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Top 8 Music Videos That Have Most Dislikes on YouTube

Just like celebrities, youtube videos get more hate the more popular they get. And when it comes to music videos this also true. Of course, the music video of your local rock band has about 10 thousand views and about 1k likes, but that’s nothing when compared to the most viewed youtube clips. With a… Keep Reading


14 Bizarre Facts about Cartoon Characters

Everyone has their favorite cartoon characters. Different generations grew up on different cartoons, but they all made us laugh, cry and wonder. Here are 14 bizarre facts about some of the most popular cartoon characters. 14. Mr. Bone – Doug The fans of Mr. Bone will instantly recognize this guy. Doug was always humorless, and… Keep Reading


The 25 Best Anime of All Time You Can’t Miss

Want to know what the best anime of all time is? This article answers that very question. Unlike American cartoons which are aimed to purely entertain, anime has a far deeper meaning than most people can ever understand, Much more interested in dubbed animes? Get the list from In the world of anime, everything… Keep Reading


The Most Iconic Jewelry Pieces in Movies

Besides a captivating plot, some movies are remembered thanks to the ingenious work of costume designers and jewelers. Some jewelry items worn by movie characters are just amazing! Looking at such pieces we are wondering if those stones are real or whether these are gold earrings. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find where they bought… Keep Reading


Dwayne Johnson Sings To His Baby Girl Tia

Dwayne Johnson is a caring father, and although he is not home often due to his tight schedule, he uses every moment he has to spend with his children. He posted a video on Instagram in which we can see and hear him singing “Happy Birthday” to his youngest daughter Tiana Gia who has just… Keep Reading

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