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Furnished Apartments For Rent During а Pandemic – What You Should Be Aware Of

Pandemic has changed the rules of how we live, spend our free time, travel, shop and make essential decisions like buying a new home, moving or renting If right now you are in search of furnished apartments near me, you are welcome to proceed with this guide since here we have gathered some tips, tricks and best practices for renting a new apartment during the time of uncertainty.

Renting Furnished Apartments Near Me During a Pandemic – 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Below are some essential things you have to be aware of while looking for and deciding on renting furnished apartments near me.

Know your rights

Surviving through the pandemic was challenging for both tenants and landlords. That’s why the US government has created a program to protect and support both of the parties and help them handle their obligations according to a leasing contract. This initiative is called the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. According to its statement, you as a tenant, may apply for help from the government during COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and within 60 days after it is over. The government will help you to pay for rent up to 5 times the rental amount depending on the specifics of the housing, its location, and your income.

The Program also provides for more flexible conditions for paying rent and something like a loyalty program for those who cannot pay the entire amount at once. In extreme cases, the trial may be postponed.

Read your contract carefully

Despite the great flexibility and government protection of tenants and landlords, you should still read the contract carefully, pondering every clause of the furnished apartments near me lease agreement. Fraud cases in the real estate market have become more frequent as fraudsters understand the difficult financial situation of most people across the country.

Therefore, also pay attention to the price of furnished apartments for rent near me. A price that is too low could be a trick, so be vigilant.

Make sure apartments are disinfected

If you are looking for furnished apartments for rent near me but still want to make sure that your health is protected, feel free to ask the potential landlord about the disinfection procedures that took place on the premises after the previous tenant moved out. There is no shame in this question; what’s more, responsible landlords will disinfect the premises on their own, without the need to be asked by the future tenants.

There are Coronavirus cleaning services that use the ultimate set of disinfectants to make sure there are no viruses on the surface. They also issue some kind of report or certificate of completion, which you can ask your landlord for. Pay attention to the date of this document issue.

Make sure you aren’t infected as well

Also, make sure you aren’t transmitting covid before moving into a newly rented fully furnished apartment near me. During the pandemic, this is a common-sense requirement you should follow in order not to risk the health of others. Consider making a lab test to make sure you are healthy.

Furnished Apartments Near Me to Rent During COVID – Reasonable Choice Factors


If your health is your top priority when looking for furnished apartments for rent near me, consider the following points that will help you to choose safe and comfortable housing.

Delivery service coverage

Renting a fully furnished apartment near me is quite a comfortable option since you may avoid visiting shopping malls to buy something you may need in a new place. To make your stay even more comfortable and safe, find out whether there are delivery services that suit your needs. This is especially important if you consider renting a fully furnished apartment near me in a suburban area since most delivery services operate only in the city.

The opportunity for social distancing

A lot of people working remotely move to small cities or suburban areas to limit face-to-face contact with others. Consider this option as the one that may suit you as well. Surely, private houses for rent are better options for volunteer self-isolation but fully furnished apartments near me may also be quite suitable for social distance maintenance. To find such a winning option, consider the location of the apartments (the ones in residential areas of the city are better than apartments in a business center), if possible find out more about your neighbors, plus consider the infrastructure. The presence of a forest, lake, or park nearby will be a good option for you to safely stay outdoors.

Urgent medical services available

The new reality forces us to take this factor into account as well. We sincerely wish that you do not need urgent medical attention, but if we talk about the specifics of renting a new apartment during covid, it would be wrong to miss this moment.

Where to Look for Furnished Apartments for Rent Near Me in the Post-Covid Period

There are three ways to find safe housing during a pandemic.

Local ads/newspapers

If you are in search of a “near me” option, that is, you don’t plan to change the city or the state, pay attention to local ads in public places and the ones published in local newspapers. The latter way of advertising real estate for rent may sound strange in 2021 but it still has the right to exist and is especially useful when looking for local opportunities.

The word of mouth

Also, get in touch with your friends and colleagues and ask them whether they have heard somebody rents out a furnished apartment. This is one more effective strategy to land a new home not only quickly but also effectively and safely.

Should You Sell Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Do you want to sell your home during the pandemic? Well, choosing to sell your home can be is a huge decision. It is even more difficult and critical during a pandemic like Coronavirus as economies have been distressed. However, if you need quick money or an upgrade, selling your home could be the best option. You only have to do it once and do it right. In this article, you will understand better the tips most favourable and the ways to sell your home during the pandemic.

Reasons to Sell Your Home

Why do people sell their homes? People have different reasons to sell their properties. The reasons range from personal relationships to physical surroundings. Either way, what matters is the method you use to sell and how you get ready for the sale. This section highlights the most common reasons for selling properties.

• The house is too small: Have you had new members in your family? If you have more children to accommodate, you will need more space, hence selling your old home and acquiring a bigger one.
• The house does not meet your standards anymore: House preferences and tastes change over time. If you moved into the house when it had no front yard and now desire one, you may want to move to a better house.
• The neighbourhood has changed over the years: Neighbourhoods change due to developments. If it has grown too commercial, busy, or too quiet, you can always sell and relocate to a better home.
• You want to upgrade your home: Just like people change clothes and lifestyles, they may also want to upgrade their homes when more money comes into their lives. It is all about what you can afford and comfortably pay for.
• The maintenance is too expensive: After fifteen years, the house structures begin to wear out, which can be costly. As such, most people prefer to buy new homes as compared to performing expensive maintenance and repairs.
• You want to cash in equity: Do you want quick cash to solve some huge financial issues? Well, selling your home could be a better option to restore financial sanity in your life.
• You have a new job offer: Getting a new job in a different city or state may prompt you to sell your home. Most people prefer moving with the family as compared to commuting every day.
• You want to see your family more or less often: In most cases, people move closer to their relatives so that they can enjoy or have fun together. In particular cases of dysfunctional or fractured families, people tend to move away for peace of mind and comfort.
• Your relationship has changed: Relationships contribute to a major percentage of selling property. If you want to move in with your partner, you may want to sell your property and stay together. The same happens when you break up or divorce your partner. It is all a change in the relationship.
• Your children are all grown: A parent’s joy is seeing their children grow, move out and establish their lives. While it is a beautiful thing, it causes the home to be empty, which could prompt downsizing. It wouldn’t make sense for two people to stay in a six-bedroom home while comfortably staying in a two-bedroom house.

6 Tips to Sell Your Home during the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you have decided to sell your home in the pandemic, the chances are that you want to sell house fast. Selling your property fast is usually a daunting task, and it is even more daunting during the pandemic as most states have barred gatherings. These gatherings include open houses. Since everyone is staying home to stay safe, you need to develop great tactics to get more potential buyers. Here is how you can quickly sell your house during a pandemic.

1. Get High-Quality Photos for Virtual Viewing

Since no one is coming for the open house, you need to get a professional photographer to showcase your house. These photographers will enhance the best parts of the house and carefully hide the flaws.

2. Thoroughly Clean and Declutter Your Home in Readiness for the Sale

You must also deep clean your home, room by room and declutter it. Decluttering helps the prospective buyers visualize living in the home. After cleaning the inside of the house, you should also landscape it to enhance the curb appeal.

3. Have all Your Property Documents Ready

Where are your property ownership documents? Paperwork is inevitable when handing over the ownership. You need to have these documents ready so that you can avoid delays when a buyer comes in.

4. Advertise Your Home as Much As Possible

Take advantage of your social media platforms and online listings. More than ever, people are using these platforms for business, entertainment, and connecting with friends. There is a high chance for you to land customers if you advertise correctly.

5. Get In Touch with Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents have connections; they can quickly get you a buyer even in these times. Besides advertising for you, they also respond to any queries from prospective buyers, giving you a smooth process.

6. Go for Cash Home Buyers

This has to be the best option during these hard times. You can sell your home to these cash home buying companies and close the sale within hours, or five working days at most. Since they buy property as it is, they only need to come in, check the house condition, and give you a quotation for what they feel it’s worth. Once you agree, the cash buyer property sale will take care of the paperwork. In a few hours or days, they deposit the money into your account. 

It is possible to sell your home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Most homeowners have done it due to the reasons we have mentioned above and many more. While economies have declared the Covid-19 pandemic as a huge health crisis and confined people into their homes, it may be worthwhile selling your home during this time. It may take longer than the regular times, but you will only get serious buyers. You only need to prepare your home, get your documents, and finalize the sale.

Roofs are the support of house – sort them out timely

We are blessed with many seasons in a year. Every season comes with its beauty and charm. It brings along a lot of delicious fruits and other blessings. But apart from these some seasons bring a little pain as well like the rainy season. Many homes are not able to stand at their place because of weather-related reasons. The support of their house, especially the roof is not strong enough. In such cases, the roofs of the houses fall. We all know that the roof gives the basic support to the house and it covers the home. Without them, our homes will give a homeless look.

Why are roofs important?

Roofs save us from every situation. In the rainy season, our house will flood with rainwater if we don’t have a strong roof. The household items and furniture can get rusty. In summers, the heat of the summer sun can kill us if there is no coverage. In the summer season, even when we have a strong roof, we arrange air conditioners and coolers to keep our homes cool. Otherwise, it will become very difficult to tolerate summer heat.  The heat can melt the structure of our furniture. Similarly, in the winter season, we keep the heaters on to keep the temperature warm. Without it, the chilly low temperature can freeze us. So, we understand how important it is to have a strong roof. It saves us from the outcomings of every season.

Shortcomings of the roofing

We admit that all seasons have their beauty and blessings. Many crops and plants only grow in specific seasons. Every season is important to us, but, most importantly, we have to make sure that our house is capable of bearing and passing through the circumstances and effects of different weathers. We need to maintain our houses, especially the roof for safety and comfort. Now what happens in every season with our roofing system of the house is that the weather leaves an impact on their shingles and ventilating systems.

Roof inspection

Few of us are aware of the importance of roof inspection. Many people take their roof condition for granted and afterward, they have to suffer from the various terrible consequences. It is evident and a requirement of our homes that we should call a roof inspection team that visits our home every season and checks the condition of the roof. Many little constructs are linked to the working of the roof system. A common person cannot understand how important it is to keep eye on these little constructs. The team knows their work well, what elements they have to analyze and how they have to manage the working of the roof. People once install their roofs and never call anyone to inspect their condition. The result is that a day comes when they get shocked by watching the condition and result of this negligence.

What needs to be done?

This is the era of technology, smart devices, and the internet. Our lives have become revolutionized. The Internet has the answer to every question we have. It sorts out every issue we feel. Many of you will not be aware of where you can find and contact the companies who can inspect the roof. Google has an answer to every question. Browse the construction companies near you and observe the services they offer. Check out the working criteria. Many companies provide instant services. It means that they send their team on the same day for the inspection so that the customers do not face any loss and difficulty. The team comes and analyzes the entire situation, recommends the treatment that needs to be given, and works at their best.

If you need to know more about roofing systems, then browse

Cost and Financing

Budget is a very important concern, and many authorized companies make sure that they won’t become a burden to your pockets. If the customers need an evaluation of the roof the team will come and visit without taking any money from you. They will only charge if the roof condition is not satisfactory and if they have to give you services. If the condition of the roof is fine and no treatment is required, then you don’t need to spend any budget. Isn’t it amazing that if you just need to reassure the condition of the roof and you don’t have to pay a single penny? Many companies have a policy that they charge a decided cost even on visiting. Only exclusive companies offer this free-of-cost evaluation. The policies are defined on the website of the company so check out the website in detail before contacting the team.

Next, we will talk about the finance of the companies for their services. The construction-related concerns can pay you heavy costs if you do not treat them on time. This is why seasonal inspection is important so that you don’t have to pay a heavy cost all at once. However, if you think that services are becoming heavy on your pocket then you can always seek services from the companies that are providing financing facilities. They accommodate your needs and budget. Also, they provide you with a proper plan that comes in your budget. In short, the companies will understand your concerns and will offer a reasonable amount.  In this way, the consumer will get and enjoy the services while having the services that come within their budget.

Reviews and rating benefits

Google has given us the facility of checking out our every need. The most beneficial factor that it provides is the reviews and rating section. When you browse the companies on the Google server, always check out the reviews of their old consumer and their ratings. The customers cannot get this much honest feedback anywhere. Customers speak and share their valid concerns and comments on the company’s services in the reviews section. Always select the company with a 5-star rating and Google reviews because it assures the quality of the services that the company is providing to their consumers.

Commercial Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless steel products such as stainless steel tables, shelves, stainless steel bathtubs, work tables with undershelf are a must for every catering establishment (all products are presented on the website in a wide range).

According to sanitary standards, clearly marked workshops and areas for washing dishes, washing kitchen utensils, a hot shop, a cold shop, and other food divisions are required, which must be accompanied by the installation of neutral equipment. Is stainless steel best for work furniture?

A high-quality and functional stainless steel prep table is an integral part of a professional kitchen. It is on this piece of kitchen furniture that the greatest loads fall: they put hot dishes on it, prepare meals and also use it as an additional surface for storing various utensils. Not every material is capable of withstanding these operating conditions, but not steel.

Moreover, metal fittings are actively eliminating wooden fittings from the first positions in modern home furnishing because:

  • resistance to regular exposure to moisture, high temperatures and active chemicals;
  • the possibility of instant disinfection, which is indispensable when working with food;
  • not picky about leaving;
  • the ability to withstand heavy weight;
  • neat appearance;
  • stability on any kind of flooring.

Stainless steel furniture is widely used in various fields of business. It serves for decades, does not create problems in care, has exceptional aesthetics and functionality.

What are the Advantages of Stainless Steel Tables?

Products made from stainless steel have excellent performance characteristics and stainless steel work tables are no exception. They have a lot of significant advantages, so the stainless furniture is:

  • 100% hygienic products
  • 100% moisture protection
  • strength

In addition to the listed facts,  stainless steel commercial furniture does not absorb odors at all, so even daily contact with pungent-smelling foods or food waste will not have any consequences after an elementary wet cleaning.

Everyone knows that due to the constant humidity of industrial premises, wood products will very soon become unusable, and cracks and damage formed in the tree will create an ideal atmosphere for the development of bacteria in the food unit. What can not be said for example about a stainless steel table, which is resistant to deep scratches.

Even if you do not damage the chipboard table with a sharp knife, it will nevertheless begin to exfoliate after a while due to the constant humidity of the premises. This does not happen with stainless steel prep tables.

In most cases, commercial work tables undergo loads incommensurate with the design characteristics. Heavy filled bottles in two rows, heavy kitchen utensils are constantly placed on the racks, or simply large-capacity pots filled with water are placed.

In such cases, of course, the safety margin of the equipment is always useful. It is for such cases that all stainless steel work tables for the kitchen are made by welding the elements together. A welded rack, table or bathtub is a guarantee of reliability and durability.

Stainless steel furniture is widely used in various fields of business. It serves for decades, does not create problems in care, has exceptional aesthetics and functionality.

Buying Guide

1.   Gauges

You can get a commercial stainless-steel table in three gauges. Let us discuss more:

  • 18 Gauge: These tables are lightweight and less expensive as compared to others. You can keep them in your kitchen to prepare sandwiches or salads. There is enough workspace to sort things and keep them in an arranged way. You can also place heavy items and chop them with ease.
  • 16 Gauge: If you are looking for an affordable and high-quality table, you can consider this option. It is a fantastic design and upgrade of 18 gauge.
  • 14 Gauge: If you want a stainless-steel table with customized fabrication, then you can expect extreme durability. You can find these tables at butcher shops because they can handle the heavy chopping and denting.

2.   Types

You can get stainless steel in two types for commercial tables. Get more information about these types:

  • Type 304: It is a common type that is used across the globe. There are fewer chances of getting rust due to low carbon and high chromium levels. You can use it in your kitchen as it is easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Type 430: It is low-grade steel with less corrosion resistance. You can place the table made up of this type for mixing ingredients and plating them as well.

3.   Table Tops

The tops of the tables are available in two types:

  • Poly: If you need a commercial stainless-steel table for bakeries, plants, butchering meats, etc., then you need this type of top.
  • Wood: You can do sensitive jobs on this tabletop like bakery work, mixing ingredients, preparing salads, plating, and much more.

4.   Accessories

When you plan to buy any commercial stainless-steel table, you can ask for plenty of accessories to make your work easy.

  • Shelving: You can get single or double-mounted shelving with your table. It is easy to adjust the height of shelves as per your working needs.
  • Casters: With the help of casters, you can move your table from one place to another. You can insert the casters and manage the height of the table as per your needs.
  • Sink: You can install a sink on the top of the table and wash your fruits and vegetables while making salads. In this way, you are adding convenience to it.
  • Drawers: You may need drawers to keep necessary items like spoons, knives, gloves, etc. Therefore, you can install the drawers on the table.
  • Cutting Boards: If you have a lot of work chopping, you can install the chopping board on the top. You can cut veggies and fruits and prepare salads.

5.   Undershelves

You may need a table with an open base or undershelves to keep things under it. In case of an open base, you can keep boxes, bins, or other necessary items. The undershelf table can hold various items above the floor. You can buy anyone as per your requirement.

Final Thoughts

You can get a variety of commercial stainless-steel tables with lots of accessories. After getting complete knowledge, consider the buying guide before purchasing any suitable table for your commercial work.

How to Choose the Right Refrigerant for your AC

A refrigerant is an essential part of the air conditioning system. This compound is usually gas or liquid, and when combined with other components of the AC system, it removes the heat from a specific inside area and exhausts it outside. Here, we are talking about evaporators and compressors.

You probably have an AC system in your home. It has become a standard, so millions of households around the world have it. But, are you familiar with the refrigerant it uses? In the following article, we will give you some tips on how to choose the right one and tell you about the benefits of the newest kind, the R-32.

Things to consider

Yes, there are several things you have to think about before making this decision. It is more complex than simply going to the store and buying one. These things aren’t only related to your experience and health, but also the well-being of the environment.

Environmental impact

Due to this, one of the initial things you have to think about is the impact a specific refrigerant will have on the environment. What do we mean by this? Well, first of all, there is the ozone depleting potential. Obviously, here we are talking about the destruction of the ozone layer.  Considering that we have been using refrigerants for over 100 years, it is not necessary to specify that the technology has changed a lot and that these have been upgraded over the years. However, keep in mind that this process is still occurring, meaning that you should also regularly upgrade your AC system and all of its components.

Going back to the environmental impact of this compound, we cannot forget about its contribution to global warming. As you know, this is a significant issue, and your air conditioning can be contributing factor if you don’t do something about it. If you have already made so many changes, what’s one more?


Safety is the next thing you have to consider. You must ensure that the chosen refrigerant is safe and that you won’t have to worry about the functioning of the AC system. Installing it can be pretty expensive, so you have to go with a compound that won’t shorten its life cycle.

Therefore, you have to find a refrigerant that is safe to handle, install, transport, and that can even be recycled. In addition, you have to investigate how flammable and toxic it is. Now, the trick is that there are some refrigerant options that aren’t flammable and toxic, but their environmental impact is also very bad. When choosing one, you have to find the right balance.

Energy efficiency

Naturally, the consumption of energy is one of the crucial things you have to consider when choosing a refrigerant. The AC system can greatly increase your household’s energy bill. You probably use it throughout the entire year to cool your house down during hot summer months but also to warm it during the winter. As you can assume by now, the proper refrigerant is one way to keep it in control. This becomes even more significant if you live in an area where the weather can be really harsh.


Finally, you have to think about the overall cost. Yes, choosing the best refrigerant is important both for your safety and experience as well as the environment, but still, this doesn’t mean that you should go with something you cannot afford. Here, we are not talking only about the price of the product but also the additional cost. Can it be recycled? Is it easy to maintain? Will it save you money on repairs? Is it energy efficient, that is, does it decrease the energy consumption and your monthly bills? If you are unsure how much money you should invest, our advice is to investigate some popular choices first, learn about their prices, and then come up with a budget accordingly.

What is R-32?

Simply put, if you are interested in investing in a top-notch refrigerant, R-32 is the way to go. The main goal of the company that developed it, Daikin, was to create something that will take the AC technology a step further. This product has been quickly adopted in some parts of the world, and its expansion to other countries is expected to occur soon.

The best part is that you can easily update your current AC system and introduce this refrigerant to it. However, keep in mind that you first have to check with the professional whether your system supports it, and you can learn more about the requirements on

Why should you make this investment?

As already stated, we will tell you about the benefits of using R-32, and here are some of them. First things first, it isn’t as toxic and flammable as some of the previously developed products, which means that you won’t have to worry about the safety of your property and family. When it comes to flammability, according to International Standards, there are four categories, and R-32 falls under Class 2. In a nutshell, it means that this product will not explode even if ignited.

Next, there is a matter of environmental impact. Furthermore, this refrigerant has zero ozone depletion potential, which makes it the best alternative to currently used products. When it comes to global warming, its potential is 675.  For instance, the GWP of R-22 is 1,810, while the one of R-410A is 2,090. You have to admit that this is a significant improvement.

In addition, it is also energy-efficient since its effect is 1.5 times higher than the other alternatives. It means that it uses volume per kW. Hence, its energy consumption is significantly lower, so it will decrease your monthly bill and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Since it is gas, it is pretty simple to handle, install, and maintain, even though this should only be done by professionals. Finally, this product is fairly affordable, meaning that you won’t have to spend too much on purchasing, and it is widely available, so you will easily find a company to install and maintain it regularly.

How much does it cost to get new windows and doors in Canada?

When you are about to get new windows or doors, it is always a smart move to do some research to ensure that you are getting reasonable quotes for the products you need. New windows should not only fit your design and look nice but be energy-efficient and installed correctly. Replacing your old windows and doors is usually not a spontaneous idea but rather a necessity since your current units might no longer be safe, energy-efficient or look modern.

When doing market research, you will come across different products at different prices, with cheaper ones looking like a go-to opportunity. But windows and doors of poor quality can end up bringing you more troubles than savings.

That is why our team has conducted proper research and contacted Ecoline, a window and door installation company, to educate you on how to choose the best products for your residence and what affects the final price of windows & doors in Canada.

What influences the windows & doors prices?

When shopping for new windows and doors for your home, you should know that those products are pricey and usually considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime investment. But anyways, the prices really differ based on many factors.


Window and door style directly affects how much your new unit will cost. When it comes to windows the most popular options are:

  • Crank Windows

Both awning and casement windows are known as crank windows.

Opening in and out like a door and operating with a crank, their key benefits are excellent ventilation and energy efficiency. These windows are superb for hard-to-reach or areas since they’re easier to open and require low maintenance.

  • Single of double-hung

Single-hung windows has one single operable lower sash. Double-hung alternative offers two sashes to move up and down. They are a great addition to any style of home. However, they are incredibly popular with retrofits and make-over for older houses.

  • Sliding Windows

Sliders are windows that move on trackers from left to right or vice versa. They have a large glass area and provide good ventilation and natural light to your space. They are usually used instead of doors to the garden since they do not occupy extra space.

  • Picture

These windows are fixed, meaning they can’t be opened. They are usually big and have the most glass area that lets in extra natural light and provides an unobstructed view. That is the main reason why the price tag for this style is higher compared to other windows. In addition, do remember that picture windows do not offer ventilation.

  • Patio doors

Patio doors can be of different types, but the most popular ones are sliding patio and French. While a sliding patio is similar to slider windows and opens horizontally along a track, a French door consists of two doors that pivot on hinges installed on opposite sides of the door framing. Both provide good ventilation and natural light inside your space.

Below you can find a table with a typical price range for new windows and doors by style in different Canada regions.

Awning, $ Casement, $ Patio, $ Picture, $ Single Hung, $ Sliding windows, $
Calgary 432 – 1428 328 – 1998 1204 – 6625 201 – 2932 95 – 2115 324 – 2894
Ottawa 493 – 1161 523 – 953 1704 – 3368 355 – 2088 541 – 1093 328 – 1637
Edmonton 310 – 1518 431 – 1304 1519 – 4452 270 – 2291 453 -1658 275 – 2327
Regina 491 – 1305 554 -1111 1197 – 4155 276 – 2021 429 – 1071 448 – 1194
Winnipeg 418 – 1464 477 – 1614 1499 – 7037 279 – 2898 482 – 1930 408 – 2215
Saskatoon 419 – 1471 407 – 1196 869 – 7623 288 – 2291 408 – 1254 401 – 1697
Vancouver 494 – 1199 444 – 2116 1395 – 4875 210 – 2231 305 – 1429 391 – 1724


The frame material you select will significantly influence the final price of your windows and doors. While you can find different options here, the most common materials chosen by Canadian homeowners are vinyl and wood.

Wood is considered to be the most expensive material, but it is durable and will serve you the longest when appropriately maintained.

When it comes to vinyl, it is the middle ground. It is much cheaper, requires low maintenance and can be painted as you wish to complement your design.


The one essential component of all windows is glass. However, not all glazing is equal. For instance, you can go with two or three panes of glass, get special coatings that reflect sunlight and heat, choose different insulation, etc. All of these components demand their unique processes while being manufactured. As a rule, the more value-added features the glass has – like improved insulation value or better thermal performance – the more significant and pricier the manufacturing process is, the more valuable the glass.

Finally, this makes your products cost more. However, while you can customize your glazing and window overall, always make sure to buy Energy Star-rated products. This ensures even the basic window and door will be energy-efficient and long-lasting. And of course, Energy Star partners, such as Ecoline Windows, are considered to be the best ones to deal with.

If you are not sure whether you need double or triple pane windows, you can always contact local experts to seek some advice but be sure to analyze your climate zone and heating bills. Triple pane windows are usually 10-15% more expensive, but it might be so that you just do not need to invest that extra.

Customization and configuration

While all the discussed above makes the core price, you should also consider some add-ons that also affect your final cost in a way. This might include:

  • Hardware – cranks, custom security bars, locks
  • Paintings – custom painted windows and doors are usually cost more but fit your design
  • Post-installation window tinting or fade-resistant UV protection
  • Extra-large windows and custom sizes

Make sure to select the configuration you need and have the budget for it. For example, if you live in a zone with harsh weather, sometimes it would be prudent to save some on design but get triple windows instead.

Choose a Reliable Installer

Well, even if you have decided on the style, material, size and final configuration of your new windows and doors, getting them installed properly is vital. For this, you have to make sure you deal with a reliable window company that will do its best to meet your expectations and install everything according to the law. Before signing and installation contract:

  • Check whether a chosen company is reputable and has previous successful installation projects on its portfolio similar to yours. For this, go and check reviews online, look at pics “before and after,” and ask your close circle if they have heard or dealt with the company before.
  • Make sure a company offers Energy Star-rated, and NGRC/NAFS-11 tested products. This guarantees that you will have no issues with your new windows and doors, saving on energy bills in the long run.
  • Deal only with a company that follows CSA guidelines and your local building codes. This ensures the installation will be completed according to the local law, and you won’t get into trouble later on.

Epoxy Resin: What It Is, What It Does, and How to Use It

Epoxy resins are the most common of all of the thermoset polymer systems. They are adhesives, laminating resins, coatings for grinding wheels, fire-retardant coatings, and insulating materials. In this article, we will examine what epoxy resins are and how they work, especially as adhesives. We will also look at some of their other uses in other applications, such as laminating and coating materials. Finally, we will look at how you can apply them to get the best results.

Epoxy resins are thermosetting resins, meaning that they undergo a chemical change when heated. They cure (harden) by reacting with a second chemical, usually a curing agent or hardener, to form a thermoset polymer. Epoxy resin is used in both solid and liquid forms. Solid epoxy is often referred to as novolak resin because the first epoxy resin was named Novolac after its inventor, A. Novolac (or Adolph von Baeyer).

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What is an epoxy resin made of?


Epoxy resins are usually made from three essential components: a resin, an epihalohydrin, and a hardener. The wax is the base part of the epoxy. It is often called glycidyl-containing compounds, meaning that it includes one or more chemical groups called glycidyl groups responsible for the cross-linking (or curing) properties of the epoxy.

Epihalohydrins are chemicals that react with the epoxy resin to form cross-links during curing. Epihalohydrins are also called epoxide compounds, epoxy resins, and glycidyl ethers.

A hardener is an agent that speeds up the curing of the epoxy resin.

Epoxy resins are used in both liquid and solid forms. Solids are often preferred because they do not evaporate or degrade as much as liquids do over time and because they are generally less expensive to make. Both types, however, can be used for similar purposes.

Epoxy resins are available in a wide range of viscosities, from super-thin liquids down to solid blocks. The epoxy can be mixed with other materials before curing to make it stronger, tougher, or more flexible when cured. When used as an adhesive, it can be mixed with other substances to form weak bonds or stronger bonds that are resistant to heat, water, and chemicals.

How to use epoxy resin


Epoxy resin is used in many different ways. It can be used as an adhesive, a coating, or laminating material, and as a filler for epoxy putty. One of the most common uses is to use it as an adhesive to join surfaces together. This is done by mixing the epoxy resin with particles (fibers, flakes) of other materials like wood, glass, fabrics, or metal or by mixing it with other chemicals (additives) that make the bond stronger or more flexible. Epoxy resin can also be used as a protective coating or coating for things like lenses.

Epoxy resin typically comes as a two-part system, with one part being an epoxy resin and the other part being a hardener. Using this two-part system allows you to control the amount of hardener that is added to the epoxy, which in turn gives you more control over how quickly or slowly it will develop strength and cure. Epoxy resins can also be purchased with all three components mixed together, such as some epoxy putties.

Curing time with epoxy resin varies depending on the hardener used and the use of any additives. For example, it may take 24 hours to cure for some laminating applications, while it may take a few hours for other uses. It is often not enough to just mix epoxy resin and hardener together to get good results.

How epoxy resin works

Any discussion about epoxy resin must include a discussion of curing agents. A curing agent is any substance that reacts with epoxy to form a harder, more durable material.

Curing agents are often called catalysts or accelerators. They work by speeding up the reaction between epoxy and hardener. Two of the most common curing agents for epoxy resins are amines and amides (from ammonia or organic compounds with one or more amino groups).

There are two stages of curing for epoxy resins. The first stage, known as the initiation stage, is when the epoxy and hardener start to react with each other. If this reaction doesn’t go very far, then before long, all of the ingredients have been used up, and nothing else happens. With faster hardeners, or with a large excess of hardener, this stage can happen very quickly, and then the material becomes useless as it won’t be able to cure further.

What epoxy resin be used outdoors?

Epoxy resins do not typically have a good UV resistance. If the resin is exposed to sunlight, then it will break down, and the strength of the bond will be compromised. The resin may also break down and lose its toughness if exposed to moisture or if it stays wet for an extended period of time.

For applications where UV resistance is important, it may be possible to buy an epoxy formulated with a UV inhibitor, but this is not always available (or easy to find).

Epoxy resin is an ideal product for industrial applications as it is heat and chemical resistant. It can be used to make products such as fiberglass, various plastics, or even hard casts. Epoxy resins are available in a wide variety of viscosities, from liquid to solid form. They vary in their cure times depending on the hardener used and other additives that may be added. They are available in two-part systems, and they can also be purchased as one part epoxy putty that does not require mixing before use.

Tips & Tricks: How to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Many people believe that having a luxurious-looking home is out of their reach. After all, luxury implies fancy couches that cost like your entire house, fluffy rugs that have been hand-made from the finest wool in the world, or chandeliers that were previously hanging in someone’s castle. But is this really true? If you take a closer look at those luxurious homes you see every day on Instagram and really pay attention to tiny details, you will see that nothing in those homes looks especially expensive or fancy when taken out of the picture. However, all those items together create the ‘wow’ effect. You see, there is really no need to spend a fortune on things. In fact, you can buy things on garage sales and in thrift stores and still have a luxurious home. It is all just a trick, really, where with some lighting effects and some strategically placed items you turn your ordinary home into a fabulous place. If you are interested in making your home look luxurious without breaking the bank, here are a couple of tips that will come in handy.

Incorporate high-end materials into your living space where you can

Again, this doesn’t mean you have to buy crystal chandeliers or get marble countertops. Materials that scream ‘luxury’ such as real leather, marble, antique gold, or solid wood can be found anywhere from high-end stores to yard sales. Check out online ads and you will surely find some cheap items made from amazing materials. For example, you could find an old tarnished mirror with an antique gold frame someone wants to throw out and buy it for a couple of bucks. Keep the frame, get a new mirror and you have yourself a luxurious piece for your foyer.

Use lighting to your advantage

If you have just one light fixture on the ceiling you use to light up the room, don’t be surprised if your living space looks kind of bland. Lighting can be your best friend if you know how to use it. With overhead lighting, even the most luxurious places can seem cold, uninviting, and sterile. However, with lamps that are spread around a room you can create a welcoming ambiance.

Use bookshelves for more than books

Even if you have a lot of books, your living room doesn’t have to feel like a library! Break those lines of books with framed photos, fancy bookends, or interesting trinkets. Plants in ceramic planters are also a good option!

Go big with art

Tiny pictures on a large wall can look like they are floating in space. If you decide to create a gallery wall only with small frames, that area will look cluttered and chaotic, and not in a good, artsy way. Therefore, if you have a photo you like print it in a larger format. If that is not an option, get a mat for your 8×10 photo and put it in a 16×20 frame. It will instantly look more expensive and make a big impact, even if it just a photo you printed from your computer.

Stick to neutrals

When it comes to items you can’t really change on a whim, such as your sofa, kitchen cabinets, your wall colors, and light fixtures, go neutral. Then you will be able to use accents and accessories to play with colors, textures, and patterns. Items such as cushions, drapes, vases, and even rugs can be easily changed to transform the entire look of a room, and you won’t have to spend a lot.

Play with metals

Interesting accent pieces with a touch of pizzazz go a long way. A mirrored tray, a silver figurine, or a brass candlestick can add some glamour to your living space. You can also get interesting carved skulls with a metallic finish for your walls. If that sounds like something you would like, you can read more here about these Balinese art pieces. If you wish to save some money, you can always find some items in your décor stash that you can spray paint. With copper spray paint you can turn even the most ordinary plastic pieces into designer-y items. Place a candle near your shiny objects so that light bounces off of them, and your interior will look like a million bucks. Speaking of candles…

Bring candlelight into your room

A vanilla-scented candle will not only add a touch of luxury to your place but will also make it smell amazing. Candles have a soothing effect, so make sure you light one on your coffee table while you are watching your favorite show at the end of the day, or on your countertop while you are making dinner.

Use fancy towels every day

Maybe those old, dingy towels are practical and you won’t suffer if something happens to them, but pale whites and bleach-stained colors can make your bathroom look dirty and cheap. Why do you think that hotel bathrooms look so fancy? Just look at their towels! Therefore, proudly display crisp white, fluffy towels like you are waiting for important guests. By using these every day not only will your bathroom feel more luxurious, but you will feel better as well wrapped up in those fluffy towels.

Add drama with high contrast

If you want your place to look dramatic and way more glamorous, experiment with high contrasts. Dark, navy walls and white furniture go amazingly well, but if you don’t want to paint the whole walls, you can just paint your plain, white doors into a darker color. This is an inexpensive makeover trick and your bathroom or your laundry room can look much more vibrant because of it. With high contrast, you can add something chic to every room.

Use fresh flowers wherever you can

An elegant vase and freshly cut flowers can do wonders for your home. If you have flower bushes in your back yard, every few days go outside and snip some flowers to stick in a vase. Keep in mind that flowers don’t only have to be displayed on your coffee table in the living room or your dining room table. Instead, place them in your bathroom, kitchen, or on your nightstand for those extra luxury points.

Use these tricks and turn your ordinary place into luxurious heaven.