What are the Dragon Ball Z Main Characters?

The main characters designed by Akira Toriyama in the suspense-filled comic series, Dragon Ball Z, is all we loved to watch from the late eighties till now.

Dragon Ball Z series has diverse, powerful characters poised to spring love or scorn from viewers, thanks to their heroic or antagonistic actions.

If you’re on the verge of watching the Dragon Ball Z series, and on the lookout for characters who made the Japanese anime television series our obsession, then you’re at the right place. Or, if you’ll simply like to identify the main characters merely to buttress your point in an argument, by all means, keep on reading.

Below, gathered by dragonballzfigures are the main superheroes and villains whose personalities and techniques of conquering their adversaries made Dragon Ball Z what we can’t help but drool over:

1. Son Goku


Protagonists are the joy of any story. Hence, it wasn’t that long before Son Goku became the delight of many who binged on the Dragon Ball Z series. The protagonist character had an incredible strength that helped him achieve his goal of protecting the earth. Son Goku was the character who defended his home base, the earth, without consideration for other matters.

At the onset of the series, Goku modified Sun Wukong, who played the protagonist role in the novel, “Journey to the West.” He went on to have a prehensile tail, which evidently distinguished him from all other known or similar characters.

Goku’s journey to victory began with him obtaining skills for martial arts. Master Roshi helped him with that; therefore, he could use his talent on a larger scale to overcome the seemingly invincible fighters on earth. Goku became a superhero in the anime when he conquered the bile King Piccolo and his child.

He inspired the viewers that irrespective of the many battles in our lives, we can still choose to be happy and lighthearted. All thanks to his irreplaceable character, transforming into Saiyan shot the series into mainstream success. Everything from his signatory hairstyle to his combat style, Kamehameha, made Goku the character after our hearts.

2. Bulma


Bulma the inventor and lover; she’s the friend for keeps. The character first stares as a teenager utilizing one of her inventions, the Dragon Radar, to discover the energy signal radiated by Dragon balls. Thankfully, that led her straight to Goku, who has a four-star ball. There, she enlisted Goku as her bodyguard with an intent to use the said possession to fulfill her quest for love.

She formed a relationship with Yamcha for a while. However, as time went on in the meta-series, Vegeta became her one and only.

The female character gets even more endearing when she turns over her striking techy side to the delight of viewers and fellow characters. She unfailingly dosed out valuable tech assistance to Goku and his friends to overpower the antics and threats of their adversaries. She created a microband which made her dwindle, and a time machine which fetched her son, Trunks, a half-Saiyan half-Human, from an alternate future timeline. She was also a mother to Bulla.

3. Krillin


It may have taken him 25 long chapters to make it into the series, but that doesn’t cost him his spot as one of the prominent personalities of the series. Krillin, an excellent comic relief, left viewers indecisive at first glance, but not too long; he proved to be supportive of the well-loved protagonist, Goku, and as a matter of fact, was his ally. He fought many enemies like Vegeta, Buu, Frieza – who killed him at a point – and Nappa.

Krillin brought depth to the series with his exceptional skills; speed, strength, and ability to fly using unique energy from his hand. His appearance was an interesting one, though it appeared unaltered for most parts of the series. He had a bald head, an invisible nose, some burns on his forehead, and wore a uniform of yellow and orange hues—features we loved to see.

His first encounter with death was courtesy of King Piccolo spawn’s Tambourine. However, he came back to life with the help of Shenron. Yet again, he died in the hands of Frieza upon journeying to Planet Namek but not without winning an array of battles. Not his time, however, so he was revived by the Dragon Balls of the Namekian.

He was of great help at the time of the Android and Cell arcs. His character melts heart the more when he fell in love with Android 18. Moreover, their relationship begat Marron, their daughter.

4. Piccolo


Want to see what a change of heart looks like? Watch out for Piccolo and his evolutions. The evil half of Kami was in search of retribution on Goku, whom he later became an ally of during the Saiyan attack. Regardless of how little their chances of winning a battle may be, Piccolo never minded being on the battlefield, a quality that earned him the privilege of killing the cruel Saiyan. More so, he equipped Goku’s son for battles and acted as his guardian after the demise of Gohan, whom he killed.

As his character unfolds, he was unveiled as a Namekian – a replica human with four fingers, and green and hairless skin. As his act of heroism, he sacrificed himself to safeguard Gohan. Moreover, fusing with Kami ultimately earned him a kind heart.

5. Son Gohan


Every story needs a pro-peace, and that’s Gohan, the offspring of Goku with Chi-Chi. His love for peace didn’t hinder his potentials in times of need. He was forcefully taken into custody in a space pod by Raditz. This action much angered him as he burst out of the vessel, immediately landing a paralyzing blow on Raditz, his captor, and uncle.

Seeing his potentials, he was taken in by Piccolo and was given intensive training. This development made him one of the most invincible characters in the anime, thereby becoming the first Super Saiyan 2 and defeating Frieza and Cell.

He soon bonded with Videl, whom he taught how to fly. Watch how hostility can transform into something so positive, as Gohan and Videl conquered every known enemy to become a married couple even after a series of separations and deaths.

6. Vegeta


Love him or hate him; Vegeta stole hearts at some point. However, it took a long time to do the same with his fellow characters, given his pronounced history of terrorism on them.

Vegeta was the last prince of Saiyans and a character whom the evil personified Frieza feasted on for quite some time. Viewers would first encounter Vegeta on his mission to overthrow a planet together with Nappa. They both traversed to earth just to have the precious Dragon Balls in their possession.

Goku would prevent him from destroying the earth, and he would later surrender after a long chain of attacks by Gohan, Yajirobe, and Krillin. Vegeta successfully killed Frieza’s underlings. However, out of compulsion, he became an ally to Gohan and his friends. Upon conquering Frieza, he established a relationship with Bulma, fathering a son, Trunks. Subsequently, he had another offspring, named Bulla.

His most heroic act would be sacrificing himself for his wife and son’s safety from the horrible beast, called Buu.

The series, no doubt, is packed with a lot of fascinating characters. However, we got you the ones who brought it all to the anime.

Jack Ryan – What to Expect in Season 3?

The return of the popular political action thriller TV series is impatiently waited upon ever since the ending of the second season. Not only has it been revealed that the third season is officially happening, but the fans are speculating that this one will be more intense than the previous two seasons. The course of events will be followed by millions around the world, and if you are eager to find out when the premiere will happen, take a look below to find out.

What to expect in Season 3?


The plot of this show is centered around the main character, Jack Ryan, who works for the CIA and specializes in the counterterrorism. Together with his associates he is trying to fight against terrorist organizations and to prevent their activities. The character is played by John Krasinski, who received notable recognition for the portrayal of the abovementioned character. Further, not only have the fans recognized his performance, but he has been praised by the critics as well.

The thrilling and complicated scenario of this show seems to get even more fascinating in the upcoming season. The protagonist of the show, Jack Ryan, will fight for the justice and good and face a lot of obstacles. Nevertheless, will he be able to defeat his enemies will be revealed in the end of the season. What is known for sure is the fact that the fans can expect thrilling adrenaline rush and many plot twists which make this TV series one of a kind.

Release Date

The show was renewed for the second season in April, 2019. The premiere was on October 31st 2019, and it reached amazing rates. The fans followed the whole season with the constant interest in every new episode. Therefore, the popularity of the show did not decrease.

In February 2019, the fans were thrilled to learn the news that the series is renewed for the third season.  Given the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, the developments regarding the show were affected as well. Therefore, the whole process was slowed down and the show could not be released as originally planned. Nevertheless, it seems that the premiere of the third season is most likely to happen in 2021.

To sum up, despite the plans to be published earlier, the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down the process of production of this popular show. This is the reason why fans will probably have to wait until 2021 to see the upcoming episodes and situations Jack Ryan and the rest of the crew will have to resolve. On the bright side, 2021 is just around the corner, which means that the premiere of the third season might happen sooner than you think. Also, it is rumored that the episodes of the third season are thrilling and unpredictable, so it seems that the upcoming episodes are absolutely worth the wait!

Danmachi Season 3 Release Date – What to Expect in New Season?


The premiere of the third season of the popular anime It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? also known as Danmachi seems to be closer than you think. If you are interested to read about the things which will happen in the upcoming episodes, continue reading this article. Also, take a look below to find out why the fans were thrilled with the official announcement and to find out when you will be able to see the new adventures in the fictional city of Orario.

What to expect in the Season 3?

It seems that the themes of war and love will be prominent throughout the third season as well. Further, the fight for power, and balance between gods and mortals will be one of the central focuses. Not only will there be emotional scenes, but the fans can also expect adrenaline and thrilling events as well. On the top of that love triangles and heartbreaks will not be neglected neither. When all is taken into consideration, the third season of Danmachi will be powerful, sophisticated and full of the unexpected events. You will be able to see how the choices of various characters affect other characters, and you will also be able to judge for yourself whether they have made the right decisions.


Release Date

The complicated release date history has left some fans afraid that they will have to wait all the way to 2021 in order to see their favorite characters again. First, on September 27, 2019 it was announced that there will be the third season. It was scheduled for July 2020. However, the initial release date was delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Given the fact that at that time the future was completely uncertain the new release date was not precisely confirmed. Instead, it was suggested that it will happen in October or even later. In July, 2020 the fans were thrilled to learn that October will probably be the month of the premiere, even though this update was not certain. Nevertheless, the October is around the corner, and the wait is over. The date has been finally officially announced, and there is no need to worry – it is happening sooner than you think! In other words, the fans will be able to enjoy the premiere on October 2, 2020.

To sum up, throughout the two seasons of It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? the fans were able to enjoy the ups and downs of their favorite characters, but the third season is most likely to positively surprise you. Judging from the promo material and trailer, you will enjoy some quality fight between good and evil, fight for power, war and love. Further you will be able to watch how your favorite characters overcome the obstacles as soon as October 2. Therefore, prepare yourself because the odds that the third season will overpower the previous two are pretty high!

Attack on Titan Season 4 – What to expect? (Official Trailer 2020)


The huge popularity of the Japanese dark anime affected the eagerness of numerous fans around the globe to follow the characters and anticipate the release of the upcoming fourth season. When the last episode was aired back in July, 2019, everyone was impatient to see what happens next. Back then the release of the fourth season seemed far away in the future. However, according to the newest updates, it seems that the time to enjoy the thrilling storyline of Attack on Titan has come. This season is also the final one, which makes the public interested in the exact date even stronger. If you are a fan and you want to find out when you can expect the release of the fourth season, take a look below for more info.


What to expect in the final season?

As far as the storyline goes, the fourth season will probably be the most thrilling one yet. Not only does the story ends, but the development of the characters and their actions will most likely leave the fans speechless. When it comes to the illustration and music, it seems that there will be the most powerful representation of the plot yet. Also, the trailer which was released left many fans excited to see what the rest of the episodes will show. The poster itself also looks quite dark and powerful. It seems that the promo material regarding the Attack on Titan is all about impressing and intriguing the fans. The plot of the whole series is more than intriguing. Further, the adrenaline rush and unpredictable events are probably the two most quoted components of the whole series. The same applies to the fourth season, only intensified. The battle between humans and titans will mostly likely escalate and culminate in the new episodes, and everyone is waiting for the epilogue.

Attack on Titan Release Date

It seems that everyone is wondering when the episodes will be available for streaming. Well, the wait is over. It was first announced that Attack on Titan Season 4 will premiere on the Fall 2020. However, the newest updates suggest that the premiere will be delayed, even though not for long. On September 22, it was announced that the fans can expect the premiere later this year. So, it seems that, despite the delay, the story of the fight between humans and titans will get its ending in 2020. Hence, the fans will be able to get closure and enjoy episodes full of thrilling and exciting events by the end of this year.

To sum up, the upcoming season will bring you the joys and adrenaline rush. More importantly, you will be able to find out how your favorite story ends. The news gets even more exciting considering the fact that you will be able to do all of that very soon – by the end of this year!

Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Date


After almost a year, fans of the famous anime, Demon Slayer, are looking forward to an official release date for the season 2.
‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ is an amazingly popular anime series based on the same name’s manga series.
It is considered to be one of the best shows in this genre since it won the ‘Best Anime’ award at the 2019 Newtype Anime Awards and also the ‘Anime of the Year’ at the 2020 Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

After Season 1 becoming an epic masterpiece, fans cannot wait to see what is going to happen next.

The release date of the second season


The release date for the second season of the series has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be January or February 2021 premiere.
It was supposed to premiere in October 2020, but it had to be rescheduled due to the global coronavirus pandemic.
Our optimistic prediction for the second season of Demon Slayer is January, but a more realistic prediction would be April 2021.

However, we can expect some kind of reveal trailer within the next month, and hopefully, the fans will get information on a release date as well.

The plot of the second season

We can surely expect a continuation of season 1. Since the anime is a direct adaptation of the original manga series, the fans can easily predict where the story will go. However, if you want to watch it without any spoilers, we recommend not reading the summary.

Demon Slayer movie

The upcoming movie, called ‘Demon Slayer: Infinity Train Arc,’ is going to release in Japan on October 16, 2020. The trailer is already available, so you better check it out!

Besides, there are plans to release a mobile game based on this anime later this year and also a PS4 game in 2021.

We still don’t what the premise for the games will be, but we can assume that it will become a hit as well.

The first season of Demon Slayer is currently available right now on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Crunchyroll, which means you can watch it again to be well prepared for the second one!

However, if you are too lazy for that, we will write down the most significant things that happened in the previous season.

Summary of the first season

The demons attacked a family, and only two members survived – Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko, who is slowly turning into a demon. Tanjiro chose to become a demon slayer to avenge his family and cure his sister.

From the earliest times, people knew about human-flesh eating monsters. However, there are also elite corps of demon hunters who kill those demons.

The story focuses on young Tanjirou Kamado, who decides to go down to the local village to make some money by selling charcoal. When he comes back, he sees that his family has been slaughtered, and only he and his sister are still alive. However, his sister Nezuko is turned into a demon.

Will he be able to join the elite corps and cure his sister?

Why Is Netflix Popular?: What You Should Know About Netflix’s Success


The popularity of Netflix is growing fast, especially during the pandemic. People can spend more time watching the streaming platform because they are at home most of the time.

For those who are not familiar with it, Netflix is an American streaming service. It offers a membership system that lets subscribers watch a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and many others. The purpose of the platform is to provide entertainment to its members at the comfort of their homes.


As Netflix continues to serve its members, additional subscribers continually grow in the USA and internationally. Statistics show that as of 2019, Netflix gained 106.1 million and 61 million subscribers outside the USA and in the country, respectively.

To help you understand how they got this far, let us learn the reasons for their success:

1. Purchasing Back Catalogs of Production Houses

Netflix started in 1997, and they provided DVDs through snail mail. They were the first to offer a service to distribute DVDs via snail mail. But the one key thing they did back then was to buy the back catalogs of production houses.

They approached these media companies to express their desire to buy movie and TV show licenses. This gave people the access to older movies and TV shows that they cannot find in stores anymore. Production houses were also able to make extra income from Netflix’s purchases.

When Netflix started their streaming service, they already had the rights to many movies and TV shows.

2. Offering Affordable Memberships


The fact that Netflix was able to purchase back catalogs at a lower price is already a good investment. They can continuously earn from these back catalogs, allowing them to get high returns.

They began their streaming service in 2007, which is also the year LCD TVs became popular in the USA. This allowed people to watch content from Netflix on larger screens. As a result, it encouraged more Americans to subscribe to them.

Aside from that, people were finding Netflix to be a cheaper alternative than to watch in movie houses. The key point to having their millions of subscribers is keeping their single package budget-friendly. Because they already have the licenses to many movies and TV shows, they get high revenues from offering low-priced packages.

Over the years, they kept a reasonable price for their streaming packages, making them more attractive to millions of people.

3. Having Original Content with Smart Software

Because of the great revenues they gained from millions of subscribers, Netflix decided to develop its own content. In 2013, they produced their first TV series called House of Cards. What they did on the time of the series’ release was release the whole season at once.

Netflix knew they could release all the episodes at the same time unlike satellite channels and cable TV. This strategy attracted the subscribers to watch the series because all episodes were already available. House of Cards was a success, and it led them to produce many more original series like Stranger Things.

Along with producing original content, Netflix started to invest in smart software. The tool monitors members’ watching habits, so Netflix can recommend related content to watch. This is beneficial to subscribers because they do not have to look for related content anymore.

The software also gathers data that Netflix can analyze to create new seasons for some old series. They know that a lot of people are watching Gilmore Girls and Arrested Development. This made them create new seasons for the said classic shows.

4. Using One Network for the World


As of February 2019, 190 countries already have access to Netflix. This makes the company one of the brands that quickly became popular across the globe. Regardless of where you are in the world, you have the privilege to choose any of their plans.

However, it is important to remember that not all of their content is available in all countries. Netflix is paying licenses for each of its content. So, it is understandable that the USA has a wider content library than other countries.

In countries with streaming restrictions, Netflix can only provide fewer movie titles and TV shows. They are also providing content in different languages such as German and Spanish. This allows users who speak the same language to want more related content in their language.

Helpful Tips When Binge-Watching on Netflix


Now that you know the secret behind Netflix’s success, it is time we give you some tips when binge-watching. It is understandable if you cannot help but binge-watch on Netflix considering they have a lot of great series.

Follow these tips below:

1. Stretch Before Watching

Because you will be watching for longer periods, it is important to do some stretching before watching. Take deep breaths, and relax your mind and body. Perform light stretching, so your blood can circulate properly. You need this type of preparation to allow your body to relax and stay calm.

2. Dress Comfortably

To gain the full enjoyment of binge-watching, change your clothes to something comfortable. You do not want distractions from your itchy clothes when the scenes are already intense.

You can change into your sleeping clothes like pajamas or anything cotton. You can also grab a blanket to make it more comfortable.

3. Get Some Food

Chips, popcorn, or sodas come in handy when you feel hungry or thirsty while binge-watching. You can even have cold drinks with lots of ice which you can place on bottles like this so you can recycle them. Do not forget to include a bottle of water, so you keep hydrated.

4. Choose the Most Comfortable Position

Whether you are watching on your bed or a couch, it is important to be in the most comfortable position. It is also essential to change positions from time to time. This is to keep your circulation going when staying in the same spot for a long time.

5. Make Your Experience Fun

If you are in a group, make sure to engage in conversations, so it gets more fun and exciting. You can even bet on what will happen next, so the fun gets more intensified.

If you are only watching alone, remove some distractions around you. You can close your blinds to make the room darker. You can also turn your phone on silent mode, so you will not hear the notification tone.



Now that we know Netflix’s secret to success, it is not surprising anymore if they are popular worldwide. Their line of business is unique, and their desire to achieve their goals is strong. Their marketing strategies were on point that helped them become what they are now. If you are planning to subscribe to Netflix, research any streaming limitations in your area. This way, you get to know whether Netflix is worth the price for you.

Best Free-to-Play First-Person Shooters For 2020


A couple of years ago, getting a first-person video game such as ‘Call of Duty’ would definitely take some portion of your budget, however, today, you can actually download a wide range of franchises for free. In fact, some of the best publishers in the world have published their very own free-to-play first-person shooter games for people all over the world.

If you want to enjoy some first-person shooting games for free, but have no idea what you could try, this article might be able to help you. The text below is going to feature some of the best, free FPS’ that you could try during 2020. Let’s take a closer look at what you could choose to download:

1. ‘PUBG’ Mobile + Lite + Desktop

Source: wallpaperaccess.com

PUBG is one of the franchises on our list that has been extremely popular in recent years, and there is a good reason for this. Besides it is completely free, it also combines several different genres such as exploration, role-playing, as well as battling other competitors on the map.

However, there is a little twist to it – you can opt for either the first-person or third-person perspective, and you won’t even have to use your smartphone for playing it since you can choose to enjoy it on your computer. Once you start it, you’ll be placed on an island with other individuals with only one objective in mind – loot some weapons and armor, and defeat the other individuals in order to win.

Now, you should know that the franchise also has a ‘lite’ version which means that you could run it on weaker or older devices. Hence, you can enjoy it even though it is the lite version for both mobile and desktop options. If you are looking for something a bit challenging, you might want to opt for this option.

2. ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’

Source: rur.rs

Back in 2018, Activision tried to utilize a battle royale mode in order to sell a new COD part, however, they shocked – read surprised – a lot of fans when they released it for free. Although some leaks did show paying individuals what it is all about, they still enjoyed playing it and I did reach thirty million users in less than two weeks.

However, it did not come only in one mode, in fact, it also featured the Plunder mode. Of course, the Battle Royale mode is similar to the aforementioned PUBG. On the other hand, the second mode happens on the same map, but it does allow people to respawn numerous times.

Now, you might be wondering – what is the point then? Well, the point is that you’ll need to collect money from crates, finish missions, defeat other members, as well as gather anything that is dropped down by helicopters and airdrops that occur from time-to-time.

3. ‘Apex Legends’

Source: essentiallysports.com

When you think about it, it has been quite some since Respawn Entertainment released the perfect ‘Titanfall II’, however, instead of choosing to create a sequel, they did choose to create another game that is free-to-play called ‘Apex Legends’. The concept is relatively similar to COD, but, the major difference is that you can play with different characters – all with their own skills.

The game is set on a massive map with groups of 2 or 3, it completely feels like it is a battle royale game, but, for players that are not so happy with the entire genre. Since you’ll be playing with other players, you should know that there are boosting packages that could help you.

The packages won’t only help with improving your character and moving faster in the game, but it could help you with other key elements and things as well. If you are interested in seeing what packages you can choose to purchase, you can click here for additional information.

4. ‘Valorant’

Source: play.co.rs

When it comes to free games, the developers behind Valorant delivered again! Although it is a MOBA in heart, it does have a wide range of first-person shooter aspects that you’ll fall in love with. With its latest release, it now offers players a deathmatch mode which has proved to be quite loved by individuals all over the world.

Come to think of it, this game shares more with COD and Overwatch than it does with, let’s say PUBG and Apex. The main game mode that you can opt for playing in a variety of seeking and destroy missions, where one of the people in your team will have the task of setting a bomb, while the people in the other team try to switch it off.

You’ll be able to go through the rounds in a matter of several minutes, and you’ll probably play a few of them until one of the matches ends. Since the plot is mostly hero-based, you’ll likely not get bored of the game, especially since you’ll be able to try different characters and with them, new and fun skills.


The games mentioned above are all incredibly fun to go through, however, each of them carries different aspects and plots, which is one of the reasons why you might want to opt for at least trying to run most of them. Not only are they incredibly fun, but, you’ll also have the chance to play with your friends and/or family members which is incredibly important in the era of social distancing. This means that if you are practicing social distancing skills, you should keep yourself – and those close to you – entertained with these games.

As you can see, there is a wide range of free, first-person shooter games that you could choose to try. Hence, if you are practicing social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 global outbreak, you’ll have various options to keep you occupied, social, and entertained.

So, now that you are aware of what you could choose to play on a variety of consoles, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should go back to the beginning of this article and determine which of the games mentioned above might fit your needs, as well as requirements.

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