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5 Best Tools to Find Influencers on Social Media

Influencers aren’t a novelty in the marketing. Previously, they were present in media such as television, magazines and the like. However, social media and advertising on popular platforms has made this work much more accessible to ordinary people in recent years. Namely, for commercials on television, popular brands were paying celebrities. This means that this type of advertising was aimed to already popular people.

On the other hand, if a person has become extremely popular and influential on social networks and has a lot of followers, subscribers and fans in general, it means that there is a great chance of being hired by popular brands and companies to promote a product. This means that today everyone can monetize effort and activity on social networks and become a partner with a brand. However, what if you own a brand and are looking for an influencer that could help you? Simply, you need to find the right person for this job, and today we have decided to present you the 5 best tools to find influencers on social media. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.


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One of the best tools currently available is InflueNex. This online tool allows you to find the perfect influencer by selecting different features such as country, video category, number of subscribers, average views, etc. After that, Influence will show you which person match your requirements, after which you can perform a thorough analysis and choose the right one. In terms of pricing, Influence has 4 plans-free, basic, professional and enterprise. Cost is $39.99 per month for the basic, $69.99/month for the professional and $99.99/month for the enterprise pricing plan.


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If you want to follow the biggest social networks but also other platforms and sites on the internet like blogs, forums, etc., then Awario is definitely one of the best tools. Specifically, this online tool allows you to track the popularity of competing brands, check how often influencers mention your brand and, of course, to engage influencers popular in your product niche. Essentially, Awario is a powerful and flexible tool that will always show you the most relevant results and help you in the right way. As for pricing, there is a free trial and other plans start at $29/month.


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Upfluence is one of the tools with the largest influencer database (over 3M). In addition, you will easily be able to choose the right person to promote your brand by entering different keywords. Users are provided with tools that track and analyze reach, location, engagement, etc. of all compatible influencers so you can pick more easily. Pricing starts at $795/month and you get 500 contacts as well as other benefits.


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If you are looking for a freemium tool, then Klear is the right one for you. This is a reliable and powerful online tool that will allow you to find the right influencers very quickly and easily. Over 60,000 topic categories and large influencers database is available, as well as various filters such as number of subscribers and followers, locations, skills, hired influencer campaign results, and more.


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Another great tool for finding the right influencers is Traackr. Like all the others we’ve mentioned so far, this tool also provides filters you need to successfully find the right person for your campaign, as well as to measure final results. Through advanced search, it‘s very easy to find influencers and check all important information such as number of subscribers, language, location, social media engagement, etc. Regarding pricing, unfortunately we cannot say anything about it because there is no such information on the official site.

Features of Organic Poll Votes

We all know that social media websites trendy and everyone is using them. Most of the people around the world spend most of their time on these platforms. They keep on sharing updates online and maintain a connection with the friends at different corners of the world. Individuals use social media channels for fun; whereas business owners utilize them to promote their brand online. They keep on launching interesting polls online and then make efforts to get votes. It helps them to stay ahead of competitors in the market and can also build a unique impression of their brand online.

Twitter is one of the most commonly used social media platforms. It helps all users to stay connected to the world, get instant updates about hot topics and stay tuned to the celebrity world as well. Business owners find it the best place to grab the attention of buyers from different corners of the world. They keep on launching poll-based campaigns online, and within very less time they are able to build healthy connections with the audience in the market. Hence, it is also good to buy fast twitter votes to stay ahead of the competitors online.

Polls for business promotion online:

Reports say that polls are not just a source of entertainment, they also help business owners to promote their new products and services online. Polls help them to get instant feedback from the audience around the world. This feedback can be further utilized to improve business, and soon you will be able to keep your customers satisfied with ease. Business owners are always interested in posting hot topics via polls online. These debates generate more engagement on their business page. Soon they are able to create an impression in the market. That is why professionals even try to buy votes for twitter.

If you are interested in improving the ranking of your new business in the world, polls can help you better. It offers the most budget-friendly and simple way to promote niche online and let customers know about the latest offers and discounts as well. You can use twitter poll campaigns in different seasons as well when to attract traffic to your platform.

Features of Organic poll votes:


If you understand the value of twitter polls for your business, you might be curious to launch a campaign soon. But before you buy twitter poll votes from any random seller online, it is important to understand the value of organic poll votes which are provided by various sites one of which is When we talk about organic poll votes, it is all about getting votes from real IDs and unique IPs. The idea is to generate organic traffic on your poll page so that no one can come to know that you have purchased votes. Now, some of you might be surprised to know this fact. But yes, even purchased votes can look organic. It is possible only when you buy twitter votes from reliable sellers. They know how to deliver the organic traffic on the poll page and can help you improve sales as well.