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Unlike the cool autumn or the shiny summer, cold winter often makes us feel uncomfortable. In addition to being prone to common diseases, our skin is susceptible to weather transitions.

Skin is the most reflective of changes in human health. If you are outdoor workers, winter weather is the number one enemy to your skin. Agents such as wind, temperature, and humidity easily carry potential risks that you won’t even recognize.

To protect the health of your skin, you need to have knowledge as well as specific methods. The information and instructions below will help you keep your skin healthy during the harsh winter.

Why Do We Have To Apply Different Skin Care Methods In Summer & Winter?

Skin care is not always easy. Especially for those with sensitive skin, skin care should be taken very carefully if you do not want risk your skin’s health. Click here for the best skin care tips in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

It is quite apparent that the weather and the environment in different seasons have different effects on your skin. During the harsh summer, the outside temperature is usually very high, causing your body to produce more sweat. And then what comes next, your skin will have more acne and some irritation. For people who regularly on-the-move or play sports, their skin is exposed to sunlight, so they are more likely to suffer from harmful UV rays.

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Unlike hot summer, winter weather is one of the destructive agents of skin health. Due to the cold wind and humidity in the air, the skin becomes extremely sensitive. Eventually, they become dry, dehydrated and even bleed in some people.

So, you should prepare yourself for the necessary skin care, especially when you travel to countries with continuous changes in climate like Vietnam.


Use skin moisturizer

Use moisturizing cream help keeping your skin in good condition

Moisturizer is the essential skin care product to maintain your skin in the winter. During this time of the year, dry weather will often cause the skin to lose its natural moisture content inside, leading to dehydration. To keep the skin moist, use a moisturizer after a shower to prevent dryness. Keeping your skin moisturized will also help prevent itching and swelling.

Be careful when showering

We all have a habit of using hot water for showering when it gets colder. It is a good thing because at least it keeps your body warm. However, you should only take warm baths instead of overly hot water.

Showering with warm water will dilate the pores, help your skin airy and create a refreshing feeling. Overheating water will result in loss of moisture, loss of natural oils, and rapid drying of the skin.

Also, you should be mindful about the soaps. Using soap several times a day will gradually wash out the protective layer of the skin causing dry skin.

Avoid direct contact with sunlight

Although in winter, our bodies are covered with warm clothes, the risk of sunburn and the effects of ultraviolet rays still exist. Especially those with sensitive skin, they need to pay more attention to the exposure to the sunlight.

Many people think that during this time, the danger of sunlight will decrease. Unfortunately, the fact is the opposite. 90% of the UVA and UVB rays can penetrate the clouds and also the car window and become a danger to the skin.

Under the common effects of ultraviolet rays, your skin will be tanned and quickly age, leading to the loss of elasticity. To make the problem worse, they are also the primary cause of skin cancer.

You should use sun cream even it is cold outside

So even in the winter, do not forget to use sunscreen for your skin when you go out. The parts that need to be applied are your face, neck, and hands. You should use sunscreen 15-20 minutes before going out to get the best effect.

Drink enough water

We often feel less thirsty when the weather gets colder. According to recent studies, the thirst sensation is reduced by up to 40% in winter while the need to drink water remains the same. This quickly leads to dehydration in the body and especially the skin.

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Besides, the amount of water vapors outside the body increases higher than in other times of the year. The most obvious example is that on the snowy days, people can see their smoky breath – that is vaporizing water!

Our skin is the most sensitive part of the body that suffers the dehydration. If the water intake is insufficient, your skin will quickly dry out. Bleeding in the lips or cracking of the skin are predictable consequences. So drink enough water!

Consume more nutrients

It has never been a bad idea to keep your skin healthy by consuming fresh food, especially in the cold winter. Providing enough vitamins, antioxidants in fruit and vegetables is important.

You should eat more pomegranates because it contains more oxidants than other fruits and can fight skin cancer. Sweet potato is also a great choice! This magical plant is rich in skin protection nutrients, especially vitamin A and beta-carotene.

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Another food that is easy to process is eggs! Eggs contain several nutrients to help protect the health of the skin such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5. Besides, Vitamin D in eggs also works to enhance collagen supplements.

Wear protective gears

Fully protect your skin is recommended

Finally, you should also pay attention to wearing protective clothing to avoid direct contact with the sun. In addition to clothing, we recommend wearing extra hats and face veils to protect sensitive areas. Besides, you would need some gloves if you have the habit of travelling by motorcycle.


Skin is the most sensitive part of human body. It also has to be continuously exposed to the negative effects of weather and other harmful factors. So you need to pay attention to the health of your skin, especially in the cold winter. With the skin care tips in the winter above, you can protect your skin and don’t have to worry about skin allergies or dryness.

Continue to follow our next article to update the knowledge related to skin care. See you next time.

Why is HIPAA necessary?

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, has far-reaching implications for patient privacy across the healthcare sector. Primarily, it is concerned with protecting patient privacy. It does this through a variety of means: HIPAA requires that all healthcare staff, and other staff members that may come into contact with private data, undergoes HIPAA compliance training. This both raises the profile of patient privacy within an organisation and ensures that all staff know what is required to be HIPAA-compliant. HIPAA also requires that all data is password-protected, meaning only those authorized to access it can. It also requires that all data is sufficiently encrypted so that if a breach does occur, those who have stolen the data cannot read it.

Data privacy has gotten a lot of media attention lately, so it will come as a little surprise to some why there is such a focus on healthcare privacy. However, others might be unaware of the scale of the threat: healthcare data is highly prized amongst cybercriminals as it has a longer “shelf life” than other types of data. Credit-card fraud is common, though it can be remedied relatively quickly by canceling all credit card numbers. However, if a social security number has been stolen, it is a lot harder to prove fraud and then request a replacement. As such, in recent years more and more cybercriminals have chosen to attack healthcare databases. The data used from these medical files can be used in a wide range of criminal activities such as setting up new fake identities or making fraudulent health insurance claims.

But cybercriminals are not the only things threatening data integrity: human error also has its role to play. Though it is almost inevitable staff will make mistakes from time to time, these mistakes can have potentially dangerous consequences for patients if it involves the unauthorized disclosure of healthcare information. Many staff in hospitals will now choose to bring their own portable electronic devices to work and use them as part of their daily workflow. Unfortunately, though it is rare, these devices may be lost or stolen. However, because HIPAA requires that all patient data is password-protected or encrypted, such losses of data pose less of a threat.

HIPAA is also necessary to safeguard other patient rights. Under HIPAA, all patients have the right to access their personal medical records. The act requires that all responses to access medical records must be acted upon without undue delay, but also that they are acted upon regardless of whether or not patients have outstanding medical bills. This ensures that there is no disparity in access based on wealth. Patients can also request changes to be noted on their medical record. Any changes must be approved by a healthcare professional, though if there is a disagreement between the patient and the healthcare worker, the disagreement can still be noted. Patients can also request that their healthcare data is sent on to anyone of their choosing, including other healthcare professionals.

How To Solve Your Sleeping Problems

The studies suggest that an adult person needs 8-hours of sleep a day to remain healthy and productive. Still, in the times we are living in it is hard to keep a healthy sleeping routine. And boy the consequences of not keeping one can be numerous.

According to SleepAdvisor, not getting enough sleep has been proven to cause numerous medical conditions, and disrupt your daily routine. From possible heart problems, like increased blood pressure and heart rate, to inflammation, loss of focus, and even increased risks of diabetes 2, as well as brain conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Thus, the importance of sleeping is clear, and so is the fact that you should do everything in your power to get enough. Let’s take a look at the ways you can improve your healthy routine – from daily activities to dietary changes.

How To Improve Your Sleeping Routine

 1. First and foremost, it is crucial to keep the same sleeping cycle. Now, this might seem hard for some but if you decide to go to sleep at 11 PM and wake up at 7 AM you have to do it every single day. No matter if you had a night of drinking before you still should wake at the same time, as well as if you simply feel fresh enough not to lie at 11 PM. By keeping a constant sleeping cycle your body will adapt, and it will be much easier falling asleep and waking up on time.


  1. In correlation with the one mentioned above, it is really important to limit naps. It is okay to take a 30-minute break in the afternoon, but if this turns into your daily routine and you sleep during the day for an hour or more, of course, you will have problems sleeping during the night. So take a nap only when it is necessary.


  1. Exercise is the key to developing a healthy sleep routine. It makes you feel more satisfied and calm and also stimulates the production of hormones that aid sleep (oxytocin, endorphins, melatonin). Just be sure to exercise at least 2 hours before bed. Or, try to use melatonin supplements such as MidNite.


  1. Also, it is important to create a sleeping atmosphere. Saying this you shouldn’t use any type of electronic device once you lie down, or even study. Turn off the light and create a silent atmosphere that will allow for a healthy sleep cycle. Remember, the bedroom is for sleeping and s#x – end of the story.


  1. Try not to eat or drink before going to bed. Eating just before bed can cause heartburn while drinking especially diuretics like coffee or tea will make you go to the toilet more than a few times. Also, be sure to limit alcohol or caffeine before sleep as well as have a stimulating effect.


  1. Along with this, it is really important to make your daily routine as stress-free as possible. Stress affects you in numerous ways, and one of those is insomnia. So finishing all the worries before bed and staying positive will likely improve your sleeping hours. Remember you gain nothing from overthinking and worrying while sleeping will allow you to cope with the next day in a successful way.
  1. If you are a talking type, you can even pay a visit to cognitive therapy. Here you will have an opportunity to talk through your sleeping problems and meet people who are experiencing the same. Saying this, you will detect where your problem comes from and thus be able to solve it.
  1. Last, but not least you can take some sleep-inducing supplements. And in our opinion, sleep gummies are an excellent choice. These gummies that come in the flavor of strawberry contain melatonin which promotes healthy sleep and has anti-inflammatory traits as well. Of course, you should take this as a part of your balanced and healthy diet. Be sure to check the offer at with a pack of 60 gummies being just $13!


Sleeping problems are pretty common and something that should be addressed before it gets out of hand. Maintaining a healthy sleep routine will allow an easy and successful daily routine, and believe us you will be feeling more satisfied and healthier in general!

Diminish Lovely Phrases with those Pores and Skin Care Recommendation


It’s hard to unseen high-quality strains after you first put them onto your face. You will first word them around your eyes around the mouth region or onto your brow, however, when you see them, you could usually hone into them using a totally crucial eye. The horrible aspect is you can’t save your pores and skin from growing older.

The extraordinary component is you may clean and decorate the look of excellent lines with the best skin care ordinary. It is going to have only a little process and diligent conclusions to your person; however, you may have luminous, younger searching pores and skin collectively with all our hints. For spa and beauty supplies, check

Get the Right Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Possessing proper skincare services and products is also critical because it comes to making sure that your skin goes to appearance top notch for decades in the future. The first element that you ought to test to your skincare toolbox is whether or not you have the appropriate purifier. Your cleaner must cleanse the skin of contamination and dust. The best soap assists top pores and skin for the relaxation of 1’s routine. Employing a cleanser with antioxidants to assist scrub day by day dust and dirt can reduce the undesirable effects of oxidation over the pores and skin. After cleaning marketers, choosing the proper moisturizer is essential.

Just like your cleaner, and then begin seeking out a moisturizer that uses the capacity of antioxidants so one can assist the skin hold a younger look. These antioxidants are useful in helping firm pores and skin and lessen the appearance of quality strains.

Vitamin C receives the ability to whiten the skin. Retinol has surfaced and moisturizing mobile-clean characteristics that might assist smooth your pores and skin and additionally make it glow. For your day lotion, make use of an item with or rent one at a time after cleansing.

Could be your amount something to guard the skin from the signs and symptoms of untimely growing older? Apply at the least, or extra day by day percent of pores and skin is getting older effects from the sun. If pleasant traces across the eyes have been bothering you, eye lotion or eye gel would possibly assist enliven the vicinity so as the early starting of wrinkles isn’t pretty as observable. Work with an object with a gentle, moisturizing feel to show your skin appear younger and additionally fresher.

Another big issue to install your splendor toolbox would be a splendid-hydrating snoozing lotion that works tirelessly to displace skin and also helps reduce the look of pleasant strains. It’s infused with lavender crucial oil, jojoba and hydroxyl acids that assist revive and commercial enterprise your skin up.

Weather Clothing That Shields You of Sun Exposure

Now you are always using SPF every day, after which you need to up the ante on days in which you may spend a day out or at sunlight. The sunlight never calls for relaxation plus it never desires a rest from in all likelihood unfavorable your skin. To save you delicate strains that you need to wear shades and a coat.

If you are out for an elongated length, make sure you use a shot glass size sum of to your complete body. Pay particular attention to each finger and torso vicinity every time you hire. Dark wrinkles and spots may additionally kind in those sensitive regions. Anti-growing older is not precisely approximately the entirety you put on the pores and skin but also that which you set in the physique. Incorporating these foods on your healthy diet weight-reduction plan as an element of a fit lifestyle also can help to your appearance, together with your skin. It’s crucial that you soak up water often to hold up humidity degrees which are perfect. This consequently can assist in maintaining skin hydrated. Attempt to drink water via the whole day. Exercise is a superb technique to attain blood flowing in to look your face and sweat is an all kind of exfoliation. Regular use is associated with maintaining young skin extra.

Ten pores and skincare ordinary guidelines so that it will make your make-up appearance better

Fantastic skincare may be that the bottom of a splendid complexion. Additionally, it could be the proper canvas wherein to rent makeup like basis, blush, bronzer, eye shadow or lipstick. With the perfect skin care methods and merchandise, you could allow the skin and cosmetics to check its greatest. Read on our ten skincare ideas which may also beautify the visible enchantment of 1’s cosmetics.

Cleansing is crucial for pores and skin to have a far, luminous complexion to perform properly with each time you practice cosmetics. Cleanse pores and skin primarily based on the skin type as soon as at the sunlight hours and when within the day. Dry and sensitive pores and skin may be perfect for mild cleansers so one can no longer irritate pores and skin, however, they might also do away with cosmetics, dirt, and sweat from the personal face. We advocate a relaxing cleaner such as The Soft Sulfate-Free Cleanser.

MIcellar water can also be a remarkable product to apply with these precise pores, and skin kind finds out the reason. By using the right purifier, the very own pores and skin go to be soon primed for cosmetics applications. Dark stains can impact all pores and skin types and will arise at any age. Once the surface gets hyper-pigmented due to extrasolar exposure, it generally takes an exceptional deal of commitment and time to decrease the appearance of darkish stains from the one’s spots. Additionally, it is time-examined to always cowl darkish stains collectively with make-up like basis and concealer. Garner Skin Active’s Certainly Brighter Brightening Smoothing Daily Moisturizer is devised using an antioxidant complex meant to assist lighten skin as time passes. It’s a short massaging; the non-greasy formulation that transforms stupid, coarse pores and skin proper into smoother -looking skin with an excellent greater bright even tone.

Use MI cellar Water for Makeup Mishaps


Makeup software does not necessarily proceed smoothly; in addition to type, it is outstanding to own an object effectively available which may ease up a touch litter. Say that you by no means attain an appropriate cat-eye film with your shovel; little micelle water onto your q tip can help you attain the ideal form. Simply swipe bumps in your lining for a film that appears cosmetics artist-best. You would possibly even use micelle water to put off greater lipstick or raise a few new eyeshadows that have dropped off your own eyes and to your lips throughout the application.

Some mornings, so we cannot help wake up with swollen eyes. Make use of a sterile and tightening eye-curler until you apply cosmetics to make certain you narrow again swelling and cosmetic bags. Garnier Skin Active’s Demonstrably Brighter Anti-Puff Eye-roller Can Be a micro-stimulating Roll-on applicator infused with vitamin C, peppermint, plus caffeine. Use it to roll up your route to some refreshed, sparkling eye place.

For extra relaxing texture, keep your roller at the ice field and in order that the nippiness can decrease swelling. Makeup like base or eye-shadow has a tendency to collect in nice wrinkles and features that have the opposite impact of making them extra sizeable. Use previously base to develop a clean surface and now not as clear exceptional strains. Is it genuine that your cosmetics incline to?

The ideal lotion would possibly allow it to live longer. Garnier Skin Active’s Miracle Skin Perfecto Lotion Free formulated with the vitamin in step with the line, anti-oxidant berry together with inexperienced mineral pigments helps to get a deal with on glow, reduce the look of pores, pores and skin tone, Healrun, hydrate and defend in opposition to sunburn. Get yourself a shine-unfastened even-toned complexion this is the correct base for base and concealer. Throughout the daylight hours that our cosmetics can begin acting now not as appear stupid.

Make use of a cleansing novelette by using the ending of your afternoon till you venture out of this office to reapply to make upward and begin fresh for the day plans. The system combined with avocado water infusion right now revitalizes pores and skin for a healthy look. Your cosmetics will proceed on clean and also with using them.

Hydrate Your Skin

Before you pay up greasy skin with cosmetics, it’s far crucial to have a clean, cozy base. Formulated with glycerin, a natural bleach, it is able to just take your complexion out of parched to master and can get your skin to seem best underneath cosmetics the black-heads bring about a choppy, defective pigmentation that you’ve in all likelihood been concealing below concealer and base. If you would like to accomplish a dewy, light makeup appearance, specifically in summertime every time you would want the skin to respire, then cleaning using a blackhead-getting rid of purifier like Garnier Skin Active’s sterile Blackhead Removing Scrub. Formulated with salicylic acid and sodium, it could assist extract blackhead-inflicting dust, impurities, and oil such as a magnet. This purifier deeply moisturizes, tightens pores and skincare skin.

4 Benefits of Eating Vegan Foods

Vegan foods are excellent for losing weight, however, they are also great because they offer an array of additional health benefits.

People choose to go vegan for a variety of reasons, whether its some of the mentioned above, or because they advocate for ethical treatment of animals. It’s no secret that eating vegetables and fruits can have massive health benefits, but only if consumed the right way. We are going to tell you about the benefits of eating a well balanced vegan diet.

1. Vegan Diets are Richer in Certain Nutrients

Switching to a vegan diet means no more meat and animal products.

This means that you will rely more heavily on other foods, more precisely, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, peas, seeds and more.

Since a vegan diet consists of foods like this, it is only natural that you will take a higher daily portion of certain beneficial nutrients.

Vegan foods appear to be richer in potassium, magnesium, folate, as well as Vitamins A, C, and E. Vegan diets have also proven to provide more fiber, beneficial plant compounds, and antioxidants.

However, if you don’t balance your diet, the food you’re eating will provide insufficient amounts of fatty acids, Vitamin B12, as well as iron, calcium, and zinc.

2. Vegan Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

Studies have shown that vegans tend to have lower body mass than non-vegans.  Other studies have also shown that vegan diets are more effective for weight loss than compared to other diets.

In some studies, vegans and non-vegans were allowed to eat until they were full, and vegans lost more weights following a diet that was calorie-restricted.

You can read about how vegan foods help us lose weight more on Raise Vegan.

3. A Vegan Diet Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Improves Kidney Function

Vegans tend to have lower blood sugar levels, and vegan food tends to lower the sugar levels in diabetics, subsequently lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50 to 80%.

In some studies, almost 48% of participants, who used a vegan diet, managed to lower the usage of blood-sugar medications, compared to 26% who followed an ADA recommended diet.

What’s more interesting is that diabetics who substitute meat for plant proteins can reduce the risk of poor kidney function.

4. Vegan Diets Can Protect Against Cancer

According to the World Health Organizations, as much as one-third of all cancers can be prevented by regulating what you eat.

Eating legumes can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by a whopping 18%!

Other research has shown that eating up to seven portions of fresh vegetables and fruit, may prevent the risk of cancer by 15%.

Because of the things vegans eat, according to another study, vegans may benefit from a 15% lower risk of developing some form of cancer.

Soy may offer protection against breast cancer, and that’s another thing you can find in a vegan diet. Adding good herbs such as ginseng tea to your diet is also known to protect you from cancer. Vegans also avoid smoked and processed meat or any meat for that matter, but it has been found that these types of meats can promote certain types of cancers. Dairy products also have been found to increase the risk of prostate cancer.

By being a vegan, you eliminate these threats by using a well balanced vegan diet that will boost your immune system and vitalize your body. What’s more, you are advocating for ethical treatment of animals.

What You Should Know About Food Poisoning And How To Protect Yourself

Honestly, who doesn’t like food? We all do, and there is nothing wrong about it. We have to eat to survive, and the tastier, the better. Still, don’t forget to look out on keeping a balanced and a nutrient-packed diet, as that will benefit you on many levels. Anyways, as you might all know eating – especially in uncertain places; can lead to serious issues with the main one being food poisoning.

Now, food poisoning or as often medical workers call it a foodborne illness is a syndrome that occurs once you eat either spoiled or toxic food. And believe us it is not pleasant even one bit. It comes with tons of persistent symptoms, and it can be quite tough to get rid of. Exactly because of that, it is important to realize the importance of good hygiene and sanitary conditions in restaurants.

Let’s have a deeper look at the food poisoning facts and how to deal with it!


What Are The Foodborne Symptoms


First of all, you have to know that these symptoms can occur the same hour you eat something spoiled/toxic, but even a few weeks later as well, so don’t undermine it. Let’s first take a look at some milder and more common symptoms:


  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Mild Fever
  • Diarrhea
source: today

And when it comes to the more serious ones that ask for immediate intervention those would be – bloody urine, diarrhea for over a few days, fever over 101 degrees Fahrenheit, and even difficulties in communication.

Food poisoning is caused by either bacteria, virus or existence of parasites, and you should react as soon as you feel sick. In most cases, you will be able to treat it at home getting plenty of rest, water, and eating only bland and non-upsetting foods. You can also take medicine like Imodium, but consult with your doctor before.

Also, our suggestion is that if you got a foodborne illness eating in a restaurant or processed food made by a certain brand you should fill in a lawsuit and hire a food poisoning lawyer to represent you on that!


Most Common Foodborne Outbreaks


Foodborne outbreaks are a matter of public interest, so health organizations keep a regular database on what are the most recent ones, reacting and preventing any further cases and infections. As we mentioned before foodborne illnesses are caused by present bacteria, virus or parasites in the food. Let’s take at some of the most common cases:


  • Pork Products. One of the most common products that cause food poisoning is pork deli. A bacteria called Listeria monocytogenes forms in it when left unfrozen and if it already past its expiry date. Hygiene and sanitary conditions are crucial to prevent this bacteria. A lot of cases considering pork products have been ongoing in the past few years, and it is something to take into consideration. Even the best food poisoning lawyer would have a hard time following up on all the outbreaks.


  • Ground Beef. Another risky product is ground beef. Especially when you buy it in smaller meat shops or markets where the conditions are not the best it there are chances you will run into ground beef that contains coli, and that isn’t something you want.


  • Chicken and Turkey. Either raw or cooked, there have been multiple cases where people got infected by Salmonella eating chicken or turkey meat. Extra caution when preparing and buying this type of meat is mandatory!
source: rd

One of the most recent outbreaks is the Romaine Lettuce one. It has been the key to discussion during the November month as 32 people in the USA and 18 in Canada got infected by E. coli that were developing in the lettuce. A great food poisoning lawyer Ron Simon is on the case, so we will see how it ends up!




As you can see or have maybe already felt, food poisoning is quite common, and while it may not always be of a high threat, you should still do your best when it comes to assuring the best hygiene and sanitary conditions for the products you have. Also, be sure always to check expiry dates in markets, as well as the quality of meat that is served to you at the restaurants. With all these precautions you should be safe!

The Benefits Of Quitting Sugar And How To Cope With The Withdrawal

Eating is a thing that keeps us alive, and I guess most of us do love delicious food. We all have our preferences, but the food industry being huge there is something to satisfy everyone’s craving. Now, the problem with this is that a lot of processed foods or regular sweets contain a lot of sugar.

While sugar may be a good source of energy sometimes, the white refined one is among the four white deaths (fat, sugar, white flour, salt). The thing is once you eat products that include it you feel satisfied for a few minutes, and then you want more – that is how you develop an addiction, and sugar one is pretty serious.

img source:

Eating products that are filled with processed sugar on a regular basis will certainly cause a number of health issues in the long term. The studies suggest that sugar is actually much more responsible for people being fat than eating actual fat.

There are even diets where you completely exclude carbs and just eat fats, and protein like the Keto diet and people claim that it keeps your weight down and energy up! So, excluding the white sugar should be the way to go, and there are multiple benefits to it.

But it isn’t that easy, and the sugar withdrawal symptoms can be pretty harsh. Let’s take a look at what are the benefits of no sugar in your diet and how t cope with the withdrawal!


What Are The Benefits Of Excluding Sugar

img source:
  1. First, and foremost your insulin sensitivity will certainly improve. Sugar is known to make our insulin receptors insensitive thus increasing the glycemia in our blood and causing damage that can in terms lead to diabetes. Thus, not eating sugar is the main one method to prevent that.
  2. Along with that, you will surely lose weight! Sugar contains a lot of empty calories that just stick to your body and turn into fat (if not burnt on time). Also, it creates cellulite as it lets the water hold on to your body. Excluding it will make you feel slimmer and more toned!
  3. You will not age as fast. The problem with sugar is that it also increases free radicals in your body, and that can in terms lead to skin aging, the release of carcinogens, etc. If you want to look like you are at the 40s even when you have 60+ be sure to remove sugar from your diet.
  4. Along with that, your energy levels will be high, and you will be feeling much better both mentally and physically. Excess sugar leads to energy crash in terms of forming lethargy, or anxiety when you don’t have enough sugar around. Believe us excluding it will make you feel better on any level as you will be taking the energy from the whole food and fruits instead of the processed sugar!
  5. While most people experience cravings in a period of less sugar intake, believe us once you get off it you will start eating People that didn’t eat sugar for a longer period of time didn’t have any need for sweets, and in terms, they were quite sick of it even when offered. It is simple, your body gets used to the fact that it doesn’t need white sugar to survive and your mind makes you disgust it.
  6. In the end, you will be sleeping much better as there are no midnight sweet cravings around.


The Symptoms Of Sugar Withdrawal

Though excluding sugar shouldn’t be that hard, it still carries a few harsh sugar withdrawal symptoms that will last a week or so:

  • During the first few days you will be feeling fatigued, week, and probably even depressed. When the sugar starts leaving your body, and you don’t take any more to keep the levels up your body will crash. As for past years, you have used sugar as your main source of energy it will now be confused, and need some time to recover and figure out what to do. Luckily, your body is smart, so it won’t last long.
  • Along with that, you might be experiencing serious headaches and muscle aches. It is normal, and just a sign that the sugar withdrawal is ongoing. It just shows how powerful and physical the sugar addiction actually is.
  • In the end, you will probably be a bit moody and easily irritable. Same as with all addictions when the substance is leaving your body you will be more nervous as your body is craving the same and sending impulses, but don’t worry, you WILL overcome it!
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Tips On Overcoming Sugar Withdrawal

  1. First of all, include exercise and be constantly on the move. Exercising will make you feel much better, and it will raise your energy level. Also, once you are done with the workout and see all those muscles pumped up, you will be feeling guilty even thinking about sweets, so that is a good way to make you stay away from sugar.
  2. Along with that, including a lot of healthy recipes to replace your cravings. You can use certain fruits and stuff like carob, and cocoa to overcome the sugar cravings. And all of these are healthy! Also, try to consume more protein than your previous diet included.
  3. In the end, get out and hang out with people, it will make you forget about your crisis!



It is clear that eating sugar can easily turn into an addiction, and no addiction is good. Thus, although you will be fighting with the sugar withdrawal symptoms be sure that you have enough power and will to overcome it all. The crisis will not last for over a week, and the benefits you are getting are for life!

The man behind world’s first crowd food-sharing platform

Today we got the opportunity to ask some questions on food waste to Somdip Dey, the developer of ReMe Basket, an android application, which reminds the user of the expiry date of the food items in the fridge. It also gives recipe suggestions based on the same items if the goods have gone past the date so that the food does not go to waste. Somdip provides his opinion and answers to the related questions as follows.

What are the current statistics on food waste?

According to World Hunger Education Services, in 2017 on an average 33% of 4 billion metric tons, which equates to 1.33 billion metric tons, of food production was wasted and 1 out of every 9 people on the planet went to bed empty stomach. Statistics from the same organization also mentions that an average family in the UK wastes around £700 because of food waste.

Do you believe that people are aware of these statistics?

Maybe some people do know, but the majority are not really aware of these statistics. Personally speaking, given today’s busy work-life schedule some details related to how much food I am eating or throwing in the bin without eating becomes really difficult to track. So, from my personal experience, I think some people regardless of knowing these pressing facts on food waste, are not really able to divert their energy and focus on solving the issue because of so many other personal and/or professional issues that catch our attention throughout the day.

What can be done to stop food waste on an individual level?

There are so many things that we can do, either small or big, to reduce food waste. First, we can start recording how much food we consume and how much we end up wasting. I know this thing is tedious in our given busy work-life routine, but once you start doing it for some time, it becomes natural and inherent to follow the schedule after some time. In this way, we can keep track of how much food we really need and we can just buy that much amount from next time instead. There are few apps which could help you to keep track of how much food you consume on a daily basis but most of them are not free to use. So, find any possible way to keep track o your food consumption, whichever way it feels natural or easy for you.

Second, we should keep track of the expiry date of the food items that we buy. Personally, sometimes I buy food and forget them in the fridge because of working overtime in the office or missing a dinner schedule at home. So, keeping track of food items and their expiry date is important because many times expired food items contribute to food waste and is one of the serious concerns related to this. You can use either a sticky note to put on top of the fridge to remind you some of the recent expiry dates so that you do not end up forgetting. You can also use apps that could remind you of this simple task. ReMe Basket is one such app, which could aid you in this and is the first of its kind to remind you a food item’s “gone-by” date.

Third, even if the food has gone by expiry date, do not just throw it in the bin. Sometimes food items are still edible even if they have gone past the shelf date. Have a look at the item and inspect it closely before binning it. You might be able to cook something from the item even after it has gone past shelf date.

Fourth, if you have got leftovers then do not just throw the leftover away. Share the leftovers with your friends and/or neighbors. There are some food banks in your local area who might accept such leftovers or you can use apps for this as well.

What is your plan for ReMe Basket in the future?


Right now, ReMe Basket can help an individual to keep track of expiry date and suggest recipes on the food items that are on the list with ease. But I am developing methodologies to introduce artificial intelligence to make this task much easier for an individual such that the app can also suggest the user on which food items to buy or not to buy as well. In 2014, I have also co-developed the world’s first crowd food sharing platform, and I am also planning to introduce the concept in ReMe Basket so that the user can share the food items with people in need easily through the app. At the moment I am pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Essex and thus finding time to develop these key features is tricky, given my busy schedule. But we can expect them to arrive in the application very soon.

Tell us more about the crowd-food-sharing platform? What happened to it?

In 2014, my colleagues and I at Codeepy, which was initially a hackathon group at the University of Manchester, co-developed SHARE.It, which was the world’s first crowd-food-sharing platform and we won a prize category at the 2014 Koding’s Global Hackathon. We won the 3Scale API award in the competition and one of the only hackathon teams from the UK to have won a prize in this prestigious global hackathon event. The application could search for nearby users who needed the leftover food and then provide location based pickup or food dropping services. Later we attracted some clients, who also bought private equity on the application. After that, we sold the app to them. Unfortunately, I am not being able to disclose their name in public.

Any last advice to conclude this article?

Although food waste seems like a huge issue in our modern society, where we still have so many people around the world going to bed starving or children suffering from malnutrition, yet many of us do not do anything about it. I think we all need to do our part to reduce food waste and improve lives. At the end, we are also the one who will be saving money in the long run if we do not overbuy or waste food. We have to start taking food waste seriously from now on, but baby steps can definitely take us a long way.