How the US Elections Have Influenced the Price of Cryptocurrency


Digital currencies have changed the world in many different ways. The number of businesses that accept crypto-based payments is growing. On the other hand, the number of people that use them for trading purposes is improving as well. People have become aware of the benefits different digital currencies bring.

Yet, becoming a successful crypto trader is a challenging task. People need to go through a couple of stages before they reach their goals. Before everything, they need to get familiar with all the digital currencies that exist, their features, potential, etc. Despite that, they need to use every possible tool that will improve their performances. A good example of that is different software solutions that provide people with useful data, insights, and statistics. If that seems like a legit way to improve your trading skills, we recommend you click here.

Predicting certain things on your own can be challenging. For beginners, the tools we previously described are an excellent choice. Many different things can influence the price of Bitcoin. That especially counts when we talk about some important happenings in the world that influenced the entire world. One of them is the US elections without any doubt.

Analyzing the way how the US elections have influenced the price of Bitcoin requires in-depth analysis. We primarily need to go back to 2012 and 2016 and try to predict certain things in that way.

Presidential Elections in 2012

In 2012, the price of Bitcoin was around $11. In that period, many digital currencies of today didn’t even exist. Because of that, we will use the most popular ones to make a proper comparison.

After Barack Obama was elected for the second time, things have not changed a lot. However, things have changed only one year later. In 2012, the price of one BTC jumped to 253 dollars. However, we do not want to say the president Obama had something to do with that. The entire world was fascinated with the new payment method. Many investors targeted Bitcoin as an excellent investment option.

The only thing we can say is that the president never said a negative word for digital currencies. Obama was, more or less, neutral as well as other responsible financial authorities. No one probably believed the price of Bitcoin will be more than 40 thousand dollars 7 years later.

Presidential Elections in 2016

Many people will say that 2016 was the year when everything inside the US changed. Donald Trump brought different decisions that also influenced the price of digital currencies. We will use Bitcoin once again as an example.

Believe it or not, a couple of hours after the mainstream media confirmed the victory of Donald Trump, the price of one BTC jumped by 3.8%. More precisely, from $709, it reached $736.

There is a good reason why something like that happened. After Trump’s win, many investors were concerned about the stock market in the United States. That market started to look uncertain, and people were looking for a more secure place to invest. It seems that digital currencies were the option of many people.

Generally speaking, we can make one conclusion here. The happenings in the world do not directly influence the price of digital currencies. However, they do influence the decisions that people make. For instance, uncertainty in the stock market made the crypto market more attractive to people. They wanted to find safe assets that will help them control or improve their earnings.

So, What about Elections in 2020?


Cryptocurrencies were not a focus of social media in 2020. People in the USA could hear only news associated with elections and pandemic. We primarily need to say that the beginning of the pandemic negatively influenced the price of Bitcoin. People were unsure what will happen and how long everything will last. That is the reason why many people sold their digital currencies.

Over time, the pandemic also influenced the strength of the dollar. It is not a secret that elections are also one of the reasons why the dollar has become unstable. Since May 2020, the value of one dollar has slowly started to fall.

Currently, the value of a dollar is stable, but it is not high. Things after elections did not calm down. For a couple of months, Donald Trump was claiming that he was rigged. That situation, once again, makes the stock market unsafe for many people. In one moment, everyone expected things will turn bad in America. Fortunately for people, something like that didn’t happen. However, the good news for crypto supporters is that the value of digital currencies jumped as well.

People were, once again, trying to find the best investing alternative. When the stock market seemed unsafe, many of them decided to invest in digital currencies.

We will once again use Bitcoin as an example. It is not a secret the most popular digital currency is making progress since the beginning of this year. On December 31, 2020, the price of one BTC was almost 29 thousand dollars. While you are reading this article, the value of one BTC is 51660 dollars.

It would be unfair to say that US elections are the only reason why the price of BTC jumped. After the elections ended, digital currencies appeared in mainstream media once again. Despite that, many people realized the pandemic will mess up economies around the world. The stock market is not the only one that has become uncertain. Fortunately, the decentralized virtual currencies looked like an excellent investment option. It seems that more and more people are becoming aware of that. Together with value, the demand for digital currencies is growing as well. The insights we receive today confirm the same trend will probably continue.


Final Thought

US elections are a confirmation of one thing. Different events and happenings around the world do not directly influence the price of digital currencies. However, they do impact the decisions that people make. They make different markets more or less attractive for investing.

We still can’t claim that digital currencies will take over traditional ones. However, not being familiar with their features may be a big mistake. Without any doubt, they are our future.

Most Popular Politicians on Youtube

A fan of YouTube, along with the topic of politics? Some of your favorite people are already on this social platform, and others are just waiting for the right opportunity to start their channel. Some politicians prefer to use Twitter, others love Instagram, and some are still on Facebook! Want to know a bit more about this social approach? Here are some interesting facts and interesting people to look into, understand, as well as follow on social media, keep on reading!

Why Are People Turning To YouTube?

It is one of the most trafficked sites in the world, and it has a lot of potentials when it comes to your personal and business-related videos. Nowadays, you can see loads of different adds that are targeted and fully determined towards the political market. Now, everyone will understand how to vote due to some sponsored adds, as well as because of loads of different content creators that are making this process approachable, easy to understand, as well as fun, and captivating!

What Was The History Like In Regards To YouTube And Politics?

In 2008 a lot of party candidates began to use YouTube to announce different candidacies and to follow more traditional outlets. By 2012 over 600 candidates for political office have had their official channel in the US. With YouTube, you are allowing for better communication between your audience, and you are also exploring new ways and different tools in marketing. This is why it might come in handy for you to entertain the audience, and gain more exposure!

For a lot of people, buying YouTube views might be a good move to make! By doing so, you will increase your view count, you will attract more people to your side, and you will get organic views that will increase your watch time. You can even find some amazing deals and read more right here if you wish to buy your views at an affordable price point.

Top 15 Most Popular Politicians On YouTube Or Podcast

1. The Young Turks

This duo is from Los Angeles and they are all about showing the news to the world. They make videos weekly and have been in politics since 2005.

2. Bloomberg Politics


This is an amazing resource for people who want to soak in some intellectual news, smart and analytic videos. This resource has been around since 2016 and seems like it will not go down any time soon.

3. The Daily Wire


You can get all of your important news in one place, and with one click of a button! There is a lot of content, and you will enjoy the presence and vibe of Ben Shapiro in almost all videos. There is a lot of content for everyone to binge on.

4. C-Span

This YouTube account is all about public affairs and getting to the bottom of every story. This is a private, non-profit public service that talks about new remarkable discoveries in politics.

5. VisualPolitik

If you want to combine the world of the economy along with politics, this is your perfect and ideal podcast. It has up to three videos a week and is for professionals and beginners who are just getting into politics.

6. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah


This show is run by Emmy and Peabody, the award-winning program that looks and talks about headlines all over the globe. You will enjoy their entertaining videos, as well as a lot of content that has been around since 2016.

7. Roaming Millenial


If you want to listen to a millennial talk and preach about politics, this is your perfect podcast. There are usually three videos per week, and the show is perfect for anyone who is into debates, as well as longer talks.

8. LiberalViewer


A lawyer who is also an ACLU activist gets down and through all of it! He is also a stay-at-home dad who loves to talk about politics in his videos. He also shoots one video per week, and he is always on topic!

9. StevenCrowder


Want to experience the conservative side of YouTube? This is an individual who talks about politics in a funny way. If you want to have a laugh and enjoy a good comic performance, you will enjoy his approach, as well as his talk about any global or current issues.

10. Donald J. Trump For President


Donald Trump has been banned from several different social platforms due to his inappropriate approach after losing the elections. However, there is still a dedicated YouTube channel that takes care of his content and uploads a couple of videos per week.

11. VisualPolitik


If you want to listen to some international and global issues, as well as problems, head over to VisualPolitik. This is a Spain based politics channel that covers most news in their weekly episodes.

12. The Next News Network


This is an amazing and liberal media that talks about global and geopolitical issues in the US. They also cover most national headlines and corruption articles in their videos. If you want to get informed and you need in-depth info, this is your resource.

13. The White House

Did you know that the White House has had its official YouTube channel? This YouTube channel has been around since 2006, and they have been making up to 5 videos per week to keep you informed with all the latest news and events that have been going on in The White House.

14. Mark Dice


Exposing liberals and talking about manipulation, this is the perfect channel on YouTube that doesn’t care nor mind saying whatever they want. Conservative channels will usually get to the bottom of an issue, and this channel is all about social justice and has been like so since 2007.

15. David Pakman Show

Last, but not least, David Pakman is a national syndicate who loves to talk on loads of different TV shows and radio, as well as podcasts. If you are from the US you will enjoy his content.

Obama Would Handle Coronavirus Pandemic Better Than Trump


A new poll discovered that a majority of voters would prefer President Barack Obama to run the nation during the coronavirus pandemic than current President Trump. However, Americans remain deeply divided over their chosen leadership amidst the outbreak that has spread to more than 400,000 across the country.

According to Politico, 52% of Americans think that Obama would do a better job in the current crisis. Only 38% think that Trump would handle it better in a sample of 1,990 voters. When presented with a choice between Trump and Bide, 44% picked the current president, a sign that doesn’t bode well for the Democratic nominee.


Obama has largely left the public attention since he departed from the Whitehouse but has become more active on social media since the outbreak. He endorsed Senator Elisabeth Warren’s plan for fighting the pandemic and also criticized Trump’s approach, something he rarely does.

Trump has been the target of critics for his slow reaction to the outbreak, something he denies doing. He also had a phone conversation with Biden regarding the handling of the crisis. “I laid out what I thought he should be doing,” Biden commented on the call Tuesday on CNN. “I laid out four or five specific points that I thought were necessary. I indicated that it is about taking responsibility, and being the commander in chief, taking on the responsibility.”


Trump claimed that he had a “wonderful, warm conversation” with Biden.

“It was a very nice conversation,” he added. “He gave me his point of view and I fully understood that.”

Not everyone agrees that Trump is handling the outbreak correctly. The Washington Post recently published a scathing article on the White House’s reaction. “From the Oval Office to the CDC, political and institutional failures cascaded through the system and opportunities to mitigate the pandemic were lost,” the article states.

What do Trump, Putin and Merkel Eat?


Vladimir Putin has a fantastic shape considering he is 67 years old. Because of that, the public has always wondered what he eats in a day.


For breakfast, the president eats porridge, tvorog (cottage cheese) with honey, and he also drinks raw quail eggs. Putin likes to drink a cocktail of beetroot and horseradish juice as well.

A few years later, the Russian leader revealed he enjoys rice and buckwheat, but not oatmeal.

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“I don’t have much time for food,” he said. “I like vegetables: Tomatoes, cucumbers, salad. In the morning – porridge, cottage cheese, honey. If there’s a choice between meat and fish – I prefer fish, I also like a lamb,” he added.

Vladimir travels a lot, so he often has to eat in the move.

“When I go somewhere, I’m pleased to try the local cuisine. I’m accustomed to green tea. I usually don’t have dinner, since I don’t have time. In the afternoon, I try to eat fruit, to drink kefir when it’s available – and when it’s not, I prefer not to eat anything at all,” Putin says.

A few years ago, St. Petersburg restaurant Podvorye had a special menu – “The Lunch of Vladimir Putin,” – which offered the his favorite dishes.

The chef Anatoly Galkin said that Putin prefers wine or beer when it comes to drinks. The cook shared a recipe for a unique cocktail, drunk by guests at official receptions: Plenty of ice, a drop of lemon juice, mint, and 50 grams of champagne.

Some media outlets also say the president enjoys Spanish red wines.

The diet of Donald Trump has been the subject of much debate.


Trump’s not big on the first meal of the day. He said that he often avoids breakfast. He has lunch, but his big thing is dinner.

When he eats breakfast in the morning, he has either bacon and eggs, cereal, or a McDonald’s McMuffin. He does not drink coffee or tea. Donald said: “My favorite would be bacon and eggs…bacon medium and the eggs over-well.”

The President reportedly isn’t a fan of eating much during the day. His eating habits are described in the book Let Trump Be Trump, written by Corey Lewandowski. He revealed, “the president would usually go 14 to 16 hours without eating”.

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He enjoys the meatloaf, however. In 2005, he and Melania appeared on Martha Stewart, where they prepared a meatloaf sandwich, which is Trump’s favorite.

This is when Trump eats the most since he eats the rest of the day lightly. He’s a massive fan of fast food, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC – but not just because of the tastiness and reliability. He likes food from a safety perspective.


The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, enjoys Italian food. She is definitely influenced by the Italian lifestyle. She considers dinner or lunch as a highlight of the day. Her favorite meal is “Spaghetti Bolognese. “Angela also enjoys Ravioli, and she chooses fruit as a dessert.

Vladimir Putin was Proposed by Julia

Russian President Vladimir Putin took advantage of Ivanovo’s visit to talk to residents for a while, and at one point, a woman who made love to him stood out from the crowd.

“Take me for a wife,” she told him.

The president smiled, saying it was a “nice proposal” and asked her name, to which she replied, “Julia.”

The girl then approached Putin and, as she later told, managed to give him her photo with phone number.

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“I gave him the photo, and now we will see what the answer will be,” said the confident girl from Ivanovo.

Later, in an interview with representatives of social organizations, Putin said that Ivanovo had always been called the city of brides, so he got an offer.

Julia admitted that she liked Putin a long time ago, but could not say what her chances were for marriage.

During his visit to Ivanovo, Putin also visited a children’s hospital and factory for the production of military and civilian parachutes.


Astana Club Annual Meeting and Introduction to Key Dangers in Euro-Asia 2020

The Astana Club held its fifth annual meeting on November 11-12, 2019. The discussion rounds were dedicated to the compelling issues of security and the strategic future of the Eurasian supercontinent in current emerging geopolitical and geo-economic realities. The meeting convened in Astana, Kazakhstan, featuring 50 renowned politicians, experts and diplomats.

The event is organized by the Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) and the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy.


Astana Club was established in 2015. It has become a global platform that united Eurasia’s key stakeholders in addressing the most critical and complex issues. Kazakhstan proves itself an independent and neutral platform for dialogue, open to every member of the international community, including mutual rivals and competitors. Astana Club is Kazakhstan’s vivid embodiment of multi-vector foreign policy and its mechanism for the development of the agenda in the Central Asia region.

The agenda includes the compelling issues of security and the strategic future of Greater Eurasia’s emerging geopolitical and geo-economic realities.

Key speakers of the 2019 event included:

  • José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission (2004-2014) and Prime Minister of Portugal (2002-2004);
  • Yun Byung-Se, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea (2013-2017);
  • Evan Feigenbaum, Vice President for Studies at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace;
  • Franco Frattini, Foreign Minister of Italy (2002-2004, 2008-2011) and Vice President of European Commission (2004-2008);
  • Dan Smith, Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIRPI);
  • Astana Club united experts from the Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Egypt, Great Britain, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the USA.

International experts combined their efforts and expertise in drafting the report titled “Top 10 Risks for Eurasia 2020”. The discussions revolved around the main theme “Greater Eurasia: on the way to a new architecture of global cooperation”.

“Collaboration is not possible without honest, direct and transparent dialogue. Such dialogue results in new rules for cooperation based on current realities. In this light, discussions of the Astana Club are a dialogue about the most crucial subjects. It’s Kazakhstan’s input in the development of global cooperation,” said Dariga Nazarbaeva, Senator of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The key dangers for Eurasia in 2020 notwithstanding:

1. Consequential convulsions of the 2020 US Presidential Political race

The present leader of the US, Donald Trump, has just propelled a battle for re-appointment for another term. Be that as it may, his adversaries undermine him with the indictment. Vulnerabilities in the political advancement of the world’s driving superpower can present genuine dangers for the entire of Eurasia.

2. Worldwide financial downturn

The trigger for another financial emergency with worldwide ramifications could be issued in rising economies. In the midst of the surge of capital, developing business sector monetary standards risk falling, which will worsen organizations’ obligation issues and winding the worldwide emergency.

3. Heightening of the US-China encounter


The danger of an expanded encounter between the US and China was noted on the primary line of a year ago’s appraising. The issue stays applicable in 2020. The contention among Washington and Beijing can come to fruition into an undeniable key showdown.

4. Another race of atomic rocket weapons

In 2019, we saw the breakdown of the Settlement on the Disposal of Middle of the road Range and Shorter-Range Rockets (INF), which at one time turned into an image of the procedure of release. In 2020, the world will be stood up to with the likelihood of an all-out invalidation of the “rules of the game” in the field of vital weapons.

5. Intensification of the fight for innovative strength

It very well may be normal that the geopolitical division of the innovative space will turn out to be increasingly evident. Cases with Chinese organizations Huawei and ZTE are a sort of “run-in” instrument for the regionalization of business sectors for IT-items.

6. Military acceleration of the contention around Iran

The initial move towards a much more noteworthy heightening of the encounter around Iran could be the end of the atomic understanding. Iran’s encounter with geopolitical opponents can spread broadly into the internet. The circumstance will continually hold prisoner the whole security framework in the Center East.

7. Atomic emergency on the Korean landmass

The development of North Korea towards a harmony arrangement and the standardization of relations with the US is at a moderate pace. The danger of an inability to arrange is exacerbated by developing contrasts between the gatherings. The complexity of the circumstance can likewise be brought about by the consequential convulsions of the US presidential political race in 2020.


8. Another influx of fear-mongering

In spite of the thrashing of Daesh, fear monger bunches are encountering another stage in their improvement, growing the topography of activity. The illusory result of this risky advancement is solitary wolves. Simultaneously, the world is confronting outrageous appearances of the alleged “white” psychological warfare and fear-mongering of different beliefs, whose unfortunate casualties are Muslims and vagrants.

9. Forceful patriotism and populism

The change of populism into a main discretionary pattern and the enticement of legislators to just take care of complex issues increment the danger of destroying social clashes, including ethnic and strict ones.

10. Huge scale issues brought about by environmental change

In 2020, differences of significant forces risk totally incapacitating the procedure of battling environmental change, which will make it simpler for different states to seek after a narrow-minded approach, defended by national interests.

Worldwide enthusiasm to the exercises of Astana Club lies in the way that the Kazakhstan talk stage, made in 2015, for a brief time of its work has become a really worldwide stage that unites all the key players of Eurasia. The club permits creating basic methodologies by social affairs at one table gatherings from different geopolitical camps, some of the time in a condition of contention.


Astana Club is a distinctive articulation of the reasonable achievement of Kazakhstan’s multi-vector international strategy.

Over the time of its action, the Club was gone to by in excess of 200 speakers from 40 nations, including the USA, China, Russia, Iran, Germany, Turkey, Incredible England, France, Japan, South Korea, and others.

CIA Experiments On Best Psychics & Remote Viewers, Exposed Online

Despite being allies during the Second World War, the United States and the Soviet Union was anything but friendly with each other after the war ended. There was a sense of competitiveness between the two powers, and they certainly didn’t trust each other.

This animosity sparked several fierce competitions between them. First of all, the ‘Arms Race’ resulted in the development of both atomic and hydrogen bombs. The exploration of space was also a point of contention. The Soviets famously launched Sputnik in 1957 and the US sent the first man to the moon in 1969.


But a lesser-known ‘race’ between the countries involved mind-reading, extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis. Both countries explored the use of psychic powers in war.

Now that the Cold War has ended, the U.S. government does not officially continue to work with the online psychics or other mediums. However, if they did, it is likely to be highly classified. If you want to check some of the online psychics, make sure you visit backpackerverse.com.

Born During the Cold War: The U.S. Government’s ‘Star Gate’ Project

In 1972, a top-secret intelligence report started circling among U.S. government agencies. This classified report asserted that the Soviet Union was heavily investing in psychic research. Specifically, they were researching psychokinesis and ESP.

After the CIA and military heard about this report, it became clear that the United States needed a similar program. This is how the ‘Star Gate’ project was born.

The Star Gate project was a highly classified government program of scientists, physicists, and psychics. The goal of the program was to determine if there were any practical uses for psychic techniques within the government. This could include any applications like spying on foreign officials, searching for missing persons, and exploring inaccessible territories.

One notable project from the Star Gate program was an experiment involving psychic Joe McMoneagle. He claimed to see what the surface of Mars looked millions of years ago.

Does the CIA use any of the best online psychics or remote viewers still today?


Many of the best online psychics still practice remote viewing in their private lives, but what about in the public sphere? Some swear that the CIA and other government agencies still use psychics to gather intelligence, even today in 2019. According to one source, several remote viewers claim that they were asked to help in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

However, the U.S. government does not publicly admit to this.

The CIA and Military spent 20+ million dollars on the ‘Star Gate’ program and devoted over 20 years to its study. Surely, that project was not all for nothing. It is not likely though that civilians are privy to this information.

How to Secure an Immigration Bond in the United States

In the United States, citizenship is considered of high significance. When an individual within the country is found neither to be a citizen nor a resident and without a suitable visa, they can be put into custody by a sector of the Department of Homeland Security known as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Once captured, they will be judged based on a few factors for risks involved in releasing them. All is not in vain for them, fortunately, since they can be released through posting an amount called the ‘Immigration bond’, through a company like Bob Block Bail Bonds.


As stated, the Immigration bond is an amount posted by an individual deemed as an alien to the United States for them to be set free. Other persons can also post the bond for them provided that they have legal status in the country. Immigration bonds serve as a form of ‘bail’ for the detained individuals similar to a defendant in a court trial.

There are two types of immigration bonds handed by ICE on detained individuals. First is the ‘delivery bond’ which grants freedom provided that they will not miss any of the court hearings. It will enable them to spend time with relatives and consult further actions with their lawyers. On the other hand, the ‘voluntary departure bond’ will grant temporary freedom as long as the individual agrees to leave the country after a certain amount of time.  In both types of bond, the bail amount is forfeited if the detainee fails to observe the rules set by ICE on their bond.

The amount needed to be posted for bail is determined by ICE based on a number of factors. The amount will vary based on the detainee’s immigration status, employment history, criminal records, ties to the United States, and risk of flight. Amounts can range from $1000 to as high as $10000 if the individual has a high risk of flight based on his profile. The bail posted will be returned around a year after completion of all court hearings.


To obtain an immigration bond, the detainee or his relatives must coordinate with ICE to be given a bail amount for temporary release while the case is still ongoing. They must comply with all the needed requirements so that the detainee will be deemed worthy of being given a chance for a bond. It can be paid in two ways. First is through the ‘surety bond’ wherein detainee and his relatives have posted the bail themselves through a cash bond which will be returned to them once the detainee completes all court proceedings, provided that they have enough resources to pay it in full. Such an amount can be paid in cash, check, or US notes. The other approach is through the ‘surety bond’ wherein the detainee’s relatives can seek help from a third party, typically a bondsman, to post bail for them in exchange for a fee of 10-15% of the bail amount.

While being detained due to immigration reasons may seem a scary predicament, the detainee need not despair due to the existence of immigration bonds which will grant him freedom while his case is still ongoing. Through immigration bonds, the detainee can avoid custody and spend his time doing more important things and with the people that matter to him.

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