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Comedies You Probably Never Heard Of But You Must See

It’s Friday night, and all you want is to stay in after a long week and chill. We’ve all been there, and we know that trying to find a movie to watch can be pretty frustrating. If you think you’ve already watched every worthwhile comedy we might have to stop you right there with our… Keep Reading


How to Become Financially Independent by Your 30s

Intellect is not the only thing that leads to success. Financial intelligence is a concept that many people neglect while growing up. School taught you many things, but your teachers and parents didn’t require you to develop budgeting and financing skills. This is not a skill you’re born with. You obtain it through learning and… Keep Reading


The Top 10 Rick And Morty Episodes

So far there have been three seasons of Rick and Morty, and it seems that there will be at least three more. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s series have a total of 31 episodes released so far, but we made a list of the best 10, just in case you don’t have time for more.… Keep Reading


What do you get from the free Netflix trial?

Netflix is one of the largest streaming service providers that was created in 1997. It has a record number of subscribers (which is in millions), and to be more specific, Netflix has 118 million subscribers worldwide, 55 million of which is in the United States. Netflix is the number one platform for movies and TV-shows,… Keep Reading


Rick and Morty Characters that Terrify us

1. Scary Terry – His name says it all, he is one scary creature that we see in season 1. He has the ability to torture people with their worst fears. The funny part of this character is that this is how he makes a living. Yes, you heard it right, this is his job.… Keep Reading


Shazam! UK release date, cast & trailer

Shazam! is coming into UK cinemas and here you can find all the information about it. Shazam! is a film that puts together the universe of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and other members of the Justice League. The film features Zachary Levi and is about a young orphan who gets transformed by an Ancient Wizard into… Keep Reading


Keanu Reeves – 8 Best Roles

Keanu Reeves has played a variety of roles in a huge number of movies. Some of them are a time-traveling highschooler, a computer hacker, and an ex-assassin. Despite some people not wanting to admit it, only a few actors can do both comedy and drama, and Keanu managed to do so. Here are 8 of… Keep Reading


The Wealthiest Disney Princesses

What everybody knows about Disney princesses is the beauty they lived through a struggle but came out on top at the end and ended up with their happy ever afters. And their happy endings almost always include a lot of money and fortune. So let’s which princesses are the richest. At this moment we have… Keep Reading


Why Season 4 of “Overload” could be delayed?

It still isn’t confirmed whether “Overload” will have its fourth season this year. The Madhouse studio remains quite because they still don’t know how big the new installment is going to be. Up to now, there were three books fitted into one season, but now the problem is that the story is much bigger and… Keep Reading

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