigns for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania on April 7 at the MetLife Stadium in New York, according to WrestleVotes. This is not going to be the case now, which does not mean that The Great One is completely out of WrestleMania.

WrestleVotes had this to say on their twitter page: “Rumble tidbit: Plan at one point was for The Rock to win the Royal Rumble & face Roman Reigns at Mania. That’s obviously not happening. Can Rock still win it & face Lesnar? I guess. Depends what kind of agreement Rock and WWE have. Once plans changed, Rock may have reconsidered.”

The Rock did recently reveal his plans and wishes to return to the ring at one point. The “People’s Champion” said:
“I can’t wait to get back into a WWE ring. Everybody always asks me what’s it like being in a WWE ring and I always tell them, there’s a lot of celebrities and athletes too, I say there’s nothing like it.There’s nothing like [being] inside a WWE ring because there’s a certain live crowd acumen, there’s great connective tissue that’s second to none. That was always, and will always be the best part of my job when it comes to wrestling, whether I’m wrestling a match or just giving a promo. That connection with the audience, there’s nothing like it.”

The Rock was thefavorite to win the Royal Rumble Match this year,and now has the sixth best odds at winning on January 27 at the Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.RAW superstar Drew McIntyre is the favorite with 2/1 odds, followed by Braun Strowman’s 3/1, The Miz stands at 7/2, Seth Rollins is currently at 4/1 and AJ Styles’s chances are 8/1.

Roman Reigns and Dwayne Johnson are not biological cousins, but rather they share a very special family bond through their shared Samoan heritage.

Their relation has roots in Reigns’ grandfather Reverend Amituana’iAnoa’Ideclaring Peter Maivia, Johnson’s grandfather, as his blood brother. Bonds like this one hold a very deep meaning within the proud Samoan culture.

The Most Common Family Amusement Equipment – Things to Add into Your amusement  Park


If you are in the theme park industry or if you want to get involved, first and foremost you should think about creating an environment that is family-friendly. Yes, we all know the prevailing opinion that it should have high and fast roller coasters that will provide the adrenaline junkies with an irreplaceable adrenaline rush, but instead, you should focus on people that will keep coming back-families with children.

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You probably remember too that as a child the best part of your day was when you went out and got to spend an entire day at the playground. Knowing and remembering this, if you are considering into entering the amusement park industry, then you should know that creating such area beside the crazy rides is a must.
Taking some time off to rest in between riding the rides will be a blessing for the parents too. Here are some things you need to think about and some amusement equipment you need to include in your amusement area.

·        Practical area

Firstly starting with the area around it, you need to add a bunch of benches that will be super-practical for the parents. They can sit and relax while their children are carelessly paying. Other than relaxing they can be convenient because they can be used to make a lunch break.

·        Age-appropriate

The next thing you need to think about is that when families come into your park, it is only reasonable that there will be children of various ages. So, instead of focusing on one, in particular, you have to have a specific area for each of them. Wondering why?

Well, it is evident that what seems challenging and exciting for one age, it will be impossible for the youngest and most vulnerable. This is an indirect way to keep the little ones off the big kids` amusement equipment and to keep them safe.
From toddler to age 2 the amusement should be close to the ground because usually, this group has no fear of falling.

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From 2 to 5 years, the amusement should be kept simple resembling the elementary school amusement but instead with smaller shorter slides, keeping things close to the ground. And for the elementary group, they`ve gradually built body agility and awareness with fluid and confident movements so you can add something more challenging to master.

·        Safety

The safety is the most important thing for the parents, and it should be for you too.

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There are a few important things to consider when inventing and planning this area such as leaving enough space between the amusement equipment, taking care of the protective ground surface, and even testing out everything before you let any child play.

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·        Common equipment

Diversity is what will keep the kids entertained long enough for the parents to rest. Knowing this here are only a few of the most common amusement family equipment.

  • Slides

There are all sorts of slides: wavy, double, and tube ones and they come in many colors. The slide is probably one of the pieces that are truly dominant on the playground.

  • Swings

The best thing about swings is that they are all-age appropriate. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be suitable for both toddlers and school kids.

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  • Towers linked with wavy bridges
  • Playhouse zone with a climbing rope
  • Ladders
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Interesting tunnels
  • Fire pole
  • Gym rings


For more information on family amusement equipment, you can get it from Hualongrides.

Motocross: All beginnings are hard, but it’s worth it!

Motocross can be a dangerous sport if you don’t know the basics. Therefore, it is important to have basic knowledge and to follow the rules. This can prevent serious injuries. Are you a newcomer and do you want to be safer and more effective when riding motocross? Here are some fundamental tips for beginners.


Standing or sitting, that is the question here.

Most of the sport is done standing up. However, it is not uncommon for beginners to sit down too often, in most cases due to insecurity. Make sure you know when to stand up and when to sit. Sitting is not the same as sitting – there are different types of sitting… Please be careful not to shift your weight too far to the back of the bike. A good sitting position is upright in the front third of the seat – where the seat touches the tank.

source: redbull

Mastering tight curves

Driving particularly tight corners is part of your motocross basic training. Always start the bend standing up. At the apex, you have to sit down and accelerate. The leg should be stretched out as far as possible, but ground contact should be avoided. Therefore it is recommended to always keep the leg close to the tank.

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Look ahead!

Never let ruts or mud puddles on the ground distract you. You should always look where you are going. If you only look as far as the front wheel, you may not be able to react quickly enough to changes in the road surface.

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Is there room? Not so fast!

Many newcomers make the mistake of looking back and trying to avoid it as quickly as possible when a faster driver approach behind them. Sometimes they cross the road just when the faster driver is about to overtake. This can lead to accidents. It is best to reduce the speed briefly and simply continue straight ahead in the same lane.

source: redbull

Last but not least…

Please pay attention to the right motocross accessories – helmet, boots, and protectors save lives and prevent serious injuries!

source: hellocross