What Is 5G Technology What’s So Special About It

Wireless networks are developing by the year. The newest, in-line, technology that is about to hit the global market is 5G technology. Wireless technologies have comes a long way. Ever since the first analog cell phone, we have been looking at ways to redefine networks and send and receive information much faster.

With 5G being a controversial subject, we decided to tell you exactly what it is. Not only that, but we will talk about what makes it so special. So with all that said, let’s start.

5G In A Nutshell

The fifth generation of wireless technology allows users the transfer of data in the fastest way possible. In a nutshell, this means users will be able to download much faster, have much lower input lag, and that ultimately allows us to do the things we all love much easier.

5G is a subject that is debated in both life and politics. There are a lot of factors that play a key role in utilizing 5G, but there are also those that are strongly against the technology.

The main reason why people are against 5G is down to an internet meme. Namely, a meme stating that 5G harms birds quickly spread on Facebook a few years back. This is one of the reasons why people are against 5G, but plenty of other reasons exist.

We won’t get into that as it is clear and obvious that 5G will benefit us by allowing us to connect with smart communities, implement IoT across industries, and provide an immersive experience for all users.

But what makes 5G so special? Let’s look at that.

What Makes 5G So Special?

1. Faster Data Speeds

The biggest factor we have to consider is data speed. This is probably the most important to take into account. Our data needs constantly grow. Nowadays, peak data rates hit 10 Mbps for downloading and half of that for uploading.

What you should take into account that these data speeds only account for mobile and similar devices. But considering that people are using their smartphones more and more, the need for much faster data speeds is needed.

This is what 5G is all about. It will allow users to download and upload data at a much faster rate than 4G networks allow. More so, 5G stations will prevent the loss of data rate and maintain a stable connection throughout the grid.

2. Lower Latency

Latency is a factor that most people overlook or are either oblivious that it exists. In Layman’s terms, latency refers to the time that it takes for data to travel from one point to another. In practice, it should be lower than 4 milliseconds. But in actual truth, it is much more and varies based on numerous factors.

With 5G, latency will become a problem of the past. With official latency quotes of 1 millisecond, it will allow devices to properly function. More so, we are developing technologies that strictly depend on low latency.

Take self-driving cars for example. These cars depend on a strong internet connection to prevent latency issues. Considering that they strictly rely on data, the faster we can transfer data the easier it to prevent collisions and mistakes.

Latency and data speeds are only two of the many factors that should be taken into account when determining the effectiveness of 5G. They are probably the most special factors, but many more exist. If you’re interested in learning more about 5G solutions, make sure to visit ZTE 5G.

3. Greater Mobility

What does mobility mean in network terms? Mobility simply refers to the speed at which data is transferred from base stations to devices. 4G had revolutionized network mobility, but it’s not perfect. With 5G, you can expect even greater mobility from base stations to mobile and similar devices.

The official claims state the 5G will have the mobility of up to 310 mph. This means we can implement 5G on high-speed trains and not expect the network to bottleneck.

4. Connection Density

The reason why we are looking to actively replace 4G LTE is that the network has a hard time supporting multiple devices. Connection density is something that network specialists underestimated when developing 4G LTE.

On standard 4G networks, the network shows signs of bottlenecking whenever more than 10 devices are on. While this greatly depends on the capacity of the network, it’s safe to say that 5G will have a much larger connection density than 4G.

At the current time of writing, 5G is expected to support up to 1 million connected devices! What’s even more interesting is that it allows this within 1 square kilometer! That means we can supply entire football stadiums and venues with internet connection and implement the full power of IoT.

5. Greater Efficiency

Ultimately, 5G will be much more effective than previous networks. It will eliminate tons of issues such as radio interferences. More so, it will allow radios to switch to a low-energy state within a 10th of a second.

This will allow radios and similar devices to downgrade based on hardware capacity.

What Will Be the Actual Speed of 5G?

While we did mention that 5G will be much faster, many ask how fast exactly. This one is hard to predict as numerous factors play a huge role. But what we can safely assume is that 5G speeds will vary widely. Eventually, once we come up with Sub-6 networks, we can expect to maintain speeds of at least 50 Mbps for download and upload.

If we work on perfecting the network, the possibility of 400 Mbps data speeds isn’t a far stretch.

5G is a definite upgrade on 4G. While you might not notice the differences, it makes all the difference across many industries that depend on fast connections and low latency. These 5 reasons are what make 5G so special. We hope that we’ve educated you on the matter and we hope that we’ve put bad thoughts to bed.

Lastly, 5G will revolutionize network technologies the same way 4G did back in the day.

How to Back Up Your Social Media Video – 2021 guide

Earlier Google’s photo backup platform automatically uploaded all the photos saved in your Android or IOS device. These included photos and videos stored in folders created by apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Google, the world’s largest search engine, has said that it has now discontinued this feature, and now you have to save these photos yourself or turn to a specific app meant for this feature. Check out oDownloader to know more about this.

For this, Google has cited a surge in the tendency to share photographs after the onset of Covid-19. A statement in this regard said that due to Covid-19, people are sharing more photos and videos.

Google insisted that no photos that were already backed up and organized through social media apps have been affected by this change.

So to conserve Internet resources, backup and sync have been turned off for device folders created by messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messages, and Kik. In such a scenario, you can change this at any time in the settings.

How to back up your social media video?

Social media is an integral part of our daily lives. However, the information needs to be backed up regularly. There is a difference between storing data online and cloud storage. Very few online backup providers back up social media videos.

Tools to back up social media content:

Let us find out the tools that are used to back up the social media video.

The tools are as follows:

a) Idrive: This versatile online backup service provider backs up videos on Facebook and Instagram. It stores the copies of the videos on its cloud servers.

Backup happens automatically. So, the videos that have been added since the last backup get saved. This tool ensures that backups are manually executed, from the web interface of idrive in the user’s Android or iOS device. It offers affordable subscriptions.

b) Acronis True Image: This tool backs up social media videos at a faster speed than Idrive. This speed is possible because they have a faster network backup. It backs up videos from Facebook and Instagram in a comprehensive manner.

The users do not need to back up the videos manually on this platform. The backup is automatic. If social media gets deleted, then it restores the backed-up data to a new profile. The users need to set up Acronis Backup cloud which encrypts the data with 256-bit AES. It provides the best online backup through an Android or Ios device. It doesn’t offer any free plans. The minimum cost is reasonable.

c) Cloudsfer Social media backup: It allows people to perform scheduled and manual file transfers.

d) pCloud: It is the best Dropbox alternative available in the market. This cloud storage service backs up videos from social media. It may only save videos from Facebook and Instagram.

Reasons behind backing up social media video:

Those who are active in social media need to create videos for Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. They need to save a copy in their smartphone because the server which houses their content may go down any time. The videos which are backed up maybe reshared on any other website. Even non-mobile videos may be backed up to the cloud. To find more about creating videos, visit Clipchamp.

Backup and Recover old photos from Facebook:

In Facebook settings, you will get the option through which you can also get backup of your accidentally deleted data. Learn the complete process step by step.

  • Open Facebook settings panel

First, click on the dropdown on the top right-hand corner of your page, then open the settings.

Everyone knows how to edit Facebook photos and videos and delete them, but here you will get to know how to backup the Facebook posts and recover them after you have deleted the photos and videos.

  • Click on Download Copy of Facebook Data

Now click on the option, Download a Copy of your Facebook Data at the very last of the settings page.

  • Click download archive

Now click on the option Start download archive shown on this page. After clicking, a popup message will be sent, which will say that it will be sent to your registered email id as soon as your user data is accessed.

Click OK on this message. Shortly, Facebook will send you an email link, from which you can download your Facebook data.

Backup and Recover old photos and videos from Instagram:

Step 1

First, you have to log in to your Instagram account. Then you have to go to the option containing the user details, and after clicking on the three dots you see in the above right-hand corner, you have to click on the option of the setting below.

After clicking, you have to click on Privacy and Security and then click on download data.

And here, you have to enter your email address and click on request download, and then you have to enter the password of your Instagram and click on Next. After that, you have to click on the done button under request download. From here, you will receive a mail on the email address you have entered.


Now you have to open the mail and click on download data and open it in a browser like Google Chrome and enter your Instagram username and password here and log in. And click on download data.


Now you have to download an app named ES File Explorer. After downloading, you have to search Instagram data in this file explorer, you will search by inserting your name, and your data will be visible, and you have to click and extract it. And you can keep this file anywhere.


To see the file of Extrcat Instagram, you will need an application named Json Genie (Editor) from the Play Store. After that, when this app is downloaded, click on Open, click on open JSON file, you open that file from here, and then from here, you can see everything deleted and save it.

10 Time-Management Apps for Students


Deadline: a word that no one likes and even makes some people shudder. There is a moment in every student’s life when the deadline sneaks up, so an essay of 3,000 words must be ordered from, a research paper writing service. But it shouldn’t happen every time you’re requested to write an essay, project, or homework assignment. Academic life obliges you to make your studies a priority. The main task is to learn how to combine it so that there is time left for hobbies, friends, and perhaps even sleep. It is possible to achieve successful time-management. Practice and the desire to change are necessary to achieve this goal. It will also require a completely new daily routine. This selection of apps we’ve found can help every student become more productive and effective.

Focus To-Do: Focus Timer&Tasks

Pomodoro is a time-management program that will help you with your tasks. We can use time as a valuable ally in achieving what and how we want. It helps improve the way we work or study. This application is a combination of a time tracker and to-do lists. The app can save and group tasks into lists, set up a timer, remind you of important assignments, and monitor the time spent on work.



This task planner is trendy due to its rich functionality, pleasant interface, and free access. In TickTick, tasks are organized into lists, and you can create as many as you want.

It’s convenient to divide them into categories: study, household, and personal. The structure presents a task as three subcategories: a list, goal, and checklist.


The Wunderlist site is actively promoting the Microsoft To-Do service, which will be discussed next. For each task in Wunderlist, you can add a reminder, repetitions, subtasks, notes, and files. Wunderlist also provides the Conversations feature, which allows you to discuss shared tasks in the app. It lacks themes, but you can choose a background.

Microsoft To-Do

Having bought the popular Wunderlist, Microsoft created an application that almost completely repeats the capabilities of Wunderlist. Microsoft To-Do has added several new features: a personalized task planner, color-coded lists, and suggestions to help you plan your time more efficiently.

To-Do has more flexible appearance settings than Wunderlist. There are several themes to choose from, as well as many backgrounds that users love.


This app will help you save time with its large variety of useful features. For example, Workflow can create contact icons on your desktop, turn web pages into PDF documents, upload all images from web pages, and much more. Of course, this service will not replace other time-management applications, but it will undoubtedly make life much easier.


This app is an irreplaceable assistant for any student. It can be used as a tool for taking notes, creating reminders, to-do lists, and tasks. Evernote completely replaces several applications in one, supports the PDF format, and allows you to scan notes, business cards, and drawings. You can synchronize Evernote with your computer, tablet, and smartphone and share information and notes with other users. It is ideal for planning educational projects. Basic functionality is free, but you need a premium subscription to get more features. On the plus side, the free version is enough for planning and daily notes.


HabitMinder will help you form healthy habits. Psychologists say that you can get rid of vicious habits in 30 days. It is possible that with the HabitMinder application, you will be able to cope much faster. It monitors your progress and motivates you not to stop halfway through. For example, the HabitMinder will remind you to do breathing exercises or a quick meditation session. It can also track your hydration, encourage you to exercise or go to the gym, and more. And for students, it is critical to keep track of their health and practice sports.


In, you can add tags, reminders, sub-tasks, and attachments to each task. The priority function will help you concentrate on the main task and not forget about the important things. Lists can be shared with friends and colleagues, and you can plan joint projects with them there.

It is worth noting the Focus option, which helps to build motivation. If it is enabled, and the person has not completed the task, the application will destroy the virtual tree. Another feature of is a shopping list that the app automatically categorizes. In the paid version, you can create recurring tasks, attach files of any size, use custom themes, colored tags, and labels, and create reminders tied to a specific location.


Todoist is a major competitor and a great alternative to The application doesn’t have a self-destructing tree. In Todoist, you can split tasks into projects, add specific tags, change the theme, add comments you like, attach files, and collaborate on projects. As an additional motivation, productivity tracking is built into the service.

The app has many features, so reading the user manual is recommended. With its help, you will, for example, figure out how to better design projects, work with tags, tasks, and filters, and learn what tags to use to customize tasks. Some users are put off by the need to explore the service, but Todoist is worth it. Having dealt with all its features in an hour, you will get a reliable and convenient planner.

Another plus of the app is templates that help you quickly create a to-do list and organize other lists, from planning purchases to creating a content plan for social media. You can find a suitable one on the application website.

Google Calendar

This app has a lots of functions. For example, Google Calendar has the ability to set goals: you set a goal, and the app itself offers a time frame to achieve it. It is convenient that all events from Gmail are automatically imported – you will not forget about a dinner plan with partners or a business trip. The only noticeable inconvenience of the calendar is that you cannot create to-do lists without reference to a specific date. The design of the calendar is also pleasing to the eye – you can add maps and pictures.

Students are faced with the illusion of long deadlines, a lot of free time, procrastination, and a lack of time-management skills. However, with these apps, students can now organize their time efficiently.

Benefits of a Landing Page Development


Still questioning the importance of a landing page and the ways it can support your business goals? This post will dispel all your doubts and supply practical recommendations on how to develop a website that goes beyond a single marketing campaign and can become your online business card.

What is a website landing page?

Typically, a landing page is a purpose-made web page where you target “land” after clicking an ad or following a link from a newsletter.

Serving different purposes, a one-page website can be used to:

  • Warm up visitors and guide them to another target page.
  • Generate leads with free trials, podcasts or guides.
  • Capture necessary data for further marketing campaigns.
  • Convert visitors into customers.

Landing pages: key insights

Existing separately from the main website, a landing page can actually consist of more than just one page. You can build a campaign-specific website with more detailed information about the products or services you’d like to generate leads for and it will still be landing. The only rule is that it should have one main page.

Do I really need a landing page?

Being a highly effective tool for lead generation, a landing page may save you a good deal of money. How? It will cost far less to develop a landing page than, let’s say, a corporate website. With a variety of available services, you can get a really good end-product with a distinctive design.

Using a landing page for selling, you double your chances to boost conversions. A sharp focus on key business aspects and visitor-specific problems proves that you are an expert in the niche and helps to build a solid bond with your visitors.

Selling more, selling better

The ultimate goal of any marketing activities is to sell something. Landing pages are specially designed to simplify the task for you by putting the marketing funnel on a single page: from information about the product or service to ordering or buying. The fact that you can use such a website for placing several offers, up to 5 if to be more precise, makes it even more attractive.

Now imagine that you get an opportunity to build a strong brand identity, show your potential clients and partners a successful online presence and market your services 24/7. Sounds like an ideal solution for small business owners, right?

Landing page vs. eCommerce, corporate and other websites

If you are looking for speed and simplicity, a landing page is the most popular and practical solution with a bunch of other pros:

  • Quick and cheap to create, easy to manage, test and optimize.
  • Intuitive, straightforward in navigation and, what’s extremely relevant with the recent introduction of Google’s Mobile-First Index, it’s mobile-friendly.
  • Easy-to-integrate with your PPC or email campaign.
  • Goal-driven and conversion-oriented, ideal for sign-ups, email subscriptions, newsletters, adds, etc.

Speaking about the cons

Building the complete picture of pros and cons, you can determine what website type is the best choice for your marketing goals.

Along with all benefits of landing pages, there are disadvantages to keep in mind:

  • Limited content which should be carefully crafted, SEO friendly, engaging and follow a strict visual hierarchy.
  • You should follow the best SEO techniques for one-page websites, make your limited content match visitor’s queries, without messing up vital keywords to maintain ranking.
  • Poor scalability that leads to full redesign and additional expense when a website starts to look overwhelmed with additional information. Here, however, you can still opt for a landing, adding more pages for a specific content type or services.

How to build a picture-perfect landing?

What landing pages can show really good conversion rates? The list may vary depending on the niche you operate in and business specific goals. But there are some common recommendations you can take the advantage of.

To encourage your website visitors to convert, you should know your audience, understand what they want and what CTAs attract their attention. Analyze users’ behavior with eye-tracking technology, use A/B testing to experiment with different content and visuals. Track what copywriting style, action keywords, buttons formats increase conversions.  

The top rule is to pay due attention at the landing page optimization. Initially, a one-page website is not that SEO-friendly.

To win leading positions in search results, conduct thorough keywords research, take care of link building with the key focus on robust authentic content distribution across the page. In addition, videos can level up content shareability and conversions. Just be unique in what you create. This is what will make search engines and audiences love your website and elevate ranking.

Compelling design, smart colors combination and fonts selection can directly influence sales, enforce or break your landing page. The last option is not likely to happen if all these aspects will be based on your marketing funnel

More ideas to follow

Do not be afraid to add a few additional pages and a blog to your landing. Despite promotional challenges you may face, it’s worth doing. Your website won’t look overwhelmed with information; you can add more categories, provide more insights about your offering, promote a larger number of keywords and, of course, establish your reputation with niche-specific articles.

It’s not enough to have just good landing page conversion rates to stay ahead of the competition. Work to use this marketing tool to the fullest and reach the best index for your target industry:

  • Travel – 25.1%
  • Real estate – 11.2%
  • Business consulting – 27.4%
  • Business services  – 15.7%, etc.

Check stats for the niche you operate in:

In they are very serious and do not work just to make a quick buck providing a landing page service but deliver a really good product based on the individual approach and unique vision of every particular project. Wide-ranging experience and numerous successfully implemented projects in their portfolio are the best proof of the expertise you can benefit from.

Quick insight into the process

Following user behavior factors and your requirements, we develop a custom one-page design, build elaborate website structure and optimize it to meet the latest search engine requirements and go high in search results.

Have you already tried landing pages? From product or company to startup landing page services, our team will help you to get started and support you with valuable tips. Get abroad!

Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs


Traveling is the activity the majority of people from all over the world simply adore. There is nothing quite like touring our wonderful planet and experiencing new places and traditions while meeting people vastly different from you. The popular saying goes, “If traveling were free, you would never see me again,” and it perfectly describes what it does to both the avid travelers and seasonal trip-takers.

Sadly, it is not free, so those who cannot afford frequent traveling, which is the majority of the world’s population, turn to the Internet. They do this for more reasons than one, but ultimately it all comes down to either experiencing something (or somewhere) virtually or gaining knowledge on where to travel next. For the latter, travel blogs are the absolute best thing available.

There are numerous successful travel blogs out there. If you are interested in sharing the experiences from your travels and wish to start a travel blog, you will need the right tools. By the end of this article, you will know everything there is to know about the best WordPress themes you can use for your future travel blog. Choosing the right one will bring you over the top and set you aside from the competition, resulting in more readers and maybe even a sponsorship or two.

To find out even more about the topic of travel blogging, WordPress themes, visit, the leading WordPress design agency that can help you build the best travel website you possibly can.

Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes

On the following list, you will find nine of the best WordPress themes to use with your future travel blog.

  1. Astra

This is a very lightweight theme for multiple purposes, not limited to travel. You can easily create your own designs from the included templates. The theme is equipped with a full-screen header background image, as well as review sections and featured tours sections. Adventurers and even travel agencies use this theme, apart from travel bloggers.

  1. Divi

This is arguably the most popular theme available, and a lot of different blogs use it. It is a great page builder and offers beautiful visuals and effects that will increase the number of people visiting your blog. There are different ready-to-use templates and layouts if you, but if customization is what you like, there are also numerous options for that too.

  1. Neve

Neve is quite a modern theme for WordPress that comes with dozens of pre-made and ready demo examples of websites. Templates of travel blogs are also there to help you with inspiration and design choices. The home page uses parallax effects and your readers will just love it. Things like this are great for a strong first impression. Furthermore, the home screen has multiple sections for your different areas of interest, like travelogues, photographs, stories, and whatever else you want. The theme is rather easy to use and very well optimized for SEO.

  1. OceanWP

In case you want something that looks and feels premium but it is still free like the rest of these themes, OceanWP is your best bet. This WordPress theme has its own plugins that are equipped with premium features. Your travel website will seem very professional and sleek thanks to this amazing theme. The home page template is just beautiful. Other features include WooCommerce support, page builder integrations, and more.

  1. Ultra

Ultra is a typical nifty all-purpose theme that has everything you need for an optimal travel blog website. It already has several ready demo websites available, and an importer that can load up the templates and let you further change it. Drag and drop builders, a fan-favorite, are also present, making everything a breeze. Like the remainder of these themes, there is no coding necessary.

  1. Zermatt


Zermatt is a beautiful theme made with traveling in mind. The home page has a transparent menu and a weather widget, which can be used in limitless ways and make gorgeous combinations. There are more widget areas all over, as well as useful sliders, galleries, and templates. This theme is great for beginners and those among you who do not want anything remotely complicated.

  1. The Traveler

As the name suggests, this WordPress theme is for traveling blogs, agencies, and websites, and hardly anything else. The homepage it has is designed to resemble a classic magazine layout with places for stories, photos, and articles. The grid can be used in various ways to make some truly professional-looking travel blog. The background image is full screen, there is an Instagram feed option, social media integration, and many custom widgets.

  1. Tropicana

The catchy name suggests that the general design of this theme is meant for tropical summer destinations, and it could be said that it really is. The stylish theme is perhaps the best choice for nomads, adventurers, and explorers who mostly visit tropical destinations. Tropicana will offer great help and attract a wide readership to your page. Plugins work seamlessly and the theme offers templates, galleries, pages, and more.

  1. Zoom

Not everyone wants or needs a theme with tons of add-ons and a home page with multiple widgets and other kinds of plugins. If you are a fan of clean interfaces and spacious open home screens, Zoom is the right theme for your blog. The theme comes with a single layout column that has a big header image. In case you want to make use of other elements and expand your content volume, you can use galleries, grid layouts, and widgets, all with the option of dragging and dropping. There is also a custom theme options panel.

Takeaways and Conclusion

There you have it fellow travelers and explorers, the absolute best WordPress themes for your future travel blog. Among these, you will surely find the right one for your wishes and dreams, the perfect theme to go with how you picture your content on a webpage. All that is left is for you to do is work hard and make your dream come true, helping thousands of people decide where to go next by reading your experiences, stories, and recommendations.