Inventions That Turned the Course of History

Every age in the history of mankind has had its inventors, whose ingenuities have changed the world in which we live today. In this article, we will introduce you to inventions that have drastically changed the world. These are inventions without which life would be unthinkable today. The Great Inventions Of Mankind From the creation

15 Lesser Known Facts about History of Education in London


Education in England has changed and developed a lot since the beginning. Right now, we are looking at one of the most promising educational hubs and the home of prestigious academic institutions like University College London and Imperial College London. However, the development of education has happened gradually throughout the years. In this article, you’ll

Chernobyl’s Real Story: How Much of it is Real of Chernobyl?

Chernobyl is becoming a worldwide hit to viewers of HBO as well as Sky because it told the story of a 1986 nuclear catastrophe. And how much of the Chernobyl TV series is a reality, with fiction. Chernobyl is now one of the most discussed TV series of the year fans were interested in knowing how

Unseen Hitler’s Photographs Kept in The United States Archives

A series of photographs of Adolph Hitler made by Heinrich Hoffmann played a crucial role in increasing his popularity in the 1920s, during his rise to power in Germany. Heinrich Hoffmann met Hitler in 1919. He became infatuated with Nazi ideology and joined the party in 1920. The next year he was named Hitler’s official

Paula Hitler – What She Said About Her Brother Adolf Hitler

On June 1st, 1960, elderly Paula Wolf passed away in her two-room apartment in a little German town of Berchtesgaden. Frau Wolf worked as a secretary for the most of her life, and there was nothing remarkable about her, except the fact that she was surrounded by former Nazi and SS members, who took care

Winston Churchill Quotes Are Among the Most Famous in the World


One of the best and most iconic leaders in human history, Winston Churchill is an epitome of what dedication and perseverance, as well as a healthy and necessary dose of stubbornness, can help you achieve in life. He was never the one to be dismayed nor discouraged by failure, despite of numerous disappointments both in

When was Cardboard Invented?


The word ‘cardboard boxes’ will not tickle your senses I guess, but when it comes to its utility and usage, then no one can deny for sure. This is simple yet a great stiff thing that is so much facilitating. It’s not just the utility of these cardboard boxes that makes them so special; instead,

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