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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Sweden 2020? 

Since history can remember, Valentine’s Day has always been a celebration of love and life at the same time. In the middle of these two terms, you could find expressions like deep feelings, tenderness, affections, and all the expressions-related to love. This is the reason that you need to experience some of the most memorable moments on this day. It is essential to share them with your partner. When it comes to the places where you can spend this day, there are a lot of locations you can visit in Europe, like Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.

Today, we are going to talk about Sweden. This country can be considered a newbie when it comes to the locations where you can spend your Valentine’s Day. Sweden turned to Western standards when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day only a couple of decades ago. At the same time, the tourist offer in this country considers themselves to be one of the best locations where you can spend quality time with your partner. In Sweden, this holiday called “The Day of All Hearts” – a name that only adds to the overall romance. In the whole of Scandinavia, this tradition started to emerge in the 1950s.

Like many other countries, Scandinavia decided to start a campaign where they chose to cultivate certain flower species and do advertising on the eve of Valentine’s Day. If you are visiting a couple of days before the holiday itself, you are definitely going to see and adorn parks, streets, and stores that are covered with a wide array of flower species. We got you interested, didn’t we? Okay, let us present you with the best possible activities that you can do when you find yourself in Sweden on this popular holiday. Now, let’s talk about this in greater detail.

How America Influenced Sweden with Valentine’s Day?

Before we start talking about what you can do in Sweden on Valentine’s Day, let us talk about the history of this holiday in this country. We can say that it is strange for a country that has so many traditions and history to adapt some new influences from a country that is so young, as the United States. We think that the theme if we can say it like that, of this holiday, is that crucial thing that made people from Sweden to start celebrating it.

As we said, people started celebrating this holiday in the 1950s in Sweden. We can say that this is not a new holiday, because it was celebrated way back in Ancient Rome. On the other hand, the way we are celebrating it today is totally different from the way they did it back then. Today’s version of Valentine’s Day took its shape in the 1980s when a lot of foreign couples started to invade Sweden and made it a popular destination for this day.

Valentine’s Day in Stockholm

Besides all the beautiful decorations that you can stumble across the country, especially in Stockholm, you can find yourself in the middle of parties that are happening right on the street. You can be confident that you will have a wonderful time in this country on this holiday because there are a lot of activities you can experience. Naturally, the highest percentage of activities is for the younger population. Activities like exchanging love cards and gifts, exceptional shows, and parties at night clubs, concert halls. If you are interested in how you can send flowers to your loved one while in Sweden, be sure to check out Flowers Sweden.

On the other hand, you can choose between a lot of high-quality restaurants that have elegant interior and that are sparkling with luxury. The most popular restaurants are Eriks Gondolin and Brasseries Le Rouge. At the same time, Stockholm is a city that has some of the most romantic places in the world. For example, you can try out Sandhamn. This is a harbor that hosts a hotel at the same time. It is possible to rent hot tubs that can be located outside of the complex. Having this site will give you one of the most attractive ways to spend this holiday with your partner.

Outside Cities

As we stated in the earlier part of our article, cities are filled with activities for younger couples. When it comes to mature couples, they are opting for something more traditional. For example, they would spend their holiday on several romantic sights. A lot of them can be found on the outskirts of Stockholm and all the other cities in the country. When it comes to the capital, you can take a daily trip to Oland and Gotland.

Gotland is a seaside where you can witness very long stretched beaches that are going to give you an undisturbed and calm atmosphere, and of course, the beauty of the Baltic Sea. You can be sure that you are going to have the time of your life if you opt for Gotland. When it comes to Oland, called “Land of Windmills,” at one point, it was a favorite place of Swedish royal family and their cousins. This is a place that attracts many visitors every year, and, truthfully, this is a genuinely festive excitement to be at.

One more destination that we would like you to pay attention to is the Mariefred village located within the vicinity of Stockholm. This is a village that has a fascinating history. This is a miniature town that started to grow near the popular Gripsholm Castle. However, on Valentine’s Day, this area turns into something that represents the true spirit of a romantic atmosphere. There are a lot of galleries and old-fashioned cafes that capture the historic center of the town itself. Furthermore, you can find an ancient locomotive that is still running through the alleys of this small town.

8 Things You Need To Fully Enjoy The Winter of 2020

It’s true that the winter season may seem endless. After the stress and excitement of the Christmas holidays and all the happenings around the New Year, we face the cold wind of January, February icicles and March sleet. One more reason to make the warm atmosphere of your home contrast with winter’s routines on the streets. Wearing coats, runny noses, and ice-frozen ears, just like crossing our fingers every time we want to start the car, shouldn’t be the only things we remember about this season.

Whether you appreciate the winter, or you would like to sleep through the entire period as a bear, there are many ways to make this season more pleasant and relax in the comfort of your house. That’s why we’ve compiled some ways to teach you how to spend this winter season actually enjoying it.

1. A perfect cup of tea

As many of us already know, the tea is an excellent companion of our small winter home routines, but also a lovely addition to all friend gatherings. The beauty of it is that it is so easy to prepare and it can be done in seconds. Furthermore, tea comes in all different tastes which means that you can explore and pick your favorites. Isn’t there anything more beautiful than making yourself this warm beverage while it is snowing outside?

2. Typical winter food

Winter invites us to make changes in our routines. We shelter ourselves to withstand the low temperatures and we make radical changes in our food habits. The urge to eat salads or fruits stops here – and cravings for rich foods full of calories such as pasta, stews, meats, legumes, soups make their own way back to our everyday needs.

When we think of winter meals, we always think of succulent, steaming and refreshing dishes. These meals not only give us body heat, but the exact cooking process can bring a lot of heat and fun to the home. And yeah, it’s so relaxing on both levels – preparing the food for your friends and family or simply enjoying it yourself. In your cozy kitchen or in front of the TV. Alone or in a good company.


Inventing a new recipe, in addition to giving wings to your creativity, will make you have a good time in the kitchen, as well. It’s not even necessary to be a super cook – not if there are dozens of Buzzfeed Tasty videos for dummies out there.

3. Great books

Apart from signing up for all the winter-themed outings, you can also take advantage and rest at home with some old, good. In this way, we manage to take refuge from the low temperatures for a while as we enter a completely new fictional world. For many, the perfect solution is to take that book that they left half-read a long time ago and finish it once and for all. Get all the novels, impressive thrillers or tear-jerking dramas you’ve always wanted to read, make yourself comfy in front of the fireplace – and the time that’s only yours can begin.

4. A cozy blanket

There’s absolutely nothing like staying home during a cold snowy day with an irresistibly fluffy blanket that wraps us whole and leaves our body and our heart warm. Add some great movie, a big mug of smokin’ hot chocolate or mulled wine – and we have the perfect plan. The major point is: the blanket can’t be missing at home in winter. No way. Moreover, get yourself several, for each room in the house.

A plaid-designed one for the sofa, another lovely weighted blanket from YNM Home for the bed… One more here and there… Undoubtedly, there are many more reasons to enjoy the winter, but to make it warm and comfortable with this kind of addition is always number one. So, just roll inside your and the cold is over.

5. Lovely candles and sticks

Candles can be the final touch for a romantic dinner, but they also contribute to the temperature of the home releasing small amounts of heat after being lit for a while. Don’t be lazy – just put them around and enjoy the sparkling energy. One plus tip – don’t leave any lights on: that will let you sink completely into the atmosphere. In some Indian shops or other thematic ones, you can also find some magically fragrant incense sticks for your living room.

The best thing about all this? You can choose any scent that comes to your mind. Think about your favorite fragrances and aromas and make this idea come true. Your nose and your mind will be extremely thankful.

6. Meditation and yoga

When this season comes, a sense of lethargy simply invades us. For many people, it’s the season where you least want to exercise – you just want to curl up somewhere warm and hibernate. But what if I tell you that yoga is one of the best practices to stay active, fight the cold and get warm?

A gentle physical exercise, which combines breathing, stretching and light movements, is the best solution to reactivate you. It sounds good, right? A morning yoga session helps us recover body temperature, prevents muscle stiffness and possible related pains, which are more common in winter. As yoga strengthens our body at a general level, including the immune system, its practice even helps keep viruses and bacteria at bay.

Not to even mention that, if you perform conscious breathing exercises correctly, you’ll also boost your immunity and feel much relaxed during the day.

7. A pamper session

Take out your favorite bath salts, fill your tub with water, light scented candles, turn on the music you love, pour yourself a glass of good wine and simply – indulge in the benefits of bubbles and soap.

At least half an hour of total relaxation will please both body and mind, and a warm bath is the most perfect way to let your brain graze and forget about any problems at work. Simply pretend your bathroom is a spa and after a good bath, treat yourself to a thorough beauty treatment. The result? Instantly ready for new challenges – or restarted, as computer geeks would say.

8. Sleeping well

Winter days are all short, but the nights, oh, nights… It’s the season when you can enjoy sleeping even more. And there’s no better feeling than jumping inside fresh and clean sheets after a long day. For better dreams, make sure the ambient temperature doesn’t exceed 18.5º, as the opposite can lead to discomfort situations. It’s also recommendable that you change the sheets every week so that the quality of sleep is better and that the atmosphere in your bedroom stays comfortable. It should be perfect for spending more time in bed on your days off or on weekends, reading or just reflecting – as much as you want.

You know what you’re going to do tonight yet? We have one more suggestion: choose all those small, lovely things that’ll make you enjoy the season (even if it had always brought out the worst version of you!) and enjoy its rich range of possibilities.


Australia Fires: What Could You do About it?

Australia is being ravaged by the worst conflagration seen in decades since it began in late July 2019. It caused dozens of people to die, and more than 2,000 homes been destroyed or damaged.

How was the blaze triggered?

Australia has always experienced inferno in its “blaze season”. But in 2019, the flames were a lot worse than in past years. They are usually caused by lightning strikes or by sparks. Of course, some of those flare-ups are set deliberately.

For 2019 Australia conflagration, an overwhelming consensus is that climate changes cause them. It is the rising levels of CO2 that warms the planet. Australia has been getting hotter over recent years, and this hotter, drier climate will contribute to fires burning more frequent and intense.

Australian State and federal authorities are struggling to contain the massive blazes, with professional help from the US, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries. Professionals are the first in line to battle the flames, but the thousands of volunteers outnumber them. Nevertheless, over four months passed, and Australia’s deadly flames are showing no signs of stopping.

Safety Engineering

Yes, Australian conflagration is a warning to the world. Many countries are reminded of the increasing force in blaze protection. As ordinary person, of course, cannot extinguish the flame like Automan. Still, we need to do something, like enhancing the awareness of the prevention and acquire some basic knowledge on the subject, rather than desperately doing nothing when devastating things come.

I looked up much information via CatEight Course Finder, finding that there has been a discipline of safety engineering set up by many universities, specifically training students of related majors on prevention and protection. Let’s see what blaze fighting engineering knowledge people can get from this discipline.

This subject aims to equip people with understanding the fundamentals of blaze dynamics and science concerning safety. On completion of the program study, you will acquire the necessary technical skills and basic knowledge of flare safety engineering and performance-base engineering approaches for buildings.

Some universities treat flare safety engineering as a branch of civil engineering or structural and architectural engineering. Hence the program name varies a little bit.

The knowledge you will get

The program delivers a fundamental understanding of flare safety science and engineering principles. It introduces the performance-based build regulatory framework under which the safety engineering is practiced. The active building flare services, human response to conflagration, and the concept of risk are also covered.

We can see that this course is relevant to getting the necessary technical skills and basic knowledge of flare engineering approaches for buildings.

So please be cautious, as we get professional knowledge, we can apply it. As for the deadly flames in the outside environment, we should be quite careful, because they are so fiercer than one could imagine, and we need to keep ourselves safe..

Fire prevention

The deadly blazes in Australia have burnt through almost two million hectares in New South Wales and Queensland alone. While people can flee the flames and evacuate them, they are devastating wildlife in those areas, with koalas yelping for help, beehives caught in the path of danger, and food chains interrupted.

With a degree in the safety engineering, you can get career opportunities in Fire Safety Engineer, Fire Safety Project Manager, or Fire Safety Inspector. With your rich work experience, you can volunteer to help with flame protection.

In general, the job of a flare-up safety engineer is to research the cause of conflagration, determine the protection methods, and recommend materials or equipment to assist amortizations in safeguarding life and properties.

The job of the safety inspectors is to keep people, buildings, and other structures safe. The primary responsibility is to conduct site inspections, search for hazards, test alarms and other protection equipment, and review emergency evacuation plans to ensure they conform to building regulations.

If there’s an increased risk of flare-ups, then extra professionals are put in place, trucks are prepared, and the pilots are put on standby.

It is needed to send a rapid response team out during this first attack. These are crews who are fully kitted out with firefighting gear and water-carrying vehicles. At the same time, the national government of Australia has undertaken sharp criticism that it’s not been doing enough against climate change and disaster prevention.

Despite there are specialized courses designed for fire prevention engineering and some professionals are cultivated from universities, the talents for civil and environmental engineering are far from enough.

Because of the alarm of great fires that happened in Australia 2019, in Amazon 2019, and other areas in the world, humans are now increasing much more attention to the development of fire safety and prevention engineering. Fire protection engineers are in increasing demand.

The plans for future

As the Australian blaze includes the 20-million-acres land, the whole world has been captivated and heartbroken by the destruction of some of the planet’s most beautiful areas. Throughout the entire nation, flames have caused the deaths of nearly half a billion animals, including almost a third of the whole koala population.

While  that is a natural part of the Australian cycle, the Bureau of Meteorology has said the rising heat had exacerbated drought, which in turn has made it more dreadful and fiercer.

The Fire Service Authority in Australia is launching emergency aid activities. Australia’s government created a new National Conflagration Recovery Agency to help fund blaze relief and authorized payments to volunteers, some of whom have now spent months on duty.

As ordinary persons, we can give donations to help manage local professional efforts and provide accommodations for displaced residents. We hope that those homeless people and wildlife animals will find a new residence soon.



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