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Unlike the cool autumn or the shiny summer, cold winter often makes us feel uncomfortable. In addition to being prone to common diseases, our skin is susceptible to weather transitions.

Skin is the most reflective of changes in human health. If you are outdoor workers, winter weather is the number one enemy to your skin. Agents such as wind, temperature, and humidity easily carry potential risks that you won’t even recognize.

To protect the health of your skin, you need to have knowledge as well as specific methods. The information and instructions below will help you keep your skin healthy during the harsh winter.

Why Do We Have To Apply Different Skin Care Methods In Summer & Winter?

Skin care is not always easy. Especially for those with sensitive skin, skin care should be taken very carefully if you do not want risk your skin’s health. Click here for the best skin care tips in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

It is quite apparent that the weather and the environment in different seasons have different effects on your skin. During the harsh summer, the outside temperature is usually very high, causing your body to produce more sweat. And then what comes next, your skin will have more acne and some irritation. For people who regularly on-the-move or play sports, their skin is exposed to sunlight, so they are more likely to suffer from harmful UV rays.

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Unlike hot summer, winter weather is one of the destructive agents of skin health. Due to the cold wind and humidity in the air, the skin becomes extremely sensitive. Eventually, they become dry, dehydrated and even bleed in some people.

So, you should prepare yourself for the necessary skin care, especially when you travel to countries with continuous changes in climate like Vietnam.


Use skin moisturizer

Use moisturizing cream help keeping your skin in good condition

Moisturizer is the essential skin care product to maintain your skin in the winter. During this time of the year, dry weather will often cause the skin to lose its natural moisture content inside, leading to dehydration. To keep the skin moist, use a moisturizer after a shower to prevent dryness. Keeping your skin moisturized will also help prevent itching and swelling.

Be careful when showering

We all have a habit of using hot water for showering when it gets colder. It is a good thing because at least it keeps your body warm. However, you should only take warm baths instead of overly hot water.

Showering with warm water will dilate the pores, help your skin airy and create a refreshing feeling. Overheating water will result in loss of moisture, loss of natural oils, and rapid drying of the skin.

Also, you should be mindful about the soaps. Using soap several times a day will gradually wash out the protective layer of the skin causing dry skin.

Avoid direct contact with sunlight

Although in winter, our bodies are covered with warm clothes, the risk of sunburn and the effects of ultraviolet rays still exist. Especially those with sensitive skin, they need to pay more attention to the exposure to the sunlight.

Many people think that during this time, the danger of sunlight will decrease. Unfortunately, the fact is the opposite. 90% of the UVA and UVB rays can penetrate the clouds and also the car window and become a danger to the skin.

Under the common effects of ultraviolet rays, your skin will be tanned and quickly age, leading to the loss of elasticity. To make the problem worse, they are also the primary cause of skin cancer.

You should use sun cream even it is cold outside

So even in the winter, do not forget to use sunscreen for your skin when you go out. The parts that need to be applied are your face, neck, and hands. You should use sunscreen 15-20 minutes before going out to get the best effect.

Drink enough water

We often feel less thirsty when the weather gets colder. According to recent studies, the thirst sensation is reduced by up to 40% in winter while the need to drink water remains the same. This quickly leads to dehydration in the body and especially the skin.

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Besides, the amount of water vapors outside the body increases higher than in other times of the year. The most obvious example is that on the snowy days, people can see their smoky breath – that is vaporizing water!

Our skin is the most sensitive part of the body that suffers the dehydration. If the water intake is insufficient, your skin will quickly dry out. Bleeding in the lips or cracking of the skin are predictable consequences. So drink enough water!

Consume more nutrients

It has never been a bad idea to keep your skin healthy by consuming fresh food, especially in the cold winter. Providing enough vitamins, antioxidants in fruit and vegetables is important.

You should eat more pomegranates because it contains more oxidants than other fruits and can fight skin cancer. Sweet potato is also a great choice! This magical plant is rich in skin protection nutrients, especially vitamin A and beta-carotene.

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Another food that is easy to process is eggs! Eggs contain several nutrients to help protect the health of the skin such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5. Besides, Vitamin D in eggs also works to enhance collagen supplements.

Wear protective gears

Fully protect your skin is recommended

Finally, you should also pay attention to wearing protective clothing to avoid direct contact with the sun. In addition to clothing, we recommend wearing extra hats and face veils to protect sensitive areas. Besides, you would need some gloves if you have the habit of travelling by motorcycle.


Skin is the most sensitive part of human body. It also has to be continuously exposed to the negative effects of weather and other harmful factors. So you need to pay attention to the health of your skin, especially in the cold winter. With the skin care tips in the winter above, you can protect your skin and don’t have to worry about skin allergies or dryness.

Continue to follow our next article to update the knowledge related to skin care. See you next time.

Become A Musician With The Following Tips


Do you want a career as a musician? If so, follow these tips below from SMVT will help you out.

Principle #1: There Are No Shortcuts

Let me re-emphasize that again; there are no shortcuts. For the most part, you do know that this is true.
However, there is a part of you that wants to think that you will be different and you will make the shortcut work. The truth of the matter is, you will not make a shortcut work. You will need to put in the same amount of effort and take just as long as other people.

You need to realize that those website and platforms that promise ‘1-week success’ or ‘pro secrets to success’ are just there to take advantage of your short-cut mentality. They make their money when people buy (often time literally) into the idea of taking shortcuts.

Once you discard the idea of taking shortcuts, you are able to focus and dedicate your time and energy to actually improving, albeit slowly but surely.

Principle #2: Figure Out Your Motivation For Playing Music

Right from the start, you should determine why you want to play music. If you intend to play music for the purpose of being famous and or impressing people with your skill, you will not be great at it. This is because to be a great musician, you should be able to speak to your listeners; all great musicians speak to us. They say more than the standard ‘look at me.’

Unfortunately, there are very many musicians who reckon that being a great musician is all about acquiring skills and techniques. While your music skills and techniques are important, how you use these skills and techniques is more important. Technique and skills should be considered as the vessel through which you send a message.

You do not want to be one of those musicians who sings and plays notes but does not really say anything.

Some fear that people will reject their message. To be great, you need to get over your fear of rejection and actually say something that is true to you. Induce your personality into your music.

Principle #3: Being Great Is Not Equal To Instance Success

Being great is not a guarantee of success. You can no longer lie back and hope your greatness will help you be discovered. Those times are long gone. Today, you have to hone your musical skill and promote your music at the same time.
I have been promoting some of the best songwriters and skilled musician in the UK, and I have an intricate understanding of this subject matter.

There are plenty of musicians that are exceptionally good. Their music epitomizes spellbinding music. To Sam Beer ( for instance, his music is unique and compelling. He fits the musician image. He has everything it takes, yet he still struggles to make himself known and get gigs. He will without still make it; his an exceptional talent. However, he has to be patient.

With this in mind, are you willing to wait for success?
Do you have a strict timeline and limit set?
If you have a time limit, you might give in to pressure, and react to trying to please everyone.

Principle #4: Enjoy Your Music

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There are plenty of musicians who think that to be a great musician, you have to take your craft very serious. This means that they tend to have to squeeze the joy out of it. Your music should be able to lift you. If it does not, then there is a problem.

Being a musician is a daunting task but playing music should be able to get through the bad times. You will experience rejection, disappointments, and success. However, when you enjoy your music, you will gladly go through it all.

Principle #5: Identify Your Uniqueness And Highlight It

You should identify the things that make you different from any other person and nurture them. All of the musical greats are unique in some way; they have a unique of making music that many people are attracted to.

That being said, it common for many musicians to try and please everyone but themselves. The effect is that they end up being boring and mundane. A quality of great music is music that is divisive owing to its uncompromising nature. As such, if part of your audience love your music while the other part hates it, consider it as a success.

However, when everyone says it is ok or nice, reconsider your approach. Such music does not hit anyone at a deep level to elicit a deep reaction.
You should strive to express yourself in a unique way. You should work hard to develop your own voice.

Principle #6: Simple Music Is Nor Equal To Easy

It is quite annoying for a musician to think that he or she is beyond simplicity and the fundamentals such as feel, timing, and chords.
There are plenty of musicians who know solo’s on Ok Computer very well but find it difficult to play G to D.
They focus so much on learning and mastering complexity but forget to lay a strong foundation.

Jimi Hendrix spent years on end playing and mastering simple rhythm guitar.

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This approach did not stretch him, but it did form his own unique style. His style encompassed weaved rhythms and lead in such a way they became one, thereby oozing complexity.
This is basically laying complexity over incredible simplicity.

Principle #7: Always Learn From Those Better Than You

While it is difficult, when you give up the ‘genius’ tag, you end up learning a lot from the great music that is around us. Instead of expending a lot of energy competing with something, you are better off learning from it.

Search for musicians around you who are not famous but just as brilliant. You can learn from them. Furthermore, it is quite easy to say that you are not as good as Bob Dylan, but you can measure favorably with your peers.

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Private Math and SAT tutoring in NYC

The problem with math nowadays is that people often see it as a bogeyman, especially kids. Now and then you can hear parents scaring their children with math, and it is no wonder how kids become petrified as soon as they problem-solving with the first math problem.  And yes, mathematics is an abstract science, but it became too abstract for present-day people, why is it like that? Well, everybody was afraid of the dark at one time of their life, but as soon as you gathered some courage to step in it, you’ve found out that there is no boogeyman in it! Same is with maths, people are afraid of the unknown, and that is the biggest problem with the mainstream pedagogy in our current times. It is based on a presumption that the math is only for a few lucky ones, who are “logically superior” and others are excluded from the process of understanding it while only having a task to solve a particular math problem.

Well, here In EKATUTOR, Private NYC Math & SAT Tutoring, students are being taught how to understand it, by means of totally uncommon settings, like real life situations or non-technical subject and so on. The goal is to make mathematics your new perspective, a part of your daily life, indistinguishable from it, and it should be a goal for all teachers as well! Student’s should not be made into mindless, passive listeners and bio-calculators, they should set their own goals, and interests and mustn’t be afraid of not knowing or understanding a topic. According to MedicMind, the tutor must first observe and understand the student before teaching them how to understand maths.

source: clemson



Middle school math (ages 13-15), The students attending this course will come across these topics: Negative Numbers; Fractions; Decimals; Percentages; Rates and proportional relationships; Solving equations, systems of equations and inequalities; Introduction to statistics and probability; Geometry: angles, triangles, volumes; Geometric transformations; Introduction to data modeling etc.  And within this course for middle school, there is yet another one called PhysicsQuest (ages 12-16), a story-based activity that applies physics concepts for mystery solving. A fun way to learn Physics! The Teacher for this course is Ekaterina Machavariani (Master’s degree in Mathematics from NYU-Courant Institute).

source: thecourier

High school math (ages 15-18), students who do not have the necessary knowledge for this course can’t attend this one. They should at least be familiar with the knowledge stated above. If you attend this course, you will stumble upon these topics: Trigonometry, Advanced Geometry, Complex numbers, Modelling, Probability and Statistics, Precalculus/Calculus. Attendants are being taught based on their individual requirements. The students are being presented with a particular problem, and afterwards will work separately on it, and at the end of the class, group word problems are being presented and worked upon in order to strengthen their social and problem solving skills. The students are given the opportunity to solve real-world problems  by using their knowledge and are being taught that math can be used outside the class as well.

source: medium

Ekatutors find pleasure in teaching and teach students how to find pleasure in maths as well! So if you have a need for math or SAT tutoring, there isn’t a better option in NYC. Find out more about it on their webpage, and book your first private class. Math couldn’t be more fun than with Ekatutor!

7 Coffee Table Books That Are Also Great Conversation Starters


Nothing is more unpleasant than sitting in your living room with your partner’s guests who you have never met, and you’re not quite sure why they’re in your home. After exhausting conversational topics of the weather and plans for Christmas, the awkward silence starts to kick in and the desperate reach for anything to talk about begins. After finding myself in this position fairly often, I’ve found ways to unleash endless conversation without much effort. My solution? Get yourself a coffee table that makes a statement and any of these seven coffee table books to get the chat flowing. Check out the range of Coffee tables available from Domayne Australia.

  1. ‘The Sound of Mountains’ by Guerel Sahin

This book provides you with ‘once in a lifetime’ images of the open wilderness of the Alps taken in extreme conditions so that we can enjoy the immense beauty we may have never seen otherwise.

  1. ‘Peanut Butter Dogs’ by Greg Murray

A picture book sure to amuse people of all ages, Murray compiles images and small bios of over 140 dogs that have all been fed a bit of peanut butter. Needless to say, an amalgamation of expressions and happiness can be seen in these pup’s eyes and will quickly put you in a very cheerful mood. The Duke Coffee table is a lower set table with a rustic-chic charm that is perfect for little ones to be able to read their books from too!

  1. ‘Woodstock’ by Ernesto Assante

Possibly the most revolutionary music festival, the book ‘Woodstock’ gives you an inside view of the 1969 extravaganza with exclusive interviews and photos.

  1. ‘Wine Trails : Australia & New Zealand’ by The Lonely Planet

Not only does this book feature stunning locations and tours for recommended wineries, but all of the locations are either in Australia or New Zealand! Having it as a coffee table book means it’s always a conversation starter when my partner and I come to think of holiday destinations. Keep it local with the Laren Coffee Table which is made from Australian timber and also features storage space making it a perfect multifunctional statement piece for your living room.

  1. ‘From Crook to Cook’ by Snoop Dogg

Yes, you read that correctly. Laced with incredible stories and images, this cookbook gives you all you need for a night of entertaining your guests and ensuring they are all well fed. With recipes ranging from Fried Bologna Sandwiches with Chips to Filet Mignon, there is a meal for everyone.

  1. ‘Frida Kahlo’ by Circe Henestrosa and Claire Wilcox

This book takes you deep into the life and paintings of a revolutionary artist. Introducing letters and diary entries, you are shown Kahlo’s deepest beliefs and reflections on her life and art. Match this with the Sentra Round Coffee Table with its elegance and sophistication making it a great addition to any lounge room. Featuring a round structure and strong monochrome lines this table will match a variety of home styles.

  1. ‘Ricochet’ by Denis O’Regan

Compiled by David Bowie’s official photographer, ‘Ricochet’ delves into the intimate stories and images of David Bowie in the height of his career. With pictures ranging from his most vulnerable points to his most extravagant performances, this book was approved by Bowie himself and will provide you with a fascinating read.

Not only do coffee table books make great conversation starters but they draw your guest’s eye to the table itself. Wow, your friends and family with impeccable style through your choice of the perfect coffee table for your home.

The 7 Reason Why You Should Hire A Professional Writer


In today’s age, the use of writers for various copywriting jobs has increased massively. Since more and more people are finding the Internet to be a good source of income, the use for professional writers to produce quality, 100% original content has become the benchmark for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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You could do the writing yourself, but spending some money of a professional writer could be more beneficial than you think. Here are the 7 reasons why you should hire a professional writer.

1.    Has the time to devote to your project

Hiring a professional writer for your job will save you valuable time you don’t have to devote on the job. You could get someone from your company to do it for you, but are they going to do it if writing is not their thing? They will have to finish what they’re doing first and write the copy after, which could take a lot of time. Hiring a pro freelancer will have enough time to finish it and still meet your deadline.

2.    Will use their skill and knowledge to your advantage

A professional writer has so much writing experience that punctuations and grammar are his strongest skill set. Being a pro means that sentence structure is his bread and butter. Are you afraid that the copy you produce will sound and look stupid because of your writing? – Another reason why you should hire a professional writer.

3.    Will brainstorm ideas with you

Have you started working on a project but you’ve stumbled a dozen times? If so, then hiring a professional writer will help you develop new ideas, he will give your project a new look and offer a second set of eyes. If your project has a complex concept for the general public, then hiring a professional writer will help smooth the concept and create a copy that will be easily understood by anyone.

4.    Can identify missing material

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Maybe you’ve put it, or maybe you’ve left something out… a pro will identify anything missing from the copy and address it. Professional copywriters are trained to easily find missing info.

5.    Can adapt his writing to yours

Let’s say you have a few documents, and let’s say that the writing style differs from each other, well a good professional writer can write the style you need. A pro will adapt his writing style to suit your business. It’s important that your writing has its own unique voice that will only benefit the brand.

6.    Is familiar with all the media available to communicate your ideas.

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A good writer can identify which media to use to communicate your idea based on what the idea is. Will all the media (and social media) platforms available, it’s confusing to choose the best one. A professional writer will analyze your idea, and based on that, will recommend the best platform(s) to market whether that’s email marketing, Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

7.    Can manage your information flow

You’re not a pro, and you got to that point where you got so much information that you can’t find what’s where anymore. Well, a pro has been through it all and will help you streamline the information you’ve gathered.

The Secret behind Self-Development

It is your personal responsibility to create a life you wish to live. You will know that you are not satisfied with your life when deep down your heart you feel that you have to go an extra mile. Therefore, you must learn to listen to the inner person if you wish to achieve personal development. It is human nature to feel that you want to get a better version of yourself. Life is a progressive journey that should present excitement and continuous learning, enjoyable experience of adventure, growing, creating and expansion.

Creation allows us to get the best out of life and make the world a better place. Most people concentrate on the material things when they want to achieve growth. However, personal development must involve both the physical and non-physical aspects of life. You need to develop your skill levels, learning experience, intellect, relationships, creativity, spiritual and emotion. Your primary goal in life is to become a better person. And of course, if you are in a relationship, you should keep in mind that the relationship goals are the important factors to keep your relationship stronger and happier.

You can start with small steps and changes and allow the better person you wish to become grow gradually. You will find yourself being the ideal you within no time. The most satisfying things in life include:

  • Being in full control of your wealth and health
  • Become an emotionally free person
  • Not living your life by default but by design
  • Taking on new challenges
  • Going beyond your limitation
  • Learn and grow as a human and spiritual being
  • Achievement of your goals
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Find solutions to your problems

All the above points will allow you to grow and become a better person. Here are some of the small things that can allow you to enjoy the rest of your life.

Learn the Rules of a Better Life


You must understand the things that can either make or break you. It’s paramount to balance your body and mind and bring them into a state of calm. Concentrating on things that upset you or things that you don’t want will change the way you feel. Strong negative emotions or stress like anxiety and anger can throw your whole psychology out of balance. You must understand that there is a linkage between your body and mind. For example, tensing your body will result in nervous thoughts. You may also find yourself having anxious or sad thoughts when you slump.

Develop your Emotional Intelligence

The only way to get to know yourself better is to understand your emotions. The term emotional intelligence refers to the ability to assess and manage your feelings. This ability will allow you to control and change your state at will quickly. Emotions can either break or make you.

They will determine whether you live a fulfilling and happy life or you struggle through pain and failure. Therefore, you need to master your emotions before you can achieve great success. You have to identify the thought processes that can make you sad, negative, anxious, or angry for you to experience a better life.

You also have to understand any shifts in your state of mind for you to quickly disconnect and dismiss yourself from any bad feelings or thoughts. Therefore, you need to focus on those things that don’t evoke a negative emotional reaction. Such things may hinder your actions as you try to play it safe. Understanding what makes you feel good or bad will assist you to control your moods and stress. It is a strong foundation for anyone who wants to be a better person.

Use Positive Language


You must drop self-restricting phrases and words if you wish to become a better person. Develop the habit of using a positive language and delete the self-sabotaging words like not, never, don’t, and can’t from your vocabulary. You may find yourself using some of these statements in the words you speak or inner dialogue. Make sure you flip over such statements and say something positive whenever they cross your mind. Declare positive words even if you feel you are inadequate.


Self-development is a critical process in the life of all human beings. The secret of success depends on the actions you take, the words you speak, and the thoughts you have. The fact remains that you are the one who matters. You must learn to set your goals and never give up along the way. You can still find more tips on how to achieve self-development from other sources.

Is it Real to get Payday Loans for Unemployed Single Mothers and Pensioners?

If you are a pensioner or a single mom seeking a loan, you may be hard-pressed to find financial support to suit your unique circumstances. Payday loans are short-term loans offering financial assistance and flexibility when you need it most. For those without a stable income or promising credit, the payday loan is a quick cash loan offering the convenience of access to fast funds. We know how hard it is to raise a family as a single mother or cover all your living expenses as a pensioner. This is why we recommend payday loans. Whether unemployed or bad credit, there is a fast cash loan to suit your specific needs.

Can Single Moms and Pensioners Benefit From a Payday Loan?

For single moms without a stable income or bad credit, a conventional loan is hard to come by. Pensioners experience equal difficulty owing to an inability to produce proof of salary and receive government assistance. Both single mothers and pensioners struggle to cover to pay their debts, make ends meet and on top of this, they are denied loans from conventional lenders.

PAYDAY IOM understands the hardships of having to provide for a family or cover a cycle of debts with a mere pension. Although conventional loans are not guaranteed for those with bad credit or who are unemployed, you can still access a payday loan.

Cash Loans for Bad Credit and the Unemployed

The availability of fast cash loans for moms and pensioners with bad credit or a lack of wages assists with various funding needs. If you are facing a financial emergency, need to cover bills before month end or simply low on cash, a payday loan could be the answer.

Specialized lenders offer particular loan sums where there is a lack of credit, bad credit and no proof of income. The criteria to obtain such a loan differs from the conventional approach. Your authorized payday provider makes a quick cash loan an option to address your financial needs. Payday loans are short-term and settled at the end of the month or upon your next paycheck. When a bad credit or a lack of a regular income is present, your trusted direct lender will determine which type of loan and qualifying loan sum is applicable for your unique needs.

For moms with bad credit and pensioners without a stable wage, call on your trusted payday loan provider. Alternative income and proof of residence are basic requirements to ensure you can settle the borrowed finances. You can benefit from the payday loan without the complex paperwork and extended waiting periods.

PAYDAY IOM Your Trusted Payday Loan Provider

While unique financial circumstances cannot guarantee a loan, we at PAYDAY IOM go the extra mile to address the financial interests of those with bad credit or are currently unemployed. It is certainly real and very possible to obtain a payday loan if you are a single mom or pensioner. Simply call on us, and we will work with you to find the most suitable financial solutions.

We at Payday IOM remain a specialist and flexible provider in the provision of payday loans with fair interest rates. When you need cash fast, call on us. We are your dependable payday loan lender.

Raising Your Child as an Avid Reader – Here’s A Comprehensive Know-How for the Early Ages

If you’re currently expecting, you perfectly understand how everyone is telling you about the importance of reading to your child (among other 99 million things that you really must know!). Try to see that it’s coming from a place of love and, truth be told, the benefits of reading at every stage of a child’s development is very well known and proven. Luckily for you, raising a reader isn’t difficult, and it’s quite easy to do it.

What are the things to keep in mind?

You would think that raising your child as a reader is easy peasy, but you may want to give it a second thought. Following some tips is going to help you get results later in life:

Start early


The very first thing to do is to start as early as you can. Make time, space and will for reading books not only for your child, but also for yourself. You cannot raise a reader unless you are a reader.

On the side note, it’s never too early to start to read to your baby. At the same time, you’re not going to stop the second he’s vertical. Even your newborn may benefit from hearing nice stories (he won’t complain about your choices either).

Read out loud, every single day

In the case of a newborn, you may practically read anything: a dystopian novel, your favorite cookbook or a parenting manual. It’s not about the content at this age, but about the sound of your voice and the rhythm of the words. Research has revealed that the number of words a newborn is exposed to has a big influence on his language development and literacy later on. The main thing to keep in mind is that the voice must be live, in person and addressing directly to the child. It’s useless to turn on the television or to play an audiobook- it’s not the same as a live human voice.

Obviously enough, it makes sense that you would read to your newborn the books that are going to be part of his library. Get creative and try to make it fun for you too.

Pay attention to his reactions

It’s important to check your baby’s reactions from time to time. You should make eye contact, without expecting any amazing reaction. Even if your baby looks like he’s not listening, he’s actually taking in the whole reading experience. Good routines, patterns and attentive skills are going to develop at this age, lasting for the entire life.

Use your senses as well

A baby that is read to is going to learn from an early age that reading is fun and it may include all the senses: the smell of the glue (only some of it, though), the feel of the pages, the sound of your voice, the visuals of the illustrations. Look for the texturized books as they’re amazing for your baby’s tactile experience.

Encourage your baby to talk

It’s really possible for a baby to try making sounds as a response to your reading. That’s the main reason for which the books for this age may include a lot of animal sounds and nonsense words- trust us when we say that they’re pretty easy to mimic.

When your baby is making a noise, make sure you react to it. It doesn’t have to be meaningful; it’s still some sort of communication.

So your baby is a toddler now! What’s next?

It’s beyond the doubt that reading to your toddler is going to have a positive effect on his intellectual, social and emotional development. When you’re reading to your toddler, he’s going to take the best out of it: the number and math concepts, colors, shapes, vocabulary, opposites, manners, animals and any other type of information that is teaching him about the world. When you’re reading out loud to your toddler, he is going to link the books with the beloved and familiar sound of your voice, but also with the physical closeness that reading is involving. You’re going to create a positive association with a book that isn’t going to vanish any time soon.

Let’s see what you need to remember when reading to your toddler:

Read any time of the day

We all know about the bedtime reading routine, and we don’t want to undermine it in any way. You need to create a soothing and calming feel, selecting the books that are going to end with a going-to-bed scene (or you can try to bring a little fun and read a book about the sleep-avoiding children).

Having said that, we cannot stress enough about the importance of reading to your toddler any time of the day. Reading may be the only solution at times to calm him down and help focus. Sit next to him and enjoy the whole experience.

Acknowledge his preferences

You may be surprised that your toddler already has some opinions and preferences when it comes to books. It’s not only broccoli that he may not like, but also a black-and-white book too. Even if you don’t necessarily fancy the books about the talking trucks, your toddler may absolutely love them. A great way to make them fall in love with reading for eternity is to order and purchase a personalized book. Chances are your toddler is going to enjoy a book about himself being the dragon-slayer or anything else. The options are plenty, and you should also look for the coupon discounts to get the better deals.

Such example is, which is one of the best companies when it comes to storybooks for kids. They have books for kids at every reading level, and all the books are personalized and printed exclusively for you.

Let him know about what you like too

Now that you’ve been reading for quite some time, you may have your very own preferences in terms of grown-up books. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rediscover the joy of reading a children’s book. Go through your classical favorites and look for the new books that draw your attention. This may come as a shocker, but best authors and illustrators of children’s books are actually interested in creating books that grown-ups are going to enjoy as well.

It’s a continuous play

The more you’re both enjoying the reading, the more your toddler is going to associate reading with nice feelings and reward. Stop using your dragon voice if your toddler doesn’t go for it. After all, it’s about him feeling better through the whole experience. Give your kid some control and let him turn the pages, to set up a rhythm that he likes.

Expand your toddler’s world

Even if you don’t like some words in a book, don’t give up on the book, especially if it’s one of your kid’s favorites. Don’t be afraid to try books that some may think they’re not ready for just yet. History of art, life in various cultures and even geology may be explained and made interesting by a very good book.

In addition, if your child is a member of a racial/ethnic minority, you should look for the books that present children similarly looking to him. All children need to learn about diversity and tolerance from an early age.

One last thing to keep in mind before you go

The rule of thumb is that both your child and you should have a lovely time while reading. It’s ok for your child to interrupt any now and then or to make any comments and ask questions. As a matter of fact, that is only showing that your child is really listening to you. Try not to say “Let me finish this page”; it’s better that you take a time out and have a talk with your toddler. If your child doesn’t necessarily pay attention to the words, use the pictures for a better understanding. Invite him in the story and always encourage him to narrate the action, the way he sees it.