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10 Most Valuable Gemstones in The World

Gemstones can be used as decorative ornaments like something that you can use as jewelry, but they also have some spiritual and religious meaning(all of them carry some energy that can affect your life in a meaningful way). They are the earth’s most beautiful natural treasures. These gems have healing powers and are beautiful to look at, and every one of them is special and unique (some are rarer than the others). Also, what distinguishes them is their size, grade, and color.

Here are the ten most valuable gemstones in the world.

10. Blue Diamond, cost 3.93 million dollars per carat


This is the most legendary gemstone in the world – it is very rare and therefore costly.  The blue diamond exhibits the same natural properties of the mineral except with the additional element of blue color in the stone. The Hope Diamond, The Heart of Eternity and The Wittelsbach-Graff are all blue diamonds.

9. Jadeite, cost 3 million dollars per carat


Jade family has many stones, and all of them are beautiful, but the jadeite is the brightest, and rarest of them all. They come in colors – from red, yellow, and black, but the green is most common. The Imperial Jade is the most sought in the world because he has the most exciting emerald green color. Jadeite in Chinese culture has a significant role since it symbolizing prestige and status.

8. Pink Diamond, cost 1.9 million dollars per carat


All diamonds with color are rare and incredibly expensive, but pink diamonds are special since there is less than 0.1% of the total diamonds! The most famous is the “Pink Star” diamond.

7. Ruby, cost 1.18 million per carat


Experts say that ruby is the “King of Gemstones, and they come in a variety of red color – they range from pink all the way to a darker red. It is said that this gem is a symbol of passion and life (the blood). 26-carat ruby, named “The Sunrise Ruby” is one of the most famous of them all.

6. Emerald, cost 305,000 dollars per carat


Emeralds are some of the most recognized gemstones in the world, known for their fascinating green tones. They are found mainly in Brazil, Colombia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. If on the market show up an emerald without any flaw it has enormous prices, just like a “Rockefeller Emerald”, the 18.04-carat gem that belongs to this rich family.

5. Alexandrite cost 70,000 dollars per carat


This is one precious gem that can change its color, and it is very valuable. Though they are primarily found in Russia, they can be found also in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and India.

These gems are most often found in sizes smaller than one carat, and when bigger gems are found their price value goes up exponentially.

4. Red Beryl, cost 10,000 dollars per carat


This precious gem can be found in Utah regions, New Mexico, and Mexico. They come in colors that vary from darker red color, all of which are equally mesmerizing. As a result, red beryl is sometimes called the “red emerald”.

3. Fire opal, costs 1, 500 dollars per carat


Here we encounter a gem that has a crystalline structure and belongs to opal gemstones family. It has high water content, and this fiery gem is delicate and should be protected from heat. It does not come in a variety in colors, but that fire it has is very vivid orange color (fiery golden colored varieties), at times with the flashes of bright green. Sometimes this gem is called jelly opal. More about this gem you can read here.

2. Tanzanite—1,200 dollars per carat

  1. In the end, we must mention a gem discovered in 1967, the Tanzanite, and its name suggests that it is found only found in northern Tanzania, in Mount Kilimanjaro. It has a deep blue-violet color that is distinct from one of the sapphires.

So, these were the ten most valuable gemstones in the world.

Which one, among this great variety would you choose if you have that chance, pick something valuable, and something that will carry a spiritual meaning for you? Diamond, emerald or something else, something unusual, like fire opal? These useful gems can genuinely give you the energy that can affect your daily life, but they can also look beautiful on you.

When purchasing gemstones online, it is crucial to verify its quality, i.e., its Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight. In addition to this, the gemstone’s origin and signs of treatment are also to be checked. Buying from trusted online vendors such as that sources their gemstones directly from the mines, which goes for a rigorous laboratory check to achieve international standard certification can be the best option for you. Moreover, you get the lab certification for free along with your purchase!

Luxury diamonds – top most expensive diamonds in the world

Diamonds are some of the most wanted mining products, a rare one is everything you need to become rich instantly. They are some of the most precious gems in the world and the rarest ones cost millions of dollars depending on their historical significance, the number of the reflecting edges, clarity, weight, and colour. The most wanted diamonds in the world are also the most expensive ones. So, let’s check the top most expensive diamonds in the world.

The Heart of Eternity: $16 Million

It was mined in the South African Premier Diamond Mine and the Gemological Institute of America described its colour as Fancy Vivid Blue. It’s a rare diamond because only 1% of the ever mined diamonds come in this colour. Only a limited number of gemstones have this shape, the Steinmetz Group perfectly cut it and sold it to the De Beers Group in 2000. It has 5.528g and 27.64 carats.

The Orange: $32 Million

We have little to no information about the Orange diamond, it’s thought that it was excavated from a South Africa mine, but no one knows when it was discovered, who did it, and who processed and cut it. It’s a 14.82 carat, with a grandiose pear cut, and it’s Fancy Vivid Orange colour is one of the rarest in the world. Most of the gemstones that have this colour do not exceed 4 carats and considering that this one surpasses that value with more than 4x, we can say it’s quite special.

The Steinmetz Pink: $70 Million

The Gemmological Institute of America rated its colour as Vivid Pink, and it’s the largest known diamond in this shade. It has 11.92 grams and 59.60 carats. It was also mined in South Africa and it took 20 months for the Steinmetz Diamond Group to cut it. In 2013 Isaac Wolf, a diamond cutter from New York bought it and renamed it The Pink Dream.

De Beers Centenary Diamond: $100 Million

Its uniqueness resided in that is was classified as having the highest grade of colourless, it has no flaws internally or externally. It weighs 54.77g and it is 273.85 carats. When it was first discovered at the Premier Mine, it had an irregular matchbox form with angular planes, a deep concave in the largest flat surface and a horn at one corner. For a long period, people could find no solution to how to cut it. Finally, the owner decided to hire Gabi Tolkowsky to cut it, and it took him 154 days to give it a round shape. Because this was not the best shape to value this type of diamond, Gabi Tolkowsky analysed more than thirteen different designs and decided to go with the heart one.

The Hope Diamond: $350 Million

The legend states that it was stolen from a Hindustan statue, and once the priests found out they cursed it to bring bad luck to anyone who owns it. Some say that it can even bring death to its owner. King Louis XIV purchased it in 1668, from whom it was later stolen in 1791 during a crown jewel robbery but it re-appeared in London in 1839. If you analyze it with the naked eye, it seems blue, but under ultraviolet light, it gets a red phosphor shade. It weighs 9.10g and it is made up of 45.52 carats. It was designed like an antique cushion cut and it can be seen in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.

The Cullinan: $400 Million

It is the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever discovered worldwide. It weighs 621.35 grams and it’s 3,106,75 carats. It was excavated in Cullinan, South Africa in 1905 and it’s currently valued to around $400 million. King Edward received it as a gift when it still had a rough form. It was later split into nine diamonds and the largest one was named Star Africa or Cullinan I. Nowadays you can see the Cullinan I and Cullinan II at the Tower of London, they are part of the British Crown Jewels. Cullinan has a pear shape with 76 facets and Queen Elizabeth often wears it as a drop on a diamond and emerald necklace. You may not afford to buy a $400 million diamond, similar to the one Queen Elizabeth is wearing, but on Georg Jensen online store you can find some beautiful necklaces with diamonds at more affordable prices.

The Sancy Diamond, un-estimated price

The value of this diamond is currently unknown because of its pale yellow colour and indistinguishable shape, some state that it looks similar to a shield. It has 11.05g, 55.23 carats and it was discovered in India. You can see it at the Apollo Gallery at the Louvre in Paris, being currently part of the French Crown Jewel. It’s one of the first gemstones cut with symmetrical facets. It’s an unusual stone because it has no pavilion, it features a pair of crowns, one to another. Its name comes from the French Ambassador to Turkey, Nicholas Harlai, the Seigneur de Sancy who first purchased it in Constantinople in 1570.

Koh-i-Noor: priceless

All diamond lovers have heard about Koh-i-Noor, one of the oldest ones in the world. It was discovered more than 5000 years ago and its current name means “Mountain of Light” in Persian. The first record mentioning it was in the Andhra Pradesh state of India. No one knows what it’s original weigh was, the first time when it was weighted it was 38.2g and 186 old carats. It had numerous owners until it was offered to Queen Victoria when Britain annexed Punjab in 1840. At first, it was cut similar to other Mughal era diamonds, but when it was displayed at the Great Exhibition in London, in 1951 the viewers were not satisfied with its look and Prince Albert decided to re-cut it. At present Koh-i-Noor is described as having the finest white colour or being colourless, with an oval shape and 108.93 carats. It took 38 days to cut it in its current form, but it’s said that Prince Albert was not happy with the result because once it was reduced, it no longer shone as it did before.


The VIP nightlife around the World: Discover what Luxury Services You Can Find in Each City

VIP clubbing has become very popular in the recent years. In party cities like London, Barcelona, Dubai or Ibiza, classy people from around the world enjoy their nights to the fullest thanks to companies such as Luxury Services Europe, which offer the best experience possible A good example of this is YouBarcelona, where you can find VIP Table Booking, guest lists and other top venue services. Let’s learn what they are.

Vip table booking in London

Finding the right club for your big night out in London is not hard at all. Every neighbourhood has a slightly different vibe but you can find anything you want here, from risqué burlesque shows to vip clubbing. London Vip Tables offers the possibility to take a seat at the best clubs in the city -listed below-, and it allows you to mingle with celebrities while enjoying the treats of your VIP table: snacks, drinks, and much more. 

Img Source:

Cirque Le Soir

This peculiar club in Ganton Street is like a breath of fresh air for London’s night scene. The inspiration theme is a french circus that has been taken to the next level. Around you, you will find clowns, snake-charmers or contortionists performing impossible dances on the stages, while hot models pour champagne in your mouth from giant glasses.

Img Source:


This club is the place to be in London when it comes to VIP clubbing. It is a huge venue -over 5,000 square feet whose walls are covered by mirrors where the best guest’s of London’s nightlife gather around to have a good time. The decoration is eclectic and interesting: rich mahogany furniture with velvet upholstery over a pink dance flore.

Mahiki Myfair Club

Mahiki is one of the most popular clubs in London for a few years now. The clientele is pretty exclusive, from famous actresses and singers to some of the top soccer players on the Premier’s Ligue. The decoration is inspired in a Polynesian island and it invites you to relax having a nice cocktail before starting a never-ending night of dancing and fun.

Img Source:

Luxury services in Dubai 

Located in the centre of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most modern and richest cities in the Arab States. This paradise for glitter and unbridled luxury offers a wide selection of spectacular bars and luxury clubs which regularly host evenings with the most famous international DJs. With Dubai Vip Tables not only will you find the best seats in the top luxury clubs of the city listed below, but also have access to luxury services such as a 24/7 concierge service, luxury car rental and yacht rental, and the best villas in Dubai to enjoy and relax without worrying about anything.

Img Source:

White Dubai

White Dubai is one of Dubai’s most popular vip nightlife destinations. Placed on a terrace on the roof it has an incredible view of the city’s skyline, White Dubai is an open, ultra-modern high-tech space which offers energetic nights, vip tables, trendy music and incredible light shows.

Cavalli Dubai

Cavalli Club is one of the most glamorous places in the city, frequented by celebrities like Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez or Sean Paul. Roberto Cavalli’s distinctive touch shines through every detail, from the walls decorated with Swarovski crystals to the shiny black quartz floor. It also features an award-winning restaurant which serves an excellent menu of Italian cuisine, while the sophisticated lounge offers vip bottles,premium cocktails and spirits. 

Img Source:

Base Dubai

Vip clubbing in Dubai wouldn’t be the same without Base. Base Dubai is a five stars venue located under the night sky. It offers a top rated music performance with world-class shows for more than 2,000 people.

Vip bottles in Ibiza

As a VIP client in Ibiza you can enter the clubs without waiting in line, you have access to the exclusive VIP area of the disco and all drinks included. You will also enjoy bottle service at your table. The full amount you pay to reserve the table is equivalent to the beverage credit. 

Img Source:


Pachá is undoubtedly one of the classic’s of Ibiza’s nightlife.  It has a capacity for 3000 people and its upper part has a terrace. Its most famous party is F*** me, I’m Famous: David Guetta’s party. 


We would dare to say that Amnesia is the best club in the world, since for 3 years in a row it has received the award for the best club in the world (Best Global Club). It offers incredible parties and VIP services. 

Img Source:

Ushuaïa Ibiza

Ushuaïa is the crown jewel of Playa d’en Bossa. They have an extraordinary stage production, glamorous dancers, a very well located VIP area and the services of the best DJ’s in the world. 

Img Source:

Hi Ibiza

This avant-garde discotheque features impressive light shows and its configuration changes completely every night. It also has three outdoor areas, VIP luxury services including private tipi shops and even a DJ booth in the unis*x bathrooms.

La Datcha: The First Luxury Ice-breaker Yacht

Oleg Tinkov, a banker from Russia, who is also a billionaire has a net worth that is estimated at about $2.3 billion. He has now decided that he wants a private yacht that is going to be 77 meters long. This yacht will be an icebreaker and it’s called La Datcha. It will be the first private luxury ice breaker that will have the capability to explore amazing destinations. The yacht is supposed to be delivered at the end of 2020. It is currently being built in the Netherlands as part of the Damen’s SeaXplorer.

Img Source:

This amazing yacht is being created as a part of the banker’s lux project called La Datcha, that was made out of a couple of holiday hikes in luxury deistinations. Tinkov has said for Forbes that it will be possible to charter in the yacht. The price for it will be around € 690,000,000 by week. Oleg Tinkov himself will spend about 20 weeks a year on it as well.

Img Source:

Because of the large number of storage spaces, a huge range of equipment and tenders can be kept on-board, including 1 submarine, 1 VIP tender/rescue boat, 2 helicopters, 1 dive support tender, 4 wave runners, 1 beach lander tender, 2 expedition ribs, and 2 snow scooters.

Img Source:

The interior design of the yacht was done by Damen and Amels, and it will feature full height windows, an observation lounge, the main saloon, a resident suite, and an observation deck. The yacht will also have Jacuzzis with hot water, one that will be inside, and one outside, a steam bath and a sauna. A massage room as well as a gym.

Img Source:

The La Datcha will have 6 cabins available for guests, plus 2 master suites and 2 made for VIPs, there is room for 12 guests and a 25 person crew. Every room will feature a private bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe.

The plan is for Tinkov to exhibit the yacht at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2020. And following that he will go on the tour on which he will visit the Seychelles, Madagascar and after that Makchatka and Kuril Islands.

Img Source:

Tinkov has said that there are already people interested in renting the vessel. He has also said Bill Gates is interested in it as well.

BMW New Boxer Cruiser Revival Birdcage Custom

BMW was famous for its bikes that were side-by-side to a Harley Davidson. Many people thought that BMW is going to stop the production of this boxer engine for its bikes, due to emission problems, but in collaboration with a Custom Works Zon, from Japan, they made a new stylish motorcycle.

An important feature in a brand-new bike is the innovative engine that, not like the R9-T, is not that dangerous for the environment. This bike has an 1800 cubic centimeters engine and an air-cooler engine similar to Indian and Harley Davidson.

Features and Specifications

For the production of this motorcycle, responsibility goes to a company called The Revival Birdcage, from the United States. Almost every part of the bike is handmade, including the footrests and handlebars, and the frame is from titanium. The engine is customized and can be seen from almost every angle because of the frame that is well designed and almost transparent.

Img source:

A full specification is not available at the moment, but everyone is expecting a more powerful engine than a regular R9T, which has 110 horsepower and can achieve the maximum speed of 220 kilometers per hour. The collaboration of the BMW Motorrad and the Custom Works Zon lasts for a long time. The Japanese company was founded in 2003 and since that, they are famous for their custom works. For the BMW reworks, they are using parts similar to those from the bikes from the 1960s, but now they are made with chrome and carbon. Also, the fuel tank, seat and front trim are all handmade from sheet metal.

This cooperation was a great deal since the BMW was looking for the way to get on the market of the United States, where big boxer engines will always be successful. It was not simple to turn the old fashion looking bikes into something that today can be on the roads. The main reason for that is the regulation of the emission from the engine, and every vehicle has to pass the Euro5 regulations.

Img source:

The official motorcycle will be available for customers at the end of 2019. The BMW didn’t say anything about new models of bikes, but since this collaboration with Custom Works Zon looks incredible, we can maybe expect some more from them.


Fuell will soon present two of its first electric vehicles – Flow and Fluid

In today’s automotive industry, electrically driven vehicles are not a novelty on the market at all, however, a company named Fuell will soon introduce its new machines in New York. It’s all about electric bikes called Fluid and Flow, and they are quite attracted to our attention. In fact, Flow is an electric bicycle, while Fluid belongs to electric motorcycles. The official launch of new vehicles will take place on April 23, 2019.

Fuell has founders who are experienced in the business

Img source:

The best word to describe the three founders of this company is certainly ‘experience’. Erik Buell is the person whose name was behind Buell Motorcycles, a company that was once owned by a well-known name in the world of motorcycles, Harley Davison. Also, Buell used to work as an engineer in the same company. We must say that Buell is a member of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame as well as that he is establisher of Erik Buell Racing. He is the CTO of Fuell, as well.

In addition to him, another key person in Fuell is Francois-Xavier Terny, who is the CEO of the company. His name is also related to Vanguard Moto Inc., which was co-founded by him. A third person who is equally important in Fuell’s three-person team is Frédéric Vasseur. He is the man who established Spark Racing Technology, a company that deals with Formula E. Also, Vasseur has been part of several Formula 1 teams, including Sauber F1 and Renault F1.

Now, when you know who is Fuell’s most important people, look at the features of the new machines that will soon be presented.

Fuell Flow

Img source:

First, let’s look at the features of a new motorcycle called Flow. The most remarkable thing you can notice when you look at this machine is that there is no chain or belt. This became possible thanks to a specially developed wheel-motor that is fitted to the rear of this motorcycle. Another thing that attracted our attention is the connected dashboard.

As for power, Flow is made in two versions, Flow-1 with 15 horsepower and Flow-1S with 47 horsepower. Since it is an electric vehicle, we must take into account that it takes a certain amount of time for its recharging. However, Flow takes only 30 minutes to complete recharge. The built-in battery will allow you to ride 125 miles on one charge. At first glance, Fuell Flow looks like a motorcycle that is quite comfortable for driving even on long distance journeys. If you consider this modern way of transport ideal for you and you are ready to give up traditional motorcycles, you will have to pay $10,995 for one like this.

Fuell Fluid

Img source:

Now let’s look at some specifications of a bicycle called Fuell Fluid. As well as the aforementioned motorcycle, this bike will have two of its versions, Fluid-1 which has a power of 250W as well as a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour that can be reached, while the second version of the Fluid-1S comes with twice as much power of 500W, as well as a higher maximum speed of 28 miles per hour.

Some common things for both versions are 74 pound-feet of torque and 980 Wh of capacity. This electric bike can be recharged at home, however, we do not currently know how much time is needed for this action. As for the price, for Fuell Fluid you will have to pay $3,295.


VSY and Hot Lab collaborated on a new 67m explorer yacht concept

Italian yacht manufacturer called Viareggio Superyachts (VSY) has revealed interesting new details and renderings regarding their news 67 meters long explorer yacht concept, which they developed in collaboration with Hot Lab, another Italian luxury superyacht design company.

First revealed during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show of last year, this steel and aluminum 1130GT yacht is going to feature naval architecture developed by VSP and Marin, and engineering work performed by VSY. On the other hand, Hot Lab designers did both exterior and interior designs.

The design painter working for Hot Lab, Michele Dragoni, explained at one point that the project was “built around a concept that is very faithful to the original explorer yacht concept”.

Some of the key examples of what he means include a classic bow design as well as a chunky superstructure, both resembling many other rugged working boats and research vessels. The rest of the key elements and features are the main deck, with the aft part left completely flush to the deck.

Img source:

Moving on, the access to the beach club from the main deck is through the large hatch, while there is a small panoramic sundeck that resembles a “crow’s nest” that sits at the top of the yacht superstructure. This is a nod to “the legendary age of sail”, when all ships had something similar.

The aforementioned aft deck part is left wide open, which allows for a multitude of freestanding sun loungers, sofas or other seating areas.

Because there are no staircases built into the transom, this entire section is able to fold out, in order to create a full beam swimming platform that serves as the superyacht beach club. In addition, the upper deck features a glass side infinity pool, something that looks amazing wherever it stands.

Mr. Dragoni also added, “The play on alternating full and empty spaces as one climbs from one deck to another in the beautiful superstructure is most probably the most characteristic stylistic feature of the exteriors.”

Regarding the inside of the vessel and the interior décor, it is described as “fairly classic”, combining a choice of two layouts available for the customers. They can feature either six cabins or seven cabins as their desired layout.

Antonio Romano, another employee at Hot Lad, said, “The common denominator is represented by the presence of large windows on three of the four decks, which literally flood the interior with natural light.”

The owner’s suite located on the upper deck will benefit from stunning 180-degree views, his and hers bathrooms, as well as a private study. Furthermore, the sky lounge sports glazed windows on three separate sides, making this the spot to be on the ship.

Img source:


-The overall length is just under 67 m, the beam is 11,6 m, draft stands at 3,10 m, and the depth is 5,85 m.
-There are 5 + 1 guest and owner cabins, able to accommodate 10 + 2 people, as well as 8 + 1 crew and captain cabins, accommodating 15 + 1 crewmembers.
-Interior area has a total of 745 square meters, while the external areas are spread on 485 square meters.
-The yacht will have a maximum speed of 16 knots, and a range of 5,000 nautical miles at a 12-knot speed.

Main Features
-Top features of the yacht include:
-A panoramic lift from the lower deck to the bridge deck
-Double shell doors on each side for a large and comfortable sea access
-The external main deck area of 180 square meters, suitable as a multifunction living /sunbathing-pool area
-Outstanding acoustic privacy levels
-Helideck “touch and go” in the aft main deck
-Large Owner stateroom with a private office

Wellness and Spa
There is a large gym present on the lower deck, and a second gym room and a pool on the bridge deck. On the main deck, the yacht has a large sunbathing area with a pool.

Watersports Equipment
– Garage in the lower deck aft area
– 1 x Tender (8 meters)
– 1 x Rib Tender (8 meters)
– 2 x Jet-Ski Yamaha VX Cruiser
– 2 x Shell doors downward in garage
– 1 x Rescue Tender (4.2 m)

AV / Entertainment / Control System
All guest and owner areas have modern, state of the art audio/video systems, light and cabin controls, and VoD.

7 athletes and their aircrafts


There are some athletes that have made so great a career that they have actually succeeded to make a fortune, which they used to make their lives easier. Some earned so much that they have decided to buy some aircraft and thus make all destinations closer. Let’s see who bought why and why.

7. Kobe Bryant and his chopper

Img source:

LA can sometimes be a very crowded place and this sometimes can mean that you will not get to your destination on time. This applies to all people in LA and thus to Kobe Bryant as well. In order to solve this “problem” and to be wherever he wants without delay, this basketball legend decided to buy a helicopter. He sued this chopper for all types of travels from his home in Orange County.

6. David Beckham’s Bombardier Learjet 70

Img source:

He is not only known one of the legends of the English football and a man who has left his mark on the football not only in Manchester UTD, England national team but also all over the globe. He is also recognized as being one of the most stylish and modern athletes in the world. In order to make all the destinations in the world closer, he decided to purchase Bombardier Learjet 70, a very fast plane that needs a short runway.

5. Ronaldo’s Gulfstream G200

Img source:

He is most definitely one of the athletes that have cashed in his qualities and talent best. He does not have enormous amounts of money, he also has an impeccable taste and likes stylish and luxurious things. This was the reason why he decided to buy Gulfstream G200 for 21 million USD. The plane has the capacity for ten passengers, Wi-Fi, phone, microwave, and entertainment system.

4. Tiger Woods’ Gulfstream G550

The best and most popular golfer of all time. He made a fortune by playing golf and making endorsement deals. He is also one of the best-played athletes in the world. He owns Gulfstream G550, an airplane ideal for long journeys.

3. Tom Brady – Gulfstream G550


He is one more owner of Gulfstream G550, as we said, this is an ideal place if you want to embark on longer destinations. We should also mention that Tom is one of the most popular quarterbacks of all time and that he has a very good career and contracts that brought a lot of money.

2. Michael Jordan and Gulfstream G450

Img source:

He has made a deep mark in the history of basketball and sometimes cannot even think about this sport without connecting it to him. He was one of the best and he earned as one of the best. He decided to buy Gulfstream G450, the plane that has his brand logo on the tail.

1. Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr. – Gulfstream G550

Img source:

He is one of the most perspective boxers of our time, and he has so much money that he decided to actually have two planes, both having the purpose to provide maximum comfort and pleasure.

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