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Spinal Injury Prevention: 7 Must-Dos for Athletes

When you’re involved in any sort of sport, your risk for injury increases. We’re not getting spinal cord injuries sitting on the couch (although many people do get them as a result of sitting in a car.

And the spine is a part of the human body that we don’t completely appreciate until there’s a problem. In this post, we’re going to touch on the importance of spinal cord protection and seven things you can do to prevent injury.

The importance of spinal cord protection

When you injure most other body parts, you know exactly what’s going to happen. You sprain your ankle, and you’ll have trouble walking for a time. Break your arm, and you’ll have some pain before you need to reset the bone. You also know there’s always a chance that your body won’t function 100 percent in the way it did before.

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But an injury to the spinal cord is entirely different. It’s almost as if anything can go wrong, depending on the location and severity of the injury.

An injury to the spinal cord can cause irreversible changes to strength, sensation, and bodily function. This is why it’s crucial to protect your spine from injury at all times, especially when exercising.

7 Things You Must Do to Protect Your Spinal Cord

1. Take caution when jumping into the water – if you’re a swimmer or a diver, always check the depth of the pool before you jump. One of the quickest and easiest ways to injure your spinal cord is to jump into shallow water. You’ve probably heard the horror stories. But there are two tips to follow before you dive anywhere.

2. Check the depth – Before you jump into the water, always know the depth. This can get dicey when you’re jumping into a natural pool instead of a manmade one. Before you jump, explore the depth of the pool below. And if you have any question, don’t jump. It’s not worth the risk.

3. Estimate the height to depth ratio – When you jump from a higher point, your body will be projected deeper into the water. And if there isn’t enough depth to complete the process, you’re likely to experience a spinal cord injury. This ratio can get complicated, and it can vary based on your height and body weight, but you should be able to come up with a conservative estimate. According to the Department of Health, you should never dive headfirst into water less than 8 feet in depth.

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4. Wear a helmet – If you’re engaged in any activity that requires accelerated motion, such as mountain biking, skateboarding or rollerblading, wear a helmet. While it’s true that a helmet is designed to protect your head, a 2018 Journal of Neurology study found that using a helmet is associated with a much lower risk of developing a cervical spine injury.

5. Avoid leading with your head – While it may seem appealing to jump in “head first,” this is likely to cause a head injury. So if you can avoid it, don’t lead with your head. An example of leading with your head that can be avoided is sliding headfirst to a base in baseball or tackling headfirst in football.

6. Take calculated risks – Falls are one of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries, and many of them can be prevented. Before you take any silly risks, remind yourself that you’re not invincible. And then, ask yourself whether the risk is wise.

7. Take baby steps – When you first get involved with a new sport, it’s tempting to give it all you’ve got. But it’s important to get familiar with the basics before you start doing anything advanced. Move forward, but do so with confidence that you know what you’re doing.

The spine is too important to expose to injury, so be sure to take these measures to prevent any preventable causes of spinal cord injury. To learn more about spinal injuries and what to do if you suffer from a spinal cord injury, visit

Men’s Grooming: Ultimate Guide of Grooming On Wedding


In many occasions, if grooming is just left to men, nothing much would be accomplished. More so, many wedding planners ingenious pay much attention to the bridegroom and forget that the groom is also part of their wedding plans. For your big day to be great and be an immaculate experience, you need to come up with a to-do list that involves all forms of men’s grooming.

Many men think that donning the best outfit as well as having a bath is what defines great grooming. Many men can’t follow a simple beauty routine, and it is wise to have an ultimate guide for wedding grooming from Men grooming has evolved over the years and many men are mastering the art.  

The good news is that millions of men are these days spending large sums of money to stay in tip-top condition, as well as purchase the best grooming products in the market. Wedding grooming is an important part of the wedding preparation procedure, and every man should get it right.

What Men Wedding Grooming is all about?

If your big day is approaching, don’t only get excited about what to wear, the car model you will be driven in, but also think of the best ways you are going to make yourself look sharp. Here are incredible grooming tips that every groom should know and embrace. Have a look;

Get a professional shave


Are you ready to become the star of your wedding? There is no better way to achieve such as feat than getting a classic straight-edged shaved from the best barber. Seeking the services of a professional barber will give you the confidence you really need during your big day.

A cool haircut will help you make a bold statement, and will give the power to bring out your personality and make an impression than your cosy wedding wardrobe. Make sure the barber will get your hairstyle right and match your face shape, as well as keep your hair type in the best condition.

Go for best manicure and pedicure

Don’t bring you skanky nails and toes to your wedding. You don’t want to get embarrassed as you dress for your big day as a result of foot odour. You can imagine fitting in your expensive wedding ring into a shabby and skanky finger. According to you will definitely disappoint your partner and loved ones. 

Keeping your fingernails clean and properly cut is a wedding necessity that you should keep in mind always. There are many spas that offer manicure and pedicure services. Just visit a trustworthy and reputed expert and enjoy the best manicure and pedicure services.

Get facial trim and cut

To keep your hair smooth and free from any blemish as well as keep your facial hair moisturized, you need to schedule facial and skin treatment before your big day. You can opt for specialized facial treatments like anti-acne, deep-cleansing, de-tanning as well any facial treatment that will suit your needs.

Get best body spa


A visit to your favourite spa will help rejuvenate your body and mind and aid flush out toxins from your skin, as well as regulate your blood flow. You need to stay healthy and relaxed during your big day, and it all starts by visiting your best spa. Massage is a great wedding prep for every groom out there. Make sure the spa you visit uses the best massage oils and exceptional procedures that are rewarding.

The Bottom Line

Grooming is not all about looking good. It involves making sure you seek the services of professionals, as well as use the right tools or equipment for every procedure that you undertake. To look great during your big day, you need to make sure your hair looks great, your teeth are as white as you wish, your body is in the best shape, and your overall appearance is impeccable. Simply, upgrade your look and be a well-groomed groom, and make your wedding a dream come true.

Keep Your Friends Alive: Driving Rules To Enforce


Who hasn’t changed lanes without looking over their shoulder to check their blind spot? It seems like an innocent mistake, but it’s one of many driving mistakes that can cost someone their life.

Other risky mistakes are made out of convenience, like riding in the back of a van with no seats because you got invited to a concert last minute and there’s nobody else to drive you. When driving a car, convenience should never come at the cost of safety.

Distracted drivers kill and injure their friends frequently. Too often, those fatal crashes don’t just kill the driver. You don’t want to be responsible for an accident that injures or kills a friend. To prevent a tragedy, enforce the following rules at all times when driving with friends:

Don’t put up with texting drivers


Don’t get into the car with friends who like to text and drive. Likewise, don’t put your passengers at risk by using your phone while driving, either.

Lipsig Law reports that in 2013, New York saw nearly 304,100 car accidents. More than 41% resulted in serious personal injury; 1,109 were fatal. Many of those accidents were due to distracted driving, texting included.

When you’re the passenger, offer to be the driver’s personal secretary for the ride. If the driver doesn’t want to give up their phone, stop riding with them. When you’re the driver, give your phone to a passenger or turn it on silent.

Seatbelts are to be worn at all times


Wearing a seatbelt should be non-negotiable. Most states have laws requiring the use of seatbelts because they’ve been proven to save lives. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 47% of the 37,133 people killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2017 weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Also, seatbelts saved the lives of 14,955 people in 2017.

When you’re the driver, get your friends to buckle up before you start driving. Even if you’re in a parking lot, someone might hit you hard enough to eject someone not wearing their seatbelt.

When you’re not the driver, make sure the car you get into has a seatbelt. If you can’t buckle up, get out of the car. There might be situations that will make getting out of the car awkward. For instance, say you got invited to a party and your friends show up and someone you’ve never met is driving. All the seats are taken, and you’re expected to squeeze between two buckled passengers. This situation is common, but extremely dangerous.

You can be the party pooper and tell everyone you’re uncomfortable without a seatbelt. Or, you can pretend you forgot something in the house and when you come back out make up a story that your mom called and you’ve got to handle a family emergency.

This is sometimes the hardest rule to follow, but it will save your life.

Don’t get in a car with an intoxicated person


Drunk drivers kill more than 10,000 people each year and cause about $44 billion in damages. While you shouldn’t drive while intoxicated, you shouldn’t get into a car with someone who is, either. By agreeing to get into a car with someone who is tipsy, drunk  you’re actually encouraging them to put both of you in a dangerous situation.

You may not realize that simply being in the car with an intoxicated person is enough for the courts to hold you personally liable for any property damage, injuries, and deaths caused by the impaired driver. For example, in 2014, two teenage boys allowed a female friend to drive drunk. The driver crashed into a tree and died. The boys were held criminally responsible for failing to prevent her from driving drunk.

When an intoxicated person is about to get behind the wheel, you have three options:

-Find a way to get their keys

-Convince them to take a cab with you

-Call the police and stall your friend. You might lose a friend, but they’ll still be alive.

Getting in the car with an impaired driver isn’t an option.

Stick to your principles

Your friends may not like it, but stick to your principles of safety. The first time your friends lose someone to a preventable car accident, they’ll understand and take you seriously.


SalonLife: Salon And Spa Management Software


What Salons can benefit from SalonLife

Salon software is used for online bookings, point of sale, inventory tracking, employee scheduling, and more.

It is an investment that changes the game for your business – when you choose the right one! This is the cornerstone of your company’s most important processes: customer bookings, loyalty, sales, product promotion, staff training and excellent marketing that picks people up more often, spends more and generates recommendations.

As a business owner, it is therefore essential to compare the resources available to different vendors and position them with the needs of your salon.

For you, the this client management software manages day-to-day tasks so you can focus on improving your customer’s satisfaction. For them, SalonLife simplifies scheduling schedules, from anywhere and at any time, on any device.

Reliable by the best of beauty and well-being.

Hair Salon


Millions of haircuts sold with SalonLife and POS reservation software. Simplify trade show operations with all the features you need to run your business.

Massage Centers


The software is designed to handle every aspect of your massage and spa business, from booking online payments to tracking and reporting.

Health Salons


Whether it’s an acupuncture clinic, chiropractic or weight loss, the SalonLife reservation system offers flexible tools to manage the entire business.

Beauty Salons


It has all the features you need to run your beauty salon business with advanced meeting planning tools and publishing features to help you run your business.



Business Spa users love the appointment and scheduling system. The platform is easy to use, powerful and free.

Personal Trainer


The reservation and point of sales tools are perfect for independent yoga and fitness coaches with simple online bookings.



The SalonLife software is not just a tool for managing your meetings. It’s a powerful system designed to help your beauty salon daily, attract new customers and make them happy.

Simple Online Booking

Manage your reservations online, and your reception is open 24/7. Place your business before your customers with a booking assistant that you will appreciate at the reception. Track your customers’ visits, save their history, and add photos and documents in minutes.

Point Of Sale

POS Embedded brings sales and customer experience to the next level

Keeping customers waiting is a thing of the past. The cash flow that every business needs for its business is the quickest controls, automatic bills, and simple retail sales.

Book Online


Schedule appointments on any device anytime, anywhere

Allow customers to book and manage appointments directly from your site and social media pages. Designed to work on any device and platform with an online booking feature, you’ll never miss an appointment.


Automatic marketing to grow your business.

Run automated email campaigns to stay connected to the customers you need for your business – this powerful and flexible marketing tool delivers everything your business needs to grow and anticipate the competition.

Primefunnel digital marketing agency offer ppc management services for beauty salons. It is the easiest way to get more clients for your beauty salon.

Analysis And Reports

Transform your business with information and data in real time

The software is integrated with a powerful and transparent control panel that shows how your company performs general monitoring. Generate comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports to grow your business and make informed business decisions.

Customer Room Management


SalonLife offers basic customer notification features to manage upcoming meetings and allows service providers in your living room to monitor important customer information. Using SalonLife software, you can track customer formulas, allergies and preferences, sell customer service packages and access contact information when you need it.

Feedback System

Manage what your customers say about your business.

They have total control over how people treat, react and qualify your business online. Set up comment alerts and respond to comments from a single dashboard.

Retain Customers

Attracting and retaining customers has never been easier.

Create an exciting and unforgettable experience for your customers with unique offers, loyalty points, and loyalty programs. Maintaining customer satisfaction by keeping the history of your purchases for future marketing messages is a winning formula for your business.


Follow the numbers essential to your business.

Manage key people in your organization by monitoring productivity and performance metrics. Learn as soon as each customer wants demographics and history of past purchases.

Send A Notification

Generate real business results with automatic notifications

Do not let an employee or client lose a meeting. Automatic notifications ensure that the staff is on time and does not wait for the customer. No appearance, supervise something in the past.

Manage Multiple Locations

Make business mobility easier with just a few clicks.

Manage your business on time, anytime, anywhere. Track inventory and generate consolidated revenue and sales reports in one centralized location.

We Sell Online

Even enter sales during sleep.

Do not miss an opportunity to sell with the integrated online store. We sell products, packaging and gift certificates even after work hours. Keep your business open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Business Intelligence

Track the performance of your business

The centralized personalized dashboard shows the evolution of your business and allows you to take action for a complete expansion and development. Make informed decisions by generating employee performance reports and sales analysis reports in one place.



Privacy and security are our daily bread.

In SalonLife, we are committed to protecting your confidential data. Our customers, financial information and booking history are protected by our reliable facility.

Perfect room management with unlimited additions – Free

SalonLife integrates with the tools you already use without additional costs


Online booking is easy when you add the backup widget to your Facebook business page. This is automatically reflected in the software calendar.

Quick books

Manage your expenses and cash flow by importing all your transactions and tax transactions into the QuickBooks online accounting software.


Create and send targeted e-mail campaigns by synchronizing the client database with MailChimp.


Let your customers mark and shop anytime, anywhere! All you have to do is integrate the software with the payment gateway Razor.


You receive payments for your customers’ purchases 24 hours a day by synchronizing your backup widget with the Stripe payment gateway.

SMS Integration


Send your customers SMS memos and unlimited marketing messages by creating your SMS gateway and integrating it with SalonLife.

Ease Of Use

Customers show that the software is straightforward to use and has a simple interface, making programming in the classroom easier.  SalonLife is continuously improving its product, and feedback on usability is still excellent. Also, the customer support team is accommodating and offers a variety of online resources to help you in your room.


We know that operating a salon is not quite easy…

SalonLife is the best choice for software solutions for trade shows, salons, and spas. It eliminates the pain of managing and improving the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Health Check: what causes constipation?

Constipation is a common digestive problem wherein an individual faces difficulty in passing stool. In most cases, this condition occurs when too much water is absorbed by the body leaving the food present in the colon dry and hard. Veterans state that the slower the food moves through the entire digestive system, the more water is absorbed in the process. This further causes uneasy and painful stool dissemination. There are many home remedies and medicines like MiraLAX which can help treat chronic constipation. But, it is generally recommended to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid such conditions from occurring.

Woman suffering from abdominal pain.

Signs and Symptoms of Constipation

One of the primary and most prominent symptoms of this digestive problem is an increased difficulty in passing stool. Other common symptoms include:

  • Pain in the stomach
  • Experiencing stomach cramps
  • Unable to eat problem or loss of appetite
  • feeling bloated and nauseous

Causes of Constipation

Several factors can cause the onset of constipation in the body. While some of them can be easily prevented by brining simple changes in one’s daily habits and overall lifestyle, many of them on the other hand, cannot be avoided as they may be associated with psychological problems or chronic diseases.

Common causes of constipation are as follows:

  1. Lack of exercise: Veterans claim that individuals who exercise regularly do not generally face this issues. It is because the colon responds well to a body that is fit and healthy. When the muscles of the body are weak, the body is unable to perform its job in a manner it should and hence, many problems including constipation propel.


  1. Other medications: Constipation is a common side effect of a plethora of medication. Some of them include antacids which typically comprise of aluminum, iron supplements, tranquilizers and sedatives, antidepressants, antispasmodics, and bismuth salts.


  1. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): This is another common cause of constipation. People who suffer from IBS usually have a very sluggish bowel movement, along with experiencing abdominal discomfort, cramps, gases, and feeling bloated all the time.
  1. Abuse of laxatives: It has been seen that most individuals inappropriately use laxatives. For instance, individuals suffering from anorexia nervous or bulimia use laxatives to ease themselves. You can check what are the consequences of anorexia nervous here. But for people who suffer from chronic or long-term constipation, extended use of such laxatives may help relieve them from the pain. While in the past, long term use of laxatives was thought to cause damage to the nerve cells of the colon and even interfere with its ability to contract and expand to perform its essential function, with the introduction of newer formulations, laxatives have made the outcome (constipation) a rare one.


  1. Lifestyle Changes: As a matter of fact, traveling can cause constipation as it disrupts the normal diet and daily routine of an individual. Aging is another factor that affects the regularity of intestinal activities and muscle tone. Pregnancy can also cause women to face constipation due to hormonal changes and sometimes even because of an enlarged uterus pressuring the intestines.
  1. Ignoring the urge to Poop: When you have to go, you have to go. Stopping the urge to poop or hold to your bowel movement, for any given reason, can cause constipation and many other issues to surface. One must not mess with their bowel movement. The better the bowel movement, the most hygienic will be the body.


  1. Not eating a balanced diet: A diet that’s too low in fiber and fluids and also high in fats can cause severe constipation. Increasing fiber to one’s diet not only helps in absorbing water but makes the stool larger, softer, and more comfortable to pass as well.


  1. Hormonal Imbalance: Hormones play an essential role in balancing the fluids present in the body. When they get upset, or there’s an imbalance in hormones due to the presence of a disease or condition, it can lead to constipation.

Stress-Reduction Strategies for New Yorkers

If you live in New York City, you’ve probably heard it from a thousand visitors: “It’s wonderful — but ugh, I could never live here.” You disagree, of course, but there’s a haunting doubt in the back of your mind. Sure, these people spend too much time in Times Square, but the crowds in New York City don’t exist only in tourist traps. The long lines, the subway doors that close in your face, the rude people — they can be everywhere. They surround you. And they stress you out.

That’s why every New Yorker needs a stress strategy — or three. Here’s our best advice for cutting down on the big-city stress.

Get off the city streets

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Be aware of work-life balance. Make sure you’re not working so hard that you mess up your mental health by denying yourself the rest you need. Well, we’d like to propose a new concept: city-life balance.

Sometimes, you just need to get off of these crowded city streets. Maybe you can take a break by meditating in your apartment, or maybe finding a “non-city” spot is as simple as going deep into one of New York City’s larger parks, like Central Park or Prospect Park. But you should also take a trip out of the city once in a while, especially to natural spaces. Being in nature calms our minds and helps our mental health.

If you’re exercising while you’re out of the city, that’s even better. Have you considered any of the hikes that you can do off of the Metro North trains? You don’t even need a car to escape the city in search of nature.

Focus on your sleep

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When the subway doors close in your face, you’re likely to feel furious. When a cab hits a puddle and soaks your pants, you’ll likely feel miserable. Sometimes, things just get stressful around here. But it’s also important to remember that how we feel about these setbacks and frustrations does not depend entirely on what’s going on in the moment — it’s not just the incident itself, or even our own thinking in the moment. The groundwork for the thoughts we’re having may have been laid last night, and the night before, and the night before that.

Lack of sleep makes us irritable. Lack of sleep makes us less effective at our jobs and less precise in our thinking and actions. Lack of sleep, in short, can make us more likely to get into stressful situations and more likely to react poorly to them.And considering how notoriously bad the “city that never sleeps” is for getting shut-eye, it’s a good idea for you to examine your sleep habits if you want to reduce stress in New York City. Fight the noise of traffic and revelers with white noise machines or earplugs. Fight the streetlights with blackout curtains or a sleep mask. Reclaim your sleep, and you just might find that you chill out.

Get therapy

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Stress is bad for you. It’s hurting your health, and studies show that it can take years off of your life. If a physical ailment was threatening your lifespan, you would probably be in a doctor’s office very quickly — so why aren’t you getting help for your mental health?

Taking your mental health seriously means getting help from mental health professionals, explain the experts at Therapy Group of NYC. Don’t try to go it alone. New York City has a lot of great therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists who can help you find meaningful solutions to your mental health challenges, no matter how small or large they are (remember, you don’t have to have any kind of mental health condition to benefit from therapy or a check-in with a psychiatrist).

New York City is a wild and wonderful place to live. It will always have its stresses, but you can do a lot to make sure that New York’s worst won’t get to you. Enjoy your big-city life.

The Cost of IVF Treatment and Medication

Many women past the age of 40 have reported success in getting pregnant with the help of IVF. If you “missed your window,” in vitro fertilization medication might be your best option to achieve fertilization and implantation.

In Vitro Fertilization (also known as “IVF” or “artificial insemination”) is a form of assisted reproductive technology (ART) that is used on couples (or singles) that are unable to conceive a baby on their own. This process involves fertilizing eggs by extracting them, retrieving a sample from the partner (or donor), and then combining the egg and the semen inside a laboratory dish.

Once the embryo has been formed, the doctor will proceed to transfer the embryo inside your uterus. The pregnancy will be carried normally – but it is advised that you remain in close contact with your doctor. Quick action can prevent miscarriages or any complications from IVF.

According to the cost report launched by IVF Authority, the price of the in vitro fertilization cycle may depend from clinic to clinic – but on average, it goes around $12,000. For some clinics, the basic procedure might be as high as $15,000 and as low as $10,000. The chances for the price being less than that are very low.

To that, you need to add the price of the IVF medications used in the treatment. These can be as low as $1,500, or they may go as high as $3,000. The price will be directly related to your diagnosis of infertility, as well as the other factors that your doctor may consider relevant.

Each cycle will have to be paid – but the first one will be the most expensive. For example, if you pay $19,234 for your first cycle, every additional cycle will cost you $6,955. If you went through these three cycles, you will have to pay expenses worth well over $33,000.

As you can see, the cost of IVF can be relatively high. However, depending on the clinic that you go to, you may also receive discounts. IVF is not always covered by insurance – but it may still cover part of the costs. For instance, insurance may cover the monitoring of your IVF pregnancy, or it may cover part of the drugs that you have been given.

Most of the time, paying part of the price is still better than paying the full price. Before you say that you cannot afford in vitro fertilization, talk with your doctor to see your options.

A successful IVF procedure may be a blessing for women that really want to get pregnant – but are not fertile enough to do so on their own. Indeed, the costs may be rather high. Still, when you think about it in the long term, the investment might just be worth it.

If you choose to go for IVF treatment, bear in mind that the least expensive clinic is not always the best one. Go for middle-priced ones, as they are usually very efficient in providing you a diagnosis. Based on that diagnosis, you will be given the right IVF procedure can begin.

10 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings

The meaning of dreams, however, had already been a subject of study for ancient peoples, and as studies and researches report, their message was to be attributed to contact with the deities.

The ages change, the latitudes and even the conditions of those who dream change, but this phenomenon keeps its charm intact! When a loved one who no longer visits your dreams, he has a special message to communicate.

Dreams about being followed

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Who has never dreamed of escaping from what is currently perceived as an imminent threat? According to Wallace, those who dream of being followed have a problem that they don’t know how to deal with.

The British psychologist argues that this type of dream experience allows the subject to identify his unexpressed talents and pursue his ambitions, it is enough to identify the problem he is running away from.

Dream about losing your teeth

Those who dream of losing their teeth instead have a problem of self-esteem, according to Wallace the loss of the ability to chew presupposes the lack of confidence in their own means to face certain life problems.

In this case, the psychologist advises his patients to face the situation, taking it as a challenge, stopping feeling powerless.

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Dream about not finding the bathroom

Sanitary facilities are the tool used to solve the most urgent needs of human beings. According to Wallace, to dream of needing the bathroom, without being able to find it, means that the dreamer has a problem identifying and prioritizing his own needs.

This happens, according to the psychologist, especially to those people who favor dealing with the problems of others rather than their own.

Dream about getting c

Img Source:

One of the worst nightmares for some people is to find themselves without clothes in front of a group of acquaintances. Clothing, according to Wallace, allows us to present a certain image of ourselves to others, remaining naked in public, therefore, suggests vulnerability of the subject to criticism from other people.

The dreamer then feels exposed to the judgment of others and the advice given to these patients by the British psychologist is to open up with the people around them, in order to realize their talents.

Dream of being unprepared for an exam

Img Source:

In 2016, the British newspaper The Guardian conducted a survey in the United Kingdom, which revealed that 45 percent of those surveyed had dreamed at least once that they had not passed an exam, this was especially true for women.

Dreaming of an exam is a critical judgment of one’s life experience, so Wallace advises you to accept your talents instead of judging them.

Dream about flying

The experience of flying in a dream suggests a liberation of the subject from the difficulties that plagued him. Wallace argues that these dream experiences underline the person’s ability to make important decisions in solving their life problems.

Img Source:

Dream about falling

The feeling of falling, according to Wallace, indicates that one is taking too much to heart a particular experience of one’s life and its consequences. The psychologist advises to face any difficulty in a more serene way and, rather than worrying about losing control of one’s life, one must trust one’s own abilities and those of the people one is surrounded by.

Img Source:

Dream of losing control of your vehicle

Several people dream of losing control of their vehicle and this, according to Wallace, represents the subject’s ability to make progress towards a certain goal, which the dreamer believes he cannot reach.

In this case, the psychologist advises, instead of trying to control the situation, to allow one’s instinct to choose the best path for oneself.

Dream of finding yourself in an empty room

According to Wallace, the rooms of a house in a dream represent different aspects of one’s personality, so finding oneself in an empty room suggests the unconscious need to discover one’s own unexpressed talent.

The more time a person spends exploring their abilities, the more likely they are to find other aspects of themselves that will offer them different opportunities in their lives.

Img Source:

Dream about bugs

Dreaming of insects is an unpleasant dream that the dreamer perceives as worrying and negative and is linked to a similar unpleasantness or concern in some areas of his life.

Insects are so different from humans, so “alien”, numerous and prolific to provoke an innate sense of alarm and the fear of coming into contact with them, of being damaged, contaminated, invaded.

It is no coincidence that different types of insects are presented in horror films as a mortal threat, they are a sure expedient to provoke reactions of disgust and terror that are rooted in personal background and lived experiences, but above all in the sense of belonging to a completely different genus: that of warm-blooded animals. More about this type of dreams, you can read here.

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