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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Air pollution is not just restricted to the surroundings outside our homes, but a great chunk of this pollution resides with us in the houses. It is not only the obnoxious smoke or pollutants whizzing up from factories that is risky but a number of contaminants emitted during our household chores up the ante and pose danger to our health.

So, how can you rein in the air pollution inside your home? Let us take a look at five easy ways by which you can improve the indoor quality of your house.

  1. Keep the humidity levels in control

Humidity becomes a breeding ground for dust mites and molds and therefore it becomes necessary to maintain a healthy humidity level. Ideally, humidity levels should be around 30%-50% which will keep the allergens at bay. The best way to keep the humidity levels to a healthy level is to use a dehumidifier and an air conditioner in summer.

This will reduce the moisture in the indoor air and will also scale down the pollen count of the air. You can also use an exhaust fan in places of cooking, using dishwasher, or bathing. Make sure you keep the vent of the clothes dryer outside and also empty the drips pans in the window air conditioner and dehumidifier.

  1. Switch to organic bedding


Remember whenever you paint a room or buy a new piece of furniture, there is a pungent smell in your house. The smell is because of a nasty chemical that comes from a liquid additive, changes into a gaseous state, and permeates in the indoor air of your room.

This phenomenon is called off-gassing. Similarly, off-gassing also occurs as a result of formaldehyde used in furniture which remains in the air for many years. So, what is the way out? Use organic bedding as they will consume a large portion of the off-gassed chemicals.

  1. Check for Radon problems

Radon is a radioactive gas which is naturally found in the soils because of decaying uranium. This Radon gas moves up the ground and reaches your home through pores and opens. This colourless and odourless gas is responsible for causing lung cancer.

Even drafty and airtight homes can have radon problems and if you smoke in a radon-ridden house, then you have a risk of lung cancer. Therefore conduct frequent tests for Radon. These tests are easy and inexpensive and can even cure high levels of Radon.

  1. Use Green Cleansers

The cleansers you use to clean the windows or bathroom of your home are packed with toxic petrochemicals which invade your body through a number of ways, especially skin. You must have experienced fatigue, headache, or blurred vision after using a chlorine cleanser.

All of these symptoms may be due to the inhalation of toxic fumes of the cleanser. To get rid of this, you can use a green cleanser which are healthy products which use vinegar or baking soda instead of noxious chemicals.

Check out for these greener cleansers in the food stores which can also be used to clean up your drains, carpets, kitchens, etc.

  1. Unclog your drains

A clogged drain leads to some obvious problems and cleaning them is not an easy task. But instead of unclogging your drains with chemicals why not use the non-chemical method? Use a sink plunger to get rid of the clogged drains.

They are not costly and can be easily used for many years’ sans chemical products. They will cost you somewhere around $3-$10.


Bottom Line

Apart from these aforementioned steps, make sure you dust your home often and dispel the airborne chemicals. Wiping off surfaces of furniture is another way you can improve on the indoor air quality and maintain a wholesome ambiance in your home.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying Rattan Patio Set?

When it comes to rattan, the main thing that confuses people is, is there a rattan plant or tree? Well, yes, there is. You can be sure that this is a natural material. However, there almost no chance that you will find it at some nursery in your town, or that you will grow it in your garden. We are talking about palm that can be described as a vine-like palm.

Rattan trees can be found in Asia. Mostly in the tropic jungles of Philippines, China, and Malaysia. After harvesting rattan, it needs to be left in the sun for a little drying process and stored in a room of a certain temperature so that it can be preserved. Introduced to Europe as an export product of a British Empire, rattan is now one of the most popular material today.

Naturally, before you acquire some furniture that is made from rattan, there are few things you should know about the material itself.

The Attributes of Rattan

As we said in the introduction of this article, rattan is one of the most popular materials for furniture, both indoor and outdoor. Probably the best thing about this material is its ability to be curved and bent. That way you will be able to get an impressive shape for your furniture. Also, the color of rattan is something that impresses potential customers throughout the world.

Using this material for your furniture will surely brighten your outdoor environment, or a certain room, and give a somewhat tropical feeling to your surroundings. One more thing about rattan that makes it very popular is how light it is. Moving it around your home is something that will not give you much trouble. Also, the tree itself has natural protection from various types of insects.

Are Bamboo and Rattan the Same?

Mostly on the internet, we can see that rattan and bamboo are sometimes mixed up as one thing. No, they are certainly the same thing. Bamboo was a very popular material for furniture in the 19th and 20th century, especially for tropic parts of the world. This is something that can be seen on the various pictures from that time, and in movies, of course.

Maybe the reason that they are mixed is that some manufacturers used rattan poles to strengthen and smooth their bamboo furniture. For example, it is impossible to use bamboo to smooth out and strengthen your rattan patio set. They are not the same.

Uncertainty AboutRattan`s Future Supply

The rattan is used for the manufacturing of a wide array of products, but the furniture business is the most important one. This material is a base for an industry that has a value of a couple of billion dollars per year. So, you see how important it is. The majority of harvested rattan is exported to foreign countries and markets.

However, in the 80s, Indonesia presented a world with a ban of exporting rattan overseas. That way they wanted to encourage their local manufacturers to be more competitive in the furniture industry. Because of the high amount of harvesting rattan, the future shortage is on the horizon. In order to prevent that from happening, a certain number of Asian countries came up with preserving and growing large amounts of rattan.

The Conclusion

Having rattan furniture in your home is probably the best choice for you. However, it is not cheap, and it isn`t available everywhere. You need to look in more specialized stores. Also, with the future shortage of rattan, maybe your chaise longue should be made from some other material. Nonetheless, we are talking about one of the best materials out there. We hope that we made a good presentation of rattan.

How to Host a Spectacular Dinner Part

A dinner party in 2019 serves a different function than it did 20 or 30 years ago. Americans tend to be more isolated these days, including at mealtimes. On average, we eat about 20 percent of meals in our cars.

When we eat together, we’re often doing it with our phones positioned right beside our dinner plates. The right dinner party can offer you a chance to reconnect with friends and loved ones. It should let you be present enough to enjoy both your friends’ company and some delicious food. Here are three ways to host a spectacular dinner party.

Limit phone usage

It may feel weird to restrict your guests’ phone usage. They’re adults, after all, not children with limited screen time. But if you don’t put some limits on phone time, then the conversation will lag as everyone decides it’s easier to check their Instagram than to genuinely engage with the person sitting across from them. Etiquette expert Lizzie Post suggests asking people to put away their phones once a cocktail hour is over.

For one thing, you’re a better company when you’re not staring at your Facebook feed. The food also tastes better when you’re not preoccupied with something else. As long as you let people know ahead of time that you don’t want people to be on their phones all night, you should be good. But avoid confiscating people’s phones when they walk in the door. It’s a dinner party, not a top-secret celebrity wedding. Saying, “You can put your phone in the other room” is fine, but treating people like spies is not cool.

Emphasize the theme

For a super-casual party, you may not need a theme. But a theme becomes critical as the party gets more formal. As a host, you want to provide people with a memorable experience they’ll be talking about for a while. An 80s-themed party is much more likely to leave a lasting impression than a party where the only theme seems to be let’s stuff ourselves and drink alcohol.

A theme also lends itself well to decorations and party favors. For instance, say you’re throwing a party in March. A “Welcome to Spring” party is a way to congratulate people for surviving the cold, harsh winter. Adding spring decor like flowers cheers people up and makes them feel more connected to the dinner party. For an extra boost, look at customized party favors from a company like Premier Glow. A mug or shot glass with something like “Spring Has Sprung 2019” engraved on the side works as a souvenir of the celebration. A theme can really make the party feel like a celebration rather than just a random gathering of people at your house.

Set a realistic budget

Think about the most important aspects of the party while you’re budgeting. Obviously, food is going to be the most critical factor of a dinner party. If you’re not a confident cook, you’ll want to look into catering services. But be warned that catering services are often more expensive than you might think. Many catering companies will have a minimum amount you must spend. In some cases, that amount could be over $1,000.

If you can’t afford that much, that’s more than understandable. But you have to start pricing catering services early so you don’t get left in the lurch at the last minute. If you can’t afford a full catering service with wait staff, maybe you can get to-go platters from a local restaurant. You can pick up the platters, then take them back to your house and re-plate them so that you aren’t serving your guest’s lasagna in styrofoam containers. Taste is key, but don’t skimp on presentation, either.














How often should you Paint the Exterior of your home?

We sat down with Derek from Roman Paint Pros, one of the lead Painting Industry professionals in the area, so he could help provide some insight on this age-old question.

Derek runs a third generation Murrysville, Pa Painting company that paints roughly 25 Exterior homes per year. He told us, that based on the seasonal weather changes in Western Pennsylvania,
that he often recommends repainting the Exterior of your home or business every 5-7 years or sooner. Pittsburgh is known for year-round humidity, hot summer sun, and bone-chilling cold winters. Often, this leads to rotten or warped wood, rusty metal, and moldy stucco. The first thing Derek recommended is to have a thorough pressure wash performed to remove the mold and algae to ensure the Paint adheres to the surface well.

Img source:

Then he says to caulk all gaps and fill holes with putty. Next, the application a high-quality UV blocking, IR reflecting Exterior Paint to the body of the home, the trim, soffit & facia, and doors. This process can be done to all surfaces, metal or vinyl siding, brick, stucco, Dryvit, etc. Derek noted, If your Painting Contractor follows this recipe, this will give you a little more time before needing to repaint and hopefully avoid costly repairs.

For lasting results, Derek recommends having your contractor use an Exterior Acrylic Enamel or even an Oil Based product versus Latex to limit peeling. Derek tells us that the darker the color, the better chance that the color will fade over time. And that a good way to tell if your siding needs a fresh coat of paint is to rub your hands on it and see if it leaves white chalk on your hands. If it does, that’s an indication that your homes UV protection in the paint has broken down.

Img source:

Further adding that most homeowners wait until it’s 5-10 years (or more) beyond what he calls “maintenance paint” and end up in the position where they need repairs and replacement done to their homes Exterior. Noting that it’s essentially less costly to have the maintenance work done every 3 years than it is to wait 5 years too long.

So how do you know when it’s time to have the Painting done, we asked. His reply was to pay attention to the Exterior of your home, keep your gutters clean, perform a light pressure wash annually, and keep up with the maintenance.

How to choose the perfect Vacuum Cleaner between Shark and Dyson?

The never-ending competition between the two best vacuum cleaners brands Shark and Dyson still goes on! Which one is the best- Shark or Dyson? The argument will never stop. Choosing between the bests is tough, but the choice may vary according to your requirements.

The Shark and Dyson, they both are incredible in terms of performance. But the design of the vacuum cleaners along with the features and technologies they bear are far different from each other. Vacuum cleaners have a range of models and they are Bagless Vacuum Cleaners, Upright Vacuum Cleaners, and Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners.

These two brands have diversity in their models and no vacuum cleaner has the drawback of losing suction. These cleaners are also available for use not only on the bare floor but also on the carpet. Both of these topnotch brands uses amazing technologies related to bagless containers so that they can collect the dust and dirt easily.


Shark vs. Dyson

In this section, we are going to discuss the basic differences in the technologies and features of the two leading brands – and these are only a few robotic vacuums you can get, on a crowded market nowadays. .

Weight is Vital

When the gossip is about the vacuum cleaner, the weight of the cleaners comes forward always. As there will be times when the user will need to bear the vacuum cleaners, any user will preferably love the lightweight vacuum cleaner to avoid the hassle.

Let us begin with the Shark. The Shark comparably lightweight if compared to the models of Dyson. When a large house needs a vacuum cleaner, Shark is the best as it can be easily carried here and there to clean the whole house. If a house has stairs, then Shark can be carried upstairs with ease.

On the other hand, the Dyson vacuum cleaner models are a bit weighty. Though the weight is not too much to carry, if judged against the Shark Vacuum Cleaners then the Dyson cleaners are heavyweight.


Technologies Speak

Though Dyson Vacuum cleaners may feel a little heavy, this brand has introduced a “rotating ball.” This technology can gear up easy turning and also emphasizes suction.

In most cleaners, the Dyson uses their motorized brush bar so that it can provide ultimate performance. Shark, in this case, uses the Duo-Clean brush. At a lower price, the Shark also affords soft brush rolls. Most of the cleaners by Shark include Noise Reduction Technology so that there is no noise pollution.

Along with the technology of rotating-call, the Dyson vacuum cleaners have also introduced the users to the technology named “Root Cyclone.” This technology is principally a technology for proper suction. The work of Root-Cyclone is to certify the dust, hair, pollen and the other dirty element stays inside the dirt-box instead of mixing with the air again.

Models and Versions

The brand Shark has also launched a canister vacuum cleaner model. Along with this, this company has also crafted cordless handheld vacuum cleaners. Their cordless models are very easy to carry and can be used anywhere with comfort.

According to the corded models of Vacuum Cleaners, the cords of the longest cord among these two brands. In terms of long cords, the Shark has cord lengths that are average. However, the Shark has the lift-away feature and so the users can completely detach their cleaner from and take it anywhere.

In the cordless models, the Dyson affords longer runtime for cleaning the whole house. On the other hand, they Shark cleaners have batteries that run for less time.


Be Friends with Pet

The Shark Vacuum cleaners have the ability to catch the fur and hair of the pet. But the pet owners of this century are seen to put Dyson Vacuum Cleaners over the Shark Vacuum Cleaners. Dyson is considered to be the best when it comes to picking up the pet hair and fur. It can gather up all the fur and lock it inside.

When it comes to Shark, most of their users complain about the hair getting entangled in the vacuum. They find it tough to disentangle the hair properly.

Easy for your Pocket!

When it comes to the price of the vacuum cleaners, the users need to be careful as vacuum cleaners are much expensive. Shark Ionflex Vacuum cleaners are comparably reasonable in terms of pricing. For some specific added features, the Dyson will cost a little more.


To put an End

The rivalry between the founder James Dyson and the CEO Mark Rosenzweig with never end as both of their products provide incredible performance.

But to put an end, we believe both to be the bests as both of the cleaners have well-built points to win. It depends on the user, what the requirements and what they want from their cleaners. Note down and go for it!

If you want to check more vacuum brand comparisons, read Vacuumist’s comparison guides.

Five Tips That Will Make Your Living Room Feel Luxe

Luxury living rooms are expensive living rooms.


The truth is, luxurious living rooms can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Luxe spaces are all about the way you feel when you walk into a room, and that feeling can be created without the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on one-of-a-kind items and interior decorators that work with the stars.

If you want your living room to feel a little more luxe, no matter what your budget, follow the tips on this list.

Simple Furniture Design

The furniture in your living room is the focal point of your space. That means looking for a sofa that is comfortable, but it is also designed to make your room look more luxurious.

Although you may be tempted to look for couches with custom fabric and chairs with detailed woodwork, simple is actually better.

Look for a modern sofa with clean lines and a simple color palette. A minimalist sofa with straight lines, simple legs, and covered in solid color upholstery will quickly become the backdrop to your luxurious new space. Depending on your room color and design you can look up other modern sofas on Furniture in Fashion.

Like bold colors and patterns? They can look luxe too, but instead of plastering them on your sofa, decorate your furniture with pillows and throw blankets that are more your style.


Be More Creative with Artwork

Thinking about heading to your nearest discount store when it’s time to look for artwork to put on the walls? That’s not a good idea if you want your room to look and feel luxe.

You should think carefully when purchasing artwork for your home. A few things you should consider include:

  • Larger artwork is almost always better
  • Use custom framing and mats to make a print seem more expensive
  • Order a custom piece of artwork
  • Consider three-dimensional pieces, like sculptures

The biggest consideration is how you feel when you look at the piece. Mass produced items from big box stores are likely to melt into the background. If you want your space to feel expensive, you have to choose artwork that inspires you each and every day.


Metallic Features

Metallics are a quick and easy way to make a room feel more expensive. The best part is, there are so many ways to incorporate metallics into your space!

You could include metallic knickknacks, like a gold bowl on the coffee table, or choose furniture with metallic features. For example, a couch with gold legs can dress up the living room.

Don’t think you have to stick with the same metallic hue either. When done properly, you can mix the metallics in your living room.

The trick is to look for items that purposefully contrast each other. For example, modern brass accessories on the coffee table will look good with a gold lamp base and a piece of artwork that is framed in a brushed silver frame.


Include Something Aged

Luxe spaces are often filled with modern artwork and new furniture. Although it’s true that you can create a luxe feeling in your living room by going shopping for new things, it’s also true that the most luxe spaces include a few antiques.

The trick is figuring out how to mix the old with the new.

There are no hard and fast rules, but you should choose items you love. Choose a family heirloom to display, or visit local auctions to find high-quality antiques that will match the décor in your living room.


Dress up Your Walls

The walls in your living room serve as the backdrop to your space. They cover the most area, so it should come as no surprise that they can have the biggest impact on the way your space feels.

If you want your living room to feel luxe, you need to dress up your walls. A few wall treatment ideas include:

  • Use paint to create an accent wall
  • Apply high-quality wallpaper
  • Cover the walls with fabric
  • Use molding above, below, and on the walls
  • Use plaster to create a textured look

If you really want your living room to look luxurious, consider decorative painting. You will probably have to hire a professional, but it’s a great way to personalize and elevate any space.


Luxury details in the living room can make your life feel more luxe, and the good news is, those details don’t have to break the bank. With a little patience, know-how, and the tips on this list, you can make your living room look and feel expensive.

TL Home Improvement LLC Earns the 2018 Angie’s List Super Service Award

TL Home Improvement LLC is a family friendly, home improvement and renovation company located in Shelton, Connecticut, and has been the winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2018.

The award itself is awarded to companies who maintain a consistent and high level of customer service. Angie’s List Super Service Award is the highest honor given from this leading online review platform. The award itself is only given to elite level businesses who have managed to maintain exceptional customer service throughout the year.

Angie Hicks, the founder of Angie’s List Super Service Award, has praised TL Home Improvement LLC for earning such a prestigious award. This award is one of the highest awarded in the business, and it represents real professionalism. It is awarded for satisfying the needs of Angie’s List members who actively seek professionals to help them with their projects.


Winning the award itself is a hard task since it requires a few things. Namely, each winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award will have to meet some strict requirements, such as maintaining an overall “A” rating and grade on the platform, excellent reviews, customer satisfaction, as well as, being in good standing with the platform and undergoing further screening.

TL Home Improvement LLC has been on the list itself for the 6th time in a row, the first one came in 2012. This is an amazing achievement for TL Home Improvement which shows excellent professionalism and customer feedback.

Companies can be graded from “F” to “A” on Angie’s List, and the award updates annually as new reviews come by, and new companies start using the platform itself. There are multiple fields on which a customer gives his feedback, ranging from price to professionalism and even punctuality.

Angie’s List is an American based home service website which was founded in 1995. It serves as a platform where customers can give ratings to contractors and businesses based on their mutual working experience. Angie’s List is a trusted and respected platform that connects customers with business related to their needs. The platform serves as the best way to find the best business for your needs, whether that’s plumbing, roofing, heating, electrical, remodeling, painting, and the list goes on. It serves as the safest option to get the best work done for you. It gives you the option to find the best siding contractors or businesses in your local area, as well as national level. Angie’s List has over 10 million verified reviews that you can read, related to your need. There are more than 700 service categories on the platform itself, giving you the best resources on finding the most compatible service provides for you.


Angie’s List is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, as is an operating service of ANGI HomeServices.

TL Home Improvement LLC has won 2018 Angie’s List Super Service Award for the best siding, roofing, butter & guard, and window contractors in Connecticut. They have been voted best in those categories, beating off a lot of competition to win the award, which speaks volumes about their dedication and professionalism. They have won the award based on reviews in home improvement projects and customer satisfaction in every aspect of the project.

5 Important Facts Everyone Should Know About Parenting

Being a parent is like going on a journey. You go through winding paths, bumpy roads, scenic routes and as you approach the end, you realist that even though you love the destination, the journey has your heart. It is a journey that changes your life, helps you grow and pushes you to be the best possible version of yourself. If you need more information on parenting apart from what will be presented to you here in this article, you can visit

Parenting is multidimensional. It requires to focus on four main areas of the child’s life: the physical health and safety, promoting emotional and behavioral competence, encouraging social competence and boosting the intellectual aptitude. Though the outcomes cannot be predicted, it depends largely on the knowledge, attitude, and practices of the parent. Here are five interesting facts you should know about parenting.

Children mirror what they see, including self-esteem

It is often thought self-esteem is an attribute that is a personal conquest. However, parents do play a large part in building positive self-esteem and sense of self-worth in their children. By talking about yourself and your strengths in an affirmative manner, your children will learn to be confident of their talents and abilities. It is important to communicate with them honestly about their problems, situations that they find it difficult to handle and create a safe space for them to unburden their minds.


It is vital that they know you love them, no matter what. Therefore, make it a point to tell them that every day. Reassuring your loving presence in their lives at all times builds their confidence tremendously. Emotional problems often manifest in behavioral aspects, especially sleep. With a little research on sleep, you can tell if your child is struggling with problems beyond their emotional reach.

Emotional Intelligence can be taught

The term emotional intelligence is used a lot in corporates and not enough in parenting. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to monitor one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. There is no such thing as a bad child. Unfortunately, children who cannot regulate their own emotions use negative actions to do so. Handling emotions is an ability parents should begin teaching at a young age.

Parents who want to coach their children and improve their emotional quotient need to demonstrate appropriate outlets for their emotions. Anger, sadness, and empathy are to be recognised and acknowledged. By identifying outlets, parents validate their feelings and help them express it in a positive, non-destructive manner. However, it is important to not impose your solutions for their problems. By helping children identify and regulate their emotions in a holistic manner, parents help improve the sleep, health, and wellness of the child.


Providing a comfortable home should rank high on priorities

While it is important to focus on physical needs like hunger and emotional needs like being held, it is also vital to provide a comfortable, nurturing home. This starts with building knowledge of what they need and where you can find it. A nurturing home helps your child feel safe, secure and free. It helps build confidence and increases happiness.

A cal king mattress is an example of providing not just comfortable, but luxurious alternatives to regular products. A White Pillow helps create a positive environment and regulates the flow of energy. Outdoor rugs not only protect the child from the cold but also make your home warm and comforting. These are examples of steps parents can take to create a relaxing, nurturing space for the child.


Rules are for everyone, including you

As parents, you are not above the laws that govern your home. The whole objective of setting rules is to instill discipline in your child. The only way your child will follow the rules is if they see you do so too. Rules not only teach children to behave but also provide structure to their lives. While setting rules about a fixed sleeping schedule and sleeping style, sharing toys with siblings, telling the truth or brushing their teeth, it is vital to be clear and consistent. By discussing rules with your child, they will feel included in the decision and are more likely to follow them.

However, even parents need to follow some rules. If they see you breaking rules and not accepting your mistake, they will begin believing that they can do so too. Parents are not perfect people and are bound to make mistakes. True learning occurs from acknowledging and learning from these mistakes. It is important to let pride not get in the way, apologise for a mistake made and move on together. This teaches the child to do so as well.


You learn to grow a thick skin

Your child is going to go through various phases, and you will be along for the ride. One minute, they’ll stick to you, shower you with kisses and the next, they will rebel and curse at you. Their anger from the most insignificant of things cannot be contained in their little bodies, and you will just have to listen to the meanest things they can say. Even if it is a little thing like calling you fat or the bigger tantrums where they say they hate you, you have got to grow a thick skin and handle it well. Humiliating your child does nothing to help you or them.

It doesn’t have to be only your child. As a parent, you are going to listen to judgemental snides and snarky remarks from fellow parents and sometimes even strangers. The world is filled with people who think it is their place to give you advice about things they might not know. Sometimes these comments will just fly over and vanish, and other times, it may stick around and linger. The best thing to do for your sanity is to grow a thick enough skin for these comments to bounce off.



Parenting is a journey that requires you to be physically, emotionally and financially ready. It is a decision that needs to be taken patiently and informatively. There are no rewards or gauges to determine how well you parent. The only validation you get is seeing your child grow up to be smart and independent, reaching and crossing their potential and truly become the best person they can.