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Henry VIII Wives – Who were the Women he married?

Henry VIII’s wives, one of the most interesting periods of English history. He is one of most well known monarchs of England, charismatic and extravagant. He ruled for almost 39 years, and introduced radical changes to the English constitution and expansion of royal power. He is perhaps best known for the at the time controversial… Keep Reading


Mystery of Oak Island – What Secrets does the Island Hold?

The Oak Island mystery is a set to stories about hidden and buried treasures, artifacts and unexplained objects on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, one of Canadian Provinces. There have been many different attempts since the 19th century to find and retrieve treasure and artifacts. Although there are many different theories and possible connections to… Keep Reading


Roman Gods and Goddesses – Mythology You Should Know

Usually, when we think of mythology, Greek mythology comes to mind. The Greeks influenced other cultures including the Romans and their empire which stretched across Europe, parts of Asia and northern Africa. Roman Gods aren’t as famous as the Greek and people nowadays don’t know much about them. However, they are just as powerful and… Keep Reading


Greek and Roman Gods: What is the Difference?

You might be familiar with Greek Gods more than with Roman Gods, but both of these mythologies often have the same Gods but with different names. The main reason behind this is the fact that most of the Roman Gods are borrowed from Greek mythology. If you want to know more about the difference between… Keep Reading


15 Lesser Known Facts About Oak Island

Oak Island is a reality TV show that is all about finding a hidden treasure that is supposedly located somewhere on the island. Here are some things might not have known about Oak Island. 1. It wasn’t easy acquiring an archaeologist that is an expert on the show There has been a lot of skepticism… Keep Reading


The Knights Templar’s History And Symbols

During the Crusades, biggest series of religious wars, the Knights Templar had many symbols that represented them. Since it all was nine centuries ago, it is hard to find relics, but we still have the knowledge about those symbols and what they meant back then. We made a list of the most significant ones, so… Keep Reading


Founding Fathers – Button Gwinnett

Born in England in the parish of Down Hatherley in the county of Gloucestershire in 1735, Button Gwinnett came to America in 1762. By then he was married to Ann Bourne, whom he met in Wolverhampton while working as a merchant in that town. At first, Gwinnett traveled between Newfoundland and Jamaica conduction his business.… Keep Reading


The F-23 Fighter: The American Super Plane That Never Was

In 1991, the Pentagon chose YF-22 as the winner of the Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) competition, even though there are people claiming to this day that its main competitor YF-23 was a better aircraft at the moment. YF-22 was more maneuverable, but YF-23 has superior supercruising speed even with Pratt & Whitney YF-119 engines. When… Keep Reading


Russian Tu-22M3 Scares the World

One of the best planes in the Russian air force is the Tu-22M3. It has been patrolling the skies from Japan to Europe and dropping bombs over Syria. The airplane has been upgraded, and it is now able to fire new Air-Launched Cruise Missiles, but some of the upgrades might change the way Tu is… Keep Reading

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