Tips for Getting a Home Loan in 2021

Getting a home loan in 2021 might be a challenge given the many mortgage options and the low affordability of homes. While finding the right home can be exciting; getting the loan to finance your dream home is equally important. If you’re considering taking the plunge and finally buying a home, make sure you’re doing it smartly and not getting yourself into a loan you’ll regret. Here are ten tips to help you acquire a home loan amid the 2021 real estate trends.

1. Save Early for Your Down Payment


If you want to buy a home, you need to start saving for the down payment as early as possible. Down payment can be as low as 2.25% or as high as 20% of your home’s buying price, depending on the financing option you choose. With this information, you can decide how much you can comfortably save and work on a plan that allows you to put away the amount every month.

The earlier you start saving, the more money you’ll have for the down payment and other home-buying costs such as moving expenses, closing costs, and home appraisal and inspection costs. If you are on a tight budget, consider financing options with low down payments like FHA.

2. Check Your Credit Score


Lenders use your credit score to determine your suitability for a loan. A lower credit score means you are a high-risk investment. Before you set out to buy a home, check your credit report to see what your credit profile looks like to lenders. You can then put up measures to ensure that your credit score is high enough for you to acquire the best home loan deals.

The good thing is that you can get your annual credit report from credit reporting agencies like TransUnion and Equifax. You can also get your credit score at a small fee. If your credit report has errors, you should have them corrected immediately.

When it comes to credit scoring systems that use a range of 300-850, a credit score of 700 or above is usually considered good. In the same range, a score of 800 and above is considered to be excellent. Most commonly, a credit score falls somewhere between 600 and 750. If you have a higher credit score, it means that you’re seen as more responsible to lenders. As such, they will have more confidence in you to lend you more money.

A variety of organizations use credit scores. Lenders can include banks providing mortgage loans, car dealerships, and credit card companies. All of these organizations use your score to make a choice about whether or not to offer your credit like a card or a loan, as well as what your down payment and interest should be. You may have heard of the FICO® Score, but this isn’t the only type of score there is. There are many types of credit scores, including scores by VantageScore and industry-specific scores.

3. Have All Your Financial Documents in Order


When applying for a mortgage, you will need to provide financial documents to convince your lender that you can pay back the loan. With this in mind, ensure that all the necessary financial documents are in order. These include tax return for the last two years or your recent W-2s, your previous two paycheck stubs as well as bank and brokerage statements. With your documents in order and readily available, your home loan processing will be much easier and faster.

4. Make Use of Mortgage Calculators


A mortgage calculator helps you establish what you can afford when buying a home. Use a mortgage calculator to figure out your mortgage installments, given different prices and interest rates. This way, you can plan your finances better and avoid going outside your financial comfort zone.

5. Compare Different Offers


It would help if you didn’t settle for the first quote or lender you find. Have a look at various financing options and compare them before choosing a suitable alternative. Look at factors such as the interest rates, flexibility of payment, fees involved, and even mortgage premiums when comparing different financing options. A better way is to look at the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of different lenders as it represents the overall cost of your mortgage and gives a more accurate comparison figure. There are several different types of mortgages. You can learn more about them here.

6. Track Interest Rates


Since the cost of your mortgage will be highly dependent on the interest rate, you need to know whether they are rising, falling, or stagnating. This helps you predict what you’re likely to pay for your home loan once you secure it.

7. Get Mortgage Pre-Approval


A mortgage pre-approval not only shows you how much you can borrow but the price range of the homes you should consider, too. It also improves your chances of homeownership as most real estate agents and sellers prefer working with pre-qualified buyers. What’s more, pre-approval shows your seriousness when placing offers on homes. To be pre-approved, you only need details of your income, savings, and investments.

8. Research Your Mortgage Options


Mortgage options differ from one lender to another. Some offer fixed-rate payment schedules while others are adjustable. By understanding the nature of your available loan options, you will be in a better position to choose a home loan that suits your financial situation.

9. Always Communicate Promptly with Your Lender


After applying for a loan, be sure to respond to any requests by your lender promptly. Whether your financier is looking for clarification or asking for more information to process your loan, ensure that you provide immediate feedback. Delayed responses may lengthen your loan approval process, which results in problems that may cost you your dream home.

10. Don’t Ruin Your Credit


Lenders usually take one last look at your credit status before closing to make sure your credit score hasn’t dropped, and your debt-to-income ratio is not higher than it was. To avoid ruining your credit, pay your bills on time and avoid taking new credit or applying for new loans before your home loan is closed.

Top 5 ICOs to Invest in 2021

ICO is the new buzz word for investors now! ICOs are Initial Coin Offerings and soon they will rise in value when they jump into the trade on currency exchanges! Of course, not all the ICOs in the world are successful. The majority of them are experimental, and the risk pays off in some cases. For instance, EOS had started its trading at $0.9 and look at its marvelous numbers now!

One must be cautious while picking up the ICOs to invest in! In this article, we’ll round up 5 best ICOs which we think may perform well in 2021. Let’s dive in!

1. Neo


Neo is nicknamed as China’s Ethereum. The Chinese are innovating a new Blockchain program that may get wider-acceptance and stong proof-of-ownership. Neo project is a blend of decentralized commerce, smart contract applications, digitized identification and assets. Neo was mostly underestimated and mostly ignored by the investors during ICO. Once the big guns like Alibaba and Microsoft have backed the project, the hype for its ICO was skyrocketed.

2. Menapay


The Middle East and North Africa countries are represented as MENA region. The main goal of Menapay is to provide a way to secure and faster payments at a lower price. Menapay’s ICO MPAY is up for sale until March 15th, 2019. The initial token price is $0.165. It’s accepting deposits from Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Fiat currencies, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

3. Ark


Ark stands for integration. The goal of Ark is to integrate all other cryptocurrencies in its own Blockchain. It’s that unique idea that has triggered interest in the investors. The ICO price kicked off at $0.01 when it was started in November 2016. Now, it’s priced over $10 and certainly a good investment option in 2019. You can know more about this on Bitcoin Revolution

4. BTT – BitTorrent


BitTorrent needs no introduction. Over a billion users all over the planet use this incredible file-sharing platform. The main reason for the huge ICO price of BTT is TRON. The billion-dollar company has acquired it at $100 million. Crypto experts believe that BTT is one of the best ICOs to invest in 2021.

5. Membrana


Membrana is one of the few platforms that helps both the traders and participators to interact in an organized way. It has already made a good name as a trust management platform for cryptocurrencies. Membrana is all geared up to start its trade in 2019. The Membrana’s ICO will start its a trade on April 10th of 2019 and the initial token price is set at US$0.02. The users who invest in this ICO will get MBN tokens. These tokens help the investors to get huge discounts on deployment fees. They can also be used for closing the gap between exchanges and participants.

Wrapping up…

ICOs are awesome, but you need to be super-cautious! They are like high reward vs. high-risk things. You cannot just read a few blogs and forums and jump on the investment train. We recommend you to learn the basics and do your research before throwing in cash into ICOs.

Finding The Best Social Proof Software 2021 To Boost Conversion Rates


As a business owner, your prime concern is to make the most of your resources. One of the major expenses is marketing, a way that helps you connect with your target audience and sell products. However, spending money and not getting the expected outcome is disheartening. In this article, we will talk about how to improve conversion rates by using different methods like the best social proof software and third-party influence.

What is a Conversion Rate?


In simple words, a conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that took the desired action on your website. The higher the conversion rate, the more the products that you will sell. To increase the conversion rate, you have to match the right customer with the right product at the right time and place. Different things matter for different customers.

If customer A likes a modern, contemporary design, customer B will be more interested in the refund and warranty policy. As a business owner and seller, you have to ensure that you meet multiple demands at the same time to maximize the output.

Here are three ways to increase your website’s conversion rate:

1. A/B testing

Build two websites, one of which will be the control and the other one will be the experiment. Show these websites randomly to your visitors and record which website gets a better conversion rate. The website that persons is the one that you keep and continue showing to your visitors. If you feel the results aren’t desirable, keep making big and small changes until you find a design that works.

2.Clear and direct instructions

You don’t need to use flattering words to woo your visitors. Potential customers no more fall to those marketing gimmicks. Instead, focus on promoting yourself as an authentic and credible brand that supports different causes. Use action verbs to attract buyers and create value among them.

3.Build visitor trust

When you meet someone, the person doesn’t trust you immediately. The two of you start trusting each other gradually. It is the same with a website and a potential buyer, but you have very limited time to impress and gain their trust. Use true customer reviews, testimonials, case studies, and research to build trust. If the customer is impressed with the quality, they will surely return for more purchase. Social proofing is an effective part of the trust building process. Head over to the next section to know more.

 build visitor trust

What is social proof software?

Social proof

Social proof is a psychological practice to make website visitors mimic the behavior of the earlier customers to achieve the end goals, which is selling the product or service. It is aimed at creating positive connections between the visitors and your brand.

use social proof


Social proof software

A social proof software is nothing but a tool that shows recent customer activity on your website to the visitors to encourage them to replicate their actions. There are multiple ways you can reach to your target audience by using social proofing. Let’s take a look at two ways it can help your business grow:

1.Trust builder

According to a survey, visitors are 12x more likely to purchase your product when they read a peer review. That’s a huge increase compared to businesses who don’t pay much attention to reviews and testimonials.

2.Brand Reputation

Social proofing is all about showing how good your brand is. You highlight the most positive parts of the business, including the reviews, certifications, awards, and celebrity testimonials to build a strong brand reputation.

Different ways you can use the Best social proof software 2019


1.Build a comments community

If you are selling a service or a subscription package, you might want to allow customers to comment in the comment section. They can ask each other questions and give information. New visitors will go through the comments and develop an impression about your offering. If there is some technical question, make sure to answer it as soon as possible.

2.Product and customer service reviews

Put product and customer service reviews as pop-ups on the home page and other landing pages. Use it as a reinforcement to motivate visitors to read them, check the products they purchased, and then buy it themselves. Trust Activity is exactly the software you need to try this method.

3.Product statistics

Mention how many products you sold during the day. If you have a hotel booking website, keep mentioning every time someone books a hotel or the number of rooms left for the day of booking.

4.Names of celebrities, experts, and companies that use your products

If there are any celebrities, experts, or companies that use your products, put their photo and name along with a small review from them. The visitors will surely follow up.

celebrity endorsement


5.Social media mentions

Commonly seen on clothing websites, displaying social media mentions is a strong way to show customers how their products look. Put this section in the middle or the end of the page and keep it dynamic. You can use this technique for all types of eCommerce stores.

Top three social proof software


A mainstream choice among small and big businesses alike, UseProof is a complete package. It offers a series of features including A/B testing, live visitor count, recent activity, custom rules and timings, language translation, and customer journeys. You can also try the Fomo software, which is very similar to UseProof.


Alt text – useproof


Taggstar is a bit different from UseProof as it uses crowd influence to improve your website’s conversion rates. The software offers different ways of messaging, which include review, scarcity, trending, urgency, and authority among others. It is a fully responsive software that comes equipped with JavaScript integration.

taggstar software


3.Trust Activity

Another favorite of ours is Trust Activity, the latest entry in the social proofing world. With an assurance that it will improve conversion rates by 200 percent, the software offers multiple affordable monthly packages to choose from. It has a 24 hours customer care, who are more than ready to help out. You can display non-real user activity using Trust Activity. Also, when you refer to your entrepreneur friends, you will get a 20 percent discount for every referral.

trust activity


Draw your new marketing plan today and achieve those business goals you have been dreaming of.

Online tools to quickly and easily convert currencies

Converting one’s country currency to another currency is a headache, but online tools have made things easier for people who are interested in knowing such things. is among those exceptional online platforms with the help of which you can convert currencies quick and easily.

Additionally, you don’t need to pay to know the exchange rate because it’s free. There are over fifty currencies available on the website so that you can see the exchange rate of any of those.

Another great thing that might force you in using such tools is their exchange rate chart. This provides the history of the rates between two currencies at varying intervals.


You can either see the exchange rate history of one day, one week, one month, one year, or even more than this. This chart is present on the right side of the currency input section and you will be able to take a look at the history of the exchange rate of provided two currencies.

It’s free and easy to use. Additionally, there is no usage limit, which means that you can check the exchange range of the currencies as many times as you want.

How to use a Currency Converter?

Using a currency converter on doesn’t demand any professional skill — even a person with the basic knowledge, can use it and know the exchange rates.

The first thing that you need to do is go to the main page, after doing that, you will see two currency options from where you can add the desired one whose exchange rate you want to see.

Click on the currency option and select the country. Make sure to add the currency of the country on the top, whose exchange rate you want to see. What we especially like about this site is the navigation powered by searchable drop-down lists which support you in finding the correct currency pairs.


Following this, include the amount at the small area present at the side of the Currency box and press enter. Now you will see the exact exchange rate of two currencies. You can also swap the two by clicking on the swap icon present at the side.

Have in mind, the developers of the website don’t make any warranty of the exchange rate, due to which they suggest their visitors recheck the price from multiples sources.

The Relationship Between the US Stock Market and the Economy

The US stock market is enormous. At over $30 trillion, it is a massive one. Many global companies are active on it and they affect the economy as a whole. Pundits have always based their economic forecasts on the performance of the stock market. 

The general mood of investors in the market can indicate how the economy will perform in the coming months. The stock market and the economy are thus tied in a special relationship where occurrences on one end affect the end. The following is a breakdown of the key ways in which it affects the economy.

The Working Mechanism of the US Stock Market

Before delving into the key details, it is important to note the mechanisms that characterize the US stock market. To start with, it is among the most liberal ones in the world. It is also huge and it constantly attracts investors from all over the world. The easy processes involved in doing business are the key drivers of investment in the market. Over 46% of households in the US own some form of stocks. US companies are thus enticed by the market and they often get listed when they want to achieve growth.

Img source:

How the Market Affects the Economy

In terms of its characteristics and contribution to the economy, the stock market is influential in the following main ways. First, it allows the participation of all individuals. Individual investors and private equity investors can all find their space in it. This is one of the best destinations for individual investors since they can bet on their stocks to give them returns. Representing 40% of the global stock market cap, in the US, it is irresistible. Information is also not a challenge as investors can see the best shares to buy from market data. According to traders working with AdmiralMarkets, investment in this market is also a great way to avoid inflation. When cash is exchanged for shares, the value is retained regardless of the prevailing inflation.

Second, the economy is kept vibrant because of the stock market. When companies are looking for capital, they turn to individual investors. They do this by floating an IPO where anyone can buy shares in the company. This means of raising capital is effective because it gives investors the confidence to buy shares knowing that the firm is valuable enough to go public. Shareholders who buy stocks maintain percentage ownership of the company and thus become invested in its success. Most IPOs end up raising a large capital and this has a lot of bearing on the company.

Lastly, the behavior of investors in the stock market indicates how they generally feel about a particular company. When the stock prices of a particular company go up, the indication is that investors feel confident about the future of the company. When the prices are falling, it means that investors are not confident in the company’s ability to generate profit. These occurrences have an effect on the economy as a whole. In recent times, the technology sector has become the largest in the stock market, accounting for 26% of the total value.

The Effect of the Economy on the Stock Market

Img source:

As noted earlier, the economy also affects the stock market. It is a major source of insights for various entities in the economy. When the economy is fairing well, more consumers are likely to increase their spending. One of the areas where consumers end up spending their extra cash is on investments in the stock market. The demand for goods and personal consumption are thus crucial factors that affect the performance of stocks in the market. The various indices show how it performs throughout a business cycle. In a given period where the GDP is faring well, a good performance will be recorded on the stock market and vice versa.

Effects of the Stock Market are Limited

To conclude, it is important to note that the stock market is not the same as the economy. Even in the US economy where the exchange is huge, the economy is big and independent enough to function under its forces. Investors in the stock market might sometimes fail to read the signals of the economy and end up overinvesting, leading to a crash.

In Australia, Consumers are Standing up to Big Banks


After years of stability, some turbulence prompted Australians to switch credit card providers en-masse. Here is why:

The saying “needs must when the devil drives” has been thoroughly tested in other banking sectors around the world, but in Australia, where the recession has been absent for more than a decade, people were always very loyal to their banks and hardly ever switched. This all changed during the recent property crash when big banks started to recall loans from clients they knew for years – and when the RBA lowered interest rates, but many card providers did not reflect this amply in the way they charge the consumer.

The consumer was eventually left with no other choice but to switch

Today, credit card comparison websites are popping up across Australia – and a more open market finally means that consumers have more choice to escape the debt trap laid by some of their card providers. People have realized that the banks are looking after themselves first and now consumers are mirroring that approach as we discuss below:

A man on a mission to educate and inspire change

Img source:


Meet Roland Bleyer – the CEO of Australia’s leading credit card comparison website He is the man behind thousands of people who abandon the big banks for alternative options, all to get a better deal: more favorable terms and lower interest rates. When asked how he went about inspiring such a cultural shift in a country that is rather conventional with issues such as personal finance, Bleyer said: “We did this by equipping the public with powerful information in a series of courses they access on our site – and by connecting them to better options from alternative providers in a few simple clicks. By leveraging AI and technology to pair match the right people with the right providers, we save time for both parties, delivering a win-win outcome”.

Bleyer explained the magnitude of the credit card phenomenon in Australia, where people are totally in love with credit: “We might be a nation with a fantastic GDP per capita, yet Australian consumers racked up $50 Billion in credit card debt. If it was zero interest, fine, but it’s not: a massive $5.3 Billion was paid in credit card interest last year. Furthermore, it costed $1.5 Billion in credit card fees In Foreign fees alone. This comes to over $1 million dollars a day. When you think about these facts and the reality that Australians present a lower risk to banks than people in other struggling economies or heavily populated high-unemployment regions, well then Australians are not getting a good deal! So they have no choice but to compare the leading credit card deals to fight the banks – and get the deal they deserve”.

The rise of alternative credit card options

Img source:

Whereas previously, the privilege to issue credit cards was severely limited to a handful of banks, today Bleyer’s comparison site features a string of providers such as NAB, Me, Virgin Money, Latitude, ANZ, American Express, Bank of Melbourne, BankSA, Citi, Wespac, HSBC, BankFirst, BOQ, BCU, Bank of US, Bank of Sydney and Bank West.

Evaluating a plethora of options in seconds

It would, however, have been impossible for the average working person to find the time to compare all these banks individually and make a decision. This is where comparison websites come in: At the click of a button, they aggregate the various options available. Consumers can then see a side-by-side comparison of what might be best suited for their individual circumstances. Some have lower interest rates; others have better perks while you spend (including air miles and zero fees on international transactions) and so forth. So, depending on what you need most, the aggregator provides an option to screen all the options – and to apply immediately to the most suitable ones.

It is, in fact, a genius invention as it is helping both banks and consumers find each other in a market that suddenly became more crowded. When education aggregators started in the US and UK, universities were critical: today they are all on board because they are losing enrolments. So is it also with the banks – now the biggest banks are after Bleyer in order to get a piece of the action.

Balance transfers are often the biggest attraction

Img source:

Some 450 000 new credit cards were issued in Australia in the last year with the ASIC debt clock showing astronomical statistics. With 83% of young people using credit cards to support their lifestyle, many sit with debt on which they need to pay interest. So, in order to clear the debt easier, without interest or with very low interest, many opt for a “balance transfer”. This is simply when you apply for a new credit card from a new provider, use it to settle the balance on the old credit card and switch providers. Often these balances come with zero-interest for up to 24 months, either enabling consumers to “breathe”, or to set the debt without paying much interest.

Final scoop on credit card comparison in Australia?

The Australian credit card market will never be the same again: The consumer is awakening to a new set of rules that enable them to take back power from the big banks – the power to decide for themselves where the best deal exist at any point in time. Many consumers are now switching every two years, so this certainly represents a new trend to watch closely.

Trade Policy: Geopolitics Back Firmly in Economic Focus

Financial markets ended higher at the end of last month as a series of strong economic data reports and softened trade rhetoric helped the Dow Jones Industrial Average break its previous losing streak.  Continued rifts in global trade policy have weighed on sentiment, which was negative heading into the July open as investors looked for further clarity on the possibility of new trade war activities initiated by the United States.

According to, comments from the People’s Bank of China indicate possible changes in monetary policy measures and this can often add heavy selling pressure to Asian markets.  As a result of these events, the MSCI Asia Pacific Index has been dropping significantly and has shown some of its largest declines in nearly a month.  However, the New York session has consistently greeted markets with positive economic data, which recently came in the form of ISM Services PMI.  The most recent report did show a drop to 59.5 but its readings remain at historically elevated levels. These economic performances have helped fuel optimism aided by less aggressive trade comments from President Donald Trump.

For the most part, these recent comments have suggested that renewed NAFTA agreements might enable Canada and Mexico to avoid the imposition of trade tariffs. Those comments alone helped the Dow Jones Industrial Average to close its accompanying session higher by 336.7 points (+1.4%), which allowed markets to finish with its best single-day performance in a month.  Similar gains were seen also seen in the S&P 500 (+1.1%), and the NASDAQ Composite (+1%), so the optimism these trade policy comments have generated has been widespread.  At the same time, the yield on 10-year Treasury closed higher by two basis points (at 2.88%).

However, during the following weekend, President Trump added fuel to the fire with biting tweets aimed at several different continents.  Economic textbooks will tell us that trade wars are bad, by definition. But with the deeply-rooted trade imbalances that have been in place for decades suggest that action will need to be taken at some stage. Many analysts have argued that you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet and those casualties might be reflected in the long positions held by those with bullish exposure to equities as more of these trade details are clarified.

Previously, market economies were forced to contend with a 25% tariff on steel and a 10% tariff on aluminum imports. Trump explained that he would be willing to work with Canada and Mexico on tariffs if a more fair NAFTA agreement could be reached.  For economists, pricing-in the long term effects of an actual trade war will not be so easy.  However, we have seen some estimates for five industries that could be impacted most significantly by these long term developments:
  • Autos and Aerospace (potential cost increases of roughly $200 per car)
  • Canned Goods (AB InBev CEO has said industry jobs could be cut)
  • Technology (iPhone 10 price tag could be raised slightly on higher costs out of China)
  • Manufacturing and Agriculture (solar construction costs likely to rise)
  • Oil pipelines (costs could rise by an average of $76 million per pipeline)

Recently, the trade policy rhetoric was less aggressive but this is in stark contrast to what was seen over the last few months. Trump has lashed out at Europe specifically, saying that “we will simply apply a Tax on their Cars which freely pour into the U.S.” Peter Navarro (an advisor to Trump on trade issues) explained that further country exemptions will not be made, and this includes counties traditionally viewed as strong allies to the US.

Even with the softer tone in recent weeks, it is clear that Trump is not looking to take any prisoners here and we may have just uncovered what could prove to be the dominant market theme for the next few years.

What Is a Pension Plan and Should I Have One?

A pension plan or retirement plan is a savings plan through which you will save money for retirement. The retirement years are golden years where your earnings will be almost zero. You can consider them as insurance as well as investments. The insured will contribute a regular premium to the insurance company. The premium will be used to build the corpus. After the maturity date, the corpus will be paid to the insurance company and the insurance company will pay the amount on a monthly basis. If the insured person dies, the beneficiary will get the sum assured and bonuses. 

The regular payouts that you get from it are called annuity. You can choose the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payout as per your convenience. 

Img Source:

Types of Pension Plan

There are two types of annuity plans. They are differed annuityand immediate annuityplan. 

  • Deferred Payout – If you opt for the former, the premium will be paid in monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. The annuity will commence as per the time period specified in the annuity contract. 
  • Annuity Payout – If you go for the latter, a lump sum will be paid as a premium to the insurance company. The annuity will begin immediately. The annuity will continue throughout the policy term or the life of the policyholder. 


There are two types of pension plans based on tenure. 

  • Fixed-term annuity

With the life annuity pension plan, the annuity will be paid to the policyholder until the death. 

In case of the fixed term annuity pension plan, the annuity will be paid to the policyholder until a fixed term as per the terms and conditions of the policy. In most of the cases, the payment term will be earlier than the death of the policyholder. 

Img Source:


There are many benefits associated with this. You will accumulate a corpus for the golden years while you are young and energetic. 

  • The amount paid in the form of the premium will get exemption under Section 80CCC of the income tax act. 
  • You should choose either a deferred annuity plan or immediate annuity plan as per your needs. 
  • During the accumulation stage, you will contribute on a regular basis. You can get income post-retirement in the form of pension. 
  • If you don’t require pension immediately, you can choose annuity deferred pension plans. If you start a subscription to the pension policy at an early age, as there will be sufficient time to build the corpus. 
  • With the help of the immediate annuity plan, you will get a pension immediately. It is considered a non-participating deal. The policyholder will not get benefits such as bonus. 
  • The immediate annuity plan can be subscribed by any individual above 30 years of age. You can pay a lump sum amount to the insurance company and the monthly pension will start immediately. If you do not have any other source of income, you can choose the immediate option.
Img Source:

Retirement Calculator

To build the corpus as per your needs, you can use the retirement calculator. If you enter the cost of living, inflation rate, retirement age and number of years (that you expect to live after retirement), you will be able to calculate the corpus without any issues. 

The need for it

You need this to manage the regular source of money after retirement. It is possible to maintain the lifestyle without any issues when you get monthly income. 

  • The rise in life expectancy, rise in health costs and absence of government-supported pension plans, will compel an individual to choose a comprehensive pension plan. 
  • There are various kinds of deals to safeguard your interests. By choosing a Unit-linked pension plan, you can expect higher returns. However, there will be a great risk to your capital. 
  • You can enjoy tax benefits on the premium and the corpus that you build through the pension fund will be utilized to purchase an annuity. As there are various types of annuities, you can choose the most appropriate annuity to fulfill your needs. 
  • You will manage financial independence in post-retirement life by choosing the best option for you
Img Source:


The pension plan will regular money when you do not get paid after retirement. You should have great peace of mind after retirement. The hobbies and your commitments should be fulfilled with a steady source of income. You can become financially independent. Even though you have access to the retirement strategy provided by the government or your employer, you should go for a comprehensive retirement plan to fulfill your needs to the best possible extent. 

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