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Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

Whether you are overwhelmed with options regarding what to get the foodie in life or your foodie friend is a particular eater, one thing is certain, everyone loves a good food gift. The taste and uniqueness of any eatable can attract any person.

No one denies such a giveaway if you are thinking about it. If you are spending money on buying any suitable present for your loved one, you cannot compromise with the gift’s quality. It will be important for you that another person equally likes your present.

You want to ensure you choose something that stands out by getting them a gift that provides variety. All foodies love the variety and trying new foods, which makes the perfect Christmas gift to enjoy it in all and have fun sampling new tastes.

In the following write-up, we will discuss some amazing giveaways that are the best for foodie friends in your life. No one does not love the great food of great taste and aroma.

Get gift baskets from various digital gift basket stores like and can also be shipped directly to the special person in your life. Hickory Farms and other gift basket companies offer pre-wrapped boxes and baskets that are filled with sweet, as well as savory treats for all the foodie lovers, as well as wine and other drink baskets.

The perfect thing about these baskets is that they come already built and wrapped up for added awe and can be purchased online to arrive in time for the holidays.

Overview of Holiday Gift Basket

A gift basket for the holidays comes prefilled with various themed snacks or products to match the occasion. The basket is also handcrafted and perfectly arranged for the most appealing presentation. The basket can even be adorned with a decorative bow or even a personalized banner if you’d like.

Holiday gift baskets are also tightly packaged in clear wrapping to preserve their look and to also ensure optimum freshness, and they are also delivered using expedited shipping to maintain their quality.

They are available in many sizes, from smaller gift baskets, just perfect for an indulgent night in for one, or opt for a larger basket, just perfect for sharing or simply lasting a while.

Purchasing a gift basket also helps eliminate the hassle of traveling to different locations for separate gifts because everything is one in place. You can even add a cookbook and an iron skillet to your order for easy preparation of the snacks and added convenience.

Types of Gift Baskets

  1. Meat and Cheese Baskets – It contains a vast selection of savory meats and buttery cheeses sourced from all over, and they are also one of the most highly ordered types of food basket.

These amazing baskets are the best for foodies in your life who likes to sample different specialty meats and cheeses, which is sure to open their world up to a host of new meats, as well as cheeses they never tried before.

Once the package is opened, the basket can be stored in the refrigerator until the next big night, or the contents can be sliced and prepared and then spread on a platter for easy snacking throughout the day.

  1. Pre-made Dinner Gift Baskets – It makes the best gift for the busy foodie in your life who enjoys restaurant-quality foods but may not always have the time to prepare them on their own at home.

Or perhaps the foodie in your life already does their fair share of cooking, then what is the better way to gift them than with a night off from cooking with a quick, delicious, and simple to make, first-rate pre-made meal? Each meal also includes easy to follow instructions to ensure the meals are heated to perfection.

  1. Sweet Treat Gift Baskets – It comes with a package, which is full of a variety of popular sweet treats that are sure to make anyone with a sweet tooth smile from ear to ear.

The multi-selection of snacks also helps ensure they never run out, which they will appreciate. Sweet treats can be different and innovative. Your foodie friend will love such a sweet gift from you.

  1. Wine Gift Baskets – It enables you to gift the wine enthusiast in your life with many great-tasting wines sourced from some of the top wine regions around, just ripe for an elegant night of wine pairing, a lazy afternoon of wine tasting, and everything in between.

On any occasion, when your friend opens his wine basket, then he will remember you for sure while tasting it. A wine basket is a precious gift that you can give to your wine-lover friend.

  1. Tea and Coffee Gift Baskets – This basket is quite available for the tea lover in your life with the perfect excuse to slow down and savor the moment with a flavorful, simmering cup of tea obtained from the best tea makers for quality.

The diverse selection also helps ensure there is something for every pallet, so you can’t go wrong. If your friend likes to sip different types of teas with different tastes and aromas, then choosing such a gift is the right choice for you.

  1. Cupcake Basket – If your friend is fond of delicious cupcakes, then you can gift your foodie friend. You can prefer different flavors to make them taste good.

It can be boring if the package contains the same type of cupcakes. It is better to try something different and give something that is different than usual. Generally, people like to have sweets, and cupcakes are better options for them.

  1. Spice Basket – There are plenty of spices that you can include in the gift package for your loved one. If your friend loves to cook and have delicious home food, it is better to giveaway spices with a pleasant aroma and taste. If the person loves home food, then whatever you give, there will be no sense.

Suppose if you are spending your money, it is better to buy raw materials for preparing your food. Many brands come with a variety of spices in their package that are quite uncommon to people. You can include such spices to add more taste to homemade recipes.

  1. Sauces and Purees: If your friend is good at making pasta and other delicious recipes, then you can consider gifting various sauces and purees. It is easy to prepare such stuff at home if the requirement is organic.

Your party plan will rock if you use these sauces and purees to prepare homemade food. If your friend is enough foodie, then he will love your present. Nothing can satisfy a person other than good and delicious food.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, premium gift baskets offer a great way to let people know you are thinking of them, celebrating them, or value them. They are also the best for any occasion, including holidays, birthday celebrations, professional occasions, or even just because.

So, no more fretting over what to get the foodie for any occasion. Consider a food gift basket for minimal effort and good times to be had. On the other hand, you must invest your money in a gift that your friend will hopefully like. They should never compromise the taste and uniqueness of anything you are putting into the package.

Focus on what your friend likes and give away those precious items as a surprise. You can bring a wide smile to their face, which will bring the same happiness to you too. Get tips and prepare a list of things that you put in the basket for your friend.

Why Is French Press Coffee Better Than Other Types of Coffee?

If coffee’s your thing, you’ll find there are quite a few choices available. You can opt for a high-priced Starbucks’ or an espresso, or a cheaper yet equally delicious alternative in the form of drip or French press coffee. It’s all up to you!

Today, though, we’ll focus on the French press. Why does a growing number of coffee aficionados prefer it to other methods?

The Inner Workings of the French Press

According to Coffee Break Essentials, a coarse grind is the way to go when brewing in a French Press. Still, blade grinders aren’t recommended since they produce warmer, unevenly-ground beans that take away from the coffee’s flavor. Use a burr grinder to grind your beans or simply have them ground at the store.

Once you have your coffee grounds, add them into the carafe with hot water and wait for about four minutes. Then, push down on the grounds using the plunger and pour yourself a delicious cup.

If you’re used to having your cup of Joe differently, then the new flavor may take some getting used to. Still, you may appreciate the aroma and its suspended oils. The feel of tiny bean particles usually accompanies every sip of a French press coffee. This is a quality many coffee enthusiasts love.

Why Is French Press Coffee Better?

Many believe the French press creates the best-tasting cup of Joe. Whether or not you agree with this, there’s significant proof to back this claim.

1. No Paper Filters

Unlike drip and pour-over methods, the French press doesn’t employ paper filters. These filters tend to take out much of the flavor and oils from grounds, leaving you with a less flavorful cup.

Aside from not soaking up the flavor, the French press also adds bits of grounds into your cup to enhance the flavor.

2. Allows Steeping To Take Place

Steeping refers to soaking something in liquid to extract its flavor. This allows you to produce something filled with the influence or quality of a substance. The French press excels particularly in this area, which is why it can consistently brew the most mouthwatering cup of coffee.

Instead of filtering, the French press method absorbs all the flavor and quality from the grounds so that your tastes better.

3. Holds All the Magic in One Cup

The French press method doesn’t leave any of the good stuff behind. It extracts grounds for all they’re worth, leaving you with the complete experience. The only thing it does leave behind is the ground particles, which is a good thing because too much can turn your coffee muddy.

If you want coffee that can tickle all your five senses, go for the French press.

4. Gets Rid of Impurities

Impurities can show up in your cup when you use a certain coffee brand with a particular brewing method. This is because impurities can come from the manufacturing or the method being used. For instance, Folger’s coffee is known for having impurities, and drip machines are known for storing dirt and grime.

You don’t have to worry about either of these scenarios where the French press is concerned. The process absorbs all the deliciousness from grounds while leaving behind the impurities. Also, since the French press is easy to clean and washed after every use, there’s little chance for dirt to gather in its inner workings. Thus, it keeps your cup of coffee pure.

5. Complete Saturation

In a French press machine, grounds are saturated completely. It’s a method that doesn’t allow users to miss any grounds. Thereby allowing you to saturate the oils and coffee fully.

This isn’t what happens in drip machines and percolators. Using these methods, you don’t quite get the flavor you expect from your coffee. On the other hand, the French press soaks and absorbs everything and gives it to you right back.

6. Ideal Temperature

Temperature, brewing time, and grind size are the three main factors that determine the outcome of your cup of coffee.

While brewing time and grind size remain mostly within your control, the water temperature can be a little bit tricky to get a handle on. This is because temperature consistency is also dependent on the method or machine used.

Percolators and drip machines often quickly reach soaring temperatures and cool down just as fast. They produce inconsistent temperatures that lower the quality of the resulting cup. As such, they can only achieve the right temperature somewhere around the middle of the brewing process and not for its entirety.

Making the Best French Press Coffee

Nothing’s better than French press coffee made correctly. Here’s how you can do it in four steps:

Step #1: Weigh Your Coffee and Water

The density of coffee varies. For instance, beans coming from Africa tend to be denser than South American coffee. This difference in density means weight measurement is more accurate than the volume measurement.

Step #2: Wet the Grinds

Wetting the grinds allows you to get rid of carbon dioxide from the coffee. As a result, you won’t end up with a sour-tasting cup.

Step #3: Stir Your Coffee

After one minute of processing, stir the coffee. If you don’t, the grounds won’t mix with the coffee and float to the top.

Step #4: Brew for Four Minutes

Four minutes of brewing helps ensure that your coffee turns out great. You should be able to do this easily using a kitchen timer.

And the Winner for “Best Coffee” Goes To…

When pitted against percolators and drip machines, which produce fairly similar coffee, many would say the French press stands as the clear victor. However, at the end of the day, your coffee choice will still depend on taste and preference.

If you’re more an espresso aficionado or would rather order a venti from Starbucks, that’s because your taste lies there. In fact, not even the most delicious-tasting cup of French press coffee can sway you if it’s not the kind of taste you’re after.

Kids Meals: Dinners for Kids


Are you running out of ideas for delicious, healthy, and quick dinners? Quiet! We have prepared a selection of ideal dinners, and complementary to the food, to find a balance between your tastes and your health. These children’s meals are suitable for the whole family. Still, if you want to have some other dinner ideas for kids, then this post on is for you.

When it comes time to plan the weekly menu for the kids, the headaches begin. For meals it is true that many families have the use of the school dining room, so they should not worry, but dinners … dinners are another story. Try to organize healthy dinners. That they do not take too long and that they are attractive for the little ones in the house is, on many occasions, a real odyssey. There are children who do not find it difficult to eat vegetables or fish, but for others, this is a real achievement, so parents have to figure out how to introduce these foods into their children’s diet in a way that is more palatable.

In order to help in this task, we have made a selection of children’s meals, specifically, healthy dinner recipes to offer resources and make it much easier. In this selection, there are dinners in which the main ingredient is vegetables, others in which the protagonist is fish, others where eggs predominate, in others legumes also reign, or pasta is the one that wins … that is, We have tried to offer a wide variety in which all the foods that the nutritional needs of the little ones in the house require are represented.

Purees, grilled, fried, roasted, soups, more classic preparations, and other more elaborate ones, but all suitable for ordinary cooks. And not only that, but we have also compiled tips for organizing and planning dinners, as well as recommendations on how babies should be fed and what they should not be missing from their diet. Planning children’s meals can be easier, you just need organization, patience, and a good repertoire of ideas that make things easier for us.

Another thing! Taking time to eat dinner is important, we can take advantage of this moment to talk as a family, listen to the children, and disconnect from daily work routines.

Dinners, with all these tips and recipes, will be easier and the time to sit down at the table to enjoy this moment of the day will be more pleasant. Take note and let the week begin, the table is set!

Pasta or rice with zucchini and Parmesan cheese

First, chop the zucchini into small pieces. Then sauté the chopped onion and zucchini in a pan with a little oil. Cook the rice or pasta in boiling water for a few minutes. In less than a quarter of an hour, you will have everything ready on the plate. Add a touch of salt and a pinch of grated Parmesan cheese. Delicious!

Tuna with peas

This is a very healthy and tasty second dish for children. If you have a bag of frozen peas in the fridge, take advantage of this idea. You will have to cook them for about ten minutes with a little onion, olive oil, and boiling water. When there are a few minutes left to finish cooking, add the tuna cut into cubes.

Zucchini Omelet

Cut the zucchini into medium pieces. Put a little oil in a pan and cook it for ten minutes after adding little oil and salt. Then beat the eggs and add them in the mixture. Some bread and voila!

Pasta with mushrooms

Mushrooms also cook in no time if they are thinly sliced (you can find them already cut and washed in the supermarket). Put them in a pot along with some oil, garlic, and parsley and let it boil. Drain the boiled water and put the mushrooms in a pot. If you want to reinforce the flavor even more, add chopped ham or small pieces of sausage. This is one of the best dishes for children.

Tortilla rolls

Eggs are always a great idea for quick dinners for kids. This time, in the form of a French omelet. It can be filled with mozzarella cheese, ham cubes, tuna in oil, or whatever we have in the fridge.

Chicken and avocado salad

If you already have a roasted chicken breast or if you have some baked chicken leftover from another day, add it to the typical mixed salad with avocado. The taste is fresh and delicious. You can add a splash of soy sauce and a pinch of salt.

Fried eggs

The first place in the ranking of quick dinners for children is disputed by fried eggs and spaghetti with tomato in equal parts. If you accompany it with a little fried tomato and a cube of white rice, as well as bread for dipping, the children will lick their fingers.

Wraps for children

The burritos, tacos, or wraps for children will give your quick dinner the special touch for the little ones in the house. These can be filled with healthy and nutritious ingredients, and the options of mix’n’match are plenty. Cheese, salad, tomatoes, carrots, combined with tacos of salmon, ham, or cooked chicken, are among the many options for its preparation.

Aperitif dinner

Children love to imitate their elders, and what better way than to do it with a varied appetizer? Cut cheese tacos, prepare some rolls of pork or serrano ham, cherry tomatoes with olive oil, carrot sticks, pitted olives, assorted bread, hummus, and French fries. You can even turn the appetizer into a snack-dinner if you get home a little before work.


First, buy the ready-made pizza bases, everything will be easier. Cover the base with tomato, add a drizzle of oil and mozzarella to prepare some great margarita pizzas. You can add mushrooms, ham, or even an egg if the kids are really hungry. With just 5 minutes in the oven and a few minutes of gratin, you will have dinner ready.

Gain Weight by Eating these Dried Fruits

People struggle with the issues of weight gain and loss. Both processes are complicated in their way. Most people want to lose weight because obesity is a widespread issue these days. But gaining weight after one has become skinny is also a complicated process. It cannot be done in days just by eating more and more. A person has to take proper measures that can ensure weight gain.

For weight gain, people often look for supplements such as artificially prepared proteins in protein powder. Some people also take injections for this purpose. People also join different gyms and also tend to change their whole diet plans. Gaining weight can be as demanding as losing it because one has to be mindful of gaining weight, which is even a very distressing condition.

Dried fruits for weight gain

Dried fruits are the fruits that have almost all of their water content removed. That is why they are small condensed fruits that are heaped with energy. They are energy-rich food, which is why it can be used for weight gain purposes. Some of them are also high in calories compared to fresh fruits, which are needed to gain weight. Besides weight gain, dry fruits can also help increase essential nutrients for your body working and maintenance. Here are some dried fruits that can be consumed for weight gain purposes.


Dates are small in size. They can vary in size, but they are fully packed with nutrients. They are also commonly used in the diet. They are used to open fast because of their quick energy providing property. That is why they are typically sold dried in many countries.

  • One ounce of dates provides with 66.5 calories.
  • Fats: 0.1 grams

In this way, they can give you all the needed calories. They can also help you with maintaining weight during your pregnancy.


Prunes are dried plums that are packed with high nutrition. Prunes can help you effortlessly gain weight. They are delicious and can be added to meals for weight gain purposes. Prunes are readily available in the market. Prune also has fibers that can help to soothe your constipation.

A 1-ounce (28-gram) serving of prunes provides the following nutrients

  • Calories:67
  • Fat:1 gram

Dried apricots:

They are another kind of meal which can help with weight gain issues. They are small-sized, and they are rich in fiber content, which very essential for providing energy to the body. They will help you prevent extra fat by keeping your calories in balance. They are also essential for the eyes. They have the following number of calories and fats. One ounce contains

  • Calories: 67 
  • Fat: 0.1 grams

They help in maintaining a balanced amount of calories. Dried apricots also help in relieving liver issues, thus preventing weight loss due to those issues.

Cashew nuts:

Cashew nuts are tasty and are very rich in calories, so they can help you to gain weight fast. The dietary fiber in the nuts makes your digestive system function properly. High-calorie content and high fiber content help you a lot in weight balancing. You would barely find any better source of protein, fiber, and good fats. All of them are necessary for increasing body weight. The fiber in cashews is vital for digestion, thus helping in the absorption of fats and nutrients. They also prevent the reasons for weight loss. They have the following nutritional value

  • Calories: 157 per ounce
  • Fats: 12 grams


Besides having proteins and vitamins, almonds also contain monosaturated fat compounds. You will need an intake to an ounce to get all the nutrients and add calories to your weight. Almonds also have minerals in them. They contain 576 calories per 100 grams. Almonds are also well known for the proper functioning of the brain and eyes. They make your brain functioning strong, helping you with mental issues, which are also a factor in weight loss. Almonds provide you with the following nutrition.

  • 163 calories per ounce
  • 2 grams of fat


They are the type of dried grapes that are available in different sizes. It has large varieties. Raisins are rich in carbs and sugars, thus serving your body with an instant boost of energy and a significant addition in your weight. They are also well-known for eye health. You can use them in different ways according to your liking. Raisins serve following nutritional purposes

  • 299 calories per 100 grams
  • 5 grams fat



Pistachios are high in calories. So they provide you with weight and at the same time energy. They are a kind of storehouse for essential nutrients. They have fiber, monosaturated fatty acids, and carotenoids. All of them help in the management of weight, and at the same time, they act as antioxidants, thus delay aging. Those who are into gaining weight should opt for these. They have the following nutritional value

  • 159 calories per ounce
  • 85 grams of fat


Walnuts are a bit bitter. That is why they are least preferred. They are also rich in nutrients that are essential for weight gains, such as fiber and fats, thus helping you with weight gain. Their continuous use for months can have a significant addition to the health and weight of the body. They are also known for a healthy brain as they enhance brain capacity.

They have the following nutritional values

  • 654 calories per 100 grams
  • Total 65 grams of fat

Last words:

In conclusion, we can say that dried fruits are proper food. They not only help with weight gain but also help to prevent various diseases. They are easy to use in every way. They also have a very delicious taste. Whether you are using them for gaining weight or use them for losing weight, they will help you without doing any bad for your nutrition. They help in the maintenance of the body as well as mind. So, they can help to fight in mental diseases which are very common these days. One should include them in the diet daily. Proper and adequate use will always show the desired results. is always thinking about your health.

5 Things To Consider When Designing Your Coffee Packaging

Many of us can’t imagine starting the day without one of the most popular drinks all over the world – coffee. And would you buy some coffee only based on packaging? Practice says that most of us are visual types, so we often choose a product based on its pack. Therefore, you may want to know more about the things you need to consider when designing your coffee packaging.

Meaning And Significance Of Coffee-Packaging

Packaging has the role of packaging but also selling the product. to present it in the best possible way, to stand out with competing products, and for the user to decide to buy exactly that product based on that first impression. The packaging is very important when choosing a product for the first time, but the quality is crucial for the consumer’s decision whether to continue buying it in the future. It is worth nothing if the product is of high quality and prestigious if, in the end, it does not end up in the hands of the customer, so packaging is a very important marketing factor. The fact is that a person feels more comfortable when he buys something nice and chooses things according to the principle: I like – I dislike. Whether the product falls into the category of essential or entertainment and luxury, it sells better if it looks good.

Coffee Packaging Design

Packaging design used to be a measure of product quality. Companies that did better could have invested more money in product packaging design. Today, that is no longer the case, because graphic packaging design has become a kind of art – that is worth investing in to stand out on the market. Thanks to the interesting packaging, you will attract the attention of customers and make them interested in reaching for your product.  If they like it – they will become regular customers. Therefore, see below what these things are to consider when designing your coffee packaging. Maybe in these secrets of successful coffee packaging design, you will find your inspiration for some future project – or you will be interested in ordering a packaging design.

Important Things When Designing A Coffee Packaging

1. Create A Work

Most buyers look at the products – but their packaging as well. Of course, they look at them as two separate things. The product itself is needed, but the packaging is what usually caught their eye. Unfortunately, packaging usually ends up in the trash. We guess you don’t want that, right? Therefore, it is important to create true art-work from your coffee packaging. This work, created by a graphic designer – has a much bigger role in attracting the customer to decide to buy a certain product. If you are someone who markets a product – you will probably invest a lot of energy, patience, and time to attract customers. Therefore, it is important to complete the packaging design and the product into a single whole.

2. Packaging Has A Protective Role

When we talk about coffee packaging, we must point out that competition in the market is great. There are so many different coffees, which entice us to look at the shelves. However, the best coffee packaging should not only be attractive in design and appearance – but also functional. What do we mean by that? That refers to good protection of your product. For example, if you’re selling a whole coffee beans type of coffee, you should make sure you have an adequate coffee bean bag. You can click here and check on some of the coffee bags wholesale services that can help you opt for the best ones. Overall, whether it is filter coffee, ground coffee, or whole coffee beans – the packaging must be such that the coffee is well protected and does not lose any of its aromatic properties.

3. Packaging Also Promotes Your Brand

When designing the packaging of products such as coffee, one must keep in mind the competition in the market which is great. Therefore, somewhere in the design process, you must keep in mind the promotion of the brand. This should be done so that your company or the brand itself is visible on the packaging. This does not mean, however, that your brand has to be so conspicuous that it is distasteful. Try to determine where it is best to position your brand. Try to use your packaging as a promoter of your brand or brand. Make your product more recognizable and receptive.

4. Packaging Is The Thing That Sells

Any good packaging affects product sales. That way, coffee is no different from everything else. Since we are all visual types, an interesting package will inevitably attract the attention of customers or stand out from the rest of the competition. Research into consumer habits has shown that we think an average of 7 seconds before making a purchase decision before making a purchase. In those few seconds, the role of attractive packaging can be not only important but sometimes even crucial. Although the quality of the product itself does not have to be painted on the packaging, the fact is that most people will rather buy coffee in an attractive package. Keep this in mind as one of the foundations of a successful sale.

5. Packaging Can Tell A Story

In addition to functionality and aesthetics, your coffee packaging should be creative. It should say something about your company or a brand. For example, most coffee consumers like to see information about the way and production of a particular item. Therefore, you can carry them through the process of roasting coffee, its origin, drinking tradition, etc. You can also tell a story about the values of your brand or the success of your company.

The Bottom Line

The design of coffee packaging is very important in terms of marketing and defining the position of the product on the market. The packaging is a place of direct physical encounter between the customer and your product. In the encounter with packaging, there is a moment when the customer impulsively decides to buy on a conscious and unconscious level, rationally and emotionally. Well-designed good packaging design is also a marketing space through which you send messages about the values of your product or brand. You stand out at the point of sale and indirectly encourage the customer to decide to pick up your product from the shelf.

Top Healthy Breakfast Smoothies 2020


Looking for something quick to prepare and filling to eat in the morning can be a little tricky. Why’s that? Well, there are so many fast food options out there that are just waiting for you to pile in the sugary snacks in the morning that will keep you full for a few minutes but will ultimately have you reaching for the cookie jar before the clock strikes eleven.

How To Make Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies are a delicious breakfast idea, but it is easy for a smoothie to go from a healthy filler to a sugar-loaded cup of carbs if you are not including the right ingredients.

When making your smoothie, opt for the fruits and vegetables that your family love. Instead of sweetening them (if necessary) with sugar or sweeteners, try mixing in a teaspoon of honey, a dash of coconut milk or even throwing in a ripe banana or two to make them really tasty.

Save Time In The Mornings!

But what if you simply do not have the time to be standing in the kitchen, chopping fruits and vegetables and making smoothies in the morning?

Then why not try making batches of your favorite smoothies and adding a little lime or lemon juice to the pitcher to keep the fruit fresh in the fridge for up to a day.

Fancy keeping the smoothie train rolling for even longer? Then why not try pouring your delicious creations into mason jars and then popping them in the freezer. Simply remove the jar from the freezer back into the fridge the night before and it will be like new again for you in time for breakfast. There will be nothing keeping you from kick starting the morning with your five-a-day!

The Best Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

Are you just starting out on your healthy smoothie journey and would like some inspiration for some fantastic smoothie recipes that you can sample with the family this week? Then take a look at the smoothies listed below, I am sure you will be able to find something that will tickle everyone’s fancy this breakfast time!

Top Tip! Frozen fruit works the best with smoothies and helps to keep them lush and creamy. Pop your fruit in the freezer before bed and enjoy the velvet-like smoothness in the morning! Just make sure you have the right blender, you can see some great recommendations here.

Very Berry

Are you looking for anantioxidant boosting, berry blast that will keep you full until lunchtime? Then I am sure you will love this Very Berry smoothie!


  • 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
  • ½ cup of frozen strawberries
  • ¼ cup of frozen blueberries
  • ¼ cup of frozen raspberries
  • 1 medium frozen banana
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 tsp of honey (optional)


  1. Chop the banana into four pieces and then add all of the ingredients to the blender and whiz until combined.
  2. Sweeten with honey as desired (optional).

OatRageous Smoothie

This OatRageous Smoothie is a great way of shaking breakfast up for all those porridge, breakfast oats and muesli fans out there. Looking for a different spin on your average morning meal? Then make sure you check this one out!


  • ⅓ cup of rolled oats
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 pinch of nutmeg
  • 1 medium banana
  • ¼ tsp of vanilla paste


  1. Chop the banana into four pieces and then add all of the ingredients into the blender and whiz until combined.

Mango Dream

There is nothing like the taste of the tropics that will help you to spring out of bed and off to work in the morning. A sip of this smoothie is guaranteed to transport you to the Caribbean and back in time for lunch.


  • 1 whole mango
  • 1 medium frozen banana
  • 1 orange
  • 1 cup of orange/passionfruit juice


  1. Chop the mango into medium sized cubes and chop the banana into four pieces.
  2. Add all of the ingredients into the blender and then whiz until combined.


There is no better way to start your day than with a GreenDay smoothie. If you are looking for a way to boost your vitamin intake and stay full throughout the morning, then I am sure you will fall head over heels for this GreenDay smoothie.


  • 1 cup of baby spinach leaves
  • 1 cup of mango
  • 1 medium frozen banana
  • ¼ cup of frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tsp of honey (or to taste, as desired)


  1. Chop the banana into four pieces and then add all of the ingredients into the blender and whiz until combined.
  2. Sweeten the smoothie with honey as desired.

Beetroot Bliss

Ok, it is fair to say that beets aren’t everyone’s favorite vegetable, but if you are a beet fan like myself, then I am sure you will love the following recipe. And even if beetroot isn’t your go-to vegetable, go on, give it a try, a glass full of goodness and nutrients awaits! The great thing about this recipe is that you can easily adjust the amount of coconut milk you add and spoon in a little more honey if you would like your smoothie a little sweeter.


  • 1 small beetroot
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • ¼ cup of frozen blueberries
  • 1 medium frozen banana
  • Honey (to taste, as desired)


  1. Chop the beetroot into medium squares and the banana into four pieces.
  2. Add all of the ingredients into the blender and whiz until mixed.
  3. Sweeten the smoothie with honey as desired.

Your Smoothie, Your Way!

Have you given some of the above mentioned smoothies a whirl? Then I am sure that you have been ecstatic with the results. But don’t forget to tailor the smoothie to meet your needs. Fancy coconut milk instead of almond? Then why not do a swap? Or would you prefer sweetening your smoothies with maple syrup instead of honey to give the kids a special treat? Go for it! You have a whole world of different smoothie blends at your fingertips!

Best Alternatives for Corona Beer

In these tough times, when people around the world don’t know what to do, one thing is sure – a bottle of good beer can relieve stress. There are a lot of good brands out there, and for those that like Mexican lager ones, the best known is Corona beer.

There have been some tweets that the sales of this brand had declined because of the coronavirus. We can assure you that this is not true. People are still drinking Corona, and they are enjoying it, and no, you can’t get coronavirus from it. But if you don’t like being reminded about the world crisis every time you open a beer bottle, we’ve made a list of alternative Mexican lagers for you.

Here is our list of other Mexican style beers available on the market, there are some good ones on the list, and some that are not that good:

1. Sol (Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma)

This beer is so tasty, with a slightly sweet, clean and crisp aroma. The flavor is refreshing, and if you live Corona beer, you will love this one also.

2. Victoria (Grupo Modelo)

This beer comes from Mexico’s oldest beer brand, which was established in 1865. And yes, it’s the same brewery that makes Corona. The flavor of it is a bit bready but sweet. It’s not that light, but also it’s not heavy, it’s a perfect balance.

3. Pacífico (Grupo Modelo)


If you want a beer that you’ll drink while chilling, Pacífico, with its dry finish, is a good option. This beer is perfect for lazy afternoons at the beach, or your house – it doesn’t matter.

4. Modelo Especial (Grupo Modelo)

Another beer that tastes almost like Corona is Modelo Especial. A balanced aroma of corn, with a hint of bitterness, will teleport you to sunny Mexico.

5. Most Interesting Lager in the World (Ex Novo Brewing)

This beer is a light, but very exciting. It’s tasty and bright and perfect for a sunny day.

6. Sesion Cerveza (Full Sail Brewing)

Perfect beer if you need to refresh and relax at the end of a hard working day in summer. It’s a bit lemony, but only the ideal amount of it.

7. Tecate (Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma)


It is not the best beer out there, and if you don’t like soft beers, you can skip this one. But if you want just one or two to pass your time, you can try this one.

8. Bohemia Clásica (Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma)


An exciting mix of aromas are in this Bohemia Clásica, and it won’t be everyone’s bottle of beer. For those that want to try something exciting and new, go for it.

9. Carta Blanca (Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma)

Another interesting mix of flavors, with a hint of apple. It is not everyone’s favorite, but it has its fans.

10. Dos Equis Special Lager (Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma)


Not the best beer out there, so if you can, you should avoid it. But maybe someone who is not an experience beer drinker and lover would love it.

11. Clasica Amber Lager (Xicha Brewing)

This beer has a slight hint of lime and a bit too much of acidity. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t exactly taste like a Mexican style beer.

12. Cusqueña (Union de Cervecerias Peruanas Backus y Johnston)

If you are into metallic flavor beers, this can be your next favorite, which we doubt. But anyone else that doesn’t like that in a beer can skip this one for sure.

How Intuitive Eating Benefits Cosmetic Surgery Patients


Body shaping procedures such as liposuction and the Brazilian butt lift are helping countless patients enhance their best assets and improve their confidence and body images. These types of procedures do not weight loss solutions though and it’s still essential to eat well and exercise if you want to maintain your results.

Fad diets and quick fixes are never going to give you the results you’re hoping for, not over the long term anyway. A number of studies show that a diet mentality is what leads to patients putting the weight back on again. 

Intuitive eating is a strategy that a number of registered dietitians and nutritionists are getting on board with. This is what it’s all about.

Intuitive Eating – The Basics

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In a nutshell, it helps people reject the diet mindset for good, ensuring they are listening to their bodies and have a healthy relationship with food. This doesn’t incorporate restrictive meal plans, meaning there aren’t any strict guidelines about what you should be consuming and when. Basically, you want to become more aware of how your body responds to specific foods and become more mindful about your food choices overall.

Why Plastic Surgery Patients Should Become Intuitive Eaters

If you’ve recently scheduled a cosmetic surgery procedure at a clinic such as, here is how you can benefit from intuitive eating after your surgery:

  • Enjoy a healthy approach to eating after your surgery
  • Maintain the results of your surgery without needing to calorie count or restrict your food choices
  • Breakaway from emotional consuming patterns
  • Practice mindful eating to avoid overeating when you’re already full
  • Improve your self-esteem, body image and overall well being
  • Feel more satisfied after every meal
  • Experience the long-term benefits of a stable weight

Getting Started with Intuitive Eating

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Before you get started with intuitive eating, keep in mind that you probably won’t see speedy and dramatic changes – this is a long-term solution that requires mindfulness and patience. Becoming an intuitive eater means you will need to unlearn some of the behaviors you’ve developed throughout your life, which can be a trying process, but one that’s worth the effort. The idea is to learn to enjoy food again because you’re fully aware of what you’re eating and how it benefits your body. Here are some of the primary principles of intuitive eating:

  • Learn to listen to your body to understand when you’re truly hungry
  • Let go of the diet culture
  • Learn to eat without feeling guilty
  • Teach yourself to stop eating when you’re full
  • Stop yourself from using food as an emotional crutch
  • Use food to honor and respect your body and well being
  • Discover the joy of moving your body to enhance your lifestyle

Cosmetic surgery can change your body in all the right ways but there are still adjustments that you’ll need to make in your day-to-day life if you want to maintain your results and lead a healthier, happier life. Intuitive eating is one way to do that.