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Aston Martin announced its new hypercar for 2021


After his two previous hyper-cars, Aston Martin announced a new beast, which is likely to have the name Valhalla. For the time being, the official name is Project 003, in the style of the previous Project 001 and Project 002. This new car represents an enhancement for its predecessors Valkyrie and Valkyrie Pro. Also, the new hypercar will be manufactured in a limited edition of only 500 units.

His official appearance on the market is expected in 2021. As with earlier hyper models, the Project 003 will also have a power unit in the middle as well as an active rear spoiler. Also, it will have a canopy. We will probably have a chance to see the prototype at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. In addition to Project 003, Aston Martin will also present the new Valkyrie Pro and the new fully electric SUV called Lagonda.

The name of the new hypercar is very interesting, Valhalla, which has its roots in Nordic mythology, just like Valkyrie. Valhalla is the place where the souls of warriors killed in battle are found, and Valkyrie is a female chooses souls to go to Valhalla. Of course, in the Nordic world, there is a hierarchy, which Aston Martin showed by the names of these new cars.

As for the technical characteristics of the new Project 003, it will be powered by a turbocharged petrol-hybrid V6 engine. So, the powertrain will according to Aston Martin be a hybrid KERS system, and the focus will be on the performance of the new machine. As for its power, it should be about 1,000bhp.

The performance will be great, as Project 003 will reach 62 miles per hour in less than three seconds. The maximum speed will most likely be 200 miles per hour. The new hypercar will have some similarities with its predecessor, Valkyrie, such as active aerodynamics and suspension.

On the occasion of the new Aston Martin’s machine, Andy Palmer, the president of the company said:

“It falls into the category of a ‘special’. It’s the connector, it’s the dot between the Valkyrie and the Ferrari 488 competitor. Let’s put it as a LaFerrari competitor so it’s in that kind of realm, like McLaren Senna and Porsche 918. As for power, it would be more than competing with those. ”

Soon, Aston Martin will release more cars like the first SUV of this British brand called DBX, but also the AM9 that will be one of the competitors of the Ferrari 488.

1989 Land Rover DefenderNeo D110 Sold for $145,000


The 1989 Land Rover Defender restomod is a very popular four-wheel drive off-road vehicle. It’s well-liked in many countries, especially in the United States where the Neo D110 restomod model was sold for an incredible $145,000.

The restomod is the newest phenomenon where the new cards combine old and new technology to create the best of both worlds. Thus, the restomod vehicle comes with classic styling with modern comfort, reliability, and performance.

The 1989 Land Rover Defender Neo D110 restomod was built by Arkonik, the world’s leading Land Rover Defender specialists and dealer. It comes in Santorini Black body color and it features KBX wing top vents, twin cat LED headlights, an OEM hood, grille painted in Zambezi silver, and black 18-inch Kahn Defend 1983 alloys shod with BFGoodrich T/A KO2 tires. Moreover, this Neo D110 restomod comes with a Raptor-coated steering and front differential guard, as well as, LED taillights and a Defender badge. It features the Arkonik’s logo on the cover of the tailgate-mounted spare wheel.

Img source:

The interior of the 1989 Land Rover Defender Neo D110 restomod is as exceptional as the exterior. Inside this vehicle, you will find black leather trim with diamond quilting read and bucket seat.
Likewise, there is a matching leather on the door cards and center console. Hence, the lucky driver of the 1989 Land Rover Defender Neo D110 restomod will get a chance to touch a 15-inch wood-rimmed steering wheel and alloy gear knobs. The alloy was also used for the inner door handles and there are also interior highlights which come with Ice White LED lighting package, black suede headlining, lock boxes with a 12V power outlet and USB port, two locks and folding seats in the load area, and a Pioneer premium sound system with reversing camera display. This four-wheel drive off-road vehicle also has a secondary twin circuit battery with isolator switch, air conditioning, and a sunroof. Last but not least, it comes with a 3.5-liter V8 gasoline engine.

This is definitely an outstanding vehicle but is it so outstanding to pay $145,000, excluding delivery, for restored1989 Defender 110 station wagon, we will leave it to you to decide.

Tesla`s New Model 3 Will Arrive in China Earlier

The deliverance of Tesla`s model 3 cars to China is going ahead of the schedule. This is good news to the famous company from the US, which produces extravagant electric cars, and is looking to revive their sales in the biggest auto market in the world, China.

Since the trade tensions between these two countries, company based in California is trying to increase their business in China, that was almost destroyed since the beginning to the tensions. Even the price for their product has been adjusted and now they are affordable to the Chinese population.

The statement that came from the company itself stated that the delivery to Beijing is a sign of better economic relations of their respective counties and the increased profit for their company. Also, they said that deliveries of their model 3 will begin in March.
As we said, this is earlier than it was planned. This is surely a good sign for both parties. Many of the problems for Tesla started when Consumer Reports wrote about certain problems about Tesla`s vehicles and endorsing electric Sedan.

At the moment, Tesla is in the process of building its own factory in Shandong, and that is a good idea. Why? Because all the cars that are meant for export, are exported to China`s market. The factory will produce cars that will be sold for its initial price.

Also, the company itself stated that their sales in China`s market are almost destroyed after the tariffs on importing cars from the US were increased by 40%, which were an answer to the US sanctions. Later the tariffs were lowered to 25%, and now they are at 15%.

A Teaser to Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept

At Geneva`s 2019 motor show, a new Mitsubishi Engelberg is most important among all of the news, and by the first look on to, we know why it is like that. We can say that it gives pointers to the future of the next generation of electric powertrains. Also, it gives us clues of what we can expect from the SUVs of Japanese origins in the future. Mitsubishi established themselves as the best-selling plug-in car in the United Kingdom from 2014 to the present day.

Why is it Called Engelberg?


Mitsubishi Engelberg was named after the mountain resort, located in Switzerland, in Oberwalden canton. Engelberg resort was home many of championships for various winter sports, mostly skiing. We can say that Mitsubishi has a history when it comes to giving somewhat dubious names to their cars. The most well-known example is Mitsubishi Pajero.


When it comes to details of this vehicle, we can say that there are very few of them. The company only teased us with a couple of photographs. They are revealing some heavy and aggressive style.

The Conclusion


Mitsubishi Engelberg will have the world debut on the fifth of March 2019, on the show that is scheduled after Geneva`s motor show. All we know is that the new product of Mitsubishi will offer something new to the world of automobiles, and we can`t wait to see this one shine in his full light.

Few Tips On Buying Perfect Wheels

You enjoy driving your car for a few reasons. First of all, it is the most convenient way to go from point A to point B. Second, it is cheap – apart from the price of gasoline that can vary, it is probably the most cost-efficient method especially if you have a big family. And last but not least it is fun – driving can be a relaxing thing to do unless you end up in a traffic jam. On the other hand, cars are complex vehicles consisting of hundreds of different parts. Among all, certainly one of the most important are wheels.

Now, without the fitting wheels, you wouldn’t be able to go for a ride. And while the wheels that car originally has are usually good fitting and made to last a lot of people decide to go for a change and boost their car buy buying customized wheels. Lucky for all of us, to do so is pretty simple especially given the fact that there are tons of online shops selling such products. On the other hand, buying wheels doesn’t have to be that easy especially if it is your first time. There are a few factors that you need to have in mind when doing so. Let’s take a look.

image source: Loma Wheels

What To Know When Buying Perfect Wheels

1. First and foremost, according to experts from Loma Wheels, you should know the wheels anatomy. In order to buy the right one for your car, you need to be aware of what makes good wheels. Are you going to decide on alloy or steel wheels? How to know if the bolt pattern is correct? And of course last but not least should you go for a hub-centric or lug-centric wheels. The last one might be the most important and most wheels issues occur because the buyer didn’t understand the difference. If you ask us you should always go for hub-centric given the fact that it has numerous benefits over the second one if we are talking about regular daily rides.

2. Along with that, when buying best wheels for your ride you need to make sure that these fit the right size of your tires. There are various instructions online that will help you with this.

3. Let’s not forget – you are buying new wheels for better looks right. Well, the finish is the most important part when it comes to fancy looking wheels. Are you going to go for black satin or matte finish? Or you are more into chrome wheels? Hey, maybe milled wheels are something that drives you? Whatever it is, we recommend that you get informed on all the options and do relevant research before making the final choice.

4. Yes, we should mention that your budget is something that plays a huge role when buying wheels. And while the price can vary from $500 to $5000 with proper research and knowledge you will still be able to find good wheels even with a lower budget. As we have mentioned above, the competition in this industry is now bigger than ever so chances of you getting a good deal are quite high!

5. Last but not least is the answer to the question of where should you buy the perfect wheels. And while local car dealerships are always an option, we do recommend that you give online stores a try. Chances are you will be able to find custom wheels at a fair and reasonable price that is much lower from what they would offer you in an official car service.


If you are a car enthusiast you know that wheels are something that could turn your average looking car in a fancy vehicle that you will enjoy driving. That is why, before you invest yourself in the process of buying new wheels, we suggest that you do proper research and follow the tips mentioned above. Good luck and see you on the road!

S-Class Luxury Sedan | Mercedes-Benz

The S-Class is the one car that has every car enthusiast gasping in admiration. Other luxury car manufacturers must figure out how to get this one off the throne. The Mercedes Benz S-Class used to be known as Sonderklasse which is German for ‘special class’. It was abbreviated to ‘S-Klasse’.

Mercedes is not going down easy though. It has quite a few classy and luxurious reasons that will ensure it keeps its crown firmly on. For instance, it comes with active cruise control that:

  • Senses and maintains distance from other cars
  • Slows you down for roundabouts and corners
  • Tolls using GPS

Milani Exotic Car Rentals gives a glimpse into the kind of luxurious experience you expect with the Mercedes Benz S-Class.

Features of the S-Class Luxury Sedan | Mercedes Benz

A look at the inside of this glorious ride as well as the layout, space, and finish will give a clear picture of the car and the comfort as well as the luxury that awaits you.

 The Inside


The dashboard gives the driver two enormous instrument and display screens. The updated ones are even more spectacular in clarity and logic.

The screens are set in worked leather, metal, and wood, the steering wheel is new with touchpads and cruise control. If you are not excited by buttons, you may have to reconcile yourself to the fact that there are myriads of them.

It has a facility known as ENERGIZING Comfort Control lighting, seats and stereo enabling.

You have rear seats that massage and recline midway to horizontal. In addition, the heat and vent. The leg-rests resemble those of aircraft and the legroom would suit an NBA player just fine.

The car gives you exceptional rear entertainment too. The V8 has an active suspension that has a binocular vision option that perceives bumps on the road. The wheels are then lifted as they pass beneath. The driver and passengers enjoy a bump-ride that is almost magical.

On the Road

Img source:

Keep this in mind: when the S-Class approaches a roundabout or corner, it slows down to a speed where the driver can comfortably take it. However, if there are other vehicles on the road to give way to, you must take control.

The S-Class purrs contentedly on the motorway and maintains a nice gap with the car ahead. It is a smart car because it recognizes and responds to street signs. It is however not self-driving. It is simply the perfect car for long distance driving. It is very driver-friendly.

Running Costs

Img source:

A car this size and built for luxury is not cheap to run. However, it is worth every buck you spend on it. The price ranges from £73,000 for an SWB S350 and there is an additional £3,000 for the LWB. The S500 will cost you approximately £85,000. These ones are LBW only.


The S-Class is the current favorite among luxury rides and stirs envy among its competitors. The update is even more beguiling as it has added on technology, style, and comfort. The S-Class is the vehicle many drivers with the money to spend will opt for especially for long distance cruises.

What Do You Need To Get Married In Hawaii: Details On Documents And More


If you think of Hawaiian marriages like the ones that we see in movies at places like Las Vegas then surely you need to know more! Hawaiian weddings are no joke as you get an authentic marriage certificate which is accepted and is legal in various states of the US. Well, here goes the worry of your Hawaiian wedding not being legal enough. There are, however, certain formalities that you need to get through in order to get a legal Hawaii wedding license. So make sure you do not miss on the important details while planning your destination wedding in Hawaii.

Here we give a step by step list of things to do if you are getting married in Hawaii. Following these is sure to make things easier for you at a new place.

1) Make sure that you are eligible to get a marriage license

In Hawaii, the Marriage Equality Act allows any couple of any gender and/or nationality to get a marriage license. However, there are certain criteria that the couple needs to meet with while getting married in Hawaii.

  • The couple applying for a wedding license need to be at least 18 years of age. If they are between 16-17 years old, then they need to get the written consent of their legal guardian. These things go in the Hawaii marriage records, and hence one must not try to dupe when it comes to submitting the documents, which will cover your official age proof, photographs, consent forms, etc.

2) The wedding ceremony

If it is a Hawaii destination wedding, then you must surely check out all the Hawaii wedding venues to find the location that suits your taste. You will require an official to preside over your wedding ceremony for which you will have to make a booking in advance. Also, for old couples, it is possible to choose the performer who will preside over the ceremony and get them married. These are important things that demand prior consideration; make sure you do them well in advance.

3) Wait till you get the license

Img source:

It takes about 3 weeks for people to get their wedding license. You surely can enjoy that time in your Hawaii wedding resorts; however, if you wish to speed up the process, then you can take help of a marriage license agent. A list of them can be found on the website of the Hawaii department of health. So for getting married in Hawaii, here are the key considerations to take note of:

  • An application fee of $65 is to be submitted which can be either online or offline as per one’s convenience.
  • The couple who wishes to get married must appear before the marriage license agent along with all the essential documents regarding age, nationality and also other documents involving proof of previously terminated marriage/s if any.
  • 30 days waiting period is granted once the license is issued after the approval. There is no point in waiting beyond the said period.

It is fairly very simple to get an authentic wedding done in Hawaii and becomes very easy when people know the procedure to get the same done. You can find yourself a wedding planner that can help you with the process, or you can personally look into all this and see to it that things go as planned. In short, with the right guidance and knowledge, getting married in Hawaii becomes easy. You just need to keep yourself updated.

Hope you have got all that is needed, now it’s time to get the wedding bells ringing!

The Greatest Mistakes of Lamborghini of All Time

Lamborghini, one of the best and most famous car brands in the world, have had some phenomenal highs and lows over the years. Nevertheless, they have proved to be one of the most dominant car builders in the industry. So, we decided to compose a list of some of the greatest mistakes of Lamborghini ever.

1. Too Hot

The Lamborghinis have often been accused of getting too hot, even erupting into flames. Even though Porsche and Ferrari seem to recall their cars which have gone through engine fires, Lamborghini doesn’t seem to follow the steps if its competing brands. Instead, the company has been continuously ignoring such instances.

2. Eco-Unfriendly

Lamborghini is one of the most eco-unfriendly cars. In fact, the car has been voted as the “least green car” several times. Lamborghini has five times worse emissions than green cars. Fortunately, there are not many Lamborghini on the roads.

3. Zero Space

The space in Lamborghini cars has been another of the greatest mistakes ever. The car forces you to choose your best friend and ride with you. This can be a real problem if you have a few best friends and you have to decide which one you’re going to ditch.

4. Too Expensive

It goes without saying that Lamborghini has always been associated with wealth. The cars are too expensive and not everyone can afford to have them. It has been one of the most luxurious and most expensive cars in the world since its conception in 1963. For instance, the Veneno Roadster costs about $5 million dollars.

5. Height Issue


Lamborghini cars aren’t made for people who are big and tall. Hence, Lamborghini cars are great, but only if you can fit in them and if you don’t a have extra leg. The tiny interior and the small space are a huge mistake in the car brand.

6. Lamborghini Urraco


This car, first introduced at the Turin Auto show in 1970, was considered to be the first Lamborghini car for the masses. Besides being a great alternative, the car didn’t work and its production soon ceased. Nowadays, these beautiful cars are considered to be collectibles.

7. Too Niche

Lamborghini and its niche marketing and “one-off” planning method are often considered to be a huge mistake. The cars seem to exclude common people and are only available to the extremely reach people.

8. Too Much Attention


These are cars which simply get too much attention, which can get tiresome, especially for the owners. What’s more, the owners get a lot of stares, questions and are usually considered jerks. Hence, Lamborghini owners don’t enjoy a good reputation.

9. Lamborghini Sogna Concept


One of the strangest cars by this car brand is believed to be the Lamborghini Sogna. It was revealed at the 1991 Geneva Motor Show and showed a completely unique design. It was nothing like we’ve seen before. Nevertheless, the car is currently up for auction.

10. Too Fast


You might not consider being too fast to be a mistake, but Lamborghinis are some of the fastest supercars in the world. This being said, the cars cannot be used properly by owners and the bill for fixing them is usually too big and expensive.

11. Don’t Do Winter


It might not be a wise idea to drive a Lamborghini car in the winter season, as the cars haven’t proven themselves in slippery conditions. It is believed that Lamborghini cars can only be controlled by the best drivers. Hence, it’s best if you stick to the summer season.

12. Lamborghini Marzal Concept


This car appeared at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show and attracted a lot of attention with its strange design. This was the first attempt for a four-seater. However, the design caused a lot of problems and the car ended in a museum before being sold for $2 million dollars.

13. The Lamborghini Egoista


This car was produced for the celebration of Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. This selfish car featured one-seat cockpit and a V10 engine. The car was said to represent hedonism taken to the extreme.

14. A Spelling Blunder

Lamborghini has experienced a worldwide embarrassment due to a spelling blunder at the beginning of this year. A Lamborghini owner in Canada received a car with wrong spelling. The car was spelt “Lanborghini”. The owner returned the car for a name change, but the car underwent some pretty bizarre electrical problems. Even though the issue was eventually resolved, the car brand still suffers from the consequences.

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