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Do descendants of Soviet, Czech and Chinese communists form a criminal gang?


However, it is just the beginning of a long list of questions, their answers are worthy of a detective story. What is the decades-long historical between connecting Russian, Czech, Canadian, Chinese and even American financial institutions? What is the relationship between the Czech J&T Bank, the Russian BankhausErbe and the Sun Trust Bank, which participated

How to Choose the Best Merchant Service Provider

Merchant service is crucial for any business. This is because it ensures that one can’t only pay employees with ease, but also guarantees that utilities will be paid promptly. Apart from these, a critical advantage of a merchant solution is that it makes it easy for customers who are paying for the goods or services

How to Achieve Financial Independence Easily?

The definition of financial independence will vary from person to person. But being able to live life comfortably and having no debt on the head can be the general definition of being financially independent. Sometimes, it takes a lot to become financially independent. But the truth is not the same. To be financially independent, all

Shady activities under the roof of Europe’s freeports

One of the biggest scandals in Europe, the 200 billion euros money-laundering case at Denmark’s largest bank, has really shaken the EU. It seems impossible that the scandal as big as this one went undetected for so long allowing it to reach such staggering numbers. This is something that Věra Jourová, the European commissioner for

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, might be greener than we think

The hush over the so-called energy demands of cryptocurrencies is an issue of concern. However, the real cost of mining could be less draining on the environment than earlier expressed. We live in a world where being environment-friendly (going green) is constantly praised as an ideal. Having accepted the need to preserve our environment, we

Can I Get A Mortgage With Bad Credit?

Sometimes, financial problems catch you out and before you know it, you have bad credit.  This might be missed payments, overdue amounts or even defaults. Sometimes the problem has escalated, and you are on a debt management plan or even had a CCJ.  So can you get a mortgage with bad credit? What is bad

Apple’s New Credit Card – A Revolution in Banking?


Fintechs have been trying for years to relegate banks to mere infrastructure companies, but so far had little success. The reason for this was that they were just too small to have a decisive impact on the sector. That is why banks were closely monitoring Amazon, which is big enough to cause them trouble. While