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4 Facts About Harley-Davidson Blue Edition – Most Exclusive Motorcycle in the World

Harley-Davidson Blue Edition has officially become the world’s most exclusive and expensive bike. It was made by Bucherer, the Swiss watchmaker, and Bundnerbike. The starting price of this beauty is 1.79 million US dollars. This one-of-a-kind Harley Davidson took 2500 hours to finish, and we can now enjoy in its beauty. The bike Blue Edition

McLaren has shown new photos of Speedtail, Reveal Coming October 26


In preparation for the reveal of the new Speedtail, McLaren has released new teaser photos of their new hypercar. Sadly, the only thing visible on the picture is the tail. Just a few of the details of the back end of the car can be seen, so nothing major has been revealed. Despite the lack

16 Classic Motorcycles That Don’t Worth Much Today

Classic is almost worthless today, and there is no good reason for that. It is maybe a way of the world now. For example, classic motorcycles from 1980’s cost pretty, especially if we compare their maintenance with modern bikes. Some vintage Harley Davidsons reach the shocking price of $40,000 to $50,000. Those rare rides are

Russian Design Artist Igor Shitikov Presents Porsche Transport Vehicle

Russian design artist, Igor Shitikov presented how the retro-modern Porsche transport vehicle should look like. He called it the “Volkswagen Renntransporter.” A part of the success Porsche enjoys on race tracks can be attributed to Mercedes-Benz bus that transported the race cars such as 917 and 956 to the circuits all across Europe. It is

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