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Top 5 Cars Covered in Swarovski Crystals – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes

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Already luxurious cars made even crazier? There are several ways how the manufacturers improve their models. For instance, they can make a limited edition version that has luxury features and one-of-a-kind equipment. If you are still not satisfied with the result, you as a buyer can do a lot of things as well. Adding aftermarket parts is one option and the second is to coat your vehicle in Swarovski crystals. Wait, what?

Here are five car models that have Swarovski crystals on them and not only do they look shiny, but they are also expensive!

5. Mercedes-Benz SL600


It is presented by Garson, a company famous for adding glam and glitz as they customize the vehicle for their owners. Two Mercedes models have gone through this overhaul, and you can find one in silver and the other one in gold.

The vehicles were presented at the Tokyo Auto Show before they were sold. The number of crystals used on each supercar – 300,000! Consequently, there is a large boost in price and the Mercedes-Benz SL600 was sold for $901,000. As you might have assumed, the buyer is from Dubai.

4. Mercedes CLS 350

Russian student Daria Radionova is selling her Mercedes CLS 350 on eBay. However, this is not a regular German vehicle. In fact, one million Swarovski crystals have been glued to the body, and it took only several days to draw the attention of the people around the world. The starting price for this model is just under £90,000, but we are sure that it will go way up!

3. Lamborghini Huracan


The Lamborghini Huracan was built to be fast, and any aftermarket addition would only reduce the value of this car. You are wrong! The Huracan you can see here is covered with 1.3 million Swarovski crystals, and it is as glamorous as it can get. Vinceri, a UK-based crystal customization company is responsible for this Huracan, but don’t we have a surprise for you. The owner is no other than Daria Radionova, who apparently loves Swarovski over her vehicles.

2. La Ferrari

La Ferrari remote control car is another one on our list with Swarovski crystals all over its body. Although this is an electric toy car, it still looks stunning, and we had to include it on our list. What’s even better is that La Ferrari is brand new. It was made earlier this year, and it didn’t leave the garage until it was sold. In case you have always wanted to have a supercar donned in valuable crystals, but you don’t have the money to buy the full-size model, this La Ferrari should do.

1. Lyzer Supercar

The custom car show in Tokyo, Japan is a home to many unexpected design and vehicles you cannot see anywhere else in the world. Even though it lasts only three days, more than 300,000 visitors come to enjoy Fast and Furious typed vehicles.

One car stole the spotlight – the LYZER supercar had 600,000 Swarovski crystals glued to its body by hand and the fact that it is pink draws even more attention. In order not to create wrong color combinations, the company added pink leather seats, pink LED underbody light and headlamps as well as pink breaks. No, the driver is not Pink Panther.

As you can see, there are plenty of vehicles that are coated in Swarovski crystals. Whether they look beautiful or not is up to you to decide. These are all luxury models and supercars, but we would really love to see more traditional vehicles such as a Beetle covered in the valuable crystals. Wouldn’t that be thrilling?

Top 17 Custom Car Shops in America

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Stock cars may be good enough for the masses, but true gearheads will always find a way to customize their ride and make it more personal and unique. Sometimes customization can be simple, like changing the rims or adding few trinkets to the interior. Most of these small jobs are done by owners in their garages, following DIY guides found on sites like Low Offset. They are always a source of pride, regardless of how small they are.

For those who can afford it, a complete overhaul is the only way to go. Often, cars are so customized that it is hard to recognize the original model. These jobs can’t be done by individuals in their small garages and with their limited tools. These are the jobs for professionals.

Custom car shops aren’t anything new in America. As soon as cars took to the streets, people started modifying them and many shops in the old days went from small garages to auto industry giants. Today, they are catering to their wealthy clientele, unsatisfied with their vanilla cars and wanting a ride that will stand out. Once, modifying was reserved for older models, but these days it isn’t at all uncommon to see brand new vehicles, often very valuable, delivered to custom shops straight from the dealers.

17. Monster Customs


Location: Atlanta, GA
Specialty: Domestics, SUVs, exotics

Monster Customs have come a long way from a small shop specialized in replacing audio parts to a full-blown custom shop, ready to take on any challenge for their clients.

16. Krazy House Customs

Location: South Brunswick, NJ
Specialty: Exotics, Trucks

Founded in 2007, Krazy House Customs originally focused on off-road vehicles. They soon expanded and now work with European luxury models, as well as domestic muscle cars.

15. Godfather Customs

Location: Decatur GA
Specialty: Trucks

Godfather Customs specializes in trucks. That doesn’t mean they deal mostly with pickups, that means they deal only with trucks and are very good at it.

14. XclusvAutosports

Location: Staten Island, NY
Specialty: Japanese, European, Luxury, SUV/Truck, Domestic

XclusvAutosports covers the whole spectrum, from Toyota to Ferrari. Any car you want to be customized, they can do it and probably have in the past.

13. 713 Motoring

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Domestics, Trucks, SUV, Luxury

713 Motoring claims that they are the first shop in Houston to install hallo lights, which is a major achievement in the world of custom cars.

12. Globe Tire

Location: Los Angeles CA
Specialty: Luxury and Exotics

You won’t see cheap cars in Globe Tire, simply because their clients don’t drive affordable vehicles. But high-end luxury cars and exotic old-timers there are a-plenty.

11. AutoFashion

Location: San Diego, CA
Specialty: Japanese Luxury

If you have a Lexus and want to have some work done on it, AutoFashion is the place for you.

10. Rayco 2

Location: Little Ferry, NJ
Specialty: SUV, Luxury, Trucks

Rayco 2 has been in business for 16 years and have plenty of experience when it comes to customizing various models.

9. 702 Motoring

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Specialty: SUV, Trucks, Classic Cars

702 Motoring claims to be the largest custom shop in Nevada. They have appeared on Discovery Channel’s show roads, restoring a 1969 Lincoln.

8. Dreamworks Motorsports

Location: Roxboro, NC
Specialty: Muscle, SUV/Trucks, Boats, Bikes

Is it used for transportation? If the answer is yes, Dreamworks Motorsports will do a custom job on it, regardless if it is a car, bike, or a boat.

7. Progressive Autosports

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Luxury, Exotics

Progressive Autosports prides itself on having the complete works under one roof, including tire shop, paint shop, electrical division, and detailing facility.

6. Lux Motorwerks

Location: Keyport, NJ
Specialty: Luxury Exotics

As their name would suggest, Lux Motorwerks focuses on European brands like Maybach, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce.

5. BLVD Customs


Location: St Petersburg, FL
Specialty: SUV, Luxury, Exotics

BLVD Customs is a prestigious shop that has clients like Tiger Woods, Hulk Hogan and Nelly.

4. Action Tire

Location: Lodi, NJ
Specialty: SUV, Luxury, Trucks

According to the DuPont Registry, Action Tire is one of the top ten custom shops in the country. They have had appearances in various shows, including Ice Loves Coco.

3. West Coast Customs


Location: Corona, CA
Specialty: Vintage, Muscle, Luxury, SUV/ Truck

West Coast Customs is probably the most recognizable custom shop in the world, due to the MTV’s TV show. They are largely responsible for the popularization of custom shops both in America and worldwide.

2. Galpin Auto Sports

Location: Van Nuys, CA
Specialty: Trucks, SUVs, Luxuries, and Exotics

Galpin Auto Sports started as a Galpin Ford, a customization department of a local Ford dealership in 1946. Today they are the leading authority on modding Mustangs, Focuses, and Raptors in California.

1. Platinum Motorsport

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Specialty: Supercars
Platinum Motorsport’s parking is filled to the brim with Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bugattis, and other brands of supercars, each costing at least a couple of hundred thousands of dollars.

Top 5 video game vehicles we would love to drive

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In many video games, cars and vehicles are an important thing. They are in racing games, first-person shooters, and even non-racing releases. What are the top 5 video game vehicles? In this list, we are going to find out.

5. Police cars

The first and the last generic entry on this list are going to be police cars. You can find them in almost every racing game. Most of them are famous from Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed franchise. If there’s a police car in a game, you know that there will be a lot of chases. In some releases, you even can play as the police. We think that police cars definitely deserve a spot on this list because the racing genre wouldn’t be the same without them.

4. Runner (Borderlands series)

This is the vehicle that is used in the game if you need the transportation. The Runner is a really cool machine, it’s fast, heavily armored, armed and most importantly it’s easy to drive. You can run over your enemies and kill almost everyone, except the strongest opponents. It is easy to obtain and easy to use, so it deserves to be on this list.

3. Go-Kart (Mario Kart Series)

This one is a piece of history. Everyone played this game back in the days, and everyone loved it. Go-Kart is one of the iconic vehicles. Maybe today’s kids don’t know about it, but older players still love to drive it around for the sake of old times.

2. Warthog (Halo series)

This is maybe the most iconic shooter vehicle. Most of the gamers know what the Warthog is. It is a pleasure to drive it around the Halo, it is super interesting to use it in multiplayer, and it is great to shoot with it.

1. BMW M3 (Need for Speed series)

The first on the list is the iconic BMW M3. It was introduced in Need for Speed Most Wanted. It is a car that has showed up multiple times in the series. Its first appearance was in Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005, then in Carbon, after that in Most Wanted 2012 and the most recent appearance was in NFS 2015. It was usually the fastest car in the game.

How (And Why) The Most Expensive Cars Are Made For The Richest People In The World

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Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes, are some of the brands that have exotic models in their fleet. Although in the past, owning a regular Ferrari or Bentley spoke volumes, it is slightly different nowadays. We could blame more and more people who get rich, but the fact is that stock models lost its shine due to special editions galore.

For example, the newest Rolls Royce collection, i.e., lines Wraith Luminary, Black Badge Adams Collection and Silver Ghost Collection consists of 35-50 car models each! The vehicles come with unique and modified interior, lighting, special effects without which these would be nothing but regular versions.

Hear it from the pros

Matthew Danton, the Rolls-Royce lead designer said: “We design cars with more unique details in mind. We wish to create something our buyers can brag with in front of their peers. It all comes to the fact that the cars need to be transferred on another level comparing to the standard vehicles. We believe that this is even necessary even if our standard models cannot be characterized like that. We are well aware that our clients live in a different world, far away from normal and we need to adjust to them and their wishes.”

The tech enhancements help the company achieve everything it aims for, points out Danton, putting special attention to lighting in cars. “The industry moves further away from the idea that leather and wood are the best materials,” says Danton.

Everyone’s doing it

However, Rolls-Royce isn’t the only carmaker launching special edition models. Some other examples are Porsche 911 R, Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato, McLaren 675LT Spider, and the newest Audi R8 to name a few.

What you should know is that limited editions are a part of the PR strategy of any brand. For instance, Bentley announced the new Mulsanne W.O. that will be made in 100 examples and mark the 100th anniversary of the brand. In just several days, the likes on Instagram exceeded 300,000!

The adjustments of the already-existing models give the manufacturers the opportunity to offer something new to their demanding clients especially in the niche in which price and complexity of the design are connected directly. Omar Sheikh, Bentley Project Leader says: “The development of a new car can span for years. The auto industry perceives the limited edition models as a chance to offer something new to the customers.”

Some luxury automakers decided to up their game and produce more cars. Ferrari is one of them, raising the number of 7,000 units per year to 9,000 units annually. The more vehicles one brand has on the road, they become more available to the general public and the need for special models that are different increases.

New ideas

Sheikh explains that limited editions are perfect for brands to experiment. They can showcase new ideas and get feedback and later use that option in mainstream cars. He goes on to say that with limited editions, people have a chance to experience something for the first time in their lives. And that cannot be done with regular models.

Profit Matters

Besides the excitement and innovativeness, the financial aspect needs to be considered as well. These cars can be a great investment because their value could jump in the upcoming years. However, some limited edition models struggled to keep their worth such as the Lamborghini Gallard LP570-P Performante or Jaguar XKR-S.

In a nutshell

According to some analysts, the prices of these supercars will go down after an incredible growth in the past. The figures could go down up to 20% for some models with only the remarkable vehicles will retain their value, and it will even keep going up! The bottom line is that the limited edition car has a specific character to it, something you love, and that is the reason people buy them.

“Each luxury car manufacturer looks for the opportunity to make their models different, because mostly the same people are their buyers. There is a lot of creativity in these companies and the number of ideas to create unique cars is limitless,” Danton concludes.

US President’s Vehicles throughout History

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The vehicle of POTUS (President of the United States) perhaps is not the most luxurious car you will find, but in terms of safety, it is one of the best in the world. When a US president needs to move around, he does it in style, and he uses all means of transportation.

The presidential vehicles have always been expensive, no matter which president we refer to. Air Force has also contributed for state chiefs to ride comfortably with all the protections included. And safety does matter. So far, Americans have lost four presidents while they were holding the office, but many more actually dodged assassination attempts. One of the most notable presidents was Theodore Roosevelt who got shot during a speech, but he kept going on!

However, the task of transporting the president was taken seriously after 1963 when John Kennedy got assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

4 Facts About Harley-Davidson Blue Edition – Most Exclusive Motorcycle in the World

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Harley-Davidson Blue Edition has officially become the world’s most exclusive and expensive bike. It was made by Bucherer, the Swiss watchmaker, and Bundnerbike. The starting price of this beauty is 1.79 million US dollars. This one-of-a-kind Harley Davidson took 2500 hours to finish, and we can now enjoy in its beauty.

The bike Blue Edition is based on the Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S. However, after the work by the two companies, the final product doesn’t even remotely resemble the starting bike. The frame and the rims had to be made from scratch whereas some parts are gold-plated.

The entire setup uses the heat-resistant LEDs. This Blue Edition is the only motorcycle in the world which has an engine illuminated from inside. The seat has been specially hand-made in Switzerland whereas the blue paint has got a six-layer coating. The companies that worked on this piece of art don’t want to reveal the coating techniques they used.

Meanwhile, a watch is located on the right side of the fuel tank, making this bike the pioneer in this segment as well. Never before has the watch been integrated into a motorcycle. Other than that, jewels can be found all over the two-wheeler, replacing rubber bushes or washers. A 5.40-carat Dizzler ring is placed in the left half of the fuel tank.

The watch is enclosed in a cage so that it is protected at all times. The holder is a watch winder at the same time, to make sure that it always shows the right time. When it comes to the engine, the Harley-Davidson Blue Edition is powered by a 1.8-liter V-Twin good for 148Nm of torque. This unit is paired with a 6-speed transmission.

There is no doubt that this Harley-Davidson is made with a lot of sophistication and the great attention to details. Until the better motorcycle comes, the Blue Edition will hold the title of the most expensive bike on the planet. And it is meant to be ridden.

Lewis Hamilton’s Amazing Two-Wheeled Collection (VIDEO)

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When you are a four-time Formula One World Champion, two things are certain, you like speed, and you have a lot of money. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Lewis Hamilton spends a sizeable chunk of his cash on things that can go really fast, like motorbikes. Over the years, he has gathered quite a collection of bikes.

Unlike other celebrities that blow their money on expensive parties and other ephemeral things, Hamilton stays true to himself. And we are not talking just about motorbikes. Lewis has a collection of cars most of the people would be lucky to get a glimpse on a highway, let alone drive or own. Supercars like Ferrari 599 GTO or PaganiZonda 760 LH are just some of the models he has in his garage.

He also has ordinary bikes, as well. Well, we say ordinary, but these bikes that cost a fortune and are designed for some serious speeds, are anything but ordinary. Let’s see what Lewis Hamilton has in his two-wheeled collection.

9. BRUTALE 800 RR LH44


Lewis helped design this bike and often says that it is one of his favorites. Made by MV Agusta, it is a pinnacle of modern motorcycling technology.

Top 11 Eco-Friendly City Transportation Vehicles

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With the progressing technologies, we are moving further away from fuel and oil. Electric vehicles are being mass produced, and this is just one of many necessary steps we need to take if we want to protect our environment and slow down global warming. Here are 11 transportation vehicles used in cities which are different from what you used to see so far. And they are eco-friendly!

11. Cit-KarLoadster

A startup company called VFJ-Wekstatten from Berlin has presented the four-wheeler called Cit-KarLoadster. Even though it looks more like a car than a bike, this model can carry all kinds of cargo. It abides all the safety standards, and the developer wants to see this vehicle used by merchants and people who do all kinds of repairs.

Let us look at the list of 10 most stolen cars in America last year

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In the United States, a vehicle is stolen every 40 seconds. This is a huge number of car thefts.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported on this. It was stated that vehicle theft rates are highest in 50 years, even with advanced security and theft prevention technologies that modern cars possess. The NICB released its annual car theft report on Tuesday. It identifies the most stolen models of 2017, as well as the most stolen vehicles through history, giving details on the years, which presented the highest risk.

Here is NICB‘s list of the top 10 stolen vehicles in the 2017 calendar year, the most stolen model year, and the total theft number of each model during that particular year:

1. Honda Civic: 45,062 thefts (most stolen year: 1998, with 6,707 thefts)
2. Honda Accord: 43,764 thefts (most stolen year: 1997, with 6,301 thefts)
3. Ford F-Series: 35,105 thefts (most stolen year: 2006, with 3,151 thefts)
4. Chevy pickup trucks: 30,058 thefts (most stolen year: 2004, with 1,970 thefts)
5. Toyota Camry: 17,278 thefts (most stolen year: 2017, with 1,100 thefts)
6. Nissan Altima: 13,358 thefts (most stolen year: 2016, with 1,450 thefts)
7. Toyota Corolla: 12,337 thefts (most stolen year: 2016, with 1,012 thefts)
8. Ram/Dodge Ram: 12,004 thefts (most stolen year: 2001, with 1,242 thefts)
9. GMC pickups: 10,865 thefts (most stolen year: 2017, with 957 thefts)
10. Chevy Impala: 9,487 thefts (most stolen year: 2008, with 991 thefts)

From these ten models, five are on the list of the most stolen cars last year:

Nissan Altima: 1,153 stolen models
Toyota Camry: 1,100 stolen models
GMC Pickups: 957 stolen models
Hyundai Elantra: 929 stolen models
Ford Fusion: 874 stolen models
Ford F-Series: 842 stolen models
Ram/Dodge Ram: 835 stolen models
Toyota Corolla: 832 stolen models
GMC Savana: 774 stolen models
Hyundai Sonata: 759 stolen models

Two Japanese cars, the Nissan Altima and the Toyota Camry, also appeared on the lists in 2016, with Altima thefts being even more common. The only van to make either list among the 2017 models is the GMC Savana. This is probably because it is almost exclusively a work vehicle, instead of a lifestyle vehicle, as many carry valuable building materials, tools, and other expensive work-related cargo.

The question is then, why do thieves target one model over another?

Explained by NICB’s public affairs director Frank Scafidi, popularity could be one of the causes. He said Hondas and Toyotas share the most stolen title for years. It mostly has to do with the huge number of those vehicles produced, sold, and still operating over the years. In addition, drivers tend to make it easy for thieves by leaving their cars running, or even leaving the keys inside. He also mentioned how Honda thefts decreased by a large margin after smart keys were introduced in 1998.

But what is actually the best way to avoid your car being stolen? The NICB presents some suggestions, which start with the one that should be obvious. Always lock your four-wheeler, and do NOT leave your keys inside.

Even the most secure vehicle on the planet is extremely vulnerable if the driver fails to take the time to activate its security systems. Nobody should be leaving their keys inside of the car.

Earlier, some models were just too easy to steal, through either a design flaw or the use of a ‘bump key.’ This is a ground down key, which works effectively in the ignition of many different models from the same manufacturer. Luckily, those tricks are no longer possible due to improvements in both security and manufacturing. Examples of these are the keyless ignitions and smart keys.

Finally, yet among the most important things, the NICB suggests investing in a theft-deterring warning device, like alarms. If such a device does not scare away thieves, car trackers and immobilizers are an option. These would either allow the vehicle to be found, or prevent the someone taking it without your permission. Ideally, the thief would also be somewhere near. Smart keys are not perfect, however, so another theft deterrent is an option. A manual transmission. Since most Americans do not know how to drive a manual, a car like this would most likely throw thieves away.

McLaren has shown new photos of Speedtail, Reveal Coming October 26

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In preparation for the reveal of the new Speedtail, McLaren has released new teaser photos of their new hypercar. Sadly, the only thing visible on the picture is the tail. Just a few of the details of the back end of the car can be seen, so nothing major has been revealed.

Despite the lack of detail, the teaser picture, released through the company’s social media accounts, has drawn quite a bit of attention. Also visible on the photo is the exact time of the reveal, October 26 at 1:00 pm BST. That’s 8 AM EST.

Speedtail is announced as the successor to McLaren’s legendary F1. Its main rivals will be Bugatti Chiron, KoenigseggAgera RS, and Hennessey’s F5. This means that the new hypercar will have to be very fast, hence the 1000 hppowerplant under the hood, which is based on the company’s 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8. McLaren Senna, powered by the same engine delivering 789bhp already dominates the track, but the company hopes that the latest addition to their hypercars “Ultimate Series” will provide them with not only some much-needed cash but also bragging rights. That will solely depend on the Speedtail’s performance, and McLaren claims that they will be spectacular.

The company suggests that the top speed of the car will be 243 mph (391 km/h). That would surpass F1 as McLaren’s fastest production car. However, this figure is still lower than either Chiron or Agera RS. That being said, we are sure that there are plenty of options for tweaking and tinkering with the engine to squeeze out few more miles per hour. McLaren has adamantly denied pursuing any speed records, allowing them to save face if Speedtail fails to break any of the previous records.

McLaren has announced that only 106 Speedtails will be made. Unsurprisingly, all of them are already spoken for, so if you were planning to buy one at your local dealer, you are out of luck.

16 Classic Motorcycles That Don’t Worth Much Today

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Classic is almost worthless today, and there is no good reason for that. It is maybe a way of the world now. For example, classic motorcycles from 1980’s cost pretty, especially if we compare their maintenance with modern bikes. Some vintage Harley Davidsons reach the shocking price of $40,000 to $50,000. Those rare rides are definitely pricey, and they should be. The names like Honda, Triumph or Norton are synonymous for high quality, but many of the owners give up on these valued machines. Someone can think that they are worthless today, but these motorcycles will never be the garbage and people that love bikes will always adore them. Many of them are pretty cheap right now and seem valueless, but who knows better than real two-wheel fans.

16. SUZUKI GS 750


This is the first of the Suzuki’s GS Series motorcycles, and it packs a four-cylinder engine. The GS 750 was released in November 1976 being the first four-stroke machine that was made by Suzuki. Many models of this bike became well respected in the world of racing, especially in the AMA Superbike Championship. It was produced between 1976 and 1987 and was really pricey for that period. Now, this model goes for $2,500, and this is a shockingly low price for a classic bike such as this one.

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