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Net Worth

Craig Tester Net Worth 2019 – Biography and Career

Craig Tester is famous for being a producer and a crew member of the popular reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island. He is the producer of the mentioned TV show, but the fans love him because of his part as the crew member. The Curse of Oak Island is broadcasted on History channel… Keep Reading

Net Worth/Sport

Top 10 Salaries of WWE Wrestlers

Watching WWE superstars performing their amazing stunts in and around the ring has often made people wonder how much they make. The answer to that question is somewhat complicated. First of all, WWE never releases to the public the information about their superstars’ salaries. It has been a long-standing company policy and it isn’t changing… Keep Reading

Net Worth

David Blankenship Net Worth 2019 and What Is His Personal Life Like

David Blankenship, the producer of The Curse of Oak Island, the Canadian History channel’s television series, has a very successful decades’ long career. Here is everything we know and everything you should know about the longtime resident of Oak Island. David Blankenship’s Personal Life David Blankenship leads a very low-key personal life. In fact, not… Keep Reading

Net Worth

Rick Lagina Net Worth 2019, Biography and Career

The fans of The Curse of Oak Island TV show very well know who Marty Lagina and Rick Lagina are. They’ve become famous with the help of the show, and they’ve also become very rich. Marty Lagina has millions of dollars, and almost everything is known about his finances. But people are curious about his… Keep Reading

Net Worth

David Geffen Net Worth 2018/2019 – How Much is He Worth?

David Geffen is a business tycoon, producer, film studio executive, and philanthropist. He is most famous for creating or co-creating Asylum Records in 1970, Geffen Records 1980, DGC Records in 1990, and DreamWorks SKG in 1994. Early Life David Geffen was born 1943 in Borough Park, Brooklyn, New York, to parents Batya Volovskaya and Abraham… Keep Reading

Net Worth

Chuck Schumer net worth 2018/2019 on the rise

The first New Yorker and the first Jewish person to ever hold a Senate leadership role, Chuck Schumer has always been an over-achiever. From his perfect 1,600 SAT scores to graduating Harvard Law School Juris Doctor with honors, Schumer was always focused on a career in politics. Practicing law was never among his goals and… Keep Reading

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