The Double Jeopardy Law: A Serious Risk When Tried for a Federal Crime

For those facing criminal charges, they want to leave the whole ordeal behind once the trial is over. According to the Constitution, the Fifth Amendment protects a person from being tried for the same crime twice. But is a person safe from being tried again? Surprisingly, for anyone charged with a federal crime, they can

How to Use Time Management Software in Your Classroom

Have you ever met a teacher who hadn’t struggled with time management, ever in their career? We are yet to meet such a phenomenon. Most of the teachers that we know keep asking for a bit more time after the end of class. They forgot to mention the homework, they haven’t finished speaking, or they

How DNA test can provide a more complete look at one’s overall health?


A human body is a very complex, amazing machine. It works non-stop to keep us going until our last breath. It has been quite the journey discovering the little nuances in the ways in which the body works; every day we make progress to discovering more. Luckily, a complete guide is available that has all

Significance of Data Science as an Interdisciplinary Program

The time when we talk about data science then without any second thoughts, we can say that it isn’t restricted to a single field and area of interest. The importance of data science has increasing day by day because of its manifold connections with other areas and disciplines. Data Science as an Interdisciplinary Program Data

NASA Has Reported That Antarctica Will Be Broken Off By An Iceberg Twice The Size Of New York City

Two images of the ice shelf, one taken on 30th January 1986, and the other taken on 23rd January 2019, were shared by NASA. The last image shows a long crack that is winding its way from the north to the south. NASA scientists want „to see if the loss will trigger the shelf to