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What you should know about Vampire Facials

What is A Vampire Facial? A vampire facial is a cosmetic and aesthetic procedure, which uses platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood. The blood is then centrifuged in a centrifugal machine to make platelet-rich plasma. Platelet-rich plasma is essential for normal healing processes as it is rich in growth factors. The procedure combines micro-needles… Keep Reading


The Best Electric Showers

No one likes to skulk in a cold shower. No one likes to wait for 60 seconds before the hot water starts coming out. No one likes to use a shower that can’t hold a stable temperature. No one likes to shower with a drizzle that will only make you shiver, as well as, hurt… Keep Reading


How Brain Training Affects Physical and Cognitive Health

What is the difference between physical and cognitive health? Physical Health is simply a condition wherein you are not a victim of any injury or illness. It is very crucial to be physically fit. If you are not physically active, you become dependent on others which is not acceptable in today’s world. Physical health takes… Keep Reading


The Wonders Of Amber Bracelets

Coming to center stage only a few years after they were introduced in Austria and New Zealand markets, amber bracelets have become so popular so let us start by understanding what Amber bracelets are. What is an amber bracelet? An amber bracelet is a bracelet made from resin that oozes out of trees when scarred.… Keep Reading


McCaughey Septuplets – Life Phenomenon

We can all agree that giving birth to twins is not a common occurrence but it does happen. Giving birth to triplets and even quadruplets is not something that you can see every day near you and even in your country. However, giving birth to seven children at once? That has to be scary. The… Keep Reading


Dwarfism: A Life Story

The story start with Hannah Kritzeck being abandoned by her mother and being left without a family until her fearless parent showed up and took her in. Their names were Jackie and Larry Kritzeck. They showed her love from the beginning, way before she knew there was something unusual about her. Besides her parents she… Keep Reading


Are Syn-Ake Facial Products the New Botox?

The skin care industry is constantly evolving to the needs of the public. A new trend has emerged in the form of syn-ake facial products that are taking the industry by storm. If you are tired of constantly having to use Botox to clear out the wrinkles and fine lines on your face, then maybe… Keep Reading


Best foot massage

It is said that the massage is as old as the world. It was used as a method of relaxation and healing for 5000 years and among the civilizations who practiced it were Egyptians, Greeks, Japanese and Chinese. We all know that the best pampering after a tiring day in which you sat in front… Keep Reading

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