What To Do If You Lost Your Birth Certificate?

This paper is very important, and it is necessary to send request and get an original copy if you lose it. It represents the proof of your identity, birthplace, and other data that is needed when you want to get any other document like ID, passport, driver’s license, and more. For a long time, losing such document was a big issue since you had to deal with bureaucracy. However, with the integration of digital services, you can now order it online. If you want to learn more about this feature, visit

You should always pay attention and keep your important documents in a safe place. The biggest risk is that someone might try to use your papers and create fake documents, or for identity theft, which could even get you involved in criminal activities without you knowing that.  Still, there is no need to panic. Here are important steps that you have to do in case that you lose this document.

First Steps After Losing It

First of all, there is not a reason to panic since this is not a rare case, and there is a solution. However, you shouldn’t wait after losing it. You won’t be able to get any other document. Therefore, report the missing paper and demand a new copy right after you notice that it is lost. When it comes to the process of getting a new one, it depends on the country. When it comes to the United States, you will have to send a proposal to the place of your birth.

What Are The Requirements?

There could be some differences from country to country. However, keep in mind that you can get this paper only in the city where you were born, even if you are now living in another country. The process is not complicated, especially in countries where you can finish it online. That is a great advantage since you don’t need to travel only to get it. When it comes to requirements, you will have to provide a valid document as proof of your identity.

Those documents are social security number, driver’s license, green card, and more. Also, you should add a photo ID as well. Besides that, you will need to provide some further information, such as parents names, date of birth, name of the birthplace. Adding more data will make the whole process much faster.

Process Of Getting New Copy

After you collect all of the papers and prepare everything to send a request, you should learn more about various regulations and differences between those who are born in the country and those who were born abroad. That is a common cause in the United States since it is very popular for immigrants. In case that you were born in the country, the process is quite simple, and you will only need to visit the institution in the city where you were born.

Moreover, if you are not born in the country of your current residence, but your parents are, you will have to request for an additional paper from the embassy. In case that you need it while you are not in the country, you will have to visit an embassy send the request from there. The great option is that we can now use online services, which makes the whole process simple and fast.

What to Do if Your Document is Stolen?

We already mentioned that the biggest risk is related to the fact that someone might try to use your papers for some criminal activities. Therefore, be sure to report the missing paper on the first notice. The officials will immediately report this case and create a new copy of this paper.

The Importance of Birth Certificate


As we already mentioned, you cannot get any other valid paper without a proper birth certificate. Therefore, you should always have it when you need social security when you want to sign for the school, for bank accounts, passport, to join military, and all other processes where you have to confirm your identity with it.

Is It Expensive?

The standard form where you will need to visit the local department or send a request by main is not so expensive, and it usually costs less than other types of documents. However, the prices could go up if you are not in the country, or you live far away. Therefore, the expenses could be higher in that case.

Also, we have to mention the online service and agencies, which is the most expensive option. However, it brings advantages since you will save a lot of time and effort. When it comes to formal institutions, the price is around $30 when you want it to be delivered by mail.

Moreover, there is a wide selection of online platforms and mobile apps where you can request a new copy of this official paper. However, keep in mind that you will have to share your personal data with those services to fulfill the process of request. The main risk is that you might visit a suspicious website that could be a scam, and you might find yourself in even bigger issues than losing this paper.

The best solution is to look only for licensed online services. You can check whether some website is valid or not by looking for online reviews and comments of other people. If you notice that there are many negative ones, or that the owner of the websites deleting them, you should skip that option.

The Bottom Line

You can prevent this problem by always keep your documents in a safe place. Also, you should never carry all of them together. Losing the certificate along with your ID, passport, driver’s license, and other papers that are the proof of your identity could lead to more serious complications since it will require a lot of time, money, and effort to deal with the process of getting all of these documents.

The Importance of Font in a Presentation

Giving a presentation on an important topic is something all of us have done. If not, there is at least a single presentation for you down the line. No if it was in high school, college, or for your job, presenting your peers or colleagues with a topic using a projector and talking about it has become a normal occurrence. This is an effective way of educating others on something they need to know especially if there are many people involved. Each person gets a topic to do research on and explore and everyone benefits at the end.

However, in order for a presentation to be effective and have the desired effect on the audience, there need to be certain things present on it. You as the presenter need to have the right kind of attitude and approach and make a visually pleasing presentation that will complement what you have to say about the subject at hand. Among the crucial visual elements and features that catch the most attention of the listeners and viewers is the font you are using.

Fonts can elevate your presentation to a whole new level but they can also make it impossible to follow the material. If you choose the right one and use it properly, you will manage to hold the attention of your audience no matter how long the presentation is. Since we now live in a world struck by a pandemic, presentations are more important than ever considering how many meetings take place online. Having a strong presentation that will show the people you are addressing what you are talking about is necessary now more than ever.

If you have had problems with fonts in the past and are now worried about your future projects, we are sure you are not alone. It is not easy to always get the desired effect but if you use the correct tools you are sure to come on top every time. In this article we will tell you how best to use fonts in presentations and discuss why are they so important. If you wish to find out more info on this, make sure to check out TypeType font foundry.

Typography Helps with Attention

As an art form and a science, typography exists for a reason and it is a very good one. Considering the fact that every human being has their own way of writing and therefore their own font, it would be problematic for us to read each other’s notes effectively and optimally because there tend to be so many personal traits and habits in the writing itself. With digital fonts however, things are easier because you can choose from an extensive library of fonts for any occasion. Some of them are considered universal like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri, while others like Comic Sans are usually thought to be unprofessional and informal.

The important thing to know is that the font either makes or breaks your presentation, which is why you should always aim for an eye pleasing one that is not distracting. Overly complicated and intriguing fonts are hard to read since they are interesting or distracting to look at. It takes a few seconds for the eyes to get used to the weirdly shaped letters and numbers, which is valuable time lost and too many distracting thoughts.

Make it Reader Friendly

In order to make it as readable as possible, you should always try to use generic fonts you see in your surroundings. Think about what popular media uses, what kind of lettering the advertisements have both on paper and in the digital world. Cool and unorthodox fonts can be beautiful and fun to learn, but they beat the purpose of conveying information and they lack effectiveness. It does not make sense to use something that looks like Elvish writing from a made-up fantasy language for a presentation because nobody would be able to read it in time. The same goes for too thin, too thick, or way too cursive. There is a time and a place for every font, even the ones that seem unreadable to many, but it is definitely not your work or school related presentation that has to be informative and help you get good grade or a higher salary.

Information Hierarchy

A good way of using different font sizes or designs is when you have to make some sort of hierarchy in your text. Different fonts or at least bold and italic varieties of the same one could be used for titles, subtitles, special description sections, or anything else that needs to be obviously different from the main paragraph font. It is easier for the audience to understand it as something different and follow the slides more easily. A presentation what utilizes this approach will stay much longer with the audience and it will even allow them to take notes more quickly and organize them more efficiently. Their attention span also lasts longer because they do not need extra focus and guessing to understand which sections are important and which are just informative.

Keeping it Simple

The two general rules of great presentations are quite straightforward and basic, but not a lot of people know about them. The first is to keep things simple in terms of fonts and language. The second is not to have too much text on the slides since you will be talking after all so there is no need to have exactly what you say on there. Presentations are more about visuals like charts, images, and statistics. The text comes secondary which is why there should be a limited amount of it and it also has to be instantly readable and clear. If you want to make sure your fonts are among those simple enough and easy to read, make sure they are a variation of serif, sans serif, display, or script fonts. Serif fonts have “feet” and they are more traditional like what you would have in novels. Sans serif lack the feet and they are among the most commonly used modern fonts. If you need cursive, use script fonts as they look like handwriting. Finally, display is decorative and it should only be used sparingly throughout the presentation.

How to Deal with Survivor’s Guilt when Living in Another Country

Thousands of immigrants in this country have to deal with the guilt of leaving people behind, sometimes in disastrous conditions. They are fathers, mothers, and children looking for hope and opportunity. In many cases, they might have a plan to bring them over, but the period in between can be difficult to deal with, and there’s nothing that’s guaranteed either. What can you do if you’re struggling with survival guilt as an immigrant?


Causes of Guilt

The Guilt experienced by survivors usually occurs when someone has been through an unusual event. Also, immigrants often go through a similar kind of guilt. However, you should take note of the fact that not everyone who has been through such an event will develop such guilt. Numerous factors combine and are responsible for the development of survivor’s guilt after they have survived a traumatic event.

  • When the person is suffering some other mental conditions that include, anxiety or depression.
  • When the person already has gone through a similar kind of trauma, such as childhood abuse.
  • When friends and family are not supportive enough.
  • The person shares a family history of several similar psychiatric problems.
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol.

A lot of researchers have concluded that survivors often imagine their role in a particular event, and this is how they develop feelings of guilt.

Tips to Cope up with Such a Situation

Today, we are sharing a few tips and tricks that are proven to help people cope up with survivor’s guilt that they are experiencing. They can also deal with other trauma-related symptoms effectively.

However, we strongly recommend that if a person feels that they are not able to cope with the symptoms of guilt or if the episodes are severe than expected, then they should seek professional help. As an immigrant, there are several different kinds of guilt that people often develop. Let us know a few tips that will help people cope up with the survivor’s guilt that they are suffering with.

Keep in Touch

The most important thing you can do is make sure that you stay in touch with the people back home as often as you can. Thankfully, we have many tools to do that easily these days. WhatsApp is perfect and allows anyone with a data plan to communicate fast and cost-free. We would also suggest that you get a phone for anyone who doesn’t have a mobile back home so you can stay in touch and make sure that it has a decent data plan.

Remember Who You’re Doing This For

Never take your eyes off the prize. If your goal is to bring your children back and they are struggling back home, make sure that you take care of them, but also remember that you’re doing this for them. Remind them daily that you’re thinking about them and will not leave them behind. You also have to be ready to look after their financial needs, so you will need to look at ways to send money online if they need help. Make sure that you use a reliable service, such as one at, with many locations to make things as easy as possible for them.

Look at Who’s Truly Responsible

You also have to put things into perspective and look at the true reason why you’re here. You aren’t to blame for bad governance or lack of security. You can mourn for those who have to suffer but don’t blame yourself for trying to find a way out. The most important thing is not taking personal responsibility for bad circumstances that are out of your control.

Express Your Emotions

In many cases, immigrants learn how to show a strong face when dealing with adversity. But if you’re alone in a foreign country and have no one to fall back on, you need to find an outlet. Some decide to go for therapy, but that’s not something everyone has the means for or is comfortable with.

If you want to get through these rough times, you need to learn how to express and face your emotions. It’s okay to cry from time to time, or maybe you feel like screaming. Either way, you need to find a way to let it out. Then, we would suggest you start working on building a support system. Look for organizations dealing with new immigrants and refugees. Also, try to reach out to others in your community if it has a strong presence where you are. You’ll have the chance to build and get support from other people who are or have been through the same ordeal as yours.

If you had to leave friends or family behind for a chance at life, don’t feel guilty. Always remember the true causes for it and let them know that they are close to your heart.

Accept the Emotions and Allow Them as it Comes

Though survivor’s guilt is not always practical, it is often treated as a reaction to an incident that a person has gone through. The person should permit the emotions that are surfacing and accept them as they come. Such people need some time to bear with what is happening in their life. Patience is required to process the fear, guilt, grief, etc.

If such feelings become overwhelming with time then they should learn some coping techniques, and if it becomes unmanageable, then the survivor must seek professional help.

Using Mindful Techniques

It is critical that people who have experienced trauma should be aware of some mindful techniques. People who have immigrated to a different country, away from their loved ones often suffer from intense guilt particularly when they have flashbacks or go through moments of unbearable and intense feelings. Some grounding techniques will also work for them. They can try scrunching the nearby available fabrics in their hand while concentrating on their breath, and take note of sounds from both inside and outside of the room.


Self-care will help people deal with survivor’s guilt to a great extent. The guilt that they are going through is often frightening and overwhelming. A few activities will also help them feel good that includes creating art, listening to soothing music, self-pampering, etc. People also feel good when they help others and bring a smile to their face. However, with the right tricks and tips, you can easily overcome this.

6 Ways To Make Movie Nights More Enjoyable For Your Kids


If you want a family tradition that will not only entertain, but also bring your family together, you should host a family movie night. This is an event where you gather your family together and watch a movie that you all decided on.

One of the best things about family movie night is that it could be a longstanding tradition within your family, and if your kids are young, they will develop fond memories of the time you all spent watching movies together. So if you are going to host a family movie night, you should prepare for it. Here are 6 ways to make movie nights more enjoyable.

1.  Choose The Right Movies

If you are going to host a movie night for your family, then your choice of movies is very important. Remember that the movie night is all about the movie. Your snacks might be good, and your furniture might be comfortable, however, if your choice of movies is not good, then it will ruin the night for everyone. First things first, you should make sure that the movie is appropriate for the kids. If your kids are 13 and up then. maybe they could watch rated-13 movies as well. However, if your kids are of the 10 to 12-year-old range, you should really stick to more family-friendly ones.

2.  Have A Different  Theme For Every Week

If you want your little ones to thoroughly enjoy your movie nights, it is a good idea to have a different theme for every week. This might seem like a lot of work, however, if you plan it out beforehand it will be a lot easier than you think.

The key is in how you plot out your movie nights. If you have the time you could check the special events that take place every month. The best example is December because Christmas time is one of the most beloved holidays in the world. So during the month of December, you could host a Christmas-themed movie night. By having a set theme for each movie night, you will be able to ensure that all your movie nights are unique and exciting.

3.  Keep A Large Supply Of Snacks And Drinks

Aside from the movies that you will be watching, it is also important that you keep a large supply of snacks and drinks at the ready. Remember that you will play host to rambunctious young children, and if they don’t have a snack during the movie, they might get fidgety and disrupt the movie. So it is a good idea to have snacks and drinks at the ready.

When you choose your snacks and drinks, you don’t need to limit yourself to just serving junk foods and soft drinks. While you could serve popcorn occasionally, this does mean that you serve chips and Pepsi drinks every time. You could also serve carrot sticks, apple juice, and other healthy foods.

4.  Decorate the TV room

If you want to make your movie nights memorable, it is important that you make it a spectacle. So it is a good idea to decorate your tv room during movie night. If you are going to decorate your tv room, you should follow your theme. This will give your tv room designs a sense of cohesion.

For example, you are going to use an 80s theme for your movie night. The 80s was an era where neon lights were a common decoration. So you should utilize neon signs for your decoration. Decades ago, neon lighting was never really considered a viable form of home decoration, because it was deemed too expensive.  However, recent innovations in neon technology have now made it easier to create neon signs of your very own. Companies such as Gindestar specializes in custom neon lighting, you can visit their website here and you could purchase neon lighting solutions from them at very affordable prices. Of course, neon lights don’t have to be just for 80s themed movie nights. You could also use them to decorate your TV room during other movie nights.

5.  The More The Merrier

Although the main reason you are hosting a movie night is that you want your kids to have fun, and have great memories. However, you should not limit the experience to just your kids. If your kids have friends, you could invite them over. Just make sure that their parents give their permission. It is also a good idea to check if they have any allergies.

You don’t want to serve them peanuts only to find out later that they have a peanut allergy. It is also advisable that you have ground rules for the movie night. The rules could be no roughhousing, no fights, and no loud noises while the movie is running. It might entail more planning to host additional kids on your movie night. However, if you could make happy memories for these kids as well, then all the effort is worth it.

6.  Have A Set Schedule For The Event

If you are going to host a movie night, you should follow a consistent schedule. By doing so, you will be able to plan out each event more thoroughly. When it comes to choosing the days for your movie nights, it is always a good idea to have them on a Friday or Saturday night. These are the best times because the kids won’t have school the next day, so they could stay up past their bedtime. It is also a great time for you because you could spend more time with your kids as well.


If you want to start a long-lasting tradition of movie nights, you should be as prepared as possible. With these fun tips, you’ll be able to host fun movie nights that your kids could look fondly back on.

5 Misconceptions People Have About IQ and Intelligence

The question of intelligence always fascinated people. It goes only natural that some people have more capabilities than others. There is nothing strange about that. It is something that we face every day. Surely, the most popular way of measuring someone’s intelligence is the IQ test. If you are interested in taking a look at this test, be sure to take a look at

It doesn’t matter that we have a wide array of different studies to look at, we can still see that there are many uncertainties and misconceptions about intelligence and IQ. Sadly, some of these myths can be a little bit scary sometimes. However, we assure you that all they are is myths, there is no truth to these claims.

Therefore, the easiest way you can do that is to be neutral. That doesn’t mean that you should do that. You should educate yourself on this question and have a credible opinion on this topic. That’s why we’ve done research on it, and we would like to provide you with some of the biggest misconceptions people have on the question of intelligence and IQ.

1. Intelligence in Inherited

One of the commonest mistakes when talking about IQ is when people say that the intelligence level is inherited. While there is nothing wrong with this fact, we can see that a lot of studies have found out that it not true in a majority of cases. As you can see, this claim is not entirely wrong, but it doesn’t mean that it is tied solely to this factor. There are a lot of profs for this claim.

For example, it has been proven that a person can enhance their intelligence by practicing. Once again, it is still unknown if there are some limits to this enhancement. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible, right? Therefore, we can conclude with the fact that intelligence is simply not inherited in a majority of cases, despite all the beliefs that this is the most important factor. The first myth has been debunked.

2. A High Score is an Accomplishment

Since we are living in a world where intelligence is held in the highest regard, it is no wonder that people with a high IQ are valued in today’s society. The commonest manifestation of this occurrence is seen in student’s performance. Especially in the case when a student has just taken a test and the results were pretty high. It needs to be said that a high score on this test is not something that can be described as an achievement.

We can see that a lot of the studies have shown that this is not a guarantee of a human’s ability. Instead, it needs to be said that our intelligence plays a minor part in our overall life. If we are to draw an analogy with something, we would say that a high IQ score is similar to being born to a certain blood type. Therefore, anyone who doesn’t get a high score on this test shouldn’t be discouraged.

3. Increased Eccentricity

The next misconception we would like to talk about is the fact that intelligent people are often mistaken for being eccentric. However, we can see that, according to numerous studies, this is simply not true. They are saying that no matter how intelligent kids are, that doesn’t any kind of effect on emotional development. At the same time, some studies say that people with higher IQ are more successful in life.

Still, that doesn’t mean that those with an average IQ don’t have high chances of succeeding in life. The reason many of these studies say that is that they have a somewhat generalized conclusion. It means that they are not taking a look at different layers, which is of the utmost importance. Therefore, not all of them can be described as credible enough to make a perfect conclusion.

4. It Can be Fixed

Furthermore, we can see that many people believe that IQ score is something that cannot be changed, both enhanced or lowered. But we can see that this is not exactly true. Depending on the education, it can be boosted or it can decline. It is the question of nourishment. Only by doing that, a person can increase their intelligence.

Not only that, there are some other factors like the culture and environment. Surely it will variate depending on these conditions. Therefore, you cannot expect to see that IQ can play a major role in your effectiveness and future. So, you can see that no person in the world needs to be distressed too much about IQ score. It all depends on some factors we can influence, and some we cannot change, no matter what we do.

5. Intelligent People are All Nerds

Surely, you have heard stores where intelligent people are struggling with communicating with other people. Once again, we would like to say that this is not true. According to many studies, who were conducted over a long number of years, we can see that the result is that children with high IQ don’t have any problem with communicating with other children. It all depends on the personality.

We can say that intelligence is something that we gather all our life, and we build our castle. That way, we have a better insight into all situations in life. We analyze them much deeper and discover different layers. But it can’t be said that all people with high IQ have problems with communication. Since we have many different studies that prove this claim of ours, you can consider this myth completely debunked.


Surely, you came across many different stories regarding the behavior and habits of intelligent people. As you can see, a vast majority of these stories are not true. The reason problem behind these myths is that they generalize people who have higher IQs. Therefore, all people need to educate themselves about certain situations and occurrences before they generalizing. Here, you can see some of the ones we consider the commonest ones, who are simply not true.

Top Wedding Venues and Locations Perfect for Your Dream Italian Wedding

If wedding ceremonies are the stuff of some dreams, then the best wedding venues in Italy are the perfect setting for those dreams to play out in reality.

A destination wedding planner and organized in one of the best places to get married in Italy is something that’s on pretty much every couple’s bucket lists. And why shouldn’t they wish for something as grand as that? After all, there is no other experience more memorable than a gorgeously planned, dreamy luxury wedding in Italy.

While most dreams are best enjoyed in the head, the top wedding venues and locations in Italy offer the closest possible setting to attain your wedding dream. WIth sumptuous mansions, castles, other structures rising above the lush greeneries – sometimes amidst the centuries-old olive groves or beside a tranquil, blue coastline or sandy beach, the country has some of the most luxurious wedding venues in the world.

So, let’s find out the best locations and venues perfect to organize your dream celebration in Italy.

The Best Places to Get Married in Italy

With a landscape that is second to none and cultural heritage that is often looked upon as the richest and most elegant, it is obvious that couples all over the world would be vying to spend their dreamy day in one of the best places to get married in Italy. The entire country is like a big wedding venue, but the ones that are more viable as a perfect destination wedding location are:

Florence in Tuscany

What more to say about Florence – the capital of the Tuscany region in Italy! Considered as a European capital of arts and culture, the birthplace of the Renaissance has everything it takes to organize a unique wedding celebration. Adorned with the grandest medieval and baroque architecture, and blessed with some of the world’s craftiest people, the city of Florence can put some glam to even the simplest of weddings.

The rural parts of the Tuscany region, on the other hand, would offer the backdrop of rolling hills, olive groves, traditional wineries, and of course, some centuries-old mansions and castles. The wine resorts in Tuscany are a great place to have a wedding too for their authenticity, floras, and faunas, and of course, the alluring flavours.

Lake Como and Lake Garda

If you possess a fascination for the tranquillity of calm lake waters, Lake Como and Lake Garda are the two best locations to plan your luxury weddings in Italy. Whether it’s a grand entrance via boat you are after, or just want the view of the lake passing by, Lake Garda has both the five-star resorts and the private wedding villas ready to be at your service. Its 200-capacity sprawling villa located on a secluded island is certainly bliss to look at, offering an exclusivity only seen in blockbuster movies.

Lake Garda, on the other hand, takes things to another level with some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Italy. For example, the Como Lake Luxury Wedding Hotel was mainly built for a cardinal and has now been converted into a wedding venue nothing short of an awe-inspiring magnificence. There are plenty of other private and romantic villas too, which would let you literally walk down the lakeside with your finance by your side.

Amalfi Coast and Venice

Amalfi coast is located South of Naples and known for its unspoiled coastline restrained only by its picturesque mountains. With the volcanic Island garden Ischia, the enthralling remains of Pompeii, and the terraced mountain gardens in Ravello – all within a short drive away, Amalfi coast and its surroundings are high-in-demand for top wedding venues. The magnificent old convent on the Amalfi coast is certainly a privilege to be at on your wedding day. The exclusive sea-front villa at Sorrento has its fair share of extravaganzas too.

Venice, on the other hand, is widely considered the best location for a romantic destination wedding. Thanks to its winding canals, majestic architecture, ancient bridges, and a mesmerizing sense of history, Venice provides the perfect location for a charming and enigmatic wedding. Although pretty popular, no other luxury weddings in Italy would allow you to arrive on a Gondola, would it? While there are several gorgeous venues, the private island in the Venetian lagoon with a garden and olive grove certainly tops them all.

Puglia and Rome

Two regions with two different atmospheres – the most luxurious wedding venues in Puglia and Rome offer two different options for different couples. As we all know about Rome, it is arguably the most glorious and culturally rich city in the world, with its churches and exclusive ancient venues offering the most elegant of catholic weddings.

Apulia or Puglia, on the other hand, offers the longest stretch of Italian coastlines. Its villas are coloured in white, blue, green, and some fuchsia, making it the most authentic and serene wedding destination in the country. The region is renowned for beach weddings in Italy too. The traditional dinner prepared with exotic local produce and served in ‘market style’ is an exciting proposition too.


If the rural vibe of the most luxurious wedding venues in Puglia is too elegant for your taste, you can easily plan your dream wedding in one of the exclusive venues in Sicily. Regarded for the harsh and rusty chic beauties, the region has everything from rustic historical mansions to the most original beach wedding venues in Italy.

Guess what, you would also get the chance to immerse into the traditional Sicilian culture for its unique wedding dresses, delicious local dishes, raw and unassuming entertainments, etc. Your dream for a wine resort wedding can be fulfilled here too.

So, to conclude, there is no shortage of luxurious wedding venues and locations in Italy, choosing any one of which would elevate your wedding to the highest level of opulence and luxury. For any assistance regarding the planning and execution of your wedding plans, please visit

The US Anticipates Solar Revolution in 2021

Covid-19 ended for the solar industry in the US in 2021. Well, not literally, but the solar industry grows at an incredible pace taking into consideration the coronavirus situation worldwide. The number one reason for the surge in demand for solar power is an extended solar panel tax credit at 26 percent. Coupled with that, solar panel companies like LA Solar Group lower solar panel installation costs to complement the market upswing. Plus, construction costs tend to decline approximately by 37 percent, which is a considerable contribution to solar growth. Considering positive changes in the solar industry, many companies initiated solar projects to be rolling in wealth. Let’s read further to acknowledge those.

1. Sunflower Solar PV Farm

Solar projects can’t be small. For the considerable benefit, they need to be massive. Sunflower Solar PV Firm operated by Recurrent Energy is one example of a large project in size of 100MW. The project aims to construct a big solar panel farm accessing Sunflower County, Mississippi’s 1,000 acres of land solely. It would have been nonsense if the project didn’t hold a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Of course, it does. The facility that gets constructed on the vast territory will be directed towards electrifying 16,000 homes by providing a renewable resource – the sun’s energy. Imagine a substantial environmentally-friendly area projected for bettering society’s life – it can never be forgotten!

2. Commonwealth Solar Project

If the Sunflower Solar PV Farm can be considered a massive one, then I have no words for the Commonwealth Solar Project. Community Energy Inc operates the Commonwealth Solar Project, which aims to construct two solar power plants. With this number of solar energy facilities, we access a size of 220MW – HUGE! Okay, the size is great, but what is the focus of it? Let me come from the depth of the story. Community Energy Inc has a signed contract with the University of Pennsylvania for a period of 25 years. According to that contract, the university will purchase the energy generated by these two solar power plants. Considerable income source! Plus, the project will be expanded by 2023, when it enters its commercial stage of operation. Can’t wait to see how the project goes!

3. Happy Solar Park


Well, well, what do we have for the third solar project? Happy Solar Park that the Lightsource BP operates. Even though it is less in size compared to the Sunflower Solar PV Farm, it still can’t be considered small. Having a size of 132MW for a 700-acre area, the Happy Solar Park aims at decreasing the unemployment rate in White County, Arkansas. At first, during its construction stage, up to 250 job positions will be available to people. A huge contribution to the decrease of the unemployment rate. Afterward, the solar power facility will be able to supply the sun’s energy to more than 21,400 households in Conway. Besides such initiatives, the construction of Happy Solar Park aims to make money by selling the generated power to Conway Corporation – a company ready to purchase it. A multi-beneficial project in the solar industry will definitely make the world a better place for living.

4. Pecan Prairie Solar Project

Huh, if we thought that previously discussed projects are massive, we are blind! Let me introduce you to the Pecan Prairie Solar Project of a 500MW size. Can you imagine how considerable its impact is? Assumedly, calling it a large-scale project is the right way to go. This solar project is designed for Leon County, Texas, by ConnectGen company. Why does it use such an enormous amount of power? The answer is simple – to fulfill the goals of the project. It aims at electrifying beyond 50,000 households in Texas. Enormous social contribution requires equal investment! Besides social contribution, the project has all the chances to be a source of economic growth. By the way, people who work on this one already see the perks of designing such an environmental project. For instance, in the scope of the Pecan Prairie Solar Project, almost 10,300 job positions got available in the market. Plus, over 13,300MW of power is anticipated to be generated in the coming years up to 2023. Numbers are huge, so are the benefits!

5. Golden Triangle Solar Energy Centre

Let’s see what I have kept for last. The Golden Triangle Solar Energy Centre is a solar project designed as a consequence of a reward of 200MW from Tennessee Valley Authority to Origis Energy. The company decided to establish a solar energy plant in Lowndes County, Mississippi, on the land of 1,900 acres – another massive contribution to the world’s sustainability through the solar industry. Why did I keep it for the last? Because it differs from other projects with its framework. The organizers plan to start the project with a solar panel battery storing primarily 50MW of power. Afterward, they aim to make the facility produce power for Tennessee Valley Authority by 2022. What is the reason for choosing such a framework? Well, if other projects aimed at income generation and unemployment rate decrease, this one has solely environmental ambitions. The Golden Triangle Solar Energy Centre wants to reduce carbon emission by conserving approximately 225,000 kg of CO2 – seems like no-pollution life is close! However, similar to other projects, it also complies with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). That is, the solar project aims at providing electricity to over 45,000 households. What is outstanding about this project is its extensiveness – creating the solar energy plant, owning it, and making it function properly.

Final Note

Taking into account that all the above-discussed 5 solar projects take place in the US in 2021, we can assume that the US is on the path of revolutionary and sustainable growth. Sunflower Solar PV Farm, Commonwealth Solar Project, Happy Solar Park, Pecan Prairie Solar Project, Golden Triangle Solar Energy Centre – five solar projects are surmounting the rate of the world’s sustainable development.

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Senior Housing Option

Age is an inevitable process that no one escapes from. And the transition from adult to senior is everyone’s destiny. But there comes a point in a senior’s life where the children can no longer look after them.

When this is the case, the natural solution to the problem is to put the seniors in a community to help them make decisions a bit easier.

Luckily for us, there are thousands of senior housing options to choose from. And in this article, we are going to give you our 5 tips on how to choose the best one. So if you’re struggling to find a suitable housing option for your parents, this is the article for you.

With all that said, let’s start.

1.  Understand Your Options

First things first, the best place to start is to look at what senior housing options you have available to choose from. There are a few types so let’s examine them.


CCRCs stands for Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and these can easily be explained as “small towns”. These towns serve both seniors that are in need of assistance and those that are looking for a more independent style of living. They’re usually equipped with all the facilities needed to promote senior care.

· Assisted Living Communities

These communities are very similar to the previous one, with the only exclusion being medical care. Namely, these communities are made mostly out of seniors, but it is the family’s job to look after the seniors.

· Green House Homes

When it comes to providing seniors with care and social community, Green House Homes are unique senior housing options that make it possible. These are very unique and highly attractive.

2. Determine What the Senior Needs

There are tons of factors that impact the decision. Some seniors might prefer communities that provide medical attention, meals, and entertainment, while others focus more on the entertainment aspect and are perfectly fine with administering medical attention by themselves or have a family member do it for them.

Regardless, each parent has to make a decision on what suits their needs the most.

But how would you know what each parent needs? To easily make the decision, they will need to think about a few things. The most important is time. Is your parent comfortable in a short-term or long-term setting? Another thing to look out for is the size of the housing itself. Naturally, seniors should also be interested in the location.

Housing options in the countryside might be better for seniors as opposed to the city. And lastly, although certainly not the least, seniors should consider what amenities the housing options have.

These are all factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to make a decision.

If you’re looking for a senior housing option that promotes independent, long-term living and has all the amenities needed to keep your parent entertained, then look no further than Sienna Living.

3. What Is Your Budget?

It’s safe to say that most senior housing options aren’t cheap. However, the price usually depends on the type of care your parent needs.

If your parent suffers from multiple conditions and disorders that would require greater medical care, then chances are it will cost more. Naturally, your best bet is to look at the prices for additional care.

Certain housing options charge more while others charge less. Making sure that a particular housing option falls within your budget will prevent a costly mistake in the future.

4. Look At Reviews and Ratings

As always, you should do the necessary research to make sure you’re sending your parent to a nice place that will look after them. The last thing you want is for a housing option to charge you each month all while your parent is left miserable and to look after themselves.

We’ve heard a fair few nursing home stories from hell. Stories where the seniors were not administered medical care, not looked after, etc.

And these are the sort of options you would want to avoid at all costs. But how would you know which option is good and which isn’t? Well, people tend to tell others whenever they’ve been provided bad service.

And considering that senior housing is a service to the elderly community, they will want to have their voice heard if something bad would to happens. One leads to another and soon Karen will tell everyone on Facebook about the bad service her mother has gone through at the nursing home. And not only that, she will leave a negative review on Google.

Google is truly the best place to read reviews and look up ratings on a particular housing option. If a particular senior nursing provider has a 2-star rating and plenty of negative reviews, you wouldn’t send your parent there, would you?

This is the easiest way to prevent making a bad decision, and one that costs nothing but a few hours of your time.

5. Talk With Residents

And yet another way to make sure you’re making the right decision is to go there and talk to the residents. These conversations can be very productive and give you an idea of what the staff is like.

Much like reading Google reviews, the residents will tell you all about their experience. And this isn’t some anonymous Karen on the internet; these are people with the first-hand experience.

Naturally, these conversations will be more legitimate than someone posting a review. And if the residents are generally happy and have nothing to complain about, then it might be a sign to book a seat.


It’s of utmost importance that we find the best senior housing option for our parents when the time comes. And while that might sound like a hard decision to make, there are plenty of ways to make sure you are indeed making the right decision. We hope that this article will help you make the right decision in the future, and help you choose a senior housing option that will make your parent happy.

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