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Covid-19 Fashion – Corona Style Spreads Around the World


Due to the coronavirus pandemic being a current hot topic everywhere, its influence has spread amongst all branches including industry, economy, and lately even fashion.

Protective masks with different kinds of patterns and forms have appeared all over the social media, but there has been a step forward – apparently, a new fashion wave is forming, caused by the state of emergency – the corona style which will surely leave a mark on the fashion world.

What a practical solution – wear a visor everywhere you go. It offers complete protection with the hood.


In a more elegant manner, you could say that the protection is complete in this version of styling.


Strictly casual – colorfulness dominates this fun corona branded combination.


Completely cool! Finally, a break from the makeup.

6 Things you Must Wear to a Summer Music Festival – 2020 Guide


The 50s and the 60s birthed the idea of summer music festivals, and even then, people would love to dress up in unique and quirky outfits. It was a place where you could do anything, wear anything and listen to all kinds of music. At the time, that kind of freedom was not something everyone would approve of. Fortunately, these days, people have become much more accepting of other people’s opinions, which is why such festivals have become so common.

Today, you can go to Coachella, Lollapalooza, Primavera Sound, Bonnaroo, Glastonbury and a lot of other events that can deliver you that kind of experience we just talked about.

However, you can’t just go to Coachella with one pair of clothing and expect that it will be enough for an entire week of music, drinking, dancing and having fun with your friends. You will need to bring your essentials such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo. But, you are not done. It’s not just about keeping up your hygiene, you will also need to stay warm throughout the nights and cool during the day all while looking your best. Your outfits need to be unique, and it needs to show off just how ready you are to go wild and party during the festival.

Here are some things you must wear to a summer music festival to give you an idea of how you should pack.

1. Flare pants

It might not be that obvious, but flare pants have been making a comeback these last couple of years. This style was very popular in the 70s but was quickly replaced just a few years into the 80s. But, what time is better to experiment with your outfits if not during an event such as Lollapalooza or Coachella, right? It is important that you like the look you have made and you shouldn’t care about what anyone else thinks about you. You are not going there to get judged but to have a good time.

Not only flare pants look straight awesome, but they will also keep you cool under the scorching hot sun in the summer days. They are also quite light and give you enough leg room so you can dance comfortably. Combine these with a crop top and you will finish your 70s look.

2. Loose pants

If flare pants keep you cool while giving you the ability for free movement, a pair of loose pants made from cotton or linen will make you feel like you are floating in clouds. They are so soft and so loose that you will feel like you are not wearing anything. The lightweight fabric is breathable and is best used for occasions such as this. Whether you decide to do yoga in the mornings, dance during the day, or using them as pajamas while camping in your tent at the festival, you will always feel comfortable.

Don’t forget that they also complement the summer music festival look because they are usually made with many vibrant colors. The loose pants can be combined with anything you can think of, but we think that a tube top would look the best.

3. Combine mesh with everything

You have been working throughout the entire year and this music festival is finally the time to let yourself go and give up on all of your worries. At least, for a couple of days. So, you shouldn’t really care about how others perceive you or how much skin you are showing. Be who you want to be and dress the way you want to.
People that have experience with this kind of raves love to combine a mesh top with a bralette or sometimes without one. You can also wear a tank top over or under it, it is your choice. If you are looking for a rave and festival clothing store where you can find this type of outfits, you should check out iheartraves.

The mesh will cover just enough skin (if you do not want to show too much), but the mesh is so breathable, you won’t break a sweat even after dancing for several hours.

You even have the choice of wearing mesh pants with a pair of lingerie panties or a thong.

4. Shorts and pasties

If you want to show even more skin and feel freer then ever, then why not get rid of the mesh, tank top or the bralette completely? Just put on a pair of rave shorts or whatever kind of shorts are your favorite and use pasties. What’s great about pasties is that they only cover the most important parts of your body and they are so customizable. If you plan your rave adventure early, you can order custom pasties. They can come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and they can be in neon colors too.

5. Accessories

You can’t claim that you are a raver if you haven’t brought a ton of accessories to wear while you are out on the dance floor. In every video regarding a rave culture, you will see everyone wearing necklaces, Kandi bracelets, earrings, sunglasses and a bunch of other stuff that fulfill the look of the rave.
If you forgot to pack this kind of accessories, you do not have to worry because you will probably find hundreds of vendors where you will be to find all kinds of stuff. Many of them will offer to make you Kandi bracelets.

6. Comfortable shoes

You need to remember that you will be dancing at least five or six hours every single day while the festival or rave lasts. This should tell you that you must pack a pair of comfortable shoes otherwise your feet will be very sore. Of course, you can also pack a pair of heels that will complement your sexy look, but you will also need a pair of sandals or other types of breathable shoes such as sneakers.

Designer Protection Masks: New Fashion Trend?


Although most of the European Fashion Week shows in February, were canceled due to Coronavirus, others were maintained and highly visited. Several designers tried to take advantage of the situation and make designer masks to protect people from viruses and pollution in high-fashion.

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The biggest collection of designer masks were displayed at Paris Fashion Week. In addition to Paris, masks also appeared in Milano and London.

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Different fashion masks can be found everywhere on the internet. The prices are different, depending on the designer, and can go up to several hundreds of dollars. Off-White is one of the first brands to add fashion masks into their collection.

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Some are already all over this fashion trend, while others think it is unnecessary and does not fit the current virus situation.

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Pregnant Katy Perry Shows off Her Baby Bump on Stage


On the International Women’s day, Katy Perry performed live the very first time after revealing that she and Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child.

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Katy shined in a pink dress, showing off her baby bump at the ICC Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup Final. After seeing her outfit, some fans are speculating that the 35-year-old pop star hopes for a girl.

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Katy sang numerous hit songs, such as Roar and Firework. She wore two combinations. The first outfit was a light pink retro dress with neon Venus symbols and pink latex boots.

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She then changed into a tight purple dress, also with a Venus symbol, in which her baby bump appeared even more noticeable than we saw earlier.

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Her dancers were wearing pink cricket bat costumes, and fans are comparing it to her Super Bawl performance in 2015, where the dancers were dressed as sharks.

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The mother to be is glowing on stage, looking her best, giving a fantastic performance, and showing the power of women in the spirit of the International Women’s day!

Rihanna Stuns in Her New Savage X Fenty Corset


Savage x Fenty is dropping new styles every month. The new style for March is outstanding! Rihanna is taking her part in business seriously!

Image source: Instagram

Rihanna poses in Savage x Fenty new lingerie, and you cannot take your eyes off her. The combination of baby pink and white will make you fall in love with the 32-year-old Barbadian queen.

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Although it seems like Rihanna is not making music anymore, she recently confirmed that she is working on her new album that we are waiting for forever. She is a nine-time Grammy Award-winner, and that’s enough for us to believe that she is preparing something big. She even joked about having the album done and refusing to release it.

Riri was recently seen with ASAP Rocky, and it is assumed that they are dating. Fans are confused. Dating or just hanging out? She hasn’t confirmed it yet, but the source told E! News that she is, in fact, single and that she wants to stay that way. 

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Luxury Watch 2020 – Things to Consider When Investing to Them

Nowadays, buying watches seems unnecessary when your go-to smartphone can tell the time anyway. Even so, likewise to other branded bags, cars, houses, and vintage collectibles, timepieces can be considered as one of the high-profile and expensive goods to purchase in any auctions.

The most outstanding example is the steel Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime watch auctioned for $31 million in Geneva. By far, it currently holds the record for the most expensive wristwatch ever sold.

Also, an excellent watch rarely depreciates and can become more expensive over time. What’s more, watches don’t require significant maintenance compared to other luxurious items. If you’d like to invest your hard-earned money on luxury watches, here are a few heads-up to consider.

Choose Reputable Brands

Wearing an iconic piece on your wrist will reflect your impeccable taste and class. However, not all luxury watch brands are created equal. Only a few reputable and renowned brands can stand out and increase its value over time for its world-class craftsmanship. For instance, the most notable are the high-end Swiss watchmakers Patek Philippe, Rolex, TAG Heuer, and Audemars Piguet.

Patek Philippe may cost the most but considered to be a jewel in any collector’s box. The brand’s intricately detailed watches can take months to produce, making an exclusive demand for their pieces. Try to get your hands on a Nautilus 5711.

Rolex, on the other hand, is the most known in the world. A Rolex can be the easiest one to sell because it is so popular and always in demand. You may want to keep your eye for a GMT Master II or a Submariner.

Another luxury brand is TAG Heuer. This brand has been making watches for over 150 years and was the first Swiss watch in space. You may want to invest in models like the Carrera and Monaco because they hold more value than other flagship models.

Another well-recognized luxury brand is Audemars Piguet. Their timepieces can cost thousands of dollars and have excellent resale value. Their most coveted piece is the Royal Oak Automatic.

Most watches will either increase or decrease their value, depending on the demand for the timepiece. But luxury watch brands are usually the most in-demand. Consider purchasing from the brands above because they have a higher demand in the market, among others.

Opt for High-Quality Materials

One of the other important decisions to consider when buying a watch is the material used in its component. The features and materials of a watch would usually depend on your lifestyle, but these characteristics also add value to your pieces.

You should find watches with materials that have the highest quality. Choose watches that are made from durable materials, such as sapphire crystals, titanium, or gold. Also, if you want a leather watch, make sure it’s made from authentic leather.

Choosing high-quality materials allows you to save money too. You won’t have to buy several watches that would eventually damage after a year or two. Luxury watches are designed to last a lifetime. In this case, you are saving money over the long term by investing in high-quality materials from the beginning.

Opt for watches that suit your lifestyle well. If you like to go out for a hike, hiking watches with features like GPS,  barometer, compass, altimeter, and the like are the best. If you’re a diver, you may want a water-resistant watch that can withstand immersion to a depth of 100-500 meters.

Choosing watches according to your lifestyle will allow you to make use of the investment well. You’ll be able to enjoy the piece and incorporate it with your daily activity. Either you’re enjoying sunsets or grinding towards your objectives of fitness, there’s a timepiece to making sure all you’re doing is done on time.

Contemplate on the Movement

You won’t be able to see this characteristic from the outside, but the watch’s movement is also an essential aspect in choosing a timepiece because it is the mechanism that makes the watch work.

There are three watch movements, namely, quartz, automatic, and mechanical. We highly suggest choosing mechanical watches as they hold the most value.

Many luxury watches work with a mechanical movement. These watches are made in-house by the watch brand’s master craftsman, often handmade. Usually, they require adjustments and maintenance that comes at a high price. All those intricate gears reflect the hard work and quality craftsmanship by the watchmaker.

Although mechanical watches are expensive to maintain, these timepieces typically last a lifetime if properly cared for. You still have great value for your money. It can also serve as a signature style or a family heirloom.

The best watch movements you may want to purchase are Omega, Rolex, and Patek Philippe. Movements from these luxury watch brands are reliable, precise, and undergo extensive in-house testing.

Buy From Trusted Sources

The most important thing to consider is perhaps choosing a watch store that you can trust. There are plenty of counterfeits in the market, and you might want to opt for a quality boutique site or a brand-authorized dealer like The Watch Company.

The Watch Company guarantees authentic, high-quality watches at incredible prices. All their watches are carefully sourced by watch experts around the world to ensure the authenticity of every timepiece.

They also present a specific grading condition for pre-owned watches listed on their site to ensure that every piece is described accordingly to its actual state. You don’t want to waste thousands of dollars on a watch, only to find out that they are imitations or in bad conditions.


Luxury watch companies are bustling the globe, and choosing one can be a cutthroat decision. Lucky to those who can have all, but if you are to invest in luxury watches, consider those trusted and legit ones. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to explore and find the right timepiece that fairly suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re the kind to go on rough adventures or enjoy luxury travel, your watch is a symbol of who you are.