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What are the procedures for getting married in Dubai (Dubai Lux marriage)?

For different purposes including work and businesses, a huge number of people are moving towards Dubai. Here they seek more opportunities and work to get themselves a better lifestyle. People who come to Dubai for work usually end up staying here and settling here permanently by getting married and having children.

Wherever you get married, you have to go through some legalities in order to get married. Same is the case with Dubai. Here are proper procedures as well that are to be followed to get married. Court Marriage lawyers in Dubai can also help you in getting a better understanding of those legalities.

Expats guide for marriage in Dubai

The age of getting married for an expat is at least 18 years. While getting married an expat should bring along 2 witnesses along with their IDs.

Other required documents

  • Birth certificate of the couple
  • Passports of the couple
  • Passports of the witnesses
  • Medical fitness certificate in the UAE
  • Blood test in UAE
  • Divorce papers if any
  • Death certificate of the previous spouse if any
  • Translated marriage certificate in Arabic (if your marriage took place in the English language)
  • English and Arabic versions of the notary public certification

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Christian marriages in Dubai

For expats, they should check the requirements of their own country. Concerned people should take the help of the embassy for knowing the legalities of getting married as per their own nationality.

Islamic marriages for expats

Islamic marriages are held as per Sharia law no matter what nationality does the expat possesses.

Bride’s father and two male witnesses should be present at the wedding ceremony.

  • Passports of the couples along with their copies
  • Passport along with its copies and identification papers of the bride’s father
  • Passport along with its copies and identification papers of the witnesses
  • NOC from the bride’s embassy or consulate 9ranslated and attested)
  • Divorce-proof if any
  • Death proof of former spouse if any

After the marriage, a license is issued to the couple. For the license to be valid in the home country of the couple, it must be authenticated in different departments in UAE including the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of foreign affairs and embassy or consulate.

Islamic marriages for UAE residents

Both applicants must be the UAE nationals. The marriage will proceed as per the Sharia law. It is mandatory for the groom to be Muslim. For the bride, she can be of any religion.

If the room is not Muslim, the marriage cannot take place. Such a person must first convert to Islam in order to get married to a Muslim woman.

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The presence of the bride’s father is mandatory at the wedding ceremony. Two male witnesses should also be present.

  • Passports of the couple
  • Letter of consent from the father of the bride along with his certified passport coy if he is unable to attend the wedding
  • Passport along with its copies and identification papers of the bride’s father
  • Passport along with its copies and identification papers of the witnesses
  • NOC from the bride’s embassy or consulate translated and attested)
  • Divorce-proof if any
  • Death proof of former spouse if any

Court marriage in Dubai

For a court marriage, there is a popper portal by the Dubai government. People can apply for marriage registration through the “eZawaj” portal.

How to Keep the Conversation Going on Your Next Date

If you’re nervous about seeming boring on your first date, don’t worry! Almost everyone has been in the same position at some point in their dating life. First dates are nerve-wracking enough without the added stress that you’re not going to have anything to talk about. In this article, we’ve put together the best tips to stop you from running out of things to say.

Make it about them

The whole reason that we go on dates is to try to get to know someone and make a connection to see if you’re a compatible match. The best way to get to know someone else is to ask them questions. Most people love talking about themselves and if asked the right things, will go on all day, which also fixes your problem of not having anything to say. Rather than thinking about yourself and how you’re going to impress your date, shift the focus to them, and then relate any genuine stories you have to what they are telling you. Look out for any topics that make your date seem particularly interested or excited and explore this with them. Try not to make it an interview, though – asking question after question. Have your questions be the start of topics of conversation, and once you finish the conversation, ask another question.

Also, you can play a game or two to know each other more, and Pluc has some very interesting questions which can help you guys bond more and keep the conversation going. 

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Prepare some stories

As well as having some interesting questions ready to ask, it can also be useful to have some stories about yourself prepped for when the conversation starts to die down. These don’t need to be anything amazing, but funny anecdotes about your week or something interesting you read can be good ways to energize the conversation. Try not to plan the whole conversation. But then, these can be good to have in your back pocket just in case you need them.

Be polarizing

The idea of being polarizing is that you don’t hold back your interests or ideas just to satisfy someone else. If it’s your first date, you don’t need to start lecturing about your political ideas, but if you disagree with what your date says, politely say so. An excellent example of this is if your date says he or she loves a type of food or TV show that you don’t, but you say you do just to make the person like you more. This will hurt you later if the relationship continues as you’ll have to go back on what you said. Being polarizing about your interests is also a great idea, and if you have an interest that’s slightly outside of the norm, then don’t hide it if it comes up. The people that you may have a genuine connection with will find you more attractive if you ‘just be yourself.’

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If you’re still looking to find your first date, we recommend trying dating websites and apps such as Tinder or PlentyOfFish. Alternatively, you can click here to find singles ready to date interracially. Regardless of your type, we hope that these tips will help keep the conversation flowing on your next date.

5 Ways a Private Marriage Retreat can Reinvigorate Your Marriage

A private marriage retreat can be something that can have a profound impact on your marriage. At these retreats, couples can sort out issues that have been festering either on or under the surface of the marriage for years.

When you decide to attend a private retreat, you know that you and your partner will be able to truly focus on the issues in your marriage, and will get the necessary help and support to create solutions to these problems.

A private retreat can be the spark needed to reinvigorate your marriage and jumpstart the necessary healing process that any broken relationship would need to thrive once again and be successful. Below are the benefits you can expect when you decide to attend a private marriage retreat.

1. Time Alone


One of the biggest issues surrounding many marriages is finding time to be alone with your partner. Sure, once the kids are asleep or everything is done, you might be able to find a free hour or two.

The issue here is that often that time alone isn’t quality time together. The best relationships understand the need for an alone time where you and your partner can connect.

People’s lives are busy today and that’s where a private retreat is beneficial. You and your partner are given plenty of quality time alone (outside of the therapy sessions) to work on issues in the private and secure environment that a broken relationship needs most.

2. Intimacy and Connection Restored


Along with time alone, most struggling relationships have lost the intimacy that tends to be the glue that bonds people together. Every relationship needs that intimate connection. Intimacy leads to stronger feelings of togetherness, an increase in empathy, and keeps couples together.

The strongest relationships are ones where there are high levels of intimacy between partners. At a private marriage retreat, couples have the time and space to restore that connection and rekindle the intimacy that has probably been lacking for quite some time.

3. Sort out Gridlock Issues


Any couple struggling to keep their relationship together has those issues that seem to hinder any type of positive progress. People tend to be stubborn, especially when they feel that they are right about a certain issue.

A private retreat gives the couple one-on-one attention with a qualified therapist who will help the couple get to the root of the issues. Many times, the areas where one partner or the other is holding firm isn’t really the heart of the problem.

At a private marriage retreat, the counselors work intensively with the couple to help them overcome the issues that have been plaguing the marriage and give them useful strategies to leave past issues in the past while working together to heal the marriage.

4. Have Fun with One Another


Remember having fun with your partner? Odds are if your relationship is struggling, that is one aspect that has been missing. A happy, healthy relationship is lighthearted and fun. So many couples get distracted by all the stresses of daily life, they forget how to relax and have fun.

A private retreat gives you the opportunity to sit back, enjoy one another and remember how to have some fun. You have the time to go for walks, play games, and find ways to have fun that hasn’t been available in your marriage.

There are plenty of health benefits of laughter, and couples who have fun together report being more satisfied and fulfilled in their relationships.

5. No Distractions


One of the biggest hurdles is finding time to work on a relationship. With work, kids, and other obligations taking priority, making time to save a marriage gets lost in the shuffle.

At a marriage retreat like Relationship Rescue Academy, you are able to leave all those distractions behind you and focus solely on your partner. Without all of life’s normal distractions, couples are able to concentrate on those issues that are in dire need of attention.

A private marriage retreat is a perfect location to reinvigorate a marriage. Regardless of the issues that brought you to the retreat, you can rest assured that you and your partner will have the time to reconnect with one another while you work on healing your relationship.

Tips on how to make your first date special

When it comes to going on a first date with a special girl or guy, you will probably want to impress them. However, when you try to impress someone, it often comes off as unnatural or a bit weird. Your date is probably not there to hear all your achievements or listen to how you are reviewing yourself. They just want to get to know you and have a normal back and forth conversation.

Did you meet someone that you really like, but are really nervous to go on a date with them because you do not want to ruin it all? Or did you use an online dating website such as w4m maps, and now you have a date, but you do not know where to take them? Do not worry, here are some tips for making your date perfect:

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1. Suggest a special date – one way to make sure that you and your date will be memorable is to choose a date that will stand out from the crowd. Instead of going to dinner at a fancy restaurant or going to the cinema, try choosing something that will make it special. You could invite them to an art show or to a painting class, you could ask them to go to an arcade, or you could ask them what their favorite snacks are and enjoy walking through a park while munching on their favorite snacks.

2. Choose an activity that will provide talking time – in order for you and your date to be memorable, your date should get to know you better, so make sure that you will be able to talk during the first date. Picking a fun activity instead of sitting down and discussing thing will help with the awkward silences that sometimes happen, and it will give you time to talk about something. You could try playing mini golf or bowling, playing pools or darts, as well as going to a theme park or carnival.

3. Pick an outfit that will say something about you – in addition to picking clothes that make you look good, you could also try choosing clothes that will say something about yourself. If you enjoy music, you can wear a shirt with your favorite band’s logo, this could give your date information about you and it will also provide you with some great conversation topics.

4. Be yourself – do not try to impress your date by acting like something that you are not. Being yourself will give a long-lasting impression because your date will know that you are telling the truth about who you are. Also, you will have a better time and you will be able to relax and be yourself.

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5. Be a good listener – listen to what your date has to say and show them that you actually listened to them by repeating something they said or by asking questions about what they previously said. Try not to interrupt them and do not talk a lot about yourself. Also, do not forget to make eye contact and repeat parts of what they said.

6. Keep the conversation going – do not try to get to know each other for the whole conversation since it can destroy the vibe of the date. Instead, you could try to point out things that are happening during the date and make comments about those things. For example, if there is music playing, you could make a comment about it or if there are street performers, you could stop and listen to them playing for a while.


There are many tips and tricks, recommendations, and suggestions that could make your date perfect, but the most important one is that you should always be yourself.

4 Negative Things People Say About Interracial Dating, and Why These Don’t Matter

Have you ever dated someone out of your ethnic group?  If you have, you definitely know it’s not always an easy task. Deep inside you, you may know that you simply loved someone of a different race, but the public scrutiny that comes along with it is so shocking. Something weird is that the people scrutinizing your relationship are entire strangers. It’s normal, but you should know how to handle such, because it doesn’t matter what other people say. Here are some of the negativity people bring in to interracial relationships, and how to handle that.

People assume you have something against your culture

Some people tend to think that you hate on your culture, and that’s why maybe, you opted for someone of a different culture. Probably, this is a question that could leave you wondering why people can be tempted to say it. It’s because you fall in love, just as others fall in love with people from their cultures.  

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They assume you’re doing your partner a favor

Did we hear you ask how? Well, this mostly happens within whites. If you happen to be a white, and date a black guy, or maybe, an Asian guy, you’ll notice a change on the faces of your friends. Some could be frank enough to tell you in your eyes that you’re doing the guy a favor

Some people assume you’re slutty

If you live where interracial relationships aren’t familiar, you know how people react to them. We’ve seen some men dating girls from different ethnics, and later, their friends and family turn against them, claim that the girl is slutty and only with them because of money. This mostly happens to girls, where people assume they are dating for money, while the men are only dating for sexual fulfillment

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They generally assume you’re doing the wrong thing

It’s so embarrassing and frustrating to be walking down the streets with the love of your life, only to be approached by cops, to be asked so many unbelievable questions. They will do this only to see your reactions; maybe they think you might be terrorists or just doing something fishy. It’s possible, though very embarrassing and uncomfortable.

People’s words don’t matter

They will assume all kinds of ridiculous things, but the most important thing is to stay constantly optimistic. Love doesn’t have anything to do with race, and racially-based assumptions are only made by racists and negative people. The greatest thing is that whatever they say doesn’t matter. It’s the love that matters.

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The Bottom Line

Are you already in an interracial relationship? Worry not, here at Afroromance, you’ll be inspired as we understand your needs. If you intend to date someone from a different culture, visit Afroromance – free interracial Dating sites to experience the nature of love. There are so many interracial couples in the current world. Be one of them as love will tell it all.


How To Get Date Ready This Valentine

The Cupid’s Day is just around the corner and anywhere you look, lovebirds are busy hunting for their flawless gift that will confess their feelings sitting in the bottom of their heart. While we are sure that you will land on such quintessential present, what we are about to discuss here is taking his breath away when he lays his eyes on you. Surprise him with slaying attitude and chic fashion sense, that will make him stumble with fascination. As soon as he looks at you, your divine aura should knock him out of his senses and that won’t take a lot of work on your end, we promise.

Let’s get started.  According to Muchneeded, Trends keep changing every 15 days and to keep with those fashion semblance is too hard if you ask us. No one has time to flip through fashion magazines all day long to keep a check on what’s in and what’s not but here we are to make the task easy. This article covers you from head to toe when it comes to don a swanky style. Pick one in which you are most comfortable and carry it with a smile, cause darling, it’s your killer confidence after all that is going to slay his heart after all.



1. Little White Lacy Dress

LBDs are more common than a white t-shirt these days and almost everyone wants to drench in red when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Instead of black and red, try white, the color of purity and innocence. To add a little zest, go for a lace embedded one. They look so elegant and also exude a dash of jazz.

2. Metallic Top

Yes, but please, refrain yourself away from gold and silver. Opt for copper tones, rose gold, bronze hues or any other metallic shade the suits you best. They are sexy, party-ready and speak volumes about your voguish fashion trends.

3. Pastel Sweaters

Don’t let the cold ruin your romantic date night. Pick a pastel sweater off the shelf with ruffles, knots, pom-pom or any embellishments to spice up the evening. Pastels are in-trend and they will never let you down when paired with right bottoms.



1. Pearl Embellished Jeans

If you don’t have one already, make a run for it today. Blue hues or black shades, when these denims are studded with faux pearls all over, it emanates some extra flair to the outfit. With metallic tops or pastel sweaters, they are here to uplift the look of the evening.

2. Midi Length Skirts

Favourite of the Royals, this skirt will make you look like a true fashionista. Try to pick one with embroidery on the hem or lacey trims on the flare for the evening number. They impart an elegant aura to the outlook and brings out the graceful persona of a woman.

3. Plaid Skirts

Since ages, these skirts have proven their worth as one of the most glam garbs that one should own. Practically, they have never been out of trend and every time they are paired with the fitted body suit they cast magic which makes heads turn in envy. A red plaid skirt with a fitted black bodysuit is the time honoured yet a contemporary du jour that no one could take eyes off from.



1. Metallic Heels

We bet, try to beat this one! No matter what colourpalette your outfit is, pastel or metallic, bold dark hues or charming light shades, this one is in existence to make every outfit worthwhile. They are so powerful in the fashion world nowadays that they alone could make you look party-ready in no time. Try to lay your hands on one with a little embroidery or self-woven textures to add some extra chic in your look or just leave them as they are and let them steal the show altogether.

2. Ballerina Shoes

If heels are too much work for you, then go for this novelty which is comfortable enough to walk a mile and classy enough to bring a swish touch to the outlook. When you are thinking of Valentine, think of golds, embroidery and embellishments to give a dressy twist to the simplicity itself.

3. Ribbon Sneakers

Ditch those laces in your party shoes and try new ribbon sneakers, that will add a modish flair to your evening outfit. Even if you do not wish to buy new shoes just but shoe ribbon and put into your white or black sneakers and let the date begin with him realizing that he is dating a fashion diva.



1. Statement Earrings

Remember, too many accessories is a big no-no when it comes to dressing classy. Just put on minimalistic but classy jewellery but not all at once. You can never go wrong with a pair of statement earrings complimenting your ensemble.

2. A Beautiful Pendant

Minimal and classy, this one is sure to steal his heart away. Pick one to go with your outfit and let this cutesy piece of jewellery work its charm. Avoid heart shape and religious tones in this one.

3. A Dapper Watch

This accessory has the power to complete your outlook without any help from jewellery. Metal strap and a single shade dial, will compliment your outfit and lend a beauteous touch to it. Opt for colors like rose gold, midnight blue, black and make sure you pick a chronograph as they are supposed to elevate your sense of style and fashion without any hard work.


As you are getting ready to make him skip a heartbeat, make sure you have chosen a swanky Valentine gift for him too because when it comes to Valentine gifts, you love should be showcased in a classy manner rather than a cheesy one. Other than that, use your imagination as the present doesn’t have to be a clothing piece, but be sure to get something original. If you need something unique, you definitely should check what Personalized by Kate has to offer as, according to their advice, it can bring an interesting inscription that will mean a lot to your partner.

What Do You Need To Get Married In Hawaii: Details On Documents And More


If you think of Hawaiian marriages like the ones that we see in movies at places like Las Vegas then surely you need to know more! Hawaiian weddings are no joke as you get an authentic marriage certificate which is accepted and is legal in various states of the US. Well, here goes the worry of your Hawaiian wedding not being legal enough. There are, however, certain formalities that you need to get through in order to get a legal Hawaii wedding license. So make sure you do not miss on the important details while planning your destination wedding in Hawaii.

Here we give a step by step list of things to do if you are getting married in Hawaii. Following these is sure to make things easier for you at a new place.

1) Make sure that you are eligible to get a marriage license

In Hawaii, the Marriage Equality Act allows any couple of any gender and/or nationality to get a marriage license. However, there are certain criteria that the couple needs to meet with while getting married in Hawaii.

  • The couple applying for a wedding license need to be at least 18 years of age. If they are between 16-17 years old, then they need to get the written consent of their legal guardian. These things go in the Hawaii marriage records, and hence one must not try to dupe when it comes to submitting the documents, which will cover your official age proof, photographs, consent forms, etc.

2) The wedding ceremony

If it is a Hawaii destination wedding, then you must surely check out all the Hawaii wedding venues to find the location that suits your taste. You will require an official to preside over your wedding ceremony for which you will have to make a booking in advance. Also, for old couples, it is possible to choose the performer who will preside over the ceremony and get them married. These are important things that demand prior consideration; make sure you do them well in advance.

3) Wait till you get the license

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It takes about 3 weeks for people to get their wedding license. You surely can enjoy that time in your Hawaii wedding resorts; however, if you wish to speed up the process, then you can take help of a marriage license agent. A list of them can be found on the website of the Hawaii department of health. So for getting married in Hawaii, here are the key considerations to take note of:

  • An application fee of $65 is to be submitted which can be either online or offline as per one’s convenience.
  • The couple who wishes to get married must appear before the marriage license agent along with all the essential documents regarding age, nationality and also other documents involving proof of previously terminated marriage/s if any.
  • 30 days waiting period is granted once the license is issued after the approval. There is no point in waiting beyond the said period.

It is fairly very simple to get an authentic wedding done in Hawaii and becomes very easy when people know the procedure to get the same done. You can find yourself a wedding planner that can help you with the process, or you can personally look into all this and see to it that things go as planned. In short, with the right guidance and knowledge, getting married in Hawaii becomes easy. You just need to keep yourself updated.

Hope you have got all that is needed, now it’s time to get the wedding bells ringing!

4 Valentine’s Day Ideas 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019 is around the corner and as always, many people are scrambling to figure out what to do for the big day. Many times, people go for the ‘safe’ option of chocolates and flowers. While those are valid options, you can do countless things for Valentine’s Day that are just as special.

Some of these ideas range from going out to staying in but each can be tailored to suit you and your partner’s tastes. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day ideas, consider the following tips:


Stay-in date night

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, most people opt to go out for dinner or a movie. While these are good ideas, a majority of restaurants and live theaters will be filled to the brim on Valentine’s Day and as such, prices will be increased.

A good idea would be to have a stay-at-home date and make it as sentimental as possible. For food, you can cook yourself or have your meal delivered to you. Also, create a selection of you and your partner’s favorite love songs as a playlist. This, along with some nice decorations, can give your home a very intimate and romantic feel.

You can also exchange gifts. There are a number of Valentine’s gift bundles from retailers like theworks to give your partner.


A memory book

You might feel like you are at a loss for what to gift your partner. While you could go for a store-bought gift, it would be even more sentimental if you gave a homemade gift such as a memory book. A memory book is a scrapbook of some of the milestones in your relationship so far such as your first date, getting engaged, getting married, and so on.

If possible, collect keepsakes from each of these milestones and go through them with your partner along with the memory book. This will go a long way to show that you truly care for your partner and aren’t simply indulging in a commercial holiday.


A spa date

Amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, many couples find themselves stressed out and tired. A good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day would be to go for a couple’s spa treatment at a local spa. This will help you and your partner feel refreshed and energized.

Many spas will find themselves booked around Valentine’s Day so you might want to consider making your reservation either far ahead in advance or for a day right after Valentine’s Day when the spas will be less congested.


A hike

This is an unconventional way to spend Valentine’s Day but can be an intimate and enjoyable one if you and your partner are very active. Consider taking a hike on Valentine’s Day, as most hiking spots will be less congested. For added measure, you can take a picnic basket and have a picnic at your hiking spot.



There is a whole world of ideas for spending Valentine’s Day. Consider some of the above to make Valentine’s Day memorable for you and your partner.