Could Texting Messages To a Patient be Considered as Hipaa Violent?

“Whatever I see or hear in the lives of my patients, whether in connection with my professional practice or not, which ought not to be spoken of outside, I will keep secret, as considering all such things to be private.” — The Hippocratic Oath, translated by Michael North (2002)

The Hippocratic oath that doctors take means that they have vowed to a number of different deities that they will protect their patients and provide them the best possible medical care they can give them. By taking the Hippocratic oath, doctors also swear not to divulge any private information of their patients to others. If everyone stuck by this oath, there would be very few HIPAA violations. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. With communication between doctors and their patients being done through a myriad of channels, it isn’t uncommon to think about any of these breaching HIPAA compliance. Is it possible that checking in with your doctor for an appointment schedule is something to be worried about? Here’s a link to learn more about that:

Prevalence of Texting

Texting has become one of the quickest and most efficient ways to communicate. According to Text Marketing Statistics “Daily Mobile phone activity is dominated by messaging above other apps and activities.” It isn’t a question about your patients not being able to get your text or you not getting theirs. Texting has become an option for health care providers, doctors, and medical staff simply because it provides many great benefits.

Benefits of Texting

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is advised that individuals are to stay at home so as to contain the spread of the virus as well as to keep themselves safe. Now more than ever are people wary about their health. Having the need to see your doctor for any old reason may now seem like a daunting task. With the option to text your doctor in between appointments you can get their opinion on whether or not you will need to see them for an in-person appointment. Should you need to make an appointment, texting will allow you to communicate with your doctor or their staff easier regarding the schedule. Should you need to suddenly reschedule, letting them know will just be a matter of seconds with a text. If you are able to make it, your doctor can let you know exactly what time they will be able to accommodate you, allowing you to make the most out of your own time to gauge how long your travel will be and not subjecting you to leaving too early only to sit in a waiting room until it is your turn. Texting also has the added benefit of allowing your doctor and their staff to get into contact with you for reminders about medication, exercises, diets, etc. so you don’t forget. In the case that you do, it allows them to re-engage you when you would have possibly done otherwise.

With all of these benefits, it is a wonder why texting can be considered a HIPAA violation. Well not all texts and texting applications are created the same. Oftentime when we think of texts, what comes to mind may be the default texting application installed on our phones. If not those then instant messaging applications like Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. are commonly used as well. Unfortunately all of these fall under the category of “unsecure communication channels.” This is because they don’t meet the “Minimum Necessary Standard.” This standard is defined by the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Texting as a HIPAA Violation

The requirements are as follows:

  • Those with authorization to communicate PHI must authenticate their identities with a unique username and PIN.
  • A system must be implemented to monitor the activity of text messages containing PHI and ensure message accountability.
  • Data transmitted beyond an organization’s internal firewall must be encrypted so that it is undecipherable if intercepted in transit.

Common messaging applications mentioned earlier don’t have these features, allowing just about anyone to get into your messages and access your PHI should they gain access to your mobile phone. “Without these minimum standards in place, texting is in violation of HIPAA whenever a text is sent containing PHI.” This could be a challenge as personal mobile phones or smartphones are becoming the norm in many medical practices.

HIPAA Violations

Sometimes it may seem like HIPAA violations aren’t all that much of a big deal. Sometimes they almost seem a little silly when anecdotes about Walgreen’s pharmacists and their husbands’ exes are the talk of the town. But there is a real severity that comes with these violations that don’t immediately click. In the case of this HIPAA violation, it was pointed out by the victim’s legal counsel that it may feel stigmatising to have your personal health information out in the open. Medical conditions may be something you want to keep to yourself until you are more comfortable to speak up about them. But in this case, it may feel so uncomfortable that a patient may even stop seeking out treatment and may cause their ailment or affliction to get worse. On the other hand, common HIPAA violations come in the form of phishing and data breaches of hospital records. This allows hackers to get crucial personal information that may be used for a variety of nefarious activity.

With all of this in mind, it may seem daunting or questionable to have texting as an option for communication between patients and their doctors. Well this doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of options not for HIPAA compliant communications which ensures that your PHI is protected while also providing you the benefits of regular texting. Remember that these channels were made to better service patients and not to put them at any risk. These risks aren’t just about their physical or mental health but the security of your information as well. Take a moment to go over the 5 HIPAA rules regarding texts and reach out to your doctor or healthcare provider to find out how you can get involved in HIPAA compliant communication with them now!

All you need to know about Spinal Cord Work Injuries

Workplace injuries can be catastrophic to the life of any worker, especially when it is severe. One of the most painful and debilitating things that can occur on a job site is a spinal cord injury. Many times, the consequences of an incident like this can be extremely expensive and may affect a worker for the rest of his or her life.

According to data from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, 294,000 Americans live with spinal cord issues, and there are about 17,810 new cases each year. Also, an estimated 78% of those affected by SCI are men, and the average age is 43 years.  Workplace injuries represent one of the most important sources of this type.

Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries are often devastating enough to prevent the vast majority of people who sustain them from returning to work. An estimated 12% of people with SCI are employed, and after 20 years, that figure only increases to about 30%.

As you can imagine, spinal cord can result in extremely costly medical expenses, which can eventually reach a million dollars or more. The only way you can deal with these expenses is through workers’ compensation benefits, but obtaining them can be quite complicated.

If you have suffered a spinal injury, the best way to increase your chances of getting the compensation you need to pay for your long-term rehabilitation and high medical expenses is to work with an excellent los angeles workers compensation law firm, such as C&B Law Group, that is always available to help you with anything you need. In California, you can find many experienced workers’ compensation law firms with track records of success that demonstrate their commitment to their clients, such as  and many more. Most of them offer free consultations, so feel free to call them if you want to know how they can help you.


Similar to the brain, the human spinal cord cannot regrow cells. Therefore, some spinal cord symptoms may appear immediately, and others may appear over time. The symptoms of spinal cord vary depending on the severity of it. Based on the degree of the injury and the location where it occurred, the symptoms usually include the following:

  • Numbness of extremities.
  • Pain in the neck, back or head.
  • Loss of motor functions or loss of coordination.
  • Loss of sensation in hands, feet, fingers.
  • Partial or complete paralysis of the body.

All spinal cord injuries are unique. To know exactly what type you suffered, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Your spine is home to many vital nerves that connect the brain to many muscles and organs. A damage to this part of your body can expose these nerves to severe consequences, which are often categorized as follows:

  • Paraplegia: When a person loses sensation in both legs, and the ability to move them.
  • Triplegia: When the person is unable to move their legs and one arm, in addition to losing sensation in those limbs.
  • Quadriplegia: This is the most severe case, as the person loses sensation and movement in both arms and legs, and usually needs a respirator since chest muscles may also be affected.

Common causes

The leading cause of spinal injuries is motor vehicle accidents, which contribute about 38% of all annual cases. On the other hand, falls account for 30.5%, followed by violent acts with 13.5%, sports with 9%, medical or surgical with 5%, and 4% composed of a variety of other causes, such as degenerative disc disease, repetitive motion injuries, being struck by work equipment, inflammation, and infection.

How does a Spinal Cord Injury affect your life?

After a spinal cord injury, your life will change completely. Initially, chances are you won’t be able to work for a while, and if your occupation required you to do any significant physical exertion, as is the case for construction workers and athletes, you most likely won’t be able to return to work ever again and will have to learn another less physically demanding profession. Moreover, you may not be able to enjoy some of your favorite hobbies again.

Furthermore, the little things in life, such as preparing a cup of coffee in the morning, running errands, moving freely in your home, and many other things will become considerably more difficult (or impossible) after that.

The University of Alabama conducted a study to determine the effect of a spinal cord injury on a person’s life expectancy. The results stated that, on average, the life expectancy of someone who suffers a spinal cord is reduced by 5.2 years. Meanwhile, if the injury causes the worker to require a ventilator, their life expectancy is reduced by 33.2 years.

Plus, rest assured that an injury of this nature will affect your financial life. The long-term expenses that a spinal cord issue can cause are very high. That’s why it’s important to make sure you get workers’ compensation benefits to help you afford all those medical and rehabilitation expenses.

What can you obtain after a spinal cord injury at work?

The workers’ compensation benefits you may receive after a spinal cord injury varies depending on the severity of it. These benefits include:

  • Temporary total disability: You will receive money for as long as you are unable to work due to the limitations caused by your injury. You will receive benefits until you get a job that accommodates your current condition.
  • Permanent or total disability benefits: If your spinal cord injury has made you unable to use your arms and legs for work, you will receive payments permanently.
  • Lifetime medical award: An amount of money to cover expenses incurred due to your injury, including home modifications and payment for ongoing medical care.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: If you are unable to return to your previous job but are still able to work in some way, you will receive vocational rehabilitation to help you do so.

Obtaining these benefits is often extremely challenging, especially in more severe cases. Therefore, the best thing you can do to increase your chances of getting the maximum compensation for your case is to work with a workers’ compensation attorney near you.

Should you use Alkaline Water

Water is the basic necessity for life. Therefore, it is to be served in its best form possible. A human body can stay alive without food for three days in a row, but it cannot pass a single day without water. Water is a miraculous product from nature, provides a cure to numerous diseases, and saves one from different diseases. Alkaline water is the best form of water consumed by a human for drinking purposes. It is available in bottles packed by companies. Some get it directly from clouds through different means, while others collect water from springs.

If the water interacts less with the environment, the contamination is less. Else more contamination requires more purification processes. The material in which this purified material is carried is also important. The use of plastic bottles is common in almost all parts of the world. But the aftereffects of plastic are devastating upon the environment. Therefore, aluminum bottles are introduced in the market for a healthy ecosystem. Aluminum decomposes quickly as compared to plastic. Moreover, aluminum is recycled more as compared to plastic. Few companies have adopted this idea and many others are looking forward to it.

Why Rainwater?

Rainwater is the purest form of obtaining water from nature. However, some processes are to be carried out to purify it for further use. Some of the basic steps for the purpose are discussed below:

  • Capture
  • Protect
  • Clarify
  • Prepare
  • Preserve

Capturing rainwater is the first step of the entire process. The company is equipped with professionals to differentiate between acid rain and normal healthy rainwater. If the water is collected from acidic rain then it causes some problems. Therefore, the company that claims to gather rainwater is an expert in the domain. Different means are adopted by several companies to collect rain directly from the clouds. Maximum measures are adopted by the companies to keep the rain away from absorbing chemicals and contaminations from the environment. If the pollutants are added to the water once their removal requires a lot of effort. And even after undergoing the removal process the traces of chemicals are still left behind.

Rainwater is conditioned by disinfectants that do not contain harmful chemicals. One step of purification should not give rise to another impurity. If it happens the process of purification will never terminate. After this step, the quality of water is ensured. The product meets international or federal standards before being sealed in bottles. The purified product is then packed in ultra-purified bottles. It is then sent to retailers for further distribution. The process mentioned here is a generic one. It may vary from company to company depending upon their way of purification and gathering water.

Authenticity, Transparency, and Humility

Some alkaline water companies provide a platform to the customers and the people they are funding to speak their heart out. In this extremely fast generation, people can’t give time to their loved ones. Everyone is craving for a listening ear. People don’t want someone to help them out when in crisis every time. Sometimes speaking out the story solves half of the problem. Some people miss using this platform and make false stories out of nowhere. A strong check is placed upon the stories to verify their authenticity. After that, an environment of dialogue is opened. In this way, a person feels that someone is responding to their cry and the provided platform is not something unreal.

By listening to the stories of others, we can relate to them. Sometimes after hearing about the pain of others. We realize how small our problem is as compared to others. People hesitate to reveal their stories out of shame and fear. By reading the insights of other people, one gets the courage to speak his heart out. In this way, he gets mental relaxation and peace of heart. All this process connects one to organizations dealing with such people. The people can get financial help and other resources for their betterment. If someone is not able to type the whole story out. He can send a voice message to alkaline water companies too. A bright future awaits many.

Is the Company Original

Please look for the copyright symbol on the website of the alkaline water company, to check if the company is original or not. If the company claims to hold copyright, then the company is believed to be original. Moreover, if a registered trademark is placed somewhere near the name of the company. Then it is expected to be an original one. Most companies are generally linked to social media accounts. The reviews present on the website say a lot about the product too.

If the company is serving the product over a long period; then it gains the trust of its users or customers. If the company has just launched in the market, then the certification of the company tells about the quality of their product. The purpose and intention of the alkaline water companies matter a lot. If the company is raising funds for the needy or running a foundation, then people are moved by the heart. And as a result, they buy their product to play a positive role in society.

Means of Contact

A person can get in contact with the company to get to know about the upcoming promotions. Updates about the new products launched by the company can also be received. It can be done by following the company on the social media platform. But one can miss a post on a social media account. Therefore, to stay on the safe side, alkaline water companies have introduced the feature of dropping down mailing addresses on their websites. Whenever there’s a new update about the company, a mail is sent to the person individually. In this way, the news will reach the person for sure, and he will miss no updates. For further details, check here for more info.

3 Newest Hair Loss Treatments and Researches in 2021


Researchers might well have solved the issue of hair loss once and for all. We’re in 2021, and that means we’ve got lots of time to do tests and try various methods to help people cope with hair loss.

This isn’t exclusive to any gender, with both men and women experiencing it. Although men are the ones that have it worse, we’re confident that we’ll put an end to this issue by examining these following 3 newest hair loss treatments and researches.

But before we do that, let’s discuss why hair loss occurs in the first place.

Why Do We Experience Hair Loss?

The biggest factor when it comes to this global phenomenon is genetics. Genetics play a huge role in whether you’ll have silky smooth hair or go bald one day.
Another factor is stress and anxiety. We all know how damaging both can be, but they can also damage our looks by hastening the death of our hair.
With that out of the way, this experience has been described by many as horrible and frightening. Simply said, no one wants to experience it.

So, because of that, let’s discuss the newest treatments and researches in 2021.

1. Cloning

Cloning has been a thing ever since the 90s, but most of the general population is left in the dark about it.
But how is cloning a viable hair loss treatment? Well, research shows that cloning of hair follicles can help a person regain their groove back again.
This was the first time hair follicles were cloned, and it was a breakthrough in the industry. With cloning, the issue of balding or thinning will be no more thanks to the research behind it.
Namely, we’re able to replace entire strains of hair by simply replacing it with cloned samples. And do you know what the best thing about it is?

It’s permanent!

Yep, you heard that right, cloning has the potential to completely replace your old hair with a new, better one. The science behind it is that the follicles get connected to your existing stem cells on your scalp.
That way, the newly grown lab hair will become one with your scalp and grow directly from it.
We are yet to see it in the real world as of yet, and we’re expecting some time to pass before doing so. This is still a new treatment and it might take some time getting it normalized.

2. Biotechnology Cures

Replacing hair is one thing, but curing your baldness is entirely different.
Many cures have been tried with very little success in whether our baldness can actually be cured.
But the biotechnology sphere is working day in day out in finding the perfect solution for this phenomenon. And we’ve recently heard some good news coming out.

Namely, it’s the goal of biotechnology companies to focus on such issues. Hair loss is a very real issue that plagues the globe, and the one that finds the cure will enjoy the biggest success.
And one such company might well have found a cure for it. While the “cure” is still in development, it’s important to point out that biotechnology plays a key role in this fortunate turn of events.
Tons of research goes behind each formula, all intending to cure baldness. Once this proves successful, it will instantly go into production and shipped to hair transplantation clinics worldwide. is one of hair restoration experts that might implement these 2021 treatments and researches into their day-to-day hair transplantation and restoration.
But who knows how long we’ll have to wait before biotechnology delivers these cures on the doorsteps of transplant clinics.

3. Hair Transplant

This isn’t a new method, but one that constantly gets updated and reworked using different methods and techniques.
Research never stops in the world of hair transplants, and that’s exactly why it has remained relative in 2021. It’s safe to say that most people choose this option as the desired one when it comes to solving their baldness.
Most people, men and women, can get a second chance of having great hair by choosing to transplant it. There are different methods of how hair is obtained, with the most common one being through either donations or cloning. But the medical industry has grown so huge that we don’t even need donors to clone excellent samples. Simply put, the industry is massive and works tirelessly to solve this global issue.

And transplanting gives you the best chance of having perfect hair as of 2021. While this isn’t the last option on the table, it is one of the most affordable and preferred by many.


The last option we’ll discuss won’t really solve your issue, but rather delay it until you’re ready to use one of the above-mentioned.
Wigs are super popular and used by millions of people. They’re used not only by people with bad hair but by everyone that wants different hair than what they have.
There is nothing wrong with wearing a wig, and it’s even quite a welcoming experience. By getting yourself a wig, you’re given the chance of changing your style is something different.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of types of wigs out there, each one providing the user with something different. You might be into wavy hair but don’t have the hair to pull it off. So, instead of endlessly throwing chemicals onto it, why not get a wig to solve your issue?

You see, wigs aren’t only used for those with bad hair. As we mentioned, they are widely used for a lifestyle change. So, if you happened to be balding, why don’t you head online and find yourself a wig that will complement your look.

There is no shame in it as everyone does this; even celebrities.

While strides are being made to solve the issue of baldness, many experts say that we’re quite the long way from actually achieving it. In the meantime, you can use the previous methods to hopefully get some closure before a real cure gets released on the market.

Medicare Explained in 2021

Healthcare costs had been a significant concern in the United States for many years. Many US citizens cannot afford to get medical insurance or pay for medical bills, which leaves them in a dilemma when making decisions regarding their finances and health.

The government saw the health struggles that its people were going through and came up with a Medicare Program to secure American citizens’ health. The program provides quality and affordable health services for millions of American citizens.

Generally, MDC is a government health insurance plan regulated by Medicaid Services and the Centers for MDC. It is divided into different plans such as MDC part A, Part, part C, and Part D.

Let us delve deeper into the MDC parts and plans for better understanding.

Part A – Original Coverage

Once you apply for MDC, you get enrolled in Part A, also referred to as the original or hospital coverage. The plan covers your hospital admission, hospice, and professional nursing care for patients who need it after being ministered for occurrences that need rehabilitation in a medical facility before they recover fully.

Part A is somehow free, and you need not pay for a premium since it is already covered in your tax deductions form on your paycheck as MDC tax.

MDC caters to all hospital services for the first two months of hospitalization but does not cater for a private room.

Who is eligible for Part A original coverage? You are eligible for Part A original coverage if you are aged sixty-five and over or if your partner or spouse worked and paid for the scope for more than ten years. However, you can still get Part A coverage premium-free if:

  • You are entitled to acquire Railroad or Social Security benefits, but you are yet to file for them.
  • You or your spouse worked for the government, which catered for your original cover.
  • You are getting retirement benefits from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board.

You can still get Part A coverage if you and your spouse never paid MDC care taxes while working by buying it. If you are below sixty-five years, you can get Part A range for free if:

  • You are a kidney patient.
  • You qualify for Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board disability advantage for twenty-four months.

Part B – Doctor and Outpatient Services

Part B’s program caters to doctor’s visits, medical equipment, laboratory tests, diagnostic screenings, ambulance services, and other outpatient services. Part B is more expensive than part A, and sometimes, people postpone signing up for the plan if they have work insurance or are covered by their spouse’s health scheme.

However, for people who don’t have medical insurance and are not covered in any way and still ignore signing up for part B, they are charged a higher monthly premium for as long as they first sign-up for the government medical program they stay in the scheme. You are eligible for part B MDC if you:

  • Are aged 65 years and above.
  • You are a US citizen, or you are a permanent lawful resident who has resided in the US for more than five years.

Part C – The Advantage

The part C plan allows you to get Part A and Part B medical services from private insurance companies linked to MDC. For the impatient care, it covers everything under Part A with an additional home care service.

However, Part C has divergent cost allocation for inpatient care and healthcare compared to the original plan. The good thing is that hospice care in the plan C is covered by Plan A and B. For outpatient care, it substitutes for preventive services and medically essential services such as Occupational therapy, doctor visits, Emergency ambulance services, physical therapy, Lab test and x-rays, mental services, speech and language pathology, and preventive vaccines according to Plan C boasts of various advantage plans that include the following.

1. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

Employers cover it through an HMO Medicare Part C, and it boasts of provider networks that need you to approach the providers in the plans provider network for full coverage. It also asks you to choose a primary care provider and a referral when you need to see a specialist.

2. Preferred Provider Organizations ( PPOs)

Provided by some employer groups, and it typically has provider networks. It allows you to approach providers outside the provider network plan with higher charges. You can also choose a primary care provider and do not ask for referrals when visiting a specialist.

3. Private Fee for Service Plans (PFFS)

The plan comes up with its unique payment structure and settles on how much it will pay its providers and how much it will part with as a patient. It is a good pan as it allows you to visit any hospital that accommodates MDC assignment and PFFS payment terms. Even better, it does not ask you for referrals or to choose a primary care provider. As for the plans Copayment and coinsurance, you can only meet them service time.

4. Special Needs Plans (SNPs)

It is a unique plan that serves people suffering from certain health conditions or with exceptional qualifications. The program needs you to use providers specified in its network except in emergency and kidney dialysis cases. It also requires you to choose a primary caregiver and referrals to specialists.

5. Medical Savings Account Plans (MSA)

A unique plan that charges a lot of money from your deductibles in a separate bank account specifically for you, for your medical care coverage. The plan allows you to visit any hospitals that accept the government project. Sadly, it does not cover prescription drugs despite allowing additional coverages such as frequent dental and optical services.
Part C plans are cheaper than parts A and B, with additional benefits depending on the patient’s insurance company and individual plan.

MDC Part D

Part D covers prescription drugs, which you can sign up alongside your Part A and B coverage. Every MDC Prescription Drug Plan has a formula that lists the medications covered, which is available online. Part D requires you to pay a premium, accompanied by other costs that include coinsurance and copayments. However, the prices differ with different plans.

Part D coverage is optional, but it is advisable to enroll on it once you are registered for MDC to avoid late enrollment penalties when you decide to sign up for it later.

Choosing Your Ideal Medicare Plan

Thanks to MDC plans, millions of US citizens can today get affordable and quality medical care anytime they want, depending on the schemes they choose. If you’re not sure of which MDC plan to go for, you should consult a professional so that you can make the right choice and get enrolled on time.

Can You Use Nootropics For Depression And Anxiety

If you take a look around you, you’ll see that most of us live a fast-paced life. After all, we do commute to work every day, we have more and more tasks to perform at the office, and most of us do work longer hours than usual. Besides this, we all have immediate access to the Internet by using our smartphones, which can only increase our workload.

When you combine all of the aforementioned things together, you’ll have the perfect ground for tension accumulation, which can lead to other conditions including anxiety and depression. This is why you may be wondering – could I consume nootropics for dealing with these conditions? Fortunately, this is exactly what we’ll discuss today, so let’s first take a look at what these products are:

Nootropics: Explained

At the moment, you might be feeling the waves of depression coming along or you might be feeling completely stressed out and anxious. If so, you must know that you’re not alone. However, if you don’t like the idea of taking some pharmaceuticals that were synthetically manufactured, you could always turn to alternative medicine, including nootropics.

Nootropics or ‘memory supplements’ are products that could help your brain function better. Now, they won’t only help you with your retention and memory, but they can also assist you in dealing with other things, including your motivation and focus on the tasks ahead. If you want to read more about this alternative medicine option, check out

It’s pretty obvious that consuming these products can help our minds function better, however, do they really help people who are dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression? To put it simply, they could help with these conditions, however, they won’t treat them, instead, they’ll simply influence other things that will help you feel alleviated and better.

So, What Do They Help With And How Can it Help My Depression?

As we mentioned, memory supplements won’t help you with treating depression, nor anxiety, but since they’ll influence other things, they could help you with improving your mood and performance, which can result in you feeling better and less blue. The things these products could help you with include:

  1. Better Mental Performance – though you may not realize this, your brain is always producing new cells, restoring itself, and changing in response to your learning new things. When you consume them, you’ll be able to help your brain regenerate, mostly because they’ll serve as growth promoters.


  1. Improved Focus And Motivation – when it comes to consuming these supplements, people often choose them in order to support their performance, no matter if it’s for school or work. When you consume it, you’ll be able to focus better while completing the tasks ahead of you.


  1. Improved Mood – a lot of people opt for consuming these products because it can positively affect their mood, which means that it could alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, tension, and stress. Hence, although it won’t treat these conditions, it’ll help you with alleviating the symptoms.


  1. Better Retention And Memory – if you look at the history of these products, you’ll see that they have been used for a really long time for improving retention and memory. This means that you could use them for improving your short- and long-term memory and retention. Additionally, it’ll help you with expressing your memories clearly and without any hindrances.


  1. Easier Learning Process – more and more individuals are looking for methods for improving their performance, and one of the things they often choose to use is nootropics. Since they’ll impact your energy and improve your attention and concentration, the learning process will be easier for you.

What Type Should I Opt For?

There are really two categories that you could opt from, however, before you can purchase the product, you must ensure that you speak to your doctor. By doing so, they’ll tell you whether or not you can take them, but more importantly, they’ll know which type you’ll be required to take. The types you could choose from include:

  1. Prescription

Your physician might prescribe you a memory supplement in order to aid with your psychological state. Some of the most commonly prescribed products include modafinil, Adderall, Ritalin, and Axura. Though these can be effective when treating specific medical conditions, you should never take them without a prescription from your doctor.

  1. Natural

On the other hand, there are natural products that you could choose to buy, all of which will help you with your brain function. For starters, there is the all-time favorite, caffeine. This means that drinking coffee or beverages that contain caffeine could help you with improving your mental state.

L-theanine is basically an amino acid that can be found in both green and black tea, but you could also take products that contain this amino acid. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most studied and used brain supplements and they could be found in fish oil and meat. Besides helping you with depression and anxiety, it’s one of the most essential compounds for our brain health, which is why you must ensure that you include it in your diet. Remember, there are various options on the market, which is why you must ensure that you choose one that is suitable for your needs.

Why Do I Need to Speak With My Doctor?

Before we conclude this article, it’s important that you know why you might need to speak with your doctor before taking these supplements. No matter if you want to consume synthetic or natural products, you should definitely speak with your physician before consuming them if you’re already on some medication.

Some can easily cause the medicine you’re taking to have no effects on your body, which means that they won’t work for you – and this can be life-threatening if you’re, for example, taking medicine for high blood pressure. So, before you take any of these brain supplements, talk with your physician.


Although nootropics won’t help you with treating depression, anxiety, and stress, they could easily influence your overall mood, learning abilities, as well as brain performance, which means that they might help you with alleviating the daunting symptoms you might be feeling.

So, now that you’re aware of what nootropics could help and assist you with, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, if you determined that you might want to try these brain supplements, open up your browser, and start searching for a product that might help you with your condition and performance.

How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy After Hours on the Computer?

It is a fact that we spend most of our days glued to the screen. Students use laptops to write papers, most adults use them to finish a work-related task, and then, at the end of the day, they come home and put on a movie or a show to watch and relax. According to studies, an average person spends hundreds of hours in front of their device a year.

Even though this has become a normal occurrence, it can still cause some problems. You have probably noticed that after a while, you have blurred vision, get a headache, or have trouble sleeping. There is a common source of these issues, and it is called computer vision syndrome. So, what can you do this prevent it?

Adjust the light

As a general rule, your computer shouldn’t be near a window or any other source of light. If you face a window while working on your device, the difference between the brightness of the sun and your screen can be harmful to your eyes. Due to this reason, you should put on curtains or blinds that will enable you to manage the light. Florescent office lights can also cause this problem, so if possible, you should turn them off and instead use LED lamps.

Eliminate the glare

Similarly, the reflection on the screen and light bouncing off walls and finished surfaces can also put a strain on your eyes. This is something that can be eliminated easily by adjusting the light in the room. Make sure that the overall lighting in your office is half as bright as it normally is. This is why we talked about some tips in the previous paragraph. In addition, you should also think about upgrading your screen. A simple anti-glare coating on it can go a long way.

Get computer glasses

If you already wear glasses, a computer vision syndrome can cause even more problems, and what’s more, the slightest change in lighting can have a great effect on your eyes. Due to this, you should consider getting so-called computer glasses.

Basically, these include specific lenses that have blue light protection. These are designed to reflect the blue light the screen emits, and therefore, protect the well-being of your eyes and improve vision. If you aren’t sure what blue light is and why it is so harmful, check out this page to learn more about it.

Play with the screen brightness

We have already explained how light can put a strain on your eyes, and there is another thing you can do to prevent it. Firstly, you should change the brightness of the screen and make sure that it is similar to your surroundings. Look at the wall above your computer, and then look at the white screen background. If it causes you to flinch, it is too bright.

In addition, if you spend a lot of time reading long documents, you should also alter the text size and contrast. The size of the letters is something that completely depends on you, so make sure to try out different ones until you find the right font. What’s more, you shouldn’t forget about the contrast, and generally speaking, black text on a white background is usually the most comfortable choice.

Rearrange your desk

Before you start working, you should make sure that your laptop is positioned correctly. Generally speaking, the distance between the screen and you should be between 20 and 28 inches. Also, the screen should be just below your eye level. This way, you will be able to sit straight without having to hunch your back and move your neck.

If you have to look both at your computer and a printed page on your desk, you should get an adjustable document holder and place it right next to the screen. This way, you won’t have to look up and down constantly. You can also use a desk lamp, just make sure that it doesn’t glow right into the screen (to avoid the glare) or into your eyes.

Don’t forget to blink

We know that this tip sounds odd, but according to research, people don’t blink as frequently as necessary when focused on their device. It is why their eyes dry up and become irritated. If you have noticed that this problem occurs often, you should visit your doctor and ask them to prescribe you artificial tears, which will rejuvenate your vision. You should under no circumstances use these on your own, without consulting a professional. To prevent this from happening, you should do a quick exercise. You should close your eyes slowly 10 times, every 20 minutes. This way, you will rewet your eyes naturally and eliminate the possibility of the issue ever affecting you.

Take breaks

Most people choose to take one 45-minute long break during their workday. It has become a natural occurrence, and no one even questions it, but the truth is that you should take frequent short breaks if you want to protect your health.

We are not talking solely about your eyes anymore, but instead about your back, neck, and shoulders, which are the most affected areas of your body when it comes to sitting for a long time. To prevent any of these issues, you should take frequent 10-minute breaks. Make sure to stand up and move around. You can talk a quick walk and get a cup of coffee, or simply pace around your office. This exercise will eliminate the fatigue and tension in your body, and hence, you will feel better and be more productive.


All in all, these are some quick tips you can simply implement during office hours that can greatly help you. Furthermore, if you have already tried all of these out and you still face the above-mentioned issues, you should consider getting blue light lenses. Even if you don’t have a prescription, these can help you relieve the strain in your eyes. If you want to explore the best combination of functionality and style, visit Muunel. On this page you can find various glasses for both women and men and some useful information about each.

How Cloud Computing Technology is Improving Healthcare

Modernization is what moves the world and makes it better. Unlike before, we now live in a much better time in which, with the help of technology, we can easily do almost anything we want. So thanks to computer scientists, computer engineers, and of course the innovators we have received a huge number of solutions in hardware or software that help us to live and function more easily, addressing virtually every segment of everyday life and in every moment.

From the smartphone alarm that wakes us up every morning, replacing the traditional Iron Noise Alarm Clock, to Netflix – a platform packed with movies, series, TV shows, and documentaries that replace traditional TV and TV channels. With these two things, we only prove how fast the world is changing, and thus the way it works in a short period of time. Apart from everyday life, the changes are noticeable in the economy, the legal system, the social system, and it is most noticeable in health care where the most is invested for the best possible health for all people in the world.

The world’s health systems have changed significantly from 50 years ago. The changes are easy to see because this health system now does not look like it used to. We communicate with our family doctor through one of the social networks or through chat applications, we can make an appointment online through a platform for scheduling appointments, we can get the therapy remotely and arrive directly at the pharmacy, but also implements cloud storage. This principle of operation and storage of data is especially good because it speeds up the process of treatment and diagnosis with the help of already stored data on the cloud. Wondering how to improve the health system with this invention? We bring you the facts below.

  1. A base is made for each patient separately – the advantage of this medical cloud is the ability to make a base for each patient. It states the age of each patient, his proportions, personal data, comorbidities, and all other accompanying information that is important to the medical staff. This creates a picture of each patient and the future course of possible events that may occur, says the experts from These bases are very easy for any medical person, and thus enable faster resolution of possible conditions that may occur in the patient.
  2. Diagnoses and findings are collected for each patient easily and simply – a medical cloud is an ideal place where everything could be found. Thus, all the diagnoses for certain conditions that the patient has or the findings for a certain condition that was caused in the patient can be easily stored on it. When all this data is available on the platform, it is easy to prescribe therapy, but also to predict the steps that will follow in the process of treating the patient.
  3. It is easy to monitor the condition of each patient – if in the past doctors had difficulty monitoring the condition of patients, now it is a thing of the past, thanks to this designed information system. Here you can find all the important information and data for the family doctors, but also of the specialists who deal with much more serious conditions in the patient who require easy and timely treatment. That is why this place is seen as something relieving.
  4. Doctors can easily follow the therapies they have prescribed to their patients – another great relief for any member of the medical staff is following the therapies given to the patients within a given time frame. This is facilitating because each patient receives different therapy at different times and for different durations. After the end of the therapy, he should take a break, which is followed by analyzes, according to which it is later decided whether to continue with the same, another therapy or to stop the therapy because the condition is cured.
  5. Hereditary diseases and conditions are easy to predict – a mitigating factor for any specialist is that if he has the data from the patient and his immediate family, he can easily predict the conditions that occur by inheritance. This can be facilitated and provided as an opportunity through the use of this external memory which collects data from a medical point of view. This way, specialists can easily and simply prevent a hereditary condition in the patient or treat it in time so that it does not grow into something bigger.
  6. Endurance and immunity to health are easier to predict – often people have a problem with immunity, it is a complex problem and often it is a little harder to get it back to normal. It is more difficult because it goes through a long phase of its treatment by strengthening with vitamins and other supplements that act on them. When the doctor is familiar with all these conditions, he will be able to work much easier on strengthening it and improving it than it is at the moment.
  7. An image of the health and immunity of the entire population at the state level can be created – one of the most important benefits offered by this cloud system is its availability to medical professionals in order to make a picture of the state immunity and health of the population throughout the country. Thus, doctors will know exactly which diseases they will encounter most often, how to properly deal with their treatment and which therapy is most effective in the majority of the population shown through previous treatments.
  8. Possibility of statistical displays according to which the alarm will be activated – statistical displays for doctors are very important indicators. They point to the need to make changes that doctors do not so easily notice, and with the help of these displays, it goes much easier and in an accurate and precise way.

The advantages of this cloud system are many. We have only been able to share some of them with you because there are too many of them, and that can only mean that there is a solution to every situation in a much easier way. This is an ideal system for every health system, for every health organization and health institution. A better solution for the better and timely solution to the problems faced by the health systems and institutions.

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