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Trump Kids Net Worth 2020

Nobody expected Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton in the election race three years ago. And despite the two of them had debates, which were honestly, quite ridiculous, they didn’t have much love for each other. However, Hillary did have something nice to say about his opponent – that he had wonderful children.

And while Donald Trump is being criticized on an everyday basis for being a toxic political figure, his kids managed to avoid the scorn of the masses. Nobody is talking poorly of Trump’s children, which is a good thing. But you must be wondering about their net worth and how much it belongs to them out of the massive Trump empire.

The Trump Kids

Considering that Donald Trump is a father figure, these kids are quite rich. But they do not have an equal amount of money. Between them, they are worth almost $1 billion. We will discuss each child individually but you should know there are five of them – Ivanka (married to Jared Kushner), Donald Jr,Eric, Barron and Tiffany.

One thing is for sure – these kids will not miss anything during their lifetime. Read on to learn about each one of Trump’s children, their net worth and what they do for a living.

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Ivanka Trump – $740 million

Ivanka works as an entrepreneur as well as White House special helper. She and her husband Jared Kushner have lived a fantastic life so far and between them, the net worth is incredible $740 million. The two of them have a bunch of privately-owned businesses together and they are both working in the White House.

Some Americans are bothered with the fact that Ivanka didn’t step aside from her private doings for the time she is spending in the White House. But truth be told, she is not the president.

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Donald Trump Jr. – $200 million

Ever since his father assumed office, Donald Trump Jr. has been in the most trouble. However, that is not quite important here as we are discussing his net worth. As a Vice President at the Trump Organization, Donald Jr. has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

He is currently in charge of the family business, together with his brother Eric and e oversees the company’s properties. That earns him a fat paycheck each month.

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Eric Trump – $150 million to $300 million

Donald Jr. Is not the only Vice President at the Trump Organization – Eric is the one too! As we have already mentioned, the brothers are in charge now and just like Donald Jr. Erik himself is quite rich. His estimated net worth goes all the way up to $300 million.

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Barron – N/A

Barron is Trump’s youngest child and he is currently 11. His personal net worth is impossible to calculate since he doesn’t have any role in business yet. Currently, Barron is in school, but he will start walking the paved road to follow his brothers and sisters.

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Tiffany Trump – $600,000

Tiffany is older than Barron as she is currently a student. Out of all Trump kids, she is perhaps the one whose exposure in the media is quite small. She graduated from college and continued her studies at law school. Even though she is still working her way to the real world, already her net worth can be estimated at approximately $600,000.

As you can see all of the Trump kids are quite successful at what they do. They earn a lot, which is not surprising considering that they are running a family business which Donald Trump took to a whole new level before he became President.

Totalbiscuit Net Worth 2020 – John Bain, a YouTube celebrity


John Peter Bain is a famous commentator on various games and YouTube celebrity, known as Totalbiscuit. He also has other nicknames, The Cynical Brit and TotalHalibut. What is Totalbiscuit’s Net Worth?

John Brain’s Biography


John Brain is a famous YouTube celebrity, video gaming commentator on the same network and other online channels. He was born on 8th of July 1984 in Spennymoor, Britain. Brain has a law degree from the De Montfort University in England.

John Brain was into e-sports and video games since his early life. When he was only 13 years old, he became one of the founders of the “Live 365”, today one of the most successful domains for online radio stations. During the time at the University, Brain was the host of the music show on the University’s radio station called Demon FM. In 2005 John Brain was invited to attend and cover the annual BlizzCon event. This is where he met his future wife and YouTube companion Genna Bain. After the couple got married, they moved to America.

In April 2014 he officially announced that he had been diagnosed with something doctors suspecting might be a colon cancer. Soon after that, Brain started with chemotherapy and radiation, since the medical tests showed that he actually does have a colon cancer. Besides the treatments and chemotherapy, cancer severely spread and affected his liver. In 2017 Brain said that he still has cancer, now in stage 4, but without metastasizing.

Totalbiscuit’s Career


John Brain, aka Totalbiscuit, was into e-sports, games, and radio since he was a child. He is one of the founders of the popular Live365. During his time at the De Montfort University, he hosted a music show, dedicated to metal music. Brian became a part of the World of Warcraft Radio station in 2005, where he was hosting a “Blue Plz”. His work on this radio station was recognized and he was invited to attend and cover the BlizzCon event in 2005.

During the recession in 2010, John Brain lost his job as a financial director and he started his own channel on YouTube. The channel was dedicated to gaming and got huge popularity very fast. Brain was also a commentator on The Game Station by StarCraft 2, and worked with great Mike Lamond, aka HuskyStarcraft. Besides his YouTube channel, Brain also had his site With Brooke Thorne and Jesse Cox, Brian hosted Co-Optional Podcast on

John Brain awards and achievements

Totalbiscuit’s work and talent were recognized by the sites such as the Eurogamer and the Technorati. Will Porter, a Eurogamer personality, called Brain a “champion of indie gaming”. Brian got into the Games Media Brit List in 2014 and won The Game Award the same year.

John Brain’s Net Worth


John Peter Brain started his career with 13 as one of the founders of the Live 365. He was a successful host of the World of Warcraft Radio station, professional e-sports caster and commentator. Brain owns his personal website and YouTube channel. His videos on YouTube gained him more than 400.000 followers. John Brain’s estimated net worth is around $2 million.

Totalbiscuit’s YouTube channel has gained him over two million subscribers, and his fame is on the rise even now. He managed to become the top curator of the platform on a digital distribution called Steam. Bain had a follower number of 400,000 that surpassed that of the next three together. This British commentator and professional e-Sports caster have a net worth of $2 million.

Totalbiscuit or John Bain, moved to America after he got married to Genna Bain. His fanatic acclaim as YouTube gaming commentator and critic is noteworthy. Bain confirmed in 2018 that his cancer was back and he would be trying to be a subject for a clinical trial on the same. He currently hosts the Co-Optional Podcast with Brooke Thorne and Jesse Cox that airs on

Chuck Schumer Net Worth 2020 on the Rise

The first New Yorker and the first Jewish person to ever hold a Senate leadership role, Chuck Schumer has always been an over-achiever. From his perfect 1,600 SAT scores to graduating Harvard Law School Juris Doctor with honors, Schumer was always focused on a career in politics. Practicing law was never among his goals and as soon he got his diploma, he ran for the New York city assembly spot in 1974. He won, just like al subsequent elections he participated in. He stayed in the New York Assembly until 1980. The next year he won a place in Congress as the representative from the New York 16th district.

In 1998, he decided it was the time to appear on the grand stage and ran as a Democrat for the Senate. He came to prominence as the chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, where he oversaw the Democrats gain 14 seats in Senate in 2006 and 2008 elections. After his fourth election win for the Senate, he was unanimously elected the Minority leader, following Harry Reid’s retirement.

Despite his success, Schumer always makes a point to visit all 62 counties of New York each year, taking a keen interest in the everyday lives of his voters.

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Schumer is married to Iris Weinshall, former commissioner of transportation of New York City from 2000 to 2007. The couple got married at Windows on the World at the top of the north tower of the World Trade Center in 1980. They have two daughters, Jessica and Alison, and both are following their father’s footsteps through Harvard. Alison is working for Facebook as a marketing manager in the company’s New York office, while Jessica is pursuing a career in politics.

Schumer’s book “Positively American: Winning Back the Middle-Class Majority One Family at a Time”, published in January 2017, deals with the strategies Democratic Party needs to employ in order to get the votes of American middle class.

Chuck Schumer net worth as of 2020 in $900,000, the best proof he isn’t corrupted by the lobbyist, like so many of his colleagues from Senate.

Dalai Lama Net Worth 2020 – Political and Spiritual Leaders

No matter the religion you’ve surely heard of Dalai Lama. But did you know that Dalai Lama is not one person? As a matter of fact, Dalai Lama is a title that is given to a specific Buddhist Monk from Tibet, and Dalai Lamas are political and spiritual leaders. But they are not like the other political leaders from around the world, they are calm, wise and compassionate. Currently, the 14th Dalai Lama is LhamoThondup. We are going to share with you some more information about him and his net worth.

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Early life

LhamoThondup was born in Taktser, China, on July 6, 1935. He was born in a family of peasants, and he was one of the seven kids from this family. Early in his life, it was noticed that he possesses exceptional spirituality, and he was proclaimed as the Dalai Lama when he was just 2 years old. His name was changed to Tenzin Gyatso, and his spiritual education began when he was 6 years old. Before his 15th year, he learned about Buddhist philosophy, Tibetan art and culture, and other world philosophies, and when he was 15, he was given the full power of the 14th Dalai Lama.

He spent his whole life in solitude, as a hermit, and he didn’t ever get married, because he is the supreme Buddhist monk, and Buddhist monks do not get married. Since the 1960s he is living in India, because he had to escape there, from Tibet, due to the bad political situation at that time. Even he is a Buddhist monk, he is highly respected in India. People from India demanded that to confer him with Bharat Ratna, but the government from India didn’t decide what to do about that demand yet.

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Dalai Lama controls the reign of Tibet and Lhasa, as a political and spiritual leader. Tibet always had a strained relationship with China, and that’s why Dalai Lama had to flee to India. Dalai Lama tried to reconcile with China, but he was not successful. He tried that when he was living in Tibet, and even the whole time he is in India. The relationship with China is still very bitter, and it is a question whether they will ever reconcile.

Now he advocates for peace, harmony, health, international organizations, women’s rights, non-violence, science, social issues, and many other topics that are very important in today’s world. Dalai Lama retired from Central Tibetan Administration, in 2011, and now he is only a spiritual leader. Being the spiritual leader, he promotes peace and love.

Dalai Lama won many awards and honors for his unselfish contribution to world peace. He also won a Nobel Peace Prize and World Security Annual Peace Award, Lifetime achievement award, Human rights award, and many others.

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Net worth

Today he is a spiritual leader, but before that, he was a political leader, an author, and an actor. He made an appearance in some philosophy films. He wrote more than 50 books, and he was very successful and talented as an author.

His books are still very popular among his followers, and other people that are interested in Buddhism. He is a spiritual leader, but his estimated net worth is an astonishing $150 million. But he has nothing to do with that money because all of it goes to his charity.

Danny Brown Net Worth 2020 – Earnings and Income

According to MTV, Danny Brown is “one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory”. Brown recorded many great singles for leading labels in his successful career. He is a musician, actor and much more. So how much is Danny Brown’s net worth?


Daniel Dewan Sewell was born in Detroit, Michigan on 16th of March, 1981. Since his early age, Daniel was into music thanks to his father, who was a house disc jockey. When he started to talk, he was talking in rhymes because his mother was reading to him Dr. Seuss books. The music was his parent’s way to protect him from the famous gangs of Detroit.

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Danny Brown and Tony Yayo, a rapper from the G-Unit association, recorded a Hawaiian Snow in 2010. Following, Brown recorded his first solo album with 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records, “The Hybrid”. In 2012, Brown was listed as one of the “Top 10 Freshmen list”, an annual XXL Magazine list, with Iggy Azalea, Roscoe Dash, MGK, French Montana, etc. His photo was on the cover of this XXL issue. The same year, he got another cover page, this time with The FADER publication.

In the following years, Brown’s career was growing fast. Bob Dylan’s great single “Like a Rolling Stone” was featured by Danny Brown. Brown got a guest role in TV series “Lucas Bros” in 2014. In 2015 he was a lead artist of the theme song for the series “Fresh Off the Boat”.

Daniel Dewan Sewell, aka Danny Brown, won the Best Video award in 2013 at the Woodie Awards ceremony. In 2016, Brown won the award for the Album of the Year by IMPALA, for his “Atrocity Exhibition” album.

Danny Brown’s net worth

Brown prove himself as a rapper, actor, comedian, radio host, voice artist, and screenwriter. His talent for the entertainment industry brings him a respectable income every year. Brown’s estimated net worth is around $7 million.

Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth 2020: Is He the Richest Man on Earth?

Last year, prior to the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Donald Trump canceled the meeting he was supposed to have with Vladimir Putin. Ever since then, people and the media cannot stop wondering which one of these two presidents is richer and how much is Putin worthier. So, we decided to share everything we know about Putin’s net worth with you.

How Much is Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth?

This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer as no one know exactly how much is Putin’s net worth. However, ever guess is generally in the billions. So, back in 2015, one of the major critics of Putin and a former fund manager in Russia claimed that Putin’s net worth stands at $200 billion, which would mean that he is the richest person on Earth

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How Did He Earn His Money?

How did Russia’s president earn his money and how has he gotten so rich is yet another mystery. What we know is that Putin owns holdings in a number of Russian companies. Moreover, rumors have been swirling that a lot of Putin’s money comes from extortion and theft. As a result, the Russian economy has experienced unprecedented growth. Thus, he has earned a lot of money through investments and kickbacks.

Putin maintains his power and he’s considered as one of the most powerful people in the world. He is known for his heavy-handed approach and killing his political rivals and journalists. Russia’s president has over 20 palaces and villas, helicopters, yachts, and over 40 airplanes. He also loves spending tons of money on clothes and watches.

Whether he is the richest man on Earth is still to be confirmed, but if his net worth is $200 billion, it would mean that he is twice as rich as Jeff Bezos. Putin’s wealth is hidden in different assets, such as vehicles, real estate, and investment. Hence, this is what makes it so hard for anyone to verify his wealth.

Les Brown Net Worth 2020, Famous Motivational Speaker


„Life has no limitations, expect the one you make“, is one of the lines famous motivational speaker, Leslie Calvin ‘Les’ Brown, preached. In 1986 his motivational speaker career has started and after just four years of doing it, he became one of the highest paid motivational speakers in the world. His intention is to serve humankind and his preaching made him one in a millions. He has an audience all across the globe.

He has confirmed his common phrase „It is possible“ with him being known as a radio DJ, an author, former television host and a politician. He combines many capabilities with his eloquence, and uses that to motivate his numerous audience to follow their dreams. We wanted to know how much can one motivational speaker earn, and especially the one with such popularity among the people from every corner of the world. Let us walk you through the life of Les Brown and let’s find out what is his net worth.

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Early Life

On 17th February, 1645, in disowned building in Miami, Florida, Leslie Calvin Brown brought into the world twins, Les Brown and his brother Wesley. After three weeks of their birth, they were given up for adoption, and another three weeks after, the twins were adopted by a 38-year-old single women, Mamie Brown. In grade school, Les was declared as „educable mentally retarded“, which made him lose his self-esteem and confidence. Yet, all that was retrieved thanks to his mother and an assistant teacher. His mother made him fight for himself and because of her, he decided to give that kind of a push to other people, to make them fight for themselves and their dreams.
In 1995, Les married Gladys Knight, who is also known as „Emperor of Soul“, but in 1997, after just two years of marriage, they got divorced. Les has nine children, fifteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren.


Les Brown was first employed as a sanitation worker. Next job he took was as a Radio Jockey. On that job he spread political awareness, and got an encouragement from Mike William, after which he decided to try himself in politics. Running for a seat in the Ohio State Legislature of the 29th House District was his next move. He was very dedicated and wanted to serve the people during his political career, which made him hold his seat for three terms.

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He left the seat, so he could help his adoptive mother, because she was in poor health. Meanwhile, he was paving a way for his career as a motivational speaker with forming Les Brown Enterprise, and writing a book called „Live Your Dreams“. He also tried to host a „The Les Brown Show“ in 1993, but it wasn’t a success. And after that fail, he started giving his motivational speeches, even travelling to Denmark, Dubai, Canada and so on.

He has had successful empire of Les Brown Enterprise by 1998. He used television, motivational programmers, shows and radio to reach out to any soul in need of his motivational speeches. His second book „It’s Not Over Until You Win: How to Become the Person You Always Wanted To Be No Matter What the Obstacles“ was praised by critics. He also sold millions copies of his audio series called „Choosing Your Dreams“, and it is considered his best audio series.
In 1989 at National Speakers Association, he won his first award, and after that there were many more, such as Council Peer Awards of Excellence, Golden Gravel Awards, Regional Emmy Awards and so on. In 1991 he was ranked amongst the Top Five Outstanding Speakers.

Net Worth

Les Brown net worth is estimated up to $12 millions. He led many people follow their dreams and become happy and will continue to lead.

Carlos Mencia Net Worth 2020 – Here’s how much Mencia earns

Widely known as the Comedy Central host of the “Mind of Mencia” show, Carlos Mencia is an American actor, comedian, and writer. His humor and comedy style is based on different social problems like criminal justice, race and culture issues, differences in social classes, etc.


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Carlos Mencia was born in 1967 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, as Ned Arnel Mencia. Mencia has grown up in East Los Angeles, California, and despite his wild temper, he managed to stay out of gangs during his teenage years’ thanks to his family. He completed his high school in Los Angeles and attended the California State University in LA. Carlos got married to Amy Mencia in 2003, and they have a son named Lucas Pablo Mencia.


Carlos Mencia started his career as Ned Holness at first, but he changed the stage name into Carlos to reach more of the Mexican audience. He appeared many times as a guest in different comedy shows and series. In 1994 he was a host of the HBO show called “Loco Slam”. Mencia is widely known as a host of “Mind of Mencia” from 2005 until 2008, and other shows such as “Funny is Funny!”, “Uncensored Comedy: That’s Not Funny”, “Latino Laugh Festival”, etc.

Mencia performed many stand-up comedy shows in different events such as The Comedy Store and The LA Cabaret. He also has appearing in movies and shows like “Farce of the Penguins”, “Moesha”, “Outta Time”, “MADtv”, “The Shield”, “Carlos Mencia: New Territory”, etc.

Carlos Mencia net worth

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Mencia’s successful career in the entertainment industry brought him nominations for the “Best Performance – Comedy” at the NAMIC Vision Awards, Imagen Foundation Awards, and ALMA Awards for his show “Mind of Mencia” two times. Besides his comedian profession, his sense for business made him a co-owner of the chain of the restaurant called “Maggie Rita’s”. Carlos Mencia’s estimated net worth is more than $20 million dollars. He is one of the most famous comedians in the world.

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