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Hitler Quotes About World War TwoThat Give A Glimpse into His Mind

Adolf Hitler, the most reviled and notorious figures and dictators of the 20th century, was well-known for some of the most persuasive speeches. Hitler’s speeches were so impressive that he was considered to be a gifted speaker.
Hitler’s style of speech-making was believed to be not only enthusiastic but also truly energetic. His speeches are characterized by clarity and simplicity of expression, irrefutable logical reasoning, and razor-sharp dialectic. He was able to reach into people’s souls in a way which never remains unanswered. He used his style of speaking and his speeches to spread his controversial populism and make the crowd irritated and angry about his enemies.
After the First World War, the German society was in a state of resentment and fear. Thus, he used populist themes when giving speeches in order to add to the insecurity and increase it. As a matter of fact, his speeches had a hypnotic effect on the crowd.
Hence, we hand-picked some of the most powerful Hitler quotes about World War Two which can give you a glimpse into his mind and complicated personality.

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The Story of Oak Island’s Treasure

There have been many theories about the secrets about Oak Island, and one of the most popular is the hidden treasure of Nova Scotia. There have only been the theories about this, but no one has ever claimed to have found it. Who has hidden it? We will try to enlist all the “parties” that are mentioned and connected to the buried treasure. We should mention that the mere theories of the hidden treasure can give us the clue about the things and history that happened on and around this island since many people wanted to claim the treasure.


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Throughout the course of history, Oak Island has been frequently visited by the pirates due to its position and this is the reason why the theory about the hidden pirate treasure is among the most common ones. They have stayed here and they have even been reported to leave their treasure here and come back for it. It is also known that two pirates, Captain James Anderson, and Captain Kidd actually lived there and that they even buried the treasure on the island. More precisely, Lot 26 was inhabited by Captain James Anderson. Apart from these two, it is also believed that Blackbeard was the one who buried the treasure.

Knights Templar

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They are surrounded by veils of mysteries and various theories around the globe, so, it is not strange to mention them her as well. The reason for this is the finding of various symbols connected to them, and they have been known to travel to this part of the world, i.e. North America so that they would conceal some religious artifacts.

Marie Antoinette

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It may seem a bit strange, but there is even a theory that the famous jewels of Marie Antoinette are buried somewhere on the island. The theory is that the lady-in-waiting got the jewels from the last Queen of France and buried them here.

Type of Treasure?

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It has been speculated for a long time about the type of treasure buried on the island. So, what treasure lies there? Some people think that the biggest possibility for the treasure is that those are the jewels of Marie Antoinette, who wanted to hide them from the revolutionaries due to their splendor, and the fact that they famously disappeared after the Revolution goes in favor of this. On the other hand, some people speculate that even the Holy Grail, may be hidden there and that the Knights Templar has hidden it somewhere on the Island, or even in the Money Pit. Furthermore, the theory is that the Knights of Templar have even buried the Ark of Covenant on the island. One theory even proposes that even Shakespeare’s manuscripts are placed on the island. These are important since there are various theories about Shakespeare’s identity and that it was Sir Francis Bacon who wrote them in the 16th century.

The British & Pirate

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The two most common theories about the type of treasure claim it to be the British one that was originally taken in Havana, Cuba, in 1762 and placed so that they are protected against the American Revolutionaries. Another is that Captain Kidd buried vast treasure here in the 17th century. The pirate treasure is one of the most common theories and the discovered stone in the 19th century just favors this theory.


These are all theories so far, but, no one has ever found any tangible clue and evidence regarding the treasure that is allegedly buried on Oak Island.

‘The Curse of Oak Island: The Story of the World’s Longest Treasure Hunt’ Book Review


Everyone knows the book or the TV series on History channel The Curse of Oak Island: The Story of the World’s Longest Treasure Hunt. The book is written by Randall Sullivan and follows the story of the expedition search for buried treasure. The search takes place on a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia. This TV series is one of the most popular TV shows nowadays and the creators are airing the sixth season at the moment.

The plot in series follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, and their partner Craig Tester on a small island where they search for treasure. The other members of the team are Dan and Dave Blankenship, a father and son. Dan Blankenship lives and searches for treasure since the 1980s.

Every girl or a boy who read a story about this treasure hunt was fascinated by the descriptions of the island. “Money Pit” is an all-time mystery.

In the book long story short goes like this; the plot is put in the 1970s and the main character Daniel McGinnis paddle across Mahone Bay to Oak Island. When he gets there, he finds a very old wooden pulley hanging from a branch of an oak tree above. Immediately his thoughts turned to treasure, so he calls up the help of two friends. Three friends dig the whole area and found wooden platforms at 30 feet. Later other searchers and treasure hunters continue their work at the same excavation place. At 90 feet, they find one more platform and a stone with unknown symbols.

When they excavate the stones, the pit flooded with water, and the tunnels have blocked every attempt to salvage.
Many interesting stories are related to this island, and they are all mystic and magical at some point. Some of the public thinks it is a hiding place for the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, and the original works of William Shakespeare, Mayan or Incan gold, and pirate treasure. The whole Oak Island is dug up for the past 200 years, and we do not know for sure where Money Pit is.


Some of the people think that the treasure is near a stone formation called Nolan’s Cross. Fred Nolan was the man who lived on the island for 50.

Author of the book Randall Sullivan says that something must be hidden in the ground in that island. We think so too, but no one shows the items of the search. Rumor has it that McGinnis and his friend excavate three chests of the rare treasure on Oak Island. Also, there is a story about the slave who finds a treasure too when moving to Oak Island to live.

Randall Sullivan, the creator of the brilliant book, was a guest star in a few episodes of the TV show because he had written a Rolling Stone article about Oak Island in 2003. That was good enough for producers to invest in book research. In the book you may find, skeptical history, and all kinds of theories. His book gives you possible solutions of the hidden treasure.


Everyone who has read this adventure says that they did not want to end the reading.

One of the favorite Sullivan`s theory is that Francis Bacon had the most information about this mysterious island, and for those who did not know some of the public thinks that he was the actual author of Shakespeare’s plays. He believes that because one of Bacon manuscript describes very detailed how to turn an island into a vault with flood tunnels.

And of course like every mystery this also has a curse. Sullivan believes it’s true because six men have died when they try to talk about the island’s secrets. Many of the researches think that the curse is related to the gate to hell. Fascinating story.

Smith’s Cove: A Closer Look at One of the Most Photogenic Vistas on Oak Island

The 57-hectare privately owned island in Lunenburg County, Oak Island is located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. What made this island incredibly popular are the theories about possible buries artifacts and treasure.

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Explorations and excavations on the island started in the 1850s. There are several areas of interest on Oak Island, including, Nolan’s Cross, Money Pit, a triangle-shaped swamp, and the beach at Smith’s Cove. Let’s take a closer look at the latter area.

Smith’s Cove became an area of interest in 1965 when Robert Dunfield claimed that the Money Pit was flooding. He believed that the source of the flood is the beach at Smith’s Cove. Even though this was only a personal belief, other treasure hunters immediately adopted the idea.

In 1971, Triton Company started excavations in the area and discovered matted organic material, an unusual antique wooden box, the remains of a ruler or framing square, and a wrought iron caulking tool. However, the reliability of these artifacts is questionable as they were discovered in a treasure hunt,not by an archaeological dig.

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It has been discovered that Smith’s Cove and the Money Pit aren’t connected via a drainage system. However, the question of why there are man-made structures there remained. It has been suggested that they occurred with the production of salt from seawater. As a result, there is an artificial beach created by the cofferdam on Smith’s Cove. In 1850, a subterranean waterway was found in the area.

img source: oakislandtreasure.co.uk

As Oak Island became a treasure hunters’ paradise, it is believed that all actual archaeology was distorted and it’s beyond recovery.

Smith’s Cove and its man-made beach, which was built as part of the elaborate flood-tunnel booby trap, is one of the most photogenic vistas on Oak Island.

The team of The Curse of Oak Island, which is a television series, discovered a Medieval cross in the mud around rocks in Smith’s Cove. This cross is believed to prove that the Knights Templar visited Nova Scotia.

Operation Overlord: What Happened And How Successful Everything Was

Operation Overlord, best know as D-Day, occurred on 6th June 1944. On that day, Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy in Nazi-occupied France, and Allies managed to foothold the French coastline.

Operation Overlord In Numbers

132,000 Allied forces had landed in France, and more than 2 million were shipped there, including a total of 39 divisions. 139 major warships, 221 smaller combat vessels, more than 1000 minesweepers and auxiliary vessels, 4,000 landing craft, 805 merchant ships, 59 blockships and 300 miscellaneous small cratf, took part in this important operation. The operation also included 350,000 members of the French Resistance, and Eleven thousand aircraft, such as fighters, bombers, transports and gliders.

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How The D-Day Unwinded

As it is known, the operation began somewhere around midnight. The US 82nd and 101st of the American forces, and Britain’s 6th Airbone, attacked enemies. Also, five of Normandy beaches with their codenames Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah, were overflowed by seaborne forces. Sword was landed by British 3rd Infantry Division, while the British 50th Infantry Division took Gold beach. Juno was landed by the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division, and Utah and Omaha by American forces, including the US 4th and 1st Infantry Divisions.

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How Successful The Operation Overlord Was

The operation had mixed results. Utah was taken by US troops, but Ohama was where they failed. British and Canadian troops managed to play a successful operation, and then they moved toward Bayeun and Caen. Similar was on Sword.
Operation Overlord was the beginning of the liberation of western Europe from Nazi control, but the price for it was big. Around 10.500 Allied troops died, were wounded or reported missing in the operation. Yet, D-day is considered to be ultimately successful.

6 US Presidents With Most Corrupt Cabinets (Compared To Donald Trump’s)


Politics has always been a nasty piece of business and throughout the history of America, the presidential cabinets were corrupt to one degree or another. However, some presidents were not so lucky with the people who surrounded them and here are six US presidents with most corrupt cabinets. Also, we will draw parallels to see how this compares to the current situation and incumbent president Donald Trump.

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James Buchanan

At the onset of the Civil War, James Buchanan failed to act which only helped his corrupt cabinet. One of the most important people at the time was Secretary of the Treasury Howell Cobb who “abandoned his faith in the Union.” He assisted in the formation of the Confederate States of America and went against the US.

However, there was another member of Buchanan’s cabinet who weakened the military and he was called John B. Floyd. In the meantime, Secretary of the Interior Jacob Thompson conspired to set fire to New York. Buchanan’s cabinet was quite harmful to the US.

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Andrew Jackson

Under Jackson, the spoils system was established. It meant that government officials got jobs based on what they had done for the incoming administration. “It took decades to dismantle the spoils system that started under Jackson,” the publication explains. “And it can be argued that it’s never gone away completely.”

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Ulysses S. Grant

Despite Grant was honest and honorable, his Cabinet was quite shady. The publication reports: “A near-ceaseless flow of money from speculation and western expansion led to an epidemic of corruption.” But Grant didn’t acknowledge the problem. Instead, he “responded by stubbornly protecting those accused of graft.”
Over 100 officials that were under grant were stealing tax revenue from whiskey sales and most of the Secretaries were easily bribed.

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Warren G. Harding

Despite having a short presidency, Harding will remain remembered for a corrupt Cabinet and a large number of scandals. His Secretary of Interior Albert Fell was in prison due to the Teapot Dome scandal, which also claimed the Secretary of the Navy. Also the attorney general resigned over a “bootlegging kickback scheme.”

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Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon may as well be the most corrupt US president of all time and everybody knows that he faced impeachment after the Watergate scandal. However, his vice president Spiro Agnew was implicated in a tax evasion scheme.

But that was not all. Nixon’s CIA director conducted illegal surveillance on US journalists and plotted assassinations in Chile. And these are just the bigger ones.

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Ronald Raegan

The Raegan’s administration was quite notorious with 138 members faced investigations, indictments and convictions. People are familiar with Iran-Contra Affair. The US government led by Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger illegally sold arms to Iran. With the money gained from weapon sell, they funded Contra rebels to overthrow Nicaragua’s socialist regime.

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Donald Trump

The Washington Post says that Trump spent decades “not only manipulating the economic, legal and political systems to increase his wealth but publicly bragging about his ability to do so.” Furthermore, Trump is believed to be using his position to promote his private businesses, according to Huffington Post.

Trump promised to drain the swamp and chase away people who are not working for the benefit of the country. However, is that really the case?

Time explains, “While his Cabinet-level picks have been less traditional — a lot more billionaires and retired military officers than usual, for one thing — it’s clear that they are much more swampy as a whole than Trump pledged.”

Trump’s first mandate is not even over yet and already his administration has been plagued with scandals. After everything that has happened, will Trump get another chance to run the country?

Battle of Kursk: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union had their share of battles in WWII and the biggest tank battle took place near Kursk. It was a large-scale combat and almost the most infamous battle in the entire war. How much do you know about it? Here are 10 facts.

The Germans Attacked

Battle of Kursk started because the Germans launched the attack. It was a long battle, lasting for almost two whole months in the summer. Previously, the Red Army weakened the Germans at the Battle of Stalingrad in the winter of 1942-1943. This could be considered a counter-attack by the Germans who tried to stop the Red Army from progressing westward.

The Soviets Knew About the Attack

Thanks to the British Intelligence services, the Soviets were informed months before the attack. They knew where the attack would take place and they prepared a defensive position.

Massive Tank Battle

Approximately 6,000 tanks participated in this battle, making it one of the largest tank battles of all times. In addition, 4,000 aircraft participated wile 2 million men were on the battlefield. One of the largest attacks took place on July 12 when around 500 Soviet tanks attacked the II SS-Panzer Corps.

Casualties were large on both sides, but the Soviets prevailed.

Germans Had Powerful Tanks

The Germans had powerful tanks such as Tiger, Panther and Ferdinand. Thanks to those, Hitler thought that the Germans would prevail. These tanks had a long range and the ability to destroy enemy tanks as it was evident in the battle. Luckily, these were not found in high numbers because the Soviets had no solution for them.

Tiger Tank  WW2   img source: Wikipedia


Panther tank german ww2   img source: tanks-encyclopedia.com


Ferdinand tank german ww2   img source: YouTube


The Soviets Had Numbers

The German technology was much more advance than the Soviet which tanks couldn’t come close to the Nazi ones.
However, they created lighter and faster tanks than their enemies and focused on numbers and mobility. Eventually, it paid off.

Impenetrable Defenses

The Germans had technology and weaponry on their side, but they couldn’t penetrate through the Russian’s defenses. The Soviets had a lot of time to prepare and they spread out their defenses carefully across the battlefield, not allowing Germans to go deep into their lines.

Soviets Gained Advantage

Interestingly enough, Kursk is known for its black ground and the dust which was raised created poor visibility for Luftwaffe. Therefore, Germans couldn’t provide a much needed air support. On the other side, the Russians were stationary and they had no such issues. They could attack with less difficulty and fewer risks.

Massive Losses

The Russians sustained much more casualties than the Germans, but at this point, the tide of war is changing. Speaking of Germans, they brought a force of 780,000 men and the total number of casualties reached 200,000. Even though they attacked, they were slowed down significantly and after eight days, the attack ran out of steam.

Buried Soviet Tanks

One of the ways to find the Germans was to bury the tanks underground with only the top showing. Local Soviet Commander Nikolai Vatutin came up with the idea that worked very well. The goal was to attract the German tanks who had longer range and then destroy them.

Nikolai Vatutin img source: Pinterest

A Turning Point

The Battle of Kursk was a turning point for the Eastern front and even the war itself. Hitler was having problems in Sicily which became a priority for him and the Soviets used it to push through. After that, the Germans didn’t win any significant battle on the Eastern front. The Soviets entered Berlin in 1945.

Henry VIII’s Children and Who They Were?

You are wrong if you thought that Henry VIII had just one child. Queen Elizabeth I of England wasn’t his only child. She certainly is the most famous figure from British history, but she had siblings.

Henry VIII children were Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth. Before Elizabeth was a queen, her brother was King Edward I and her sister was Queen Mary I of England. Henry had six wives and he also had one more illegitimate child that he acknowledged, Henry Fitzroy. But many say that he had many other illegitimate children too.

Img source: biography.com

Mary Tudor

Mary was the oldest Henry’s child, and she was born in February 1516, to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. Henry loved his daughter, but she didn’t love her mother, because she hasn’t given him a male heir.

Henry wanted the marriage to be annulled because Catherine didn’t give him a male heir, and that led the Church of England to break away from the Roman Catholic Church because the Catholic church denied him that. They became Protestants, and the first Protestant archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, annulled the marriage in May 1533. Just a few days later Henry married another woman, Anne Boleyn. That year in September, Anne and Henry had a baby, Elizabeth.

Mary didn’t like Anne or Elizabeth and she didn’t want to acknowledge Elizabeth as a princess. But she was replaced by her in the line of succession, until Queen Anne was beheaded in May 1536.

Mary ruled after her brother Edward, and she was known as a ruthless queen. She wanted to restore the Roman Catholicism in England, and she ordered hundreds of Protestants to be burnt at the stake. With this behavior, she earned a nickname Bloody Mary, and that’s the nickname that most of the people know her today by.

She married Prince Philip of Spain in July 1554, but she didn’t have any children with him. She didn’t want Elizabeth to be the queen, because she was Protestant, but because she didn’t have children, she failed in preventing that. She died in November 1558, after she fell ill.

Img source: wikipedia.com

Edward Tudor

After the fiasco with Catherine Henry married Jane Seymour, and she had a son with her Edward, in October 1537. Jane was the only wife with whom she had a son, that survived.

Henry died in January 1547, and he was succeeded by Edward, who was only nine then. Edward was the first king that was raised to be Protestant, and he was very interested in religious matters. Edward’s sovereignty was not that successful, and it ended in July 1553, when he died after months of sickness.

Edward wasn’t married, and he didn’t have any children, so Mary was supposed to next in the line for the throne. But Mary was Catholic, and Edward wanted to prevent religious reformations, so he named his first cousin Lady Jane Grey as his heir. Unfortunately, that idea didn’t last long, because Lady Jane Grey was abandoned by all her supporters, and she was on the throne only for nine days. The new queen was Mary.

Img source: wikipedia.com

Elizabeth Tudor

Elizabeth is one of the most popular figures in English history, and she became the queen in 1558. She ruled for almost 50 years, and she died in March 1603. She never married, and she never had children, so she is the last monarch of the House of Tudor.

She managed to reverse her sister’s Catholic influence and to establish the Protestant church in England. One of her greatest accomplishments was the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, and that was one of the greatest military victories of England.

Her legacy and her time on the throne were so tremendous that is has a name, the Elizabethan era.