Putin is Regularly Tested for Coronavirus


The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is frequently being tested for COVID-19, which we found from the latest interview with his spokesman, Dimitri Peskov.

As he says, Putin is being tested as often as it is necessary, according to the medical team around him. Also, Peskov said that he is not familiar with the procedure, and how he is not dealing with questions linked to the president`s medical care.

The spokesman from Kremlin also added that the president’s decision to attend a meeting with the deputy of Far East, Yury Trutnev, and minister for development of the Far East and the Arctic, Alexander Kozlov, does not represent the violation of the self-isolation regime.

Furthermore, Peskov says that Putin is avoiding public places, and keep away from meeting with a lot of people. Also, he added that Putin is taking all precautions and each person that has a meeting with the president is being previously tested on COVID-19.

Some reporters noted that Putin is still handshaking with many officials on meetings, and Peskov answers them that every person around Putin is being tested on the virus, and how there is nothing to worry about in this case.

Because of the Coronavirus Arch Enemies are Going to Reconcile: Russia is Prepared to Help the USA


Moscow offered its help to Washington in the fight against Coronavirus.

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The ambassador of Russia in USA Anatoly Antonov said that Russia is there to help the USA if help is needed. He also said that the Russian tests showed effectiveness in China and Iran and were also sent to Italy.

He reminded the citizens of the US that Russia helped when the wildfires occurred in California and that in this situation, it will assist and continually offer their help. In times like this, politics are put aside, and the only important thing is to stop this virus.

How is the USA affected by Coronavirus?

To this day, the total death toll in the United States of America is 700 people. Only yesterday, 163 people died.

The World Health Organization declared and has warned that the United States could be the next hotspot of Coronavirus if they don’t act on time.

What is the current situation in the world?

This deadly virus has been confirmed in 170 countries/regions, 425,493 people have been infected, and 18,963 people have died from it around the world.

How Putin Protects Himself from the Coronavirus (VIDEO)


The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin decided to visit patients being treated for coronavirus in Moscow. This visit was to make sure that the doctors and the medical staff had everything they needed.

As he was entering the hospital, the staff quickly explained to him the safety protocol of wearing the entire safety gear before visiting. Putin didn’t waste a second, he immediately asked to be given a protective suit.

At the end, Putin was camouflaged beyond recognition, which can be seen in this video:

How Russia Avoided The Coronavirus Epidemic


The fact that there have been only 59 cases of coronavirus infections reported in Russia so far, makes West’s professional and laic circles wonder how it is possible for such a big country to achieve that.

The data on the almost minor number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia, which borders with China, seems unusual, and many observers have different theories about it.

By 5th March, Russia had only four confirmed cases, and one of those was in Moscow, Europe’s largest city after Istanbul.

France and Germany have had more than 2,000 infected, and in Italy, the number goes up to 12,000. Until the coronavirus outbreak, similar number of passengers from China was flown to Russia, just like it was to those three European countries.

Russian independent portal Medusa announced that Russia closed its borders fast enough, so that almost no one infected could enter. Beijing-Moscow direct rail lines were cut off, and Russia-China land border was closed for cars and pedestrians. However, at that time, 9,923 cases were registered worldwide, so there was an opportunity for the virus to enter Russia before those measures.

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Some believe that the luck had a lot to do with it. At first, Russia was lucky enough, and then the border controls did their job. However, Russia borders with another country which is at the top of the infected list, and that is Iran. Another thing is that Russia hasn’t imposed travel restrictions when it comes to Italy and South Korea.

Russian consumer protection agency, Rospotrebnadzor, stated that since 31st January, 382,155 passengers from China were examined and 130 had symptoms of the common flu and other infections, but none of them was positive for the coronavirus.

On the other hand, there were claims that Russia is not using the best available virus test. There are two types of test that can detect a corona virus: tomography, which provides a description of clinical symptoms such as pneumonia, and a laboratory test to determine if the genetic material of the virus is present in a patient’s sample. The test used in Russia is a diagnostic test manufactured by Vektor, which uses PCR, a polymerase chain reaction. Media reports that that test is valid too.

Another theory is that the number of infected is underestimated.

Russia is rapidly working on building a hospital, like the one in China, where only the coronavirus infected patients will be placed. Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, said that the hospital will be build 1,287 kilometers southwest of the Kremlin, and it will be located in the Vornovoska area. Sobyanin guaranteeed that the construction of the hospital won’t endanger the local population. He also asked everyone to understand his decision, and explained the reason for choosing that location for the hospital. In that district there aren’t major residential buildings, and the distance between some local houses and the hospital is twice as high as recommended for the sanitary zone. The major also explained that anyone who has had contact with the infected should be hospitalized.

Moscow Directorate for Policy and Urbanism has confirmed the construction of the initiated project, but so far there are no information about the capacity of patients the hospital will be able to receive. It took China seven days to build the hospital which was able to accomodate 1.000 patients.

Is America doing enough to protect itself from cyber-attacks?


The political world is an ever-evolving beast that can see new threats or issues crop up regularly. Within the politics of any one country, foreign affairs is always an area in which this is felt keenly. This is especially true for a superpower such as America, which has allies to foster close links with around the globe but also enemies.

It is the enemies that naturally take up the most column inches in the media and also the most time within the White House. As these can represent an actual threat to America in both physical and economic terms, the foreign secretary will spend a lot of time outlining policy for these nations with the president. One big threat that America is certainly having to factor in here is cyber-attacks. This is becoming an increasingly popular way for countries hostile to the US to try to breach its defenses and cause it harm.

Russia and US relations key

To say that relations between the US and Russia have been shaky for a long time now is somewhat of an understatement. Although the period after the Cold War ended seemed to bring both nations closer, this has now been reversed under Vladimir Putin.

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Russia now is well-known for using cyber-attacks on other nations, and the US is reported as one victim of this tactic. During the 2018 midterm elections, for example, US sources revealed that internet access had been denied to a Russian company called the Internet Research Agency. This was the same company that had been suspected of committing a cybercrime against the US in the 2016 presidential election.

This situation shows just how common cyber-attacks are becoming as a tool that other nations will use against America. It is in many ways a simple update of the Cold War for the 21st century but with no physical agents having to be risked. Many believe that one way of combating this is to involve more foreign policy experts on Russia to help. Angela Stent is one well-respected expert on Russian-American relations and someone who many believe could provide the advice needed. By involving people like her, America could well head off any future Russian cyber-attacks and have more knowledge on how relations could be improved between the two.

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Cyber-attacks from Russia, not the only issue

Russia is not the only nation that is beginning to use cybercrime against nations such as the US to get the sensitive information it wants. China is also very active in this area and is another nation that America needs to be very careful of in terms of protecting its IT infrastructure. Of course, the burning question for many Americans is whether the US is doing enough to stop Russian and Chinese cybercrime.

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More urgency needed from policymakers

While steps are being taken to deal with cyber-attacks on American networks and systems, many feel that the policymakers in Government are being too slow to react. As the cybercrimes that are being targeted against the US become ever more sophisticated, many fear that not enough is being done now by those in power to head them off. It would seem that the US could be doing more in terms of the policy to fight this kind of crime from outside its borders. It is apparent that nations such as Russia have made cyber warfare a key tenant of their foreign policy – maybe America should make cyber-defense a key part of theirs?

More vigilance is needed

Many people involved in this area also feel that America is not showing enough vigilance around cyber-attacks. This is not only in terms of government policy but also how the average citizen feels around cyber-attacks from external nations. The potential that these have to impact negatively on everyday life is immense and something that does not seem to be on a lot of people’s agendas. Many cyber experts feel that more awareness should be raised of how critical this issue is, and people should start to be much more vigilant around cyber-attacks in their workplace or home.

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Could more resources be put into fighting cyber-attacks?

When it comes down to staying safe from cyber-attacks on American systems or businesses, a lot comes down to resources. If the American Government is serious about stopping this kind of threat, then it must put more resources into training people to fight it online and developing more robust systems to protect the US IT infrastructure. By doing this, it will give the cyber-defense sector in the US the money and people it needs to properly see off any external threat.

America could step it up

Since the scandal around the 2016 US presidential election, cyber-attacks have certainly been higher on people’s agendas in Washington. The main question is whether it is high enough and enough is being done to really keep America safe into the future. While there have been steps made towards this, many believe that more could be done to keep the US safe from digital attacks.

The Lakhta Center Tower: Now Europe’s Tallest Skyscraper

As of 2019, St. Petersburg now has the distinction of being the site of the tallest skyscraper in all of Europe. The Lakhta Center Tower, an 87-story headquarters for Russia’s Gazprom, is not only the tallest building in Europe but has become more expensive to construct than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This 1,516-foot tower is also the northernmost skyscraper in the world and boasts the fastest elevators in Russia.

Cost of Construction

This soaring skyscraper cost 1.77 billion dollars to construct with 3,000 workers involves in everything from design to construction. The construction involved created five wings and 89 non-repeating levels, which necessitated the used of 3D modeling and Building Information Modeling software.

According to Redshift, a publication by Autodesk, the Lakhta Center design was inspired by the spires and domes of St. Petersburg with Gorproject chief architect Philipp Nikandrov in charge of architectural design. Parametric modeling was used to optimize the panelization of the façade to increase the use of standard 118 square foot panels to reduce installation errors and minimize costs.

Large Problems During Construction

Img source: YouTube

The project description sums up some of the most substantial challenges associated with the project. One of the most complicated issues “related to the erection of the complex appeared to be the wind.

At elevations it is much stronger than the ground wind: the builders recorded wind blasts from 120 to 140 km/hour, which is the highest wind strength level according to the Beaufort scale.” The most complicated problem was developing an anti-icing system that required two series of trials in Canada and Russia.

The Pursuit of Ultimate Sustainability

As Gazprom is a global energy company, one of the priorities was to create a headquarters that met and exceeded LEED standards for sustainability. The criteria, including water savings, energy efficiency, and recycling, which would ultimately lead to earning Platinum certification.

Some of the ways this was done were through using infrared radiators instead of traditional heaters and channeling excess heat from equipment into the building for use. A pneumatic vacuum waste-disposal system and computerized LED lighting systems were also implemented.

Ensuring Safety and Structural Strength

Img source:

With a building so tall, ensuring that is structurally sound and safe is a huge endeavor. Gorproject CEO Sergey Lakhman, Ph.D., explains that 3D models were used to simulate potential scenarios. Composite steel-concrete columns with five times the strength of traditional columns were used that took up less floor space.

The foundation was created using 264 piles which were driven over 900 feet into the ground along with over 9,500 tons of metal reinforcement places in grids. Perimeter columns were added as stabilization to prevent disaster even at wind speeds of 85 miles an hour. There is also an advanced monitoring system consisting of more than 3,000 sensors installed within the building.

Everything about this building needs to be maintained in new ways which meant coming up with entirely new concepts to make things work. Lakhman noted, “When you undertake such an ambitious task that no one has ever solved before, you stop reflecting about your life being in vain. That’s why we in Gorproject try to create objects that can become part of life and make us really alive all the time.”

Russia and China are Killing US Dollar


According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, countries which are under the sanctions should start doing business in their national currencies, as he suggested on Tuesday. Other than Russia, countries which can opt for such a move are also Iran and Turkey, and this means that the days of the US dollar as the international reserve currency could come to an end.

The person who will be the happiest about it is President Donald Trump. Why Trump?

Yale economist Robert Triffin explained in the 1950s that when a currency is the international reserve currency, it runs a current account deficit. In case of a replacement, it is more likely to have trade surpluses, which is what happened when the US dollar replaced the British pound in the 1920s and which is what POTUS aims for.

Currently, all over the world, nations use the dollar as the currency to trade with each other. When purchases oil from Iran, they use the US dollar to complete the transaction. Basically, more US$ flow out of the country than it flows in and that creates a big current account deficit.

With the dollar as the international reserve currency, we have a thing called “monetary seignorage.” In other words, it is what the US government earns with all of those dollars circulating around the world, outside of the US. It is a minimum cost to print money whereas countries which use $ such as China and Russia pay the full value of it in goods and services.

But not everyone wants to see the dollar as the world’s currency. As China claims, the international role of the US dollar was one of the things that caused the financial crisis ten years ago. There was a chance back then for another currency to replace it, but none did.

Let’s jump to the present. Last week, Trump reimposed sanctions on Iran and he said that any company which is doing deals with the Iranians in dollars would also be hit by sanctions. Also under sanctions are several Russian companies.

Lavrov visited Turkey and he told at the press conference that “unilateral enforcement measures are illegitimate in international affairs,” which is a clear reference to the sanctions imposed by the USA. “One way to counter these illegitimate barriers and restrictions is we can use national currencies on our bilateral trade,” he concluded.

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According to Lavrov, Russia has already switched to local currencies when they strike trade deals with countries such as China and Iran. He also believes that a large number of other countries will start doing the same. “I strongly believe that abuse of the role the U.S. dollar plays as an international currency will eventually result in its role being undermined,” Lavrov said. “A growing number of countries — even those not affected by US sanctions — will more and more stay away from the dollar and will rely on more reliable partners using their (own) currency.”

To some extent, Lavrov is right. But will the Chinese be content when they receive the payment in Turkish lira, knowing that the currency will be worth much less by the time the ship reaches its destination? What the US dollar has that no other currency can guaranty: It is safe, dependable and easy to exchange.

We mentioned that this change in role for the US$ is making Trump happy. While he may be thrilled with lower trade deficits because the dollar loses its role of being the international reserve currency, this is not going to happen soon. We will still have to wait for a major change when it comes to the international currency and at the moment none can replace the US dollar.

US Ready To Sanction Russia Because Of Poisoning!


The relations between The United States of America and Russia are always up and down. As soon as they get better, things take a big turn for the worse not that long after. Well, that is exactly what is going to happen again after this move that The States are about to make.

The red, white and blue are planning on imposing new sanctions on Russia since they had found out that Moscow is the one that is behind the poisoning a former Russian spy and his daughter. The poisoning happened in March this year, on the British soil.

It means that the Russians straight up broke the law since they used a lethal substance against the spy and his daughter, at least according to the State Department.

Back in March, Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yuila were found unconscious on the bench in Salisbury, a small British town. Novichok was the name of the substance that was used in order to make them sick. It’s a nerve agent that was developed during the Soviet-era. Luckily, they survived.

Of course, the Brits are going to welcome these sanctions by the United States of America. Even though Russia hasn’t made an official comment about this move that the US is making, the fact of the matter is that they have already denied any involvement in the poisoning of their former spy and his daughter.

image source:

Kremlin also stated that they had no involvement in the poisoning near Salisbury just a couple of months ago when a couple from The Great Britan was sickened – with one person surviving and one dying.

It has been said that the couple also picked up the bottle that had Novichok in it, the same lethal stuff that put Skripal’s in big trouble.

Trump did state that “nobody has been tougher on Russia” than The States, but this is a move that they have to make, not a choice of theirs.

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