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What are fire curtains and why every building should have them?

There are numerous hazards that can occur in a building, but one of the most feared ones is the fire hazard. We all know how dangerous fires can be and how quickly they can swallow the entire building, along with the people inside it. So, engineers came up with an amazing idea and introduced us with the fire curtain.

For those of you who are not familiar with this term yet, a fire curtain is a specially constructed curtain that is supposed to descend from the ceiling to the floor during a fire hazard, to stop the fire and smoke that is going to spread between two areas. In large buildings, there are a few fire curtains that are supposed to divide the entire construction into a few fire compartments.

In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of having fire curtains and why every building should have at least a few already installed and ready to use in case of an emergency. Let’s begin.


The importance of fire curtains

During a fire, people don’t have a lot of time to make decisions. Their only option is to grab their loved ones and evacuate from the building as fast as they possibly can. There have been many cases where a person or even entire families get stuck inside a certain part of a building, and they cannot escape because of the fire. We never want this to happen to anyone, so we advise everyone to understand the importance of fire curtains because they can save many lives during such unfortunate events.

There are a few things that can happen after the fire alarm is being pushed in a building. First, the closest fire department will get alerted and will start moving towards the location with all of their forces, and second, the fire curtains will start closing, if there are some installed in the building that is. Next, you should be evacuated from the building as fast as you possibly can, and if you are not able to do that because the fire is in your way, you need to get behind the fire curtains and wait for them to close. In most cases, they will completely isolate you from the fire and the smoke, so you will be safe until the fire department finishes extinguishing the fire. In other cases, if the fire is not that large, you might want to consider attempting to put it off yourself, but if you realize that the threat is way too high, you should give up and run to safety. Most buildings that are well prepared for a fire hazard will already have fire curtains, but they will also have fire extinguishers. So, if the fire is a smaller one, try using the extinguisher yourself in an attempt to put the fire off, you can do this to prevent further damage that can be done to the building or your property. But, we will mention it again, if you see that the fire is just too large to be handled by you, get to safety and wait for the professional help to arrive.


How to evaluate a good moving company


So, you have probably found a good house that you want to move to. Firstly, Congratulations! Finding a new house is a big challenge itself and you’ve done it. Now comes to the part where you have to move into the house.

If you are reading this article, then you might have already decided about hiring a moving company. Not to mention hiring a moving company is no less than a stress reliever. There is just so much work to be done like planning, getting boxes, packing, moving, etc. and one person can only do so much. Hiring a moving company will act as a huge stress reliever and you will be able to focus on other legal things.

But hiring a moving company is also a little challenging. There are so many companies to choose from and you need to be smart and evaluate them to find out the best moving companies. This is where we shine. We are here to help you give tips that will help you evaluate a good moving company.

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5 Tips to evaluate a good moving company:

1. Check if they are local or national: – Hiring a local company to do the work might be a little cheaper but we definitely suggest you hire a national moving company, and there are some good reasons for that. Local movers might be cheap but National movers will always be more efficient. National movers will provide you with more manpower to do the job which will be way more efficient. For example, you might have to sign an important lease and you cannot do that because the movers are taking time to do the job.

2. Check if they provide estimates: – All good moving companies will provide you with proper estimates. If you see the company is providing you estimates just by asking the number of rooms you have, then chances are they are not professional. In fact, all the good companies will have one of their representatives reach your house and prepare a good estimate after seeing all the furniture and stuff you have. If the estimate is too low then you should be suspicious.

3. Do NOT pay any large deposits: – If the company asks you for a large deposit then chances are it’s a scam. No good company will ask you to deposit a large sum of money before the move is completed. You should always pay the minimum to no deposit before the move is done. After all, you are trusting them with all your valuable things and furniture. You should only pay after all your belongings are shifted and in fact, we recommend you to use a credit card for paying to avoid any fraudulent activity.

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4. Check their licensing: – Before you finalize anything, make sure that the company has valid certifications and license. Usually, you can find proof of certification on their website but don’t feel shy to ask them in person, they can show it to any customer. In fact, it’s a wrong sign if they hesitate to show the license.

5. Ask for their recent clients: – Ask them for the clients they have served in the last 3 months. Often they can provide you with contact of clients they have previously worked with and you should call them up and ask what their experience was with the company. Also, look for reviews online as well.


There you go, 5 Tips for you to evaluate a moving company. Make sure to go through all of them and you will find the perfect company to suit your purpose. Good luck!

How to Plan a Long-Distance Move? (The Stress-Free Way!)

Whether you’re planning an interstate or an intrastate move, you’re going to require some practical long distance moving tips to reduce stress and make it happen. Prerequisites for long distance move are very different than the local moving. From packing your belongings to loading and transporting it to the final destination demands a great deal of planning and preparation.

Below you will find some amazing tips that will help you remember all the important things you need to do before time in order to have a stress-free long-distance move:

  • Time is the Key

According to the spruce, you should give yourself at least 8 weeks to plan your long distance move. There is no denying the fact that time is uncontrollable and many times an unexpected move sneaks up on us. However, if you can plan ahead, make sure to do proper planning and arrangements to avoid last minute hassle and confusion. One of the ways to do this is to make an all-inclusive moving checklist that can guide you through every stage of your move.

  • Downsizing

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When it comes to long distance moving, the moving cost mainly depends on the weight of the items you move. Thus, it’s a great idea to hunt through your possessions and decide what you still need or what you can dispose of. According to Forbes, you can get rid of clutter by either selling, donating or tossing the unwanted articles. For instance, you can sell the high-ticket items on eBay or Facebook or can also arrange a garage or backyard sale to get rid of the things you don’t require anymore.

Donate non-saleable belongings to any local charity or you can also gift them to your family or friends. Keep in mind, the more you carry, the more you will end up paying.

  • Stay Organized

To make your moving process less stressful, try to be as organized as you can. From sorting to transportation and unpacking, make sure everything goes according to the plan and in order. According to, the success of your long distance move entirely depends on your arrangements. Try to keep all important documents at one place including contracts, lease papers, etc. This way you can not only save lots of your time but could immediately be able to get back to your routine after moving.

  • Pack Smartly

This is certainly one of the most important yet often neglected tips when it comes to a long distance move. According to Anton Halushka, the Founder of California Movers, while you possibly can’t cease the pressure that comes from the moving process, you can still take some steps to reduce the stress.

One of the ways to reduce stress during the moving process is to pack your goods carefully. Try to use the most relevant material including boxes, bubble wrap or other things that can ensure safe and protected move. Especially, try to double wrap your fragile and valuable articles to avoid damage. Also, make sure to label cartons meticulously as it will help you conveniently unpack your belongings after moving.

  • Hire a Reliable Moving Company

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There is nothing better than hiring services of a professional moving and packing company if your budget allows. According to nytimes, call at least three moving companies to review their estimates. You can also evaluate their performance by skimming through the reviews and testimonials available on third-party websites such as Yelp.

Once you have evaluated a few estimates, be certain to hire the most reliable option. Keep in mind, the cheapest alternative isn’t always the very best.

  • Save Money Where You Can

Moving is an expensive affair especially when you’re moving across another the county or a state. Thus, it’s definitely a great idea to save as much money as you can during the process. For instance, you can save hundreds of dollars by selecting the right time for your move. Generally, people prefer to move during summer which is perhaps the most expensive time to hire a moving company. You can save that amount by choosing an off-season month for your move. In addition to that, moving amidst a month or during weekdays can also help save a few bucks.

  • Create an Inventory List

Always create an inventory list when you move long distance as your possessions may become scattered across different locations. Whether you use your notepad and a pen to jot down a list or are using an app, just be sure to make a thorough list of items you own.

Follow these amazing 7 tips and your upcoming long distance move will be totally stress-free and easy-going. Is there anything else you want to add to this list? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below. We would love to hear back!

Using reviews to buy the best mattress

Do you want to get a new mattress? Whatever type of mattress you’re looking for whether it is for your own use or for your children to use, getting the right mattress will not just save you money but also enable you to enjoy the time you spend sleeping.

Perhaps, you already know the importance of getting a good night sleep. Health experts in their findings reveal that getting quality sleep helps your health. Your brain gets to function optimally, you get to avoid many health challenges, and ultimately, you will be more productive during the day.

No matter how early you go to bed, if your mattress is not comfortable enough, you may have a hard time trying to get quality sleep. And this is why you must be very careful when it comes to selecting the best mattress.

When searching for the right mattress, you may be carried away with promises from mattress manufacturers. And this is why you must apply caution when reading advertisements on mattresses so that you don’t get to waste your money on a product that is not worth it.

If you want to avoid getting the wrong mattress, you will be more successful at it when you take some time to go through what others have said about the mattress you are interested in buying. You can read some good reviews of a large range of mattresses on Bedroom Critic.​

Benefits of reading mattress reviews

According to, when shopping for a new mattress, make sure you go for reviews on a very comprehensive mattress. You should also look out for reviews by experts in the industry. Some of the reasons you should read reviews include:

Comparisons – there is no easy way to compare different mattresses. In comparing them, you will find out the price, the quality level, the filling and built, the comfort level, cooling qualities, customer ratings, among many other things of the mattress in question. When you have this information, your chances of making the best decision will be high.

Objectivity – product reviews many times are done objectively. Just make sure you are reading the review from a website that is known to be objective in their writing. It is best to go with a website that has its reviews done by an outsider. If you can find a website that writes its reviews after using a product, you can go with such an opinion.

Access to different types of products – when you read product reviews on mattresses, you also read reviews on different mattresses. It would have been hard or challenging to read up on all of them individually. But with a review, you get to read up on them in just one article.

Expert review – when you choose a website that deals strictly with what you need, you will benefit from their wealth of experience. They are usually people who are in no way related to the manufacturers of the mattresses but make use of health indications in judging the mattress and its quality. For example,Richard from is 14+ years experienced author in the mattress and bedding sector. Their opinions are most of the time unbiased and can be trusted.

In conclusion, you benefit a lot by reading such reviews. Inform yourself first and don’t make rash decisions. You also have a chance to learn more about the brand.

So, whether you are looking for a cheap mattress, the one with the best warranty or the one that can carry your body weight, the comparison in the review will tell you all you need to know.

Deciding on which mattress to buy can be quite confusing. This is the reason many people choose the wrong mattress after joining the bandwagon. But taking your time to read up on various reviews on what makes a quality product will save you some stress and help you choose right. If you want to see some additional bed frame reviews, you can check FurnitureStandards.

Signs It’s Time To Call A Pest Control Company


It’s quite normal to see the occasional bug in the garden. Bees and butterflies pollinate the flowers and worms aerate the soil. A healthy number of critters flying around in your backyard is not a cause for concern. The things that begin to worry us are when they can potentially harm in some way.


Cockroaches, rodents, and ants do more than bring an expression of fear and disgust on our faces. They carry disease and can wreak havoc on the hidden parts of your home where no one can see. According to data collected from the last three years, household pests cost upwards of $30 billion in damages to plants and structures every year. That includes such things as lost revenue from hotels that have been overrun by bedbugs to wiring being eaten by rodents.

Learn how to protect your home from becoming just another statistic of the devastation pests can cause, and call a pest control service when you see these signs.

Excess Moisture


If you live in a climate where it is continuously humid or rainy for some part of the year, you could be vulnerable to a cockroach or termite infestation. These bugs love wet, dark places and any form of condensation or moisture will attract them to set up a colony.

If you suspect your house is appealing to termites or cockroaches, get it inspected at least once a year for any signs of pest presence. It’s not difficult to find excellent cockroach control in Chicago IL being they are a common problem in the area.

If You See Pests During The Day


Rodents, cockroaches, and other bugs are nocturnal. This when they do their eating and mating. It is very convenient for them to be able to scuttle around for eight hours at night without the risk of being seen or caught.

If you see a mouse or cockroach scattering in panic across the floor when you approach during the day, then you have a severe pest problem. Rodents and cockroaches begin to exhibit this kind of behavior when they have issues in the colony such as overcrowding and competition for their food source.

If you think you have only the one pest in your house if you see it in daylight, you are mistaken. Call a pest professional as soon as you can.

If You Hear Strange Noises At Night Or See Signs Of Damage


Any scratching or rustling noises at nighttime can be signs that something has set up inside your home. It could be termites, rodents, or carpenter ants. The best thing to do is call in a pest control expert to have a look at where the sounds are coming from.

Having a pest problem in your home can cause a lot of damage over time. They chew through wiring and wood, and mice can eat through cardboard packaging so fast it’s as though it isn’t even there. If you hear strange sounds or see holes in your food packaging, it’s time to call in the professionals.

How to Determine a Home Value and Why it is Important

Are you wondering what the house you are about to buy or the one you are staying in is really worth?  It is important to remember that, a house is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The value of the house will depend on the market, and whether you are asking the question to a county tax assessor, an agent or a lender.

Instead of going by what others tell you, why not enlist the services of Mark Ellis – Sydney Property Valuations. They will be able to let you know how to calculate the value of your home using trained professionals and with the help of online tools. This will in the process, help you to prepare yourself to sell, buy, refinance, tap into the equity of your home or even be in a position to negotiate lower property taxes.  

Here are some of what Mark Ellis – Sydney Property Valuations will let you know about how to determine the value of your home.

  • Get a comparative market analysis

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When you are yearning to know the value of your home, you can go ahead and ask a local agent to give you a comparative analysis, abbreviated CMA. Though it is not as detailed as a professional appraisal, it is going to provide you with the evaluation of your home and market to provide a value that is estimated for listing purposes. The local agent might provide a CMA for no cost or at a minimum cost with the hope of you hiring them as your selling agent.

  • Using the FHFA house price index calculator

If you want a quick estimate of your house value and yet you are wary of AVMs, the FHFA calculator which applies a more scientific approach can be of good help. It uses a repeated sales method. There are millions of mortgage transactions which have been gathered for a very long time – since its inception in the 1970s which FHFA uses to track the changes of a house from one particular sale to the next. Armed with such information, it then uses it to estimate the fluctuation of a particular house in a certain market.

  • Hiring a professional appraiser

Before a mortgage is approved, most lenders require an appraisal and thus, as a property owner, you can hire someone as an appraiser to estimate the value of your house at whatever time, even when you don’t require a loan.This all can applying when buying condo too. If you are considering on buying one, make sure to ask for the value of it. You can checkout if you’re planning to buy a condo in Toronto. 

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The appraiser will be able to give you a value which will be based on your needs. You might want the value for a date in the past, a current market value for purchase or refinancing.  Other things which the appraiser will be able to do for you include

  • Market: The neighborhood, city, and region in which the home is located
  • Property: The characteristics of the house which will include the land it sits on and the improvements
  • Comparable properties: Includes listings, sales, cost, vacancies, depreciation and other factors which are similar to houses in the same market.

Guide to Choosing the Garage Doors

Is your garage door falling apart or just not looking good? If that is the case, then it is high time you go into the market in search of garage doors which can replace what you currently have. It needs to be one that will be able to suit your home, easy for you to operate, and one that will give you service for a very long time.

Apart from a new garage door providing you with secure, safe, and easy access to your garage, it should also be able to refresh and renew the overall appearance of your home, especially from curbside. Whenever garage doors are replaced, it will be able to give your home a curb appeal which is instant.

To avoid getting a door that will not last for long, here are some of the things you need to look out for.

  • Get an in-person quote

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When you purchase a garage door online or over the phone, chances are that you might make the wrong choice. Remember that, each garage door is unique in its own way. Design decisions, shape and size, side and headroom clearance are important things to check before you make your purchase. And in case something goes wrong, you will not have anyone to blame. Ensure that, you get purchasing your garage door in person, ask the salesperson to come over to your house and check where you want to install it before you order the door.

  • Beware of doors made from wood

When new, real wood looks great. But unless you are willing to devote your money and time in ensuring that you maintain them, the looking good will not last for a long time. The finishes on the wood will only last for a short while before they require recoating. And if you don’t do it, there will be a need for you to sand it off and start afresh with the finish. But if that is your option of the type of door you want for your garage, then it is good to know that, you can get it looking as good as new at an affordable price. You can consider getting a garage door with a fiberglass skin or wood composite overlay. They look like real wood with the stability and longevity that plastic offers.

  • Insulation Upgrade

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If you want an insulated garage door so that you can keep your garage warm or save the energy, then you will have to spend more to upgrade from polystyrene to polyurethane insulation. The R-value is what determines the insulating effectiveness of your garage door. The higher it is, the better it is going to insulate. If you are able to upgrade from 2-in polystyrene to intellicore, ensure that the insulating value is upgraded from R-9 to R-18 which is worth the money you spend on it.

  • Get Beefier Springs

It is the springs which ensure that the garage door goes up easily and when it is coming down, it does so slowly. Check them out before purchasing your door.

How to Move with the Military

If you get a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) notice, you might be wondering what comes next. Believe it or not, the Department of Defense moves more families than any other United States organization. It might be intimidating to pack up all of your belongings and start over somewhere new, but it’s not nearly as intimidating as it sounds.

Your moves will first start with your orders. From there, you’ll need to determine whether your family will be coming with you and what your housing options are at your next destination. You’ll also need to consider whether you want to move on your own or with the military’s help. Here’s a guide to moving with the military.


How to Move: HHG or PPM

There are two types of military moves for domestic PCS orders. You can do an HHG move, also known as a Household Goods move. This is a move that’s completely done by the government. The government employees moving services which will come to your home, pack your belongings, and move your things for you.

Your other option is a PPM, also known as a Personally Procured Move. This is a DIY move in which you’re responsible for packing and moving your belongings. Your other option is to hire your own outside moving company. The military will pay you up to 95% of the cost it would have been to move your family with the military, so you can put this allowance towards your moving efforts.

No matter what move type you choose, don’t forget about your vehicle. Moving your car can be the most complicated part of the process, especially if you have a particularly nice motor vehicle. Luckily, you can use military transfer services with auto shippers who specialize in military moves.


Preparing For Your Move

The time leading up to your move is sometimes stressful. First, you’ll want to set up a meeting with your base transportation office. This will help you determine the best type of move for you as well as discuss any allowance or special circumstances.

Next, you’ll want to talk to the family center at your new location if you’re traveling with dependents. You’ll need to know what to expect of your new community, whether that includes a school, finding housing, or other relocation services.

Of course, you’ll also need to take steps to secure housing. This might include a waiting period if you plan to apply for government housing. Otherwise, you’ll need to inquire about off-base housing and whether there are any partner housing options.

Last but not least, use the military’s PCS checklist to make sure you have everything ready for the big moving day. It’s easy to lose track of the little details if you aren’t careful, so the checklist is a lifesaver. Keep track of everything from start to finish. This includes documenting your valuables and belongings as well as keeping your receipts separate.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to expect from your PCS military move, you’re ready to hit the road. Starting over is a great chance to get to know a new base and a new community. Whether you’re worried or not, it’s surely going to go smoothly.

These tips above will help you make the best choices about your move. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide what to do next. Start taking action today to prepare in advance. The good news is thousands of families have moved with the military. There are resources around every corner to help you through this process, whether you’re moving alone or with loved ones.

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