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Top Open World Games In The Past Decade and The New Ones To Look Forward To

Video games have expanded and improved greatly since their inception. Graphics are more realistic, gameplay is smoother, and your in-game surroundings are more lifelike. Processors are also a lot faster, and there’s usually very little lag time or glitches. There are more types of games to play and many different ways to play. You can play your favorite video games on your home computer, portable video game system, or on your tablet or smartphone.

One popular form of video games is the open world genre. Open-world games allow players to go on missions and conquests in a virtual world. You may hear them referred to as “free roam” or “sandbox” games. They are popular because they give players a lot of freedom. Players can accept challenges, missions, quests, collect items and other objectives whenever they want to. They can do as little or as much as they want to. They aren’t locked into a set number of objectives or boss battles like linear games tend to have.

Here’s a brief look at some of the best open world games of the past decade and a preview of some upcoming open world games to check out:

Well-known open world games

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  1. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of the 21st century. There are virtually no limits as to what you can create. People have constructed landscapes, statues, and even entire cities. There are some objectives that you can achieve if you want to, but most players spend their time exploring and building.

  1. L.A. Noire

While this game’s environment isn’t quite as open as other open world games, it’s still a very impressive offering to explore. You can drive around neighborhoods in your choice of dozens of classic cars and apprehend criminals on your way. One of the best detective games that you can play.

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  1. Borderlands 2

If you enjoy classic first-person shooter games with a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor, then Borderlands 2 is a game you should be playing. There are a lot of fun side quests that you can do in addition to the main missions. Its high-energy gameplay and variety make it one of the more entertaining open-world games around.

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the most popular games of 2018 also offers one of the largest open world territories to be explored. It gives game players an honest look and feel of what “roughing it” in the Old West was really like. There are plenty of quests that you can immerse yourself in for hours, days, weeks or months.

Upcoming open world games

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  1. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Based on the story by the late fiction author, the sequel takes place a year after the original game. Players can complete missions as they explore the wide open spaces and fend off attacks in a time of crisis. There are plenty of challenges that test the player’s memory and reflexes.

  1. Far Cry New Dawn

Dedicated followers of this franchise have been waiting to see what happened since the last game’s ending. This game, set almost two decades after Far Cry 5, gives eager games new areas to explore and enjoy. Even if you’re not familiar with this series, it should be another fun open-world game.

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  1. Anthem

This game has suffered a few delays but looks like it should be ready for release this year. It’s an interesting science fiction role-playing game where players can explore a new planet and fend off attacks from monsters. The developers have been working to make co-operative gameplay an important element of this release.

  1. Dying Light 2

Fans of zombie movies, TV shows, graphic novels or video games have a new alternative with this sequel. Players will have a wide open area to travel in but must be prepared to fight zombies in order to leave the city. Gamers can choose different paths, with different actions and consequences that occur depending on those actions.

These are just some of the many popular and upcoming open-world games to choose from. Many of them are available for home computers or video game systems. Prices vary depending on the product and manufacturer. Open world games has become an exciting way for players to spend their free time. It gives them cities, states or even other planets to explore. They can interact with other game characters and other players. The possibilities of what you can see and do are almost unlimited in some cases. It’s all part of a bigger, better and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Why are IO Games so addictive

Video games are one of the best ways to relax and have fun whether alone or with a group of friends. They let you escape reality and immerse in a world of fiction. There are many video games that you can choose from. The gaming industry advanced a lot in the past decade, and now tons of new video games get released each year for you to enjoy. Just like music and movies, you can choose from many different genres when it comes to games as well. Even if you’re a person that hasn’t paid much attention to gaming, we’re pretty sure that by looking deeper into the world of video games you will find something interesting for you. Today we’re talking about IO games. If you don’t know what they are, we’ve got you covered with this article. Let’s begin.

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What are IO Games?

In the world of free online games, a few years ago a game called was released. Since then, thousands of people were hooked to it. After that release, people started making many other IO games that also got really famous in a very short period of time. Such examples are,, and Now for a little explanation on what IO games are. Well, the .IO part isn’t really connected to the game, believe it or not. It just stands as the domain name extension for the British Indian Ocean, IO. However, since the previously mentioned titles basically “defined” what kind of games are going to be called IO games, people assumed that the genre is called like that. But, unfortunately, it’s just the domain.

Why are IO Games so addictive?

IO Games are free online games that let you have tons of fun while playing with many other people across the globe. Some are very competitive, like and The addictive part about them is that they let you try countless times all over and over again. Like we mentioned earlier, some of these games are really competitive and people will try to win or be the best almost all the times. The sense of competition just makes you want more and more of these games. And the feeling when you finally manage to be the best on the entire server is truly amazing.

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In for example, you are a tiny worm (on the start at least) that needs to eat in order to grow larger. You are put with about two hundred other people in a server that has one map. You need to move around the map and collect candies and other sorts of food in order to increase your score and your size. You can use the right click of your mouse or the space button on your keyboard to “boost” and increase your moving speed. This, however, drains your health and reduces your size if used too long. That’s why you need to make the right decision on using it. You might be thinking that this isn’t really that exciting. Well, we haven’t gotten to that part yet. The thing is, there are 200 other worms that might be possibly larger than you, all of which are controlled by a real player. And they’re all trying to eat you. If you like to experience some amazing worm survival royale, you should totally check out

Mini Claw Machine – Endless Fun


There is no doubt that the main goal of every game out there is to have fun and enjoyment is one of the crucial things people look for whatever the game may be. We understand now that the point to draw and keep our attention is a necessary feature of the claw machines all over the world. The overall feeling of hunger for success in the game to reach the prize is empowering us. To try and try again until we are able to get the wanted item as a trophy for our efforts.


I suppose it sounds easy, like a simple game to play and win. Yes, it is a game, but not as easy and straightforward as you may think.  After ten attempts to catch with the claw the attended item, you realize that this is going to take time, experience, energy and persistence to achieve. The machine will keep your attention, and you entertained bringing you closer to the trophy in it with each unsuccessful attempt. The mentioned temptation of the prizes in the machine makes as addicted to come back and try again and again. This is frankly said silly, how something so simple can occupy our complete concentration and attention.


The first shape of claw machines where present even far as in the 1890s according to historians and the date they analyzed.  It was not before the 1920s Ernie Collins created a contraption that allowed consumers to control the small stem shovel with a wheel, to try to pick up from the dozen of kernel corn a silver dollar as a prize. Whether you opt for a mini claw machine, the newest arcade fighter or the standard claw machines, their predecessor was the same.

William Bartlett is the person who took all the credit for the patent and attained wealth in the procedure that found the way to amusement parks all over the world. But the first mass-production was done under Erie Digger in 1926 and was present in the US at funfairs making his mark in the business of the claw machines. From then moving from the horizontal format of the diggers to the typically upright present today, the design has evolved and continuously changed through time.


Through time the mentioned claw machines have become a part of our daily activities. The population that is drawn to them tend to have specific groups such as couples enjoying their time and game spent together, children who are probably most addicted to the machine in hand. The collections are the passionate and devoted ones to reach their collection with new items always. They are also known as geeks because of the unique approach they have to the claw machine game. To understand the game you must practice it, and above all like spending time with it. We suggest that, if you want to master the mentioned game, first get to know your machine, watch it when others play. Bring a friend to help you, don’t focus on the prizes, switch way to pull up the item from the machine, and choose the right award for you.

Guide To Buying Gaming Controllers

The most important weapon for gaming is your gaming controller. Without a proper game controller, you are basically helpless in a game. Gaming controllers are used for both PC gaming and console gaming. When it comes to console gaming, you are already provided with a controller along with your console. However, for PC gamers they need to choose their game controller wisely. Game controllers are available in all ranges with varying features, of course, the more expensive the controller is the better features you get.

If you are planning to Buy Game Controllers for your use makes sure you buy it from a reputed manufacturer. This will ensure the quality and the comfort of using the controller.

How to buy the right game controller?


When it comes to buying a game controller, there are plenty of important things that need to be kept in mind. A game controller should be comfortable to use so that you don’t face any problems while using it. Here are some of the important considerations which you should keep in mind while buying a game controller.

1. Compatibility


Compatibility is the main thing that should be on top of your mind when you buy a game controller. Before, you choose a controller you need to make sure that it is compatible with your device. For example, if you are buying a PS4 controller, you need to buy a Sony game controller. Not just that, you also need to check the connectivity options with your game controller. Most of the game controllers these days come with multiple connectivity options. From Bluetooth to wired USB, you can get a variety of options in the market. Before investing in a game controller, you should check whether the firmware of the controller is compatible with your system or not.

2. Comfort


Game controllers are available in a variety of designs. However, you need to choose the design that is comfortable for you to use. For example, what you may find comfortable may be problematic for your friend. Every player is habituated to use a particular type of controller. The sudden change of design or the placement of buttons on the controller may feel uncomfortable to you. As a gamer, you cannot afford to feel uncomfortable playing with your controller. So before, you bring your controller home make sure that you are comfortable to use it.

3. Build


Not all controllers are made equal. Some may last long while others may give up before a year. Well, the longevity of your controller depends on it’s built and how often you use it. If you are going to use it for more than 5 hours in a day, it is advised for you to go for an option with a stronger build. However, for light gamers, even a simple controller will work.

For a gamer, his ultimate weapon is his game controller. So make sure that you buy the right game controller for your use.

Things You Should Know Before Playing Overwatch

After a long time in the beta phase, Overwatch did finally hit retail. Those who have been following the game as it evolved over the last year must have noticed that there have been new additional heroes, new maps and even new modes of play. This can be quite confusing for those who have taken a break from the game for a while; it is like you never tried it in the first place. Regardless of where you stand as far as the level of game exposure is concerned, the fact is that the data surrounding Overwatch is quite extensive. Did you know that Overwatch had 25 live heroes at the time of its publication? The following tips will help you be a better player;

Allow flexibility in your game and master characters by their class

You will notice the action of Soldier 76, Reinhardt, Bastion and Lucio within the first few minutes of playing Overwatch. Master their individual play styles because they represent the four categories of superheroes in the game. Why is this important? You are playing in a multiplayer arena and you can never be sure which role you need to step in next.

Enjoy the takedowns but focus on the objective

Ideally, the interest of your team should always be to escort a payload or seize the next best opportunity to do it. Takedowns will happen because you need to get obstacles out of the way but not as the main objective of your mission. Wipe out the opposition but remain rooted in standing on a point; Overwatch boosting can help you with this!

Fight as part of a greater team

You will be inclined to take on enemy forces by yourself because your allies are doing the same thing. Big mistake! In the same way, you must gang up against the opponents, they too are ganging up on you. As it is a team game, you achieve more if your efforts are combined. The only exception to this rule is when you are aiming to earn overtime. This will happen if you manage to touch the payload of the opponent or contest capture for self-preservation.

Keep moving

There are snipers in Overwatch and the longer you stay in one position, the easier it will be for them to plan and execute the perfect shot. It is not a consolation that you are standing or hiding behind a wall because some characters have the ability to see through obstacles.

It is always better to be informed before a task than to learn from your own mistakes. The above points will prepare you for combat in a way that ensures that you last longer in the game. The more time you have before being eliminated, the more points you earn.

How to Play Runescape in Windows

Runescape is the most fantastic game for sure. And it is one of the most amazing mobile game which everyone loves to play. So, if you are a Runescape fan, then let me tell you that, I have bought a piece of excellent news( related to Cheap OSRS Gold) for you. And the good news is that now, you can even play Runescape on your Windows devices as well. And today I am going to tell you that, How to Play Runescape in Windows. But before moving to that, let’s take a detailed look at what Runescape is?

What is Runescape?

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The game Runescape is considered as the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). The developer of this game is from Great Britain. The company Jagex LTD or, as many people know it, the Jagex game studio is the creator if this incredible game. This game is being played by over 250 million peoples on Android devices and also on the Windows devices. Well, it is among the most amazing and impressive online games which popularity doesn’t recognize borders. It has a very impressive fan base as well. You can even find the whole series of books written based on this game.

Now that you know more about it let’s move further and see How to Play Runescape in Windows.

How to Play Runescape in Windows

According to the recent changes, the game Runescape has been banned by Google Chrome. But, you don’t have to worry at all. Still, you can enjoy this game on Windows but for that purpose, you have to install the Runescape game client in your windows device. So, let’s see how we could do so.

Step 1: The first step is to go to the official website of the Runescape (you can search it on Google and find it very quickly).

Step 2: When you open that website, on that page you will see an option of ‘Downloads and Wallpaper’. Click it.

Step 3: Now, you will see the option their which specifies ‘Runescape Client Download”. You have to open it.

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Step 4: When you click on the download button, you will see a window pop up on your screen saying ‘Save Files’. And the file will be downloaded and could be seen in your download list.

Step 5: Now, open that file and you have to install it. You will do so by clicking on the ‘Install button’.

Step 6: Once the Installation is done, a window opens up, where you will see an option saying ‘Finish’. Just click on that option.

Well, that’s all you have to do. The download process is complete now, you can play the Runescape on your windows device as well. If you are unable to build empires, then I would recommend you to buy cheap OSRS gold to help you build empires. Or you could check out this website here to learn more about how to progress faster and to discover some tips and tricks. Thank you for being such a kind reader and let us know if we have missed out on anything.

Best Android Games for PC

Hey, if you are looking for the best android games for pc, then you are in the right place. In recent years, many games come in the market and out of all some of them rock the market with its full-on craze. Here is the list of such games for you to narrow your choices and reduce your work.

Whether you are using Android for a long time or new one and need some different games then just have a look at this article and find something amazing for you!

1. PUBG Mobile

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Everyone knows the name of this game. And the more interesting thing is how efficiently one can play this game on the android. In this game, the person has to fight with 99 people on the massive island to win the game. The island is full of vehicles, weapons, ammo, and tactical gear. You can either play solo or as a team. To win the chicken dinner you or your team has to must stand out till the last man standing against you.

The developer has designed this game for mobile devices in such a way that player can easily control land manage the game. Even with the bots, the novice can play with the same level of players and step by step gain experience.

The graphics and maps are unique; the game comes up with a frequent update. As per the device, you can change settings to play with ease. The best thing about this game is it is free to play via pubg mobile emulator and some unique feature like multiple modes, drop, and few others make it addictive.

2. Evoland 2

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Yes, Eveland 2 is not a free game, but once you pick it, it will never let your hands down. It is a fantastic sequel with the best gameplay and graphics.  You can even use Gunblood Cheats to be better.

Evoland 2 features about 20 hours of gameplay. The game starts with pretty typical action RPG. And as you cross each level, you can see a dramatic shift in gameplay as well as in graphics. All together it will make the game more interesting. So it is one of the best games for the RPGs fans and video game culture and worth to spend.

3. RWBY: Amity Arena

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Developed from the Rooster Teeth Animation series, RWBY: Amity Arena it popular, well design and real-time strategy tower defense game. You aim to destroy the tower of your opponent as fast as possible by putting down troop cards on the battlefield. The best part is no need to know source material to enjoy the game. The time duration of matches is three minutes that can maintain an excellent balance between the various troop types. So you have to follow some strategy and real-time action to defeat your opponent.

The game is free to download and enjoy. Yes, it will surely worth your time if you love this gene if the game or you are RWBY series fan. So give a try and tell us whether you like it not.


Pacman – The Arcade King!

Do you remember Pac-Man? Everybody knows this game! It marked several generations and while it can be extremely entertaining, it is also annoying at times – more precisely, when you lose. But that didn’t stop us from playing and the good news is that the old games are making a comeback!

We are very passionate about retro games and we wanted to come up with a great, simple version of Pac-Man online. And that’s how PacMan came to be. This is very easy to play an arcade game with a very simple premise which is a pleasure to play and enjoy.

What is PacMan?

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This is an HTML5 based game, so it’s compatible with all the browsers out there, as well as Windows, Linux or Mac OS. It’s designed to bring you the joy of playing PacMan anywhere you want as you see fit.

The way you play is simple, in true PacMan fashion. You will have to control PacMan and collect all the bubbles in front of you in order to win. But there are 4 ghosts that will try to stop you at all costs. You will have to use the large bubbles as power-ups as these will turn the ghosts blue, and that’s when you can eat them.

There are also cherries and other fruit in the game that will give you extra points. The level will be complete when you acquire all bubbles on the board without getting killed by the enemies. You will have a high score system that will track your score at all times. And there’s also a limited number of lives per level, so you can’t die all the time as you try to find.

How can you play PacMan?

Img source: wikiHow

While you have the rules above, the way you play PacMan on its own is very easy. You just have to visit our website PacMan Live and click on the game. It will load automatically and then you will be able to use your keyboard and control PacMan within the game as you see fit. The game is very insightful, easy to play and it comes with all the original features and level designs that regular PacMan had.

However, you get to have all those features and benefits right in front of you in a browser, as well as a mobile browser if you want. That alone makes PacMan very portable and just a pleasure to play as you see fit. If you love PacMan and want to enjoy a great arcade game experience in your browser, don’t hesitate to try our game today!