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Tree That Bears 40 Types of Fruit!

If you thought that you have seen and heard everything, you are wrong. The following story about an art professor who has managed to create a tree which grows 40 types of fruit at once will leave you speechless!

Sam Van Aken is the name of the art professor whose project includes a tree which can bear 40 types of fruit.

This Syracuse University art professor created this tree and said that it will be possible to see various sorts of plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, and cherries on it.

The inspiration behind this project was an event that occurred in 2008, when Van Aken learned that the 200-year-old trees in New York would be cut down due to the lack of financial resources. This professor, who grew up in the agricultural area, was saddened by this event and he decided to make a difference.

Van Aken has been working on his idea for 5 years. Finally, after 5 years he managed to grow a tree which can bear up to 40 types of fruit. The professor says that he is very proud of his accomplishment. Further, he even says that it is a perfect collusion of art and science. So he stated “I look at the Tree of 40 Fruit as an artwork, a research project and a form of conservation.”

This tree looks like any other tree throughout most of the year. However, the magic happens as soon as the spring begins. Then the true beauty of this project can be seen. The tree becomes the perfect mixture of numerous colors. So, you can see different shades of green, pink, red, white, and purple and all on one tree!

Even though the sight is fascinating during the spring, it becomes even more beautiful in the summer. In other words, during the summer this tree grows its fruits, so you can see the essence of this project – peaches, nectarines, apricots, and many other types of fruit.

How to Spice up your Honeymoon – 2020 guide

There is a reason why all the couples look forward to going on their honeymoon. Firstly, it means that the wedding is over which means that the stress levels are reduced. The time has come for the newlyweds to go to their dream destination, and enjoy the time alone, acknowledging all the charms of the married life.

Even though the honeymoon is by itself romantic, that doesn’t mean that you should try to take the whole experience to the next level. What are we talking about? Well, keep on reading this article and you will find out.

Find the perfect location

Let’s say that you already have a destination in mind, the next thing that you should find is a hotel. Our advice is to always choose the one that isn’t too crowded because after all, you will want peace and quiet while staying there. There are some places that are specifically intended for newlyweds.

Do little online research and inquire about a few hotels in the area you want to visit. Clearly, you should go with the one that seems promising, and obviously the one that is within your price range.

Pack the hot lingerie

When it comes to organizing and packing all your stuff for the trip, there is one thing that you cannot forget – the lingerie. You want to make your wedding night super special, and this is one of the ways to do it.

You should bring a couple of these outfits, but our advice is to go with those that your partner hasn’t seen before because they are going to be a perfect surprise for him. If you think that it is time to go shopping for hot outfits, visit

Choose the right room

This one might seem odd, but hear us out. Once you have decided on a hotel, you should ask them whether they offer a newlywed suite. Why? Well, usually these rooms offer some exciting amenities like a Jacuzzi or a plunge pool.

Creating a romantic setting with these at your disposal doesn’t seem too difficult right? Spread around some rose petals and pop open a bottle of champagne.

In addition, regardless of the hotel where you are staying, you have to make sure that your room is spotlessly clean. Nothing can be more annoying than dusty shelves and dirty bathroom.

Fill it with flowers


Once you have settled down, it is time to decorate the room a bit. First of all, flowers. They make everything better, right? Choose your spouse’s favorite flowers and fill the room with them. Obviously, you should be careful not to over-exaggerate, so consider your partner’s preference. You can lay down rose petals across the room or the bed. Another piece of advice – always go with fresh flowers. Even though some people would be okay with the fake, real ones just have that charm that makes them more romantic.

Incorporate some fragrance

Surely, you know how much certain scents can affect one’s mood. If you and your better half have a favorite scent, you should go with that one. If this is not the case, you should go with some that most people enjoy – lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, and so on.

When it comes to this, you can use scented candles, incense sticks or essential oils, whatever you prefer. What’s more, you can use these candles to also create a romantic atmosphere, by lighting a couple of them and placing them in different areas of the room.

Don’t forget about the music

Another thing that can greatly affect your mood is music. Naturally, you should play something that you both like, but make sure that it is something slow and romantic. On the other hand, if you are not into this genre, you can play anything else, as long as you both enjoy it.

You can opt for your favorite album, or on the other note, create a playlist of your favorite tunes. Play the music, turn down the volume a bit, and leave it on through the entire night.

Call room service

Moreover, enjoy some exquisite cuisine. Order room service and enjoy some of your favorite dishes. If you are a bit adventurous, you can always ask for their special. Many hotels, nowadays, employ or collaborate with the best chefs to provide their clients with top-notch meals.

Also, don’t forget to order your favorite drink. Champagne is a traditional choice that many couples opt for, but if you are more a shot person, you can always go with a bottle of tequila or some other alcohol.

Enjoy Spa treatments

We have already mentioned some amenities that most hotels offer. However, there is another one that many would argue is essential. Naturally, we are talking about the spa. Here, you can book a couple’s massage and relax, or on the other note, you can choose to spend some time at the indoor pool or hot springs.

Make a surprise

Surely, you want to make sure that every aspect of this trip is special, so why not make a little surprise for your partner? There is not a single person in this world that doesn’t consider these gestures romantic. This can literally include anything. You can gift your soulmate with a hand-written letter or a piece of jewelry.  On the other hand, you can…

… organize a romantic outing

We are sure that your spouse is going to appreciate a private meal on the beach or even on the balcony of your room. Maybe there is a restaurant nearby that you have wanted to visit? It really doesn’t matter. This is the time for the two of you, to enjoy it alone and connect with each other.

If you can, you should always go with a place that offers a magnificent panoramic view of the beach or the city you are visiting. Is there anything better than sipping a glass of wine while enjoying the breath-taking colors of a sunset? No, we don’t think so either.


Why are People Panic Buying Toilet Paper?

Panic buying has gone through the roof with the arrival of the new corona pandemic. First it was face masks and disinfectants, and now people worldwide are stockpiling toilet paper. Some countries have started to limit the quantity of items you can purchase, while some supermarkets are completely out of  toilet paper.

But why? Toilet paper isn’t protecting you from the virus, nor is it a necessity like bread or milk, but people still buy it in huge bulks. There could be many reasons.

Conflicting news causes panic and uneasiness

Steve Taylor, writer and author, says that the reason many are panicking is because the virus is new and unknown, and hearing conflicting news can be a stepping stone for extreme measures. People are told that there is a great danger, and the only way to stop it is washing their hands. It makes them feel helpless so they react with caution.

Unclear instructions from authorities

Since so many countries are taking action, closing their borders and imposing strict movement laws, people from countries which are not yet reinforcing new rules are preparing for the same conditions in their own hometowns, claims Baruch Fischhoff,  Professor at the Institute for Politics and Strategy at Carnegie Mellon University.

Panic buying is caused by panicky people

Social Media is full to the brink with pictures of empty racks and overflowing shopping carts. People look at these pictures and start to panic, which makes them go to the store to stock up as well.

“People are social beings, and we observe each other to note what is safe and what is dangerous. So, when you see a person panic buying at the store, it can cause a contagious fear effect”, says Steve Taylor.

Looking through those pictures makes people think that they must hurry up with their shopping while there’s still toilet paper in stock, which creates a never-ending cycle.

Wanting to prepare for the inevitable is natural

Whilst some governments and health institutes are instructing, or imposing that people stay indoors and avoid contact with other people, wanting to prepare for isolation is reasonable.

The new virus triggers some kind of a survival instinct in people. What are we to do when there are no more supplies left, including toilet paper? What are we supposed to replace it with? That money is going to be spent on toilet paper anyway – this is the thought process of many people.

Feeling in control of the situation

People who are stockpiling are only thinking about themselves and their families, and have no concern for health workers and the diseased, or other people in general. People mass buying face masks have caused their shortage, which means that a lot of health care workers are left exposed. In addition to the influx of patients to the already overcrowded hospitals, the loss of doctors and nurses can be catastrophic.

The reason for this kind of behavior is fear. Fischhoff claims that the preparations like buying toilet paper help people regain a sense of control in a situation which seems hopeless. It is simply a coping mechanism for many people in these hard times.

Bankruptcy due to Corona, Weddings Canceled


April and May are the most popular months for wedding celebrations, but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, a lot of them will have to be canceled.

A couple from Britain have been planning a huge Hindu wedding near London, but they have realized that all their plans went to waste since most of their guests decided to cancel.


The wedding has cost them 100.000 euros, and they are now trying to get in contact with their suppliers for a possible refund.

Another couple from Britain were supposed to get married in Italy next month, although they had to cancel due to the current situation in the world, especially Italy. The couple has been planning this event for their 150 guests for the last 6 months.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task, and many people plan it a year in advance. Rescheduling can be very stressful, but in times like these it’s important to remember that health comes first.

Origins of Baptism  

It is a sacrament established by Jesus Christ, whereby a person in the bath of baptismal water cleanses or absolves himself from the sins of divine grace, first from the east, as well as all those committed personally, and spiritually regenerates to a new life in Christ, is transformed into Christ, and becomes a member of the people of God or the Church.

It imprints the baptized person with an indelible mark or character and, therefore, once validly received, is not repeated, and membership in Christ and the Church can no longer be annulled or completely lost, even if the baptist was not later reared in the faith, or fulfilled religious obligations, or explicitly renounced faith.



Water ceremony has long been practiced in the old world as a symbol not only of physical but also of moral purification. Christian baptism originates from the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. In the first centuries of Christianity, it was always preceded by the introduction of faith. In early Christianity, it was performed on mature believers, who had previously had to apply as candidates for the baptismal rite and to go through the preparatory period by practicing fasting and prayer. Adults who intended to receive it had a special status.

This status lasted about two years, but sometimes the deadline was reduced or increased. If they were worthy of it, or admission to the Christian community, there would be a rite during which the initiate would, without clothing, descend into the water, washing away sins and symbolizing the death of his former self. The priest would then invite the Spirit to descend on the reborn, who wears a white robe and receives honey mixed with milk – food for the newborn. It was performed in streams and rivers, and from Constantine the Great in the special water pools that were at the church.

Who is suitable?


Any person who has not done this before can be baptized at any age. In the beginnings of Christianity, this was distributed mainly to adults, who, encouraged by the preaching of the gospel, wished themselves to be baptized. At a very early age, however, at the request of the parents, children began to be baptized, and over time, the baptism of children in the Catholic Church became a regular and general practice.

The code of canon law specifies what is required for both valid and permissible ceremonies, whether adults or children.

If it is performed on adults, both adults, 18 years of age and minors, below that age, who have come out of childhood, ie. when they have reached the age of seven and have come to use reason, they need to manifest their will to receive the holy sacrament. This manifestation of the will can be made explicit, by a statement before a priest or before a believer, and it can be implicit if it can be inferred from various unambiguous signs that such a will exists.

The will or desire to receive it is essential, and the validity depends on it. Baptism to an adult without his or her knowledge or against his or her will and force would be invalid. In addition, adults should be sufficiently educated in religious truths and Christian obligations and should be tried during the preparatory period for baptism in the conduct of the Christian life. If this teaching and introduction to the practical Christian life were absent, it would not be permissible but valid.

As regards the baptism of children, parents should make sure that their children are baptized in the first weeks after birth. Accordingly, they should contact their pastor as soon as possible after the birth of the child, or even before birth, and ask and agree on the baptism of the child and do what is necessary in connection with the act, and parental instruction on the meaning is certainly included baptisms and the obligations associated therewith.

Baptism of a child would be valid if the parents did not ask for it, but in order for it to be divided, it is necessary that his or her parents, or at least one of them, or whoever legally replaces the parents, consent to it. It is also required to have reasonable hopes that the child will be raised in that faith.

The Impact of Baptism on the Christian Experience


The theoretical discussion of it is of little value unless the practical impact of baptism on the life of the believer is also considered. It alone does not guarantee a new life. There is no sacramental power in the water of baptism as such. However, it symbolically represents purification, washing away from sin, and moral impurity.

When the Holy Spirit enlightens him, man becomes aware of his lost condition. By repentance and confession man can be freed from the burden of sin and guilt, he can feel that God has accepted him unconditionally, he can get the freedom to live a new life through the Holy Spirit. That new life is the result of a new birth or renewal. The apostle Paul compares the experience of new birth or renewal with the Holy Spirit to the death and funeral of an old life and a resurrection to a new life. This change is symbolically represented by that.

Why swear are being read during the ceremony?


The one who is baptized is perfected by an oath to drive the devil away from him, who, from the time of Adam’s sin, gained access to men and a certain authority over them, as over his captives or servants. The apostle Paul says that all people who are beyond grace walk in the spirit of this world, in the prince who rules in the air, in the spirit that now resides in the sons of opposition.

The institution of the godfather


The godfather, who gives the name to the child, is the witness of ceremony and the spiritual parent of the child being baptized. He must be of the same faith, baptized and of legal age. If he is married, he must be married in church. Parents cannot be godparents to their children, nor can monks. He should not be selected among blood relatives.

Baptism Gifts


As you can see, Baptism has a long and significant history in Jewish Culture. In case you want to own some gifts regarding this ritual or anything else related to Jewish culture and history, make sure you check this website. It is great to get some of the stuff for someone who is getting baptized.


On the basis of all that we have stated, the registration in the register of baptized persons entails the issuing of an authentic document, baptismal certificate or corresponding confirmation that one is indeed baptized, and on this basis, it is possible to exercise the rights that baptized and Church members have.

Designer Protection Masks: New Fashion Trend?


Although most of the European Fashion Week shows in February, were canceled due to Coronavirus, others were maintained and highly visited. Several designers tried to take advantage of the situation and make designer masks to protect people from viruses and pollution in high-fashion.

Image source:

The biggest collection of designer masks were displayed at Paris Fashion Week. In addition to Paris, masks also appeared in Milano and London.

Image source:

Different fashion masks can be found everywhere on the internet. The prices are different, depending on the designer, and can go up to several hundreds of dollars. Off-White is one of the first brands to add fashion masks into their collection.

Image source:

Some are already all over this fashion trend, while others think it is unnecessary and does not fit the current virus situation.

Image source:

Pregnant Katy Perry Shows off Her Baby Bump on Stage


On the International Women’s day, Katy Perry performed live the very first time after revealing that she and Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child.

Image source:

Katy shined in a pink dress, showing off her baby bump at the ICC Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup Final. After seeing her outfit, some fans are speculating that the 35-year-old pop star hopes for a girl.

Image source:

Katy sang numerous hit songs, such as Roar and Firework. She wore two combinations. The first outfit was a light pink retro dress with neon Venus symbols and pink latex boots.

Image source:

She then changed into a tight purple dress, also with a Venus symbol, in which her baby bump appeared even more noticeable than we saw earlier.

Image source:

Her dancers were wearing pink cricket bat costumes, and fans are comparing it to her Super Bawl performance in 2015, where the dancers were dressed as sharks.

Image source:

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The mother to be is glowing on stage, looking her best, giving a fantastic performance, and showing the power of women in the spirit of the International Women’s day!

The Queen Fears She Will Not See Her Great-Grandson Ever Again


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will soon be stepping back from their royal roles. Queen Elizabeth II supported their decision but is now in fear she will not watch her great-grandson grow up.

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According to Us Weekly, the Queen desires to have a close relationship with Archie, but, as a source claimed, it seems unlikely to happen.

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The Queen’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter declared that The Queen has not seen Archie since last year and that there is”no excuse” as the Queen and Prince Philip “won’t be here much longer.” This year The Queen turns 94, and a few months later, Phillip will be celebrating his 99th birthday.

Image source:

The source told that Prince William and Kate Middleton would also love to have a close relationship with their nephew.

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The Buckingham Palace was asked to comment but declined to make a statement about this situation.

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