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10 Predictions in The Simpsons that Actually are Not Predictions

Not only that The Simpsons TV show was so popular among all generations, but there were many interesting facts that aren’t easy to explain. We still talk about the amazing predictions regarding Donald Trump. Even though we know him as the POTUS today, it was a real surprise when he was mentioned as the ex-President in one of the episodes. Furthermore, producers and screenwriters could not know that their parent company will be bought by Disney, and that happened.

However, we can say that those cases are just writers’ imagination that luckily came true, as many of the situations in this TV show have never happened. On the other hand, there are many things that writers did not imagine. They used their knowledge, insight and perhaps the ability to listen to all whisperers and rumors. In that way, they showed a few interesting things in their series that became a reality. Those are not predictions, but more announcements of innovations that we will be able to use in the future.

10. Donald Trump as a president


One of the most repeated stories was about Donald Trump’s candidature and him as a President of the US. People saw in this an amazing luck when writers’ used Trump as the rich man who became a president of US. However, Trump was elected in 2000, when this episode played, for the Republican party, while he talked about his plans to become a US president way before, in 1998.

Drake – Scorpion – His New Double Album Features Michael Jackson Vocal


At the end of 2017’s More Life, Drake mulled over the idea of staying mum in order to protect his creative process. “Maybe gettin’ back to regular life will humble me / I’ll be back in 2018 with the summary,” he calmly mused on “Do Not Disturb.” Now, music fans have once again found themselves amidst the summer Nor’easter of a Drake album rollout. After dropping No. 1 singles and genius music videos, sharing strategically cryptic social media posts, and strangely pulling off a pump fake in a rap beef, the Toronto rapper has released Scorpion, his fifth studio album and first double album.


With 25 tracks, Scorpion finds Drake playing both sides of the fence on each of the album’s faces. He pulls from his grizzled and gleaming Southern hip-hop influences as well as his lovable, light-skinned-Care-Bear-sensitive-soul proclivities (keep in mind, the man has portraits of Sade and Aaliyah tattooed on him). Production credits range from some of Drake’s most trusted beat smiths like Noah “40” Shebib to hip-hop legends like DJ Premier and No I.D.

Drake not only takes the opportunity to clear the air about his rumored son, a screw that Pusha-T twisted (“I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world / I was hiding the world from my kid”), but also to insinuate that his deal with Cash Money Records might finally be ending with Scorpion‘s release (“Soon as this album drop I’m out of the deal / In the house playing D’Angelo ‘How Does It Feel’ “).

Oh, and the record features a “guest verse” from Michael Jackson. Hey — with Drizzy being streaming’s record-breaking king and wanting to remain there, more is more.

Source: npr.org

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XXXTentacion Shot Dead – Rapper (20) Gunned Down


According to reports from Broadway County sheriff department, young rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed in Broadway County, Florida. Public information officer said that 20-year-old rapper Jahseh Onfroy, better known as XXXTentacion was shot from an SUV and that this looked like a robbery.

XXXTentacion was in a motorsports store at around 4 p.m. when two men waited for him after he left the store and gunned him down. Keyla Concepcion, a police representative, said that the Boward County deputies are looking for suspects and are calling anyone who has additional info to help them in capturing two men.

At the moment there are no further details about the possible motives.

His career breakthrough came with a song “Look At Me” that went viral on both SoundCloud and social media in 2016. This helped him to appear in XXL magazine’s 2017 Freshman Class that featured some of the best new talents.

In March he launched his album “?” that was on many top lists and charts for many weeks. Also, a single “Sad!” managed to get to No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it was on the list for a total of 15 weeks.

image source: kanyetothe.com

XXXTentacion wasn’t trouble-free. He was reported for domestic violence by his pregnant girlfriend and was scheduled to appear in court. He has been under house arrest, but according to Miami-Dade court files, it was lifted in March.

XXXTentacion Death Celebrity Reaction

Soon after the news of XXXTentacion death was delivered, many of his colleagues used social media to say goodbye to the young rapper.

Juicy J published two short tweets “Prayers up for @xxxtentacion” and “R.I.P. Xxxtentacion.”

Kanye West tweeted: “Rest in peace I never told you how much you inspired me when you were here thank you for existing.”

Big Sean published a tweet saying: “My heart dropped when I heard about @xxxtentacion, I feel like we only got to see a glimpse of his artistry. I didn’t know him personally but I respect how passionate he was about his music and message. Nobody deserves this kind of ending. gone too soon, damn! RIP”

Tyga, a rapper from California posted: “Really sad Rip xxx.. so sad to lose good artist”

Source: cnn.com

Vince Vaughn Arrested For DUI And Resisting Officers

According to the report from Manhattan Beach Police Department, actor Vince Vaughn was jailed under the suspicion of driving under the influence. This happened early on Sunday morning when the famous Hollywood star was stopped by the police at the DUI checkpoint.

According to authorities, he was pulled over somewhere between Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, outside of LA. The stop was done at about 12:30 a.m., and in the end, the actor was arrested and taken to jail. On top of DUI charge, the Dodgeball star will probably face charges for resisting, delaying and obstructing officers, as Sgt. Matt Sabosky stated.

Sabosky added that unidentified male passenger that was with Vaughn at the moment of the arrest would also be charged with public intoxication and obstructing officers. Details about the man that was also in the car weren’t offered immediately so we will get those at a later date.


Since resisting officers can mean a lot of things, we sought clarification, and Sgt. Tim Zins, Manhattan Beach Police Department spokesman clarified the situation. It was said that Vince Vaughn wasn’t “fighting with officers, but more of delaying the investigation.” He continued by adding “There was no officer use of force or anything like that.”

Both The Internship star and his passenger were taken to the Manhattan Beach Jail, and soon after that left on bail. There were no additional details about the bail on Sunday morning. We also need to add that there was no response from the representatives of Mr. Vaughn.

Currently, Vaughn is involved in several movie and TV projects as both actor and producer, hopefully, this will not affect production.



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The Pirate Bay Blocked By Telenor Sweden


After many demands from various music and film industry-related companies for The Pirate Bay to be blocked by Telenor, it seems that the Norwegian Internet Service Provider finally decided to do so. According to the ISP, they did this voluntarily and not because of the pressure.

The direct court order wasn’t given to the company, but Telenor decided to do this because of the Breddandsbolaget that was purchased by Telenor group in 2005. This is one of the largest ISP’s in Sweden, and they did receive an order to block the biggest torrent sites.

All the way back in 2014, Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music worked with Swedish Film Industry and Nordisk Film, the final result was a lawsuit against Bredbandsbolaget. It was said that the ISP did nothing to prevent and even assisted its users to access the torrent site. Bredbandsbolaget responded by saying that their “role is to provide its subscribers with access to the Internet, thereby contributing to the free flow of information and the ability for people to reach each other and communicate.”

The main argument of the ISP is that they are not responsible for the content that is exchanged over the internet. They added that it would be similar to the postal service and that they should also be responsible for anything that is sent in envelopes and similar.

Stockholm District Court ruled in November 2015 that Bredbandsbolaget can’t be forced to block The Pirate Bay and that they were not involved in wrongdoings of some of their subscribers. This went further, and in February 2017 this decision was overruled by Patent and Market Court of Appeal that ordered the ISP to block access to the pirate site.

With this ruling, Bredbandsbolaget was forced to restrict access to its users, but they also said that the fight is not over. Since the two companies did not merge until recently, Telenor didn’t have to block The Pirate Bay. With the final steps in merger done, they decided to impose the block also.

Here is what the company representatives stated: “We have not discontinued Bredbandsbolaget, but we have merged Telenor and Bredbandsbolaget and become one. When we share the same network, The Pirate Bay is blocked by both Telenor and Bredbandsbolaget and there is nothing we plan to change in the future.”

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