Fool-Proof Ways to Confirm the Authenticity of a French Laguiole Knife – 2021 Guide

The classic cutlery item Laguiole knife found on tables all over the world is an integral symbol of French-cutlery. The glistening knife gets its name from its village of origin. Its elegant colored handles, polished stainless-steel body, and the distinctive bee symbols make it stand out. Owing to its popularity, other countries mimicked its look and started producing counterfeits.

Tracing the history of this classic French cutlery:

Around the 19th century, shepherds and farmers residing in the mountain village of Laguiole made their own pocket and table knives. The knives are 12cm long when closed. There are silver pins (resembling a Christian cross) near the handle, which shepherds used as their personal cross to pray when they are away in the mountains.

Unlike other knives with backlash-free and centered blades, the blade here is narrow and tapered. The blade isn’t too sharp and is designed to be sharp enough to neatly slice a steak. There is only one person involved in the entire manufacturing process of one knife. Today, these knives are made only in small-scale numbers in small workshops located in Laguiole and Theirs.

Wading through the counterfeit market:

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All the knives you find in the market marketed with the name Laguiole doesn’t necessarily imply that it is original. The term ‘Laguiole’ isn’t a protected brand name and only refers to the village of origin. There is no violation if manufacturers around the world use the name. Anyone can use the name ‘Laguiole’ which has caused a steep rise in the number of counterfeits.

These counterfeited ones look a lot like the original to an untrained eye, and unsuspecting people believe it’s an authentic one since the manufacturers make the packaging look like it is from France. Check out for a vast selection of authentic Laguiole French Knives handcrafted to perfection. Their knives are made from scratch in France.

Their manufacturing plant is located near Theirs. Each knife is made with the highest quality raw materials. Avoid falling prey to the counterfeit market. The replicas you find online may be equally pricey as the original one but are miles worth the quality and excellent craftsmanship. The last thing you want is to pay more for a duplicate.

Marketing tactics used by duplicate Laguiole knife manufacturers:

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Many people believe the duplicate ones are authentic since the manufacturers and sellers make it look like one and try to make you believe its authenticity. Their tactics include:

  • A picture of the French flag included on the box
  • A certificate of authenticity displayed in the website to prove the authenticity
  • A French-sounding brand name
  • The website claims their product to be ‘World-renowned French cutlery’
  • The website goes in details about the history of French cutlery

None of this necessarily means the product is a genuine one. As you can see, these manufacturers try hard and go the extra length to make their products seem like an authentic one. The French companies that manufacture authentic pieces would brand their country name on the knife blade. The disappointing part is you’ll be paying more for a duplicate.

If you look at an authentic Laguiole knife closely, you’ll find that it has ‘Made in France’ written on its blade. The duplicate ones don’t have this. Neither do they have the country of origin mentioned in the authenticity box. Some retailers may even claim that the knife is from France. Request them to show the certificate of authentication and confirm it’s an original.

Counterfeit knives originating from France:

Not all knives that come with ‘Made in France’ or ‘Made in Theirs’ are genuine either. There are many knife manufacturers in France who don’t manufacture these knives in an authentic way. Under close inspection, it will come to light that the knife isn’t indeed an original. There could even be a number of discrepancies from the original.

So why do many knives that come from France still turn out to be a duplicate? There are many small companies in and around the areas of Laguiole and Theirs who do only assembly works, and the main parts are produced elsewhere. These knives can even be found in popular departmental stores, which make people believe it to be an original.

Tips for identifying a counterfeit Laguiole knife:

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The original ones come only from Laguiole and Theirs and last much longer than the duplicates. Nothing beats the quality of an original Laguiole knife. Use these tips to avoid accidentally purchasing a counterfeit Laguiole knife.

Craftsmanship: An original Laguiole knife stands out due to its perfection in artisanal craftsmanship. With a distinct slim and sinuous outline, its popularity comes as no surprise. The original knives are made with nice heft material.

  • Handle materials: Buffalo horn, juniper, pistachio wood, olive wood, or juniper wood.
  • Blade materials: mammoth, damask steel, ivory or silver

The counterfeit ones are usually made with less-sturdy materials like stamina wood, epoxy resin, composite material, or even plastic, which accounts for its slashed prices in some cases.

No lock: The original knives lack locks. They are equipped with slip-joint springs that create resistance when we attempt to close the knife. You’ll have to close it carefully, making sure the knife’s blade doesn’t come in contact with the spring to prevent damage.

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Price: Each Laguiole knife is handmade from scratch by one single person. There is no mass production involved, which explains why it is pricey and renowned all over the world. The ones who find less than 10£ are mass-produced in Asian countries. At least in the case of these knives, it’s true that you get what you pay for.

Colour: The authentic knives are made with elegant colors and aren’t flashy. If you find one with a colorful/bold-colored handle, it is no way an original.

Serration: The blade of an original isn’t serrated and has a smooth finish. Serrated blades are definitely a replica. You can confirm the authenticity by checking the blade for serration.

Avoid disappointment by getting hold of a duplicate. Paying little more attention to minor details would help you differentiate an original from a duplicate.

Can Trump Make France Great Again


The bromance between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron has been featuring on the cover of the world’s press for months now. The ongoing state visit by the French President to Washington has only served as a reminder of just how awkward the relationship between 40-years old Macron and 71-years old Trump is.

President Trump had a time of his life during his state visit to Paris last year. President Macron treated him with every honor and provided him with a front row seat to watch an impressive military parade for the Bastille Day. Mr. Trumps stay in France was crowned with a dinner Macrons hosted in the Eiffel tower. Sources close to the White House say that both the President and the First Lady are eager to return the favor to Mr. and Mrs. Macron by being hosts in Mount Vernon. Unfortunately, the military parade won’t take place, but certainly not for lack of trying.

President Macron arrives in Washington with a difficult mission. Almost every other European leader is appalled by Mr. Trump and is actively trying to avoid him. Macron, often described as the ultimate pragmatists, doesn’t have such problems.

“I’m here to deal with the President of the United States and people of the United States elected Donald Trump,” he said for Fox News.
His aim is twofold: to prevent Mr. Trump from backing out of the Iranian Deal and to convince him to revert his decision on troop withdrawal from Syria. Both objectives are quite important and hard to achieve, and it will take all of President Macron’s “Trump Whisperer” magic to accomplish them.

On the other hand, President Trump possible has an even harder task. In order to maintain his relationship with Macron, he will have to make some concessions. The trouble is that both issues are something he has been quite vocal in the past and explaining to his supporters why he let a French president to corner him into accepting his demands will be unpleasant, to say the least.

But Macron has other aces up his sleeves, apart from his charm. Despite all American might, Washington still needs allies, especially in Europe, where there seems to be a short supply of them at the moment. France brings a lot to the table, being one of the few NATO and EU countries which are fully functional, with a capable army able to project power, and a political will to demonstrate it. It is also a member f the UN Security Council. The current situation plays heavily in Paris’ favor, as the traditional American allies seem either unable or unwilling to continue their cordial relationships with Washington.

The UK is overwhelmed with Brexit and Trump is so unpopular in Britain that he still hasn’t accepted the Queen’s invitation to visit. Angela Merkel, on the other hand, doesn’t really hide her disdain for the American President and his brush ways, an emotion that will be answered on Friday when she visits Washington. Unlike Macron, Merkel won’t be attending private dinners with the First Couple or any other honorifics Trump lavished on Macron.


US Foreign Policy is About Trump, according to Macron


Even though France and the US are allies, it appears that French President Emmanuel Macron has no sympathy for the US President Donald Trump. According to Macron, Trump’s narcissistic personality guides him in his decision-making whereas he has no understanding of how the world functions. Macron also noted that Trump’s ideology is not clear enough.

With that in mind, the French president has two options. One is to lecture Trump on how the world works and how to be the president of a great nation. The other is to manipulate him, and for better or worse, he chooses the second option. Hopefully, this will be a great choice for everyone because it is up to Macron to navigate and shape the relations between the United States and Europe in the upcoming months.

The Washington Post writes: “The special bond that seems to have developed between the 71-year-old American president and Macron, a 40-year-old political novice elected just a year ago, is no accident. While [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel is clearly turned off by Trump, and British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Parliament and population have indicated they don’t even want him to visit, Macron has gone far out of his way to cultivate him.”

This is also backed up by the statement of one of the officials close to France leader “Macron is doing this because he knows that he has to be close to our closest ally, the president of the most powerful country in the world. It’s in our interest to have a good relationship. He doesn’t go as a friend.”

Could the two presidents be close friends? For Donald Trump, it is all about how he is treated by the foreign countries. When Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed Trump on a high level, he was foolish enough to believe that China was America’s friend. The same happens with Saudi Arabia. He never considered that the American Presidents have been welcomed and appreciated across the world and that this was standard fare for the US leaders. Trump has taken this personally, and that has a huge effect on both the United States and the allies as well.

We need to make a point that authoritarian leaders know how to manipulate everyone, and they are cunning. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in the position they are. Some people worry that North Korean’s Kim Jong-Un would deceive Trump and they are partially right. Flattery is insincere, and the US President needs to realize that as soon as possible. He may make a wrong decision, instead.

Sometimes, differences arise between the United States and its allies, which is a natural thing in politics. Instead of facing reality and solving the differences all the leaders of the allied countries need to do is to praise Trump and everything would turn up for the best. And this is what Macron has done. Instead of showing Trump the effects of getting out of the Iran deal he decided to praise his strategy. He is aware that there is a possibility that Trump wouldn’t listen to the arguments or that he might be bored by his speech, and their relationship would only deter. And The Washington Post confirms it:

“According to officials involved in the U.S.-European talks, significant progress has been made on addressing concerns about the deal’s sunset clauses, its verification rules, and the absence of restrictions on Iranian ballistic missile testing and development, as well as new measures to counter Iran’s “malign” activities in Syria and beyond in the Middle East. Four documents have been drafted that they believe are responsive to Trump’s criticisms.

“An overall declaration and three sub-texts are to outline their joint understanding that other international conventions will prohibit Iran from developing nuclear weapons beyond restrictions that expire in the next decade; push the International Atomic Energy Agency to expand its monitoring; and promise strict sanctions if Iran moves forward with intercontinental ballistic missile development.”

If Trump reimposes sanctions on Iran, they are going to continue with the nuclear weapons program while the European countries remain in the deal. Just the fact that Macron has any influence on Trump’s decisions says a lot about his skills as a politician. He is doing what is best for France, but we all hope that works because this is what’s best for the States as well.