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The Rock’s Most Exceptional WWE Matches

Dwayne Johnson has joined the WWE in 1996 and it has been since then he became known by his ring name The Rock. He is a WWE icon and one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. In WWE, The Rock is one of the greatest wrestlers and has had some of the best matches so far in the history of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Thus, we decided to list some of his best and most exceptional WWE matches of all time.

5. The Rock vs. Chris Jericho

This match took place at the No Mercy 2001 when both of these fighters showed one their greatest performances. Their moves throughout the match were perfect and the commentary of Jim Ross added intensity to the experience. Thanks to the involvement by Stephanie McMahon, Chris Jericho ended as the winner of this epic match.

4. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Rock

This was one of the most intense and dramatic matches which happened on the WrestleMania XV. The fight started outside the ring and Austin’s knee landed on support girders. There have been a series of counters until “Stone Cold” picked up the victory.

3. The Rock vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker


The Vengeance 2002 triple-threat match saw one of the most epic fights of these three legends. This was the main event for the WWE Championship where each fighter dished out the other’s moves. Hence, The Rock chokeslammed The Undertaker, who then pulled off an Angle Slam. The Rock was the winner of this match.

2. The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan

The WrestleMania X8 featured one of the best matches in the history of WWE. The match was labeled ‘Icon vs Icon’ and The Rock won the match.

1. The Rock vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

This battle happened at the WrestleMania 17 when the two legends faced each other for the Championship. This seemingly never-ending epic match was all about creating history. However, McMahon created a shock and teamed up with Steve Austin to defeat The Rock.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard for Your Kid

The growing up for children all around the world is much better when they are introduced with a sport or a hobby at a young age. According to the experts, children who start developing habits in individual and collective sports have a much better chance in future professional life than those children who did not have any such activities. It sounds logical when you think about it.

At a really young age, they start thinking about their obligations, which are usually concerned with school, obstacles in front of them, how to overcome different situations and reach targets. This is what one part of growing up is supposed to give them, a familiar environment to recognize in the future and the options to handle the situation the best way possible. The educational importance is present in this part of growing up, with the future practical implementation of the knowledge being the most significant benefit.

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When allowing the child to choose a sport or a hobby you need to have an open mind and accept their ideas – at least take them into consideration. Skateboarding is an attractive offer for any kid in the world, a sport, hobby or a future profession. They will learn how to skate and they will meet new kids who hang around in skate parks. Firstly, this is a sport that puts the entire body in motion – all muscles are working and developing. Secondly, things change fast when you are on a skateboard, it will force them to think of a way to improve and continue skating – an educational factor that cannot be disregarded. Thirdly, they will gain other skills such as decision-making and improve their motor abilities.

This is why it is crucial not to mistake skateboarding with a rebellious waste of time for children. Because it will benefit even their awareness of safety when using the required helmet and equipment in the process of learning. You can take a look at the top ten lists of sports for children, such as Daily Top Ten Lists to confirm this method has worked before and will work in the future as well.

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The moment when you have taken the decision to purchase a skateboard, we have a few suggestions to make it as simple as possible. On the first place, set a budget for the skateboard and the safety equipment your kid will need. The skateboard needs to be good, but not of the highest quality as they just start learning. Don’t get fooled by the colorful boards made to impress the children, the first skateboard for your kid should in our opinion have a large board with quality wheels on it. This will allow your child more comfortable control, better handling, and easier balancing when they start skateboarding. As he takes his skills to another level, he will be able to choose a suitable skateboard.

How to film soccer game


Soccer is one of the fastest-moving games, and it is also thrilling in every moment from the beginning to the end of the game. So, filming a soccer game entirely and perfectly is not as easy as you are thinking. Capturing everything in details including the football, players’ positioning, their jersey number, and the referee is key to film a well-analyzed soccer game.

There are a lot of websites online you can search from Google and can get huge information on how to film a soccer game properly. Techwhippet is such a website you can visit to gather more information about the topic. They have covered up everything in details from camera positioning and the tripod to the vantage position.

As expected, you need a few things in order to film soccer. There is nobody who likes shaky videos. These types of videos are irritating and not many people will be keen to watch it. For this purpose, you will be needed a camera first. You can use your phone’s camera as well to capture a soccer game, but it may not entice you.

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On the other hand, if you have sports camcorders, it is used to capture a good, high-quality video. So, we recommend shooting the entire play with sports camcorders which are perfect for capturing every single detail of the game.

Choose your camera first

Choosing a quality camera that has excellent camera resolution is a key to have better video experience. Also, you can go with your iPad or iPhone camera which will also do the work for you. Before going to capture a soccer game, it will be wise to practice capturing a practice match with your camera so that you can judge the video quality. If you see it will do, you are ready to record the whole game. Keep it in mind that you need to capture the entire game without leaving any moment. Every moment in a soccer game is equally important to analyze.

Select the best vantage position to capture

To record the entire field with referees, you should choose the mid position of the field so that you can see both sides equally. When you are doing this, you also have to keep in your mind one thing that you have to capture the signals of the referee as well as the jersey number of players. Also, do not only focus on the movement of the ball. Instead, watch the positioning of the players because that is equally important.

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It is also recommended that you make a record of the scoreboard after every goal. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t pause while the game lasts.

Shaky videos are worthless to watch and analyze

If you want to get rid of those shaky, irritating videos, you have to use a tripod. It is one of the must-have equipment to film a soccer game which will be good in quality. Moreover, if the tripod is tall enough, it will add extra advantage to filming your video. The high position allows you to film every angle perfectly. Shake-free, as well as clearer video footages, are only possible with a good tripod set at a proper height.

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It will be wiser if you can film the entire soccer game without zooming. It is almost impossible to capture a soccer game without zooming. This is something to be aware of when you are choosing your position on the stands.

Don’t pause before breaks

As a soccer game is very fast-moving, you should not pause your video before halftime. To capture all the moments and substitutions clearly, you shouldn’t pause it or stop your video. Otherwise, you will miss some important moment in this soccer game.


We hope and believe that you can film a good quality video of a soccer game. If you can follow all the steps shown above, we are confident that you will encounter no issues.

How Can Daily Walking Benefit Your Health


 Okay, certain things might have changed since the way we were out in the woods hunting and gathering, but that still doesn’t mean that we should all become a couch potato and completely dismiss physical activity. Is that the end of our evolution path – becoming a potato that spends its day on a couch? We don’t think so. A fact is that most of us are living a fast-paced lifestyle where not a lot of time remains for self-care and family time. Still, with good organization and a positive mindset, everything can be achieved. And the first thing you should always have in mind is your overall health. By implementing regular exercise, nutritious diet, and a positive mindset to your daily routine you will be doing yourself and your body a huge favor.

Now, when we say regular exercise we don’t think only on strenuous workouts that will completely wear you off and leave you with aching muscles. No, even a light cardio workout or a yoga session can be of great benefit to your well-being. One of the most underrated forms of exercises is walking. People usually don’t think of walking as exercise given the fact that it is natural for a person to do so – and exactly there lies its power. It doesn’t take much effort yet people still seem to skip on it. We would all rather take a car ride to work/school or when going grocery shopping instead of walking those few extra miles and getting all the health benefits it offers.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Walking

1. Well, first and foremost walking is a daily activity meaning that now more than ever you will be able to get your routine done without even noticing it. By walking more than 6,000 steps a day you are considered as active, and everything above 10,000 is superb. And believe us, walking will benefit your overall health especially if you fasten the pace a beat. First and foremost – you will spend a lot more time outside which means less electronic screen and more fresh air and sun exposure which can increase your Vitamin D levels. Along with that, it is one of the best stress relievers as well – feel anxious or uncomfortable, go outside and walk it out.

2. The fact that walking is not strenuous gives you a variety of options. You will be able to do change your pace and routes on daily basis and make it all much more interesting. Also, walking can become quite a fun social activity as well – gather up with a group of friends and have a nice stroll through the downtown. And let’s not forget that an inexpensive device such as a pedometer can go a long way boosting your confidence and helping you to go through your limits.

3. Along with that, walking (especially fast-paced) is considered as a cardio activity meaning that you will be burning calories and that is great in case you want to lose those few extra pounds. And your heart will be a great benefit as well as through it you are improving your condition and cleaning out your blood vessels (with proper hydration and diet after, of course). The good news now is that you have no excuse – you can walk at home, but first, you need to find the best treadmill possible.


4. Also, walking is a great way to clear your mind and numerous studies have suggested that 90 minutes of effective walking a day (apart from your regular housework, or on job tasks) can reduce chances of certain mental conditions as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

5. Last but not least by walking more than 6,000 steps on a daily basis you are improving your lung capacity and boosting your whole immune system.


By including more walking you will feel better by the day and in a matter of a few weeks, you will realize that our body was made for much more than Netflix and chill. We, of course, don’t say that you shouldn’t relax, but with proper organization, healthy routine, and regular exercise you will be ready for whatever lies ahead!


Who Would Win Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder II?

We caught up with Derek Candelore to discuss…

On the eve of the first fight between Fury and Wilder I spoke with Derek Candelore and asked him for his prediction for the fight. He said that Fury would outbox Wilder for most of the fight but a late knockdown could cause the fight to being scored a draw…

I became a fan by watching videos of Derek Candelore Boxing on the Internet and connected with him through his website For those that don’t know, Derek’s prediction of the fight was almost exactly how it played out. Many had the fight for Fury, others had it for Wilder… Wilder had not only one, but two vicious knockdowns. Fury outboxed Wilder so badly at times, he made him look robotic, stiff and amateurish.

The rematch date hasn’t been announced yet. Some say it might not even happen. That it would be too much of a risk for Wilder to revisit this challenge right now.  We had the opportunity to catch up with Derek Candelore to see if he thinks the rematch will happen and what the result would be.

Derek said “Heavyweight boxing is alive and well. Fury Wilder 2 will be bigger (in terms of PPV and ticket sales) than the first one and will likely play out the same way. It better happen, we all want to see it”. “But I’m not sure it will happen in their next fights. I think Tyson is going to go home and fight before returning to the US to fight Wilder again”.

“They both might get a tune-up to stay active and build more anticipation”. Candelore predicted.  “When they do fight again, I believe Tyson will get the victory this time. He’s shown that he can take Wilders best punches and get back up. He’s [Fury] is only going to get sharper the more fights into his comeback. Taking nothing away from Wilder, he’s a Master of being mentally strong with a steel chin and a bazooka right hand, even late in the fight”.

“If Tyson takes notice, which he will, both knockdowns came with Wilder walking forward, throwing a 1, 2, 3 combo with Fury was dropping to a crouch defensive position. Both appeared to have landed behind the ear. If Tyson Fury can correct that defensive error with movement, clutching or even just staying upright and sliding back, he’ll win the fight”. Candelore said.  It’s doing to be exciting, and if it’s another draw, then boxing fans won’t buy the third fight they way they did the first two”.

“Let’s just hope it doesn’t play out like GGG Canelo”.

Thanks to Derek Candelore for taking the time to this interview!

Plus Size Sports Bra: Guide Choosing The Best One


Before engaging yourself into any exercises, you must be equipped with the protection you need to get through your workout, particularly in your breast area. This is not an easy task but can be worked on, only if you consider all the factors necessary.

One of the most important necessities when engaging to sports or any activities is wearing the right kind of sports bra, the search can be easy for small to medium framed women but unfortunately not for large to extra large scale women.

Time may be consumed because of trial and error and skeptical examination, but finding the best one will all pay that off. To help large-framed women and find the best sports bra for them, read on.

Buying Guide For Plus Size Women

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The factors below can help a large size woman find a sports bra that can give her the support, protection and comfort she needs as she performs her exercises and activities:

  • Find a sports bra that can offer enough support on the shoulder

Consider sports bra that has wider shoulder straps, and if possible, straps that are cushioned. Unwanted discomfort and digging can alleviate with the help of a wide shoulder strap.

Also, when the sports bra she wears can give enough support, keeping her garments and as well as her breast in place can be easier, making her move freely and with full comfort and confidence.

  • Look for companies that make sports bras and garment for activewear line

Instead of focusing on finding a sports bra, you might as well start with looking for companies that produce or introduce activewear garments. Nowadays, because of people’s more active lifestyle, garment companies take one step further and make garments available for those who are into this kind of lifestyle whatever sizes or built they are in.

For more information about this garment line check out There is no reason at all why would you sacrifice one to another, with the many garment companies around, plus size women should not worry at all finding the best and most suitable sports bra for them to wear.

  • Find the right closure style for your ease and comfort
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The usual sports bras you see have back closure, yet for plus size women, front closure is far easier to manage. These bras are most of the time customized and as per the wearer’s requests. But, not all large breast women agree to this, as some feel pain around the lock area of the bra if placed in front.

Bottom line, the option between front or back closure all depends on what the wearer sees as the most comfortable. It is within your discretion, no one else.

  • Choose sports bras that can be adjusted

It is highly recommended that larger frame women stick with a sports bra that can be adjusted and customized according to their comfort. Making almost all parts of the bra adjustable; adjustable back strap, front panel, shoulder straps and so on, can give women with large breast gain not only support but comfort too.

An adjustable sports bra can let you manage the overall comfort and support you can get. Since you have the opportunity to manage and adjust it yourself, it is recommended that you do it with extra care and with high comfort in mind.

  • Consider sports bra that has underwire

Underwire can give you extra support, although, some are not considering it because of comfort reasons, hence making this factor a personal preference rather than a requirement.

Just an extra tip though, if you want underwire on your sports bra to make sure that you have the best and right fit to avoid any chances of chafing and rubbing. Check on your actual size and ask the sales representative whether they have an available sports bra for you.

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Manufacturers of sports bra completely understand that everyone needs a bra that can support them when they do any low or high-intensity activities. And with that, they make it available and suitable for everyone, whether they have small breast or with extra large size breasts.

Top 10 Salaries of WWE Wrestlers


Watching WWE superstars performing their amazing stunts in and around the ring has often made people wonder how much they make. The answer to that question is somewhat complicated.

First of all, WWE never releases to the public the information about their superstars’ salaries. It has been a long-standing company policy and it isn’t changing any time soon. That being said, we can make a pretty accurate assumption from bits and details let out.

WWE wrestlers earn their money from several income streams. The most obvious is their contract with the organization, but they also receive money from sales of all personalized items, like action figures and T-shirts. Appearances on comic conventions also bring some cash.

As their clout within WWE increases and their popularity with the fans increases, they can earn additional bonuses, like a percentage of gate sales and, for the top tier performers, a cut of pay-per-view income. They also have significant perks, like first-class air travel or personal busses for tours.

Bray Wyatt


2018 Salary: $470,000
Net worth: $800,000
Bonuses/perks: Economy/coach air travel, hotel, rental cars

the Eater of Worlds has earned a significant pay rise compared to the last year when he only made $245,000.

Roman Reigns


2018 Salary: $550,000
Net worth: $1.0 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: undisclosed percentage of merchandise sales, economy/coach air travel, hotel, rental cars

The salary Roman Reigns receives as the winner of the WWE Championship and the United States Champion doesn’t seem much, and we are sure he will negotiate a far better deal for the next year.

Kevin Owens

2018 Salary: $950,000
Net worth: 2.5 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: economy/coach air travel, hotel, rental cars

Kevin Owens is among the rising stars of the WWE and his earnings are sure to increase in the following years.

Seth Rollins


2018 Salary: $950,000
Net worth: 3.0 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: first-class air travel, 1.5% of merchandise profits, hotel, rental cars

If it wasn’t for the injury he had, Seth Rollins would already be making six figures.

The Miz


2018 salary: 1.2 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: undisclosed percentage from merchandise sales, first class air travel
Net worth: 6 million dollars

With the Miz, we are now entering the heavy-hitters domain, where salaries exceed one million.

Big Show


2018 Salary: 1.25 million dollars
Net worth: 20 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: first-class air travel, upgraded hotel stays, private business

Big Show has been around for a long time and for the last decade, he has earned six figures from WWE every year.

The Undertaker

2018 Salary: 2.25 million dollars
Net worth: 17.5 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: first-class air travel, hotel upgrades, undisclosed pay-per-view bonus when he’s in the main event, 2% merchandise sales

The Undertaker has become a household name through WWE, so his high position on this list isn’t a surprise.

Triple H


2018 Salary: 2.8 million dollars
Net worth: 25 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: stock options, private jet, limited travel and appearances, pay-per-view bonuses, 5% merchandise profits

We don’t get to see Triple H in the ring much these days, as he is transitioning into his new corporate role as Senior VP in charge of talents.

Brock Lesnar

2018 Salary: 6.0 million dollars
Net worth: 21 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: private jet use, hotel upgrades, undisclosed merchandise bonus, pay-per-view bonus

Many people think that Brock Lesnar is overpaid, but considering how many fans come to see him fight, that simply isn’t true.

John Cena

2018 Salary: 9.5 million dollars
Net worth: 35 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: private jet use, 4 stars or better hotel where available, 3.0% of merchandise sales, the highest pay-per-view bonus in company

And on top is naturally John Cena, one of the most popular WWE superstars in history. As he slowly moves to acting, his career in WWE is winding down, but he will still earn considerable money from it for the rest of his life.

Tokyo to Host 2020 Paralympic Games  


Along with hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics, Tokyo, the largest city in the world, is gearing up to host the 2020 Paralympic Games. While hosting such a huge event can prove to be a challenge, the country of Japan has had plenty of experience. In 1964, Tokyo, the capital city that is home to over 38 million residents, hosted the Summer Olympic Games. In 1972, the Winter Olympics were held in Sapporo, the country’s fifth largest city, with Nagano hosting the 1998 Winter Olympics. Japan has also twice previously hosted the Paralympics.

High Hopes for Tokyo

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In hosting the Olympics, Japan hopes to show the world that they are a safe and innovative city, along with showcasing their culture and technology. It is yet to be determined if Japan has budgeted enough money for hosting the Olympics and the Paralympics. An expensive venture, other countries, including Brazil and Russia, went into debt after overspending. To date, Japan has budgeted about 801 billion yen, which equals $7 billion and is seven times more than what the country had originally budgeted.

According to the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, ticket prices for both events range from $18 to $2,700, with the average price for a general admission ticket costing $72. Tickets for the opening ceremony will be sold for $2,700. For kids, seniors, and those with disabilities, ticket prices are set at $18. The Olympic committee hopes to sell 7.8 million tickets, which would be a record number.

The Paralympics

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Since 1992, the Olympics and Paralympics have always been hosted in the same city. However, it wasn’t until 2012, that the host city became formally obliged to do so. While there have been variations of those with disabilities participating in organized sporting events, the first official Paralympic Games took place in Rome, Italy in 1960. Over 400 athletes competed from 23 countries. It wasn’t until 1989, however, that the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) was founded. Like the Olympics, the Paralympics takes place every four years.

The upcoming Paralympic Games in Tokyo will feature nearly 4,400 athletes. These athletes have either a physical, mental, or sensorial disability, and includes those in wheelchairs, severe visual impairments, and amputees. Paralympic athletes will be competing in 537 medal events, which include amputee football, power wheelchair hockey, para-taekwondo, power wheelchair football, wheelchair rugby, sitting volleyball, and basketball for the intellectually impaired.

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