General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.

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Facts About Pop Art And Its Place In The 21st Century

Every type of art is beautiful – whether it comes from the humanism and renaissance period, baroque, realism or postmodernism. The ability to express one’s thinking through a simple and unique painting is beautiful and something to be admired. The fact is, most of the painters became famous just after their death as people seem… Keep Reading


The Curse of Oak Island Best Photos

In case you didn’t know, The Curse of Oak Island is a super popular active reality TV series. The series follows brothers Marty and Rick Lagina, who are trying to find speculated treasures and historical artifacts that are believed to be on Oak Island. The show was first premiered in 2014, on History network, and… Keep Reading


10 Celebrity Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram

Tattoos were considered a taboo a few decades ago, but they are widely accepted today. Many celebrities decide to visit a tattoo artist and get something permanent on their skin. In case you have a desire to get a tattoo which is of a high-quality and you have money to spend, the best way is… Keep Reading


Tartu by the Wondering Englishman

The Wondering Englishman, whose real name is Alexander van Terheyden is a traveller who recently posted on his YouTube Channel “A Weekend in Tartu – Estonia!” The Englishman started his weekend break flying into the capital of Estonia Tallinn from London England, before driving with a friend Southeast to Tartu. Over the course of the… Keep Reading


6 Jaw Dropping Tourist Attractions in Morocco

Morocco is an exotic, wonderful place filled with long beaches, vast ports and beautiful hidden treasures that you can’t get enough in your hands to explore. Located between the Arab and African world, Morocco has beautiful “medieval” cities, vast deserts filled with camel tracks and culture like no other country. It is an enchanting mix… Keep Reading


21 Most Awkward Things That Happened at Awards Ceremonies

Not everything goes according to plan at award ceremonies. There are things that go wrong, and many things are just plain weird and awkward. Award ceremonies are massive productions, with many producers in charge, but there still is some weird stuff going on. We present you the 21 Most Awkward Things That Happened at Awards… Keep Reading

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