General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.

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Reasons why cryptocurrencies are here to stay

Years from now, who would think about us using 4G or 5G that we will need to rely on in order to perform money transfers and transactions in our daily lives? Starting from paying for our commute to work to ordering clothes online. The Blockchain is one such technology, that will soon transform the way… Keep Reading


Careers In Finance: Which Path Is For You?

How do you know what your call in life is? It is a difficult question to answer, and some people fail at finding their dream jobs spend their life doing something they never really wanted. However, you know what your interests are and based on them you can start looking for a job. If you’re… Keep Reading


Top 5 Mistakes Schools Can Avoid When Selecting an Online Payment Portal

Since the advent of electronic money, numerous organizations and institutions are choosing to set up an online payment system for the products and services they provide. Many universities and schools have already started to accept online payments. It is simply because of the convenience and effectiveness of the online payment system. At any time of… Keep Reading


The types of loans you can get

There are various types of loans and loan contractors that have different terms, ranging from simple loans between friends and family to more complex ones like mortgage, auto, payday, and student loans. Credit unions, banks, and other people lend money important and necessary items such as houses, cars, and student loans. However, other loans, like… Keep Reading


How to Break Out of the Debt Cycle – A Simple Guide

Loaning money to get out of a difficult financial situation can sometimes be the best option, but it can easily set the pace to a continuous debt cycle, especially if you end up borrowing more than you can pay back. Having a credit card and even a small loan can seem like no problem, but… Keep Reading


Are Subprime Mortgages Still a Part of Mutual Funds?

The worst financial crash since 1929, which brought about the Lehman Brothers collapse and put millions of people out of work, seems far behind us. The US stock market is at record highs, unemployment is lower than ever, and investment is through the roof. But what about the chief cause of the 2008 crash: subprime… Keep Reading


Initial Coin Offering – What You Need To Know

Cryptocurrency is one of the investing areas in the current World. Bitcoin and Ethereum are examples of cryptocurrency. One may wish to invest in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where he/she can buy some cryptocurrency. This business is very profitable though very risky for people who don’t know how to deal with the market since… Keep Reading


Becoming Financially Literate – Advice for Beginners

Being financially literate is, unfortunately, a thing that not all of us get a good grasp of by adulthood. By reaching a certain age, people tend to completely ignore their finances, an aspect that puts them in crippling debt. Learning how to make better financial decisions and being informed on all your opportunities will help… Keep Reading

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