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Donald Trump: Americans Need to go Back to Work

The President of the United States released a statement, in which he says that the restrictions introduced to Coronavirus epidemy who closed many companies throughout the US can only lead to more death cases.

Moreover, he said that his county needs to get back to work and that the country itself wants its citizens to get back to work. The statement was released on the FOX News Channel, and it was shared by Reuters.

Also, he said that the cure is much worse than the problem itself. According to the President, people are going to die if the administration lets this situation to continue. His conclusion was that the citizens of the United States want to get back to work and that he will work for that to happen as soon as possible.

Trump Refuses to Listen to Advice, Keep Shaking Hands and Attending Meetings

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Donald Trump refuses to listen to his advice. Trump keeps shaking hands with people, going to meetings, and everything has to be repeated four or five times before he gets it.

White Houses’ top epidemiologist has been having a hard time trying to get Trump to understand just how serious the situation is. His reaction during one of the media briefings, when he facepalmed, has become a meme.

‘But I can’t jump in front of the microphone and push him down. OK, he said it. Let’s try and get it corrected for the next time.’

He also mentioned that Trump made some mistakes during his speeches, specifically when he accused China of not informing the world two or three months earlier, saying that it would be September.

‘The way it happened is that after he made that statement suggesting China could have revealed the discovery of a new coronavirus three to four months earlier], I told the appropriate people, it doesn’t comport, because two or three months earlier would have been September,’ Fauci said.

Fauci seems to be developing his own system of how to correct the President. “I don’t want to act like a tough guy, like I stood up to the president,” he said. “I just want to get the facts out. And instead of saying, ‘You’re wrong,’ all you need to do is continually talk about what the data are and what the evidence is.”

Donald Trump Violated The First Amendment When He Blocked Critics on Twitter

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit denied the White House’s request for en banc review of a ruling that Trump violated the First Amendment when blocked critics on Twitter.


His administration had appealed for a review of the unanimous three-judge ruling by the 2nd Circuit in July 2019, which holds that President’s @realDonaldTrump Twitter account is a “public forum” under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

The U.S. District Court judge’s ruled that his blocking of individual accounts on Twitter was unconstitutional, rejecting the argument from his lawyers that Donald’s own First Amendment rights would not be respected if he was disallowed to block users.

The district court ordered Donald to unblock the plaintiffs’ accounts and forbade him to block speakers on the basis of political views.

The lawsuit against the President was filed in 2017 by Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute and seven individuals who told that Trump blocked them from the @realDonaldTrump account after they were criticizing him.

Strange Sleep Habits of 5 American Presidents


Being the president of the United States is honorable as it is tasking. The word POTUS, (President of the United States), is no doubt one of the most respected names in the world.

Apart from being the most important and feared leader in the free world, the POTUS also happens to be human, not superhuman. To manage all the weight of the world, they require the recommended 7 – 8 hours of sleep to function normally, but this is not always the case.

From waking up earlier than sunrise to jumping from meetings around the world, it’s not a surprise that past and present American Presidents have had to manage peculiar sleeping habits. Here we look at the strange sleeping habits of five American Presidents.

Surviving On Little Sleep

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To make sure that all the daily business is attended to promptly, American Presidents, like President Barack Obama, are known to have stayed up until the early hours of the morning. Of course, Obama was not the first POTUS to do this, but he had an interesting way of keeping up with this routine like clockwork. He never set the alarm while in the White House, thanks to the everyday wake-up call he received from the White House phone operator at 7am, after retiring around 1am.

Waking up earlier than the medically suggested 8 hours can take a toll on just about any person, let alone the POTUS with more responsibilities. No wonder many presidents finish their tenure in the office looking older than their peers.

Popping Sleeping Pills

Having a sleeping disorder and being the POTUS is rarely heard in the same sentence, but as shockingly as it may sound, past American Presidents have a history of popping sleeping pills to get a decent amount of sleep.

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William Taft, the 27th president of the US, had sleep apnea, which caused him to snore loudly and he was rumored to doze off during meetings. To keep this sleep disorder in check, he had to rely on sleeping pills.You can find out more about this sleep disorder, and safer treatment methods here.  

When it comes to sleeping pills, President George W. Bush also used them to squeeze in hours of rest whenever he could, especially during flight time. He was reported to take naps while on Air Force One, but he may have had some help with sleeping pills. Of course, there is no way of telling if Bush was just sick of the torturous long-haul flights or he merely took advantage of the quietness of thousands of miles above sea level to catch up on his beauty rest.

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Snoring Loudly

All Americans loved president Theodore Roosevelt for his policies and character; however, he will undoubtedly go down in history as a notorious snorer. There is no evidence proving that Roosevelt had sleep apnea or used pills to control his snoring. The job of POTUS is very stressful, and stress is a symptom of snoring. So, you can understand if President Roosevelt couldn’t help but let his symptoms show.

Once, he was transferred to a separate floor at the hospital because his loud snores were keeping every other patient awake.

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Regular Napping

If there are any benefits linked to taking naps, then President Ronald Reagan benefited greatly. Napping is known to increase creativity, alertness, reduce stress, and several other advantages anyone would want to have. Ronald Reagan might have taken this practice a tad bit to the extreme; though, he was not the only president with a knack for regular naps.

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President Calvin Coolidge was reported to get more than 11 hours of rest every day, way more than most adults manage to get – president or not! Even though Coolidge seemed to have enjoyed his time subconscious rather than awake, he also lost his 16-year-old son. There would be no telling if he slept so often due to depression.

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While the lack of proper sleep can cause you to be in a depressive state, it is not the only factor to cause depression. Constant deprivation of sleep will accelerate your risk of getting depressed, causing a drop in your energy level. Depression causes hypersomnia (excessive sleepiness), which was common with President Coolidge.

Super Early Starts

If you ever wondered how President Donald Trump seems to have extra time on his hands replying to every Tweet directed at him, then you should also know that it may be thanks to Trump’s daily routine of getting out of bed very early. He is reported to manage only about 4 hours of sleep. No! President Trump does not rely on coffee or energy boosters to run the country, but he is always so full of energy and vigor.

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Caffeine can boost your performance in several ways, but it can also destroy your internal body clock. So while you can depend on a cup of coffee to keep you away from sleeping, ensure that you don’t rely on it and the recommended amount of daily sleep.

Donald Trump Jr. is a Real Nature Enthusiast and His Instagram Pictures Prove That


Donald Trump Jr., President Trump’s son, seems to be a real nature enthusiast and an outdoorsy person. As he is very active on his social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, his followers can’t help but notice that he loves spending time outdoors. He has described himself in his Instagram bio as an outdoorsman, father, EVP of development and acquisitions [for] the Trump Organization, and a past-life advisor on The Apprentice. What can be seen from his Instagram photos is that he loves doing a lot of outdoor activity. So, here are some of the images he shared which definitely prove that Donald Trump Jr. is a real nature lover.

Nature Selfies After a Week in the Mountains

Img source:

This outdoorsy dude often posts pictures with hashtags. So, he posted this wild nature selfie and wondered if it’s a great idea to have a WiFi after spending one week in the mountains. “Amazing time with great friends. I brought back some scruff as a souvenir. Maybe I should keep it??? LMK your thoughts. #scruff #beard #mountainman??,” he captioned the photo.

Fishing Aficionado

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Donald Trump Jr. also loves spending his free time fishing. “Some great Northern Pike,” was his caption for this image.

Shooting Junkie

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President Trump’s son seems to be a fan of shooting as we can see from this picture as he enjoys some long-range shooting in Montana.

Another Shooting Image

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“Nothing like getting in a little shooting on a chilly weekend morning. #shooting #weekend #longrange #2a,” he said in the caption of this photo. It’s worth noting that in many pictures where he is with a firearm, he adds the hashtag “#2a.”

A Postcard from Coffee Creek

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Trump Jr. seems to enjoy Montana a lot. This is a picture from Coffee Creek which he captioned: “incredible Montana landmarks originally named the haystack and steamship by Lewis and Clark on their voyage west.”

One More Fishing Photo

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Even though we don’t know where was this photo taken, Trump Jr. asserted that he has captured a grouper.

Shooting with Friends

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This is a picture back from 2015 which was taken in Florida. Trump Jr. spend some time shooting with his friends.

Carving Pumpkin

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This is another proof that Trump Jr. is a real nature lover. He seems to be carving pumpkins with a chainsaw for Halloween. He stated that his children’s reactions were priceless and they were shocked by his craziness.


Img source:

Quite a shocking photo of Trump Jr. swimming in a swamp in Louisiana. “This is what happens when someone bets me a good sum that there’s no way that the guy from New York City would swim in a gator-infested swamp/bayou down in Louisiana. Easy money!!! ?????#swimming & #winning #louisiana #swamp #thing,” he wrote in the caption.

More Nature Selfies

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He seems to be a fan of selfies and this is one from the mountains. “The only way to be good in the mountains is to practice with real weight on your back. All the cardio in the world doesn’t matter if you’re not used to the weight,” Trump Jr. wrote.

A Fall in Yukon

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He captioned this photo using 11hastags, “A little #throwback to last fall in the Yukon. Amazing time in the woods with a lot of work and miles underfoot. It this is my kind of vacation and where I go to relax. #throwbackthursday #tbt #hunting #archery #bowhunting #outdoor #adventures #outdoors #yukon #canada”

I’d Rather Be Fishing

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Trump Jr. is a huge fan of finishing and here’s yet another photo which proves that. “Great day on the water with my buddy @therealflyfishrich,” he captioned the photo whose location is not known.

In His Kind of Terrain

Img source:

This picture was taken in British Columbia where he feels like it’s his kind of terrain.

Another Water Selfie

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“Great morning on the water,” Trump Jr. captioned his photo. “Started off a bit wet and chilly but warming up nicely. #flyfishing #outdoors #trout #weekend”

A Picture with a Shark

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Trump Jr. can be seen in this picture with a shark, which he claims was released afterward. “Great day on the water with my friends at @blacktiph. #fishing#catchandrelease#landbasedfishing#outdoors#weekend,” he captioned this photo.

Range Time

Img source:

Another image of him shooting in South Texas.

A Morning in Montana

Img source:

Trump Jr. loves spending time in Montana and this image is from a beautiful morning outdoors in the western state.

Posing on a Tough Terrain

Img source:

Trump Jr. loves having his photo taken, even on tough terrains, like this one. “Tough and unforgiving terrain and conditions but amazing time in the outdoors with equally amazing friends,” he wrote in the caption of the picture.

A Selfie from Utah

Img source:

“Nothing like a great morning in the woods,” Trump Jr. wrote in this shot is from Utah.

Millions Of Americans In The Grips Of Poverty


President Trump animated whole swaths of Americans who felt left behind, overlooked, and misunderstood. Major American companies have been shutting down manufacturing, and blue-collar industries have been gutted, leaving millions of Americans in the grips of poverty, addiction, and hopelessness. Donald Trump promised to change the status quo, and millions cast their ballots based on that promise.

Now, with the news that General Motors is likely to shut down five plants in the United States and Canada, further decimating the already hard-hit American automotive industry, it feels like a promise broken.

CNBC reports:

“The company plans to cut 15 percent of its salaried workers, resulting in a 25 percent reduction of its executive ranks, the company said. The cuts will eliminate more than 14,000 jobs in all, roughly 8,100 white collar positions and more than 6,000 factory jobs, according to the company.”

The plants slated for closure are in Michigan, Ohio, and Maryland, as well as Ontario, Canada. Cars produced in these plants include the Chevy Impala, Cadillac CT6, Chevy Volt, Buick LaCrosse, Chevy Cruze, and the Cadillac XTS sedan.

President Trump has some tough talk for GM, saying:

 “Very disappointed with General Motors and their CEO, Mary Barra, for closing plants in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland. Nothing being closed in Mexico & China. The U.S. saved General Motors, and this is the THANKS we get!

We are now looking at cutting all @GM subsidies, including for electric cars. General Motors made a big China bet years ago when they built plants there (and in Mexico) – don’t think that bet is going to pay off. I am here to protect America’s Workers!”

But the reality is that Trump’s economic policies, despite his guarantees, didn’t prevent these plant closures and might have even precipitated them. The GOP tax bill has saved GM over $150 million so far in 2018, and yet, are they using those saving to invest in workers and communities? Or to generate more jobs? Nope.

And in fact, in June, GM said that planned tariffs from the Trump administration would likely lead to “less investment, fewer jobs and lower wages” for its employees.

Plus GM isn’t the only company making these moves. In June, Harley-Davidson also announced that it was shifting some production out of the United States because of the escalating trade war President Trump initiated with tariffs on steel and aluminum.

We deserve better, both from President Trump and from these ostensibly American companies who are quick to take taxpayer dollars, line their pockets, and cut and run.

Donald Trump’s Car Collection Including Planes And Helicopter


Even before Donald Trump became the US President, he was world famous for his wealth. Some estimations suggest that his net worth is at about $4.5 Billion and with that much money he can definitely indulge himself with a few cars and other means of transportation that usually are not available to mere mortals.

Just like many other rich people Mr. Trump has a nice collection of vehicles and a garage that holds quite interesting models. On top of that, he also has a helicopter and an airplane, and we will take a look at rides of POTUS.
This will be a true feast for your eyes and if you want to know what are cars of choice for a billionaire keep on reading.

16. 2015 MERCEDES-BENZ S600

With the wealth that this man has, security comes as one of the most important things when choosing a car. While in Oval Office he might not be often riding in this beast on wheels, we are sure that he often used it when going on meetings. Mercedes S600 packs 6.0-liter V12 engine that produces 500 hp and 523 lb-ft of torque that is enough for this machine to race from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. Have in mind that this vehicle offers protection against small explosive devices and small firearms, plus it has a top of the line alarm system and self-sealing gas tank. It can be easily called fortress on wheels.


When you are filthy rich, you can ask any carmaker, even Rolls Royce, to create a unique car for you. Reports suggest that one of the first models that Trump owned was the 1956 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and he approached RR with a request for them to build a new one identical to the original vehicle he had. This way, he is sure that this is unique and only he has it.


If you need ultimate luxury, Rolls Royce is the way to go. It is clear that POTUS loves this brand and his Phantom comes with a 6.75-liter V12 engine capable of pumping out 453 hp. Paired with eight-speed transmission this 6.000 pounds heavy limousine can hit 60 mph in under 6.0 seconds which is a great result for a 20 feet long vehicle. Base price is set to $500,000, but it easily goes higher with a few added options.


We are not sure if Trump has ever driven the Orange County Chopper 24-Karat Gold masterpiece, but what we do know is that he loves motorcycles. Prices of these custom choppers can easily become sky high and knowing that this one carries a lot of gold, it is hard to find a better investment.


If you are not counting busses and other similar vehicles, it is hard to find anything that can match Cadillac Escalade’s size. This model owes its popularity to the fact that many famous people own one of these spacious and elegant SUVs. Under the hood, we have 6.2-liter V8 that pumps out impressive 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. On top of that, it is always a good thing to have an American made vehicle like this one.


Since the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was built in only 370 examples, it became a perfect choice for those that want something unique and have a deep pocket. When a vehicle comes with both Mercedes and McLaren badges, it is clear that we are getting ultimate luxury in combination with sportiness. With 617 hp and 575 lb-ft. of torque, it isn’t anything strange that it was priced at $450,000.

10. Tesla Roadster


Most vehicles on the list so far were quite demanding in terms of gasoline, but the Tesla Roadster is a complete opposite of that. This is a Lotus Elise based electric vehicle that was made by Elon Musk’s Tesla Company from the US. When launched, it was able to offer supercar acceleration thanks to its powerful electric motors.

9. Mercedes-Maybach S600


It seems that Rolls Royce and Mercedes are among the favorite cars of POTUS, and another luxury limo in his garage is the Mercedes Maybach S600. This vehicle brings all the comfort one need and under its hood is the V12 unit with 6.0-liter displacement and twin-turbo system that churns out 523 hp and 612 lb-ft of torque.

8. Cadillac Presidential Limo “The Beast”

Becoming president of the US has many benefits, and one of those is that you get to ride in Cadillac Presidential Limo or “The Beast” how they call it. This car brings the highest level of luxury in combination with maximum security. It has been reported that the current limo will be soon replaced with a new one and we are sure that it will offer an even higher level of luxury and protection.

7. 1993 Cadillac Allante

You might wonder how come the ’93 Allante ended up in the car collection of Donald Trump. This model was used as the pace car for the 76th Indy 500 race, and it packs a 4.6-liter Northstar engine that produces 295 hp. It is clear that this vehicle was more about design and not the speed. What we can notice is the clear influence of Pininfarina as it was produced in Italy. This might be one of the reasons why it is a part of Trump’s collection.


Another piece of Americana in the garage of this billionaire is a replica of 1969 Indianapolis 500 pace car. It was planned for Trump to drive the pace car at the 100th Indianapolis 500, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it because of his business ventures. He was replaced by AJ Foyt, but POTUS didn’t miss the opportunity to buy one of the 500 replicas. One thing that was changed compared to the original car is the fact that the new one packs 6.2-liter V8 capable of delivering 426 hp, making it significantly more powerful than the original.

Not all cars that Trump owned are still in his possession, he decided to sell a few of his vehicles, and those are…

5. 1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT

Today we have a few more choices when it comes to supercars, but in the late ’90s, there were only a few and the 1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT was definitely one of the best options for anyone who wanted to have a supercar. Trump opted for the LeMans Blue roadster and he, later on, sold it. After he won the elections, this car emerged again as it was offered for $299,000.

4. 2007 Ferrari F430

It is possible that Trump had a midlife crisis as he owned another supercar. It was the Ferrari F430, he sold it and got few more German cars.

When you are a wealthy businessman, and you appreciate your time, you want to travel in style and as quick as possible. That is one of the reasons why Mr. Trump decided to add a few flying machines to his collection, and we will take a look at those also.

3. Boeing 757

The main idea of owning a jet is to be able to travel anywhere without much airport hassle. This plane was owned by Paul Allen who co-founded Microsoft and was bought by Trump in 2011. He made it quite luxurious with adding leather seats and even 24-karat gold seat-belt buckles. It can transport up to 43 passengers that will be able to enjoy the luxurious interior that provides many gold-trimmed details. This jet also has two bedrooms and TVs all over the place.

2. Cessna Citation X

Another plane in Trump’s collection is the Cessna Citation X. While this one can carry “only” 12 passengers, it is also luxurious and filled with gold. Is this the one for shorter trips or something like that?

1. Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter

Sometimes it is much easier to take your chopper and fly anywhere you want. Well, most people don’t know that feeling, but for POTUS it is a normal thing. He decided to spend about $7 million on Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter.

Car Tariffs threaten Canada’s motor industry

Thanks to Donald Trump, the latest US auto tariffs are going to deal a punishing blow towards Canada’s car industry. The country currently produces around 2 million vehicles on an annual basis and now the tariff is set to rise by as much as 25%, it is thought that these figures will soon be more than halved. The added cost is going to through the car making industry into chaos as profits are going to virtually disappear for many of the major players.


Ever since Donald Trump came into office, pretty much all of his promises have become reality. That is why it looks as if this one is going to be the beginning of the end for Canada’s car export business. After all, who would want to pay 25% extra for a car when you can have the home grown version for much less? There’s also thought to be a 10% tariff for car parts and that will also be cause for major concern throughout the industry. The thinking behind the tariff is to bolster the ailing US car industry and that is one of the reasons that Trump was voted into power. He promised to help the US economy get back to their best no matter what it takes.

Job losses

So exactly home many jobs are we talking about here? Well, if the figures are to be trusted, something around the 160,00 mark are going to be affected. If Trump goes ahead with another promise, the same tariff on all imported cars, it is thought that Canada’s production will drop to an even more serious 400,000 vehicles per year.  It is believed that if Canada decides to retaliate in kind, even more jobs could be hit as a result.

Home grown

The facts are there for all to see, currently around 80% of the US’s cars are built there. So it is thought that they typical driver will not care on fig about the knock on effect that Trump’s actions will create north of the border. Production plants will simply have to close their doors and this will no doubt have a negative effect on the Canadian GDP. He’s going to be doing the same to car imports from Asia and the Eu so it isn’t going to be good news for those regions either. But for Trump, so long as the US is doing fine, he will be a happy president.

No idle threat

Trump made this announcement whilst en-route to the G& summit in Singapore and it wasn’t very long before the news made its way to Canada, the Eu and the rest of Asia. Perhaps this was the result of President Trudeau’s assertion that his country would not be ‘pushed around’ by the US, who knows?

What we do know is that Trump has proven so far to be a man of his word and that looks pretty bleak for the Canadian motor industry. Whether he goes ahead with these plans will be revealed very soon indeed.

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