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Net Worth

Trump Kids Net Worth 2019

Nobody expected Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton in the election race three years ago. And despite the two of them had debates, which were honestly, quite ridiculous, they didn’t have much love for each other. However, Hillary did have something nice to say about his opponent – that he had wonderful children. And while… Keep Reading

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2 Chainz Net Worth 2018/2019 – How Much He Earns

2 Chainz is an American rapper, currently one of the most famous in the world and one of the most sought-after musicians for collaboration. In addition to the main occupation, that is, music, songwriting and production, 2 Chainz also deals with investment and entrepreneurship. But do you know how much his net worth is? If… Keep Reading

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Maureen O’Hara Net Worth 2018/2019 – Irish Actress

Maureen O’Hara was a famous redhead known for her passionate and sensible heroine roles. To learn more about one of the stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, keep reading. Early Life On 17th August, 1920, near Ranelagh, in-country Dublin in Ireland, Maureen O’Hara was welcomed into this world. Her mother was a singer, and… Keep Reading

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Blac Youngsta Net Worth 2018/2019 – Biography and Career

This young African-American artist has become very popular in the few years. He does rap music and is particularly popular among younger generations. Personal Life Blac Youngsta was born on April the 8th in 1990 in Memphis. His real name is Samuel Benson but he is using an alias as an artist. It needs to… Keep Reading

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Frank Fritz Net Worth 2019 Biography, Career

Who is Frank Fritz? He was a fire inspector, but he quit that job and started collecting antiques. Frank didn’t fail in the antique collection business, as a matter of a fact he is a very successful businessman. And besides that, he is now also a TV star and a celebrity. Early life Frank Fritz… Keep Reading

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Bruce Willis Net Worth 2018/2019 – An Action-Movie Icon

Since 1980s, Bruce Willis has been entertaining us. His breakout role in TV’s Moonlight is how his career started. His versatile acting, malicious humor, and cool vibe made him recognizable to all ages. The Die Hard Movies The Die Hard franchise were the most popular Willis’ movies. In 1988, the first Die Hard movie was… Keep Reading

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Usher Net Worth 2019 – R’n’B Star

Usher Raymond IV, also known as Usher, is one of the most successful R’n’B performers alive. Let us tell you more about his life, career and net worth. Early Years And Beginning Of His Music Career When he was just six years old, Usher started singing in his church choir. He signed a recording contract… Keep Reading

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David Duke Net Worth 2018/2019 – How Much is he Worth?

David Duke is an American activist, and a white nationalist politician, as well as an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist. He is a convicted felon and a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Early Life He was born on July 1, 1950 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to David Hedger Duke Sir and Alice Maxine. His father… Keep Reading

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Chesley Sullenberger Net Worth 2018/2019 Airline Captain

Сhеѕlеу Ѕullеnbеrgеr іѕ аn American, аіrlіnе сарtаіn. Sullenberger is retired and worldwide known for effectually wаtеr-lаndіng thе UЅ Аіrwауѕ flіght 1549 іn 2009. When thе рlаnе lаndеd іn thе Нudѕоn Rіvеr, all passengers ѕurvіvеd. If you are curious about Сhеѕlеу Ѕullеnbеrgеr net worth іn 2018/2019, you must rеаd thе аrtісlе below. Early Life & Biography… Keep Reading

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Matthew Haag Nadeshot Net Worth 2019

One of the most successful professional Call of Duty players, Nadeshot proves that esports can be very profitable if you have what it takes. Former Call of Duty champion is now retired and currently owns his own team, called 100 Thieves, which, besides Call of Duty, also competes in League of Legends, Clash Royale and Fortnite.… Keep Reading

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