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8 Things Every Runner Should Own Today

Whether you are a short, long distance runner or preparing for a 10k marathon, you need to pay attention to the things you keep with you to help make your running experience a little better.

Running is one of the most convenient and very low maintenance exercises that one can participate in. There are many essential items out there that can increase your confidence, improve your training performance, ultimately increasing your chances for success.

It is important for every type of runner to take care of themselves and part of that is owning all the right gear to make your journey easier. By having accessories can make your running experience even better. Check out the list below for the top 12 things that every runner should own today!



The perfect water bottle can make runners experience so much better. Kool8 is the type of water bottle you can take anywhere and it keeps your water cool and teas warm with its double-walled vacuum insulation technology. With its temperature controlled ability, steel sturdiness, modern design, eco-friendliness, and convenience, it is a must for every runner.

Features of kool8 bottle:

  • Fully insulated: the double-walled vacuum insulation helps to maintain the temperature of your desired liquid
  • Industrial strength: the durable stainless steel keeps the bottle safe from any wear and tear to keep the bottle looking new and clean
  • Tea infuser: one of the greatest features of this bottle that allows you to enjoy a nice warm tea at any time
  • Eco-friendly: by contributing to less plastic, this eco-friendly bottle helps you do your part in reducing environmental wastes  
  • Socially-conscious: with every purchase, the bottles and clean water is delivered to those in need throughout the world  

Price of the product: $24.99 (originally $34.99)

Foam roller

Foam rolling is one the greatest way to stretch out the tired muscles before or after a run. Foam rolling has many benefits for runners such as: breaking up the trigger points to reduce injuries, soothing tight fascia to increase blood flow and circulation to the tissues, improving range of motion, movement and flexibility to allow for an injury-free running experience.


Price range: $15-$50

Cooling Towel

Another great product for every runner is a cooling towel to keep in their bags after a run. These Athletecare Enduracool towels have special technology that cools to body down when it’s wet. Rather than bringing a bucket of ice to cool down, these cooling towels provide relief during and after a long run.

To use this high-quality towel, simply soak it in water, wring it out, and you get a refreshing towel designed to cool you down instantly. They are made of soft and functional fabric that provides a cool feeling without irritation and can be easily machine washed.

Price of the product: $15.17

Fitbit Versa

If you are a runner and want a simple yet sleek watch, it is worthwhile to invest in the FitBit Versa. This device can be worn all day long, and you can easily use it on the run. It has all the right features that allow a smooth stress-free run, such as a connected GPS (via your smartphone), long battery life (up to four days), and music storage.

This device is loaded with the original Fitbit abilities, such as sleep and exercise tracking, step counting, monitoring heart rate, tracking burning calories, and many more. It is also water-resistant for long runs and this watch is compatible with many apps, including Uber, Yelp, and news apps. Fitbit Versa is a great option for every runner that is looking for a smartwatch loaded with health and fitness tracking capabilities.  


Price of the product: $200

Bose Soundsport Free Truly Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a must for runners to allow you to get through a long (or short) running session. These sweat and weather resistant earbuds are completely wireless and provide great sound quality that lasts up to five hours.

These completely wireless in-ear headphones are designed to stay in place while remaining comfort to help you take your running experience to the next level. With special engineered designs, these headphones wrap easily around the ear and conform naturally to the shape of the upper ridge of your ear, allowing them to stay put while being comfortable. They come in a variety of colors such as orange and blue. If you want longer battery life, the charging case will buy you an extra 10 hours of listening time.

Price of the product: $199

Body Glide

One of the worst things that can happen to a runner: chafing. This original Body Glide that is anti-chafe, and anti-blister is perfect for protecting your skin against rubbing that leads to chafing and irritation. This balm forms an invisible barrier between the skin and is effective wherever skin rubbing occurs.

Body Glide can be applied before you get dressed on any part of the body where skin is rubbed against. It is effective and long-lasting to provide you with all-day protection in humid or dry conditions. Body glide comes in various different sizes making it easy to take with you anywhere.


Price of the product: $14.99

Vooray Active Water Resistant Nylon Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are the perfect way to keep all your belongings safe and in one place. These Vooray active water-resistant nylon fanny packs can be easily adjusted so that they stay secure and don’t move around during a run.

These fanny packs are made from a rugged, water-resistant nylon material that gives it a unique appearance making them both cute and practical.

Price of the product: $11.98 (originally $20.00)

Nuun Electrolyte Tabs

During long or short runs, these Nuun tablets (tablet-form electrolytes that you can pop into your water) are perfect to hydrate during or after your run. They’re essential for every runner who all know how important it is to replace lost electrolytes during and after exercise.

These are many benefits of using Nuun electrolyte tabs, such as getting more energy for your run, avoiding sugar, and any chemical additives. Nuun electrolyte tabs provide the body with the key electrolytes (potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium), which means your body will stay hydrated allowing for a smooth running session. These tabs come in all types of flavors such as orange, citrus fruit, fruit punch and many more.


Price of the product: $7

The Importance of Sport in Bulgaria & The Role of Vasil Bojkov

If we are to think of national identity and self-esteem and what truly defines these aspects, there is one thing that definitely comes on the scene – sports. All of the success stories and achievements owned by sportspeople in different fields represent a unique arsenal of strengths that is capable of making the hearts of a whole nation beat as one. Once we realize the importance of sports, not just from an economic but from a human perspective as well, we are to grow into individuals who strive to give more, do more, appreciate more, and try to really invest in the development of this notion of national “athleticism”, so to speak. And this is something really crucial, especially for a country like Bulgaria. It is true that there is a huge number of obstacles and difficulties that quite often stand in the way.

Vasil Bojkov

Yet, some forces emerge in attempt to remind us about the existence of the great Bulgarian sports culture with all of its historical athletic giants. From Nikola Stanchev who was the 1956 Olympic Games middle weight freestyle wrestling champion, trough Stanka Zlateva with all of her remarkable achievements over the years and Antoaneta Stefanova the Women’s World Champion from 2004 to 2006, to the most lively discussed figure under the spotlight of the ski world cup 2019 – Albert Popov. However, these forces also reappear to build and support current sports talents and to make room for future sports heroes, whose names will be forever intertwined with the history of Bulgaria and the DNA of the Bulgarian sport. Without doubt, one such driving force in the national landscape is Vasil Bojkov. He is linked to various events and initiatives and over and over again has proven that sport in Bulgaria is alive and breathing. And most importantly, he shows that it deserves to be given a push in order to continue to sustain the national self-esteem.

Vasil Bojkov’s role in sports has influenced many successful sports events and achievements in Bulgaria. It is precisely during the period when Bojkov was a chairman of the Bulgarian Chess Federation (back in 2003) when Bulgaria topped the world ranking for the best man and woman in chess. The names of the winners and world champions are Veselin Topalov and Antoaneta Stefanova (who was already mentioned above). But this is not all. The years between 1999 and 2006 are also marked by Bojkov’s impact. At that time he is the president of the CSKA football team. It seems that they gain their momentum and score some really hard-to-forget results. The Reds beat football giants like Liverpool, Bayer, Shakhtar and manage to win two championship titles as well.

Another interesting fact is that some of the most significant moments in the Bulgarian sports shooting field also happened when Vasil Bojkov was head of the Federation. Not one but three gold medals were scooped for Bulgaria. His immense support contributed to the triumph of Maria Grozdeva and that of Tanyu Kiryakov. Grozdeva won two Olympic gold medals, while Kiryakov got one Olympic medal. The presence of Vasil Bojkov in the Bulgarian sport is ostensible almost anywhere. He has established several companies that maintain Sports Talent program with the main goal to fund many young athletes and future sports stars. And something else, the biggest sports event in the country is also organized by him. Organized each year, the “Sportsperson of the Year Awards” has the idea to acknowledge the accomplishments of all the best Bulgarian athletes and to recognize their endeavors.

                                                    Sportsperson of the Year Awards

In conclusion, Vasil Bojkov has had a huge impact upon many different areas in Bulgaria and has contributed to the development of different fields. Nevertheless, sport seems to be the focus of his efforts where he has left the biggest mark on. Nothing seems to be able to stop the Bulgarian businessman and patron of the national sport. He is ready to take the largest step even when it comes to achieving the smallest thing in the name of the national “athleticism” and its further development.

Roman Reigns Teaming Up for a Movie – Playing Dwayne Johnson’s Brother


We are used to seeing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on a small screen or in a cinema. He is one of the most popular actors working today, and definitely, he is the most popular WWE fighter working as an actor. We know him from various movies and tv, maybe the most prominent is “Fast and Furious” and “Ballers”.

The Rock announced that his WWE colleague Roman Reigns will join him in the spinoff of “Fast and Furious” called “Hobbs and Shaw”. The movie will premier in the August this year. In the August 2018 Reigns became WWE universal champion after defeating Brock Lesnar. Few months after he announced that he battles leukemia for the second time.


Anyway, the movie was announced on Rock`s Instagram profile. Dwayne Johnson said that he is really excited to work with his colleague and cousin on the movie for the first time. He expressed his delight with Reigns positive mindset that will surely be something that will help him return to the ring. In the end, he said that he enjoys filming on the Samoan islands from where his ancestors are.

On his Instagram profile, Roman Reigns expressed his gratitude towards Dwayne and the rest of the crew, saying that he considers this a “Family Healing”. As we said, the movie “Hobbs and Shaw”, which starts Johnson and Leati Joseph Anoa`I (Roman Reigns), plus Jason Statham, will premiere in August 2019.


Soccer Shooting Drills for Free Kick Specialists

Do you remember that free kick from the Brazilian full back, Roberto Carlos?  Yes, that free kick.  If not, take a look.

It really is the most magnificent of shots.

Note the care with which the full back places the ball.  He wants the slightly harder material around the valve to be facing him.  This means, when he strikes through the ball at this point, additional and less predictable swerve will be added.

Note the straight run up:  Carlos knows that to score from this distance he needs power behind the shot.  An angled run up may well instil strong swerve, but at the cost of power.  Fine if the free kick is just twenty yards from goal, but not if (as in this case) the ball is thirty five yards out.

And the scariest thing about this astonishing goal?  It was scored more than twenty years ago, in 1977.  It seems like yesterday.

Dead ball situations, which include penalties and corners, as well as free kicks, result in about a third of all goals scored; although penalty kicks have (unsurprisingly) the highest conversion rate they are also by far the rarest to be awarded.  Corners have about a two to three per cent chance of leading to a goal, so we can conclude that free kicks have the potential to be a major source of goals for our team.

Naturally, success is all about delivery.  That is true whether the free kick is a direct shot on goal (with about a five per cent success rate) or a cross or pass.

Soccer Shooting Drill One – Striking the ball – shots on goal

Place balls in various positions around the attacking half of the pitch, no more than forty yards from goal.

Focus clearly on where he ball is going to end up.  This visualisation is extremely important as it helps to maintain concentration.

Have a run up of four to five steps, putting acceleration into the approach.  Of course, the super long run up such as Roberto Carlos demonstrated can be used, but the faster we are travelling, the harder it is to maintain accuracy in the point of contact.  Also, Carlos was probably a slightly better player than most of us!

Plant the non-striking foot firmly beside the ball, and strike through the ball.

Use the inside of the foot and strike the ball low down.  This will impart spin making the ball swerve and dip.  Sometimes, this is known as a ‘knuckleball’ shot.

The drill can be developed with the addition of a goalkeeper and then a wall.  Mannequins can be used for the wall.

Soccer Shooting Drill Two – Striking the ball – crossing

Much of the drill here is as above.  However, a shorter run up is usually sufficient since less power is needed.

Lean back slightly on striking the ball to allow height to be imparted, since dip is less important if the free kick is to be a cross.  Have an angled run up to encourage swerve.

Once again, the point of contact with the ball, and the focus on where the cross should end up are the key techniques to stress.

The drill can begin with just the free kick taker (s), since it is where the ball ends up that is important, more than other players getting on the end.  Then a keeper, wall and other players can be added to make the drill closer to the real game situation.

Soccer Shooting Drill Three – Obscuring the Keeper

Place balls around twenty five yards from goal, centrally – fitting in the width of the D on the penalty area.

The drill requires the free kick takers, a three or four man wall (mannequins work just as well) and a keeper.  Then, there are two additional attackers who position themselves on the outside of the wall.  They peel off as the free kick is struck, and the ball is aimed through the space they have just vacated.

The view of the goalkeeper is then obscured, increasing the chances of success.

Soccer Shooting Drill Four – The Far Post Kick

This is an excellent tactic for wide free kicks, often resulting in a goal.  The cross is hit with spin as in drill one, aiming for it to swerve and dip at the far post.

Attackers run across the penalty area.  This means that the goalkeeper cannot react until late.  If he or she attempts to dive too soon, then any contact from the attackers can result in a goal.  If there is no contact, then by the time the keeper commits to saving the ball, it is often too late.

As with the drills above, it is the delivery that is most important.  Therefore, the drill can begin with just the free kick taker.  Then, a two man wall can be added, before attacking and defensive players.

Soccer Shooting Drill Five – The Element of Surprise

Here is a free kick which has a unexpectedly high degree of success.  As with the first three drills, the aim is to score directly, although here deflections are overtly sought.

When a free kick is taken, the wall will usually jump in order to gain as much height as possible.  This free kick seeks to drive the ball low, beneath the jumping wall.  This has an element of surprise which can fool a keeper.

Added to the general confusion, the chance of a deflection off of either defensive player or offensive is high, and this may well divert the ball past the keeper.

Certainly, a spectacular, thirty yard, dipping swerving shot is aesthetically more pleasing, but at the end of the day, a goal is a goal.

The drill needs to be practised with plenty of players to make it like a match situation.

Drills for free kicks are good fun for those taking the shots; less so for others.  Having the duty, for half an hour, of being peppered with balls as we stand in the wall is not especially thrilling.  However, free kicks are a significant source of goals, and teams neglect them during practice at their peril.

Article by Abiprod, a soccer coaching brand. If you liked this article, you can check out Abiprod’s blog here.

Reviews for the Maxi Climber

The Maxi Climber simply said, Is a vertical climbing machine designed to help you lose weight and get into shape more.

Vertical climbing machines are very popular in gyms all across the world, but with Maxi Climber you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

The machine works in a way that it mimics rock climbing and all the actions associated with rock climbing. Exercising with this machine will make you burn calories faster because of the level of body strength the Maxi Climber requires for you to have. Using this exercise machine will benefit you in several ways. Namely, one of the main reason of the Maxi Climber is to increase your core strength, increase your back strengths, grip strength, facilitate your muscles, and increase the strengths of your lower body tone. And all that from the comfort of your home, no gym required, and no gym membership fees required!

image source:

Maxi Climber Key Features

Every workout machine focuses on different parts of our body, and many workout machines are composed out of various features. So let’s discuss the main features of the Maxi Climber.

1. Adjustable Height

Maxi Climber offers users the ability to personally adjust the height of the machine, meaning that someone who’s 5ft and someone who is 6ft can both enjoy the Maxi Climber. This machine is perfect and fully adjustable in height, meaning you can get the most out of your workout no matter what size you are.

2. Auto Workout Timer

While compiling this maxi climber review, we were impressed by the auto workout timer that the wonderful people designing this machine have put in place for you. Namely, you can use the auto workout timer that has a series of pre-programmed workouts that measures time while using the Maxi Climber. As soon as you step off the machine, the timer will automatically pause, and as soon as you resume, the timer will resume. This can be considered very convenient because no one wants to fiddle in the controls panel every time they are about to start doing their workout. What’s more impressive is that it comes with a display that shows you the number of steps and the number of calories burned with each session.

image source:

3. Ergonomic Design

The feature we are most impressed with is the ergonomic design of the Maxi Climber. The wonderful people making this workout machine were fully aware that people come in all shapes and sizes, so they made the Maxi Climber compatible with any body shape and size. It doesn’t matter if your body shape is an endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorph, the Maxi Climber’s ergonomic design will bring comfort to your workout like it was designed specifically for you.

4. Low-Impact Workout

We have all been in a situation where we have a sore ankle and its cardio day. Training with an injury can be considered as a high-impact workout and can have a tool on our injury, not to mention the fact that it’s quite painful. Well, the Maxi Climber has been specifically designed to provide a low-impact workout that will reduce the chances of you getting injured. What’s more is that it reduces the chance of you injuring more during the workout because of an existing injury.

5. Compact Design

The Maxi Climber is very lightweight and compact. Whenever you’re not using the Maxi Climber, simply fold it and store it somewhere, so it doesn’t take space in your room. Whenever you feel like training, simply unfold it, and that’s that.

The Facts About Wrestler Bayley, Her WWE Career and Boyfriend


Bayley was born as Pamela Rose Martinez in Newark, California on June 15, 1989. Her parents were Mexican and she attended high school in San Jose. Her obsession with professional wrestling begins very early and she started attending shows at the age of 11.

When she turned 18, she started training at Big Time Wrestling, under the coach Jason Styles. She had her first match in September 2008, just six months after she started training, under the name of Davina Rose. She stayed with Big Time Wrestling until 2010, when she started branching out to other federations.

In 2012, she was accepted in developmental division WWE NXT. Bayley won the NXT Women’s Championship in 2014, by defeating Sasha Banks at the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn event.

Img source:

Bayley successfully defended the title against several challengers, including Alexa Bliss, Eva Marie, Nia Jax, and Carmella. She lost the title to Asuka the next year at the NXT TakeOver: Dallas event after holding the title for 223 days. Her final match in WWE NXT was a failed attempt at regaining the title. After that, it was time to move on, and Bayley made her WWE main roster debut on July 24, 2016. Teamed with Sasha Banks, her rival from the NXT days, she appeared on Battleground 2016.

Bayley made her plans for winning the title known quite early and she made several unsuccessful attempts at the belt. Finally, in February 2017, she defeated Charlotte Flair and won the WWE Raw Women’s Championship title. She was challenged at Fastlane and Wrestlemania but managed to hold on to the belt.

Img source:

Her reign lasted only 76 days and she lost the title to Alexa Bliss at Payback 2017. She was successful at the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal, where she managed to remain to the end, finally being defeated by the event champion Naomi.

Bayley isn’t married but is in a long-term relationship with a fellow wrestler Aaron Solow. The couple met in 2010 while attending the wrestling classes in California.

Her favorite wrestlers are The Hardy Boyz, The Rock, Lita, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, and Trish Stratus. She managed to meet all of them even before joining with the WWE. Bayley made an appearance in both WWE 2K17 and WWE 2K18.

Bayley is 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall and weighs 54 kg (119 lb). Her physique is often cited as an ideal for a female athlete.

Judi Sheppard Missett: Jazzercise Franchise and More


Judi Sheppard Missett is best known for establishing the Jazzercise dance fitness franchise. She did so in 1969 with the headquarters in Carlsbad, California, but it didn’t take long for the franchise to spread around the United States. Jazzercise is the combination of dance, strength and resistance training while listening to popular music. It is a full-body workout many women not only in American are acquainted with considering the fact that the company has over 8,300 franchises worldwide.

While you might be familiar with Jazzercise, how much do you know about its founder – Judi Sheppard Missett?

Img source:

Brief Summary

The first location where Sheppard Missett established the popular franchise was Chicago, Illinois, when she was a student at Northwestern University. At the time, she was teaching at a dance studio, but she had issues how to keep the attendees go through their workout routines and many would drop out.

To solve this issue, Sheppard Missett started holding classes “just for fun” and her workouts commenced with a jazz warmup. And therefore the name.

The family moves to Carlsbad, California, but Judi doesn’t have any intentions on giving up her plans. She started teaching classes in local rec centers and it didn’t take long for Jazzercise to take of in San Diego. Seeing that her methods are widely accepted, Sheppard Missett started training instructors herself.

Interestingly enough, most of the instructors in the beginning were a part of the military and the would travel the world and spread jazzercise, which was accepted by lots of people.

Sheppard Missett had a plan of reaching as many people as possible so she started filming her exercise routines and programs on VHS tapes. Should could now help people get fit from distance and it didn’t take long before Jazzercise became a hit. She started selling franchise right for the studios across the country because there were many interested offering high prices.

Not Taking Her Seriously

“I was the little exercise girl,” she said. “It wasn’t that I was smart or that I had built a business. It was just, ‘You’re someone who can get up there and dance, and hoop and holler, and you look so cute in your outfit.Well, today they are out of business and I did $93 million (in sales) last year.”
This is what Sheppard Missett said in 2009 when she was already known nation-wide. The point is that exercise fads come and go, but Missett was able to start a business that will stay here for a long time.

Good Intentions

Missett’s net worth is not known, but at the beginning of everything, she didn’t worry about the money. It wasn’t her priority. She started helping people and finding ways to make exercises entertaining and she continued doing that throughout her career, even when her business was booming.

Just to see what kind of person Sheppard Missett is, here’s what she said: “If somebody comes in and says ‘I really need this but I just can’t afford it,’ we’ll figure something out. And if it’s free, it’s free. In these times it’s about people helping one another, and if you can’t do that, then you are Bernie Madoff.”

“I never had a business plan,” she added. “I never had a blueprint. And I never got a loan for anything to this day.”

That may not be a good advice for all of you who are trying to enhance your business, but if something’s going well and the results are visible, it’s sometimes all you have to do. Judi Sheppard Missett may not be as popular as some other names from the fitness world, but she truly contributed to it with her innovative approach.

5 WWE couples together on and off the ring


Dating as a WWE star isn’t always easy. Their work takes them on the road for days, sometimes weeks, and finding a partner who is ready to tolerate that is hard. It comes as no surprise that many of the athletes choose to be with someone from the same world, who understand their life and who is often on the road with them.

Some of the couples on our list get to know each other as partners in the ring first before they became ones in real life as well. The reason is simple. As partners they trained together, ending up spending a lot of time in each other’s company. It is easy to see why they developed feelings for one another in such circumstances. WWE’s habit of creating storylines that included fake marriages and relationship only helped the matter, creating situations where athletes spend even more time together.

There are those who went about it the other way and became a couple in real life and then decided to appear in the ring together. Whatever the reason and however they became entangled, these couples have decided to be together in both private and professional life. So far, it is working for them, at least for the couples on our list.

Img source:

The Miz and Maryse

The Miz and Maryse met in 2006. The Miz was hosting WWE Diva Search and Maryse was one of the contestants. About a year later, they started dating and the marriage followed in 2014. The ceremony was held in the Bahamas. They have a daughter, Monroe Sky and they live in Austin, Texas.

The couple was very successful in the ring as well, with The Miz winning both the International Champion and WWE Champion titles and Maryse being Diva Champion. Together, they host a TV show called Miz and Mrs. Maryse is also The Miz’s manager.

Img source:

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young kept their relationship secret from their fans. The couple started dating in 2013, but revealed the fact in 2015, during an interview on an episode of SmackDown, when Renee was interviewing The Miz.

They did the same thing with their marriage. They had the ceremony in 2017 but never made the announcement. People only realized when they saw the wedding rings on their hands a few months later. This is in line with Dean’s attitude towards social media and privacy. “I don’t feel the need to open myself up to the opinion of everybody in the world with a phone or computer. I just don’t get being connected to everybody on such a superficial level like that. It’s not really for me,” he said in 2014.

Dean is one of the most prominent WWE stars, appearing in Monday Night Raw, while Renee is the first woman commentator for the Raw.

Img source:

Jimmy Uso and Naomi

Unlike other couples on our list, Jimmy Uso and Naomi first got married and only then teamed up for the WWE fights. They fought together in Total Divas and WWE Mixed Match Challenges, season 1 and two.

They are married since 2014 and they live together with Jimmy’s two kids from a previous relationship. The children are happy to call Naomi stepmom.

Img source:

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s relationship also started as a fake one, for the purpose of the storyline. They became close and started dating shortly afterward and got married in 2014. In 2017 they had a daughter, Birdie.

Their last match wasn’t as successful, as they lost to The Miz and Maryse in WWE’s Hell in a Cell in 2018.

Img source:

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Known as The Authority, squaring off against Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle at the Wrestlemania 34, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are also together in real life. They were wed in 2003 in a private ceremony with friends and family and have three daughters.

Their WWE marriage began in 1999, for the purpose of the show. Soon after, they started dating for real and their partnership was strong on both fronts. At one point, they both held titles at the same time, Triple H as the WWE Champion and Stephanie McMahon as the Women’s Champion.