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History of World Flags

The flags are considered to be one of the most common and identifiable objects in human civilization. Learning about the history of world flags can certainly prove beneficial to make the best use of them.

Among the few things that remained a part and parcel of the evolution of human civilization for hundreds of years, flags are one of the most recognizable objects. They are a powerful symbol that can evoke complex emotional feelings in human minds – patriotism, pride, belongingness, nostalgia, anger, and so on. They are also a good representation of a particular culture, place, and time; offering a plethora of usage opportunities in both commercial and social spheres. All the nations in the world have a banner of their own, along with many different militaries and civil organizations – small or large.

So, today, let’s find out the origin and the history of world flags below, along with the ways you can use them.


Origin of Flags

Historians agree that it’s the military that originated the flag to identify the friends and the foes. On the battlefield, they have also been used as a signaling object to declare war, peace, and surrender. Since the beginning of the 17th century, sailors also started using banderoles as a means of identification; their importance is shown by some incidents occurred at sea, as the well-known USS Panay incident, when the American gunboat Panay was attacked by the Japanese, who claimed that they did not see the US flag painted on the deck of the Panay.

While the Dannebrog of Denmark is the oldest national flag that has been in use for some 700 years, it wasn’t until the beginning of the 18th century that the majority of European nations started to adopt a national banner of their own. The Union Jack, identifying the United Kingdom, however, originated before that, back in 1603. Today, almost all nations, states, military forces, as well as different political and social organizations like the United Nations have a flag of their own.

Common colors and symbols in Flags

Many of the national banderoles share a common symbolism about their colors.

A color that is oftentimes used in national banners is red: it usually evokes the blood spilled by the militaries, patriots, and common people of that nation during wars or revolutions, as in the flags of Italy and Cuba. Red, along with some widely recognizable symbols, is also present on the banners of nations that became independent under a communist government, such as Angola and Vietnam.

White can symbolize peace in general (as for Lebanon), or the harmony between two people or two religions, as in the flags of India (green for Muslims, light orange for Hindu) and Ireland (green for Catholics, orange for Protestants).

Many banners show colors that recall the natural elements that are typical of the territory of a particular nation. The flag of Brazil has a blue circle representing its sky and a green rectangle that is a symbol for the Amazon rainforest. Also, Finland has the color blue on its streamer, representing its sky and its many lakes, while white, the other color on the banderole, recalls the snow that covers its land for many months during the year. As for Jamaica, we have the green of its lush vegetation and the yellow of the sun.

Process and Protocols of Flags

The basic design of a national banner is often mentioned in the constitution of a nation, with a separate law usually describing the detailed proportion and the protocols of each of the flags. Therefore, any changes in design need to be passed by the legislative or the executive bodies of a nation.

The protocols of each of the national streamers are usually anointed in great detail, with many guiding principles for the appropriate use and display of it. In general, the flag must be displayed in a position of honor, with the national one getting the upper hand if flown with any other. In many laws, there are some punishments and fines for the failure to maintain the protocols.

Some diplomatic incidents have occurred because of flags. At the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the North Korean female football team refused to play the match against Colombia, because the flag shown on the big screen was not the North Korean one, but that of its neighboring country South Korea; at the 2016 Olympic Games, the national banners of China that were displayed during the awards ceremony had the smaller stars aligned in the wrong way, causing a negative reaction by the Asian nation.
But incidents can occur even inside of a nation, as in France: in 2018, during the traditional ceremonies for July 14th, one of the PAF airplanes activated the wrong smoke device, producing a red stripe instead of the right blue one.

Nowadays, it is the technology that can hide diplomatic snares: in 2019 Michael Richard Pence, Vice President of USA, wrote a tweet to thank the President of Ireland (whose flag is green, white and orange) for his warm welcome but put the flag of Côte d’Ivoire instead (which is orange, white and green). Even Google must always watch its step: in 2015, on the occasion of a national festivity of Italy, Google homepage was decorated with the colors of the Italian Tricolor, but put horizontally, resulting in more similar to the Hungarian flag.

Usage of World Flags

There are many different usages of flags, both on land and at sea; with different protocols dictating its use in civil, state, and military purposes. The general masses are also allowed to display the national banner, albeit by following the appropriate procedure. The general usage includes sports, celebrations, solidarity with others, social and commercial events, trade fairs, etc. Flags are also used in many international events to identify the representatives of different nations. For more information, please visit

10 Things That You Might Not Think Are Real Crimes

Around the world, there are thousands of laws that can be broken, and sometimes we don’t even realize that we are committing these felonies. In Greece, you can’t wear heels at the acropolis, and in Switzerland, you can’t flush the toilet in an apartment building after 10 pm! So, if you’re planning your next vacation, you might want to consider brushing up on the local laws to avoid penalties. In this article, we’ll discuss 10 strange things that are very real crimes.

Eating while driving

Did you know that if you pick up some fast food and eat it on the drive to work in the morning, you’re actually committing a crime? Many countries all over the world enforce this law, as they believe you aren’t able to control the vehicle properly and could cause a car accident. If you’re caught with something edible in your hand, you could end up with a hefty fine. Even in some countries that don’t enforce the law, you can still get in trouble and will be stopped by police.

Defacing money

Defacing money or destroying it is considered a crime in many countries around the world, and could even land you in jail. While the punishments do vary from place to place, some countries take it more seriously than others. In Australia, even writing up to one word on a note or coin could land you up to 2 years imprisonment or a $5000 fine. It’s not sure why individuals would want to destroy money, but it’s still an issue that we face today.

Using available WIFI

How many of you have logged on to an open network service to use their Wi-Fi? Well, if you have, it is actually an offense, and you could be facing a huge fine and even arrested for violating the criminal code. While piggybacking is common across the world, in some countries, it’s taken very seriously, so it’s best not to be tempted. Remember, this also refers to sitting across the road and using a cafe’s Wi-Fi service!

Sand theft

It might sound strange, but sand theft is taken seriously in many countries, and you could find yourself facing hefty fines for removing it from a beach. Currently, sand is in very high demand due to its use in construction, making it desirable for many large building companies. In some countries, mafia gangs are even trying to remove it illegally to sell on the black market. So next time you think about filling up a jar at the beach, you might want to think again!

Having a permanent marker in public

Vandalism as a tricky topic, as there are many different forms of it. It could be the scratching of a vehicle, the breaking of a mailbox, or the defacing of a public space. However, did you know in some countries you can be fined for just carrying a permanent market in public? You might want to consider keeping those sharpies at home in areas such as California, New York, and Florida. For more information on vandalism, check out

Feeding pigeons

While many individuals enjoy feeding the birds on their afternoon walk, it is strictly forbidden in Venice. They believe that the birds are considered a health hazard and have caused previous damage to the local monuments and statues. If you are caught feeding even one bird, you could be facing a nice big fine of $700. So next time you’re out and about in Venice, maybe consider leaving the bird feed at home.


Jaywalking is when an individual crosses the road without using a designated area. It may seem harmless enough, but in some places, you could be charged a hefty fine, as much as $250. This is to protect not only yourself but the drivers making their way down the road. Each state and area set their own rules, but you’ll still want to think again before making your way across the street without using a proper crossing.

Driving a dirty car


Driving a dirty car can be considered dangerous around the world, and it’s common knowledge that you should keep it relatively clean. It can cover your number plate, and make it harder to see while driving. However, Russia has taken dirty cars very seriously, and in some parts of the country, you could receive a nice fine for failing to keep it clean. So next time you leave the house, make sure you keep your hose at the ready.

Chewing gum

While many of us enjoying chewing gum as we walk around the town, in Singapore, you certainly don’t want to be caught. In 1992 all gum was banned, as it was thought to promote “mischief-making” and littering. If you’re caught with even a single piece, you could be fined up to $1000. Not only that, but if you are caught another time, you might be made to clean the streets and participate in hard labor.


We all know that littering is wrong, but many individuals across the world still choose to do it anyway. It can cause harm to the local wildlife, pollute the environment and cause a number of different health hazards. Throwing something out of the car window, or leaving rubbish on the beach, might seem harmless, but if you’re caught, you could be in big trouble. You’ll be charged with a considerable fine and may be made to help clean up the town. So next time if you can’t find a rubbish bin nearby, just take it with you.

Wherever you are in the world, make sure you take a moment to learn the laws and respect each country. Each place is unique, and we want to make sure that we all work together to abide by the rules. In the UK, don’t handle any salmon suspiciously in public; in France, don’t name your pig Napoleon and in Tennesse, don’t share your Netflix password!

5 Tips on How to Make your College Life Feel More Luxury

College life can be disappointing if not well planned. Some students often opt to overspend to realize their luxurious dream life, but still, you can have a luxurious life without straining your pocket.

How luxury you will live as a college student purely relies on your budgeting. Budgeting is not fun at all, and it is one of the least fun things that you can think of as a college student. It would be best if you took care of the tuition payment, groceries, textbooks, educational trips, living logistics, and many other expenses.

Because you are a student and your main aim in college is to make your studying life comfortable, you should consider actions that will allow you to study in peace. You should make your student life as comfortable as possible, so using help from some online sources is something you should consider. Websites such as bestessayhelp, can be a great deal for you when you need essay writing help. They are a professional and ensure you get the score you deserve as a college student.

There are many advantages associated with a luxury college life that include;

Finding Comfort- for you to carry on your studies well while in college, you need to be comfortable so that you can have a good peace of mind to study.

Create More Time- much of your time as a college student should be spent studying. Luxury makes sure you have everything you need at your disposal so that you don’t waste time looking for them.

Allows for Body Exercise- taking time off your books on a hobby you like lets you exercise your body and thus rejuvenating your body.

Creates Financial Discipline- as you try to budget for your luxury, you gain financial discipline after the achievement of the luxury. Effective budgeting and achieving all you needed with your budget to build a great fiscal discipline that may assist you even out of college life.

Living a luxury life does not only depend on the budget but also involves working for your unique talents, passions, and fashion. Below are the five best ways that can leave you appreciating your college life.

Participate in Hobby Activities

Luxury does not necessarily mean you go to a quiet place and relax but involving yourself in an activity that makes you comfortable. As for taking long hours studying, you need to relax your mind by participating in a new enjoyable event. Have in mind that you can keep productive as a result of your experiences, and if the skills keep you smiling, then you are living a luxury life.

Participating in your college student hobby so long as they keep you feel as you are living a lavish lifestyle, then your college life is already luxurious.

Identify your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone can be identified as doing something you haven’t done before. Take your time outside classroom activity and let your mind relax off any strenuous thinking. Take time off class and your usual dwelling sites and go out to a different place to relax your mind.

In a comfort zone, you can get a great time to reflect on past experiences, and you will feel as you are living a luxurious life. Always invent the luxury you need by trying a new activity while in a comfort zone.

Cultivate a Simplicity Mind

You can generate a luxurious mind by taking what you have as your simple luxury. A simple mind will always appreciate whatever surrounds you and turn it into a luxury. Compute what you prioritize and set your goals well, then remain focused on pursuing them. Here make sure you trim all that make you overspend and strain.

As a college student, set simple, achievable milestones that will not see you strain. The strain generates stress that will not let you realize the necessary luxury around you. Luxury comes when you live a life that you desire to live thus; make sure you lead a simple life where you can reach comfortably.

Invest in a Meaningful Companion

So many good and bad things happen in college, and overcoming them depends on who you associate with. Luxury cannot be achieved if you associate yourself with friends that destruct you or do anything that will destruct you. When choosing a relationship, you must focus on the quality of friends and not the number of friends.

You must accept that everyone cannot love you; thus, you should not ruin your luxury because of a few friends who are ill to you. Don’t struggle much to foster love to anyone you meet in college as this will end up stressing you, thus ruining your luxurious life.

Choose a few friends that can be helpful to you and take the rest of your energy to focus on your endeavors. You may seem vulnerable at the start, but your relationship will be built after some time with the little effort and love for the connection.

The friends you interact with have the luxury you need as a college student.

Eliminate Financial Strains

Financial stress emanates from poor budgeting of the little cash you have. College life involves a lot of spending, and if you can’t budget very well, you may end up misusing your money on less critical matters, and when essential issues come, you will not be able to fund them.

It would be best if you had a financial discipline by putting a budget in place and strictly sticking to it. Although picnics, outings, and nature walks may be a source of luxury, they may be less critical as compared to tuition fees and paying rent.

If you have friends that may influence you to a reduced budget, then you should consider dropping them to avoid much stress that may ruin your luxury during your college life.

Although luxury is a self-care idea, you should take care that you don’t strain to pursue it. Some other ways of keeping a luxurious life in college are demanding; thus, you must be mindful of implementing them. It would be best if you lived the best that life can give you, but keep in mind your reach.


College life can be very dull, but should it be the case for you? I don’t think so, thus follow these five tips and make your college time fascinating.

Celebration of Life Funeral: What it is and how you can Celebrate it?

A ‘celebration of life’ funeral is a colorful way to remember someone after they have passed.

While it’s fine to grieve for someone who has left this world, a celebration of life ceremony is about focusing on the life of the departed by sharing positive memories in a cheerful tone. You can create colorful ones on Memories website.

Is celebration of life a non-religious event?

A celebration of life ceremony doesn’t mean the event can’t be religious, it’s more about creating a more lively environment where grievers can express their gratitude for a life well-lived – it could still involve a priest of a church.

A more contemporary funeral service may include uplifting or modern music. There could be a lot of laughter and storytelling. The key idea behind the celebration of life is to shift the focus from the death of a person to the happiness that person brought in the lives of others.

Who can hold a celebration of life funeral?

A friend or family member can help a funeral director arrange the celebration of life ceremony. There needs to be a person who conducts the funeral and introduces others taking part, although they do not have to be a priest.

You could take help from a celebrant – professionals who help the family of the deceased design a service. The service can be customized to meet the cultural, spiritual or religious needs of the person. The order of the service must also be designed around the interests of the deceased.

Some special family members can also come forward with short speeches. People could talk about the deceased’s best qualities, retell their life story or express how much they are missed. If your loved one had a keen eye for poems and literature, you could read out some extracts from their most treasured books or even their own work.

Where can you hold a celebration of life?

You can use a location provided by the funeral home to hold the celebration of life ceremony or you can also organize it to take place somewhere that was special for the person who has passed.

If they were enthusiastic about gardening, you could hold the ceremony in a park or you decorate a venue with their favorite flowers. You can even arrange the grievers to let off butterflies for that added touch.

The celebration of life gathering can be held like any other social event – set up in your home, in the local community hall, a restaurant or pub. As long as your selected place is big enough to accommodate the invitees, a celebration of life funeral can be held practically anywhere.

If you have a large open area, you could also gather outside for a nighttime event. A nice touch could be to release eco-friendly sky lanterns in the dark night and mark the journey of your loved one to the heavens.

Friends and family could also mark their lanterns with personal messages and wishes before lifting the lantern off in the sky – sending messages into the clouds for the one you miss.

Ideas for a celebration of life funeral

  1. Make an online memorial or photo display

An online memorial is an excellent way to ensure the departed will be remembered, with the platforms providing a private and secure space where friends and family can visit to share photos, videos and stories of the one who has passed.

There is comfort in making an online memorial because you know the page will last forever and it will help future generations learn more about your family history. Include content that best highlights the deceased’s hobbies and personality – ask friends to contribute as well.

Nothing can fill the gaping hole in your heart that your loved one has left behind, but creating an online memorial can help you keep them alive in your memoires. Building it together at a celebration of life ceremony could also be a great way to bond and remember.

  1. Plant a memorial plant


By planting a memorial tree, you essentially create a living monument in the name of a loved one. This is a brilliant way of remembering someone eternally. Plus, our environment also benefits from this noble initiative.

The friends and family of the deceased can visit the tree anytime they miss his/her presence. You could even create a plaque to place at the bottom of the tree, so anyone who visits will have a constant reminder of the lost loved one.

Some seed packets could also be included as memorial handouts for the guests. They could sow those seeds at their homes and keep remembering your loved one forever. Pick their favourite plant and know you are keeping them in mind whenever you see it.

  1. Dedicate a star

There are many gift companies that offer packages to name a star. You get a certificate of a star called after your loved one’s name, and telescopic coordinates to find it in the sky. You can assemble your friends and family and arrange an after dark party to remember the deceased.

Looking for your loved one’s star can be a creative tribute and an experience unlike any other.

  1. Create memory cards and play a video montage

The guests gathered for the celebration of life funeral can create memory cards for the person who is no more. They can write their favorite memory or a special message for them. The cards can be collected and kept securely in a memory box for upcoming generations to read.

Using the photos and videos of your loved one, you can also create a video montage. You could ask friends to contribute to the video with some pictures of their own. Include the favorite tunes of the deceased to make it even more personalized.

Your guests speaking a few heart-warming sentences for the lost one would also create a memorable tribute. The video can be displayed after the celebration of life ceremony.

6 Facts You Need to Know About Nursing Home Abuse


The nursing homes are supposed to be places where the elders are taken care of and where they can live their lives in peace. Unfortunately, millions of them around the world are becoming victims of abuse by someone they know. There are a lot of different common types of abuse, and there are signs that you can pay attention to, to make sure that your loved one is not being mistreated.

Here we are going to give you some facts you need to know about the most common issues. If you suspect that your family member or another resident is being hurt or exploited, you should contact an attorney right away and transfer them to another home as soon as possible.

Physical abuse is the easiest one to notice

There are a lot of different signs that can indicate physical abuse. The first thing you need to make sure of is that those things are not indicating accidents and that they are done on purpose.

If you notice that your loved one or some other resident has any type of bruises, cuts, or scrapes, that can be the first sign of mistreating. In some extreme cases, broken bones can be noticed, or even fractured. This does not indicate that the resident was beaten or molested, it may just show that they were not handled carefully.

Sometimes there won’t be any indications, but if you notice that the glasses of the resident are always broken, or any other items in their possession, that can be a sign of physical abuse as well. Talk to your loved one and be as calm as possible, without triggering them or making it look like you are blaming them. Every type of abuse goes hand in hand with emotional responses, so be really careful when you approach them.

Emotional abuse is not easy to detect

The difference between any other type of mistreating and the emotional one is that there are no exact signs when it comes to mental or emotional abuse. If you notice that a nursing home resident is scared to be left alone if they are constantly asking you to stay with them and if it seems like they are getting anxious before you leave, that can be one of the first signs.

You should also pay attention to sudden changes in the behavior or if they start developing patterns. OCD is really common when emotional mistreating happens and the residents may even stop taking their medication. In extreme cases, they may refuse to eat and they may even stop drinking water.

Assault cases and how to deal with them

If you notice that there are bruises or scrapes around the genitals if the underwear of your loved one is stained and if you notice any blood coming out of the private parts, that can be a sign of assault.

A known fact is that victims of assault have drastic changes in behavior and they can go from one extreme to another. They may become aggressive or they may completely shut down and isolate themselves. If you suspect that a resident is a victim of this type of assault, you need to contact a professional right away and have them talk to your loved one.

In case you are not sure what is the best way forward, you can contact a professional service, like The Law Center and they will give you advice on what you need to do and how to approach the issue. Unfortunately, neglect is common in nursing homes, and there are services that can give you the needed guidance and support.

Pay attention to the money transfer and subscriptions

One of the most frequent types of abuse is the financial one. Many people try to take advantage of the residents, and when the person has any type of mental health issue, it is even easier to get money from them. People who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia are one of the easiest targets, so make sure you check your loved one’s bank account regularly.

If you notice any changes in the funds that you haven’t made, or if they start signing up for paid programs, then you may want to carefully look into why that is happening.

You may become a victim of financial abuse as well, so if people in the nursing home start asking you for additional money for medications, activities, or basic care, you need to get an attorney and think about finding another place for your loved one.

How to notice if your family member is being neglected

Neglect is the most common occurrence and even though it does not sound like the worst one, it definitely takes a huge toll on the emotional wellbeing of the resident. If you notice that your loved one is not clean, if they are losing weight quickly and if they are thirsty or dehydrated, it means that they are a victim of neglect.

Other common signs may include bedsores, constantly dirty room, sudden changes in medications and routine, and lack of compassion. Most of these things can be easily explained, so make sure you talk to the resident in a safe environment where they can open up to you about the issues they are facing.


When it comes to statistics, it is said that 2 out of 10 residents experience some form of mistreating. More than 30% of the residents living in nursing homes have been abused by a caregiver and more than 20% of them experience the same from another resident. Financial exploitation is the least common, less than 8% of the residents experiencing that. However, you should always pay attention to the money transfers and the overall costs.

It is said that more than half of the people who suffer from Dementia have been victims of mistreating and 2 out of 3 victims have been women. The older the residents are, the bigger the chances are for them to be a victim of an assault.

Talk to your family member about the issues you are noticing, and make sure there is no one else in the room. They should know that they are safe with you and that you are not going to let the mistreating continue. Trauma victims may not want to report the issue right away, as they may feel like it is their fault. Tell them that they should not be embarrassed and that things will get better. Consult with a psychologist about the best course of action and do everything in your power to stop that from happening ever again.

10 Perfectly-Timed Pictures Taken Right Before Tragic Outcome

We can often see many exciting photos online that were captured at an awkward moment. Most often, these are moments in life when some tragedy or some spectacular moment occurs that we regret because we did not have a camera on hand. Sometimes photographers are lucky enough to catch the moments of blood ice in their veins later when they look at each other and have coffee witness the tragedy that has taken place. These photos are bursting with emotion and become a real photographic treasure. Take a look at the top 10 photos that were made just moments before the tragic outcome.

  1. Paparazzi

What we cannot see with the naked eye is a movement that makes fluid when it spills in the air. That is why what we capture with the camera is invaluable because the camera can perpetuate the flow of fluid and make a spectacular memory. The girl who is having a concert is shown here and is not aware that she will just be hit by a glass full of water.

  1. Not the Only One

This photo is one image showing a boat and a shark swimming behind it at some distance. Well-known movie picture, right? We hope the shark continued to swim peacefully, bypassed the ship, or kept a great distance. Otherwise, this picture certainly does not have a happy outcome.

  1. An Unexpected Visit

What happens when bullfights go wrong? An angry bull enters the audience, and a sober enough photographer is there to capture it. Just imagine the surprise of all those present who were scared for their lives and just a few minutes earlier enjoyed the bullfight. We can only sense the tragedy that happened when an angry bull stormed into the audience.

  1. Sneaky Sneaky

Who do you think is brave enough to sneak up on a cop on the road? Your answer will surely surprise you. It’s an alligator brave enough to sneak up on a cop, and all he could do was climb up on the roof of the car. The safe alligator gave up after half an hour, continued on his way to the water, and the policeman was able to return to his regular duties.

  1. When They Met

What is the likelihood that a cyclist will fall on yours while boating on a lake? Tiny, but it can happen. The cyclist lost control of the vehicle and ran straight into the lake from the track. The photographer captured the awkward moment when he fell right on the boat in which people were traveling. What was after that, we can only assume, surely everyone overturned in the water.

  1. Wheel of Motion

In this exciting photo, we can see how the rider lost control of the vehicle, but this is not the biggest tragedy. In this picture, the scary thing is that he has fallen off the wheel, and the racetrack has no fence. Children are sitting in the audience, and we can only hope that no one was hurt.

  1. Camouflage

Take a good look at the photo, and tell what you see. If you see only a smiling woman, you are thin, look again, and you will see an alligator who is camouflaged in the bushes and is just waiting to attack. We hope the woman was lucky and was able to escape from the jaws of this animal. If she attacked her. Of course, the best-case scenario would be that the alligator did not even attack this lady.

  1. Guess Who’s in the Selfie

This picture is one of the scariest on our list. While a man carelessly paints a selfie in a boat on the ocean, an angry shark strikes him. The animal had jawed to swallow and played the man who wanted to take a picture of the ship. As this holiday ended, we can only assume and hope that tragedy has been avoided.

  1. Wrath of the Titan

This image takes us to a national park or wildlife reserve where we can see a leopard getting ready to attack one of the guards. The picture is creepy because we imagine how safe the blood was and how the animal hurt him. After all, the guard is not aware of the attack at the time the photograph is taken. He turned on his back. We can only hope that the other man in the picture reacted and managed to save a colleague and stop the animal.

  1. The Danger that Lies Beneath

The winning photo of this list is a shark picture because they somehow cause the most horror when we look at them. In the photo, we see a carefree surfer enjoying the waves of the ocean while a shark swims to meet him. Hopefully, he was able to escape with a sound wave and not become shark food.

The Miracle of Medicine – Woman on the Verge of Her Eighth Decade Gave Birth

Margaret Adenuga, 68, from Nigeria successfully gave birth to twins, making her possibly the oldest woman to give birth in Africa. She and her Husband Noah, 77, have been trying for a child for 50 years, even unsuccessfully attempting In-Vitro Fertilization three times.

The pair have traveled far and wide and tried many times to conceive but until recently their attempts have been futile. Trying for so many years would make most people give up, but Noah stated that he was a dreamer who always knew this particular dream of his would come true.

The twins were born healthy at the Lagos Hospital, despite specialists’ concerns over the high-risk pregnancy due to Margaret’s age. The pregnancy was monitored by a specially assigned team.

6 Ways you can Help Prevent Domestic Violence

The best way to live is by constantly being in a Zen state, surrounded by harmony and with people who share the same mindset. Unfortunately, sometimes people are unable to control their anger, and this can be caused by certain psychological conditions, as well as the heat of the moment.

Whether someone has a clinical condition and is diagnosed with anger issues, or they simply find pleasure in hurting others, violence should never be tolerated in any way, especially when the victim is a female.

We’re not saying that males are not the victims of domestic violence, but in most cases it’s the other way around. This is never a pleasant sight to see, especially if you are someone that’s part of a family in which things like these are happening, so today we decided to give you the six best ways that you can prevent this from taking place.

Even if this is not a problem in your family, you should still report any activity of this kind because in most scenarios, the victim is afraid to do so. Let’s begin.
  1. Recognize the signs

We’ve all watched movies or even experienced something like this in front of our eyes, so it’s pretty transparent already that the abuser won’t do this publically. However, the things they do behind the curtains leave marks that can be seen publically, so if you notice that your neighbor has bruises and scars all over their body, it means that something is not right.

Of course, not every person that has a mark on their body is a victim of domestic violence, but if they keep reoccurring all the time, and they don’t look even nearly like the usual sports injury, you might be onto something.

Visual signs are not the only indicator for domestic violence though, so often you’ll hear arguing, yelling and screaming as well, if you are living next to the home where something like this takes place.

  1. Talk to the person

If you are suspecting that you know someone who’s a victim, you should talk to them first before attempting to do anything that affects their life. Only in a situation where you’re sure that they might be more seriously hurt, you should try taking things into your own hands, and telephoning the services or the police.

If the person neglects your offer for help, and they tell you to stay away from their life, it can be because of two reasons. They are either afraid of their partner finding out, or they really think that it’s not that much of a deal. You can find the most about the situation by talking to the person because by the way, they’ll tell you these things, you will be able to determine whether they’re scared or not.

In some situations, you’ll find that the person wants you to stay away just because they don’t want the other person to find out about it, but they might be giving you secret signals that you should report their situation to the authorities. This will be up to you to decide based on what you see.

  1. Report it and get a lawyer

If you are someone who experienced abuse either now or in the past, and you want to establish justice once and for all, it’s the right time to report it to the authorities and get a lawyer. According to Randolph Hough, P.A If you really want to take things to the courtroom, either to get your finance for all the injuries that you’ve received or simply to put a certain abuser behind bars, you’ll find the most success with an attorney.

Please remember that hiring an attorney is your right, and you shouldn’t be afraid to do it, no matter what kind of threats you’ve received from the abuser about doing it. Every human being has the right to feel safe and at peace in their home.

  1. Offer your help

Often, when people are involved in such unfortunate situations, they think that opening up to someone will only worsen the problems. They are afraid for others to find out, because they think that nobody else that they know went through something like this. When you offer your help, however, you will let them know that you have an understanding for their situation, and that they are not alone.

This might not sound like a very significant thing at first, but just knowing that someone’s with you helps out a ton.

  1. Try communicating with the abuser

Now this is something that can scare a lot of people, but it shouldn’t. There are currently a lot of campaigns, measures and awareness-raising methods that allow people to gather up the courage they need to confront someone who puts others in danger.

You shouldn’t think that the other person will harm you as well, and that you have to be afraid of them just because they are abusive to their partner, simply because they are the ones that have a lot of things to be worried about. You are just being helpful, and they can end up behind bars if the authorities understand what’s been going on. Maybe their partner is afraid of reporting it to the police, but you shouldn’t be.

  1. Let everybody know

If you have a person that you know who’s in danger, either a family member, a close relative or just a friendly neighbor from across the street, you can help them out a lot by letting everybody know that their partner is being physically abusive towards them.

When you do this, a lot of people will start looking at them differently, offering help whenever they can, and most of them will even report it to the police.

It’s more than enough for just one person to let the authorities know about what’s going on for things to get much better than they already are. Also, there are so many anonymous numbers that you can call to report something like this, so nobody will ever have to know that it was you who took the measures.