4 Reasons Military Style Clothing is Perfect for Hunting

For centuries now, hunting is the sport many people enjoy, no matter if it is for that adrenaline rush, because of the community or friendship, or to wear clothes similar to those soldiers wear in the army. For some, it is a matter of prestige, a for many years, important people, like kings, presidents, prime ministers, chancellor, etc., gathered and made various deals and agreements while hunting. All in all, hunting is a part of our society, and just like there is an outfit we immediately associate with police officers or soldiers, it is the same thing for hunters. Although one can choose many hunting jackets or shirts, one clothing style is, for many, a favorite one, and rightfully so, and yes, we are talking about military-style clothing. There are many reasons why even those who are not fond of hunting buy these clothes, but those who are fond, often wonder about the benefits and what makes this style so unique? Well, let’s have a look at some facts and reasons why military-style clothing is perfect for hunting.

1. A perfect camouflage


Military uniforms have specific colors and patterns because of one reason, the soldiers shouldn’t be seen by the enemies, and they should perfectly fit into nature. The same thing is with hunters because they don’t want animals to see them and run away. Of course, these two are pretty different, but the meaning is the same, and the better you fit with the surroundings, the better the chances not to scare the prey. Because of that, the perfect camouflage is crucial, and there is no better camouflage than military-style clothing, as their design is primarily for that, to make you operate unnoticed. But, there are two sides of every coin, and on that other side, good camouflage may be the main reason for accidents because, if the animals can’t see the hunter, it is almost certain that the others will not notice them too. Because of that, it is of utmost importance to wear the fluorescent vest over everything, so the other hunters can see you before it is too late. Safety is more important than anything else, and proper clothing can save your life in the woods, so never go hunting unprepared. There is no need to worry that fluorescent vests will scare off the animals because many of them have poor color vision, as their vision is black and white. On the other hand, others can easily see that color, even on a rainy day or when there is a fog, meaning that they will know in which direction to avoid shooting.

2. Better quality


Military-style clothing made particularly for hunting usually is of top quality materials. Namely, this clothing is made to withstand even the most demanding weather conditions, which makes them ideal for any purpose. The army uses the best materials for their soldiers because they need to be prepared for all weather conditions, and the hunting clothing companies try to use the same materials for the hunters. The people who are passionate about this sport are outside all the time, no matters if it is raining or snowing, so the clothing needs to be adjusted to withstand any condition. Just like every hunter needs to be prepared for everything, the same goes for their equipment. Because of all that, it is not cheap to buy a good outfit, and the other problem is that you need to have more pairs because you cannot go outside in the same clothes in summer and winter. Also, proper clothing can protect you from accidents and, what’s even more relevant, save your health during severe weather conditions. Many people try to save some money by buying cheaper outfits, but that is never a good idea because when hunting, even the tiniest mistake, the smallest wardrobe malfunction, can have terrible consequences. All the more reason why buying the best quality clothing should be the first thing to think about, and luckily, there are many trustworthy companies and websites that offer not just affordable but military-style clothing of high quality. Read more if you need further info on quality camouflage clothing.

3. A sense of community due to wearing a uniform


We all like to get to know someone and be friends with people who have a similar view on life, similar hobbies, and almost every person likes to feel accepted and to have some community they belong to and speaking about hunters, all that is even more expressed. They usually buy the same equipment as their best friend, or at least the same hat, and they have groups for hunting that look a lot like a family. In many situations, wearing a uniform can give us a sense of community and also a sense of power, so military uniforms are the best for those who want to feel that way. It may be one of the reasons why hunters gladly wear it, besides the fact that military-style clothes are all about natural colors, and the hunters are closely connected with nature. That sense of community has a positive effect on everybody’s self-esteem, and it can help in any situation when a person feels alone or depressed and what better way to get all that than to buy military camouflage clothing.

4. Vast offer


We already mentioned weather conditions as a significant factor, and when buying your camo outfit, there are certain aspects to cover. One of the most important things is to get the ideal clothing for the specific period of the year you plan to hunt. Insulated jackets for winter and lightweight shirts and pants for the summer are just some of the things to take into consideration when shopping for a hunting outfit. And what makes military camo clothing so great is that one can easily find matching shirts, jackets, pants, hats, etc., to better blend with the surroundings. It means that those who decide to go with military camo clothing will wear clothes made of high-grade materials and get the perfect outfit that matches the hunting terrain.

5 Things to do if you Get Lost Hiking

Physical activity is associated with many healthy benefits , needed for everyone regardless of their health issues .We don’t have to be diagnosed with something that obligates us to change our habits and be forced to increase our physical activity.

Hiking/walking is a perfect way of improving and enhancing our wellbeing.

It helps to reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, improves control over healthy weight and it can lead to increasing our flexibility and coordination.

Practicing hiking with family and friends will enrich our relationships and maintain a better quality life!


No one ever wants and intends to get lost. However , it could happen and it is in our hands to take all of the necessary precautions to avoid it.

Before you start your journey ,make sure to inform someone about where exactly you will be hiking ,what time should you start and all of the details of your trip plan.

There are a few things that you can do if your ever find yourself in a situation like this:

1. Call for help

Reaching to first responders is the first thing you should do. Trying to find out where your exact location is on the map, will be helpful as well.

This website offers a quick solution for similar situations. You can easily check your current location and the correct coordinates .

The authorities always check and rely on the coordinates, in order to act fast and to arrive at the right destination  where they are needed.

In this kind of situation, it is good if you can keep your phone on airplane mode , just to save your remaining battery in case you need to use it several times more.

Once you reach for help, you should remain in the same place you reported and wait patiently. If you move, researchers will have to search for a moving target and it will definitely prolong the rescue for quite some time.


2. Be noticeable

Staying in the same place will help, but you should also make sure to make yourself visible and easy to notice. Another thing that helps here is to be audible and detectable.

Wearing bright clothes, making different whistle sounds and trying to make yourself look bigger and easy to notice, will definitely shorten the time of you being lost .

3. Look and listen

The important thing here is to be observant  of everything around you.

You should check the surrounding area. Look for near campsites ,food wrappers or bottles and look for the trail. It could lead you to the way where they went.

That can also mean that you are near to a road that can lead you out or a logging camp which can provide you emergency shelter.

Try to listen very carefully! Stop for a second and listen to every sound. A well traveled road can be nearby,  so try to catch as much as you can.

Look for trails. They are very often marked with signs at intersections.


4. Take care of yourself

Find a place that is going to be a shelter for the time being.

If cold , start a small fire to warm up. This will also be a smoke signal which is easily detectable. Wear extra clothes to prevent hypothermia.

Make sure to take the time for rest.

Save your energy and don’t wait for the tiredness to kick in. If you ignore your body, your pain can get worse and you will feel exhausted even more.

While resting, take something to eat to maintain some level of energy.

Try to stay hydrated as well and drink water. If you don’t have plenty of water, drink enough to avoid dehydration.

5. Stay calm

Our mind and thoughts can be controlling a lot , especially in tough situations like being lost.

Make sure to take deep breaths and try to remain calm. Yes, it will be difficult but it will save you both nerves and energy.

You might experience anxiety and panic attacks, but it is normal to feel like that when you get stuck in such moments. Try not to let anxiety cloud your thinking, as you will need a clear mind to overcome that obstacle.

Remember , it all depends from our thoughts what kind of a life we will lead.

Think positively and believe that in the end, everything will turn out just fine.

Getting lost while hiking can be overwhelming and scary, but it is up to us how to prevent that from happening or how to act if it happens.

Pre-planning before going on a hike is a must. Informing others where the hike is, no matter  if you are hiking on your own or with someone else, is definitely a good precaution.

Try to print them the trail you will be following and make sure to leave one copy in your vehicle , just in case .

Make sure to leave prepared .That means that you should have enough food and beverages , a proper gear specifically for hiking and make sure to dress for the conditions.

Find hiking lovers as buddies. It will be much funnier and safer, that being on your own.

Do your research on the trail you chose for the day. How far is it, how much time you will need to get to a certain point or to finish it and at the end , try to pick an easier hike according to your abilities .

Check the weather conditions. You will be sure what kind of clothes to bring and to be prepared. It would be a shame if you get to the middle and not be able to continue if there is snow.


To sum up, hiking can be one hell of an adventure so make sure to be prepared.

Pack your essentials, prepare a plan, choose your hike friends and try to avoid getting lost.

In the end if it happens , you will be able to see what you are capable of and how to handle tough situations!