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Monsanto Pest and Garden Control – Learn More About It

Monsanto is not a name that bodes well with most, they have a history of bullying small farmers in small communities, fighting in court against people that have terminal cancer as a result of using their products for prolonged periods of time, and creating products that push the limitations of what is truly natural. Monsanto is that anti-organic pest and weed control company and the world is responding.

It’s politics as usual on the Internet, there are anti-Monsanto groups popping up everywhere even after they were acquired by Bayer. This giant has been ruthless in its pursuit to dominate the seed market and strong arm farmers around the globe to buy into their genetically engineered seeds. They claim that these advancements will make farming more sustainable for farmers, but the long term health effects it will have on people consuming the product is unknown.

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There was a man in San Francisco that beat Monsanto in court. He filed that the weed killer round-up had caused him terminal cancer. The court agreed with the man and awarded him millions of dollars. All that money doesn’t do much when you are dying, hopefully, his family can live a better life because of it though.

As they continue to dominate their markets, the Bayer company could not pass up the opportunity to purchase Monsanto and inject themselves into the middle of an industry they were not previously part of. Controlling the seed market and the pest control market puts them in the front lines for controlling our food source. This is incredibly powerful and extremely scary at the same time.

Most people don’t know what’s going on behind those closed doors, and foreign countries are even beginning to ban Monsanto products. If more consumer knew the products Monsanto was behind, they could petition and avoid purchasing products that were potentially carcinogenic.

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The health of the people is and should be the only thing a big business should be concerned about, not just the bottom line. There aren’t that many organic options for farmers these days, and Monsanto is making it more difficult than ever for them to gain access to organic products. Organic foods and organic pest control should be a top priority for everyone around the world. Unfortunately, big money shuts everyone up and the cancer cases and strong arm incidents get swept under the rug like dust bunnies.

Hopefully, there will be more foreign policies surrounding the export of products to other countries, a full ban on Monsanto products being exported would wake them and the world up to alternative methods to farming that didn’t involve re-engineering natures creations and creating man-made products for our food supply.

What you should know about Vampire Facials

What is A Vampire Facial?

A vampire facial is a cosmetic and aesthetic procedure, which uses platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood. The blood is then centrifuged in a centrifugal machine to make platelet-rich plasma. Platelet-rich plasma is essential for normal healing processes as it is rich in growth factors. The procedure combines micro-needles with Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to provide the full benefits of PRP by ensuring full penetration of PRP.

What are the steps?

  1. Blood is withdrawn from the person undergoing the procedure.
    2. Platelets are isolated from the blood with the help of a centrifuge
    3. Micro-needling or microdermabrasion is performed on the skin
    4. PRP is then applied all over the face

How frequently can this procedure be done?

Vampire facial can be repeated every 4-6 weeks with at least 3 treatments to achieve the desired result. Although visible changes can be seen with increased glow in the skin after the first procedure, 3 treatments are essential to see changes in collagen growth and an improvement in the appearance of scars as well as wrinkles.

Why do people do this?

PRP is rich in growth factors, which stimulates the growth of collagen in the dermal layers of the skin. In addition to this, it also improves the appearance of scars from acne, burns or trauma. It also diminishes the appearance of wrinkles in older adults. Most people who do this procedure are:
1. People seeking to revitalize the skin
2. Older adults with wrinkled and saggy skin
3. People with acne scars seeking correction and improvement
4. Seeking a plumper and glowing skin appearance

What are the risk factors?

Although this procedure is relatively safe, performing this procedure in unsterile clinics can result in the following:

  1. Infection

Viral, bacterial and fungal skin infections are potential risks after undergoing a vampire facial. According to news site recently, a case of HIV infection acquired in a woman after undergoing the procedure in New Mexico has arisen which has questioned the safety of this procedure. Unsterile conditions and repeated use of needles in different patients can result in the transfer of infections between patients. Additionally, improperly sterilized PRP tools can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria, which can then infect the patients.

  1. Needle track marks

Performing this procedure under the hands of an unskilled person can result in undesirable track marks all over the face. The track marks are a result of excessive Micro-needling with needle lengths of more than 1.5 mm.

  1. Bruising

Bruising is a potential risk factor after an aggressive vampire facial. Although the bruising may be severe initially, it is only temporary and will disappear within a few days.

Overall, a vampire facial is an excellent procedure with comparatively lower costs to other facial rejuvenation procedures such as face-lift or lasers. However, ensure the clinic is sterile with skilled and experienced professionals. It is best to have this procedure done by a skilled dermatologist. Although professional treatment may be slightly costlier than in a spa, it is better to be down a few bucks than acquire a deadly infection.

Contact Lenses Made Your Life So Much Better – How to Take Care of it?

Contact lenses are comfortable to wear but there are also high chances of getting eye infection if the lenses are not cleaned and maintained properly as directed. The lens care varies for the type of lens. The disposable extended-wear needs minimal care whereas the conventional soft lenses need utmost care. It is always wise to choose a good contact lens brand.

Also, make sure to follow the directions suggested by your eye care specialists and use the solutions prescribed for your lens. Nowadays, a colored contact lens is becoming a part of fashion. You can visit Bella Contacts Online for getting great options for a colored contact lens.

This article will help you with basic contact lens wear guidelines and tips to keep your eyes healthy and safe.

Cleaning Tips
  1. A certain type of contact lens needs specific care, so use only the disinfecting solution that was prescribed by the specialist. Use the enzymatic cleaner and eye drops that were recommended by your doctor. Make sure to use good multi-purpose lens solution like Renu contact lens solution.
  2. Avoid using the tap water, saliva or distilled water to clean your lens, because the microorganisms in the water could cause serious eye infections or hurt your vision.
  3. Always rub the lens gently by placing it on the palm and use your index finger to rub. Slight rubbing your contact lens helps in cleaning the surface buildup.
  4. Make sure to clean your lens case every time with sterile solution and should replace them every three months.

Lens Care Tips

  1. Make sure to wash your hands and dry it with a linen-free towel before you handle the contacts. Use only mild soaps for cleaning your hands and never use lotions, oils or perfumes before you wear the lens. The residues of those products can stick on your lens and could irritate your eyes.
  2. Every time you use your contact lens, make sure to clean and disinfect it with a new solution. Avoid using the old solution.
  3. Never pour the solution into another bottle as the solution would no longer be sterile.
  4. If you wish to wear eye makeup, do it before wearing the contact lens and remove them before removing the makeup.
  5. Contacts tend to warp over time, and the cornea can change shape. Ensure that the contacts fit perfectly and prescribed one is a suitable one for you.
  6. Avoid wearing the contact lens if they have not been used for more than 30 days without re-disinfecting.
  7. If the contact lens has not been used for a long time, verify the instructions and directions to check if the lens should be re-disinfected before using

Eye Care Tips

  1. The contacts should be used only for the prescribed duration
  2. If your contact lens is not the extended-wear type, then avoid sleeping with the contacts in. When you sleep your eyelids will be closed, and the tears will not bring sufficient level of oxygen which in turn could hurt your eyes.
  3. If you have a problem with vision like sudden vision loss, blurred vision, eye pain or irritation, swelling or unusual redness, visit your doctor right away.
  4. Avoid swimming while you are wearing contact lens, as you could get an eye infection.
  5. In case you insert your contact lens inside out, don’t panic it won’t hurt your eyes. You can avoid this by placing the contacts on the tip of your index finger. Now, look at the lens from the side. if the lens cup seems like it flares out at the top and has a lip, then the contacts are inside out, and if it appears in U shape, then it’s right side out.

The Best Electric Showers


No one likes to skulk in a cold shower. No one likes to wait for 60 seconds before the hot water starts coming out. No one likes to use a shower that can’t hold a stable temperature. No one likes to shower with a drizzle that will only make you shiver, as well as, hurt from the strong blast. When taking a shower, you should be able to feel relaxes and even sing if you like. You can’t sing if you’re shivering because your shower can’t get warm enough for your liking.

Well, electric showers may be the solution to your problems. Electric showers work in a way that all you need is an electric cable and a cold water supply. They heat up almost instantly, and they don’t take into consideration whether the boiler is up to or not. You would be surprised as to know that electric showers are more energy efficient because they heat only the water that you use during showering. If you don’t want an electric shower head, you can have a standard version. You can check the shower head reviews for before buying. These shower heads have different types of spray settings and great design.

Because of inconveniences like these, we are going to give you our list of the best electric showers money can buy.

1.    Triton Seville 7.5kW to 10.5kW

Considered as the best budget buy, the Triton Seville is extremely compact, but it doesn’t look attractive at all. The Triton Seville lacks any advanced features, but there is a dial switch which lets you switch between cold, high, and eco setting, as well as, another switch to adjust the temperature to your liking. The shower delivers an excellent flow of water, and achieving the desired temperature is no hard task. The Triton Seville is flexible, easy to use, and easy to fit. The shower’s key spec is the wattages available, which are: 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5. Another feature is the controls which enable you rotary temperature and rotary power. The shower comes in one spray pattern, and the dimensions of the shower are 305 by 210 by 110 mm.

2.    Triton T80z Fast Fit

One of the best electric showers on the market, The Triton T80z, like the previous shower on our list, don’t look practically good, but what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in reliability. The Triton T80z is very easy to fit, and it’s capable of dishing out spray at a decent level. The power options for this shower range from 7.5kW to 10.5kW, with the latter giving you far more power than most budget showers on the market. The shower has 5 spray settings, ranging from a light mist to a powerful jet. Most users are satisfied with this shower because of its flexibility. You can buy this shower in a Pro-Fit version, which includes technology that combats limescale. This is especially advised if you live in a water hard area.

3.    Aqualisa Quartz 8.5kW to 10.5kW

One of the best-looking showers on the market is the Aqualisa Quartz. Its stylish look is the desired choice for many household showers. The convenient control panel has an on/off switch, and the shower head comes with 5 different spray patterns ranging from a light mist to strong jet. The shower provides you with a smooth temperature throughout your showering, and the anti-limescale protection prevents any limescale buildup. The Quartz has an excellent look, accompanied by consistent flow, and great temperature management, with the 8.5kW delivering a decent shower. The shower comes in dimensions 305 by 250 by 65 mm, and rotary controls for temperature and on/off button.

How Brain Training Affects Physical and Cognitive Health

What is the difference between physical and cognitive health?

Physical Health is simply a condition wherein you are not a victim of any injury or illness. It is very crucial to be physically fit. If you are not physically active, you become dependent on others which is not acceptable in today’s world. Physical health takes into account areas such as dental health, healthy weight, sleep, and personal hygiene. You will realize the importance of physical fitness when you fall ill. Nobody prefers to visit the doctor 24×7. Thus, take good care of your health. Factors such as sleeping hours, diet, exercise, yoga, affect your physical health to another level. Choose your lifestyle wisely!

Having a healthy brain that is able to do all of the mental activities, which are known as cognition; taking into consideration the skills to grab new things, identify judgment and intuition, language, etc. implies that you possess good cognitive health.

Taking care of your health, being physically active, eating good food, keeping your mind alert are all things that can be done to keep yourself cognitively healthy. And, this does not even require being with the doctor 24×7.

What are the ways in which you can train your brain?

Before learning the ways for brain training, you must be aware of what actually brain training is? Well, if you do not feed yourself with proper food and vitamins you start to feel weak, and your work efficiency declines, right? The same is the case with your brain. It is high time that you realize this.

The performance of the brain is brilliant when you are between 16 to 25 years of age. After this, the brain performance starts reducing. Therefore, it is very important that you follow certain brain training techniques for the betterment of your brain functionality.

Below mentioned are few of the techniques which you should practice in your day-to-day life which will help you improve your brain health. You can also get to know this from your doctor 24×7.

It is a very smart move; a perfect combination of entertainment and health benefits. Playing chess moulds the structure of your brain in a very healthy manner. The physical benefits that you get from playing chess are commendable! Both the left and right side of the brain starts functioning properly, the growth rate of dendrites improves which is a very positive sign. Playing chess helps your brain to fight from Alzheimer’s and dementia. To learn more on the secret health benefits of chess click here.

This is quite obvious. Cut down on the food items that you think are harmful to your brain and your body as a whole. A heavy breakfast followed by meals full of vitamins and nutrients is a must. Avoid all those habits which affect your brain functioning in a negative manner. Sleeping less, skipping your meals, watching too much of television is some of them.

  • Use of Mobile Applications

Recently, many mobile applications have been launched which target the weak parts of your brain. Rather than spending time listening to songs and watching movies, it is advised to play such games which train the brain. These applications make your memory stronger, improve your decision-making skills and makes you goal oriented.


What are the effects of training your brain on your physical as well as cognitive health?

Your physical health is linked to your cognitive health, in the same manner as physical exercise connects to cognitive exercise. For example, if you work out on a regular basis, the oxygen flow in your brain and body enhances, thus improving your cognitive health in multiple ways.

Similarly, the effects of brain training on physical as well as cognitive health cannot be separated.

  • Sharper Memory

Whatever you see or hear, brain training makes sure that you remember that very well. F your brain is trained in the right direction both your visual and auditory memory gets improved a lot.

As and when you grow, your brain health starts declining. But if you make sure that your brain is getting the required training, this health decline may not happen at a fast pace, and you start thinking more quickly.

  • Enhancement in Efficiency

Brain training targets this area of your brain. You are able to finish most of the work in the least time possible. Thus, your efficiency to do any kind of work is enhanced tremendously!

  • A more challenging attitude

If you know that your brain is quite active and you are able to cope up with the intelligence required, you start to gain confidence in yourself. Eventually, you are ready to accept more challenges in life and need up being successful in each one of them. Also, your creativity skills improve! You start to feel excited about new things coming up in your life. Innovation moves you!


Training your brain has many other impacts on your cognitive and physical health. You may find it a waste of time initially, but if you are continuous in this process, you will start feeling a change in your lifestyle. You will start to feel more light and happy. Having a healthy brain is exactly similar to having a healthy body. Many people go to the gym to lose weight or to build muscles. You will rarely find anyone who will speak to you about brain training. This is because people think that the human brain does not require any care. It will keep on functioning on its own. This is completely a wrong approach and should not be followed at all. Your brain is as important as your physical appearance or even more and thus requires extra attention and care.

The Wonders Of Amber Bracelets


Coming to center stage only a few years after they were introduced in Austria and New Zealand markets, amber bracelets have become so popular so let us start by understanding what Amber bracelets are.

What is an amber bracelet?

An amber bracelet is a bracelet made from resin that oozes out of trees when scarred. This liquid solidifies and is plucked off the tree, filed and polished into beautiful beads of varying sizes, with a hole pierced through them. It is these finely finished resin beads that are tied up into a chain and wore on the body. The chains formed can be worn around the neck like a bracelet, or around the waist, or wrist or ankle of the infant, depending on the preference of the parents.


According to a good number of parents who have patronized amber bracelets over time, they believe that these Amber bracelets have a way of helping to soothe and relieve pains around the body of the child such as sprains, and especially toothaches. Even though there is no scientific or logical reasoning to support this claim, it has continued to spread, and more parents are finding reasons to accept the testimonies as true.

What makes Amber bead and bracelets popular

In early medieval years, amulets were very popular and were well patronized. Adults and parents placed protective amulets around their children, babies and young ones. This was intended to protect the young ones from harm and keep them safe from evil, as they were not able to fight for or protect themselves. Infant mortality was high in those early years, and parents of the time dwelt in superstitious believes that the deaths were born from evil. Amulets were, therefore, necessary to protect the children, infants, and babies. These amulets were made from amber. That was not all. The amber adornments also functioned as jewelry for the children.


The is this same ideology of protection, and in the second place beauty, that is borne in the minds of some of our 21st-century parents today. They adorn their infants with amber bracelets for relief from pains, as well as making them look beautiful and attractive. The practice of making the Amber beads into a variety of shapes, sizes and various colors has gone a long way to place amber higher up the fashion table than it stands on the health table.

Amber bracelets are made from very beautiful materials. When they are finished into final products, they come in beautiful shapes, and sizes which make them very attractive and appealing to the eyes. Though they initially started as ornaments for children and infants, adults are no longer left out as they too can now enjoy the beautiful adornments of amber bracelets.

10 Facts about Best Men’s Back Shaver You Need to Know Before You Buy


Nobody likes ingrown hairs at the back. It’s not just women, but men too are increasingly taking to back shaving these days. If you don’t shave on time, you can’t even flaunt your sculpted physique despite your envious biceps and triceps. And yes, women mostly prefer men with shaved back. So, if you want to leverage your appeal, you should be serious about back shaving. Now, the typical options for shaving are laser and waxing. But if you want a painless and more affordable shaving, has all that you will need.

Here are the top 10 facts about Men’s Back Shavers

1. No need for shaving foam and water

Electric men back shavers assure you easy-breezy dry shave in just minutes. No longer would you need to waste time in lathering with shaving foam. You won’t even need water to shave your back with electric shavers. All you have to do is to plug in the shaver device cord to an electric outlet, turn on the switch, and you are ready to go. Some of these shavers even run on batteries. So, even if you can’t find a vacant electric plug outlet, you can still get your shaving done.

2. Easily rechargeable

Most of the electric men back shavers are conveniently rechargeable. This way, you can carry the shaver anywhere and use it whenever you want to with battery backup. The best quality shavers come with batteries that assure hours of power so that you don’t have to recharge time and again. The batteries are always sealed in tight compartments to eliminate the risks of potential damage while traveling.

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3. Easy grip

Most of the men back shavers that you will see around are designed with an easy grip for a smart hold while you shave your back. However, it’s to note here not all the models around can promise you equal comfort with grip. So, while buying a shaver, make sure to check out the grip quotient of your chosen device. According to the article at, the grip is an important factor while shaving. Uncomfortable grip will leave you with inefficient shaving, and you may even end up hurting your skin. So, make sure to check the grip part before buying your back shaver.

4. Ergonomic design

A lot of men tend to take to the costly procedures of laser hair removal or waxing as they can’t shave their back themselves. It’s true that shaving the back is tougher than shaving your beard as we can’t see what goes on our back. But you can let go of such worries with modern men back razor. These devices are designed with an ergonomic layout keeping the previously stated discomfort in mind. Thanks to their ergonomic design, you will be able to enjoy seamless removal without looking at your back. Their advanced design also assures no pain while shaving your back.

5. Replaceable blades

There is a misconception that once the blade of a manual shaver gets old, you can’t use the device again. But this is wrong. The reality is manual shavers always allow users to replace the blades once the previous one gets old. This way, you can use the shaver for years. And yes, maintenance is just a breeze with manual shavers. You will simply have to replace your shaving blade after certain intervals to keep it going.

6. Completely waterproof

A lot of men usually prefer to shave in the shower, and these back shavers are just the best buddies for them. The advanced shavers are engineered with a waterproof design which enables one to enjoy convenient hair removal while under the shower. It makes the entire process faster and prevents you from squeezing out time separately for shaving. Moreover, when you shave under the shower, you are also able to clean the razor real quick as you are already under flowing water. No wonder, the men back shavers are bliss for all those who are always under a tight schedule.

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7. Complete shaving without help

One of the best aspects of men back shaver device is that the shaver enables one to enjoy comprehensive shaving and that too without help from anybody. The men back shaver is engineered with an edgy patented design which makes self-shaving really convenient. You will be able to maneuver the shaver at different angles to reach out to even the hard to reach places.

8. Easily portable

Another excellent fact about the men back shavers is that these are easily portable. They are small, lightweight and fits snugly into your toiletries bag. Thus, you can always carry it with you conveniently.

9. Very convenient

Thanks to their handy size and lightweight, men back shaver devices are a breeze to travel with. They don’t take much space and hence makes a fantastic travel partner. Whether you are out on a beach vacation or a business trip, you can always take it with you anywhere.

10. Reasonably priced

Despite all such amazing features, men’s back shavers won’t cost you a small fortune. In fact, they are well within your budget and lasts for years. Yes, they make a wonderful investment for any man out there. However, the exact price of shavers will vary from one model to another. So, it’s better to get a comparative study beforehand to find the most compatible and competitive price for you.

Men back shaver is every smart man’s favorite. They are always less painful and less expensive compared to the typical options like laser or waxing. Moreover, the back shaver machines also assure easy maintenance and a hassle-free seamless shaving. There is nothing more to want!

McCaughey Septuplets – Life Phenomenon


We can all agree that giving birth to twins is not a common occurrence but it does happen. Giving birth to triplets and even quadruplets is not something that you can see every day near you and even in your country. However, giving birth to seven children at once? That has to be scary. The McCaughey family has seven children and they were all born in the same time. This is a short story about them.

Unexpected Number

Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey had no idea that they would have seven kids. They wanted to expand the family but during one regular scan, seven embryos were found in Bobbi’s womb. At first, they though that the doctor was joking, but it was what it was.

And they were terrified of a thought that in less than nine months they would have seven babies to take care of. Also, they were frightened about the pregnancy, especially when we take into consideration that the couple struggled to get their first daughter Mikayla.

Bobbi said: “It was scary, you know, watching the stretch marks go ever so higher and wider and just thinking, how much longer can this body keep going?”

Thankfully, the pregnancy went well and although doctors suggested selective reduction, the couple refused. It was a high-risk pregnancy, but they had faith in God and everything worked out just right. But with the babies in the world, hungry and healthy, there was the financial aspect to consider as well.

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Media Attention and Help from All Sides

The good news for the family was that even when Bobbi was with the septuplets, it was such an unusual case that media gained interest and the family became national sensation quickly. People around the country wanted everything to be alright with the children and the parents as well.

Donors provided diapers, food and even a large van with enough room for the entire family to fit. They even received a 5,000-square foot house. Even though they were well prepared for a tough task of raising kids, there were still a lot of surprises. Yes, the couple was thrilled, but they were spending 52 diapers a day!
Raising 8 kids in total proved to be quite challenging which is why they needed help – someone who can take care of the kids, play with them and just ease their day. There have been 35 volunteer helpers who either assisted with the babies or chores around the house.

Growing Up

It was never boring at the McCaughey estate. When the children turned 13, they were making a documentary, which aired on TLC. America had a chance to see how the nations’ favorite family was doing.

However, growing up wasn’t easy. Two kids – Alexis and Nathan – had to use walkers for the most time due to cerebral palsy. However, they were always high-spirited and supported by the entire family. And just like the kids their age, they started high school. All of them went to Carlisle High School in Carlisle, Iowa.

Despite being born at the same time, each kid had their own aspirations and dreams. And at the age of 16, they wanted to drive, but purchasing seven separate cars was unthinkable. Those who wished to get a license had to work to earn money for it.

After finishing high school, it was time for the next step. Luckily, at birth, kids received free college education at various universities, so they have a chance to choose. Natalie, Nathan, Kelsey and Joel went to study at Hannibal-LaGrange University, whereas Kenny Jr. and Alexis went to Des Moines Area Community College. Brandon however, became a military man.

With all of the kids the same age, once they start having kids of their own, the McCaughey family will be huge. After they all moved out of the house, it was difficult for Bobbi and Kenny to get used to all the empty space. However, they have no regrets in life.