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Tim Sykes Review: The Advantages of a Trade Teacher and What to Look for

If you are looking into getting a start in day trading on the penny stock market unless you are someone who has had previous experience or education in it already. The likelihood is that you will need someone to at very least give you a few pointers so that you aren’t finding yourself making elementary mistakes that could be easily avoided if you’d had just had some coaching. In the very likely scenario that you don’t have this prior experience or education, you will be looking for this person to give you the advice you need to start off, but you might not be sure where to look for or what makes one person more qualified than another, one review provides a fantastic insight into what makes the service provided by Timothy Sykes such an effective one.

It can seem strange for someone to be handing out such praise to a service such as this, and this is not something that is lost in the review. As to make sure that the claims are not baseless, it displays the facts to give some background to what makes this coaching service for trading so worthwhile. It is explained very early on in the explanation that it can be found that the person who founded the program and provides the advice has a background in trading as well as showing the success he has had during his career in finance. It goes on to provide that his success hasn’t just been limited to himself, but since deciding to go into education he has just as much success in imparting his knowledge onto those who have undertaken the course so that they can be taught how to find success themselves in the penny stock market. That there can be so many real-life examples that can be used to illustrate the effectiveness of the course is as good evidence as there can be, that if you enroll in the course and do the work. You will be able to take the skills and knowledge that you have gained and put it to use in the market in pursuit of a profit and success story of your own.

The advantages of finding a trade teacher to show you the ropes are something too many people are an obvious answer, that they will help you make more money. This is indeed true and is certainly what the course offered on Timothy Syke’s website is geared towards achieving, and most certainly teaches you the lesson and gives you the means to make more money by trading. Plenty of us will be satisfied that helping you make money is the only advantage of getting a trade teacher that you need to know about. But it is more nuanced than this and knowing that there are those of you who want a more in-depth answer this review takes notice of this and accordingly makes sure that it doesn’t skip over what makes this program beneficial to someone who wants to make the most out of the penny stock market. It explains the way that it helps you identify the best means of trading, how you should be buying and selling, how long you should commit to a position in the market, all of these things.

It explains the benefit of undertaking the course with Timothy Sykes as not simply just telling you what to trade and when to do so, but showing that you yourself are going to be able to identify when you should be buying and selling, and what you should be buying and selling so that, as mentioned make the best out of the market. This is what the program is excellent for, it teaches you how to look at the market in the most informed manner. So that when you make a good movie, you know exactly why you traded as you did, and why it was a good move. It makes it so that you are able to trade well without leaving you dependent on anyone else. You are yourself by the end a well-versed trader, rather than someone who has just had their handheld.

Before reading on, check out the following site for a real-life review:

The most important thing that you should be taking into consideration when you are deciding to look for a trading teacher, aside from the obvious matter of whether it works or not, is whether the lessons can be taught to you in a way that works. This is something that is well taken care of if you choose to go with Timothy Sykes as is noted in the breakdown that can be found that there are a few different ways in which you are able to access the material that is made available by becoming a member to Timothy Sykes’ website. That there is more than one way you can access everything is undoubtedly a massive positive of the website. As depending on what works best for you, the course is able to accommodate you to allow for the most successful and efficient rate of learning the lessons that are on offer.

The obvious advantage of finding yourself a trading teacher is that it can help you make more money, this is obviously true of Timothy Sykes’ teachings as that is the end goal of any course. But where this course is better is that it teaches you how to do this, it allows for you to be successful in your own right and find the success that is well and truly your own. When looking for a trading teacher this is something you should always look for, and in addition to this, you are also able to learn in a number of ways that are made available to you on the website. Making it easier than ever to learn what there is an offer on the website to make you the most successful trader that you can be.

How Jason Brown’s mindset to help people brought him success

When you have a certain goal in your mind at focus, everything you are striving for can become much easier. This is a rule that most businesses follow and it is what everyone should do in every segment of their lives. This was also the number one rule for Jason Brown who is a to-earning marketer, entrepreneur, and co-owner of the IV Bars company which is quickly growing. Jason’s goals are projects that can bring something to people that they can use on a daily basis to improve their health, financial status, and their psychological state. Jason Brown’s success comes from helping other people, making them feel better, and inspire them to become comfortable in their own skin.


He is not just some regular old businessman who mainly focuses on making money. In fact, Jason claims that he considers himself more of a mentor r a consultant instead of a businessman. He prefers to serve the people so they can benefit from him instead of profiting from those same people. The results he wants to see after helping are not about money. The results he wants to see is whether he has helped people or whether they have changed their ways of life. His number one rule or goal is to always deliver quality to the market that will be different than his competitors.

In today’s world of conglomerates, millions or even billions of businesses striving for success, a lot of people are only interested in what they can get out of their business. But the ones who are truly successful are the people who ask themselves what they can give to their customers through products or services. In a world where people are constantly searching for products that will better their quality of life, entrepreneurs need to constantly ask themselves what they can provide to their customers. Giving your clients something they can trust is what enables business for more improvements.

If you want to be ahead of your competition, you must find that little something that will separate you from them. Sometimes it may be just a simple detail you need to add to your products or services, sometimes a big change may be needed. However, no matter what you need to change, you must ensure that the customers are getting the most of your products instead of you getting the most out of them. This is what Jason Brown believes in and this is what brought him to his success. And this is why his products offer better quality, reliability, and opportunities that better the lives of his clients.

When you try to view the world in the eyes of your clients, you can then understand what you need to ask yourself. Jason Brown believes that with these questions you can give yourself the answer that will get you ahead of the competition.

When Jason starts a new project, his first goal is to understand how he can use this project to contribute to the world. A good example of such a project is his IV Bars company. They focus on stem cell therapy, intravenous nutrition, and hydration to change how people feel on their everyday basis.

Manny Pacquiao Gifts A New Sports Car To His Eldest Son Jimuel Pacquiao


How cool it must be when you have a dad who is famous worldwide. Not only that but what about having a father who is wealthy? Apart from the looks and the love for boxing, Manny Pacquiao’s son, Jimuel Pacquiao, has a lot more in common with his dad. Just like Manny, his son also loves fast and handsome rides.

Manny Pacquiao, Filipino boxing legend owns several luxury cars, Ferrari 458 Italia and a Mercedes-Benz SL550 are just two to name and now he gifts his first son Jimuel a brand new luxury car. It’s a Corvette Stringray red sports car and happens to be Jimuel’s first car.

In a youtube video shared by Team Sisson, Jimuel seems to be happy with his new ride. He can be seen showing the interior and exterior of the car, playing with the throttle that made the car exhaust make an amazing sound. In the video, he also took the car out for a short ride in the neighborhood.

Jimuel Pacquiao is in the headlines since his breakup with Heaven Peralejo. It was a hard time from the Jr. Pacquiao and he decided to follow his fathers step to become a boxer. Though, his father didn’t want him to be a boxer, as he knows that the life of a boxer is not very easy. Manny himself liked it if his son chose something other than boxing for his career. Manny wants his son to study more and than manage the family business that they have.

And the business is not that bad; according to, Manny has recently announced the launch of his own cryptocurrency, “Pac.” According to reports, Pac token has been already registered on GCOX, the Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) of Singapore. Along with Manny Pacquiao, ex-Liverpool & England soccer champion Michael Owen is also part of Pac tokens, as a private investor.

However, Jimuel has fixed his goals to become a professional boxer, just like his dad. We are 100% confident that Jimuel is going to enjoy a new ride and one day, he might end up having a better fleet than his ol’ man. The business is booming for the family and although we are not sure whether Jumuel will be as good as a boxer as his dad, it will be interesting to watch his career.


Dean Vagnozzi: The 401k Scam and how the Government Tricks U.S. Taxpayers Into Higher Tax Rates

Dean Vagnozzi, the 46-year-old financial entrepreneur and President of A Better Financial Plan, LLC, believes in making your money work hard for you. Today. Waiting is not his style, and Vagnozzi believes if it’s locked up in retirement accounts or paid ahead, into your mortgage, it can’t be accessed until much later in life.

He is not your typical Financial Planner. He suggests you avoid your company’s 401k, not pay off your mortgage, and forego an IRA. With many new ideas, Vagnozzi will make you wealthier than you ever thought possible.

Needless to say, Vagnozzi is not a typical Financial Advisor – to learn more about him, see the article here. With energy and enthusiasm, he hits you with ideas you’ve never heard before—certainly not from a money manager. He suggests avoiding your company’s 401k plan. He advises against paying off your mortgage. He says to forego an IRA. And he will make you wealthier than you ever thought possible.

As a veteran financial planner, I’ve asked thousands of people attending hundreds of financial workshops over the past 10 years about the direction they believe taxes will move in the future. Everyone—and I mean everyone—answers that question the same way. Everyone thinks taxes are going to be higher.

This comes as no surprise, as American taxpayers are constantly reminded of rising national debts taken on the United States government, and the only means of revenue the government has at its disposal are taxes. Americans are typically (and rightfully so) interested in any opportunity to slide past Uncle Sam and keep more of their hard-earned wages in their own pockets, making the 401(k) and IRA popular financial vehicles allowing contributors to defer taxes until a later time.

The only problem with this strategy?

Those same tax-payers had just agreed that tax rates are expected to increase in the future.

In a traditional 401(k) account, a percentage of your (pre-tax) income is moved into an investment account until you are ready to collect your earnings at retirement. This is not a revelation, of course, and we all know this to be fact. But I can tell you from experience that hardly anyone ever mentally factors in what the bite out of his or her retirement income is going to look like when he or she becomes responsible for paying those taxes.

I would encourage all of my financial planning clients to seek out the 70-somethings in your life and ask them how they feel about the income tax that leaves their hands every time they draw on their qualified account. They’re not going to be smiling when they tell you the answer and I promise you, if they are honest, they are going to come clean with you that they hadn’t anticipated how much that tax bill would sting.

There is a cost to deferring your taxes; unfortunately, no one ever examines that cost for us to make a conscious decision over whether that cost is worth accepting.

Now, one of the first arguments people make against this fact goes something like this: “Yeah, but wait a minute—you’ve kept her in the same tax bracket. My accountant told me I will be in a lower tax bracket.” This particular response is why I look at my audience and I say, “If you are in a lower tax bracket when you retire, then it means you have FAILED FINANCIALLY!”

Who in their right minds would want a financial plan designed to be in a lower tax bracket when you retire? If you are in a lower tax bracket, it only means one of two things happened: either you didn’t save enough money, or the money you saved hasn’t performed well—both scenarios are not optimal.

Instead, it would make more financial sense for taxpayers to have a financial plan designed to be successful and lead to them retiring in a higher tax bracket than when they started saving. Putting a financial plan together assuming that you’ll be in a lower tax bracket is another way of you conceding that you are going to be a financial underachiever.

Why would you want to be that person?

How about you put a plan together based on your being successful and, as a result, being in a higher tax bracket?

When considering the perfect retirement scenario, we often think about having a comfortable house that has been paid off, grown children with families of their own, and a large enough sum of money in a retirement account that allows us to spend less time working and more time enjoying the pleasures of life with those we love most.

Unplanned expenses such as a deferred income tax are going to hurt—and, because our house is paid off and our kids are grown, the two biggest tax deductions we enjoyed our entire lives are gone when we need them most.

In the end, what did you get for this “perfect retirement?” Your money completely tied up and illiquid for 20 or 30 years?

This is why it’s so important for taxpayers to understand exactly where and how their hard-earned savings are being held.


5 Billionaires Transforming The World

Stock markets go up and down, people are getting richer and poorer, but who are the billionaires that are using their power, knowledge and money to contribute to transforming the world as we know it. We bring you our top 5 billionaires that are doing just that.

1. Bill Gates


Although Bill Gates is primarily known for being the principal founder of Microsoft, he is continuing to add to his legacy through his philanthropic work post-Microsoft. Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) is a $1 billion fund led by Gates and backed by billionaire friends, Reliance’s Mukesh Ambani, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and Virgin’s Richard Branson to name a few. The purpose of the fund focuses on tackling climate change on an immediate timescale by investing in technologies with the potential to reduce annual global greenhouse-gas emissions by at least 500 million metric tons. Global emissions currently measure about 40 billion metric tons a year.

Startups with these technologies can often find it difficult to scale, either because the engineering challenge is too big or the business environment that can support the companies is non existent which is why these companies need “patient capital”. For this reason, BEV are willing to allow 20 years for a return on their investments.

2. Richard Branson

Virgin tycoon Richard Branson still has his sights set on the sky but a little further than the clouds. Virgin Group founder, Branson, has reached a new frontier, developing commercial spacecraft under British spaceflight company Virgin Galactic. Although it’s still in the developmental stages, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo craft had a successful trip reaching the edge of space for the first time.

This venture is the most successful of its kind by far, as the space race continues.

3. Elon Musk

He made the electric car cool. Tesla co-founder Elon Musk isn’t ready to stop at cars. Musk has been working on developing an all-electric heavy-duty truck known as the “Telsa Semi” with production planned for the end of 2020. Included in the Semi-standard would be Tesla Autopilot that allows semi-autonomous driving on highways. The battery-operated vehicle can be charged using a solar-powered “Tesla Megacharger” charging station.

Like Branson, Musk also has interests in space. In 2002, Musk founded SpaceX, a US aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company. His current mission is to reduce space transportation costs to enable colonization of Mars

4. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is known for founding computer technology company, Oracle in 1977 with just  $2000 funding, half of which came from himself. Since then, Ellison has shifted his focus to finding a way to live forever. He has become fascinated with prolonging human life and has invested millions into researching the hormone DHEA, which some scientists think slows the process of ageing.

5. Tej Kohli

Tech entrepreneur Tej Kohli is a global business leader renowned for his long term investments in technologies and his commitment to philanthropy. Kohli’s current interests lie in machine learning and developing artificial intelligence for the world’s benefit. According to Tej Kohli, machine learning can even be used to improve healthcare, using US-based biotech firm, Detraxi, pioneers of research into artificial blood, as an example of the long term benefits we could see from the development of machine learning. This research could help organ preservation worldwide as Tej Kohli supports “fewer people will die due to a lack of blood”.

When he’s not on the lookout for his next investment opportunity, he’s focusing on his mission to end corneal blindness through his charitable collaboration with LV PrasadEye Institute in Hyderabad and the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute.

We are excited to see how these billionaires progress with their latest projects and how they will transform many lives.

Innovative Producer and Director Julius Nasso Draws Inspiration from the Past While Looking to the Future

It’s early afternoon, and producer and director Julius Nasso (see more here) is in his Staten Island studio reviewing footage from his most recent project. Drawing on a wide range of inspiration, Julius brings his varied experience both as an entrepreneur and as a creative to the table as he approaches each project.

As a young man, Julius had a dream of becoming a pharmacist – he even worked as a delivery boy for his neighborhood pharmacy. While attending St. John’s University in 1974, Julius studied pharmacology, eventually buying the drug store where he had once worked. This began his tenure as the founder of BuyWise Pharmacy, a chain of stores that he eventually sold in 1988.

Parallel to this, Julius began Universal Marine Medical Supply, a company dedicated to providing cruise and commercial shipping vessels with the medications they are required to have on board by the World Health Organization. This provided Julius with an opportunity to travel, seeing the world by visiting various company headquarters and vessels. Singularly focused on expansion, Julius doggedly pursued leads, opening offices in Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Now, decades later, the company is one of the largest maritime medical supplies servicing over 300 cruise ships and 16,000 commercial vessels including off-shore rigs, cargo, tankers, and freighters, and has a global presence in the UK, Greece, India, UAE, Australia, China and Singapore.

Simultaneously, Julius’s path crossed with legendary toymaker, Xavier Roberts, best known for his dolls, the Cabbage Patch Kids. During this time, in 1978, Julius partnered Roberts to create the Cabbage Patch Babyland General Hospital Store with a location in New York City.

With three thriving enterprises under his belt, Julius’s path took a turn after being introduced to legendary director Sergio Leone. Initially brought on as a translator, Julius’s role evolved into becoming a personal assistant for the legend. At the same time, Julius enrolled in courses and seminars at Cincecitta studios in Rome. This would be a jumping-off point for an auspicious career in film.

In 1981, while still working with Leone, Julius produced his first television pilot for FOX: Behind the 8 Ball, starring Jerry Orbach, John Amos, and Jimmy Baio. In 1986, he became the head of International Promotions for the action film Above the Law, which led to a 17-year producing partnership with Warner Brothers Studios. Here, Julius honed his craft in the action genre, producing titles including Hard to Kill, Marked for Death, Out for Justice, Under Siege, On Deadly Ground, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, The Glimmer Man, Fire Down Below and The Patriot.

Ever the entrepreneur, Julius wanted to return to his own ventures following this partnership with Warner Brothers and returned to New York to co-found Manhattan Pictures. Through this venture, he produced and distributed Enigma with Kate Winslet, Secret Lives of Dentists and In Praise of Love with Jean-Luc Godard. Simultaneously, Julius created Julius R. Nasso Productions, producing award-winning films including Prince of Central Park (on which he was able to work with his son, Frankie Nasso) and One-Eyed King.

It was during this time that Julius also produced one of his most highly acclaimed films, Narc, which starred Jason Patric, Ray Liotta and Busta Rhymes. The film went on to be nominated for the Sundance Film Festival’s Grand Jury Award and won the Special Price Policier Award at the Cognac Film Festival. In Enemy Hands and The Poet were produced in the years that followed.

Following these hits, Julius’s work was noticed by iconic singer, songwriter, activist and actor, Harry Belafonte. The artist was working on a documentary that recounted not only his life, but his work as an activist in the Civil Rights Movement. Signing on for the project, Julius again tapped his son Frankie to act as 2nd Unit Director. The film was released with critical acclaim and was immediately shortlisted for an Academy Award. Julius later went out to receive the 2012 NCAAP Image Award for his work on the project.

His first foray working with musicians such a success, that Nasso was tapped later by another legend, Andrea Bocelli to produce a once-in-a-lifetime concert event at the Beijing National Stadium.

Familiar with the singer through his work with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Julius and Frankie again partnered to take on the task of creating the headline performance for the Maestro during the Asian Culture Carnival. World leaders from all 48 countries in Asia as well as Australia and Israel were present and more than 78,000 attended the event, which was live broadcast in over 180 countries, reaching more than 1.7 billion viewers via live TV and streaming services.

The show, the largest government-sponsored entertainment event ever hosted in China, featured over 10,000 performers throughout the evening—including Jackie Chan, Lang Lang, Wang Leehom and Dimash Kudaibergen—who were dressed in costumes worth more than $60 million. The incredible LED light curtain at the show won the Guinness World Record for the largest LED Light Curtain. The event received more than 1 million social likes, and empowered each nation to showcase its traditional dances, songs, and costumes.

Source: IMDb

Later that same year, Julius was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Ischia Global Fest award for his decades of innovation, creativity and service to the film and music industries. Julius has presented the award by legendary composer, songwriter, producer and film actor, Tony Renis and Alessandro Salem of Mediaset.

How To Avoid Workplace Harassment In California


Unfortunately, employees in California are just as likely to be harassed in the workplace as those anywhere else in the world. However, in California state, employers who are found to be liable for any type of unlawful workplace harassment can end up facing some substantial penalties.

These financial damages can include everything from back pay and compensation to the victim’s legal costs and attorney fees. This means that, should an employee become a victim of harassment at work, they can seek recompense for all they have suffered – says attorneys at

Harassment Comes In Many Forms

While many people tend to think of sexual harassment as the primary form of harassment in the workplace, the concept of harassment at work also extends to a number of other classes of people who have the protection of the law. Harassment can occur because of race, medical conditions, parental status, age, color, religion, marital status, nationality, gender identity or sexual orientation as well as numerous other characteristics that are protected under local, federal and state laws.

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The Role Of The Human Resources Department

The human resources department in any workplace must take an active role in guarding against unlawful harassment of employees in the workplace. Should they see harassment first-hand, or learn about it from a third party, they must be prepared to put a stop to it instantly. Anti-harassment policies must be put in place and communicated effectively to all employees. Management and supervisors must also be properly educated by HR professionals so that they can spot unlawful harassment and put an end to it immediately.

In California, there is an overlap between federal and state law, however, local employers must have a clear understanding of the various areas in which the state law imposes extra obligations. Generally, the regulations which govern the prevention of harassment at work in California have a broader scope than federal law, and this makes the role of the HR professional in preventing, investigating and remedying harassment in the workplace extremely important.

Above all, HR professionals in California must be prepared to take all complaints of harassment from employees seriously and investigate them thoroughly, even if their complaint is not sufficient to warrant a case of illegal harassment being brought against the perpetrator.

The Obligations Of The Employer

Every employer in California must take specific actions against workplace harassment. These include:

  • Taking every reasonable step to prevent harassment and discrimination from taking place. Should harassment occur, effective action must be taken to prevent further harassment as well as to correct its effects.
  • Implementing and developing a policy to prevent unlawful harassment and ensuring an effective procedure is in place for making and investigating complaints.
  • Fully informing every member of staff of their own obligations and rights.

Taking swift and effective action to remedy matters should an allegation of harassment be proven.

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Effective Training

The FEHA requires every employer who has 50 or more workers to provide at least two mandatory hours of training about sexual harassment to supervisors within a 6-month period of their date of transfer or hire and then at 2-yearly intervals. Businesses that have 5 or more workers must also provide the same training at 2-yearly intervals.

Although there is no mandatory provision in place to require specific harassment training for employees, it is highly recommended that all workers and managers alike should completely review all applicable anti-harassment laws as well as California law requirements and the policies of their organization so that they are aware of the consequences associated with violations as well as the procedures to be followed in the event of a complaint and investigation.

Seeking Legal Advice

If you believe that you have been a victim of unlawful harassment in the workplace, you should immediately seek legal advice.

The Ultimate Guide to Staying Safe in All Aspects of Your Life 

Most people would like to imagine that they are safe and secure. Now, for the most part, this is probably true at this very moment. Things, however, can change in the blink of an eye. This is why you must be aware of how to keep yourself protected. 

For instance, take a look at the US crime statistics for a moment. It is estimated that violent crime is committed every 24.6 seconds. Properties aren’t safe, either, as there are related crimes around every four seconds! 

Now, this information isn’t supposed to alarm you but to help you face facts. The best way to prevent something bad happening to you is to be properly informed and prepared. Below, you will learn how you can do this: 

Focus on Relevant Details

What kind of criminals are you most afraid of? Now, if you said serial killers, you would not be alone. A good portion of the population imagines that serial killers are responsible for around 25 percent of all homicides. However, if you were to do the math, you would discover that there is around a 0.00039 percent chance of encountering this type of murderer. 

The more common crimes committed on a regular basis involve robbery, rape, and assault. So, it is more important to watch out for these types of crimes. Focusing on unnecessary hazards will just end up distracting you from what you should really be worried about. 

Awareness is Key 

What if you were asked to describe the area stretching from your neighborhood grocery store to the parking lot? How much detail could you offer about the surrounding area? Even though you may have been there dozens of times, the answer is probably: not much. 

The thing is most people aren’t too aware of what goes on around them. Unfortunately, this puts them at greater risk of being attacked or robbed. After all, if you aren’t paying attention, it makes it a lot easier for someone to come up behind you and take you by surprise. 

Things have gotten even worse with technology. Devices like smartphones and music players work as distractions, ensuring that you can’t tell if someone is following you or not. This is why, when you are by yourself in an empty area, you need to put away these devices.

On top of this, you should take steps to have greater situational awareness. You can start by looking around and behind you while walking. Always have an idea of how many people are in the vicinity and whether or not someone is close behind you. 

Screen the People Around You

If you are like most individuals, then you probably assume that those you meet on a regular basis are trustworthy. Well, the scary truth is that it is the people that are closest to you that you need to be concerned with. This is especially true in the cases of murder and assault. 

More often than not, these crimes are committed by individuals who either knew the victim or were close to them. This is why you do have to be careful about the people you let into your life. Before you give someone full access to you and your home, go to Here, you will be able to find out if someone in your life has a criminal past and what they were charged with. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that all strangers are perfectly safe, either. A majority of robberies are committed by individuals you don’t know. So, it is important to be safe when meeting someone new as well. 

Know Your Vulnerable Points 

It is always important to be aware of what your biggest vulnerabilities are, whatever situation you find yourself in. For instance, if you are driving to a nearby store late at night, your major concerns should be the lack of lighting and people. So, try to park in a well-lit area as close to the store as possible.

For women at parties, their drinks become their greatest vulnerability. So, you should get into the habit of always pouring your own drinks. If you keep your cup down and leave it alone even for a short time, ditch it and make yourself a new one. It is advisable to take your drink with you wherever you go, to avoid anyone slipping anything into it. 

Don’t Get Hung Up on Social Niceties 

Politeness and social niceties can often be hardwired into you. As such, you may go along with something simply because you are afraid of being rude. This can be especially common with women. Well, in instances such as these, it is always best to trust your instincts. 

Do you feel that these circumstances are suspicious? If so, get out of there – you don’t even have to make an excuse. Even if you don’t feel like something is wrong, it is usually best to err on the side of caution and stay safe. 

Always Have a Contingency Plan 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to rely on others for your safety. You should always be responsible for yourself. So, don’t automatically assume that your friend is going to drive you back from a party, for example. Instead, keep some extra money on you and be prepared to call a taxi.

Whenever possible, always have a plan in place for what you can do if things go bad. This can seem like an overreaction but it may just end up being useful one day. Just think about what would happen if you weren’t prepared to deal with a situation. Things could end up being a lot worse. So, you should save yourself the trouble. 

These are the top points you should keep in mind if you wish to remain safe in all aspects of your life. And, remember: it is always better to be safe than sorry. This mantra will help you to make better decisions in the future.